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Aug 2017 Jashiu Johan has sent me a lovely pack of 11 bottles during the EU Summer Secret Santa 2017 plus he has added a great De Molen tee. So far the beers are great, totally fitting to the profile/wish list I have provided Santa with. I highly recommend trading with this guy!
May 2017 cesarpball Good trader! I did the European Beer Trading in April. The package consists about 3 liters of beer, I got more than 4! Well packaged and good communication
Mar 2017 nimbleprop Sent to me as part of the Christmastime BIF that took place Dec of 2016. Box arrived in March, but I repeatedly told him I was in no rush to receive. Cool box, packed well with a tshirt extra. Would be happy to have him ship me beer any time.
Feb 2017 Sebilinz Johan sent we some wonderful beers, during the Euro Local Swap 0416.Like always everything was perfekt.Big Thank you. Sorry for the late feedback.
Feb 2017 Sebilinz Johan sent we 12 wonderful beers, during the Euro Local Swap 0117.Like always everything was perfekt.Big Thank you.
Jan 2017 Zlotta Johan was my Secret Santa in 2016. He sent me a nice box with great Dutch beers and a good variety of interesting styles. Looking forward to another trade in the future!
Oct 2016 Hermod Johan sent me a nice box full of De Molen and Oedipus brews in Euro Swap nr 3 / 2016. Bombproof packing. Some very fresh IPA:s and some Barrel aged bottles as well.Thanks alot!!
Jun 2016 rouhlas Johan sent me a very well packaged box with a great selection of new De Molen beers as part of the European Local swap 2/2016. Thank you very much Johan!
Mar 2016 Beerhunter111 Johan sends me in the European Local Swap 01/2016 a nice box full of interesting beers from the Netherlands, USA and Norway. Great selection, thanks a lot! Cheers!
Jan 2016 Erzengel Johan was ma Secret Santa 2015 and I got a great box full of nice DeMolen beers! Thank you very much!!
Nov 2015 Saeglopur He was my EU Local Swap 4/2015 sender and I got a really interesting box with most of my favourite styles, most of all some lovely IPAs. Well packed box. Many thanks Johan! :-)
Oct 2015 rosenbergh Johan sent me a lovely box of Dutch goodies as part of the European Local Swap. 11 bottles of pure goodness all packed professionally. The box looked so good even the Finnish customs were interested... Highly recommendable trading partner. Thanks so much! Dankjewel!
Jul 2015 Gurthnar Johan was my Summer Secret Santa 2015. I received a very nice box with 10 beers according to the wishes I have specified. Packaging was very secure, everything went smoothly. Thanks!
Jul 2015 rayaron Johan sent me box with 12 interesting beers, some of them are quite new with only several rates. The verity of the styles is very impressive. And there’s a new country too. Johan is very kind and the trade was great. Recommended!
May 2015 clockk Johan was my sender in the European Local Swap 2/2015. He sent me a well packed box with 12 nice dutch craft bottles, some of them unknown to me. Well packed, good communication, recommended trader. Thank you so much Johan!
Feb 2015 omhper Johan delivered a great box of 12 beers as part of the European Local Swap. Perfectly packed, timely, clear communication and great selection. Cheers!
Dec 2014 Homer321 Johan walked me through my first international trade. My bottles arrived today, just in time for Christmas. Thanks for a great trade and I look forward to more in the future.
Nov 2014 bytemesis Another trade in the books (at least half of it), and Johan delivers yet again! A six bottle shipper with Cantillon and De Molen goodness arrived just before i left. Rest assured that it will be paid back handsomely :). Thanks for making international trading fun!
May 2014 Hermod Johan send me some great Imperial stouts, IPA:s and Quadrupels from small Dutch breweries in the European local swap 5. Packed really well. Nothing but good to say about him. Can highly recommend a trade with him. Cheers!
Mar 2014 boisebeerguy Replied to his in search of the Voodoo beers from Rogue. This was my first international trade, and Johan made it very easy to figure out what needed to be done. I would definitely recommend trading with him.
Mar 2014 tiong Received a nice box from Johan in the European Local Swap 4.0. Contained loads of new beers from some of the smaller breweries from the Netherlands, including Oedipus, Praght, Het Uiltje and De Natte. Everything was well packed and communication was very friendly. Would trade again anytime!
Feb 2014 pushkinwow Great Secret Santa experience - happy to get some great beer, well packaged, and timely.
Jan 2014 bytemesis Lost track of how many trades this makes, but trading with Johan is like Christmas every time. His enthusiasm for all aspects makes it fun, and he is amazingly generous. This time a box of Loons showed up at my door, which will allow me to try some of my long time want list beers. Thanks man! Can’t wait till the next one.
Jan 2014 bursprak Johan sent me a nice selection of Dutch goodies, including h&v wild turkey, in the Euro local swap 2014. Fast shipping and the box was packed neatly. Thanks!
Jan 2014 Cuso Johan was one of my 2 Secret Santa’s in Europen game. Very nice selection, expertly packed. He also include homemade pepernoten. Recommended trader.
Jan 2014 FSC_87 MrHangover was my Secret Sinterklaas last December. He sent me a box of nice beer from his region. The beers were packed very well. Thans for this nice box of beers!
Jan 2014 kaufmanised Great box by Johan, agreed trade in one night shipped the next! fast delivery and excellent packaging! really happy with what we traded. Excellent trader looking forward to the next one
Dec 2013 hopscotch Fantastic box of beer from Johan. Several DeMolen Hell and Damnation barrel aged beers and several bottles of Dutch beers from breweries yet unexplored by me. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks so much, Johan, for the terrific box.
Nov 2013 bytemesis Another awesome, amazing trade in the books! Johan is incredibly enthusiastic and always finds some awesome beers. This box was packed amazingly well - I felt like I was dipping my hands into a bag of holding as beer after beer came out of a fairly small package. Thank you!!
Sep 2013 Mathieu87 IP Trade @ Borefts. Nice guy, good trade! Thanks a lot for the beers!
Sep 2013 tomer A smartly packed box arrived today from Johan full of Dutch goodies that i haven’t had the chance to try so far. The delivery was quick considering the slowness of the Israeli mail and communication was practical and to the point. Thanks a lot and would love to trade with you again.
Sep 2013 Nisse666 Box was part of the big European beer swap part 2, Aug-Sep 2013. Excellent beers and nice extras, good packaging and very good communication. The take care posted on each side of the box was very artistic;) I can really give Johan the highest recommendations vs beer tradering. Take care and many many thx for the great box / Thomas
Aug 2013 McTapps Johan send me 14 great beers, incl. Westy 12, Scotty Karate and La Trappe Quadrupel OA #13. Everything was extremly well packed and very fast shipped, conversation was fast and very nice. Trading at its best, I’m looking forward to the next one.
Aug 2013 NorCalgrowler Well what can I say. Johan made an international trade extremely easy! A bottle that I will save another 8 years and open on my 50th birthday!! I would never hesitate to trade with him and cant wait to one day meet up abroad! Thanks for the MG Johan
Jul 2013 1971hemicuda Excellent trading partner. He gave me tons of options, was definitely interested in trading locals and specialty stuff and had everything shipped out no problem. He was extremely patient with me (who was very slow in shipping) and I would definitely trade with him again.
Jun 2013 lionsandbeer Good trade with Johan, one of my first international trades. he answered all my questions and was easy to work with to finalize a trade. good packaging, good extras, good communication. would trade with johan again.
Jun 2013 bytemesis Trade #4 in the books - per usual his box is in my house before mine is even sent. This guy is super quick! I love trading with MrH - great enthusiasm and just a lot of fun to work with.
Apr 2013 bytemesis Trade #3 with Johan and he continues to be an awesome trading partner. More De Molen and Westvleteren goodies, plus some limited releas BA Emilisse bottles! All packed up extremely efficiently and tough enough to withstand shipping fun.
Mar 2013 budznsudz Great trade with Johan. He sent me some killer De Molen beers and threw in a Black Damnation as an extra! Super nice guy and very easy to work with. Highly recommended, now I just hope Johan can get my package from customs. Cheers!
Feb 2013 bytemesis My second trade with Johan and it just gets better and better. He really went out of his way to hit some huge wants of mine, and then extra’ed something as good or better on top of it. Great communication, and just a fun guy to trade with. Can’t wait for number three!
Feb 2013 timfoolery Great international trade with Johan. He sent some BA De Molen goodness, Mega Blend, and some Cantillon for Iced BART, EC12, BCS, etc. Lots of good communication over international shipping details and just a great experience overall. Cheers bro!
Jan 2013 Ed5388 Mr. Hangover was my first international trade. He made it a very pleasurable experience and was seriously one of the nicest guys I’ve traded with to date! Thank you for the amazing Westvleteren selection and I look forward to our future trades!
Dec 2012 bytemesis Just got a killer box of De Molen goodies, a Westy Blonde and a killer extra from MrH. My box is on its way across the Atlantic. Great first international trade - good communication, great enthusiasm, and great beer. Would be happy to do it again anytime.
Nov 2012 stakem Johan hooked me up with some barrel aged goodies to round out a tasting I am hosting. He was thoughtful in choosing extras and got me a new berliner weisse I have never heard of which is a feat in itself. Looking forward to our next exchange.
Jul 2012 LoFi MrHangover hooked me up with some great beers, including a fantastic one I have been looking for but had given up on ever finding. He also came with good suggestions based on what I was interested in. Included in the package I also found a great bonus gift from him. He is easy to deal with, a very generous trader and a great guy. I could easily recommend trading with this guy.
Jun 2012 Palme Johan here hooked me up with some great Dutch micros + a couple of legendary bottles I long have wanted to try. Really good and quick communication all the way, and the package was perfectly and really professionally packed. A great guy that I can highly recommend doing trades with!