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Dec 2007 Kevin we had a mutula friend flying up from dallas so lumpy makes hime take a box o beer to me. thanks man, here is what i recieved. 2 packs of opas sausage, hells yeah, a can of lost lake ice, hells no, big easy beer, rahr stormcloud, and a divine reserve #5 more on the hells yeah. thanks brother.
Oct 2007 beastiefan2k 6 bottle styro shipper: 2 Chapeau faros and DR#5, above and beyond extras: DR3 and 4, Avery Czar. Quick, AMAZING communication, he actually responded to messages before I sent them, weird. Lumpy is not bumpy when it comes to trading and masquerading.
Jan 2007 beerhandy Lumpy is your north Dallas (Plano) beer and cheese guide. Met at a Central Market in Plano for a trade of St Arnolds Divine reserves for some Lafolie.Had a great time scoring some great beers and goumet cheeses w/ Lumpy as a guide.Thanks again
Sep 2006 ross Adam delievered to me in the beer swap 2.0. Not really sure what he put in, but it was packed great! Thanks
Feb 2006 Cletus Lumpy sent 2 Real Ales I haven’t had yet and a bottle of La Folie. Expertly packaged as always. Thanks!
Feb 2006 Ray1975 Lumpy sends a very rare beer to my doorstep in a Saint arnolds divine reserve 1 and sends 5 bonus bottles including a FD Gonzo imperial porter, a homebrew chocolate stout and mixed set of Real Ale Brews.. Lumpy is a great trader who packages his shipments to survive a nuclear war and he gets his shipment out lightning quick.. my 2nd trade with Lumpy and will do many more in the future.
Dec 2005 Kevin lumpy comes through with north by northwest ipa, guldenbiere, plus stampede light, saint arnolds amber(2), and divine reserve, rochefort 10, and victory hop wallop. thanks brother.
Dec 2005 Cletus Lumkp came through with a big package for me: 2 St. Arnolds Christmas Ale, 2 St. Arnolds Lawnmower, 2 St. Arnolds Elissa, 1 Divine Reserve, 1 Old Ruffian, 1 Bristols 23, 1 Curmudgeons Nip. Very generous trade and expert packaging. Thanks for the great trade!!!
Aug 2005 Walt Lumpy shows up in Austin with a bottle of La Folie for me...that’s it, just shows up, meets me at the Bitter End, hands me a La Folie!!! Holy crap, how cool is he anyways????????????
Feb 2005 BrockLanders Lumpy really hooked me up... 1 bottle of Great Divide Old Ruffian 1 bottle of his homebrew impy stout....I really can’t wait to try that one! Thanks Lumpy/Kevin42!
Jan 2005 Lou18 Wow! Can home to a surprise package. Lumpy is Great, just one hell of a guy!Sent me a beer that he could not grab last week, Old Rasputin Russian Imperial stout.A true to his word fellow, that Lumpy.
Jan 2005 Lou18 Lumpy did his part very well, just NEVER, EVER use USPS! They charge much more then FEDEX, They took more then twice as long, and without tracking numbers, they just leave you hanging. But, the beers are great and I am happy. Can’t wait to drink. Oh, yeah. Packaged like a tru rate beerian. Bullet proff.
Jun 2004 Eyedrinkale Adam ships timely and safely. Good communication. Thanks. Sunshine Wheat Biere de Mars OSA ’97. NG Norski NG Spotted Cow Bells Best Brown Ale Gray’s Oatmeal Stout