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Sep 2017 Clownoisseur I answered Hoff's trade post and easily worked out a swap. Very laid back trader, bullet proof packing and loaded me with extras. A+ all around! Let's do it again. Cheers!
Jun 2017 andrewje41 Awesome time trading with Kyle. It was no trouble at all getting my hands on a special release he was looking for from the Seattle area, so we swapped some local brews in the process. Kyle went totally overboard with the selection in return. Very generous. A ton of great locals from MN, including a lot of Fair State. Exactly what I was looking for! Great time trading, while our baseball
Apr 2017 b3shine Kyle and I made a bet on a March Madness game, and expanded so both of us ended up with a box. Not only did he send me some awesome sours I can’t wait to dive into; he also hooked me up with a 5-month old APA from Toppling Goliath he cellared on top of his furnace all winter! Thanks, Hoffbro! Trade with confidence.
Mar 2017 Homer321 TheKyle69 sent me a pretty chill 12 pack of beer including some great Fair state stuff. I think he may be in love with a brewer there or something. I dunno. All the beers were great and packed and shipped like a pro. T. Hanks bro!
Nov 2016 StefanSD Great box from Kyle. He sent me a bunch of MN ticks and went above and beyond what was necessary. Will trade with him anytime. Thanks a million.
Nov 2016 riversideAK Hoff sent a great box full of awesome Minnesota beer. I would trade with him anytime. Thanks man!
Jul 2016 phaleslu Kyle sent me a nice big box with a bunch of MN cans and a nice baby gift, just out of the kindness of his big heart. Thanks a ton, Kyle! Looking forward to getting you back once you drop a useful load!
Jun 2016 Beerman6686 Got a box 5 months after we set up the trade, containing many old as shit IPAs. Excellent trader.
May 2016 Ed5388 Hoff hooked me up with a sweet box of locals for winning his FBW 2016 photoshop trolling contest! Much thanks for the new rates bro! A bunch of new rates and some WL beers! Very generous trader! Thanks again! Cheers
Mar 2016 Homer321 Kyle sent me a great box of MN beers, including some Fair State stuff that I have been hunting. Packed like a pro and great beer. What else can you ask for? Thanks
Mar 2016 DietPepsican chill bro sent me a trappist brew
Nov 2015 MaxxDaddy Got an excellent box from Kyle for the BIF. Tremendous extras to go along with the agreed upon brews. So much beer to take down...thanks a bunch!
Sep 2015 phaleslu Hoff answered my call for some Todd the Axe Man and Eight, throwing in plenty of extra local/regional cans in the process. Great dude. Cheers, Hoff!
Aug 2015 Homer321 Kyle drops 13 cans of beer into a 12 pack shipper and sends it my way yet again! Great beers including Surly and Indeed hoppiness. Thanks Kyle!
Jun 2015 Drake Took a little while, but Kyle sent me an awesome box of local beers from the midwest for Free Beer Week. Well packed. Thanks!
Mar 2015 BMart Free Beer Week! - HOFF sent me a nice box of local cans for winning his contest. Thanks for hosting the contest and sending me some free brews...Cheers!
Mar 2015 CharmCityCrab Received package as part of free beer week. Shipped very promptly and sent me a tracking number via BM. Great selection of beers, including a Russian Imperial Stout! A++. Very generous. I think you’ll be happy if you choose him as a beer trading partner.
Feb 2015 AdamChandler Great communication, we settled on some $4$ trades and I couldn’t be happier with the bottles. 2 of them froze slightly but hoff agreed to send more bottles if the beer contents were ruined. Very much appreciated.
Feb 2015 bytemesis Yep, Kyle is the shit. I BM’ed him out of the blue ’cause i heard that Dark Knight was on tap, and a growler was heading my way before we even discussed what I would send him! Great guy, but he must really like to lose trades :)
Jan 2015 Homer321 After 80 trades, I can’t add anything that hasn’t been said. Kyle just dropped a six pack styro shipper with surly darkness, eight, some various bonus beer, a new state tick, and a growler whale! Just because I mailed him a glass!
Dec 2014 JoeTheYounger Kyle sent me a 14’ Surly Darkness in exchange for 4 fresh Pliny’s. Sent the following extras... Surly Hell, Surly FEST, Founders Harvest Ale, Big Wood Wicked EX, Bent Paddle Black, Bent Paddle Golden IPA. Great guy to trade with.
Nov 2014 phaleslu Kyle hooked me up with the new Darkness along with two other Surly cans and some random garbage. Great packaging and steady communication throughout. Top-notch trader. Cheers, Kyle!
Nov 2014 michcam8 hoff hooked me up with rare minn. and nebraska ticks...out of the kindest of his heart! well packaged, great communication and bonus jolly ranchers! would definitely trade with hoff again.
Aug 2014 WillRunForBeer Drunk Kyle started a contest to get more people on the RateBeer Folding Team, and I entered. Finally got me folding, and folding me won his little contest. Sober Kyle came through with a cool box with a few locals I haven’t tried and a SD spruce beer (new state for me!) Big thanks!
Jul 2014 doublechar0517 Nice quick and easy trade with Hoff. Great packaging, great communication and solid extras.
Jun 2014 Homer321 Hoff sent me a box of awesome Steel Toe and Surly love for some blueberry crap from Florida and other garbage beer. Awesome guy. Dog looks cool too!
May 2014 misterbeer After patiently waiting,Kyle came thru in a big way with some nice surely brews
May 2014 foppa78 Another great trade with Hoff and his dog. They sent me some sweet brews all packed nicely in a styro shipper. Much cool. So chill. Great trader
Apr 2014 GTAEgeek Kyle came through in ludicrous fashion with a Michelob Golden Light! Can’t wait to tick that one! Also, a New Glarus Serendipity. And some goldfish crackers. Seriously, I ate the goldfish immediately.
Apr 2014 Ibrew2or3 I was able to get Kyle some hoppy local growlers and in return he went gonzo and sent me 7! What!? Awesome. Great thought out selection that I can’t wait to dig into . Thanks again. Great trader that I’d trade with again any time.
Apr 2014 MaxxDaddy Kyle sent me a box for free beer week. Got some nice MN locals and some other random garbage that I’ll take to the dome some time. Cheers to your generosity!
Mar 2014 dmac I posted an ISO and Kyle hooks me up big time. Without even expecting anything in return Kyle sends me the beer I want x 2, a beer I will probably regret drinking and a beer that looks sweet. Karma train coming back at ya.
Mar 2014 northernbrews HOFF hooked it up with a free premium membership for free beer week! Thanks again!
Feb 2014 douglas88 Kyle hooked me up again! Awesome box, Darkness and loads of great extras. Thanks man. Even the Minnesota winter couldn’t stop you!
Feb 2014 mikem409 flawless trade with Da hoff excellent bottle and chill extras.
Dec 2013 DietPepsican Hoffbro (+doge) dropped a hot box on my doorstep. Packed well, no extras as agreed on. Solid.
Dec 2013 obguthr TheHOFF43 sent me a generous box of beers and one mead as part of a local swap (which he initiated). Styro shippers, too.
Aug 2013 drowland Score! Box for RBSH3 comes through with a triple IPA to tick, Surly goodness, and some random garbage! SCORE! LOTS OF DOGE HAIR!
Aug 2013 umich03jm I answered Kyle’s ISO and we worked out great trade. He hooked me up with some Surly that I haven’t tried and other Wants. Would love to work out another trade in the future.
Aug 2013 bytemesis Quick and easy trade with Kyle, per usual. Hard to remember, but he was my second trade partner ever, back in the day. Thanks man!
Aug 2013 Jesterdeal Many thanks to KHoffman. Traded him a couple bottles on faith and he sent me some great locals and extras. Some Surly, New Glarus and a Bells Batch 9000. Great guy with a great outlook. Many thanks, Kyle.
Aug 2013 GhostFace Quick and easy trade with Kyle. Great communication, packaged well and shipped quick.. I hope to work with Kyle I the future! Thanks!
Jul 2013 hamilton23 Quick locals for craft can trade. Kyle sent me some midwest canned goodies. Thanks
Jul 2013 Homer321 Hoffdog hooked it up with some Surly wants. Quick, super easy communication, easy and awesome guy to work with. Still refuses to send doge though. I’ll slowly break him down
Jul 2013 DietPepsican hoffbro hooked me up with 2 bottles of OE 3.2%. Wales. Also included some rice which I’m going to cook up later because I’m poor. Thanks bro!
Jun 2013 arminjewell Perfectly packed, quick shipping for a couple of MN/IA goodies. Great communication as well, will look forward to the next one!
Jun 2013 drowland hoffBRO hooks a brother up with some BADASS brews like a muhfucken STEEL TOE LUNKER, whatever that means. I think it’s something sexual. And some extras, also sexual. In fact, I’m not sure there was even beer in the box, also sexual.
Jun 2013 mikem409 quick easy trade for toppling Goliath sue
Jun 2013 crajun Kyle shipped to me as part of local swaps 3. He went well ABOVE the limits and sent a great box - all new beers to me! Founders, Surly (overrated!), Third Street, Indeed, Great Lakes, and more! Kyle is great; he even organizes these local swaps; thanks again!!
May 2013 Homer321 WOOOHOOOO, I am number 50 and I got a great box from Kyle. No Doge, but plenty of awesome beer from Minnesota. He shipped the agreed upon beer and some awesome extras! Looking forward to an awesome MN Trade buddy!
May 2013 DietPepsican kyle shipped me a 12 pack of surly cans and half a doge. Double boxed. Thanks!
May 2013 StFun Another solid trade with Kyle. 2 packs of Surly plus extra. Everything arrived safe and sound, just as expected. Always a pleasure. Thanks!!
May 2013 foppa78 Kyle sent me 2 awesome bottles. Steel Toe Lunker and Surly Pentagram in a nice 2 bottle shipper. Cant wait to try these!!
Apr 2013 jmikolich Kyle isnt very good at slowing down with trades, but I’m glad, He sends me a box of Surly Overrated, some Indeed stuff and Steel Toe. My Fav MN Breweries, and doesnt even care what I send him back. Good Dude. Good Packaging. Good Communication. Good Add to RB.
Apr 2013 RABinCO Got a box full of totally overrated garbage from this bro. The shipping was pretty overrated and the whole time we were communicating I was like, "i think this whole situation is a bit overrated." gonna drink some tonight and probably end up overrating it.
Apr 2013 foppa78 khoffman43. Please stop spamming my front porch with boxes of beer. Thank you -foppa
Mar 2013 cubs Fucken post tab issue. Delete button doesn’t work. Subtract one successful trade from Kyle’s impressive trade count, please.
Mar 2013 cubs Kyle sent me a free fucken a bro bronus box for for free beer week. What man would love to get Morning Wood from another guy? Bronus. 2x Brau Bronuses. Little Yellow Red Bull can of Barleywine. Bronus. Lucid IPA. Bronus. Another MN beer. Bronus. Fucken a bro.
Mar 2013 OmegaX Boom! Kyle killed it with an awesome box including a Surly Pentagram and two BA Central Waters brews. This box was bomb-proof, too. Awesome!!
Mar 2013 Ed5388 I donated to Kyle’s MS fund drive and won 3rd place in his beer raffle. He sent me an awesome package! 6 bottle styro shipper packed with 10 beers! A Bomber of Surly Sÿx, Multiple Surly bender, furious, abrasive, hell and a founders old curmudgeon! Thanks for the awesome package and for raising money for a great cause! Your a stand up guy! Thanks again!
Feb 2013 StFun Kyle helped me big time with my search for Satan beer and also to hook a local friend up with Satan beer. Satan beer is the best beer. This dude is awesome. And Satan beer is also awesome. Thanks!
Feb 2013 jtclockwork Nice box from Kyle in the local for local trade. WL beer from Olvalde plus some interesting beers from Viking, Surly and others. Nice selection. Thanks!
Feb 2013 blutt59 Kyle sent me a nice box of some long time wants and his well regarded tutorial on atomic and molecular properties . Well packed in a candle box with a bag from Starbucks.
Feb 2013 markwise Kyle sent me a 6-bottle shipper full of Minnesota love. Well packed and quick shipped. Cheers, Kyle!
Feb 2013 bytemesis Another great box from Kyle landed today in perfect condition, full of surly want list beers and other great stuff. I will be digging in tomorrow! Thanks again to a great trader.
Jan 2013 Pailhead Kyle sent a great selection for a Ratebeer fantasy football league. He sent Boom Island Thoprock IPA, Fat Heads Headhunter, Valkyrie Abby Normal and Blaze Orange, NG Laughing Fox, Third Street Bitter Neighbor Black IPA , Surly Abrasive and Hell, Indeed Day Tripper Pale Ale and Midnight Ryder Black Ale. Great packaging and communication. Thanks Kyle!
Jan 2013 jbickus Great trade with Kyle again! Fast shipping, easy comunication, and some nice Indeed extras!
Jan 2013 UDBeernut Kyle ran the Local 4 Local Chapter 1 Group Trade. Hooked me up with treats from Indeed, Surly, Fulton, and a Zombie Dust to boot. Quick ship, well packed, excellent communication. A++++ trader
Dec 2012 mnmike Great in person trade for some Dogfish Head and Cigar City.
Dec 2012 JStax Kyle hooked me up with a ton of Surly, several lesser known Minnesota beers, and a couple beers that don’t make it my way. Great styro shipper packing, and great communication. Would definitely trade with Kyle again.
Dec 2012 mcberko Another awesome trade with Kyle, involving some HotD stuff and local IPAs, for some Minnesota locals and a Darkness (!). Superb communication, super fast shipping and well-packed box. One of the best guys to trade with for sure.
Dec 2012 joeneugs Awesome trade with Kyle! He delivered the goods and then bonused some great beers including some want list items. Communication and packaging were second to none. I really hope we continue these trades in the future.
Dec 2012 jmikolich I was Kyle’s secret Santa, and he nailed it, working with an impossible WL he traded to make my WL beers, awesome guy and great to have met him in person, a class act and a great gain for the RB community
Dec 2012 antronnn Second trade with Kyle. Came through with a couple wants and some solid extras. Great guy, highly recommend trading with him!
Dec 2012 Billicus From contest Kyle went above and beyound! sent the 4 pack of Big eddy plus 2 extras, Fast delivery and keep me up to date, Great trader! Also want to add that those beers were major kick butt good, and great guy!
Nov 2012 drfabulous For our second trade, Kyle sent me some Serendipity, a Steel Toe and a couple of Indeed cans. Great trader! Always a pleasure.
Nov 2012 mikem409 another good trade with kyle sent a darkness and killer extras!
Nov 2012 vw73182 Received a well packaged box of Darkness and Furious along with a local extra. Thank you and cheers
Nov 2012 Lukaduke Got the infamous 12pk Styroshipper today...it was packed full of wonderful beer from MN that Ive been dying to try including some Surly and Brau Bros. Looking forward to keeping the link. Great communication and packaging. Thanks !
Nov 2012 ChiTownPackFan There’s a reason I keep trading with Kyle! Darkness, Coffee Bender, a couple great locals and he tracked down a Double Simcoe that a friend of mine needed for a gap in his tasting. Great Trader!
Nov 2012 burgy Thanks for meeting up with me and hooking me up with some Darkness from D-Day when I could not make it! You are a true Minnesotan and a great RateBeerian! I will trade with you in the future. I can feel it.
Oct 2012 dfhhead25 Kyle put up a thread inviting people to guess his dog’s name for free beer. I put forward my guess, got lucky, and received a very nice box of beers including local Minnesota stuff from Surly and other Minnesota breweries. Thanks again Kyle and Rogue (Kyle’s dog’s name)!
Oct 2012 bittermestupid Kyle and I did an in person trade on Darkness eve. He was quick to respond to PM’s and this went extremely smooth! I traded him some Hoppin Frog beers for some Surly stuff. Don’t hesitate to trade with Kyle! Thanks again! Cheers
Oct 2012 mcberko Extremely quick shipment and very easy trade of mostly Surly beers, plus a Bell’s This One Goes to 11. Superb communication and a pleasure to trade with!
Oct 2012 havok202 Everything was packaged great. Fast shipping. Great communication. Would definitely trade with him again!
Oct 2012 eelbasher Holy hell! Kyle sent a great assortment of brews. Surly, Brau Bros, and more. Would trade with anytime and looking forward to the next one!!
Oct 2012 drfabulous Kyle sent me a fantastic box of Minnesota beers. A bunch of stuff I have yet to try and some old favorites in Surly. Hope to trade again. Great communication. Everything packed well.
Oct 2012 mathieuc Kyle is really a nice person, he mostly did our trade just so I could get some Jolly Pumpkin. He included a lot of extras and he communicates like a champ! I’d trade again with him any day of the week. Packaging was perfect and he shipped first/fast. À ta santé, Kyle!
Oct 2012 bytemesis Trade for some of that elusive Surly Wet plus a few other nice cans and bottles. Great communication, great packaging, great all around. Can’t wait for our next trade!
Sep 2012 HomelessDrew Great trade for some Surly Furious, Coffee Bender and a few extras. Had a freak shipping accident where one can leaked even though it was well packed (never seen that before), but this was quickly amended.
Sep 2012 DalzAle Kyle hooks me up with a bottle of Bells Oracle and Arcadia Hopmouth DIPA in a quick in person trade. Thanks for a couple of stellar beers without the hassle of shipping!
Sep 2012 Elwood Kyle hooked me up with an awesome box of beer goodies including tons of stuff from Surly, Shorts, Third Street, and even some Zombie Dust! Awesome trader! I can’t wait to trade with him again.
Sep 2012 cbok Great trader. Shipped quick and sent me a bunch of great Surly stuff. Looking forward to more in the future.
Sep 2012 antronnn Great trader! Huge variety with a number of brews I’ve been looking to try. Shipment was expedited quickly and packaged well, will definitely be trading again. Can’t wait to try this prime selection of MN offerings!
Aug 2012 RABinCO Great local 4 local trade with Kyle. He sent 9 bottles of Surly and other midwest brews I can’t wait to try. Packaged great and shipped super fast. Would love to trade with him again.
Aug 2012 douglas88 Kyle sent a nice 6 pack of locals. Great communication and it looks like we’ve got another trader on the rise!
Aug 2012 Unclerudy Just got a four pack of coffee Bender from Kyle. He bonused me a brau brothers stout. Looking forward to trading with him again!
Aug 2012 barak316 Happy to have been one of Kyle’s first trades. Everything was packed perfectly and arrived all in one piece. He even shipped overnight to expedite the trade since we agreed for him to ship first since it was one of his first trades. I can’t wait to trade with Kyle again. Cheers!
Aug 2012 ChiTownPackFan Received a wonderful box of local MN goodness from Kyle. Communication was great, shipping was fast, and the beer is fantastic! Would not hesitate to trade with again...and I’m quite certain that I will!

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