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May 2022 Holmen1 A committed ratebeerian, friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and a generous trader as well!
Dec 2021 Grima Henrik sent me a box with some nice Black Metal brews. Also added some norwegian candy for my daughter. Always a pleasure to trade with this master of northern brews!!
Dec 2021 Cuso 2 boxes of missing regions from Norway (Nordland , Møre og Romsdal) hit my doorstep in october and early decemer. Asu usually smooth communication, bomb proof packaging. Anytime again, anytime.
Aug 2021 Nisse666 Yet another hotel lobby swap, this time some Norwegian friends of Henrik. The reception looken at me and told me that did an exception vs the alcoholic content. Anyhow, safe and sound, 3 rare (hard to get breweries) from Norge and Sweden;)... Many thx for the brews. / Mate!
Apr 2021 hawthorne00 Henrik sent a generous and thoughtful box of Norwegian beers having sought some Australian region ticks. Despite Covid-time delays all was calm and easy.
Apr 2020 Foffern Excellent trade! Many beers from small microbreweries and hard-to-get ales. Top notch packaging!
Mar 2020 visionthing Showed up again with a ridiculous amount of beer from rare and hard to get Norwegian breweries. Excellent as always!
Nov 2019 Wendigo Henrik send me well packed box full of beers according to my prefferences. All this with easy and prompt communication. Well recommended trader. Many thanks. (European Local Swap 3/2019)
Mar 2019 Cuso 15!!! hard obtainable beers brought me Henrik to my home. This the man. Many thanks, see you again.
Aug 2018 CH-303 Received not just one, but two (real) Greenland beers. Also three bonus beers. Thanks a lot, good man!
Nov 2017 Nisse666 Face to face other hotel reception trade! The man delivered again, the dricku is back in it’s home country;)
Sep 2017 Inbreak Unfortunately I was away on holiday myself, but my friend ClubGonzo stepped up to do the trade with Henrik when he passed by my area. Some nice rare gems from his area and some extras, now I just have to get the rest to send his way and finish the deal. Until next time, cheers to the traveling beer master :-)
Jun 2017 gunnar Sorry for late reaction, received a well packed box 2 months ago, Some rare,, some hard to get and even a new Country tick. Henrik delivers again.
Jun 2017 SaintMatty Henrik is a credit to ratebeer and an excellent and generous trader. I have not shared any beers with him yet but hope to be able to do so in the future. :)
May 2017 hackobock IP trade with Henrik in Stockholm. Great trader, nothing was set beforehand and I got a box full of mixed Norwegian beers for a couple random Swedish ticks. Very generous and nice guy. Highly recommended!
May 2017 olsvammel Great IP trade in Örebro when Cunningham was driving from Norway to Uppsala. Cunningham delivered big! Got a box of mixed Norwegian beers, all from breweries I hadn’t tried yet. Cunningham got some local Örebro beers and some extras. I felt he was the most genrous part in this trade. Wish I had more local beers to give him.
Mar 2017 Sigmund Cunningham is a great and reliable trader, and wraps the bottles / cans well. No problems.
Feb 2017 Grima Another amazing box with some nice northern brews arrive in Germany. Absolutely amazing trader, thanks a lot Henrik
Jan 2017 RickFifty Another great in person trade with Henrik. I got a couple of really nice IPAs and two bonus bottles as well. Thanks!
Dec 2016 gunnar Another trade performed, IP trade this time, early november, and Henrik was driving to the west coast, via the smallest breweries and valleys possible to find in Norway, well done. I received some goodies as always, my turn to send a box before the sunturn.
Nov 2016 visionthing Showed up at the infamous Sandefjord sessions with a ridiculous amount of beer from rare and hard to get Norwegian breweries. Excellent as always!
Oct 2016 gunnar Sorry for late reaction, received a well packed box a month ago, with 5 new Norwegian breweries. Henrik delivers the goods every time.
Oct 2016 Nisse666 Face to hotel reception trade. Few days notice, quick in and out. Always delivering... This time loads of nice Norwegian juice and more. Thx man!
Sep 2016 jtclockwork Great International trade for some new country ticks and locals. Hope to do again soon!
Sep 2016 Inbreak IP trade at Cafe Sara, to exchange some rare Norwegian beers from our end of the country. Thnx a lot mate, a shame we couldn’t share some beers also. Park the car next time! :P
Aug 2016 RobertDale Another nice trade with Henrik (have lost track of exact number). We always have the most interesting trades. Always reliable and great communications. A pleasure to trade with.
Jul 2016 Inbreak Another big trade with Henrik. Again fixed me som beers from Systembolaget, and a few new Norwegian breweries. Cheers mate!
Jun 2016 yngwie Another in-person trade with Henrik, providing me some new Norwegian breweries. Thx a lot mate!
Jun 2016 gunnar Henrik continues to deliver above expectations. 1 new African country, 4 new Norwegian brewers! Next box will leave my place mid july.
Jun 2016 Nisse666 Frontdoor trade pickup trade. Country for new state and some nice nowegian brews. Make Svalbard a new country pls;)
Apr 2016 gunnar New shipping from Henrik today, lets repeat: Yet another shipment from the gentleman in Halden. Amongst those hard to get beers, some new breweries and and some good Swedish stuff. My turn to make him a box :-)
Mar 2016 gunnar Yet another shipment from the gentleman in Halden. Amongst those hard to get beers, some new breweries and and some good Swedish stuff. My turn to make him a box :-)
Feb 2016 visionthing Nice in person trade with Cunningham again - thanks a lot!
Jan 2016 gunnar Another great delivery from Henrik,bomb proof box with a hard to get brewery, some foreign hop and malt beverages and even some home brewed. Recommendable trader ++
Jan 2016 Grima What a surprise, Henrik sent me a lovely christmas present filled with delicious stuff which I enjoyed during my holiday! Thanx a lot, my friend!!
Dec 2015 RobertDale Another great trade with Henrik. Think this is our third one. As always he does a perfect job. Everything just the way it should be. Looking forward to trade #4.
Dec 2015 RobertDale Another great trade with Henrik. Think this is our third one. As always he does a perfect job. Everything just the way it should be. Looking forward to trade #4.
Dec 2015 Beer5000 Another good trade with Cunningham. Nice selection, solid wrapping and all over a reliable guy to make a trade with. We didn’t made any proper deal this time, I just suggested I could send him some new local beers, which I did – and back came a big box full of goodies. I actually have to send him some more to justify my trades.
Nov 2015 Rasmus40 In our second trade Henrik sent me a box of Norwegian goodies, a cider from Guernsey, and even one of his home brews. Nice and easy. Solid packing.
Nov 2015 Nisse666 Face to face tasting/trade country outside All In Brewfest 2015, Sat. Cunningham brought 10 extra bottles (polish mead, Norwegian rare micros etc) - this guy is insane!!!
Nov 2015 visionthing Nice in person trade with Cunningham again. As always something rare and interesting.
Oct 2015 Inbreak Big powertrade with Henrik. Bombproof box arrived with a few Norwegian rarieties, and lots of goodies from Systemet in Sweden that I couldn’t get myself. I ordered what I wanted, and he picked it up for me. Thanxxx a lot. Highly recommendable!
Oct 2015 Cuso Small box with cider from Guernsey(new country) and another beer from Ego was sent by Henrik. Many thanks man. Recommended trader.
Oct 2015 MarkoNm Another fine trade with Henrik. Some interesting Norwegian beers (IPAs yum) and a final style I was missing: Gotlandsdricke. Great trade
Sep 2015 gunnar Another great trade with Henrik, supplied me with a new hard to get brewer, and some other goodies.
Aug 2015 Grima Got another box with a missing style and an awesome amount of delicious smoked salmon. Absolutely awesome, best trader ever :-)
Aug 2015 skrip awesome trader! quick international trade. thanks so much for hooking me up!
Jul 2015 Erzengel Got a nice box from Henrik today - 2 countries and 5 nice Norwegian craft-beers + a chocolate! Everything packed carefully! Thank you very much! Great as always!
Jul 2015 Nisse666 Face to Face trade during Scandinavian Summer Gathering 2015. 2 countries swap, + 2 new Norwegian breweries🍺. Great easy communiction. This is our 6th trade - many thx man!
Jun 2015 Martinus Henrik sent a great box to me with tasty beers and beer from countries I wanted to try. Great guy, super easy communication and no fuzz. Love it, would be glad to trade again!
Jun 2015 Cuso Another lovely box from Henrik arrived to my doorstep.As usual expertly packed a full of very hard to get beers. Many thanks, man!
Jun 2015 Inbreak Henrik was nice enough to pick up some bottles of FiftyFifty Eclipse at Systemet that I wanted. Thanks a lot bro! :)
Jun 2015 KnutAlbert Another great trade with Cunningham, some rare, some new, one really great. A nice chat over a beer, too.
May 2015 ClubGonzo Conducted a rather large (national) trade with Henrik a.k.a. Cunningham recently. Great guy; generous, efficient and easy to communicate with. Highly recommended! :-)
May 2015 mcberko Henrik was super generous in muling some beer for me through a friend of mine from Sweden when I visited Norway. We then had an epic day together as he was even more generous to take me around to a bunch of breweries, including some less accessible places. What a pleasure to spend the day with and to meet. Class act!
Mar 2015 gunnar Another great trade with Henrik, 15 bottles of Swedish Beers, included a Gotlandsdrycka arrived in a bomb proof packet, recommended trader ++
Mar 2015 RobertDale Henrik as always comes through! Excellent trader. Glad we can help each other get those elusive ticks! Always a pleasure trading with Henrik!
Feb 2015 Cuso Nice box, containing Struise Ignis et Flamma, Murree Beer Ego Redness,Barlingbo Bysen No:1 and Austmann Gamle Eirik hit my doorstep today. Nice selection, unique packaging. As usual pleasure to trade with you Henrik.
Feb 2015 RickFifty My second trade with Henrik, and once again I had a real treat in store: Two marvelous, hard-to-find, barrel aged, Danish Imperial stouts. Super trader!
Feb 2015 Bov One new country and some great norwegian and danish beers. Easy, fast and well-packed: a trader to recommend !
Jan 2015 Erzengel Nice box arrived safe and well-packed! Thanky you very much!!!
Jan 2015 Grima Another box arrived Germany! As always perfectly packed! Thanx my friend for this rare Mikkeller and the godlike delicious norwegian smoked salmon!!
Dec 2014 CH-303 Box arrived safely this morning. So much packing materiel I was worried for a second that there were no beers inside. Two new countries and some nice Norwegian and Danish beers. Great trader, would do it again. Cheers!
Dec 2014 Kevnic2008 Henrik sent me some Norwegian beers, especially wheat beers. A good and trustful trader. I will always recommend him!
Nov 2014 McTapps Fourth and not last trade with Henrik. Henrik sent me fantastic beers from Norway and Sweden plus a new country tick. Very nice contact, very fast shipping, perfect packing plus some nice chocolates for my daughter. Everytime again.
Nov 2014 RickFifty In-person trade with Cunningham. Several items available for trading including a Dutch gem. Highly recommended trader that I sure hope to meet again soon.
Nov 2014 Meilby Henrik send me a very well packed box with 2 new country ticks and some harder to find norwegian and swedish beers. Recommendable trader.
Oct 2014 MarkoNm Nice trade with Henrik. Sent me a couple fine Norweigan beers plus a new country tick. Great
Sep 2014 RobertDale Think my third trade with Henrik this time. He sent an amazing box. He is a wizard at packing. I still don’t know how he got 12 beers inside that small box. Four new country ticks for me and some other great European beers. I hope for more trades soon!!
Sep 2014 rlgk Small trade with Henrik, I got Nogne, he got Lervig. IP-trade in Halden, where we ended up having dinner in his garden. Supernice trader.
Aug 2014 markextrae and another trade. no 3 or 4? lost time. again perfect! trading budies forever
Aug 2014 dnicolaescu Got the box from Henrik with 10 wonderful Norwegian (and not only) beers, that all survived the journey, despite the box having signs of brutal abuse. :) Thank a lot, Henrik! Will trade again any time.
Jul 2014 McTapps Third trade with Henrik. Awesome box arrived with a wide varity of beers and styles. New country tick and new states tick as well. Very well packed and very fast shipped. As usual very nice and fast communications. Enjoyed it, thank you for all your effort.
Jul 2014 KnutAlbert Yet another great trade - a rare Norwegian beer - and a nice Dutch one as a bonus.
Jul 2014 gunnar Yet another great trade with this Gentleman. IP trade at Haand 14, done via several the help of several persons, since I was unable to do the travel my self. Some hard to find, some good swedes, and I am pleased.
Jul 2014 MisoW Henrik was my SecretSummerSanta 2014. He an excellent and generous trader, sent me a box full of excellent beers, including lot of IPAs, new style for me "Bière de Garde" and Uinta Dubhe Imperial Black IPA - I looking forward to taste them. Many thanks Henrik!
Jun 2014 tfredvik My favourite trader that is willing to trade anything that’s beer related. Lately I’ve received a bottle of his homebrew, a hop plant and a Pliny the Elder! Highly recommended if you want to trade with a rock solid beer geek.
May 2014 Inbreak IP trade at hotel room in Oslo before attending HaandFestival. Thanks for collecting the goodies at Systembolaget for me! Nice guy, highly recommended! :)
May 2014 MrHangover Henrik shipped me some quality Norwegian beers in order of the fifth Euro Swap. All arrived in perfect shape, even got a rare, never bottled before, bottle. Thanks for some amazing stuff!! Cheers!
May 2014 RobertDale Another excellent trade with Henrik. He sent some new country ticks and some nice European beers. Always look forward to what he sends me. Looking forward to many more trades. Excellent trader!
May 2014 mmahut Package full of wonderful beers arrived safely! Very recommended!
May 2014 markextrae 2nd trade. Again a killer box with great swedish an norwegian beers. I would def. Trade for a 3th time!
May 2014 KnutAlbert Once again, thanks for a graeat trade, great beers in a great condition. One of the true gentlement at ratebeer.
Apr 2014 Cuso again lovely box with no less than 16 for me very hard obtainable Norwegian and Swedish beers. Packaging technology of Henrik is unbelievable and bomb proof. Many thanks man, any time again.
Apr 2014 Nisse666 Yet again a great face to face trade. I recived hard to get Norwegian Micros. Setup was made in less then 24 hours;). Come by another day when I haven’t had 106 the day before and we can share some as well... Highest recommendations for a trade!
Mar 2014 McTapps Henrik sent me a awesome box filled with nice Scandinavian and American beers, as well as a nice Sake. Topped with chocolates for my daughter and a glass of Nogne. Henrik is a very generous and nice person and absolutely great trader. Nice and fast communications. Anytime again.
Mar 2014 markextrae Recieved one awesome killer box with some scandinavian + american specialties! A++ trader! can’t wait to trade again!
Mar 2014 Inbreak Nice IP trade @ RBNG-14. Fixed me up with some goodies from Systemet. Nice guy, highly recommended!
Jan 2014 Beersiveknown Henrik sent me 3 lagers - all new country rates. Great communication, fast dispatch and well packed. Cheers!
Jan 2014 Grima Another box of pure awesomeness arrived in Germany, filled with rare norwegian gems, smoked salmon and other norwegian specialities. Highly recommended trader! Always looking forward for the next campaign :-) Hail Norway!!!
Dec 2013 Perrin515 Great transatlantic trade with Henrik. Great communication and awesome beers! Packaging was greta. Looking forward to drinking a few for New Years! Will definitely have to trade again.
Dec 2013 McTapps Henrik sent me a huge box with just epic beers. Won’t be able to tell which I like the most - all are just great and overwhelming. Henrik also made my wish come true to taste my first ice cider - wow! What a true gentleman. Just highly recommended trader.
Dec 2013 Rasmus40 Henrik shipped me the agreed upon beer from Isle of Man along with a box of Swedish and Norwegian goodies, including Nøgne Ø and Dugges as well as a couple of breweries, that are completely new to me. Solid packing. What’s not to like?
Dec 2013 Beer5000 Another exelent trade with the great beer hunter, Mr. Cunningham. Everything solid wraped and brought safe to ny house by Mr. Postman.
Dec 2013 Cuso Lovely package arrived from Hendrik. As usual perfectly packed and easy communication.
Nov 2013 KnutAlbert Yet another good trade with Cunningham, he always delivers as promised.
Nov 2013 gunnar Another well executed IP trade with this gentleman, this time at Nøgne Ø, 2 new countries and some more Swedish micros. Thank you again, recommended trader ++ ;-)
Oct 2013 Martinus Easy going, great communication, brilliant box of beers, smooth delivery, a nice mix between welcome new country ticks and great local beers. All very well packed (the packaging even looked somewhat familiar ;) Great trader, would recommend to everyone! Cheers, to the next one Henrik!
Oct 2013 abemorsten Got myself a gem from Isle of Man trading with Cunningham. Straight to the point. No fuzz. You’ll have no trouble trading with this guy. Hope to repeat in the future as new opportunities arise.
Oct 2013 andrepintado Excellent trade with Henrik! 3 country ticks + some macros from Norway + some rare stuff from Norway! Great communication!
Oct 2013 Nisse666 Yes!.. another odd country box from the old Norge, Isle of Man and Liechtenstein + bonus. Norwegian October fest bier. Trustworty, good packaging what more could u ask for more? A super trader gut that is an even greater collector then myself;) Cheers mate, hope that u change your mind about the Porter festival.... / Thomas
Sep 2013 RobertDale Very nice trade with Henrik. He sent some difficult to find countries! Everything went smoothly. Fast shipping and excellent packing. Hope we can trade again in the future. Thanks Henrik!
Aug 2013 visionthing Another nice IP trade with Henrik. A new country in a park and a very heavy and generous backpack full of rare and interesting beer. Thanks a lot!
Jul 2013 Cuso IP trade with Henrik, he brought me bunch of Nøgne Ø beers including 100% Peated and Nøgne Ø / Dugges Sahti and other rarities as Dark and Red Horizon as well as some Ægir Bryggeri and others. Many thanks, man, any time again.
Jul 2013 Grima Got another box from Henrik, filled with unbelievable norwegian and swedish gems, especially the Nøgne Ø 100% Peated!!! Generously, he added some wedding surprises. We really loved the smoked salmon from norway!! 10000 thumbs up for this unbelievable trader!! Cheers, thanks a lot my friend!
Jul 2013 armando629 He bringed me a huge ammount of beer from Norway, on airplane, face tó face. The package was loaded with rarities, i was a bit embarassed;-) thank you veryvery much, so i am much obliged;-)
Jul 2013 tommann Another fine selection of strong lagers and malt liquors, always a treat! Quick shipping and very well packed.
Jul 2013 tommann Another fine selection of strong lagers and malt liquors, always a treat! Quick shipping and very well packed.
Jun 2013 Nisse666 Henrik came through again, 3th time this year, Quickest shipping ever - 2 days, and I could pick up the package on Midsummers eve. Great packaging, easy communication. One beer from Albania and a Sommer Haand as a bonus... I better go and pack the Andorra one. Many thx man, / Glad Midsommar
May 2013 gunnar IP trade at Haand 2013, Drammen. Henrik left me some fine Swedish brews, some low alcohol Brewdogs, and finally a new country to tick off my list, Mongolia. Thank You !
Apr 2013 rlgk Quick in person-trade in Gothenburg during the Beerfestival in April 2013. Good trade as always, we just need to find time to drink beer together one day... :)
Apr 2013 MacBoost Perfect first trade with Henrik. Great communication, fast shipping. Excellent in every way! Thanks!
Apr 2013 SaintMatty Traded with Henrik in Göteborg with the help of the hotel he was staying at. Sadly we didn’t get to meet in person, but he left me a bag full of some fantastic Norwegian goodies, as well as some ticks from Hong Kong and Mongolia. I wouldn’t hesitate to trade with Henrik again and I hope we get to meet next time. :)
Apr 2013 Nisse666 Wow heavy box there! Face to face trade in Göteborg via the Hotel Staf. 13?Aegir - this guy have been collecting this for 4 months thx Sir and filled the box up loads of extra to push me into the 100 team of Norway. Great sharing some beers with you as well, I’m happy that you survived - u looked a bit "tired" the last time we saw each other;)/Thomas
Mar 2013 oh6gdx Henrik packed a solid box with some Norwegian goodies as well as one bottle from Armenia (new countrytick, thanks a lot!). Hopefully we will do some more trades in the future as well!
Feb 2013 Cuso 2nd trade with Henrik and terrific, moon landing proof box arrived. 4 beers from Norway, 3 from Denmark, 3 from Sweden, 2 USA (new state - Louisiana beer and North Coast Old Stock Ale 2009!!!) An Aquavit. Generous trader, any time again. Many thanks.
Feb 2013 Arve_Christian Thanks a lot Henrik- you are too kind!! 2 trade with Visionthing as intermediary( due too time pressure). 2 Chileans too you, and some Nice Mongolia nå + Norwegian gem and 3 swedes ( look forord to tasting them. Will returnere the favour, thanks a lot
Feb 2013 tommann Another fine selection of strong lagers, very well packed. Excellent trader to work with.
Jan 2013 visionthing Another in-person-trade with Cunningham. Alway nice to meet you and have a beer or two...
Jan 2013 KnutAlbert Great trade for a Hong Kon beer which was far better tha I had feared. Hope to have a few beers with you soon!
Jan 2013 Grima I got another unbelievable box with rare seasonal winter beers from norway and some swedish ones as well. He also filled the box with some rare scandinavian IPAs!! Thanx a lot, you’re an unbelievable trader!!! CHEERS!
Jan 2013 ElDesmadre 21 bottles of exciting Scandinavian ales have arrived, IPA, Imperial IPA, Porter but also many Christmas beers this time. And just in time for Christmas! A real pleasure to trade with Henrik!
Dec 2012 Cuso Henrik hooked me up with box of 6 beer. 3 new countries for me Lebanon (961 Beer/Kissmeyer - Brewmaster’s Select 01 - Lebanese Pale Ale - my wanted brewery), Armenia, Barbados, Inderøy Barsk IPA and 2 other Norwegian beers. Beers were perfectly packed, communication was quick and clear. Any time again Henrik, thanks.
Dec 2012 Nisse666 Recived one well packed package today - early xmas gift;). Too hard to get countries and two xmass bonus beers. Many thx Man! Easy communication, fast shipment - this guy i can trust, top recommendation! When your in Gbg the next time give me a BM so that we can share à beer or so - and trade some more ones.... / God Jul & Gott Nytt År
Dec 2012 tfredvik The only negative thing I can say about Cunningham is that he is a bit too nice, generous and service minded, so he’s constantly giving me a bad conscience. For our last trade I gave him some lousy home-brews and a mediocre lager that had passed its BB date by 9 months, while he brought one of the finest and rarest (at least in my book) gems of Norwegian craft brewing. Highly recommended t
Nov 2012 rlgk Second in person-trade with Henrik. We exchanged Christmas beers and some other beers. Nice trade with a nice ratebeerian!
Nov 2012 gunnar Another box of exciting beers, came my way from this gentleman. Some really hard to get stuff, a new country for me, and so on. Christmas came early this year, thanks !
Nov 2012 yngwie Henrik brought me a backpack full of beer, the backpack so heavy he could barely walk, when he visited. Lots of hard to find Norwegian and some Swedish beers. Nice meeting you again, and having you as a guest Henrik!
Nov 2012 Arve_Christian Good interpersonal trade in Oslo. Got some hard to get Norwegian beers. Recommendable
Oct 2012 gunnar Received a box of hard to find local distributed beers from Cunningham. Very well packed beers as well. Will def trade more with this guy, planning another shipment already. Recommended.
Oct 2012 tommann A fine selection of Swedish malt liquor was sent to me very well packed and very quickly! Henrik is a top chap!
Oct 2012 ElDesmadre We did a 20 for 20 trade with Henrik and I got a really impressive selection of beers from Norway, Sweden and Denmark - Mikkeller, Nynashamns, Oppigards, Nogne O, etc., all very well packed. Very nice guy and a reliable trader!
Sep 2012 teddybeer Henrik sent me a well packed group of Norwegian beers that in Spain are difficult to get, some of them impossible. Also a beer from Iceland that will be another new country tasted for me. Thanks indeed.
Aug 2012 rlgk Great in person trade with Henrik in Fredrikstad. We brought 40+ beers each, and I recieved several interesting beers from Nogne, Haandbryggeriet and Aegir. I hope to make more trades with him!
Aug 2012 visionthing Nice in person trade with Cunningham again. Thanks a lot for sharing the eisbock! Looking forward to try the IPAs too - thanks!
Jul 2012 Grima We did a f2f trade! It was very nice to meet Henrik, we spend a great day in Belgium, Luxembourg & Germany. This crazy guy brought me 30+ rare norwegian & swedish beers! Absolutely amazing! I’m really looking forward to our next meeting / trade! P.S.: Special thanx for this amazing smoked salmon!!!
Jun 2012 visionthing A fine trade in person with Cunningham. I suspect he knows my beer preferences.Looking forward to try the beers. Recommended!
Jun 2012 tfredvik Personal delivery of 3 bottles of beer on a park bench 200 meters from my office. That’s what I call a service minded trader! Nice to finally meet this ratebeerian in real life!
May 2012 Grima Got another awesome small box from Henrik, filled with "Aass Gourmet Pale Ale" and "Ægir Ratatosk Double IPA". Thanx alot for those two gems. Already looking forward to the next one!
May 2012 tfredvik Got a bottle of homebrew just as promised, plus a beer that isn’t available in Norway as a bonus treat! What a nice bloke! :)
May 2012 KnutAlbert A fine trade at Haand Festival 2012, the beers being just as promised. Highly recommended!
May 2012 Beer5000 Brought with him a bunch of nice beer at Haandfestivalen for a trade. Lot more beer than agreed actually, very kindly. Thanx a lot.
Mar 2012 Grima Received another box of two bottles. AEgir Tors Hammer Barley Wine and Mohawk Oxymoron Black IPA! Huge thanx again, Henrik!
Mar 2012 ClubGonzo Recently traded a 2-for-1 deal with Cunningham, and he shipped his end of the deal right away without even blinking, let alone wanting me to ship first. Package arrived extremely fast, as it was small enough to get into the "letter" category in the internal Norwegian mail system. Well packed, no breakage. Easy-going fella, swift and reliable. Recommended. :-)
Mar 2012 Grima Got a very well-packed box with two rare norwegian IPAs today! Really looking forward to our next trade! Thanx Henrik!