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Aug 2012 Rosebud butternuts easy and flawless trade with John. Please read previous 455 trade feedback for further comments.
Dec 2011 DietPepsican John hooked me up with a Lagunitas sucks holiday ale simply because he is awesome. Thanks again!
Oct 2011 drowland John is great! I BMed him out of the blue asking for a brew for a local buddy and he came through painlessly, easily, and with great communication as always. He even sent it in a styro shipper! Great guy!
Sep 2011 douglas88 John is always a pro. He sent a mini vertical of Anchor OSA 2003-2009. Packed perfectly and as usual dealing with John makes you realize how great RB is. Thanks man! This is our 11th trade I believe.
Aug 2011 GraniteSkunk My box from John arrived today. Some fantastic locals from his neck of the woods. Great communication. A great intro for me to the ratebeer community!
Aug 2011 GatorGuy92 I had a great trade with John. I received a very sought after beer with some thoughtful extras for a local growler and some nice Cigar City beers. Thanks John!
Aug 2011 Gription79 We did a locals for locals trade. We agreed on an amount, John sent me a list of beers he has not had from my area and made this trade very easy. Sent me some great beers from his neck of the woods. Thanks John!
Aug 2011 pantanap finely packed growler of berliner weiss sent to my by the man known as cletus. thanks for the quick and easy exchange.
Jul 2011 DalzAle John hooks me up with the elusive Zapata-Bot, and tosses in a bonus Gandhi-Bot to pair with it when this eventually gets opened. Generous guy, wanted nothing more than a local growler! Thanks again John, I’m sure we’ll have another trade set up again down the road!
Jul 2011 pellegjr Another great trade with John, Soft Dookie, Our Side, plenty of other good stuff. John hooks it up again.
Jul 2011 StFun Another awesome trade with John, growler for growler. Trading with him is so easy, it should probably be a crime. Thanks so much my friend!
Jul 2011 richiesd John was a wonderful trader! I received his beers in perfect shape and as described, especially helping me land Isabelle Proximus, a beer that had been eluding me forever... Now I know why everyone loves trading with him!
Jul 2011 tyler_mn No ransoming going on here... no sir! John sent an awesome, long retired, personal favorite of mine for a local growler. There’s a reason why John is the top trader on RateBeer... he kicks major ass!
Jul 2011 StFun John always brings it heavy. Great communication, great packing, great everything. Thanks so much man, much appreciated!!
Jun 2011 pellegjr Awesome trader, huge box of excellent brews including plenty of extras. John’s solid.
Jun 2011 Rosebud butternuts John sent me a box of soft dookie. That’s right, I open the box and find some soft dookie in there!! I mean seriously? I can’t wait to tear into that soft dookie. He also sent along some interesting looking extras like old ringworm. So he not only sent soft dookie, but also some old ringworm. classy dude!!
Jun 2011 rayl101 John is a super generous trader that parted with a B2 Beatification for a local growler. Unfortunately, due to poor packing on my part. The growler leaked out. John was more than understanding with a timing issue in not being able to get a replacement out quickly. I absolutely look forward to another possible trade where I can make it up to him.
May 2011 daknole John nails it again! Great guy...awesome awesome stuff! Thanks my friend! CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 2011 douglas88 John hooked me up as always: Rock Art Double Smoked, Sebago Hell Awaits, BA Lake Trout, Cuvee Delphine, Gandhi-Bot, Mikkeller Our Side, Black Perle, McNeills Ringworm, Harpoon Oyster Stout and another Stillwater. A great box from a great trader.
May 2011 Megatron John answered my ISO for Bell’s 9000 and didn’t try to snake me by asking for something ridiculous for it. Fair trader and awesome extras of stuff I hadn’t even heard of haha. I can’t wait to trade with him again! Extras were Ghandi-Bot, Hooker’s Porter, and 668 Neighbor of the Beast :)
Apr 2011 jlanning215 Recieved my package and i couldnt be happier. Nicely packed and awesome locals. Thanks again.
Apr 2011 Papsoe A smooth and fast swop with John - he’s a pro as usual. I received: Ass Kisser Double IPA, Berkshire Coffeehouse Porter, Blue Point Old Howling Bastard, Freetail La Muerta, McNeills Old Ringworm, Rock Art Double Smoked Porter. Thank you sir.
Mar 2011 riversideAK John sent a great box of beer including New England Gandhi Bot and Wet Willy, RJ Rockers Black IPA, Old Burnside Amazing Grace, and bonused Cuvee Delphine! Thanks John!
Mar 2011 Ughsmash John sent me a bunch of beer.
Feb 2011 Largiari I just did my first trade with John for some vintage Bigfoot, just a couple of bottles. Then this guy throws in a 2005 Ridge Runner, the perfect extra for a Barleywine trade! John’s an excellent trader in my book.
Feb 2011 daknole John does it again. Another great trade. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 2011 sherm1016 John traded me an IST and some other NEBC beers for a box of Milwaukee/Chicago locals he hadn’t rated. Good communication and excellent packaging. A great trade. Thanks!
Jan 2011 StFun John answered my ISO, and set up a really easy trade with me. Threw in the agreed on beer and a couple sweet extras. John helped me see what trading should be about when I first started, and every exchange since has been top notch. Thanks man!
Dec 2010 cbkschubert John sent me some excellent holiday hoppiness! He sent three New England gems (Zapata Bot, Gandhi-Bot, and Sea Hag). Super quick shipping. Can’t wait to get cracking. Thanks man.
Dec 2010 jtclockwork Received an awesome box from Cletus: Zapata Bot, Imperial Stout trooper and other goodness. Merry Christmas John!
Dec 2010 alexsdad06 In our 3rd or 4th trade, John quickly sent the agreed upon Gandhi Bot and Zapata Bot with an extra. Everything was first class. Thanks again for the easy trade.
Dec 2010 MaltOMeal John sent me the agreed upon Gandhi Bot, 1809, Struise Black Mes and threw in an extra of SeaHag IPA. Stored in a styro container and shipped promptly. Thanks!
Dec 2010 tyler_mn Killer box! John sent me a big want of mine - Zapata Bot! Tossed in a can of Gandhi Bot as well as a Struise Blonde and Stillwater Saison Darkly! Thanks man!
Oct 2010 Ratman197 John hooked me up with an RJ Rockers Rockhopper and threw in a Nomad Stout. Another great trade.
Aug 2010 cfrancis Sorry John for not posting this earlier. Just picked up my box and it was fantastic. Got my promised Gandhi-Bot and a whack of local tasties. Thanks a lot and I’d love to do it again!
Aug 2010 durhambeer Yeah, this makes like a dozen trades with John. He knew I liked a certain beer so hooked me up with it and a few more for some locals. Great as always!
Aug 2010 StFun Another great trade with John. Sweet box that included some rare gems and some under the radar stuff. Most impressive was the New England can of 668 - Neighbor of the Beast. Fast and easy. Thanks man!
Jul 2010 mkade8883 Another nice local growler - for - local growler trade with John.
Jul 2010 fidelis83 Not sure if I am supposed to leave feedback for contest winnings, but I’m gonna. John sent me a KBS, 2009 Abyss, and a Berkshire Imperial Stout. All for guessing what beer was in his kegerator. Sweet deal. Shipped fast, and packed up nice and tight in a 3 bottle styro shipper. Thanks again!!!
Jun 2010 simplybeer Super fast and easy trade! Thanks for the brews and the extra. Looking forward to another round in the future.
Jun 2010 BrewDad Got a great box - Capitan Lawrence - Imperial IPA, Hooker - American Pale Ale, Hooker - IPA, Hooker - Blonde Ale, Gandhi-Bot - Imperial IPA, Berkshire - Coffeehouse Porter, Berkshire - IPA Awesome Trade
Jun 2010 jtclockwork World class trader. John hooked me up with so much great beer, I’m beside myself. Thank you!
Jun 2010 mkade8883 Great local-for-local with John. A couple Captain Lawrence beers, a couple New England IPAs in cans, and Long Trail Coffee Stout.
Jun 2010 Overml01 This is my second trade with John, though it looks like I forgot to leave feedback last time, sorry about that! John hooked me up with a Captain Lawrence Xtra Gold and then included Otter Creek’s Russian Imperial as one hell of an extra. As always John was a great pleasure to trade with, and is one of the best on RB!
May 2010 miketd John sent me a growler of Willimantic IPA. Arrived in good shape, thanks John.
May 2010 Ratman197 John sent me a great package of Eastern (USA) IPA/DIPAs all nicely packaged.
May 2010 Maltzilla Awesome 2nd round! Thanks again, John!!
Apr 2010 Papsoe John heard my call for missing state ratings and quickly organized a bomber of Capitol City 2010 Barley Wine from DC. The kind of gentlemanship that makes this trading community such a great one. Thanks heaps John.
Apr 2010 Maltzilla Awesome trader! John sent over a very nice package of beers plus the Gratitude we traded for. Looking forward to another round!
Apr 2010 deyholla John hooked me up with a Lambic de Hill, Westy 12, some Bershire and a RI beer. Thanks alot. Would do it again anytime!
Apr 2010 BDR Two greatly packaged growlers of sour goodness. Thanks!!!
Apr 2010 douglas88 John hooks me up again. Berkshire Imp. Stout, Coffeehouse Porter and Shabadoo, plus a 2007 East End Gratitude! Awesome packing as always. I think this was our 9th trade- wow.
Apr 2010 jb43 2nd locals for locals trade with John. He hooked me up with bombers of Quercus Vitus Humulus and Imperial Stout and Draymans Porter from Berkshire. Also included 7 bottles from Thomas Hooker, a Captain Lawrence IIPA, can of Sea Hag IPA, and a bottle of Stone/JP/Nogne Holiday Ale. Great packaging and communication. Thanks again John!
Mar 2010 wedgie9 Got a box from John today. All of our agreed upon beers plus a Sea Hag IPA. Great trader.
Mar 2010 nimbleprop John and I worked out a fast deal where he sent me a 2005 Southampton Old Herb and I sent him an Ithaca Brute. John bonused me a 2009 Angel’s Share. Who does that? Awesome box, well packed, fast, good communication.
Mar 2010 jake65 John delivers big time with a perfectly packaged box to knock off several of my want list items. Plus a couple that should have been on there. John is a great guy and easy to trade with - one of the pros on RB.
Mar 2010 DA Just finished a great trade with John. He helped me out for an upcoming Belgian beer tasting by sending me two Westy 12s and as a bonus sent along a delicious Captain Lawrence Imperial IPA. Another great Ratebeer member!
Mar 2010 Hophead22 Quick and painless growler swap with John, received a City Steam Careless Love, Thanks again John, always a pleasure.
Mar 2010 Madirish76 John traded me a 2006 Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout straight up for my 2001 Bigfoot!! Easy and great packaging. Definitely look to trade again!
Mar 2010 phaleslu John traded Captain Lawrence IIPA, Thomas Hooker Imperial Porter, and threw in Harpoon #30 Oyster Stout, New England Sea Hag IPA, and River Horse Tripel. Great regionals! He helped cross 2 more states off my map with some great stuff. Thanks again, John!
Mar 2010 Cavie 2nd trade with John. It went off as smoothly as the first. John knocked out a big portion of my Southern Tier wants list: Gemini, Big Red, Oat, Choklat, Un*Earthly, and he threw in a nice Alaskan Baltic Porter as a bonus. Awesome!
Feb 2010 angrypirate06 John did a great job! He was my first trade, and came through with the as promised ST Choklat, as well as some other neat locals, New Glarus Unplugged Smoke on the Porter, and a Dubbel that only has 5 ratings. All things were packaged excellently Thanks again John! Hopefully we can trade again in the future.
Feb 2010 StefanSD Received a well packed bottle of Southern tier chocolat in a one for one trade. Easy and smooth as silk.
Jan 2010 omhper A box full of interesting beers from unusual corners of the US came my way. Thanks John!
Jan 2010 durhambeer Great box from John. 4 Pittsfield Brew Works 22’s and 4 Middle Ages beer. Awesome as always.
Jan 2010 lithy John got me a box with a Captain Lawrence Xtra Gold, Lagunitas Hop Stoopid and Lagunitas A Little Sumpin’ Extra. Thanks for another solid trade!
Dec 2009 garmonbozia John sent me a 750 of New England Stout Trooper, it was nicely packaged. Great trade and will trade again.
Dec 2009 Rciesla Yes, out of no where john answered my call for my most wanted beer Narke Stormaktsporter, this guy is world class, he just said send me something in return, how can i ever match his generosity, seriously! Anything i can do please let me know and a package will soon be on the way! Cheers Ryan
Nov 2009 jdskinns Got my package with the agreed upon Thomas Hooker Old Marley and some Sea Hag IPA. Threw in a 2007 Expedition Stout as an extra. Can’t wait to try everything. Good packaging and communication. All around good trade.
Nov 2009 drfabulous John sent the agreed CL Cuvee de Castleton, a Berkshire Porter, and a SeaHag IPA. Everything well packed. Great trade.
Nov 2009 balzac Great communication + great box + great beer = great trader! hooked me up with beers i cant get in Jersey. I look forward to another trade with John.
Nov 2009 5000 John answered my call for the Shipyard Imperial Pumpkin. Threw in a Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin as well. Feels good to be able to add to my ever growing collection of pumpkin beers. Thanks John!
Nov 2009 lithy Got a Russian River Consecration, New England Sea Hag IPA, Weyerbacher Fourteen, and a Berkshire Imperial Stout. Quick shipping and great packaging. Thanks!
Nov 2009 GMCC2181 Easy trade with john.... Adam, Expy *2, and NG Eisbock. All from my wants list. Thanks John!
Nov 2009 billab914 Delivered an awesome box of his choice in return for a Punpkinator growler. Knocked off a few of my wants and + some new brews for me to try. Awesome trade, glad I answered that post! Thanks again.
Nov 2009 bhensonb Cletus delivered. Got the box with many magical beers. A liter of Pozharnik! A 750 of Weyerbacher Riserva. Cpt. Lawrence Cpt’s Reserve IIA! A bomber of Smuttynose Baltic Porter. Old Wyndam Grim Reaper - that’s hard to find! And a surprise, which I was just wishing yesterday I could get: Sea Hag. Thanks for some good beer -and all new ticks. Hope I get something you want so we can d
Oct 2009 Cavie John pulled some things straight from my wants list as well as knocking out 3 new states for me! Well packaged and quickly shipped. Thanks man
Oct 2009 daknole John strikes again with 2 nice bombers and a hand bottle. Another great trading experience. Cheers!!!!!!!!!
Oct 2009 StFun Another great trade with John. This time around, he sent me a whole mess of Bershire brews *and* a Captain lawrence DIPA. Really just doesnt get and quicker or easier than this. Thanks!
Oct 2009 durhambeer Awesome package from John... 5-6 Berkshire beers and St. Arnold Divine Reserve #8. Well packaged as always. Always happy to trade with Cletus!
Oct 2009 MrPickles I let him pick my posion for two 4 packs of NG Old English Porter. He hooked me up with a Hooker Imperial Porter and Liberator Doppelbock along with HOTD Adam and Fred. Thanks again!
Oct 2009 StefanSD Timely box from John with the agreed upon Liberator Dopplebock and a cool Newport Storm extra. Parcel was well packed with bubble wrap and arrived safely. Thanks.
Oct 2009 beachbum25 John generously sent me the agreed upon Dark Lord & bonused ma a Bells Expedition even though I couldn’t get the Shenandoah growler he initially wanted (due to problems @ the Brewpub). Was gracious enough to take locals for a Dark Lord just so I could get a chance to finally get one? What a trader!
Oct 2009 BMan1113VR In our 5th trade now, John sent a perfectly packed (as always), quickly sent (as always), and treasure filled (as always) box to me. Great communication (as always)! Thanks again!
Oct 2009 jb43 Nice smooth trade. Got hooked up with the 4 Berkshire bombers we agreed in, and he bonused me a HotD Adam and a Capain Lawrence Captains Reserve Imp IPA. Great packaging and communication. Thanks again!
Oct 2009 CheersMate What can I say? What would you expect from the #1 trader on Ratebeer? Awesome trade. Hooked me up with Pumking and Captain Lawrence Reserve, and a Southampton Pumpkin, and a Heavy Seas Great Pumpkin. Great trade!
Oct 2009 Rosebud butternuts always a pleasure trading with john. he agreed to hold some beers for me until i was ready and he did just that. he sent a dragonmead grand cru and new glarus quad. as if that wasnt enough he bonuse me a CL captains reserve. thanks john!!
Oct 2009 wavers1 another trade with ease! just a simple trade of some romulan/locals for locals, he hooked me proper with a berkshire oktober, clipper city prosit, st pumking and a sh imperial porter! thanks a tin man, already drank 3 of them!
Sep 2009 SrSilliGose Great packing and communication! A quick and easy trade. John sent some tight east coast beers and threw in 3 extras - an otter creak RIS, weyerbacher Fireside Ale, and a River horse tripel horse! Thanks John!
Sep 2009 hopdog Thanks for the handbottles!
Sep 2009 CanIHave4Beers Even with the "no bonues" restriction Cletus put on our trade, his generosity must have gotten the better of him, because when I came home from my weekend away I found a package with the promised 97 Hurlimann Samichlaus along with a Harpoon Leviathan Belgian Quad! John rules, but I’m sure I didn’t have to tell anyone here that.
Sep 2009 tyler_mn John sent me a Berkshire Impy and a Newport Storm 12ozer. Quick ’n easy. Thanks John!
Sep 2009 durhambeer Cletus rules once again. Nice trade with great beers $ for $. He offered me Ithaca Ten, LA Brother Levonian, and Deschutes Mirror, Mirror. Threw in a bonus Ola Dubh 16. Great trader as always.
Aug 2009 MrBunn Yeah! It’s all due to John that my fridge is stocked again with East Coast goodness. I’d say the best part about this whole transaction, though, is that communication was top-notch and no nonsense... oh, and the beer looks darn good. (and shipping was fast...)
Aug 2009 dmschefke Kinda lost count on number of trades with John at this point, but as always, great trade. Asked him to send me whatever he wanted in exchance for a growler. Sent me a couple want list items and interesting others. Thomas Hooker doppel, heavy seas dipa, smuttynose baltic, and a sea hag ipa can. Thanks man!
Aug 2009 jzzbassman Yet another great trade with John. Thanks for the Smuttynose IS and Baltic Porter
Jul 2009 douglas88 My one millionth trade with John, and another awesome haul: 4X Expedition, 1 liter of Donkey Punch, Ola Dubh 12, Chocolate Yeti, NG Iced BW, and a Smuttynose Baltic Porter! Thanks again man.
Jul 2009 ditmier John hooks me up with a Brother Levonian, Vintage Expedition and another WL bottle...Thanks Man!
Jul 2009 BMan1113VR Heck of a trade as always! Hows this for a box, a combo of two trades 30.5 lbs 20x20x24! Triple boxed inside! Weyerbacher Zotten, Sea Hag IPA, River Horse Double Wit, Harpoon Leviathan Quad, Johnny Mash, Fumisterie, Adams Apple, Berkshire Lost Sailor&Impy Stout, Putney Mountain Mac&Cuvee, Clyde’s Blackout
Jul 2009 Savvy1982 Patience and generosity of a saint. After a long, tiresome trade (all the fault on my end), sent me a Dark Lord a pair of Southern tier IIPAs, and others, and bonused me an Expedition Stout. Fantastic trader, better human being.
Jul 2009 hopdog Thanks for the box of beers...yet again!
Jul 2009 wavers1 great trade with john, im sure its only the first! he sent me a great selection of westy8, westy blonde, grim reaper, a couple fftw’s, an immort-ale and some great bonus brews like leviathan quad and jeffersons reserve. hes the #1 trader here for a reason!
Jul 2009 TheAlum John posted a FT for some Captain Lawrence, and I answered. What I got was the agreed upon Little Lindas, which was all I was expecting. John goes further by getting me highly wanted Conn and NJ rates, a CL Xtra Gold (Want), and several other extras including a Weyerbacher Zotten. Arrived safe and sound, fast trade. I’m really greatful, and am happy I finally got to trade "Cletus"
Jul 2009 TheBeerSommelier Quick and easy, as always. John sent me a fresh Berkshire IS and backed it up with a vintage Bells Expedition. Cool.Thanks again, bro.
Jul 2009 djrn A great with Cletus. Got my Package on time and packed beautifully. He sent Linda’s Little Liquid with extras ( Expedition Stout, Stone Collab Holiday, Harpoon Quad ). A great trade.
Jul 2009 kramer In a quick trade Cletus hooks me up with two wantlist Smuttynose bombers and rounds out the package with two nice locals as well. Packed super sturdy and quickly, John once again shows why he’s one of the best.
Jul 2009 jzzbassman Cletus is the man! Did a last minute trade of a ghetto growler milk jug of a Bama IIPA and he sent me 2 bombers.....Pennichuck Chief’s IIPA and Berkshire Lost Sailor IPA. Great trader
Jul 2009 dmschefke John is the man! He sent me a Dark Lord 09 asking only a local growler in return. Very generous and great to deal with. Thanks again John!
Jul 2009 msante79 A great trade with John. He agreed to sent New England Storm Trooper and Pennichuck Chief’s IPA and then bonused me a bomber of Berkshire Brewing Co Lost Sailer IPA. Thanks again for the awesome brews. Will trade again any time.
Jun 2009 omhper John got me no less than three new US states (Kansas, West Virginia and Nevada) plus River Horse Tripel Horse and New England Imperial Stout Trooper. Speedy delivery and in perfect conditions. Thanks a lot!
Jun 2009 rusty John is one of the best traders out there. He was kind enough to offer up a imperial stout trooper for locals he hadn’t rated. If that wasn’t enough he also sent a Berkshire Imperial Stout, Rustwagen Hefeweisen, and a Bells Expedition. Everything arrived perfectly in a bomb proof double boxed package. If you get a chance, trade with John. He’s awesome!
Jun 2009 FlacoAlto An awesome example of this great community. I got sent a bottle of 110K+OT for being able to randomly answer a question correctly on the Trade Forum. I am once again humbled by this generous paragon of the community here.
Jun 2009 hellomynameis Hooked me up with a Stout Trooper and a 2007 Expedition stout as a bonus. Thanks dude!
Jun 2009 LtDan Excellent shipment. Sent as promised, Stout Trooper and Southampton Grand Cru. Prompt and well packed.
Jun 2009 dmschefke Another great trade with John and he sent the agreed Stout Trooper and Ithaca Ten and then bonused me a nice Berkshire IPA. Thanks John!
Jun 2009 stopbarking Sent the agreed upon TEN and stout trooper as well as a wonderful bonus. Thanks for the wonderful trade.
Jun 2009 mwelsh13 John sent the agreed upon Imperial Stout Trooper and Berkshire Imp Stout. Bonus of Bell’s Expedition. Great trade! Nicely packed and arrived in one day. Anytime John.
Jun 2009 alexsdad06 In our third trade, John sent the agreed upon Brother Levonian and a couple from Berkshire Brewing beers and extras of OB Gordon, Bells Expedition batch 7817, and Uinta 15th Anny BW. Everything went smoothly as usual. Thanks John for another great trade.
Jun 2009 Soonah John sent the Imperial Stout Trooper that will serve as my 1000th rating. Also included an Ithaca 10, replaced a T. Hooker’s Dopplebock from our last trade that was infected. Threw in a Hooker’s Imperial Porter & Old Marley’s Ale. Then a NG Unplugged Smoke on the Porter and a cool looking River Horse Tripel. Well packed, quickly shipped and all with great communication. One of the best!
Jun 2009 blutt59 John sent me a Stout Trooper that arrived in great shape and well packed. I’m keeping this box. Two nice bonuses also. Thanks fior the trade!
Jun 2009 CheesedMan John hooked me up with some local ciders and a great bonus. Top notch trader!!!
Jun 2009 danielcurtis81 John delivered a Sam Adams Triple Bock and a Pennichuck Pozharnik Espresso Russian Imperial Stout. Great communication and packing. Thanks John!
Jun 2009 BMan1113VR In our second trade, John sent me the agreed upon SFTO Wine barrel batch 2 and bonused a awesome 78XX Batch Bells Expedition. Quick and easy as always, John sent a huge and well protected double box for just these 2 bottles. Will trade with him any time...
Jun 2009 gkost Great communication, trade was set up in one exchange and beer surprised me on my doorstep today with a great bonus to boot! Awesome trader. Anytime.
Jun 2009 ygtbsm94 John sent a couple tasty brews in record time. 1-Imperial Stout Trooper and a bonus Bells Expedition 06 vintage; one of my favorite stouts! Package arrived in less than one day! Thanks John for these superb brews and I hope to do again soon. “Beer is Good Food”
Jun 2009 daknole John graciously sent my daughter an envelop full of bottle caps for her collection. Again, John is the shit. Cheers!!
Jun 2009 dmschefke Great trade with John. Sent me a Southampton Grand Cru, Fred, and fftw. Really came through with the difference and bonuses of CL Dubbel, BP Sculpin, and vintage Bells Expy. Thanks John!
Jun 2009 DuffManSW John hooked me up with the agreed upon Westy 12, Westy 8, and a super sweet Dark Horizion... He also bonused me with a 2005 Avery The Beast Grand Cru and a New Glarus Unplugged Eisbock. Super awesome trader!!
Jun 2009 daknole John sends me one of the more fun boxes I have ever gotten!! 4 beer glasses, coasters, a beer tap handle and tons of cool beer schwag! Thanks my friend. That was the first box I have ever gotten with no beer and it was awesome! Cheers!!
May 2009 BgThang Trade completed with cletus. He sent the agreed upon beer plus a bonus: stone coolab holiday ale. Fantastic! been wanting to try this. Another happy trader!
May 2009 Hophead22 Super quick and easy trade with John. He sent me the agreed upon Allagash 10th Anniversary and threw in 2 ’07 Expedition Stouts and a River Horse Belgian Freeze, packed like the pro that he is, thanks John, anytime you need anything from my neck of the woods, don’t hesitate to ask.
May 2009 Boutip John sent me another great selection of beers. Well packed with great communication.
May 2009 DalzAle Happy to come home on a Tuesday night with a wonderful box o’ beers waiting for me. Uinta Fifteenth Anniversary BarleyWine, New England Wet Willy, HOTD FFTW and Captain Lawrence Little Linda’s Liquid. All well packed with bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Another excellent trade with you, and surely not the last. Thanks again man!!!
May 2009 MrChopin Third time trading with John. I responded to his trade forum request and we wrapped things up in about five minutes. The beers arrived within the following week: CL Little Linda’s Liquid and a bonus of River Horse’s Belgian Freeze. Another easy trade with great communication. Thanks again John!
May 2009 hopscotch John shipped one bottle each of the Bishops Orchards Adams Apple Ice Cider, New Glarus Smoke on the Porter and New England Wet Willy Scotch Ale. Quick, fantastic trader! Thanks, John!
Apr 2009 WeeHeavySD Easy trade with John for his whopping 320th. He new england Wet Willy and River horse Winter as a bonus, great shipping and easy like always thx John!
Apr 2009 Schroppfy Great little trade with John - Perseg 4 for HW Doug’s Colonial. Easy as pie.
Apr 2009 sloth John sends the agreed upon RR Consecration. Another easy trade with one of RBs finest. Thanks bro!
Apr 2009 StFun Not only did John send the agreed on BA Old Salty (for his usual ridiculous asking price...locals), but he then bonused me a beer I’ve been looking for ever since I started trading AND an additional Baltic Porter (my current fav style). Everything was packed exceptional as always. Thanks again man!
Apr 2009 barncatmatt John hooked me up huge with a brew Ive been after ever since I started tradeing. Im not posting specifics just in case someone from the KW crew reads this but I will edit after our tasting on the 17th. Thanks again John!
Apr 2009 Lothore John delivered an excellent package which included the agreed upon 4 vintage bigfoots and a couple extras: an old ruffian and an expedition stout. All shipped the day after the trade was finalized. Amazing.
Apr 2009 douglas88 As usual, fast and easy trading with John. He sent a Westy Blonde (WL) 2005 Fullers Vintage (WL) and a NH Dragon’s Milk. Awesome haul. Thanks again for trade number...6 maybe 7!
Mar 2009 durhambeer John sent Westy 8 as requested and hooked me up with Thomas Hooker Blonde and a sweet Oak-Aged Un*Earthly as well. Always great to trade with!
Mar 2009 scrizzz Great shipper box included: Hopslam, Hub City Oatmeal Stout, Weyerbacher Prophecy, Victory Batic Thunder, S’muttonator, Highland Black Mocha Stout, Fort Collins Double Chocolate Stout and Carlson Gammal Ol. Great trader!
Mar 2009 DalzAle Cletus hooked me up with a well packed and extremely fast shipment of Otter Creek Imperial Stout. Thanks again man!
Mar 2009 WeeHeavySD Great trade with John, first since the name change, 3rd maybe overall. He sent Heavweight Doug’s Colonial Ale. Yo ho 2002 Barleywine!! and a bonus river horse dry hopped pale ale. Packed styro, easy communication and a great trade!
Mar 2009 BelgianBeerGal First trade with John but hopefully not the last. We worked out a local for local trade that got me 12 bottles. Every one an awesome east coast beer that I would have no other way to try. Also put extra care to make sure every bottle was a style I enjoy. Awesome. Thanks!
Mar 2009 Soonah John hooked me up with a Westy 8 and Thomas Hooker Liberator Dopplebock, HOTD Adam and two nice regional bonuses, Newport Storm Frank and Harpoon Leviathan Baltic Porter. Flawless communication and a well packed box. Thanks for an easy trade!
Mar 2009 riversideAK In another great trade, I got a fantastic box of beer from John. Included were: 1 handbottle of Willimantic Pushing the Envelope, New England Imperial Stout Trooper and 2004 Three Judges BW, and Old Whyndam Grym Reaper Barleywine! Thanks for the great beer man!
Mar 2009 hopdog Thanks for the fan, I mean Willimantic Pushing the Envelope Extreme!
Mar 2009 SoLan John sent me a TON of great brew to help out a FL Throwdown. Even added some vintage Expedition and a bomber of Alaskan Baltic Porter for good measure. Thanks!
Mar 2009 tjthresh John sends Pushing the Envelope Extreme. BoooYahhhh!
Mar 2009 sloth John hooks me up with Willimantic PTE Extreme! Never thought i,d see this brew! John also tried some creative packaging that seemed to work well. I,m a real FAN of it ;) Great trade, great trader!! Cletus you slackjawed yokel, you duh man! Thanks again John.
Mar 2009 j12601 Cletus sent me a nice hand bottle of Pushing the Envelope Extreme, and bonused a Newport Storm cyclone seriesAnd... a Fred from the Wood. Craziness. My eyes went all wonky for a moment when I saw that. Far too generous, and he must have thought ninjas were going to go after the box, because that thing was tough to get into. Taped and bubblewrapped to near impregnability. Excellent trade.
Mar 2009 daknole Well John has proven himself again and again to be one of the best traders on the site. This time he sends me a beer from Rhode Island in exchange for...NOTHING. THanks John. You are the man.
Mar 2009 Beerlando Wow, trade #300. John sent me down a bottle of People’s Pint Imperial Stout and an extra of Willimantic Winterfest. Quick and easy with good packaging and communication. Thanks John. Cheers to 300 more.
Mar 2009 Ibrew2or3 John answered my trade request and quickly sent me the Olde Wyndham Grim Reaper Barley Wine + awesome bonuses of ’02 Old Crusty (YES!!), vintage Bells Expo (!!!) and Cooperstown Pride of Milford! Fantastic trade and can’t wait to enjoy each one of these. Thanks again! 3 Thumbs Up!
Mar 2009 MrChopin Another easy trade with John.. He sent the agreed CL SFTO Bourbon and Smuttynose Baltic Porter and Gravitatio, then hrew in Lagunitas Barley Wine, GD Old Ruffian bomber, and Fort Collins Z Lager as extras. Used some bottle molds and packed tight. Thanks again John!
Feb 2009 hopdog Thanks! I’m really excited about this box of beers including; Peoples Pint Imperial Stout, John Harvards Big 4-0 Barleywine (Growler), and a Sherwood!
Feb 2009 douglas88 John sent a the agreed upon Carlson Yule and Gammal, a Adam’s Apple Cider and a Thomas Hooker Liberator, bonuses of two nice Erie brewing beers. As usual easy communication and great packing in a box the size of a refrigerator! Thanks again man. You are a champion.
Jan 2009 CanIHave4Beers Mikkeller Black Hole New Glarus Tail Wagger and a bonus Keegan Ales Mothers Milk Stout Pretty freaking awesome!
Jan 2009 theisti In a quick and extremely easy negotiation, John sent me the full lineup of Carlson brews: Carlson Bärnsten Öl, Yule Ale, Vete Ol and Gammal Öl. If that wasn’t enough, he threw in bonuses of Hair of the Dog Fred from the Wood and a Weyerbacher Quad. Mid made through this trade, Carlson announced they were folding, thus the witty title.
Jan 2009 BrianK In a quick and easy 1 for 1 swap. John sent me Bottleworks 6. I sent him Devils Milk. Easy enough. Thanks for the trade John.
Jan 2009 hopdog My ’second’ trade with Cletus, this time I got; Davidson Brothers Belgian Tripel (Growler) & Coopers Cave Ale Froth.
Jan 2009 emacgee John delivered the agreed upon Sam Adams Triple Bock (yes!) and Charlevoix Vobiscum Hibernus. All packaged nicely in a cardboard shipper along with a few Fort Collins extras. Thanks again John!
Dec 2008 hopdog Well at least with the alter-ego Cletus...thanks for the box of beers!
Dec 2008 5000 Quick trade with Cletus, this time receiving a Wolavers Will Stephens Pumpkin with a couple of freebies thrown in. Cottonwood Pumpkin and Weeping Radish Pumpkin Bock. Now that last one was a surprise! Thanks John, as always. Your box will be out soon!
Dec 2008 DalzAle Trade for a Westy 12 and another TBD beer to be sent in advance to my in-laws for a Christmas celebration. I get an email from my father in law that says 5 BEERS HAVE ARRIVED!!! Not sure what else is waiting for me, I just know Im really excitied to get to Iowa for xmas. Thanks for the extras, I definitely owe you one, or five...
Dec 2008 User37895 THE Captain Lawrence Connection, John Delivers! A great open trading pal to have, and only one shipping zone away for me! Relaxed, laid back, super generous, experienced packaging, etc.... You cant go wrong with a swap with John!
Dec 2008 barncatmatt John sent me back my fav 6 bottle styro shipper filled with bombers. Smuttynose Baltic Porter, Gritty McDuffs Best Bitter, Gritty McDuffs Halloween Ale, Carlson Craft Brewery Vëte Öl, Carlson Craft brewery Yule Ale, and Carlson Craft Gammal Öl. whether you know him as jjpm74 or cletus you know he is a great trader. thanks again john.
Dec 2008 tyler_mn John sent me a Westy 12 as promised and sweeeeet bonuses of the Bruery Autumn Maple and a Westy 8. Thanks man!
Dec 2008 aplusbreaks In this easy trade John hooked my up with a bunch of beers, Westy 12 & 8, Black Albert, 07 Abyss, just name a few. Not to mention a couple extras. Easy, easy trade, hope to do it again. Thanks again John.
Nov 2008 Jabic John answered my call for some discontinued Perkuno’s. He also traded me a TH Doppelbock and added a very nice bonus of a 3F X Anniversary. Very easy trade to set up and the packaging was great - double boxed and padded very well. I would trade again with John without a doubt.
Nov 2008 slimchill wonderful package from john with agreed upon otter creek and smuttynose baltic porters plus extras-- 04 druid fluid, wolaver pumpkin, weyerbacher quad, possibly another i can’t remember.
Nov 2008 miketd I sent John a growler of Jolly Pumpkin Pumpkin Ale and got a great box of beer while the site was down. Can’t remember everything that was in there, but It was all new stuff and really good! Great packing as always. Thanks John.
Nov 2008 barncatmatt john posted that he had a black albert to trade. i sent him my offer and 4 days later its sitting on my doorstep. as we all know he is an awesome trader and this was no exception.
Nov 2008 riversideAK Another great trade with John, he sends a Bristol Warlock XXX, Wolaver Pumpkin Ale, Fisherman’s Pumpkin Stout, and Legacy Hoptimus prime. Great packaging. Obviously a highly recommended trader!
Nov 2008 Papsoe We turned a request from John for bottle caps into a "Mystery Swap". And John did a fine job of getting me some unusual beers. For instance three bombers from the brand new Carlson Craft Brewery + a handful of other small specialities. Communication was fine and to the point at all times. Thanks a lot John!
Nov 2008 daknole John sends yet another amazing package. Black Albert, Leine Big Eddy RIS, Port Santas Little Helper 07, bomber of Flying dog imperial porter, Abyss 07. This guy has the goods! Thanks John!!
Oct 2008 mgermani John sent a plethora of pumpkin beers, including Southern Tier Pumking, Saranac Pumpkin, Post Road Pumpkin Ale, Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin, Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin, Jacks Pumpkin Spice Ale, Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale, Southampton Pumpkin Ale, Sea Dog Pumpkin, Lakefront Pumpkin Lager, Dogfish Head Punkin, Wolavers Will Stevens Pumpkin Ale, Cape Anne Pumpkin Stout, and extras to boot! A++!
Oct 2008 rusty I asked John to send me beer I haven’t tried yet and he surprised me with a very safe cardboard pulp shipper containing Captain Lawrence Xtra Gold, Carlson Bärnsten Öl ,Carlson Vëte Öl, Carlson Gammal Öl, Weyerbacher Old Heathen and Cottrell Old Yankee Ale. Great selection, fast shipping, thanks John!
Oct 2008 alexsdad06 John was looking for local growlers and things he hadn’t rated. I responded and for my part, he sent a Smuttynose 06 Barleywine and 08 Imperial Stout, 05 Fish Tale Old Woddy, 04 Middle Ages Druid Fluid, Stone 9th Anniversary, and Bells Bourbon Barrel Cherry Stout. As usual, everything was packaged to withstand a football game. Communication was good and John was generous with the extras.
Oct 2008 MrChopin Started as John’s trade forum call for locals, and he set me up with some huge beers for cold months ahead: Abyss, Hog Heaven, Smuttynose IS, Weyerbacher quad, Antares barley wine, Alhambra Negra, and a Carlson Gamma Ol (rare!...John is its only rating thus far). Shipment was fast. Packaging was as good as any I’ve seen. His trade-legend status is definitely deserved. Thanks John!
Oct 2008 kyzr In a very well packed box, John hooked me up with some great stuff from the east with a nice bonus to boot. Thanks for the trade, it took us awhile, but we got it done!
Oct 2008 durhambeer John sent the most -- dare I say it? -- lovingly packed box of goodies I have ever seen. This thing was a labyrinth with layer upon layer and box upon box... I could have dropped it from a 10-story building and all the beers would still be sleeping peacefully inside. I’m not even sure how many beers it was... nearly a dozen, with a few extras, I think. Lots of barley w
Oct 2008 mreusch Stellar box from John, including Smutty RIS and BW, TH Liberator Dopplebock, Harpoon Triticus, Weyerbacher 12, Mikkeller To/From, and many more. Great stuff, great trade, and absolutely legendary trader, thanks again John!
Oct 2008 douglas88 Excellent communication and great packing. John sent the agreed 2005 Ale Smith Decadence and a bonus of a Coney Island Freaktoberfest. Great trade. Thanks again for our fourth trade! Many more to come I hope.
Oct 2008 JB175 John hooked me up big time in another trade with 5 awesome ciders and a great bonus 750ml bottle of Goose Island Xmas ale! The ciders included a Putney Mtn, Zeke’s Russet, a Bishops Orchards Adams Apple, a Clydes Blackout, a Hopkins Off-Dry Cider, and a Clydes Old Fashioned Cider! Awesome box that was well packed. The guy who hooked me up with my first trade comes through again&
Oct 2008 DietPepsican mmmmmm, isabelle! Just like we agreed on. On top of that he bonuses me 5 other great beers I have no rated. I can’t wait to try them. Thanks again John!
Oct 2008 lithy John sent me a bottle of Leinenkugel’s Big Eddy Russian Imperial Stout in a simple trade for some locals. Well packaged and shipped quickly. Thanks!
Oct 2008 miketd John sent Harpoon Tricticus, Stone 9th, Pelican Bride Ale 2005, Berkshire Brewing Draymans Porter and Imperial Stout!Think I’m forgetting one. Packed perfectly, great communicaton and shipped quick. Thanks John!
Oct 2008 bdigital John and I had agreed to a trade a couple months ago for an Upland lambic. He sent me the agree upon BA Blackout Stout and bonused me bottles of Harpoon Leviathan and Newport Storm Oktoberfest. John is the man and a great guy to trade with. Anytime man.
Oct 2008 mashmaster In a very quick and easy trade Jim sent me a bottle of Abyss and threw in a bonus of ST Big Red. What a great guy with fantastic communication. You are the bomb! Jim.
Oct 2008 balzac I am a newbie and Jim was very patient with me! Quick turnaround and great packaging. Hope I have another opportunity to trade with him! Cheers
Oct 2008 Rosebud butternuts what can i say that hasnt been said already? john is a class act. sent a well packaged box of smuttynose baltic porter, smoked alaskan amber, and a brooklyn black chocolate stout. bonused belles expedition stout, and a smuttynose imperial porter. great trade, look forward to next trade so i can hook him up a with some better bonuses!!
Oct 2008 Boutip Another awesome trade with John! Ommegang Biere de Mars, De Proef Les Deux Brasseurs, Four+ Wheat beer (Utah rating!) and a regional cider. Thanks John!
Sep 2008 dchmela John hooked me up with a growler of John Harvards Brewpub Silver Fox. Quick trade packed great, thanks again!!
Sep 2008 sloth John hooks me up once again! Charlevoix Lupulus Dominus Vobiscum and an 08 Dark Lord. Quick delivery, blah, blah, blah. You know the story. John is one of thee best around here, nuff said. Thanks bro! Hopefully i,ll get my shit together real soon. Thanks again!
Sep 2008 kp In a quick small trade, jjpm75 sends me a new IPA to rate, Sea Hag IPA, and throws in a Woodstock Inn Pemi Pale Ale and Opa Opa Light. All well packed and safely delivered. Thanks!
Sep 2008 tyler_mn Quick and easy... John sent me an 08 Darklord. Bombproof box for sure. Thanks man!
Sep 2008 Beerman6686 John hooked me up once again in our second trade with 1 Westy 12 and 1 Westy 8, and threw in a Killer Penguin bomber as an extra. Thanks John!
Sep 2008 5000 Did a quick trade with John, sending out a couple of Cascade Lambics. In return John sent out a Captain Lawrence Cuvee de Castleton, Smuttynose Really Old Brown Dog, and Jolly Pumpkin Weizen Bam. Great trade, packing, and communication. Never a bad day when I get a box of goodies from John. Thanks again! Looking forward to the next one. :-)
Sep 2008 mashmaster John hooked me up with a great lakes Barrel Aged Black out and threw in a Peche Mortel as an extra! A quick easy trader with a wonderful guy! Thanks John you rock!
Sep 2008 Glouglouburp I guess the man is just bad with maths, that’s 14 bottles in a 12 bottles styro-shipper!!! Too many to list but highlights include Russian River Deviation, Westy 12, Ommegang Biere de Mars, Southampton 10th Anniversary, 2 x Smuttynose Baltic Porter and many many more. One of ratebeer’s most beloved trader has done it again. Thanks John.
Sep 2008 beachbum25 Sent me 2 bombers of Carlson, a Fullers ’05 & 3 bonuses in another great trade. If this guy is planning on retiring, it will be a great loss to the beer trading population, you better hook up w/him soon!!
Sep 2008 daknole Man are you shitting me? John reads a thread where I mention that I have been looking for a Sexual Chocolate forever with no luck and he contacts me and all he wants in return are unrated beers...afer I shit my pants, I sent him the beers and today I got my coveted Sex Choc and for good measure he throws in a Peche Mortel...HOLY SHIT. Simply too generous. WOW. WOW. WOW.
Aug 2008 douglas88 My third trade with John, needless to say he hooked me up; one cervaza aguilla, nik gold, Hitchino White, Vete Ol, a Ukrainian beer, tona, opa-opa IPA, and a HOTD Fred FTW! Wow. As ususal the master has bested the student. Thanks a ton.
Aug 2008 BeerandBlues2 John sent the agreed upon Pennichuck Pompier (1L) and Pennichuck Saint Florian Doppelbock (1L) along with bonuses of 13th Century Grut Bier (500 mL) and The Bruery Black Orchard (750 mL). Neatly packed and quick shipment. It was nice doing business with you again John.
Aug 2008 juiceisloose John sent me a beermail and asked me if I wanted to trade for a Darklord so I jumped at the chance. I was able to send him a bunch of local stuff and he hooked me up with an ’08 Darklord and a Westy 12. They were both packed in a 2 bottle styro shipper and arrived in perfect shape. Good communication and a smooth trade. Definitely trade with John if you get the chance. Thanks and hopefully we
Aug 2008 beachbum25 John sent me a Westy 8 & 12, 2 Bells Expedition’s & 2 bonuses in this great trade. Excellent packaging & communication. No wonder this guy has done like 250 trades!!
Aug 2008 Blisscent A well packaged box by one of the most active traders on Ratebeer. John is a pleasure to deal when it comes to both communication and knowledge. 1 - Rodenbach Alexander, 1 - Dark Horse 3 Guy Off the Scale Old Ale, 1 - New Glarus Tail Wagger, and 1 - Hair of the Dog Adam. Awesome bonuses to an already great trade. Highly Recommended!
Aug 2008 MrManning In a 12 styro shipper, John sent the agreed upon rolling rock, and to make up a mere few dollars of beer, he sent the following which blew my socks off!!! Bells Expedition, Hair of the dog Fred, Hooker Irish, Hooker IPA, Hooker Blonde, Otter Creek Stovepipe Porter! Thanks John!! A+++ trader, trade with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 2008 DarkElf Many of my relatives lived in Branford on the other side of New Haven from my childhood home in Orange, so receiving two beers from a new brewer in Branford is awesome. Sent in a 12-bottle styro-shipper: Carlson Bärnsten Öl & Vëte Öl, Heavyweight Jåkeldrickå (wow!), Ithaca Ten, Newport Storm Frank, Otter Creek Sea Otter, Smuttynose Baltic Porter. Another great trade with John, as all have been.
Aug 2008 BMan1113VR John was kind enough to send me a bottle of Westy 12 (my first Westvletern! and my milestone 700) in exchange for my local, Bruery Batch 1 Levuds. John also kindly included a rare local (Carlson Craft Brewery Bärnsten Öl), which I am looking forward to. Carefully wrapped box, GREAT BEER, quick shipping and sharp communication (what more could you ask for?!). Would trade again any time. John, let m
Jul 2008 GMCC2181 Quick and easy trade with john... I was looking for DFH Zwaanen’dal, he asked for some brew from stewarts. Thanks john for hooking me up! Great Trader!
Jul 2008 Funknmilla A wonderful well packaged trade....in exchange for some local brews I was sent 2 bombers of Carlson ...A Vete Ol & Barnsten Ol...as well as a Cottrell Old Yankee Ale.....great communication also.....I can’t wait to taste!...thanks again...:)
Jul 2008 mgumby10 John hooked it up with the agreed upon Smuttynose IS, Hurlimann Caesarus, ST Choklat x 2, Pennichuck Saint Florian, and Thomas Hooker Imp Porter. Then bonuses me a Cottrell Old Yankee Ale, and a Carlson Vete Ol Wheat beer!! All packed nice and sound in a styro shipper. Great communication and fast shipping. Would trade again anytime. Thanks!!!
Jul 2008 Beerman6686 Jon really delivered with a nicely packed box containing the agreed upon NG Raspberry Tart, NG Belgian Red, Thomas Hooker Barleywine, and Smuttynose Smuttenator, and extras of Smuttynose Baltic Porter and Newport Storm Frank. Thanks and I can’t wait for the next trade.
Jul 2008 CaptainCougar John sent me a well packaged box with a 1L Pennichuck Pozharnik Espresso Russian Imperial Stout and a 375ml Bishops Orchards Adams Apple. Promptly shipped and with good communication. Thanks again!
Jul 2008 hopdog Thanks for sending me the beer I’ve been wanting for a while!!!
Jun 2008 Ty5592 John sent me a Johnnie Walker Blue golf gift set. How do you like that!? Box came quick and was packed very well. Hey, who knew you could trade for hard liquor on ratebeer!?! You can, but you have to know who to talk to. Thanks, John.
Jun 2008 kp jjpm74 shipped a growler of JH Manchester Suprema wrapped in plastic and nestled in a box of peanuts. Thanks!
Jun 2008 cloudskipper Great and easy trade with John. Received SFTO Bourbon well-packaged. Great communication. Thanks very much!
Jun 2008 durhambeer Great stuff from jjpm74. 1-Southampton Bier de Garde; 1-Southampton Old Ale; 1 Cottrell Yankee Ale; 1-Southern Tier Choklat; 1 Cpt Lawrence Smoke from the Oak Bourbon Barrel; 1- Stout whose name I have already forgotten... Great delivery, and he even held onto the beer for a month for me while I was on vacation!
May 2008 goryshkewych jjpm74 delivered a Southampton 10th and Smutty Really Old Brown Dog, plus a nice bonus Choklat. Thanks again.
May 2008 DietPepsican This is my second trade with john. He packed well and shipped fast. Inside my box was a single westy 12. Thanks again john.
May 2008 barncatmatt I sent John a 6 bottle styro shipper and left him to decide what to send back. He went way beyond expectations with: 2005 Ommegang Three Philosopers, Shenandoah Oak Aged Millenium, Bells Thied Coast Ale, Hulimann Ceasarus, Westy 8, and a Cottrell Old Yankee Ale. Amazing stuff from an awesome trader. Thanks for the hook up man!
May 2008 oh6gdx Stone 8th & 9th anniversary, VE 060606, 070707, Deschutes The Abyss and Avery Twelve. WOW! What more can I say, once again nice stuff from John. Excellent trader!
May 2008 BlackDonald Thanks for the great package, set in a 6 pack styo shipper! Thomas Hooker Old Marley, Liberator and Imperial Porter, and a Sam Adams Triple Bock, with a Cotrell Old Yankee and a Prima Pils as extras! Great trade, thanks man!
May 2008 JMFG John shipped me the agreed upon Westy 8, Westy Blonde and Smuttynose Maibock, plus a bonus Ten Fidy kicker. Quick, easy trade, well packed, good comm.
May 2008 douglas88 John is one hell of a trader. He offered up a 08 Dark Lord and trusted me to send some good stuff in return. He also included a Smuttynose Big ’A’ IPA. Wow. My second trade with John and it will not be my last. Thanks so much man. A true beer patriot.
May 2008 BOLTZ7555 John sent quite the HUGE box packed with care & incredible beer!!! Smuttynose Imperial Stout, S’muttonator, Big A IPA, and Maibock...as well as an Allagash Black and Southampton Grand Cru!!! I’ll be drinkin’ well for a while!!! Great communication and a great guy!!! THANKS!!!
May 2008 tronraner In return for a few bottles of homebrew, John sent me a 750 of Putney Mountain Scott Farm Spy, a bottle of homebrewed Headless Horseman Cider, and a bonus bottle of Opa-Opa IPA. Thanks!
May 2008 illinismitty Captain Lawrence and Hooker Dopplebock. Bonused a Dieu De Cel Pale Ale and an Opa Opa IPA!!! Packed in a nice styro. Thanks John, I always appreciate new rates, especially in the IPA department (I have to maintain my membership in the Palestrong)
May 2008 GreatLibations 1- Alligash Black, 1- Traquair Jacobite, with 1- Cottrell Old Yankee Ale thrown in unexpectidly.Thanks amigo!
May 2008 mar I forget what we had agreed on but I was quite surprised when I opened the box. Opa Opa IPA, Weyerbacher Double Simcoe, Old Ringworm, Old Yankee just to name a few. Great communication and a great box. I’d definitely trade again with this fellow.
Apr 2008 Zinister Great trade with John. Sent me a Trout River Red Ale, Cottreel Old Yankee Ale, NE Brew Co. Amber, Upland Amber and a McNeill’s Ringworm. Packed well and great communicator. Would trade with again in a second. Much thanks!
Apr 2008 HogTownHarry Best kind of trade - 12 surprises for 12. Easy, quick, safe and snug in a shipper - I got: Barrington Black Bear Stout, Bells 8000 + Hopslam + Two Hearted, Hurlimann Caesarus, Big Eddy IS, McNeills Old Ringworm, Three Judges Barleywine, Olde Wyndham Grim Reaper, Rock Art Ridge Runner - 4 old faves and 8 scarce new ratings - awesome trade!
Apr 2008 SuzyGreenberg John posted a very generous offer in the trade forum and sent me a Westvleteren Abt 12; he also tossed in a NE Atlantic Amber; triple boxed and a very quick, easy and smooth trade. Thanks so much John!!
Apr 2008 StefanSD Great trade, a well packed box (plenty of peanuts and bubble-wrap) Received a westy 12, Southern Tier stout and ST IPA. Thanks a million, I look forward to trading again sometime.
Apr 2008 tjthresh John sends Alesmith Decadence 2005, McNeil’s Old Ringworm, Berkshire Mountain Old Pluto, Smuttynose Baltic Porter, Otter Creek Sea Otter, Strzelec Porter, and Souther Tier Back Burner. If you are keeping score that’s 3 Old Ales, 3 Baltic Porters, and a Barleywine chaser! Packed in a shipper. Easy to work with. Thanks John!
Apr 2008 dchmela John was great in getting me a Westy 12 and included a Thomas Hooker IPA as a bonus. Great styro shipper, awesome communication and fast shipping time. Great person to trade with.
Apr 2008 bdigital John is the f’in man! Who offers up a Westy 12 for a selection of Indiana local stuff? John does, that’s who. Anyways, the packaging was tight, good communication and unbelievable generosity...the package included the Westy 12, and bonuses of Cottrell Old Yankee Ale and Thomas Hookers Blonde Ale. Great trader and I couldn’t be happier.
Apr 2008 iowaherkeye Decadence ’05! Then John threw in a Berkshire Raspberry Strong Ale. Packed well with no problems. My second trade with John and not the last, either.
Apr 2008 durhambeer John delivered a Westy 12 and a Brewdog Hardcore IPA. Very quick shipper, and always quick to respond to beermail. Would certainly trade again if I can find something he hasn’t tried!
Apr 2008 DonMagi Excellent quick delivery with som awsome beers and 2 throw-ins.
Apr 2008 hombrepalo This guy is fast. So Fast I think I got his shipment before he got mine and we had agreed that he would send his off when he received mine . John blessed me with the mecca of all beers the highly sought after Westy 12. John even threw in a free brew from the east coast. This dude is great.
Apr 2008 Glouglouburp In a simple one big-gun for another big gun John sent me a Westy 12. Quick and almost too easy. With over 100 trades it’s obvious that the guy is a pro
Apr 2008 jake65 John sent a expertly packed box that contained the precious cargo of my first Westy (yeah, it’s a 12) and the agreed upon Expedition. He threw in two bonus brews of Kuhnhenn Cassis and Sea Hag IPA. Easy trade the whole way. Communication was great and shipping was fast. Thanks John!!!
Apr 2008 riversideAK Included in the triple boxed 13 pack from John were some Thomas Hooker brews, a couple of New England cans, Hurliman Caesarus!, Trout River Red, and some other good ones. Thanks for the cool locals trade. It is always fun to try other people’s locals. Thanks John!
Apr 2008 coldbrewky Bombproof well traveled box arrives on the doorstep with a Magnum of Captain Lawrence Nor Easter and a Smuttynose Baltic porter bomber. A nice trade for some cornys that I had been tripping over. Enjoy.
Apr 2008 StFun John hooked me up BIG TIME! Thomas Hooker Liberator Doppelbock! Thomas Hooker Blonde and IPA! Southern Tier Gemini, UnEarthly, Big Red, and Jah-Va!! BIG EDDY IMPY! Plus Cottrell, Trout River AND Victory!! One of the best hauls ever. John is the man, simply put. Total generosity and class all the way. I couldn’t be happier.
Apr 2008 kmweaver Finishing up an open-ended trade, John hooked me up with a sweet growler of Barrington IPA along with a bomber of their barely-rated Old Pluto. Perfect packaging and an easy trade all around, per usual. Thanks, John!
Mar 2008 DragonStout John sent the agreed upon Hurliman Caeser and bonused me with New Glarus Tail Wagger.This was an easy trade.John is a highly recomended trader for this was our 3rd? trade together.Very quick and easy to work with, can’t wait till our next trade.Thank you John
Mar 2008 tronraner John sent me a Westy 8, Thomas Hooker Hop Meadow IPA, Thomas Hooker Irish Red, Cottrell Old Yankee, Trout River Rainbow Red, New England Sea Hag IPA, and new England Atlantic Amber. Triple-boxed and nice and secure. Clear communication, easy trade. Thanks!
Mar 2008 douglas88 What a great trade. John sent the agreed upon Westy 12, a SFTO Bourbon, and a Hurlimann Caesarus. He bonused a Duck-Rabbit Balitc and a Fisherman’s Pumpkin Stout. Easy and quick communication with one of the great traders. Thanks a ton.
Mar 2008 StFun WOW!! Not only did jjpm74 trade me a Nor’Easter AND a Westy 12, but he did it $ for $ for just local brews to my area! Very cool and classy! Then he sends me a Westy 8 as a BONUS! Thats the very definition of the word "generous". Add in to that great communication and packaging to boot, and needless to say that I was a very happy boy when FedEx showed up today! Can’t say THANKS enough!!
Feb 2008 goldtwins I got what I wished for. A 1968 Thomas Hardys. Both of us will be drunk this year for our 40th B-days.
Feb 2008 5000 I just looked up John’s stats and I see that this is his 200th recorded trade. HOT DAMN, thats some real trading action there. Nicely done John! This time around it was a box of 3 Captain Lawrence Nor’Easters Batch two for Hard Liver 2008. Many many thanks John. I will have your Deviation out as soon as it arrives. Cheers!
Feb 2008 Drake Superfast trade with John who sent two very different beers... a Westy 12 and a can of Sea Hag IPA as a bonus. Thanks man!
Feb 2008 kappldav123 Today I got jjpm74’s package - it really made me happy. He sent me: Hair of the Dog Fred from the Wood, Dogfish Head Festina Peche, Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA, 3 Guy Off the Scale Barleywine, Three Judges Barleywine and, absolutely incredible, Hürlimann Caesarus Imperator Heller Bock and as a bonus Cape Ann Fisherman’s Pumpkin Stout. Can’t wait to rate this beers. Thank you very mu
Jan 2008 DonMagi Managed toi get hooked up with hair of the dog fred from the wood amoung othr great american beers. Great trader and we’ve already got another one linned up. Chin chin!
Jan 2008 Bov ... this sounds quite stupid but this is what I asked John for ! Easy, fast and secure, the highly desired, retired and export only Hürlimann Caesarus is now mine ! And the Newport Storm 05 does make a perfect companion.
Jan 2008 eclectic dogfish zwaanendale, with extras of gritty’s black fly stout, rock art american red, geary’s hampshire special ale, nice smooth trade
Jan 2008 kmweaver John went out of his way to hook me up with another sweet growler just north of NYC. Can’t get enough Captain Lawrence beers. Thanks again, John! Always a pleasure trading with you.
Jan 2008 kmweaver John once again hooked me up with great stuff from his neck of the woods: a growler of CL Freschester Pale Ale, 2005 Interlude, and an extra of the new Argentinian BW: Simpatico. Great packaging, speedy shipment, and just a great trader all around. Thanks, John!
Jan 2008 annapolisbeer 1- bottle of New Glarus Belgian Red for a Brewers Art Peppercorn trippel Great packaging ! Thanks for the trade!
Jan 2008 hopdog John answered my call for a Newport Storm 07 and Nor’Easter batch 2. Funny thing is, he delayed shipping for a day due to a snow storm!
Jan 2008 drmatt very quick and easy trade. john sent southern tier chokalat?? and the porter as an extra. thanks a lot!
Jan 2008 lb4lb In our 2nd trade, John set me up with some great bombers and 2 extras as well. The agreed upon 2 Southern Tier Choklats, Berkshire Imperial Stout, and Rock Art ESB3 with extras of Otter Creek Stovepipe Porter, and Newport Storm Hurricane Amber packed nicely in a styro shipper! John is a great guy, always extremely prompt, and a highly recommended all around trader!
Jan 2008 HimerMan I shipped some retired Heavyweight beers for: Thomas Hooker Liberator 06, Old Marley 05, 06, 07, Yoho Yona Yona 02 and 03, New England Brewing Three Judges 04 and Three Guys Off the Scale Old Ale! Great trader and awesome package. Thanks!
Jan 2008 Immy John delivers with a Newport Storm ’07, and throws in a ST Choklat, GI Matilda and a Olde Wyndham Grim Reaper barleywine. Packed very well in a styro shipper and delivered quick. Excellent communication, of course. Thanks!
Jan 2008 DietPepsican We set up a quick and simple trade, a growler of furious for a westy 12. Westy 12 arrived well packed and intact. Thanks for giving me something special to crack at my new house!
Jan 2008 hopdog John sent me a Malheur beer. As always, very quick and easy. Thanks!
Jan 2008 TheBeerSommelier John hooked me up with 3 bottles of a rare barleywine from Argentina - Antares Simpatico. I’ve heard bad things about it, but damn, is it hard to find. Thanks for the hookup, John.
Dec 2007 deftim13 Received a ’68 Hardy’s from jjpm74. Super fast shipping and great packaging. Fedex decided to deliver this package a full 2 months after he shipped it only a few days after our original trade set up. I HATE FEDEX. jjpm74 was helpfull in communicating with Fedex and did not give up. Did I mention, I HATE FEDEX. Thanks again for the great trade.
Dec 2007 GG John shipped over to me 1 - Thomas Hooker Old Marley Barleywine, 1 - Cisco Baggywrinkle Barleywine and 1 - Bells Expidition as a extra. Perfect communication, quick delivery. Outstanding trader.
Dec 2007 mreusch I was the lucky recipient of John’s Christmas Cheer box, and man was it packed full of great stuff! 11 bottles total, with highlights including Expedition, TD Siberian Night, Founders Dirty Bastard, and a 2003 Bridgeport Old Kuncklehead. John’s generosity was amazing, and he definitely spread the cheer to make for a great holiday season. Thanks again John, your kindness is appreciated!
Dec 2007 Dorwart In a small trade between John and I, I recieve a bottle of the best beer in the world. The coveted Westy12 and a bonus brew of Trinity IPA. Shipped ULTRA FAST. And he was very patient while I dragged my feet with his return shipment. A great trader!
Dec 2007 beerledgend Wow some real specail ones here. Seahay, Gordon beer, Brown hugga, Fred from the wood, yeah, Bells Stout. and 2007 big hoppy monster. An awesome trader, looking forward to our next trade.
Dec 2007 Soonah John hooked me up with some of the hard to find Allagash stuff. Delivered the Odyssey & Musette I’ve been looking for along with a Founders Old Curmudgeon. Bonused a Smuttynose Scotch Ale and a Trinity I.P.A. Flawless communication and speedy delivery. I wish I was more like John. I wish my wife was more like John. I wish my dogs were more like John. Then I’d have lots of beer. Thanks!
Dec 2007 crizay 3rd trade with John and it’s always very easy. Newport Storm ’06 and ’07! DDC Fumisterie, and bonuses of Stoudt’s Triple, Cyclops Barley Wine and a homebrewed Pumpkin Ale. Thanks again John.
Dec 2007 WeeHeavySD John ships cross country at rapid speed in our second trade. He sent Allagash Odyssey (which I’ve wanted for some time), Allagash 10th Anniversary, a bottle of Ecaussinnes Penneffoise, and a bonus ST Pumking. Great packing and supremely fast arrival. No complaints from me.
Nov 2007 AllAboutStout John hooked me up with some Thomas Hooker beers for the winter. The agreed upon Doppelbock, Impy Porter, and then an ’Ol Marley as an extra. He also is the trader that popped my Westy 12 cherry, hooking me up with my first bottle of this. Super easy transaction, quick, great communication. The way every trade should be. Solid trader.
Nov 2007 TheEpeeist John raced down a big ol’ bottle of Donkey Punch and added a Praying Mantis Porter. Cool! Great packing. Great trader. Again sometime.
Nov 2007 yjb Westy8,&12,duckrabbit porter, ng belgian red & raspb tart, ++Bear Republic Big Bear Black Stout. Thanks a bunch! Trading a pleasure... do yourrself a favor & trade with jj!
Nov 2007 Ughsmash Still have that stuck in my head from NG.. John delivered the goods in the form of Captain Lawrence SftO Bourbon, Cape Ann Pumpkin Stout, a Baltic Porter, and something that is escaping me right now. Cool styro packaging and easy as could be to work out. This was Round 3 of many!
Nov 2007 ucusty great fast trade, great communication and packing. Bells 6000
Nov 2007 DirtyMartini john needed to clear out his cellar, and i was more than happy to help. SH saison deluxe and pumpkin ale, brimstone big A 1999, newport storm 07, sly fox instigator, with and extra of the highland tasgall ale.
Nov 2007 mcbackus i go ta great trade for some beers i really wanted jjpm sent the alesmith wee heavy and fishtale old woody 05 and leviathan 04. and thru in a bonus of bear republic big black stout. a fantastic packing job too. love trading with this guy and hope to do more.
Nov 2007 TheBeerSommelier Johnny Boy hooked me up with my yearly Newport Storm (’07). This one looks to be a real winner. Tack on a Lagunitas Imperial Red for S’s & G’s and you’ve got what we always have: a perfect trade with J.M. Thanks again John.
Nov 2007 Ty5592 Jonh hooked me up with three vintages of Rudyard BW,02,03,04. Plus, he threw in a Brown Shugga BW. Great Double box packing so those punks at Fedex wouldn’t break anything. Thanks, John.
Nov 2007 Nephilium Received a growler of Captain Lawrence Reserve IIPA. Amazingly well packed, and able to still pour a nice head when opened.
Nov 2007 Beerlando John delivered me the agreed upon Westy 12, Westy 8, and CL SFTO Bourbon Barrel. Finally, I get to try the famous Westy’s! Bonuses of Sea Hag IPA and a 5-rate Praying Mantis Porter! Cool! Packaging was tight, but well padded. Super fast turnaround and excellent communication. I’ll trade again with John any day.
Nov 2007 DragonStout In our 3rd trade, John sent hte agreed upon Smuttynose Impy, Westy 8, Kuhnenn Rasp.Eisbock, and Praying Mantis Porter x2 and bonused me with HOTD Fred.Awesome trader and fast and easy to work with.Packaging was impeccable.This was our 3rd trade and def. not our last.
Nov 2007 iowaherkeye John sent me CL Smoke From the Oak Bourbon and Rum Barrel, and threw in a Hartford Arch Ale as an extra. Fine communication with no problems whatsoever. Thanks!
Nov 2007 Boutip John sent me a bunch of beers from my want list including : JP Bam Noire, 1809 Berliner, Smuttynose Farmhouse ale, Southampton Old Ale, Newport Storm 05 and Southern Tier Back Burner. Well package with a DVD as an extra. Thanks a lot John and hopefully we can trade again in the future.
Oct 2007 TheBeerSommelier ...there’s John M. One each Smoke From The Oak Rum and Bourbon Barrel, with a Praying Mantis Porter (5 ratings!) and his funky-ass homebrew, a jalapeno peat smoked porter. What...??? I’m guessing it’ll make sense once I taste it. ;-) Thanks again John.
Oct 2007 crizay I needed a fix of IPA’s and John came through again in our 2nd trade. Rock Art DIPA bomber, Ipswich IPA, Trinity IPA, Smuttynose IPA, Smuttynose Farmhouse Ale, and an IPA homebrew. And I also have a Sea Hag IPA on it’s way. Awesome packing and fast shipping. Thanks again John and for coming through with a bunch of beers I can’t get, hope to do this again and I know we will.
Oct 2007 kmweaver In another great trade, John hooked me up with two bottles of Smoke from the Oak Bourbon and a Bam Noire, tossing in three extras: Berkshire Imp. Stout, Hartford Arch Amber, and Praying Mantis Porter. Speedy shipping, flawless packaging, and a pleasure to deal with as always. Thanks, John!!
Oct 2007 User37895 Delivering the Captain, John hooked me up with CdC, N’East, and SftOBB in record time (I haven’t even boxed mine up yet) and even threw in a St. Vincent’s Dubbel for kind measure. (After CdC itself? Holy Smokes!). A fine trader, one with whom I’m not worthy to have done business. Thx, John!
Oct 2007 5000 Yet another great trade with John. This time he sent Captain Lawrence Smoke from the Oak Bourbon, New England Imperial Stout Trooper, Olde Burnside 10 Penny, Harpoon Glacier Harvest, Weihenstephaner 1809, Hurlimann Ceasarus, Grittys Halloween (love that label), Praying Mantis Porter, Smutty Summer Weizen, Cotrell Old Yankee, and freebies of Sam Adams Impy Pils & Hartford Arch Amber. Thanks John!
Oct 2007 DragonStout What a geneorous trader John is. He sent down SFTO rum barrell and bourbon bottle.Also 2006 Alaska Smoked Porter and Lamoral.This was an easy and quick trade.This was our 2nd trade and hopefully won’t be our last.His packaging of the beers was impeccable.Awesome trader.
Oct 2007 hophead75 Jon hooked me up with 2 Jolly Pumpkin Bam Noires and threw in an extra of Praying Mantis porter. Shipped very quickly, and the box was very well packed. Excellent stress free trade! Thanks again!
Oct 2007 hopdog John sent me a couple of beers from Captain Lawarence (one of my favorite breweries!). Thanks! I owe you for that 5 hr round trip!
Oct 2007 tjthresh John sends New England Sea Hag X2, T. Hooker Hop Meadow X2, blond, Irish, Newport Storm Hurricane Amber, Harpoon Glacier Harvest Wet Hop Beer, and Ridgeway Criminally Bad Elf. All pack up nice. Easy to trade with. We have plans for a future trade in the works.
Sep 2007 yespr John got me my MOST sought after american brew: Harpoon Refsvindinge Private Stock. I’ve been talking to several people, visited several stores in and out of Boston. He did the magic - thanks mate!
Sep 2007 sloth Hells yeah! Leave it to john! Westy 12 as a bonus, sheeeesh! He also delivered the agreed upon CL Smoke FT Oak Rum Barrel! Fuckin dude is an all around ace trader here at RB. Hell, you all know that though, right? Trade with this man if you can! Thanks dude!!
Sep 2007 awaisanen In a small, quick trade, John sent me the agreed upon Captain Lawrence Smoke from the Oak Rum Barrel, and also tossed in a Southampton 10th Anniversary and Bell’s Java Stout as extras. Excellent communication. Thanks for the great trade!
Sep 2007 oh6gdx Box looked trashed, but luckily inside was a styrobox for 12 beers. Excellent packing. 1 week extra due to custom wanting to have the box in Finland for a while (first time I had to fetch it). Various nice Barley wines and imperial stouts and some beers from US states I haven’t rated yet. John is a safe trader, and kept good contact during all stages of the trade.
Aug 2007 lb4lb John was extremely generous for offering up a Westvleteren 12 in exchange for some local beers, to a first time trader no less, and was kind enough to also throw in an amazing looking Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA. All this and he even sent it before receiving his shipment of beers. Both were packaged great, and it was received in about 3 days. I highly recommend trading with him!
Aug 2007 Acknud Excellent trader and packer. No problems with delivery. Here’s what I got: Carnegie Stark Porter, Victory Moonglow Weizenbock, Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere, Tyranena Spank Me Baby! Barley Wine, Bear Republic Big Bear Black Stout, Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA, Harpoon Smoked Porter, Newport Storm Elle (Cyclone Series), New England Atlantic Amber, Rock Art Ridge Runner Ale, Otter Creek Otter S
Aug 2007 crizay Got some pretty rare beers from New England. Westy 8, New England Imperial Stout Trooper, Caesarus Imperial Heller Bock, Captain Lawrence St. Vincent Dubbel, Thomas Hooker Old Marley and bonused a Smuttynose Summer Weizen. Thanks for some awesome and pretty rare brews!
Aug 2007 xmarcnolanx Everything was great! Packing et cetera... 80 dollar trade. Weyerbacher Double Simcoe 22oz $6 Weyerbacher Insanity 22z $7 Weyerbacher Heresy 22oz $6 Weyerbacher Old Heathen 12oz $3 Thomas Hooker Liberator $9 Thomas Hooker Imperial Porter $9 Thomas Hooker Old Marley $9 Southern Tier Javha 22oz $7 Southern Tier Unearthly 22oz $7 2 Imperial Stout Trooper 12oz $7 each Added a Surly Coffee
Aug 2007 ross John hooked it up with an Allagash Victor, and a bonus of a smutty summer weizen. As always, packed and shipped quickly. Ive done so many trades with john I dont even know what number this is. Thanks as always man.
Aug 2007 Ughsmash John came through immediately when I was looking for some Newport Storm stuff.. 4 years showed up, along with a Smutty Summer Weizen, Hurlimann Caesarus, and a Hopfen Weiss!! Very well packaged, supa-fast, and working out the deal was quick and easy! Trade #2 of hopefully many!
Aug 2007 TheBeerSommelier Another great trade with John: Moylan’s Old Blarney, Green Flash 2nd Ann. and 2 Hurlimann Caesarus Imperator Heller Bocks. Thanks again John.
Aug 2007 BDR John sent me the following batch of most excellent brews, which arrived safe and sound: Allagash 11th, Old Marley, Harpoon Smoked Porter, Dogwood Excellent Adventure, Caesarus, Founders Devil Dancer, Founders Old Curmudgeon, Bass No 1. Thanks again.
Aug 2007 alexsdad06 John sent the agreed upon Goose Island Imperial Brown Goose and the New England Imperial Stout Trooper as well as a Duck Rabbit Rabbid Rabbit RIS. Well packaged and shipped quickly. If I need any more east coast brews I know where to go.
Jul 2007 Dickinsonbeer John Hooks me up again with a 1 for 1 trade with a nice bottle of de proef signature ale, which I am realy excited to try. I sent him some ommegeddon in return. Bottle arrived super fast and packed very well. John always has some crazy beers that he is willing to trade. Thanks again John.
Jul 2007 IrishBoy John sent the: Rudyards BW Snipes Mountain Roza NEB Imperial Stout Trooper St Arnolds Divine Reserve #1 all packed in a four bottle styro shipper and safely delivered. Thanks for a great trade John!
Jul 2007 Ofortuna John sends a DR Baltic Porter and 3 other locals for some of my bretted mead, oak-aged elderberry brackett and a local. Insanely fast communication.......responses within seconds! Perfect packaging with a custom styrofoam container. Less than a week turn around time. Wow, extreme generosity and a perfect transaction. Many Thanks!
Jun 2007 jimbowood I think my first trade w/ jjpm74 was one of my very first trades. Well, many trades later and he’s still delivering quality stuff quickly and w/ great packaging.
Jun 2007 TheBeerSommelier Not John...he’s a pretty nice guy. From Duclaw. A 1L bottle of it, to be exact. And as tasty bonuses, he tossed in a Rock Art Whitetail, Bear Republic IS and a Berkshire Holidale BW. You’ve gotta love people who know your taste. Great trade as aways...thanks again, John!
Jun 2007 lukin013 John sent me a Westy 12, KRE, FFF Behemoth, and 3 excellenet extras (Fish Tale Detonator, Berkshire Holidale, and Rock Art Whitetail). Very fast turnaround. Great trader!
Jun 2007 cheap If you trade with John, be confident you’ll come out ahead. This is the second time I did! For a growler of local beer, I received 12 bottles of beers that are difficult, if not impossible, to get locally. He sent me gems from Rock Art, Otter Creek., Hooker, Geary’s and Buzzard’s Bay. Thanks John, I hope everybody who trades is as generous as you! His packing is always professional too!
Jun 2007 emacgee John shipped me 1 Capn Lawrence Xtra Gold and a bonus Sea Hag IPA. He communicated well and on time and was very patient waiting for my growler. He was also very understanding when the cap broke! Highly recommended trader, thanks for everything.
Jun 2007 hopdog John hits me up with a great box (knocking a couple off my wish list); Boulder Beer Killer Penguin Barleywine, Lost Abbey Devotion, Berkshire Holidale, & Newport Storm Elle (Cyclone Series). Thanks!!!!
May 2007 thebaldwizard John has become one of my favorite guys to trade with. He is generous, communicates frequently, and always delivers a great package on time. He makes trading simple and hassle-free. DL ’05 was sent my way along with two bonus beers. Sent in a "historical" shipper...Thanks John!
May 2007 JB175 In my second trade with him, John hooked me up with an Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien 2005 plus a bonus of 2004 Olde Gnarly BW! Fantastic packing job, great brews. Always a pleasure to trade with!
May 2007 madbeer101 John send me a very well packed box. Some awesome brew came my way. Allagash Musette and Dubbel. Smuttynose Wheat Wine, Berkshire Impy Stout, Southampton Grand Cru, Bluegrass Jefferson Reserve, Sea Hag IPA, Weyerbacher Prophecy and St. Bernardus Abt Special Edition. Great trader I can only recommend.
May 2007 Odeed i got the ba numbskull as asked plus a storm 06.super easy trade and everything was boxed up nice and tight.
May 2007 hopscotch John sent a boatload of great brews. I got a growler of Captain Lawrence Captains Reserve IIPA, 1 big bottle of Cap’n Larrys Xtra Gold Tripel, 1 big bottle of Wrasslers XXXX Stout and a small bottle of Rudyard’s rare Barleywine as a bonus. John never disappoints! Thanks, my friend!
May 2007 Stine John was nice enough to hook me up with Peche Mortel and a LA Red Barn Ale, sending a Sea Hag IPA as an extra. Easy, fast, well-done. Thanks again, John!
May 2007 kramer John delivers big with a Captain Lawrence Xtra Gold and a Wrasslers XXXX Stout from the MJ Rare Beer Club. Then he piles on with two nice bonus beers, Yo-Ho Barleywine and New England Imperial Stout Trooper! John’s a class act and always a excellent trader. Thanks man!
May 2007 bu11zeye John sent an excellent package of beers: Oggis Witch Doctor, Achilles Serafijn Celtic Angel, Brooklyn Local 1, Newport Storm Elle (Cyclone Series), WoodVille #21, Long Trail Double Bag, Smuttynose Smuttonator, and threw in bonuses of the rare Yo-Ho Barleywine (2003), Founders Imperial Stout, Sea Hag IPA, and De Dolle Stille Nacht SR (2005). Wow! What a generous trader! I would certainly trade
May 2007 shadey John agreed to send my a bottle of the Stout Trooper for a growler or local brew. Quick and easy trade. He also through in extras of Sea Hag and Tyranena Spank Me Baby. Thanks!
May 2007 mcbackus this was a nice simple small trade that went perfect. we agreed on trading one beer for another with no bonuses and it was great. i recieved 1 southern tier jah va stout in perfect condition. great quick trade.
Apr 2007 omhper Lots of interesting beers from Cisco, New England, Newport Storm, Trinity, Thomas Hooker, Harpoon, Allagash & Berkshire. Thanks John!
Apr 2007 shigadeyo My first trade with John was a good one. He sent some nice goodies and harder to get beers including Harpoon Smoke Porter, Heavyweight Cinderbock, Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock, New England Imperial Stout Trooper, Newport Storm ’06, and O’Fallon Smoked Porter (bonus). Thank you so much John! I really appreciate it and look forward to enjoying these beers.
Apr 2007 Ughsmash John agreed to get me in touch with the Dark Side... and about 60 galactic credits later we have ourselves a trade! Mostly your usual spring-time assortment of large barleywines and such. Awesome assortment very well packed. T’was a pleasure, and hope we can do it again!
Apr 2007 mdi John sent me a box with quite a bit more than I bargained for! Lots of stuff from New England area brewers(Cpt L and others) and a homebrew. It certainly exceeded what we had talked about and exceeded the amount of beers I sent him! Great communication and easy to work with.
Apr 2007 LeopoldStoch John sent me the agreed upon BFM Bon Chien 2005 Barleywine, and as an extra a newport storm elle. Good communication, and shipped in a 2x shipper. Thanks John! Your beers should get there soon!
Apr 2007 zathrus13 John sent me a Southampton Grand Cru, as we discussed. He also threw in extra’s of Bethlehem Brew Works Incinerator Bock (hand bottled), and a Harpoon Smoked Porter. Another nice trade, and surely not our last.
Apr 2007 brentfeesh John sends the power of the dark side from a galaxy far far away! Cool to get my hands on a bottle of Imperial Stout Trooper and an extra Cole Porter. Great communication and generous trader. Always look forward to it. Thanks!
Apr 2007 cbkschubert John answered my call for a New England Imperial Stout trooper. He also threw in a Thomas Hooker Irish Red ale. Beers arrived quickly and safely in a styro shipper. Thanks for the beers John. Would trade with again anytime.
Apr 2007 kenb John and i did a small trade. he sent the NEB Imperial Stout Trooper. Great packing and easy trade. Thanks!
Apr 2007 ogglethorp John shipped me the agreed upon Allagash 11th Anniversary. Then proceeded to pop in a Trinity IPA and in true happy ending fashion a Sweetwater Happy Ending!! Packaged in a styro-shipper!! Thanks for a great trade John!!
Apr 2007 hopscotch I just received a box from John. Hmmm? Let’s see what’s inside... oh cool, a bottle of New England Imperial Stout Trooper. Just what the doctor ordered. Thanks John. I’ve really been wanting to try this one. I’ll share it tomorrow with boboski. John rocks!
Apr 2007 cheap Fly Creek Hard, Stone Fence Hard and Putney Scott Farm Spy. 2.05 liters of pure joy. All this for a few local brews. I’m standing on my head spitting wooden nickels. 750 mL of this was ’just thrown in’ as a surprise! I gotta move to a place were I can regularly get real cider. Thank you John, I am indebted to you! I owe you something big. Now I see the cider light.
Apr 2007 DragonStout John comes thru with a great line up of The Rabid duck, Newport storm 06,Berkshire’s Imp Stout and Raspberry Strong Ale, NE Imp Stout Trooper, Founder’s Centenial Ale, Old Marley and Allagash 4.They were all packed well, perfect, great job John!
Apr 2007 ClarkVV Smoke from the Oak. Quick and easy as always. Thanks!!
Mar 2007 CaptainCougar John sent me a styro shipper with three rare beers: Newport Storm ’06, New England Imperial Stout Trooper, and Captain Lawrence Smoke from the Oak (Wine Barrel). We agreed on no bonuses. Nicely packaged and promptly shipped. Thanks again!
Mar 2007 Lou18 Fast and furious. Excellent communication, package well too.! Great trader!
Mar 2007 robertsreality JJPM74 Kept This Trade Quick and Easy. Badda Bing, The Whole Thing Was Done. Definitly Appreciate the Styrofoam packaging. Thanks Man.
Mar 2007 goldtwins Johns a great guy to trade with. This was sort of our second trade. 1L Grand Teton IIPA, Lamoral Tripel, New England Imperial Stout Trooper (I am your faaathhhheeeer), Weyerbacher 11 (22oz), Chama River Dark Lode Imperial Stout, Trinity IPA, Hooker Hop Meadow IPA, Avery Collaboration
Mar 2007 PhillyBeer2112 Got a St. Louis Faro and threw in a bonus JP Bam Biere. Beer arrived less than a week after we had settled on the trade. Plenty of communication - reliable trader.
Mar 2007 jesskidden 6 packs of Sea Hag, Trinity IPA and Thomas Hooker Hop Meadow IPA plus a BFM Abbaye de St. Bon Chien 2005 and a Three Judges Barleywine. My first trade and difficult one (I’m trying to reduce my vintage cellar stock and looking for "everyday" beers I can’t get), John talked me thru my first trade patiently and with lots of great info and help. His package was securely packaged and ar
Mar 2007 Firemoose15 Once again a solid deal from CT. I received as requested an NE Imp.Stout Trooper and tasty extras, NE Sea Hag,Hooker IPA and a Trinity IPA. All superbly packed. Unfortunately my end was busted up in enroute. However, proper response is in the works. Thanks again John.
Mar 2007 JB175 John hooked me up with the Imperial Stout Trooper for my first trade ever and went way above and beyond with 5!?! bonus brews - a Thomas Hooker IPA (always in good taste), a New England SEA HAG IPA!, a Trinity Rhode Island IPA, a bomber of Berkshire Drayman’s Porter, and to top it all off, a wonderful bottle of Tyranena Hop Whore!!! Amazing!!! Thanks for the great trade!!!
Mar 2007 5000 Yet another flawless trade with John, I think this was the 2nd or 3rd time around for Hard Liver that John hooked me up. Delivered were 4 Abbaye de Saint Bon Chien 2005, 4 Captain Lawrence Nor’Easter, and 4 Dark Horse Tres Blueberry Stout. I couldn’t have asked for better packaging, nor better communication. Thanks John, you rock!!!
Mar 2007 TheBeerSommelier Imperial Stout Trooper, that is. ;-) John hooked me up with this rarity and tossed in a Smutty Imperial Stout. I LOVE how they’re writing the year they’re bottled now. Oh...and that was one FAST shipment. Thanks again John.
Mar 2007 zathrus13 John sent me the highly sought after Imperial Stout Trooper. An easy trade, for a nice, rare beer. I hope we can trade again.
Mar 2007 thebaldwizard John is about the easiest guy to trade with around--and he is also generous. In yet another quick and easy trade, I got a bomber of the Captain Lawrence Nor Easter. The best part about it is that John didn’t ask for the world in return--he never does. Our 3rd trade I believe and I know the future holds many more.
Mar 2007 ross John was very patient with me while I got my beer ready to ship to him, but I already know that because its my 3rd trade with him. I ended up with a new england storm trooper stout, imperial brown goose, and a mcniells slopbucket double brown ale. Thanks John! Cant wait for another trade
Mar 2007 hopdog John sent me 2 bottles of Captn Lawrence Smoke from the Oak and a bottle of NE Imperial Stout Trooper. Thanks!!! John is definitely one of my, if not my, #1 trading partner!!!
Mar 2007 WeeHeavySD John hooked me up with a St. Louis Faro, a bomber of Berkshire Rasberry Strong Ale, Meantime Scotch Ale, Old Marley BW, and two bonuses a Can of Sea Hag IPA, and a 12 ozer of Hooker Hop Meadow IPA. Great Trader, Great Packing. Thanks.
Mar 2007 dcharms Here I am expecting only one bottle of Westvleteren Abt 12, and I open up my package to find two bottles! Wondering what the other bottle is, I anxiously tear off the surrounding bubble wrap to find my Westy 12...AND a surprise bottle of Rochefort Trappistes 10! WOOOOO!!!!! I’m happy as hell right now! Thanks again John!
Feb 2007 hopdog John gave me an offer I could not refuse; Growler of Captain Lawrence Captains Reserve (another IIPA and another Captain Lawrence beer to boot!!!!) and a Growler of Opa-Opa Steakhouse Kix Brew. John is definitely one of my top, go-to trading partners!!!
Feb 2007 thebaldwizard John was kind enough to send me the BFM Bon Chien ’05 in a small and quick trade. John is a generous guy and makes trading extremely easy.
Feb 2007 hopdog Captain Lawrence Nor’Easter x 2 that is with a Meantime Scotch hitch hiker in tow. Thanks a million John!!!
Feb 2007 FlacoAlto Another great box of beer from jjpm74. I got the agreed upon Malheur Brut Reserve, TH Liberator, SH Grand Cru and Berkshire Holidale plus extras of the Hooker Oktoberfest and Hopmeadow. An easy, well packaged trade that I would be happy to do again.
Feb 2007 henrikb Perfect trade, OK it took us a little while to get everything going. Southampton grand cru, 10 th anni old ale, Mcneills imp st, ringworm, Allagash interlude, Alesmith Decadence, Yo-Ho BW 2002, Victory Old H, HOTD Fred from the W, Duck Rabit Baltic Porter, Old Boardhead BW, Goose Island BA Imp. Brown goose. Thanks!
Feb 2007 northerntimber John sent the agreed upon Allagash Victoria, 2 Newport Storm 05 and 2 Newport Storm 06 nicely packaged in a styro shipper. John tossed in a bottle of Berkshire Draymans Porter as an extra. Thanks!
Feb 2007 ClarkVV John graciously sent me this very hard-to-find beer and asked for nothing more in return than the exact price that he paid for. I definitely owe you something special to make up for the rarity, John. Cheers!
Jan 2007 MIBRomeo Pivovar Herold Golden Revolution Middle Ages 10th Anniversary Ale Weyerbacher Double Simcoe (in a bomber, never seen that before) Brewer’s Alley Pilsner Thomas Hooker Hop Meadow IPA Thomas Hooker American Pale Ale as part of beerswap
Jan 2007 sloth John quickly delivers a 750 of Herold Golden Revolution and a bomber of Berkshires Holidale. Well packaged and good communications make for another easy trade with John. Thanks man!
Jan 2007 nolankowal John hooked me up with some sweet offerings I’ve had my eye on:Goose Island Bourbon Imperial Brown Goose and Newport Storm 05 and 06. He also threw in a Herold Golden Revolution as an extra! Everything was perfectly packed and arrived in no time flat. Great communication and he was very patient in holding some of the stuff till after the holidays. Another trader that I’d trade with again
Dec 2006 luiss John is a great trader, and i have a bad memory and no patiance. He sent me 3 great brews one of which i drank right away and forgot. The other 2 where a bottle of bells third coast ale, and a full sail old boardhead 04. Thanks John i look forward to making my next trade with you when i finally meeet you.
Dec 2006 DYCSoccer17 Nice trade with John. He sent me a well-packed Newport Storm 06. Good communication and good turnaroud time.
Dec 2006 kmweaver John hooked me up with the agreed upon 3F Behemoth Barleywine (woohoo!) and included an awesome, rare extra: Herold’s Golden Revolution, which is from a collaboration with DFH. I plan to try it alongside the Golden Showers as well. Great packaging, speedy shipment, great guy to deal with. Thanks a bunch, John!
Dec 2006 jgd0608 jjpm74 Hooked it up with some east coast goodies, all very well packaged, in the box was Smuttynose Smuttonator, SN Bigfoot 05, Trinity IPA, Thomas Hooker APA and Blonde, and Dark Horse Impy Stout, Thanks alot man!!
Nov 2006 matta John sent me some wonderful brews last week! Some stuff that I had really been wanting for a long time! Particularly, TH Old Marley, TH IPA, Allagash 11th Anniv, Lost Abbey Avant Garde and a couple others! - Awesome Trade!
Nov 2006 kenb From jjpm74 a very nice package with: Allagash Tiple Reserve- he could have just sent that and met well more than the the minimum...but no........he also sent: Bells Java Stout (i love these), 22 oz Smuttynose Smuttonator, 22 oz South Hampton Imp Stout, Bells Exp Stout, and Thomas Hooker Hop Meadow IPA. packed very well in a styroshipper. awesome package of beer, thanks John!
Nov 2006 hopdog Make that a Newport Storm instead! John hooked me up with a great veritcal - ’01 to ’06 of Newport Storm. Thanks!
Nov 2006 pineypower I was sent 1 Newport Storm 06 and a Sea Hag IPA. Great communication and no delay on the shipping. Would love to work out future trades. Highly recommended.
Nov 2006 TheBeerGod John answered the call regarding Newport Storm 05 and 06. He sent both buddied with a Dark Horse Impy Stout and a Hooker IPA. Quick turnaround and packed like a champ. High recommendation here!
Nov 2006 TheBeerSommelier John sent me one each of Newport Storm’s ’01, ’05 and ’06. Being a kind soul, he threw in a Smuttynose Wheat Wine to boot. Thanks again John and happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 2006 ross Another trade with John yeilds 6 Thomas Hooker beers, Newport storm 05, Southampton 2x White ale, and 2 cans from new england brewing! As usual, packed great, blah blah blah. Thanks John!
Nov 2006 hopdog As promised, John sent me an ’02 & ’03 Yo-Ho Barley Wine from Japan and threw in a NG Enigman. John is definitely one of my favority RB’ers to trade with!
Nov 2006 LeopoldStoch Another great shipment of the mystery beer swap. john sent Alaskan Smoked porter, Moylans Hopsickle, Sea Hag, Hooker Octoberfest, and SH Pumpkin. Thanks a lot!!! Great guy, great trader, and great packaging! Highly recommended.
Nov 2006 sloth John blows me away! Received the requested 6er of Sea Hag(cans) along with 1 22 of Snipes Mnt. Rozas Res BW, Otterbahn, N.E. Amber and Elm City lager( canned also), Yinpu Blk. Rice lager and tops it off with RR Sanctification !! What an amazing box of goodies! Great communications, excellent packaging and quick turnaround. A Great trader John is! Thanks bro!
Oct 2006 badbeer He came through, hooking me up with an ’06 Dark Lord, and threw in a Sea Hag IPA, and an Allagash Grand Cru for extras. Excellant communication and handled everything very well. Everything went as according to plan. Highly recommended, wouldn’t hesitate to trade with again.
Oct 2006 hopscotch We agreed on three beers: Old Marley Barleywine, Captain Lawrence St. Vincent’s Dubble and Trinity IPA. John threw in three extras: NewPort Storm ’05, Southern Tier UnEarthly IPA and Paper City Summit House Oktoberfest. Everything was well-packed. He also shipped to me after he already knew that at least one of the beers I sent him had broken or sprung a leak en route. Thanks USPS!
Oct 2006 bentley78 John sent me two bottles of my favorite IPA, dreadnaught! Nice. And he threw in a nice bonus, a saint vincent’s dubbel. Great packaging and good communication. I would trade with him again. Thanks John!
Oct 2006 FlacoAlto What a way to kick off my turn in the Mystery Beer Swap. I recieved an awesome collection of brews: 1-22oz Hylands Sturbridge Farmhand Ale, 1-750ml Captain Lawrence St. Vincents Dubbel, 1-750ml Allagash 11th, 1-750ml Allagash Musette. Absolutely outstanding packaging and outstanding selection.
Oct 2006 JHop John answered my call to stock up on FFtW. He sent me a six pack, no problem, and I also got Newport Storm 05, and god forgive me, I cant remember the bonuses but remember they were nice ones that i liked to see. Awesome trader and a great guy. Thanks again!!!
Oct 2006 MrDick John shipped out an Allagash Musette, Newport Storm 05, Behemoth, Southamption Grand Cru, and Oak Aged Yeti. Great communication and trade! Sorry that it’s taken one month for me to finally post the trade....
Oct 2006 hopdog John quickly sent me; NE Elm City / Sea Hag / Atlantic Amber, St. Vincents Dubbel, GI Imperial Brown Goose, PC Oktoberfest / Nut Brown Ale / Wee Heavy / Winter Lager / Holyoke Dam Ale, Lake Placid Frostbite Pale Ale, High & Mighty Beer of the Gods & Thomas Hooker Irish Style Red Ale. Always a pleasure to trade with John!
Oct 2006 TheBeerSommelier John sent me: Harpoon Triticus, GI Imperial Brown Goose and Smutty Wheat Wine. And as a cool bonus, he threw in an ’04 New England Brewing’s Three Judges barleywine. And man, I thought I’d seen every kind of shipper, but this was a 4-banger that was really cool! It won’t go to waste...thanks again John!
Sep 2006 DocLock jjpm74 sent a big box containing both the Mystery Swap and Beer Swap 1.0 items. Included were Sea Hag IPA, Gritty McDuff Halloween, St. Vincent Dubbel, Trinity IPA; in the 12 slotter were NB Tripel, Rogue BB, Lagunitas Sirius, High&Mighty, Expedition, St. Arnold Wheat, Schenider Avenitus. Marvelous selection! Thanks a lot, John.
Sep 2006 ross Damn, John took a chunk out of my want list by sending: Allagash Odyssey, De Dolle Oerbier Reserve 2004, Cuvee Van der Keizer, Smuttynose Winter, Smuttynose Pumpkin, Anchor Small Beer. Also a can of Sea Hag IPA, and a bomber of Smuttynose Imp Stout. John is very patient, and stuff came up so we werent able to complete the trade for an extra week, but he waited around for me. Thanks John!
Sep 2006 Thaichile Small 1 for 1 trade with 2 xtras. Three Floyds Dreadnaught + NE Brewing Sea Hag IPA & High & Mighty Beer Of The Gods. Quick effective, efficient swap.
Aug 2006 beerhandy Newport Storm05,Old Marley, Allagash 11 plus Hookers irish red and Hop Meadow Thanks!!!
Aug 2006 Saarlander John sent me Fred from the wood, Raison D’extra, southampton Secret ale, and a Hooker IPA. John always comes through, good trader. Thanks John!
Aug 2006 black95tt I was looking for some Alesmith Decadance and John was happy to oblige. He also sent me some Thomas Hooker Old Marley, Olde Wyndham Grim Reaper, Bitter Women From Hell (bonus), and a Geary’s HSA (bonus). All I had to do was send 3 JP La Roja’s. Everything was packaged great and it was a super smooth trade.
Jul 2006 thebaldwizard John hooked me up with 2 Allagash Musette’s and threw in a great bonus--Newport Storm! Communication was clear and John was very patient with me getting my end of the deal together. Packaging was tops--he used an awesome cardboard shipper that was perfectly made for the 3 750’s that came to Ohio. Looking forward to trading with John again in the future.
Jul 2006 IrishBoy 1 each Thomas Hooker Old Marley, Liberator and Imperial Porter, Bonises 1 each Thomas Hooker Munich Style, Cottrell Old Yankee, Trout River Rainbow red All packed in a styrofoam shipper. Great Beers and bonuses!
Jul 2006 bstill 1x Lost Abby Biere De Garde 1x Alesmith Grand Cru and an extra Geary’s and Smuttynose Winter. Arrived safe, sound, and quick. Thanks dude!
Jul 2006 sprinkle Agreed on 6 FFTW and sent a trout river red and a old yanke. Got it here quick and with good communication, even held onto them until I could get my trade together! Cheers! Mike
Jul 2006 bindpmc Traded 6 Stone 060606 Verts for a mixed bag of DFH 12 ozers, plus a DFH 750 of Golden Shower and a 750 of Allagash Grand Cru. Added bonus of 12oz Fred From the Wood! Awesome! Great trade, great packaging, great times.
Jun 2006 sloth John hooked me up with requested 2 bottles of FFTW and a 750 of Capt. Lawrence St. Vincents Dubbel! Tops that off with bonus bottles of Trinity IPA and Offshore IPA! A quick an easy trade. John was cool to deal with and packaging was very good. Thanks John! If ya ever need anything out my way just say so.
May 2006 DarkElf Another great trade with John. He generously sent Meantime Old Smoked Bock, plus Harpoon 100 Barrel Kellerbier, Newport Storm ’05 & Brent, Putney Mountain Heirloom Cuvee, Thomas Hooker Hop Meadow IPA & Octoberfest (a bonus), Ramapo Valley Passover Honey (another bonus). Great trade all-around, as always.
May 2006 kramer Super quick shipping and awesome beers! Pizza Port Le Woody, Harpoon Kellerbier, Olde Wyndam Grim Reaper, Hoptown Old Yeltsin, and Hooker Old Marley. Plus 2 locals as bonus beers. Second trade with John, and I hope we keep going! Excellent communication, great packing, and an all around easy dude to trade with. Trade with confidence.
Apr 2006 BeerandBlues2 John delivered a box of dark goodies plus a Barleywine for my enjoyment. Included were: 1-Berkshire Draymans Porter, 1-Black Boss Porter, 1- McNeills Imperial Stout, 1-Bells Expedition Stout, 1-Arcadia Imperial Stout, 1-Thomas Hooker Old Marley Barleywine, 1-Rogue Imperial Stout and 1-Weyerbacher Heresey. Excellent packaging, quick turnaround and good communications make this trader an excellent
Apr 2006 DocLock John sent 10 Thomas Hooker brews, including the Impy porter and 2 years each of Old Marley & Liberator, APA, Marzen, Hop Meadow, Lager, Blonde, + 3 Judges Barleywine, Grim Reaper Barleywine, and a can of New England lager. He knocked at least 6 beers off my want list! Great packing job, and great communication. Trade with this guy, I know I will again!
Mar 2006 GonZoBeeR jjpm74 ship me 3 big bottle.1 allagash curieux,1 unibroue 15 and weyerbacher black hole..He send me the beer in a good package with a lot of bubblewrap...The ship was very fast 3 days....
Mar 2006 CMUBEERMAN John(jjpm27) delivers a bad ass Allagash Interlude and the Peche Mortel (which I’ve been eagerly waiting for). He threw in a founders devil dancer as a bonus. Fast communication, pleasant communication, great packaging, and fast shipment. What else can you ask for? Thanks again John.
Mar 2006 5000 Another great trade with John. This time around he was able to get me two bottles of the elusive Allagash Grand Cru (we get all the rest in Seattle, but not that one), Berkshire Draymans Porter, Smuttynose Winter, and he even threw in a bottle of McNeills Ringworm Olde Ale. Sweetness! I’d never hesitate to trade again witih John. Thanks bro!!!
Feb 2006 kramer John hooked me up with 2 Baltic Porters that I’ve been hunting plus a great local Impy Stout. SKA Nefarious 10 Pin Imperial Porter, Black Boss Porter, Berkshire Imperial Stout, and a bonus McNeill’s Imperial Stout. Extremely well packaged, good communication, and shipped when promised. Easily recommended trader. Thanks John.
Feb 2006 Lumpy John and I agreed on a quick simple trade for a few bottles. John sent the agreed upon Allagash Interlude AND a BONUS Allagash Grand Cru! He doubled the trade! My second trade with John and I would do another trade with him in a heartbeat! Great packing and communication. Excellent in every way!
Feb 2006 hopdog This is at least my 3rd trade with John (and hopefully many more!). He sent me; Berkshire Cabin Fever Ale, Berkshire Traditional Ale, Berkshire Oktoberfest, Trout River Rainbow Red Ale, Rock Art Ridge Runner Barley Wine, & Northampton Daniel Shays Best Bitter. Thanks!
Jan 2006 BeerHawk John’s the man!! We planned on a locals for locals mixed sixer trade but John came through with a mixed 12 pack! Shipment included 1 Wyndham Grim Reaper Barley Wine, 1 Rock Art Ridge Runner Barley Wine, 1 Lancaster Amish Four Grain Pale Ale, 1 Lancaster Hop Hog IPA, 1 Trout River Rainbow Red, 1 Bethlehem Brew Works Pumpkin Ale, 1 Buzzards Bay Pale Ale, 1 Stroudts Abbey Triple, 1 Victory Weize
Dec 2005 5000 Another flawless trade with John, this time around sending a beer that I have wanted the label for a long time, Gritty McDuffs Halloween Ale. In addition to that I rec’d Newport Storm ’05, Thomas Hooker IPA, Sam Adams Imperial Pilsner, Lancaster Winter, Harpoon Triticus, and as freebies Lancaster Pilsner, Lancaster Milk Stout, and New England Atlantic Amber. Thanks John!
Dec 2005 DarkElf Another great trade with John, he packed 6 beers in a styro-shipper. Berkshire Imperial Stout, Berkshire Drayman’s Porter, Jasper Murdock’s Stackpole Porter and Olde Burnside Highland Piper Tartan Ale. And as bonus beers: Bethlehem Brew Works Pumpkin Ale and appropriately enough, McNeill’s Pay Day, because any trade with John will be your Pay Day. Thanks, my Connecticut friend!
Dec 2005 AndrewM John took me up on a locals trade (my first trade here), and hooked me up GREAT. His shipment arrived safely and included: Buzzards Bay Pale Ale, Buzzards Bay Lager, Trout River Rainbow Red, Lancaster Amish Pale Ale, Brooklyn Monster 2004, and Victory Hop Wallop. Thanks!
Dec 2005 Lumpy John really came through! We agreed on 2 x 12 oz Allagash Dubbles and a Yulesmith, but he sent 2 x 750 mL Allagashes, the Yulesmith, a Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye, and a Sam Adams Imperial Pilsner! Really fast shipment and great communication. A real pleasure to trade with! Thanks again!!!!
Nov 2005 jimbowood jjpm74 delivers 2 Thomas Hooker Old Marley Barley Wines, 2 Dopplebocks, and a suprise English Pale. Everything was nicely packed in a styro bottle holder. Will definitely try and do business again very soon.
Nov 2005 sloth John sends 2 Bombers of Harpoon Triticus and as bonus brews 1, 05 Thomas Hooker Old Marley BW and 1, 04 New England 3 Judges BW ! John was patient and real easy to deal with. Packaging was excellent.The brews were received in two days! Another excellent trade! Thanks John!
Nov 2005 aracauna I got a Southampton Imperial Porter, Cider Dave’s Stone Fence Cider and Putney Moutain Heirloom Cuvee. Well packed and looking forward to it.
Nov 2005 hopdog John sent me the following; Bershire Imperial Stout & Draymans Porter, Buzzards Bay Pale Ale x2, Golden Ale x2 & Lager x2, Jasper Murdocks Stackpole Porter, and an Olde Burnside Highland Piper Tartan Ale (huge liter flip top bottle). What a great selection - thanks a million!
Nov 2005 JohnnyFlake jjpm74 (John) is a great guy to trade with. Packing and Time In Process were excellent! I received one Westy 12, one Westy 8, one Old Marley Barleywine 22oz (a good local BW) and one Harpoon Triticus 27.5oz (100 barrel release wheat wine) as part of the trade. John included as extras, one Trappist Rocheford 6, one Grim Reaper Barley Wine Ale and one Southern Tier Dark Porter. What a great trade!
Nov 2005 Firemoose15 Holy speed batman. Shipped in a day. John sent me 3 huge bottles. A Berkshire Imp.Stout, a monstrous Olde Burnside Highland Piper Tartan Ale and an 04 Thomas Hooker Imp.Porter. Thanks for a sweet deal. Truly a pleasure.
Nov 2005 jtw a great trade from john. i sent along some Ichabod and other MI good stuff, and received some big beers in big bottles in return. cisco moor porter, thomas hooker old marley, berkshire imperial stout, smuttynose wheat wine, and a bonus of southampton imperial porter! a great and quick (and conscientious) trader! thanks john.
Nov 2005 brentfeesh John was kind enought to score me a couple of Ayinger Octoberfests for my upcomming beer tasting. Well packed and quickly delivered. Thanks!
Oct 2005 Pailhead jjpm74 sent me some much desired Thomas Hooker brews. Trade included the Doppelbock and Old Marley Wine and as an extra he included the IPA. Thanks for the brews!!! Great communitcation, packaging, and turnaround time. Excellent trader.
Oct 2005 JPDIPSO A dozen great brews. Hooker Munich, APA and Old Marley; Berkshire Imperial Stout; Buzzards Bay Pale Ale, Lake Placid Frostbite; Southampton IPA; Harpoon Triticus; Westy Blond; and old favorites Victory Old Horizontal; Weyerbacher Quad and Blithering Idiot. Great selections! Thanks John
Oct 2005 JohnnyFlake 2 Dogfish Head 90 Imperial IPA 12oz. - 2 Victory Golden Monkey 12oz. - 2 Victory Horizontal 12oz. and two bonus bottles 1 Victory Hop Wallop and Paper City Brewery Hop Monster. This was one of my first beer trades and what a great experience it has been! Thanks to jjpm74 for the generous extras!
Sep 2005 hopdog John sent me 2 bottles of 2000 Olde Wyndham Grim Reaper Barley Wine, 3 bottles of Harpoon Triticus, a bottle of Thomas Hooker Olad Marley and 4 different Putney Mountain Ciders. All received the day after he sent them. I look forward to our next trade!
Sep 2005 Dough77 John sent out a nice stash load of brews I could never get my hands on without some travelin or tradin. Unfortunatley 1 managed to break en route, but I’ll cope. Included were: 1 ’05 and 1 ’04 Liberators, 1 haproon triticus, 1 middle ages druid fluid, 1 thomas hooker old marley, 1 middle ages beast bitter(an extra), and the broken bottle was an olde wyndham grim reaper. Great tra
Sep 2005 Ernest John packed with great care and got ’er done quickly. Definitely would trade with him again. Thumbs up!
Sep 2005 DarkElf Born and raised in New England (CT), this is a fun and nostolgic trade for me. John sent: 2 Allagash 10th, 1 Southampton Impy Porter, 6 Paper City, 3 Sea Dog, 2 Shipyard, 2 Harpoon, 1 Long Trail, 2 Newport Storm, 1 Otter Creek, 1 Buzzards Bay, and 1 bottle of the very rare Olde Wyndham Grim Reaper BW. John’s a stand-up guy and put in a lot of effort to get me all these new beers. Thanks!
Aug 2005 5000 My first trade with John, and hopefully not our last. He sent Hooker Doppelbock, Golden, Old Marley, & Oktoberfest, Cisco Moor Porter, Southampton Double White, Westy 8, Paper City Hop Monster & Ireland Parish, Sam Adams Black Lager & Pale Ale, and as freebies Middle Ages Beast Bitter, Buzzards Bay Pale & Lager, Brooklyn Weiss, and Olde Wyndham Grim Reaper. Awesome trader!
Aug 2005 JCW I received an excellent collection of Barleywines from John. I didn’t have many new beers for him, but he hung in there with me anyway and I appreciate that. The collect he sent included:New England Three Judges Barleywine, Barley Wine,Olde Wyndham Grim Reaper Barley Wine,Old Marley Barley Wine and as a bonus Harpoon Triticus. Can’t beat that. Excellent guy to trade with!
Aug 2005 Odeed jjpm74 sent me the t.h. barley wine i asked for.plus a hop monster and hop wallop.everything was packed nice and tight.thanks man...
Aug 2005 MI2CA A large trade with jjpm74 turned out to be a Victory fest. 2-golden monkey, 2-storm king, 1-750 2003 grand cru, 1-old horizontal, (1-hop devil and 1-hop wallop as extras). 1-750 allagash odyssey, 1-12oz Olde Wyndham Grim Reaper Barley Wine, 1-750 TH old marley, 2-12oz brooklyn 04 monster ale, and paper city hop monster as another extra. Great communiction and easy trade.
Jul 2005 Saarlander 2 dogfish 90 min, 2 dogfish raison D’etre, 1 DH Pangaea, Allagash 10th ann ale,1 DH Aprihop, 1 DH Immortale,1 DH old school barley wine,1 Victory Hop Wallop, 1 Cottrell old yankee ale, Riverhorse summer blond,Paper City hop monster, Southampton secret ale. Great trade! Packaging was great! Will trade with John anytime!
Jul 2005 Sregnar35 JJPM74 sent me a Westvleteren 12 and a freebee Kulmbacker Eisbock! Everything was packed perfectly, and shipped before I knew it. They got to my house in 1 day! Enjoy that Wailing Wench John!
Jun 2005 beeryum John sends some nice IIPAs to Atlanta for me. 1 Smutty Big A IPA, 2 Victory Hop Wallops, and 1 Paper City Hop Monster. And he tosses in an additional PC Hop Monster and a Cottrell Old Yankee Ale! Great communications, even in the face of not-the-promptest communications from my part. Great trader and look forward to trading with him again.
Jun 2005 footbalm John sent 12 brews perfectly packed in styro.Communication was super as was the selection of brews.2 Ciders:Apple Dave’s Stone Fence and Putney Mountain Winerys Zeke’s Russet,Hooker Liberator Doppelbock,Old marley and Imperial Porter,2 Paper City Hop Monsters,2 New England Three Judges,2 brews from Rock Art Brewery and a Farmhand Ale fromHylands Sturbridge.Very nice trade indeed.
May 2005 Terminus Jjpm74 sent me 1 smuttynose Big A IPA, 1 hyland farmland ale, 1 1ltr thomas hooker imperial porter and a bonus DFH rasion de etre. Well packaged and got here before i thought it would. thanks dude!
May 2005 Eyedrinkale My second trade with John and it’s a good one. He shipped me a Chaotic Chemistry and a Three Judges BW. Along with some extras and excellent packaging. Trade with this nice dude if you can. Thanks !!!
May 2005 hopdog John sent me Paper, Three Judges Barleywine, ’02 Newport Storm & as an extraCity Hop Monster. He shipped on Thursday and the box arrived on Friday!
May 2005 zathrus13 John sent me a Putney Heirloom Cuvee and a Thomas Hooker Imperial Porter. Also included were two bonus’, Rock Art Whitetail and Rock Art Ridge Runner. A nice trade with fast shipping and great packaging. I hope to trade with him again.
May 2005 auerbrau John pulled through with a nice seasonal rarity in Allagash Grand Cru. Well packed and quite quick!