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Apr 2015 ClarkVV Bill graciously traded me a vertical of Blabaer and was one of the easiest I’ve ever dealt with for such a high profile/value trade. As if that wasn’t enough, he threw in 2 very, very rare, sought after extras. As the saying goes, if you get the opportunity to trade with Bill, you should.
Jan 2015 ygtbsm94 Wow, Bill hooked me up in a big way! Received a motherload of Crooked Stave and Casey Blending and Brewing along with a tasty extra Tahoe Récolte Du Bois. Thanks Bill for the fantastic trade and boat load of brews. “Beer is Good Food”
Oct 2014 richiesd bill doesn’t really need any feedback but we did a quick swap of some locals that went down without a hitch as expected. bill’s a good guy :)
Aug 2014 Scopey The man, the myth, the legend... This was my first international trade with Bill after meeting him IP plenty times in the past. He sent me a ton of Crooked Stave stuff that will no doubt keep me happy for months to come. Twas a pleasure!
Feb 2014 Anker Had a in person trade with Bill at Sour & Bitter in Cph. Bill throw in a rare Cantillon for a couple of good old 3 Fonteinen. Im thrilled, thanks man lets do a sequel some day.
Aug 2013 JAXSON Bill was easy to trade with as always. He sent some cool geuze and local stuff, nice extras, great packing. A pleasure!
Aug 2013 ygtbsm94 Bill hooked me up with wonderful brews! Received Eylenbosch Gueuze 92, Eylenbosch Kriek 94, and 3 Fonteinen Geuze 1963. Gotta love getting some old musty vintage brews to drink! Thanks Bill for the fantastic trade. “Beer is Good Food”
Aug 2013 Kristophe I’ve done a couple of trades with Bill by now and I’ll highly recommend him to anyone. If you are ever in search of anything and you can’t find it anywhere, Bill is your man. One of the best traders I’ve ever come across. Cheers for many trades to come!
Mar 2013 Keir I won Bill’s FBW contest and he sent me 2 Crooked Stave bottles. Really excited about this and can’t wait to share them. Thanks Bill!
Feb 2013 Ludvig Great trade involving some whales. safely packing and a funny guy, generous and above all patient! looking forward to some trading in the future!
Feb 2013 Sledutah Bill sent me a great box filled with awesome beers. We agreed on 3 beers, he sent me a filled 6 pack styro. Shipped fast. Thanks!
Dec 2012 MAFountain Bill is a trader with great communication, and I can say generous, and well thought out in the package he sent my way. I would certainly trade with him anytime. Thanks again Bill! A+
Oct 2012 Balderbitch Bill hooked me up with a want and send me some of my favourite beers from Avery. Cannot be more possitive than this!
Jul 2012 cpetrone84 Shipped quickly and great communication. Awesome extras included. Great trade! Thanks Bill!
Jun 2012 50belair A huge thanks to Bill for not only our trade (a couple months back), our tasting, S&B, but also for stepping up to help get a quickly disintegrating trade with another RB/BA guy done. Let me some it up by saying that this is the kind of guy Bill is: when this trade started going south over some shipping concerns, Bill pulled not 1 but 2 incredibly rare bottles out of his cellar and broug
May 2012 apanbosse In person trade in Copenhagen. Everything from setting it up to the actual swap went extremely smooth and I walked away very happy with some amazing beers. Already setting up a second trade, and I hope to do even more in the future!
May 2012 thewolf Absolutely amazing in-person trade in Copenhagen. I’m amazed what Bill can find, and what he can transport :o). Great communication and will trade anytime again!
May 2012 Nightfall In person trade during the Copenhagen Festivals. Euro rarities for US rarities. Perfect communication, Bill is a reasonable and very generous guy. Any time again Bill ! Highly recommended.
May 2012 gEUS Waauw - Bill traded some beauties with me during the CBC Festival! It was quite an extensive trade with lots of precious bottles but they were packed carefully and transported in the best possible conditions.
May 2012 kappldav123 We did a last minute trade in Copenhagen in person. And what a trade! Bill really brought me a Cantillon Pinot D’Aunis. Unbelievable! Thanks a million! Cheers to you!
Apr 2012 Pinball Bill again scooped up a lot of rare US brews that me and my drinking buddies would never have a chance of getting our hands on. Unbelievable value, great trade, fast shipping, box was packed so securely that it would survive anything and Bill worked hard to get me exactly what I was looking for. In return I sent some local stuff that is hard to get where he lives. Noone would believe me if I told
Mar 2012 waltersrj Bill sent me an amazing box! We had a trade set up for my FR La Folie for his Flaming Fury and Blauw. He also sent killer extras that I would’ve traded him for (including randomly my favorite sour of all time) as well as some hot sauce! Bill is a gentleman and a scholar. I’ll trade with you anytime buddy! Fast shipping, well packaged, great communication, and amazing ext
Mar 2012 Oreo This was an amazing trade with Bill. He threw in extras that I would have traded him for. Plus a special swingtop keg fill which just killed me. Bill is a class act. Would EASILY trade with him again.
Feb 2012 MeadMe Bill all I can say is wow. He contacts me saying he has me a black folie cause he hears its a major want of mine. Said he can send me a nip just because or we could set up a trade. In shock he contacted me at all no way I was letting him just send me a free bottle. We set up a trade for a Cpt Lawrence one off sour. Trade comes in record time with a couple awesome Avery sours, some hot sauce a
Dec 2011 Pundarquartis Third trade with Bill. Once again fast, smooth and perfect in all ways possible. There really isn’t much more to say about it :)
Dec 2011 fbm115 Another easy exchange with Bill. I send him a box full of stuff and he sends back a full box as well. Quick shipping great communication. I’m sure there will be more to come
Dec 2011 daknole Bill sends a fou foune faster than the speed of light! And a want list bonus. THE MAN. CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 2011 Pinball Yet another trade with Bill that was fantastic. He shipped as soon as we had decided what I wanted, and offered that I could re-use the box for the bottles going his way. Again we swapped beer that are impossible to get here and there, and packing, speed, selection and service is unquestionable. Bill is a very generous and friendly trader who really appreciates good beer, and timely on top of that
Oct 2011 javit Bill and I have done a few trades and each one has involved some very delicate beers. I’m happy to say that we’ve got on great and have had excellent trades! Always willing to make a trade with Bill!
Sep 2011 readbaron I’ve traded with Bill a few times - can’t remember all the details - other than everything showed up on time, well packed, and that Bill is always generous with the beers. I’m looking forward to the next trade.
Sep 2011 Pundarquartis Amazing trader! Not only does he send fantastic beer, but his level of service is superb. This trade, our second trade, worked beautifully... he sent a box to me and due to pre-trading and later my vacation I wasn’t able to send his beer until 4 months later... and he was fine with this. Great guy, and I’d love to trade anything with him again.
Sep 2011 gn0sis Smooth and easy trade with Bill for a non-existent bottle delivered in a double boxed, double bagged styro with extras to boot. Highly recommended, looking forward to our next trade..
Sep 2011 fbm115 Another great trade with Bill. simple, quick and to the point. Always a pleasure to trade with Bill. Let me know when you want to do it again. Cheers!
Aug 2011 daknole Bill is the freaking man. Know that. End of story. CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 2011 Doodler Always fun trading with Bill. Brought me a crazy Snake River brew and some fun Duvel and Westy glasses (a man after my own heart) from his last euro trip. Owe you...Grazie amigo!
Jul 2011 TheAlum Amazing trade with Bill saw us each grabbing some highly sought after sours and lambics each way for eacdh other. Packed like a pro, arrived really fast, great communication. I’d trade again with Bill in a heartbeat and hope he enjoys my box just as much as I do his.
Jul 2011 fbm115 Bill and I had a great trade where we exchanged some extraordinary bottles. Bill’s communication is prompt and after a couple messages back and forth we worked out a trade. He sent the bottles in a styro shipper and included some very nice extras including the most diesel bottle opener ever. Thanks for the trade Bill and I hope we do it again. Let me know if you ever want something I can get. Chee
Jun 2011 bu11zeye Bill sent the agreed upon De Molen Weer & Wind and Snake River Le Serpent and then threw in a hand bottle of Figerora Mountain Stagecoach Stout, Terrapin W-n-B, a few coasters, and a cool Kobalt bottle opener. Top notch trader!
May 2011 Pinball Box trade. Bill traded some pretty rare (not rated by europeans) stuff for some beers that I can get off the shelf in Copenhagen. Not only that, he also sent first so that I can re-use the box and foam shipper for my part of the trade. I found a few surprise gifts in the box too. Great trade. Bill have a large selection of tradable beers to choose from.
Apr 2011 brokensail Bill sent a few very nice vintage lambics my way as well as some great extras (Funkwerks Saison, anyone?). Some other cool extras like a bottle opener and Funkwers sticker and coaster, too.
Mar 2011 Pundarquartis In-person trade in Copenhagen. Awesome and generous guy. Would gladly trade with again both in-person and by mail.
Feb 2011 deflagro In person trade in Copenhagen. Bill set me up with several wants, in total 9 different limited American beers. Simple communication, no problems at all!
Feb 2011 Pinball In-person trade when Bill was through Copenhagen on his way to Oslo. I got a 21 rare American beers for stuff I have been able to buy locally off the shelf, great trade, he’s a very experienced trader, knows his beer, gives good advice.
Jan 2011 j12601 In a trade we set up through BA, Bill sent me...well, I’m not allowed to say. But quick packing, some of the best communication ever, and not only did he send what we agreed on, but a pair of awesome extras. Amazing.