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Nov 2016 Travlr Matt sent me a great box of beer! Excellent condition of course. Hill farmstead, Tree House, OEC, more - holy cow! A true pleasure. Cheers!
Oct 2016 Huhzubendah Great package from Matt. Easy communication and exchange. I’d happily trade again.
Jul 2016 bytemesis Matt BM’ed me out of the blue basically asking if I might want a bunch of amazing beers. After changing my shorts, I said yes and that was pretty much that. Matt is an awesome trader, hands down.
Feb 2016 wchesser Nice little IP trade with Matt while I was in town on a business trip. Easy going and a nice guy! Thanks, Matt-hope to have time for a beer next time!
Feb 2016 Prufrockstar Matt sent me a great box of goodies from the NE. The trade was easy to arrange, the bottles were well-packed and shipping was prompt. Excellent trade all around!
Jan 2016 bytemesis If "great trader" was in the RateBeer Lexicon, the picture would be Matt. His last box to me was unfortunately diverted by FedEx. Although it was totally their fault and I assured Matt that all was well, he insisted on sending a replacement. Well, the replacement may have been better than the original! Matt - call me any time you want to deal. My cellar is your cellar.
Oct 2015 rich182 Matt sent a bunch of goodies to a Fedex centre for me to pick up when I arrived in the states. They were packaged very well and arrived safely, shipped well before I sent the return package. It was a great box of beers I would never have otherwise got to try. Great communication and a nice guy too. Cheers
Aug 2015 bytemesis Matt is a warrior. New kid and all he managed to fill a 12-bottle styro with goodness and send it my way without even worrying about what might come back. Needless to say, his supreme generosity will be rewarded. Thanks man!
Jul 2015 MrChopin This generous dude keeps hooking me up.. NE releases packed expertly in shippers. Delivered well in advance of when he’s getting a return box. Matt kicks ass!
Jul 2015 bytemesis Yep, ho hum. Another day, another INCREDIBLE BOX FILLED WITH EAST COAST GOODNESS!!! So glad to have Matt as a regular. Could not ask for more.
Apr 2015 Ernesto987 First trade with this Matt guy. He is the trade doctor. He diagnosed me with SIS. (Shitty IPA syndrome) and perscribed me a 12 bottle styro of Treehouse, Trillium. Nightshift, and New England Brewing IPAs. THANKS MATT! YOU ARE TOO MUCH BROMIGO! Oh yea, treehouse vagabond was in there. Who just give that away? THIS GUIE RIGHT HERE.
Mar 2015 bytemesis Right on the heels of the last, Matt volunteered to make a Trillium run for me and hit my doorstep with an awesome, well packed box of hoppy goodness. Thanks to a great trader!
Jan 2015 bytemesis Matt answered my call for unrated Gose and we eventually swapped nice boxes. Matt was awesome throughout, patient, easy to work with, and super flexible. I hope we can turn this into a regular thing!
Jan 2015 doubleo Got a fantastic box from Matt for RB H2H Fantasy Baseball 2014. Huge!!! He sent a 2013 Founders Imperial Stout, Heady Topper, Nogne O #100, Hill Farmstead Fear and Trembling, Night Shift Marblehead, Baxter Bootleg Fireworks and an OEC Grandis. Boom. Thanks dude.
Oct 2014 MrChopin Awesome trade with Matt, hooked me up big time on a New England brewery and shipped weeks in advance to arrive safely for our tasting--styro inside a garbage bag. Super laid back, patient, and communicative.. definitely looking forward to round 2!
Apr 2014 TheEpeeist Matt rocked it with some Tree House growlers, Jack’s Abbey & Hill Farmstead. Hoping to do another swap down the road.
Apr 2014 Jesterdeal Another great trade with Matt. Hooked me up with an Allagash sour and a BA Hill Farmstead for my Tired Hands PLUS extras. He was my first trade on this site and I continue to be eternally grateful for his kindness. World class.
Apr 2014 boFNjackson Matt and I easily settled on a 1:1 trade for an Upright and Hill Farmstead swap. Communication was a breeze and was an all around smooth trade. Thanks, Matt!
Apr 2014 daknole Matt does it again. No hesitation he sends me a box full of great stuff. Thanks again!!
Mar 2014 bytemesis Awesome trade with Matt, landing me a couple of hugely long time wants and just a fabulous box of beer top to bottom. Great guy to work with, good communication and great packaging. I would love to have Matt as one of my regular trading partners!
Mar 2014 jra1983 Great first trade with matt. Hooked me up with a big want and was very generous with extras In his box. All was packaged well and communication was stellar. Would be happy trading with again anytime!
Jan 2014 robloc303 Matt hooked up a killer box of huge wants and bad ass extras! Would totally trade with again!
Jan 2014 AtlCarl An all around great trader! Excellent communication & packaging, and some great extras to boot.
Dec 2013 hannont I just got a box from Matt and It might be the nicest box of beers of I’ve ever received. Awesome trader here folks!
Oct 2013 bottleforager Worked up a little Southern New England for Northern new England trade with Matt and he went above and beyond the call of duty ! Super easy to work with, quick and secure shipping and a all around solid trader. Would definitely do another swap in the future and maybe someday we will cross paths at a New England beer event ! Cheers
Sep 2013 HarvesterOfSorrow Trade number two with Matt. Looking forward to drinking some tasty HF brews and appreciate the extras. Thanks again Matt!
Jul 2013 acurtis Matt and I did a very easy IP trade, HF for HF stuff. He was very accomidating and generous. Look forward to more great trades with Matt. Thanks for the killer brews.
Jul 2013 BeerBob26 Matt is an honest trader. He held up his end to a friendly wager and sent me some awesome east coast brew. Top notch trader! Thanks again.
Jun 2013 deyholla Matt hooks me up with four Hill Farmstead beers and two great IPA extras from Vermont. Overly generous and prompt! Hope to do more in the future!
Apr 2013 Jesterdeal Matt was great! He popped my trading cherry and made it a painless experience. He was very good about communicating and the beers he sent were not only well packaged but also great locals! Thanks again, Matt. Really appreciate the opportunity.
Apr 2013 Keir I was fortunate enough to win Matt’s FBW contest and he rewarded me with a nice box of beer, including Lawson’s Maple Nipple. Thanks!
Mar 2013 hannont Just completed my first trade with Matt and he sent me my first ever hill farmstead bottles. Super stoked to try these. Matt is a great communicator, super generous and a joy to tade with. I hope this will be the first of many trades with him.
Mar 2013 tom10101 Third in person trade at Hill Farmstead with Matt and another great one! Great communication and extremely generous trader! He helped me to score some of my biggest wants. Looking forward to our next trade!
Feb 2013 Leighton Great IP trade with Matt. He provided me with one of my most wanted beers, and he was highly accomodating regarding the in-person meet-up. Thanks!
Jan 2013 daknole Matt sends a thank you box outta the blue with some seriously awesome brews. Wow!
Jan 2013 cfrances33 Matt and I had a very smooth trade, and he sent some great new extras. Great communication. I look forward to trading with Matt again soon!
Dec 2012 HarvesterOfSorrow Matt hooked me up with some tasty brews that I have wanted to try for a while and threw in some nice extras, including one off my wants list. Great communication and excellent packaging. Looking forward to future trades, thanks Matt!
Oct 2012 knobbyknobby Great trade with Matt! He offered to hold off on shipping until he was going to HF the following weekend so he could throw in some great extras!! Highly recommend trading with Matt, won’t be disappointed.
Sep 2012 Tooch4321 Matt does it again, a nice 6-er of Hill Farmstead saisons and a t-shirt. I look forward to our next trade, top-notch indeed.
Sep 2012 daknole Another great trade! Thanks again!
Sep 2012 tom10101 Great # 2 IP trade with Matt at Hill Farmstead. He traded me some HF bottles that I’ve missed in the past and a couple of others wants. Great communication, top notch trader! Thanks Matt!
Aug 2012 boogychillin Round 2 with a great trader, looking forward to more of the same. Good guy all around.
Jul 2012 markwise Great trade with Matt. Sent me the agreed Hill Farmstead beers for some Cigar City beers and bonused me some Heady Topper. Cheers, Matt! Let me know when you’re ready for round 2.
Jul 2012 boogychillin Great trade with Matt involving Tired Hands growlers for some HF goodness. Great communication throughout and very generous. A+ dude.
Jul 2012 tom10101 Nice IP with Reynolds314 at Hill Farmstead bottle release. Would trade with him again any time. Thanks again!
Jul 2012 b3shine Reynolds314 and ernesto987 hooked me up nicely for Secret Santa. They shipped fast and packaged like pros. Thanks man! I look forward to sharing a few of the bottles you sent me with my tasting group!
Jun 2012 Tooch4321 Wow...I am humbled again by these Hill Farmstead boxes that I’ve been so lucky to recieve. Matt hooked me up with growlers, bottles and glassware all from HF along with FOUR bonus bottles! I’ll gladly trade with him anyday of the week, thanks again.
May 2012 daknole Yeah Matt does it again!! I really enjoy trading with Matt. Great guy!
Apr 2012 oteyj Excellent trade with Matt. Hooked me up with some Hill Farmstead (Next day air for freshness) for some Struise bottles. Excellent packaging, great communication, and fast shipping. Thanks! 
Apr 2012 wavers1 Box #2 of a great trade with Matt, he sends me a selection of 4 different fresh and hoppy brews from Lawsons, and tosses in an all time favorite of pumking to tide me over! Top notch trader all around! Cheers!
Apr 2012 wavers1 Great multi part trade with Matt, the first box was generously shipped to me while i was on a road trip, and contained heady topper, multiple HFS pale ales, and more Vt goodness to boot! Very nice of him to get it all to me so fresh!
Apr 2012 cpetrone84 Great trade with Matt, sent an awesome, well packaged box. Included some amazing IPA’s from the VT area. Fantastic trader!
Mar 2012 oteyj Excellent trade with Matt. Hooked me up with some Hill Farmstead for some Struise bottles. Excellent packaging, great communication, and fast shipping. Thanks!
Mar 2012 SuzyGreenberg Round #3 with Matt for some Hill Farmstead, Heady Topper (ymmmm) and more; great packing, communication, etc, etc...thanks!!
Feb 2012 Doodler Matt and I did a easy swap of some brews and he adds some fresh Heady Topper to make my day... thanks Sir Matt!
Jan 2012 Brewger Wow, Matt really blew me away and exceeded all expectations with my first beer trade. Why has it taken me so long to discover trading? He provided THREE fantastic local extras which I’m looking forward to as much as my Heady Topper. And a six-pack of nitro-glycerin would’ve arrived safely in that box it was packed so well. Can’t wait to do it again. CHEERS to Matt.
Jan 2012 Ernesto987 This guy rocks! More in person trades than I can count! Keep up the good work man!
Jan 2012 hrking brews received..solid packaging and emails.. Solid trade! Cheers
Dec 2011 daknole Matt hits a grand slam. Perfect on all accounts. Amazing! CHEERS!!!!!!!!!
Dec 2011 SuzyGreenberg 2nd trade with Matt and he knocked it out of the park again; a fresh round of goodies from Hill Farmstead and two tasty extras; slight mix up on my end and I will make up for it in our next round in 2012; thanks Matt!!
Dec 2011 Travisnd Great trade with Matt....great communication, fast shipping, would definitely trade with again!
Nov 2011 SuzyGreenberg Just completed a great trade with Matt; bombproof packing job and he sent a trio of Hill Farmstead goodies (Arthur, Vera Mae & Clara); plus he tossed in 3 nice extras; thanks Matt!!
Oct 2011 sefus12 Great communication, good extras, and super-fast shipment. Highly recommended trader and someone I wouldn’t hesitate to trade with again.
Aug 2011 pushkinwow Nice quick trade to get some Cadillac Mountain Stout for my sister-in-law and Matt also included some tasty extras. Well packed, great communication - would trade again.