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Oct 2009 pepperford Trade went smooth with no problems.
May 2008 pantanap sweet trade with bstill that left a duclaw devil’s milk, iron hill oak aged quad, and then a bonus of an enigma to boot. you rock dude!
Nov 2007 bu11zeye Brian sent the agreed upon Casta Unica Castana, Ommegang Ommegeddon, Smuttynose Wheat Wine, and Southern Tier Harvest (2) then through bonuses of Lancaster Milk Stout and an unmarked bottle that I suspect is a home brew. Good communication and packaging! Thanks!
Sep 2007 franksnbeans B hooked it up! I sent 750ml Earthmonk his way for a Peche Mortel, he turned it around immediatly and even threw in a Founders Breakfast Stout!! Awesome man!
Jun 2007 fordest Brian and I got together for a smallish trade. I got the requested Heavyweight Biere d´Art. Plus extras of Herold Golden Revolution (an interesting looking beer indeed), and Smuttynose Robust Porter (a nice surprise from off my want list.) All packed in foam. Thanks a bunch Brian!
Jun 2007 robertsreality Bstill was very slick to trade with. Communication was simple and straightforward, packaged his beers VERY well and obtained some really cool stuff for me..including some of his own homebrew! I would easily trade with Bstill again. Cheers Rob
Apr 2007 ryan Face to face trade. Brian picked up some beers at State Line for me. I’m much obliged. Thanks man!
Mar 2007 bitbucket Brian hooked me up with a 32 oz. swingtop of DuClaw Black Jack, a bomber of Smuttynose Big A IPA, and a Wild Goose Oatmeal Stout. Everything about this trade was great. Thanks, man!
Nov 2006 iowaherkeye Brian sent me a 2006 Allagash Interlude as promised, and also a couple bonuses of Heinieweiss and Heavy Seas Winter Storm. I was skeptical of the way the box was shaped (pretty flat), but there was over an inch of foam on all sides of the bottles--totally awesome. Thanks.
Jul 2006 Walt In person- Allagash Victoria as promised!
Jul 2006 Cletus Sent 1 BFM 7eme, 1 De Ranke Kreik and 1 of his homebrews. Well packaged. Thanks!
May 2006 gputty I was looking for a bottle of Dreadnaught, Brian delivered, and then some. Thanks!
Mar 2006 StewardofGondor Brian hooked me up with 3 of the much sought Degroens Doppelbock, along with Allagash Interlude, (2) Clipper City Small Craft Warning, (2) Clay Pipe Pursuit of Happiness, and some awesome extras: (2) Victory Ten Year Alt and a Clipper City Below Decks BW. Awesome communication and dedication - thanks for an awesome trade, Brian!
Feb 2006 hopdog Brian sent me some of my favorite McKeinzie beers; McKenzie Abbey 8, McKenzie 5 Czar, and also Clipper City Below Decks Barley Wine & DeGroen’s Bock. Thanks!
Dec 2005 Walt I got: 2 Peche Mortels, a Lancaster Hop Hog, a Clipper City Winter Storm, and a Monk’s Cafe Flemish Sour!!! Sweet packing job...it was like packed in the same foam you get from like a gun case!
Nov 2005 TheBeerSommelier Brian hooked me up with the elusive Peche Mortel and Weyerbacher Decadence. And as a great bonus, he threw in a couple of Hop Hog IPAs. Those I’m gonna drink soon, but I think I’ll let the first two sit a while. ;-) Great trader, all-around. Can’t wait to do it again. Thanks Brian!
Nov 2005 Walt As promised Brian sent me two Allagash Tenths!!! We are working on another trade right now!
Oct 2005 goldtwins Received 3 2005 Raison ’d Extra. Perfectly packed and great communication.
Sep 2005 Murphy Brian hooked me up with an Allagash Odyssey. Great packaging, delivered on time!