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Dec 2021 omhper Roman was my secret Santa 2021. I was provided with a fantastic collection of German beers, both local and from other parts of Germany, as well as a very rare beer from a remote Faroese brewery. Everything was well packed and arrived timely. Cheers and many thanks!
Sep 2021 midovark Did a local for local trade with Roman a couple weeks back, and he kindly sent a HUGE box, packed with nicely selected German brews, modern and classic stuff alike. Easy communication, fast shipping and well packed box. It was a pleasure!
Oct 2020 dragnet101 Euro Swap 3 trade. Fast contact once pairs have been allocated. Quick delivery. Excellent selection of German beers, differing styles and breweries. I looking forward to trying these. Very helpful advice given on messaging and for my delivery to Cuso as I'm new to trading. Superb, highly recommended.
Jul 2020 BeardedAvenger Euro swap 2/2020, I think. Good selection of beers in the styles I was after.
Jun 2020 Moravius Lokaltausch Deutschland, Runde II. A great package from Roman, with some really unexpected finds. A pleasure to trade with! Thanks, Roman!
Feb 2020 martjoobolut Euroswap 2020/1 feedback. Really excellent box. Roman sent me 10 samples of local meads + bunch of beers (new brewery ticks and just random goodness). Excellent trader and also just a nice guy to share some beers with :)
Nov 2019 Hermod Roman sent me a huge box of beers for the Euro Swap 3/2019. Nicely packed, with some candy and some jam as well. Quick delivery, many new breweries for me. Very happy with the trade, highly recommended! Cheers!
Oct 2019 rauchbierlover Made a IP tarde while he was visiting Berlin. 15 beers from NRW, Baden, Netherlands and two country ticks (Uganda and Transnistria). Smooth communication in PM and pleasant live beer session in F'hain
Oct 2019 Grzesiek79 Roman sent to me almost 30 beer in bottle. Everythink will be fast and quicly. 3F Straffe Winter, one new Country (Transdniestra), one new region from Canada. a lot of feine sour beer from Germany and some from Berliner Weisse style. Many craft bier And Holly molly! one beer from between 1965-1975. Dziekuje/ Thanks/ DANKE/ VIELEN DANK ROMAN.
Aug 2019 Wendigo Koelschtrinker was my Summer Secret Santa. I received perfectly packed parcel, almost unbrakeable, including 15 beers, meeting my style prefferences, few traditional german styles and one new country tick. Well recommended trader. Thanks a lot.
Mar 2019 danlo Postal trade ahead of Brexit deadline for German ciders in exchange for UK ciders/beers. Great communications from Roman, was very patient with afew delays on my side, 1st parcel having broken bottle & being returned, then turning up at wrong post centre, but thankfully 2nd attempt made it intact. Roman sent great selection of German cider samples plus afew extra, highly recommended & many thanks
Feb 2019 martjoobolut Euro Swap 1/19. Another great package from Roman. Thank you!
Oct 2018 martjoobolut IP trade during DACH gathering. Good communication and nice beers. Everything went smoothly. What more is there to say?!
Oct 2018 Taboada Another excelent trade with Roman. Again: easy comunication, interesting selection and boomproff packaged. Hope to trade again!
Jun 2018 tenhorn Recieved some great beer in a well packed box from Koelschtrinker, Even got some extras even though I couldnt fit some in my box i sent him. I Hope we have more trades in the future so I could compensate that! :) Big Thanks!
May 2018 Taboada Roman send me more than 20 beers on a bomb proof package. New country tick, De Molen Vintage...stuff imposible to acquire for me. Very happy with the selection. Will trade again. Thank you!
Apr 2018 GoufCustom Sorry for leaving comment one year late, but better late than never! I meet Roman last March in HK to trade some local bottles with his fine selection of Altbiers, Kolsch and Bocks. All the bottles comes in perfectly with no faults, and you have picked some of the best stuff from Germany for me without being there (wow!) Hope we can meet again and wish you the best in your beer j
Apr 2018 herrklemann Roman started a Free Beer Contest which I won. He sent me six bottles of stuff I could never get here, well packaged and fast. Great experience and I'm very thankful he did the contest in the first place! Thanks!
Feb 2018 Sebilinz Got a some very nice beers in the Euro Swap 1/18. Big Thank you.
Dec 2017 Lowenbrau The second time i receive beers from Roman. This time he was my Euro Santa 2017, and he sent to me a really amazing haul, including some of my wants that i´ve been chasing for a while, as a 2008 Thomas Hardy´s Ale and some Dupont ciders. Really nice packaging, bomb-proof, and fast delivery for this really reliable trader, always recommended. Danke schön, Roman!
Dec 2017 FatPhil Unbelievably unbalanced trade - almost more beers than I could carry - thank you so much! A true giver in the ratebeer community, thanks again.
Oct 2017 kerenmk In-person trade and sample shares at Craft Essen Festival. Due to luggage limitations we only brought 3 bottles with us, nonetheless, Roman gave us 5 in trade and indicated what to skip at the festival accordingly. Glad you made it to Essen despite the hectic schedule - prost!
Oct 2017 ShivanDragon Received a nice mixed style parcel from Roman as of the European Local Swap 3/2017. Lots of beers with only a few ratings, and of-course a Oktoberfest beer ;)... thanks Roman.
Aug 2017 gunnar Roman was my secret summer santa, and he sent me a well packed box with new breweries, in all kind of styles, as I asked for, very satisfyed !
Mar 2017 dnicolaescu Got a box full of Freigeist and Monarchy, interesting historic styles, as well as some rarer older BA BGB’s as a cheery on the cake. Lots of interesting stuff, worth well above my beers. Thank you very much, Roman.
Feb 2017 japppp Good trade! Local EU Swap 1/2017
Apr 2016 MarkoNm Met up with Roman and his friend while they were passing through Ljubljana for a few beers. Did a nice trade with some interesting German brews. Easy communication. Smooth trade.
Mar 2016 anstei Mail trade. Koelschtrinker sent me 2 boxes of beers I wouldn’t be able to get because they were too local, old or rare. There were some complications with the parcel delivery company, Koelschtrinker resolved it for me. Good packaging. We agreed on one box, but then he spontaneously added a second one after learning that I could save him postage fees. Would trade again!
Jan 2016 anstei Koelschtrinker was my Santa for EuroSanta 2015 and sent me a box of German beers, all of the styles that I listed. The box also included a bag of incredibly delicious self-made Christmas cookies. Thank you, Roman!
Sep 2015 fonefan Just a other IP Trade with Roman again. This time @ The Danish Summer Gathering. Roman did bring me some for me very rare german beers and for me very very hard to get beers. Big Thx to Roman, alwas nice to C U and to make our traditional IP trades hope next time will be sone .. Cheers ;D.
Sep 2015 HenrikSoegaard IP Trade with Roman at Danish Summer Gathering. We agreed on apr. 10 "left over" beers and he brought me 24 german ticks!!!!!! Great trade. Hope to make one again Roman!
Mar 2015 fonefan IP Trade with Roman @ Carnival Tasting (Fastelavn Smagning).
Thanks again Roman for a nice box of new german stuff, you always brings me some hard for me to get beers !
Cheers Jan
Feb 2015 jredmond IP Trade with Roman while he was in NYC. Shared a few pints and ticks at Ginger Man. He brought ten bottles of random German brews that looks awesome! He even orchestrated it in such a way that he traded different beers with dudes in the area so that if we shared we’d all get more ticks! Hooray! This dude is chill, highly recommended as a trade partner. Reliable and great communica
Feb 2015 Jow Nice IP trade here in NYC. He brought me all the Kristalweizen he could find, i’ve had a couple but plenty of new ticks of this obscure style. Good communication would trade with again
Dec 2014 Beersiveknown Roman sent my a nice selection of 11 bottles as European local swap. Unfortunately there were some issues with the courier company but Roman worked hard to get beers to be before end of year. DHL then managed to break 3 bottles (packaging was good) but I still have 8 to try! Cheers
Sep 2014 MarkoNm Received a box of fine German stuff from Roman as a part of European Local Swap. Fast, easy and no complications. Plus nice beers.
Aug 2014 rfraga7 Roman was a pleasure to trade with. Packaged everything very well. As easy a trade as u can have from Germany / US. Look forward to the next trade.
May 2014 Cuso Excellent trade within European Local Beer Swap 5.0. I got a bomb-proof becked huge box, filled with a bunch of interesting beers which among others included Braustelle and Freigeist beers I asked for. Very quick ans smooth process. Huge thank you, sir!
Feb 2014 DSG Always great to trade with Roman. This time he sent a nice well-packed box of hard-to-find German beers. Hope for more trades in the future. Danke!
Feb 2014 Lowenbrau Roman was my sender in the Euro Local Beer Swap 3.0. I got a huge box, bomb-proof packed, filled with a bunch of nice german brews. Several doppelbocks, weizens, pilseners and even some new-wave german ones. Communication was easy and friendly.
Thank you so much Roman!
Nov 2013 garthicus A fantastic trade by way of the European Swap by Koelschtrinker. Package was incredibly well packed and swiftly delivered. Amongst a wealth of things he sent me a 1960/70’s bottle of Landre Berliner Weisse, Fritze IPA, Siiner lager, Franziskaner Royal, 2 x MOM Son of a batch geauzes, Karlsberg Bock and a wollnitzer weibbier! On top some great mustard and chocolate thrown in too! Thanks
Oct 2013 erickok A small trade at Borefts, but extremely grateful and generous. Got some great modern Germen brews. Already got more than I asked for and then he added another because one migth possibly be of a bad batch. Didn’t have much time, unfortunately but next time we’ll drink a beer together. Cheers!
Sep 2013 Countbeer Another F2F trade @ Borefts. Got me a Caulfield one and the new and highly rated Schumacher which I was very much looking forward to tasting it. Next to that he brought an old Berliner Weisse to share and handed over another one to share with others! A pleasure and a great trader! See you next year and thanks very much!
Jul 2013 preismj Awesome package from Roman! This is one of the most generous traders I’ve come across in my 150+ trades so far. So very much looking forward to future trades with him. Cheers, sir!
Mar 2013 Scopey My second trade with Roman, but this time in-person. He brought along very interesting German brews...some gose, grätzer, sours and IPAs. Her even added a few extras. Great trader!
Mar 2013 kappldav123 Got another great box from Roman filled with rarities from Germany and some interesting extras. Thanks a lot! Already looking forward to our next trade!
Jan 2013 preismj Great trade with Roman. It was a massive trade focused on just a few bottles. He did a nice job surprising me with beers I’ve never had/heard of. A very fun trade to do, and he helped me to get a bottle that I’ve been searching for. Awesome trader, super fast shipping, and great communication. Here is hoping for a trade #2.
Dec 2012 Scopey Great trade with Roman. Good packaging and quick shipping. He sorted me out with plenty of Berliner Weisse (including a 35 year old one!) and many other treats. He also threw in numerous German extras! I look forward to trading again in the near future. Thanks.
Dec 2012 callmemickey Awesome trader. Easy to work with, great packaging, thoughtful extras. Would highly recommend!
Nov 2012 BelgBeerGeek Did a first trade (In person at Borefts) with Roman, and deffinitly worth it ! He got me some very nice stuff that i’ve wanted over a long time and some cool extra’s ! And i got him the stuff he was looking for ! Good trade, good communication , worth it ! cheers Roman !
Oct 2012 Countbeer Met Roman for a 1st trade for the 2nd time @ 4th Borefts. Got me a Zwanze and let me pick some beers from his trunk. Got him 2 bottles BA Quad from La Trappe. And we got to share some beers. Awesome. Thanks a lot for all and see you next year!
Oct 2012 Benzai Second small in person trade @ Borefts, just like last year. Thanks for the German beers man, hope we can do this every year!
Aug 2012 Unclerudy Just did an in person trade with Roman. Awesome guy! Too bad he had to paint his new flat with the girlfriend, otherwise we would have tried a lot more beers. He hooked me up with a hand bottled Struisse beer, Hemel & Aarde BA, a Berliner Weiss, Caper Fumatis, and a Kabert! Next time I am in Germany I am going to hit him up!
Jun 2012 phredrik Very good trade. We quickly agreed on the beers (lambic and berliner weisse), and communication was great. Roman threw in 6 extra german ticks, so awesome!! Packaging was very good. Would definitely trade with Roman again!!
Jun 2012 Kevnic2008 Another great box of beers from Roman. Great supply of German and other beers.
May 2012 Geiserich Roman provided me (a few months ago) some great rare beers. As some bottles were broken, he sent some additional bottles. Thanks!
Feb 2012 Bierkrug Koelschtrinker brought some great beers for me at the Wasanas beer tasting. He had some very rare ones indeed
Jan 2012 bierkoning Got à great package from Roman, with Haffner Hopfenstopfer, an Austrian barley Wine, Beers from THE recently closed Adler Risstissen brewery and Some other gems from German breweries. Great communication. Well packed. Recommended trader.
Oct 2011 stakem Roman provided me (a few months ago) with a box of 9 beers from my wants list. Great communication, fast shipment and excellent packaging. Looking forward to trading again sometime.
Sep 2011 fonefan Small face to face trade @ BBF - Roman got me some good and for me rare German beers i have not tasted / ratet ! Huge Thx. ;O)
Sep 2011 suprchunk Roman came through with a sought after beer for me. Excellent face to face trade at Borefts. Now I have completed a small collection for a vertical someday. Thanks Roman, and see you soon.
Sep 2011 Benzai Nice f-2-f trade with Roman at borefts Beer Fest. He brought me 4 German beers I had never heard of. Thanks a lot, hope we will trade again in the future.
Sep 2011 Quack-Duck Great trade with Roman. 9 well-packed bottles of rather exotic and hard-to-get beer. Thanks & cheers - it’s a pleasure to trade with you.
Sep 2011 gn0sis In my third trade with Roman he helped me out with (yet again) a nice, well-rounded box of great German/Belgian brews..and more goodies to boot. Always expect the best with one of the best German traders on RB!
Aug 2011 monsterzero A big thanks to Roman for sending me a box of lambics (mostly top wants) and some other surprises/goodies. Quick communication, excellent packaging and fast shipping. Awesome trader!! Looking forward to trading again in the future.
Aug 2011 kappldav123 Another great trade with Roman. Got a box full of German goodies and some nice surprises as well. Thanks again, already looking forward to our next trade!
Jul 2011 Doodler In person trade with the king of great German brews - got some outstanding Helles & others and a much wanted witbeer. Drank together at 3F, Delirium and Moeder Lambic. Generously drove us around too. Danke Roman!
Feb 2011 hopscotch Roman shipped me an off-the-hook box of nineteen Franconian lagers that will probably never come within sniffing distance of being distributed in the USA. I only asked for eighteen, by the way. Awesome trader!!!
Jan 2011 RCL Roman sent me a box full of want-list beers and some real rarities for RB’s Secret Santa. Extremely generous!
Nov 2010 Doodler Wow - Roman sends me some highly wanted Andechser Doppelbocks, Cantillons, a de Cam and a bonus local brew in an easy as pie trade. Great communications (even though my German is rusty - his english is perfect). Terrific overall....thanks Roman!
Oct 2010 blutt59 Roman sends me another great package of Berliner, Weizenbock, Kolsch and Hefe’s. Great assortment of extras also. Heavy duty packaging and always keeps you up to date in the process, Thanks again.
Oct 2010 gn0sis Another awesome trade with Roman. He stepped up with one of my most wanted bottles. Sent some great Lambics and Berliner Weiss , also great German locals. Always a good experience, can’t wait for the next.
Mar 2010 gn0sis Truly an epic trade.. Received a 30+ Lb. box from Germany in 2 weeks flat. Well packaged and overflowing with interesting brews..Retired Cantillon and 3 Fonteinen, plus many aged Berliner Weiss brewed while the berlin wall was standing.. Hopefully the first of many trades with Roman!
Jan 2010 shrubber85 I’m behind - Roman has sent me several great boxes over the past couple months with great local Cologne beers and some great surprises like Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch and De Molen Kopi Loewak beer. He is definitely one of the great German connections on RateBeer.
Jan 2010 hirigalzkar Second trade: If you want the best beers from Germany, trade with this guy! Fast communication, well packaged beers. I even got some nice extra beers.
Jan 2010 ditmier Roman went far and beyond my expectations...one of my first International trades, he ships 2 Cantillon uber-rarities, a Cuvee Renee Kriek, Pannepot Grand Reserva, and 2 other locals to fill out a 6 bottle shipper...awesome box, would would happily do it again...Cheers Mate!
Dec 2009 Todeon 2nd trade with Roman and still equally sick. Sent me 2 not 1 of one of my most wanted lambics! Took like 10 minutes to negotiate the trade!! Thank you for this great early christmas present! Fast shipping, great communication! Roman is the man, don’t hesitate to trade with this guy!
Nov 2009 Todeon Roman sent some SICK and I mean sick belgian lambics and threw in a couple of nice local extras. Great communication, nice guy and very fast shipping! Thanks!!! Ready for the next trade when you are :)
Aug 2009 Soonah Roman sent the agreed upon Pannepot Grand Reserva & Pipedream along with some great bonuses. He included Schommelpeird, Barre Maibock, Hopf Weizenbock, Gassl Weizenbock, Andorfer Weizenbock, Rhoner Hellerbock, Bruch’s No. 1 Pilsener & Bergmann Starkbier. Terrific communication and well packed box. Thanks for some great stuff!
Aug 2009 yngwie As agreed upon Roman sent me Landre Schankbier and Groter Jan Schankbier, both probably 35-40 years old, and tossed in an evenly old Schultheiss Berliner Weisse. Haven’t been drinking them yet, but really looking forward to it. Thx a bunch Roman!
Jul 2009 blutt59 Roman sent me a great box of dunkels, weizens and kolschs for a local trade, great double boxing and communication, highly recommended
Jul 2009 Saarlander Roman hooked me up with 8 bottles of the Vintage Berliner Weisse that I will be sharing with many ratebeerians! Thanks Roman, I will start saving beers for Roman for my next return!
Jul 2009 lithy Roman very generously sent me two very old bottles of Schlutheiss Berliner Weisse, a Landre and GroterJan. By his request they were shared amongst friends and I am happy to say that both bottles were perfect after all their years. I will get you back as soon as I can. Cheers!
May 2009 OldStyleCubFan Hooked up with Roman in Koln for a few kolsch and an inperson trade. Roman set me up with as many aged(20 - 30year old) Berliner Weises I could carry. I ended with 6 but he offered up to 10! Great guy and very knowledgeable about beer. Please ...if you are ever in Koln bring Roman some beer, he will make it worth your while.
Apr 2009 hirigalzkar Nice trading partner! Koelschtrinker sent me some rare Struise stuff and some highly rated german beers well packaged.
Apr 2009 BeerandBlues2 Roman sent the agreed upon Alvinne Struise Pipedream, Wöllnitzer Weißbier, Mort Subite Oude Gueuze, Struise Black Jack, Struise Tsjeeses Reserva along with bonuses of Lindemans Faro, Schneider Georg Schneiders 1608 Weissbier, and Einbecker Winter-Bock.
Jan 2009 radiomgb Roman sent me 1 bottle each of Meusel-Bräu Bock Dunkel, Mort Subite Oude Gueuze, Struise Black Albert, Struise Tsjeeses Reserva, Wöllnitzer Weißbier an extra of Einbecker Winter-Bock and the gem of the deal, a bottle of Cantillon Zwanze. Many thanks Roman.
May 2008 shrubber85 One each (9 total)- Schrekenskammer Koelsch, Hallerndorfer Winter Weizen, Schlossbraue Hefe Weizen, Hellers Weizenbock/Maibock/Wies/Weizen, and Vormanns Hefe and Dunkel Weizen. Another great trade - well packed with quick delivery as promised.
Mar 2008 shrubber85 This was a hand-delivered shipment but still think it should be recognized. Roman got me 5 different Kölschs (Gasthaus-Brauerei Braustelle Köln, Richmodis, Sester, Sünner, and Peters) plus a Hefeweizen and Altbier from Braustelle, and a Sünner Hefeweizen. As an extra bonus, was able to get us both a taste of Brauerei am Turm’s Weizen Doppelbock beer. Great trade.
Mar 2008 shrubber85 Repeat - won’t delete.