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Jul 2015 jredmond Bill and I set up a 12-beer trade centered around some Hill Farmstead for some Tahoe Mtn & Lost Abbey. Got my box yesterday and it was a great treat after returning home from some unexpected appendicitis surgery. Bill is the classic example of what ratebeer trading is all about - provided numerous extras all of weird stuff I havent tried or heard of PLUS a little variety bag of stickers, coasters,
Feb 2015 reggiedunlop Wow! Bill sent the agreed upon beer and a ton of extras! Super generous and great to work with. Don’t hesitate to trade with him. Cheers Bill!
Jun 2014 bu11zeye Oh my! Bill sent another rocking box of Cali beers with nice extras, magnets, recipes, knife, bottle opener, and lots of stickers. Many thanks! Looking forward to the next one!
Jun 2014 ReedM Great box! I hit Bill up randomly a while back inquiring about various things in his cellar. We got to a nice agreement, and he sent a fresh 6 bottle shipper! Trying to hoard a few more things to pay him back with lol! Cheers!
Nov 2013 bu11zeye Bill sent another awesome box of Cali goodies with a bunch of quality extras. Great trade all around as usual. I am ready to setup our next monthly trade!
Aug 2013 Unclerudy awesome box from the OTM BIF! Thanks!
Aug 2013 bu11zeye Damn!!! 2nd trade with Bill. Bill went way above and beyond. I believe we settled on 6 bottles each and he sends 12!!! Not just 6 extras, but 6 high quality brews that are perfect for my beer tastes. He also threw in some random swag to showoff some more. Trade with this guy! You wont be disappointed.
Jul 2013 Rosebud butternuts Bill sends me a great box in his usual great fashion. He sent me some BA goodies along with several others that I am anxious to try. He also sent along a shirt, key chain, knife, sticker, and a coaster. Great trade as usual!!
Jul 2013 bu11zeye Bill sent me an awesome sixer from Cali as well as some very "sharp" extras! Easy trade. Styro shipper. Will hopefully trade with Bill again soon.
May 2013 IrishBoy Bill came for a tasting and brought a case of beers I had not rated (and except for a couple pale lager tickers they were all good beers). Bill always goes above and beyond what he needs to do. Thanks again Bill!!!!
Mar 2013 Guerde Bill once again sends an incredible box of West Coast beers I’ve never tried including the Ruhstaller line of beers, Sang Noir, and Epic Project 2. Everything was expertly packed as always, and he even included some breweriana (I’ll be wearing that shirt) along with a pocket knife. Thanks again for the great trade!
Feb 2013 beachbum25 Contacted Bill looking for a Stone 09.09.09 & he bundled it up in a sweet Left Coast 6 pack Styro along with an Anchorage Tide/Takers/Triple, Black Raven Vertegenwoordigen, Lost Abbey Angels Share, Old Rasputin Anniversary Bourbon Barrel, & Russian River Damnation! Excellent communiction & a great trader!
Jan 2013 timfoolery Traded with the man, the myth, the legend...Bill, today face-to-face. There’s no more fun than to talk with a fellow RateBeerian, swap stories and beer! Bill hooked me up with some vintage offerings, including 2008 Dissident, FW14, Uncle Jacob, and batch 1 Parabola. Thanks bud, can’t wait for round 2!
Dec 2012 mixmasterob Sick trade with Bill. He answered my request for an Uncle Jacob’s and we up’ed it to a 12 for 12. Firestone Walker 13, ’06 Expedition, Bell’s 7k, Speedway, Cascade Sang Noir, BB Hairy Cow Wee Heavy and Smoking Wood just to name a few. Awesome box!
May 2012 bittermestupid Bill is an awesome guy to trade with. Fast, smooth and well packaged are the best ways to describe this trade with Bill. He sent me some Russian River sours, Lost Abbey beers, some fresh Hop bombs and 3 extras, one of them was from my wants list! He tossed in some pocket knives and some beer coasters as well! Thanks and can’t wait to do this again!
May 2012 Rosebud butternuts once again bill sent me a message with a tracking # letting me know that beer was on the way. He always finds the neatest 12 bottle packing boxes. Thanks for all the great beer!! Will get one back out shortly.
Feb 2012 Guerde Received an impressive array of beers from Bill including Speedway, Grand Cru, CL Xtra Gold, STFO, RR Temp., Courage RIS, SA Tasman, and a whole host of other beers I haven’t heard of. Also included as extras were some pocket knives and beer coasters! Thanks Bill!
Jan 2012 Rosebud butternuts I am not even sure how many trades this makes between us, but it doesn’t disappoint. Bill sent a 12 bottle shipper that included highlights like 50/50, FW 15, TJ’s 2011, plead the 5th and among others. Awesome stuff and can’t wait to try them all.
Dec 2011 dimenhetfield Bill helped me out big time. Asked if he had some Mikkeller’s to offer and in no time at all they were at my front door. Would trade with any day of the week.
Dec 2011 Rosebud butternuts Bill repacked my box to him and sent it out in his usual fashion. I was thrilled to see a couple batch 23 damnations along with several other great looking beers. I hope bill enjoys his return box.
Oct 2011 Rosebud butternuts Bill sent me a message to let me know that he was sending beer completely out of the blue. Always packed great and arrives quick. can’t wait to tear into the de molen, stillwater, evil twin, and anchorage brewing. Great trader as always!!! Thanks Bill.
Aug 2011 Rosebud butternuts Dooh....I didn’t realize that I left bill feedback!! I think I drank to much the night before and left feedback without remembering. Oh well, it happens.
Aug 2011 Rosebud butternuts Bill is just a complete madman when it comes to sending beer!! I had just sent him a box and because it was to easy to pack he sent it right back to me. He sent some killer looking brews from odell, stone collaboration, and some others that I can’t wait to try. So all in all I would rate this trade a 48 out of a possible 10. bill rocks!!
Aug 2011 Rosebud butternuts Bill and I have been sending beer back and forth now for a couple of years now. He is constantly surprising me with beer. The latest box included a big john and other nice looking beers that I can’t wait to try. He also threw in a snappy looking shirt and some coasters. It’s always a pleasure trading with bill.
Jul 2011 michael-pollack Bill and I arranged a nice trade back in March, and I am just leaving him feedback now (sorry). He sent me a dozen of my West Coast wants in an expertly packaged box. It was shipped and arrived very quickly. I would be more than happy to trade with Bill again.
Jul 2011 Schultsc Very easy, smooth trade. Great communication. Fast shipping. A pleasure to deal with. Thank you very much.
Jun 2011 chibuck My first trade with Bill and everything was great. I got Romulan Ale, FW 12 & 13, and three local ticks for some Kuhnhenn and Chicago locals. Great packaging and the best extra ever!
Jun 2011 Rosebud butternuts Yet another beer delivery from Bill. He hooked me up with 6 very interesting beers sent in the usual cardboard shippers. I can’t wait to try that Fegley’s BA insiduous along with the great divide grand cru and rubicon hopsauce.
Apr 2011 Rosebud butternuts Bill hooked me up as usual. Sent a a box of six special brews that I can’t wait to drink. The captain Lawrence smoke from the oak wine barrel looks very inviting. I hope we can keep sending beers back in forth without me running out of beers to send.
Jan 2011 scrizzz Dude just sent me a great 3 bottle shipper with two bottles of Odonata Saison and a bottle of Napa Smith Crush. Can’t wait to share these.
Jan 2011 Rosebud butternuts bill sent me a big ol box compared to the tiny one he received from me. he sent along a velvet merlin, some iron horse brews, cricket hill, mammoth, and hermitage brews. bill is an A++ trader. anyone is lucky to have him as a trade buddy.
Dec 2010 Guerde Bill sent a massive amount of beer, including Ichabod 09, all FOUR of the SN Anniversary Series, Odonata Saison, GT Weizen, Golden Trout, Fireside Chat, Rio Grande IPA, Total Eclipse Black Ale, beer coasters, and even more beer! Everything was, as always, expertly packed and the delivery was very quick. Bill’s a great trader, and I highly recommend trading with him.
Dec 2010 Rosebud butternuts guess who is back leaving feedback for bill again. he sent me some trader joes 08-10, FSW14, some unibroue, ed hardy, and several other interesting looking beers. i really appreciate bills kindness towards me and i look forward to meeting him one day. thanks as always bill!!
Oct 2010 Rosebud butternuts received yet another box from bill today just a couple days after him receiving mine. he sent along a 12 bottle shipper with hop pursuit, sawyers triple, new world wheat, rubicon rosebud, lauging dog csb, and a few others. we must have one of the most lucrative trading arrangements on RB.
Oct 2010 cakanator Another great trade with Bill! Got in my highly wanted Imperial Eclipses EC and HH with a nice Cascade Sang Rouge/Mouton. Great extras spotting me some alaskan bw, peak XV, and a pumpkin beer from utah! So good, thanks!!
Oct 2010 Rosebud butternuts and here i am again filling out more trade info for bill. if there is one person i can keep bragging on it is bill. he sent a 12 bottles styro that contained lots of hoppy goodness. i am really looking forward to the shipwrecked, rampage, and mikkeller bacon beer!! watch out for the next texas box!!
Oct 2010 cakanator Amazing box, fram amarosa, damnation 23, dissident, supplication, cascade kriek and napa bonfire. Amazing deal, lots of amazing. Great trader, hope to do more with in the future!
Sep 2010 Rosebud butternuts bill sent a ton of stuff my way. as usual he packs, communicates, and delivers like a pro. I am looking forward the the new glarus enigma, alpine gold, ithica brute, 2005 baladin, mana wheat, alpine ned, and a few others that are slipping my mind at the moment!!
Aug 2010 Rosebud butternuts hahahaha i wonder how many more trades i can get in a row with bill. this man is a beer sending machine. i can never run out of positive things to say about this guy. he sent along 13 bottles. mikkeller to via from, rubicon ipa, hoppy face amber and ipa, and bootlegger’s black phoenix are just a few to mention. top notch as always...thanks bill!!
Aug 2010 Rosebud butternuts and the hits just keep coming. bill is one heck of a beer trader. his generosity goes above and beyond the call of duty. he just keeps sending gems my way. i cant wait to try that amarosa this wednesday evening!! thanks again bill and i hope you enjoy those covey beers.
Aug 2010 notalush Excellent first trade with Will - he sent three, count ’em, three bottles of Odonata Saison, as well as Napa Smith Lost Dog, Pike BA Stout, and Sudwerk Imperial Pils - crazy generosity, as I only offered up a few beers - packed like I had ordered from an online merchant - hopefully not my only trade with him - thanks!
Jul 2010 Rosebud butternuts holy mother of Barrel Aged boxes batman!!! got another box 3-4 days later, AGAIN. this one included some fantastic beers that i am anxious to try. J.W. lees harvest port, supplication batch 4, SS stingo, parabola, temptation, and a barbaroja!!!! i just cant say enough about the generosity of Bill.
Jul 2010 Rosebud butternuts 4 days later and i had another box from bill. He sent along a very nice selection of brews. Czar’s tar, Rouge single malt, Serwerk Imperial pilsner, lips of faith belgian blonde, and a couple of other tasty brews. Bill continues to shine with his generousity.
Jul 2010 Rosebud butternuts yet another solid trade with the cali/tex connection. bill sent me a mikkeller red/white/christmas, wandering aengus bloom, pocono lager, el camino, and a rubicon esb. always packed like a champ. bill is one of the most generous people i have traded with. i am still playing catch up on all these boxes.
Jun 2010 SuzyGreenberg Just completed a great trade with Bill where he hooked me up with some bottles of Odonata Saison plus 3 cool looking extras that I never heard of, one which contains flying monkeys!! Super easy going trade all around and would do again anytime; thanks Bill!!
Jun 2010 Rosebud butternuts ok so here i am leaving feedback for bill again before i sent him out another box. this time he included 4 odonata saisons, a la playa, and a trouble brewing amber ale. bill continues to out do me with his generosity. Maybe one day i can manage to repay him.
Jun 2010 Rosebud butternuts thanks again for another solid box!! bill sent some small hand bottles of penguin, tokyo*, melia, and sink the bismark. he also sent along a few other nice brews as well. bill also sent me a shirt with the package. its always a pleasure trading with bill.
Jun 2010 Styles Long overdue. Bill sent some stellar stuff awhile back. 1 very elusive Rorie’s Ale, along with a Damnation, Pliny the Elder and 6 extra’s including SN Torpedo, SN Celebration, Caldera IPA, Maui Big Swell IPA, 21st Brew Free or Die IPA, and a couple others. Thanks again Bill, much appreciated.
May 2010 Rosebud butternuts i dont even think bill had been in the back in the country for more than a week and he was already sending a box out my way. he sent a 10 below, aspall cuvee chevallier HB, HB chaucers mead, tule duck, lost continent, and a pere noel. thanks bill!!! should have your box out next week.
Apr 2010 Rosebud butternuts guess who is leaving feedback again for bill. got another box today and it was a dandy. packed good as always this box contained a purple wax fifty fifty, rubicon red ale, romulan ale, mad river serious madness, brewdog basah, and a cider that i cant spell. thanks again to a generous RB’ian.
Mar 2010 Rosebud butternuts bill has completely out done me with his generosity. when he found out that my daughter was sick and in the hospital, he quickly threw together an awesome cheer up package. i cant believe the quality of beers that he sent. thanks again bill and i hope to meet up with you one day.
Feb 2010 Rosebud butternuts bill sent a box back to me the same day he received mine. he sent me a RR supplication, cucapa obscura, serious madness, and some really awesome knives. thanks again bill!! a pleasure as always.
Feb 2010 Guerde Bill sent another copious amount of beer which included Decadence 09, KS Porter, Mendocino Black Eye Ale, Autumn Lager, and Golden, as well as Bashah and Uberhoppy! Also included in the box were three Frost pocketknives!! Thanks again!
Feb 2010 HopsChalice8938 Bill hooked me up with some great west coast beer including my highly desired Dissident as well as Firestone 13, Uberhoppy, Supplication, Redemption and a bonus bomber of Napa Smith Bonfire Imperial Porter! Nice styro shipper... great communication and quick shipping. Excellent trader and very generous! Thanks Bill!
Feb 2010 Rosebud butternuts woo hoo i am the 20th trade for bill. i have traded with bill many times and he never lets me down. he sent many handbottles that included the bruery, BFM, and others. sent along a sonoran 200, wasatch white label, and so much more. bill continues to be ever so generous. thanks bill.
Jan 2010 Rosebud butternuts before i knew it bill was sending me another box out. this one had 3 more knives and 3 handbottles of some fine brews. some other beers inside were old boardhead, total eclipse, 3 lockdown brews, stony face, sleighr, grand imperial porter, and a page 24 biere de noel. great stuff as always bill. super generous guy.
Jan 2010 Rosebud butternuts after asking a favor of bill next thing i know i am getting a box in the mail with way more than i asked of him. was surprised to see a collection of 3 frost knives that he sent along which happens to be one of my favorite knife makers. the beers were a mess of 3 moa brewing beers, noel des geants, and a couple of hand bottles. looks like i still owe you bill.
Jan 2010 Rosebud butternuts i just cant send beer to bill fast enough before i have another box at my door. today i got a big ol box busting at the seams with beer. they include sonoma springs ISIS, black orchard, TJ’s 08-09, christmas bock, furious, mad belgian, and so much more. thanks again bill and looks like i am behind a box yet again.
Jan 2010 Rosebud butternuts once again my california connection does it again. he sent me a 12 bottle styro shipper filled with goodies. life and limb, FW 13, old humbug, tower of london, viking blod, big hoppy monster, a variety of the new michelob, and a couple others that are slipping my mind at the moment. bill continues to ship great beer my way!!
Dec 2009 Rosebud butternuts just opened another awesome box from bill. once again he goes above and beyond. he sent 12 beers which include: pike entire wood aged, valley brew IPA, diabhal, apis royal mead, nelson, zinne bir, luna blanca, london tavern, handbottle of another mead, on and on. Bill’s great is all i can say!!
Nov 2009 allendodd He just wanted a few more Furious, so I sent him two four-packs. (who wouldn’t want such a great guy to have as much of such a great beer as possible.) He reciprocated with six bombers of some really interesting beers, some high rated beers, and some curiosities. In two trades with bhensonb he has given me so much more than I him, that I am starting to feel like a piker. Great- generous tr
Nov 2009 Rosebud butternuts i think this is my fifth trade with bill and once again he out does me. in a 12 bottle styro shipper he sends me 13 beers!! 06 and 07 trader joes, 2 black xantus, a rories, and a black raven something or a another, plus more. thanks bill for another great trade!!!
Oct 2009 Cletus In a great trade, Bill hooked me up with Rories, Redemption, and lots of other goodies. Thanks for the great trade!
Oct 2009 Guerde Great trade from Bill. He sent a Pizza Port SYNERGY, Uberhoppy, Duet, Horny Devil, 06 Pannepot, Iniquity, AND bonused some nice canned IPAs from the West Coast. The box was expertly packed, shipping was lightning quick, and communication was great. If you ever get the chance, I’d highly recommend trading with Bill.
Oct 2009 allendodd Bhensonb has made me a great trade. He came looking for some n. midwestern beers and returned the favor with some truly great beers. A Dissident and a Temptation call to me as I type, and two generations of the Abyss sing their sirens’ song from the cellar. An Older Viscosity waits for an oil change, and I’m feeling stingy by comparison with bhensonb’s beers. Trade with him.
Sep 2009 Rosebud butternuts another insane trade with bill. 2 boxes containing a handbottle of blushing monk and Apis. so many beers bill sent i cant fit them all in the allotted text. some highlights are batch 23/46, ballast point sculpin, firestone union jack, slow elk, and a Westy 8 as a total shock. bill is a generous and top notch trader. never disappointed.
Sep 2009 Rosebud butternuts holy rusted metal batman!! we had something set up for a few beers and next thing i know an 18 bottle styro shipper lands on my doorstep. 2 old raspy XII’s, menage a singe, mount st. helena IPA, indian wells blackout stout, southern oregon porter, ballast dorado, paint the town red, moonstone porter, pike IPA, juggernaut ale. he out does me again!
Aug 2009 barncatmatt bill sent me: Buckbean Black Noddy Lager, Maui Brewing CoCoNuT Porter, Caldera Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA, Hoppy Total Eclipse Black Ale, Cháu Tiên Pale Ale, Deschutes Mirror Mirror Barleywine, Russian River Pliny the Elder, Russian River Blind Pig IPA, Russian River Consecration, Russian River Damnation, and Tied House Menage a Singe. amazing stuff, well packed and 1 week from cali
Jul 2009 Rosebud butternuts second trade with bill went over just as smooth as the first one. its a pleasure trading with with him each time. he is very fair on trade request. in a perfectly packed shipper i received 15 beers!! among those were menage a singe, damnation, damnation 23/46, big swell ipa, and many more. bill is a great trader. looking forward to the next one!!
Jun 2009 bulldogp04 Bill is an awesome trader. Lightning fast shipping, great communication, and excellent packaging. He is a very fair trader and will go out of his way to help you get something you may never see in your area or region. CHeers Bill !!!
Jun 2009 Rosebud butternuts bill offered me one of my long awaited wants so i jumped on the offer. in a shipper he sent many gems a FW 12, Mirror Mirror, Lost Dog, jagged edge, torpedo, little sumpin, black noddy, coconut porter, and caldera pale ale. communication was great with bill. cant wait to try all these great beers and look forward to our next trade. thanks for the FW 12 bill, cant wait to try it.
May 2009 douglas88 It all started when I requested a few Romulan Ales, Bill said he would throw a few things in: he sent two Romulans, RR Damnation, Caldera IPA, Sierra Nevada Torpedo, Black Noddy, Jagged Edge IPA, Chau Tien and Bonfire. Wow! This guy went above and beyond and hooked it up big time! Thanks a ton Bill!
Mar 2009 CaptainCougar Bill sent me a great selection of obscure things from Northern California (Hoppy Brewing, Brew it Up!, and Napa Smith), not only the 8 agreed upon beers, but 4 bonuses! All nicely packed in a styro shipper. He went out of his way to ship early to accomodate my travel schedule. Trade with him if you get a chance! Thanks again!
Mar 2009 Acknud Great trader. Sent me some awesome brews: Temptation, Dissident, Walker XII, Sierra Nevada Torpedo, Rubicon IPA, Le Merle, Total Eclipse, and a moonstone porter! Thanks man!