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Apr 2017 McGrupp612 Josh sent a huge box of Indiana locals from one of his free beer week contests. The packing was bombproof and filled with 8 brews that o have yet to try. Thank you very much for your generosity!!!!
Apr 2017 Chalumeaux Awesome free beer week box from Josh. All new rates for me. Look forward to working out a trade soon. Super packing great communication. Thanks again.
Feb 2017 charule 3rd place in Ratebeer 3 fantasy football league won me a great local box from StFun/Indy. Fast shipping with great box in box packaging. Thanks again bud, till next year.
Jan 2017 Homer321 Awesome trade with Joshua for a long time want Malt Liquor. He even drove around town to find me another beer I was ISO. quick shipping and good communication. Cheers and Thanks!
May 2016 GreatDane1632 Just completed a phenominal trade with Josh. I contacted him based on some beers he had in his cellar. We worked out a trade and he sent me some awesome bonus brews! I can’t wait to try the Upland’s as well as the others he sent. Great trader!
Apr 2016 djd07 Won Josh’s Movie Poster Contest during Free Beer Week 16’. Sent a box full of awesome tallboy cans and bottles. Awesome selection and packed like a boss, would definitely like to trade with him in the future.
Apr 2016 jbruner Josh hooked it up for free beer week! Found me and told me I won, even tough I wasn’t paying attention. Killer local selection with some cool beers, even three floyds.
Apr 2016 BMart I was lucky enough to win one of his many Free Beer Week contests. He graciously sent me an excellent variety of 6 beers to enjoy. Thanks again for hosting the contest and hopefully we can do a trade in the future so I can repay the generosity. Cheers!
Apr 2016 GTAEgeek 8 tall boys of fun looking stuff! Quite a generous free box, and the most well-packed box of beer I’ve received yet!
Mar 2016 MetalNHopHead Won a free beer week contest from Josh. Send me a box full of local Indiana beers. A nice variety and some really tasty looking things from Black Acre, Tin Man, Sun King, and Central State. Cheers and thanks!
Mar 2016 Ed5388 Was a secondary winner of StFun’s FBW movie poster contest. He sent me an awesome selection of some breweries I’ve never even heard of, along with a FFF Alpha King. Super generous guy, great packing, and shipped really fast. Thank you for you generousity! Cheers
Jan 2016 dchmela Josh sent an amazing box for RB3 FF payout. Thanks again Josh!
Jan 2016 charule Big ole box from Josh for winning Ratebeer 3 Fantasy Football League. Double box packaging a ton of new rates from Indianapolis and Jackie Os. Thanks dude!
Aug 2015 Clownoisseur Josh missed the Summer Secret Santa deadline, so we decided to do a blind swap instead. Josh killed it with this box!! Sun King reserve cans, Jackie O’s, Upland, New Day and a Yazoo Sue. Wow!! Great spread of beers that I am dying to try! Would trade again with you any day Josh, just say the word! Cheers!
Aug 2015 HuskerTan Won two FREE beer boxes from Josh during FBW, both full of huge wants, one box had a few infected bottles, so what does he do? Sends yet another box with huge wants! And he practically overnighted it. I really can’t think of anyone more generous. Thank you, Josh!!!
May 2015 thebaldwizard Trade #500!!!! And josh doesn’t disappoint. He blows me away with a box containing a can of beer 30 light. Everyone knows his generous this guy is, but this was above and beyond even his own high expectations. Congrats on 500 my man.
May 2015 panicaholic Another great trade with Josh. It had been awhile since our last one but same as always great communication, packing and a good variety of stuff in the box.
May 2015 MacBoost Another great trade with Josh. Even included an extra when we agreed on no extras! Extremely generous, fast shipment great communication and packaging. A+
May 2015 pushkinwow Answered the call for something Josh wanted and left it up to him on what to send - he was way more generous then he needed to be and hopefully we can work something else out so that I can return his kindness. Highly recommended.
Apr 2015 obguthr I won one of StFun’s Free Beer Week challenges, well not really. StFun was kind enough to reward me for making the attempt even though I failed. He sent three beers which were ticks I really needed. 3F Dark Lord was one of them and one I probably would never be able to get otherwise! Great packaging and super generous!
Apr 2015 radarsock Wow -- won another ridiculously fun and unusual video challenge StFun had put together. In addition to sending me a bunch of awesome Flat 12, Triton, and Sun King brews, he also packaged barrel-aged Oil of Aphrodite bottles and a New Day mead. Thanks, man!
Apr 2015 HuskerTan Won a second contest of Josh’s and even after sending me a Dark Lord he sends me another crazy awesome box full of wants! This guy is generous as hell. Best trader around! Thanks, man!
Apr 2015 HuskerTan Josh is the most generous guy on the site. Won a free beer box from his with a Dark Lord! This guy gave me my "ultimate" beer! A HUGE thank you!
Jan 2015 puzzl Josh sent an exquisitely packed box of New Glarus, Sun King, and Jackie O’s for Fantasy Football payouts. Thanks!
Jan 2015 JCB Yawn. More ass-kickingly good beer from Josh, for FFL payouts. He sent me: Three Floyds Blot Out the Sun, Jackie O’s Oud Bruin, Jackie O’s Cellar Cuvee 2, Surly/FFF Blakkr, Sun King Cowbell, Sun King Fistful of Hops, and a bad-ass Mason jar-style Sun King glass. You’re the gold standard, brother!
Aug 2014 Glouglouburp A late feedback for a trade that took place many months ago. I just got the box now because it was delivered to a fiend of mine stateside and that reminded me to enter this feedback. More than just an awesome box of beers including a beer that has since become a major whale, Josh is probably the nicest person I’ve never met on ratebeer. A true class act.
Mar 2014 thome50 Josh sent me an insane six bottle shipper after I told him not to for being his Bruery trustee. I’ll try to hook him up with more homebrewed pickles that he can feed to his GF.
Feb 2014 soonerchamps Josh sent me an awesome box for 2nd place in Ratebeer3 Fantasy Football 2013. A sixer of fresh Hopslam and some awesome Indiana locals. Thanks for running a great league and sending a killer box. Cheers!
Feb 2014 changeup45 Josh sent me a really nice box for winning this year’s Ball for Beer league. Thanks! Stocked with wants and should-be wants from his area. Also, if you’ve ever received a box from Josh, you know the definition of bomb-proof. Top-notch!
Jan 2014 DalzAle Another random box from Josh falls on my doorstep (on my birthday no less!) Nice surprise to come home and find a Hoppin Frog Barrel Aged BORIS Van Wink(I’m always chasing unrated HF brews!) Sun King Three Floyds Royal Brat (a beer I hadn’t even heard of from two solid breweries!) Thanks again Josh, make sure to hit me up for some MN goodness soon.
Dec 2013 thebaldwizard I gave Josh a Wink in return for a Pinko. If it sounds kinky--that’s because it was. Thanks buddy!
Dec 2013 NeoHippie2 Awesome in-person trade. Josh was timely and very generous. Super nice guy too. Hopefully the first trade of many! Thank you Josh!
Nov 2013 DalzAle Met up with Josh at Darkness Day this year and even though we had nothing set up, he hands me a King Henry, 4-Bells Batch 9k, a Batch 8K and an aged bottle of Expedition Stout! On top of that, he opens a bunch of crazy bottles right off my wants list at Darkness Day while we’re in line. Thanks again my friend!
Oct 2013 JCB Josh is such a filthy heathen liar, acting like I was the generous one in the latest installation of our ongoing trade. As usual, he slays me with his generosity and is the freakin’ man. Awesome, awesome hang!!!
Oct 2013 Bacterial Great in person trade at Darkness Day! Josh was great to hang out with and brought several beers from my wants list to share! Great, generous trader! Thanks!!!
Oct 2013 emacgee Got an awesome box in the mail from Josh the other day. That dude traded for Pipeworks just to trade with me! Awesome guy. Excellently packed box, not a chance of breakage. Pipeworks Australian Summer Pipeworks MariLime Law Pipeworks Simcoe Ninja Pipeworks Glaucus New Glarus Strawberry Rhubarb/Serendipity/Wild Sour Pipeworks glass and probably other things I’m forgetting. N
Oct 2013 hopscotch I was intrigued by the bottle of Against the Grain’s Kentucky Ryed Chiquen. I mentioned it to Josh. I didn’t know how far AtG was from Indy. He said "far." Didn’t matter. He shot me a bottle in a well-packed box faster than you can say "quick." The bottle is every bit as hideous as I had hoped. Josh is one of the most generous people I know. Thanks again, my friend.
Sep 2013 wje89 Great trade, pipeworks box for a Russian river box. Pro packing and real quick shipping. Already have another trade set up for some reserve society brews!
Sep 2013 Beerman6686 In a nixece simple trade, Josh hooked me up with some FFF, flat 12, sun king stuff, as well as two great BA beers from against the grain. Thanks again man!
Sep 2013 b3shine Joshua and I set up a nice trade, and he threw in some awesome new beers as extras too. Timing and communication were great, and he packed like a pro as well. Thanks, Joshua; let’s do it again sometime!
Sep 2013 juiceisloose Josh sent another kick ass box of beer my way. He sent a sixer of Zombie Dust, some other 3 Floyd’s I’d been looking for, and some stuff from Surly and BA Barleywine from Hoppin Frog. There isn’t much else to be said about Josh except that he is one of the best. Trade with him if you get a chance. Happy to be the trustee for him for the Cigar City Catador club. Can’t wait for the next round.
Aug 2013 wheresyourball Fourth good trade with Josh; BCBS vertical plus BCS coffee, in exchange for Alesmith Kopi and Vietnamese. Would happily trade with Josh again.
Aug 2013 StefanSD Josh hooked me up with a great box for the OTM BIF. Killed my wants list and sent me a few beers I never really thought I’d ever have the chance to try. Thanks--you rock.
Aug 2013 deyholla Josh just sends beer for fun, that is the kind of guy he is. Hooks me up with a sought after beer out of the blue and sends some Jackie O’s too. Class act!
Aug 2013 JoeTheYounger Big Bad Josh sent me two great boxes for wedding gift/trustee pickups: Dark Lord, Wedding Ale, Stupid Sexy Flanders, Popcorn Pils, GFJ, Osiris, Over Rated, Robert The Bruce, Alpha King, Head Hunter, BA Thunder Snow, Night Stalker, Poive Pose, NG Berliner, NG Wild Sour, KBS, Cycle IPA, Nunmoere Black, Cucumbor Kolsh, and a Sun King Pint Glass. Insane delivery and much appreciated. Thanks again Josh
Aug 2013 robenalt Great Trader... Hooked me up with some great brews and extras
Aug 2013 hopscotch Josh shot me an unsolicited box of brews from Upland, Sun King, Flat 12, New Glarus, Shoreline and Fountain Square. Outstanding and much appreciated. -Eric
Aug 2013 icehawk Paired with Josh in Pro/Am. He showed me the ropes, was very generous in hooking me up with some rock solid locals and a couple big time wants of mine. Great comms, timely, and look forward to doing it again soon!
Aug 2013 madbeerbaron Josh is awesome, I hooked him up with some New glarus and asked for some local stuff in return. He crushes it with a giant box of beer with 3 off of my want list. Great guy, you want to trade with StFun.
Jul 2013 raiders707 First trade with josh Good communication. Very generous trader, who threw in some nice extras. Excellent packing. Would definitely trade again.
Jul 2013 DROOO participated in a pro / am trade setup in an attempt to establish a consistent trading partner. the idea was to trade locals, or mostly locals, keeping it simple. luck of the draw matched us up. i make it to indianapolis from time to time, so he put in extra effort to send me things i likely haven’t sampled before. nailed it with the locals, and he included some fantastic michigan brews as well as
Jul 2013 hannont Josh is straight up awesome. Sent me a box of six beers I’ve never tried before. Looking forward to these! Thanks!
Jun 2013 madbeerbaron Awesome guy, I contacted him asking about upland lambics. We worked out a deal and he threw in 4 awesome extras including ba blackout. Pro packing and shipped quick. Top notch trader.
Jun 2013 BrewtopiaofPJ Just received an AMAZING box filled with sours from Upland. Finally I get to try the Kiwi and the Blackberry!! Thank you thank you thank you!
May 2013 mcberko Another awesome box from Josh, involving a BA Big Sound, a couple of Kuhnhenns, Amager Double Cuvee, Alpine Ichabod 2009, and a limited Dark Horse. Packed like a pro and sent quickly as usual. Thanks a lot man!
May 2013 panicaholic My second time trading with Josh was another great experience. He requested a few brewery release FFF beers so I hopped on it and grabbed them. I wanted some mead from New Day and he hooked it up. Incredible speed on both our parts!!! A perfectly executed trade!!! Always a pleasure trading with Josh. Would and will trade will Josh over and over and over and over
May 2013 joromiller 2nd trade with Josh was just as good as the first. Worked a deal for some JP beers in return for some Surly goodness. One of the most generous traders on RB. Cheers Josh!
May 2013 Bacterial Awesome trade - very easy communication and timely shipping. Upland sours and two growlers of New Day mead (one of which was a bonus) makes me a very happy camper! Great packing job - looking forward to the next trade!
May 2013 ICEatALAMO Joshua hooked me up for sure. WE did a great trade, I just told him to fill a box for me $4$ and he put together a fantastic box. Really paid attention to my want list, and some great surprises as well. Great communication throughout. Highly recommend and I hope to trade with him in the future.
May 2013 TheHOFF43 Josh sent me beers in exchange for other beers. The beers he sent were awesome and included stuff made with hops, malts, etc. Pretty impressive that his beers all had hops in them!
May 2013 panicaholic Great trade IP at DLD. Brought me mead from Indy, super unique trade that was greatly appreciated. Good to meet good people. Would definetely trade with again.
May 2013 AcctError236499 Killer trade with Josh. Definitely the most generous package I have ever received. Lots of awesome extra locals on top of the main dish: KBS and vintage BCBS. Very easy communication, easy trade. Hopefully a trade opportunity comes up again where I can be the more generous one.
Apr 2013 Oly Amazing IP trade! Hooked me up with my top want (Pliny) and many, many other fantastic beers (New Glarus, Cigar City, Half Acre, Surly, Pipeworks...) for some Dark Lord. I cannot imagine that a better, more generous trader exists. Thanks!
Apr 2013 budznsudz 2nd trade with Josh and he is still the man. Great communication even better packaging and he’s really easy going. Top notch guy.
Apr 2013 LoFi I was lucky enough to see when StFun started up a cellar cleaning. That landed me a box with some very nice beers, most of them from my want list. This was an international trade and everything about it was great. Generous trader, awesome beers, superb packing. I would recommend this trader to anyone, and we will probably set up something again in the future. Cheers!
Apr 2013 jrgratz Amazing trade with Josh. Hooked me up with about 6 top wants on an inquiry for one of them from me.. 2 in 2010 vintage. Couldn’t have been a better package. Best trader I’ve come across. Great guy!
Apr 2013 xpimptastikx Josh did a little cellar cleaning and sent a ton of awesome aged beer for a couple of local craft whiskeys. Great communication, packaging, and trade overall. Thanks!
Apr 2013 mibirder Another great trade with Josh. No fuss, no muss, just a nice easy trader. Josh sent a run of Jackie O’s from the last release and a cool extra from FFF. Thanks for doing it again Josh.
Apr 2013 robenalt Great trader. Awesome extras. Superb packing. Great communication. Will def trade with him again.
Apr 2013 foppa78 Another sweet box from Josh including some real nice New Glarus, FFF and bonused a Gilgamesh. Awesome box of beer!!
Apr 2013 time4lunch Josh hooked me up once again.he went above and beyond and I intend to hit him up shortly. Always a pleasure and highly recommended as you all know. Cheers
Apr 2013 mcberko Another awesome trade with Josh involving mostly a bunch of Three Floyds and Jackie-O’s stuff for some Cantillons. Bomb-proof packaging and awesome communication. A class-act trader!
Apr 2013 foppa78 Josh sent me a FFF teku glass that I really wanted. Very well packed. Thanks Josh!!
Apr 2013 DalzAle No trade setup, but Josh has probably just sent me one of the most thoughtful boxes of beer I’ve ever seen. After he heard I named my new son Arthur, he sends me a bottle of HF Arthur!! That alone was incredibly cool, but he went on to include a bottle of my favorite beer (Tongue Buckler) and 3 HUGE wants on my list (Sun King Johan, Hoppin Frog Choc Wheat Imp Stout and a bo
Mar 2013 joromiller Josh is one of the most generous traders I’ve ever met. Perfect communication. Perfect packaging. Perfect extras. Will trade again anytime, Josh.
Mar 2013 charule I won a free beer week contest(actually failed at it) but St was nice enough to ship me out some beer anyway. I won the C box which contained an assortment of crazy beers from Colt 45 to Capricho. Always a fun time opening a present from this killer dude.
Mar 2013 Denverdiv Josh sent a bomb proof box of FFF to me in trade. Great guy, great trade!
Mar 2013 jmagnus87 In addition to the 4 boxes of beer i got from josh for free beer week, we also set up a side trade. Here is the full list: http://tinyurl.com/cr5nyq9. The most generous person ive met on this site yet. Cant wait to do some more trades in the future.
Mar 2013 jmagnus87 FBW Hunger games. Three awesome boxes from josh including some great vintage stuff and a ’11 dark lord. Thats right, this dude is awesomely generous. Beer porn: http://tinyurl.com/bslr7mj
Mar 2013 jmagnus87 FBW malt likka edition. In exchange for me eating some taco bell, Josh sent me a great box of malt likka including OE HG800, 211 triple export and max vibe. Awesome!
Mar 2013 AJDePaul Gave away a FFF Teku Glass for free beer week. Great communication, quick shipping. Great Trader!
Mar 2013 Art HUGE thumbs up to Josh! Wow, what can I say? I had fun making a Darth Vader video AND got a 2010 Dark Lord for doing so! In addition Josh knocked off a few of my wants and hooked my buddy charule up with an awesome box for failing one of his challenges. Such a generous RBer. FBW2013 MVP!
Mar 2013 thebaldwizard Josh sent a cool bottle of mead out to me for free beer week. Raspberry honeywine with coffee and aged in an oak barrel. What’s not to like? Thanks man!
Mar 2013 Beerman6686 Got a 3 Floyd’s teku today from Josh for coming I’m 2nd in his free beer week Oscar the grouch contest. Thanks man!
Mar 2013 mista Super easy trade with great communication. Would love to trade again.
Mar 2013 radarsock Feedback entry number 2: I had been planning to do another trade as my experience with this Ratebeerian went swimmingly the first time. He graciously shipped first, and what he shipped to me was a BA Imperial (bourbon-aged) New Day Breakfast Magpie which as of this time has no ratings; a FFF In the Name of Suffering; a shitload of New Glarus 12 FL. OZ. bottles and some IN gems. Awesome
Mar 2013 radarsock FREE BEER CONTEST FEEDBACK! By winning an incredibly fun video challenge hosted by this wonderfully generous Ratebeerian here, I got bottles of Bruery specialties: Black Tuesday, Oude Tart, and Fruet. Was shipped almost instantly and wrapped and packaged like a champ. Josh is a great man. Thanks!
Mar 2013 BMart Free beer week rocks! For winning his contest, StFun hooked me up with a free pint glas from Sun King Brewing. Thanks for hosting so many contest.
Mar 2013 SudsMcDuff StFun is an amazing ratebeerian!! .. he sends me a chock-o-block package yesterday and today. BOOM! there is another!! Packed so well i played soccer with it for an hour and inside, an awesome jackie o’s glass!!! this one goes in the special reserve rotation. only me and royalty get to use it!! THANK YOU good sir!!!
Mar 2013 SudsMcDuff StFun has to be one of the most generous guys around! sent a package of Jackie O’s as part of the free beer week. perfect packaging and got it out to me lightning quick, also kept in contact the whole time! this man is cooler than the other side of the pillow! cheers!!
Mar 2013 mikem409 won 3 beer contest from josh and he send me a massive box with my winnings. amazing selection and quick bomb proof shipping
Mar 2013 MacBoost Another lucky contest winner here! Got a great box of locals delivered in a very fast manner with good communication. Awesome!
Mar 2013 Unclerudy Just got a box of old beer from StFun, in the good kind of way. Mini vert of darkness, 2008 abyss, 2 years of BA sexual chocolate, a blueberry upland lambic, and some other randoms as extras! I will be sending more beer his way hopefully soon!
Mar 2013 Perrin515 Awesome guy, bombproof packaging and great beers. would definitely trade again!
Mar 2013 charule Didnt trade but can attest to his amazing character. StFun bought me a premium membership to Ratebeer as part of Free Beer Week. What a nice dude!
Feb 2013 pandableh Did a trade, he shipped 2 boxes.. bombproofed it. Will trade again, what a great guy! cheers!
Feb 2013 RABinCO Traded Josh from BBQ sauce for some awesome beers! He really hooked it up, packed nice and tight and shipped quick. Great trader.
Feb 2013 time4lunch Another awesome trade with st.fun for a friend of mine. Very dependable and speedy, safe delivery. Looking forward to this weekend to set up the next round. Cheers friend.
Feb 2013 rfraga7 Great trader. Shipped immediately and packed nicely. Would trade with him again. Actually I plan on trading with him again. A fellow Hoosier.
Feb 2013 MacBoost Sent some local goodies and got way, way more than expected in return! A huge wants list item and a bunch of his locals. Totally awesome in every way! A+
Feb 2013 Ibrew2or3 1st trade with Josh and boy did he send me some great beer. Everything arrived tight as a drum and I can’t wait to start digging into them, I’m thirsty! Thanks again Josh for the kickass trade. I vote we do this again. Cheers!
Feb 2013 olr1984 2nd trade with josh. fast easy trade, no hassle straight to the point. I look foward to another trade soon.
Feb 2013 rxeight Josh hooked me up with a few of top wants. Great packaging, fast shipping. Enjoy!
Feb 2013 jrgratz Traded Josh a Stagg for some LA Sours.. Quick ship.. best packaging i’ve ever seen.. clearly a pro.. Great throw-ins.. A true pleasure.. hope we can do many more in the future!
Feb 2013 beernads Setup up a quick and easy CCB/Flat 12 growler swap with Josh. Everything went great and can’t wait to do it again.
Feb 2013 TheHOFF43 If there is a more generous trader on this site I don’t want to meet them because I would feel even worse about the boxes I send. 3 of my biggest wants plus other should be wants taken care of in 1 box. Why? No idea but StFun is as good as they come
Feb 2013 fletche00 IP trade. was evem willing to come meet me in my stomping grounds. Hooked me up with a ton of awesome beer, even threw in a few extras in case any were infected. You rock Josh!
Feb 2013 Gription79 Josh sent to me for a locals swap. The bomb proof box was packed full of want list beers. Super generous, thanks man.
Feb 2013 jbickus Great trade, some FFF BA stuff for a CBS and got hooked up with some sun king. Great packaging and super fast shipping.
Feb 2013 foppa78 Josh helped me out with a favor and sent me a great box packed full of goodies. Included was a Jackie O sweet chocolate love, RR supplication, Bruery white oak, NC annv X, black out stout, siberian night, BCS and a few bottles from Shorts. Very easy communication and great packing. Thanks for the help Josh!
Feb 2013 hopscotch I have a buddy who wanted to give Sun King Velvet Fog a try. Josh came through right away. He shot a box full of Sun King and Flat 12 goodness. Josh even included a Sun King/Oskar Blues collaboration and an unrated beer: Flat 12 Bourbon Barrel Aged Pinko Imperial Stout. Hasn’t asked me for anything specific in return. That’s Josh. Trading excellence!
Feb 2013 northernbrews Another sick ass box from one of my best buddies on here! Lots of peach/apricot goodies and an 09 Nemesis for good measure! Always a pleasure dealing with Josh!
Feb 2013 MacBoost StFun hooked me up with a Black Note via a trade with randomgarbage. Packed extremely well (double boxed) and delivered very quickly. Awesome, and thanks a ton!
Feb 2013 Veldrid Josh hooked me up with some Jackie O’s stuff that I got shut out on at the last release. Great communication and shipping as expected from a top notch trader. Catch ya at the next Jackie O’s release.
Feb 2013 thebaldwizard Josh sent me some awesome tequila for a few beers I wanted to get rid of. Fast and easy, just like my women.
Feb 2013 thebaldwizard Josh handed me a bottle of Adam from the Wood last time I saw him in person. Nothing expected in return, just Josh being his normal, generous self. Cheers on #400 buddy!!!
Feb 2013 mcberko A kickass box from Josh, including some old Stone Vertical Epics, a Flossmoor Station, Surly Smoke, a rare Cigar City and a BA Royale. Super fast shipping, bomb-proof packaging and great communication. Thanks man!
Feb 2013 ryanfolty Second trade with Josh and he hooked me up with some tasty treats from the Bruery. Quick shipping and meticulously packaged. Josh was totally cool about an issue on my side and I will be redeeming myself soon. Thanks Josh!
Jan 2013 wheresyourball Great trade with Josh. He shipped the bottles quickly, and was kind enough to let me use the same packaging to send his beer back with. Good communication, fair trade, well-packaged... great trader.
Jan 2013 radarsock I’m impressed not only in regards to Josh’s effectiveness but also with his overall professionalism. Even though he was rather sick during our agreement, he sent me his box of beer almost on the next day. And it was wrapped so tightly it could withstand a hydrogen bomb explosion. Thanks a ton!
Jan 2013 timfoolery Josh stepped up to answer a call for a trade piece, requesting nothing specific in return. We agreed upon Even More Jesus and Aun Mas a Jesus for the Kiwi Lambic. Excellent packing job and superb communication as always. By proxy, our third awesome trade with Josh. Cheers!
Jan 2013 fletche00 Did an IP trade. Let me say that this man made me feel like I just robbed a beer cellar. Gave me tons of 2-3 year old non-local beers. Was prompt in responding to my message, had great communication, and obviously stored the beers well. I would trade with him again in a heartbeat.
Jan 2013 SP23 StFun sent me the most amazing winning fantasy football box. All wants or should be and way up and over the needed shipping amount. I just hope I can repay him at some point. I would trade with him as many times as possible. Ratebeer 3 fantasy football
Jan 2013 jbickus Great communication trading for some Murdad Out and Barrel aged Black Sun and got some Backstage beers and Firestone 13 and 14. Best packaging job i’ve seen!
Jan 2013 time4lunch I just completed my first of hopefully man trades with st.fun. he helped me aqcuire a couple major wants of mine and was more than generous doing so. Highly recommended by myself and so many others. I would not hesitate to do this again soon.
Jan 2013 denimdemon Have now done a couple in-person trades with the good St. Fun, and in spite of his curmudgeonly ways, have even drawn him out for a couple bottle shares and to neighborhood bars searching out Indy’s best tenderloin. Good dude, backed hard. One of RB’s most regarded traders for a reason!
Jan 2013 SourNrare This was my first trade via mail and I can only hope they go as good as the one I just did with Josh. Very timely shipping and the the box was extremely well packaged. There were also some extras. I highly recommend trading with Josh. Cheers
Jan 2013 Westmeister Setup a super smooth trade with Josh for some much desired New Glarus brews. His box was bomb-proof, great communicator, and he threw in some killer thumbprint extras. One of which appears to be retired!! Highly recommended.
Jan 2013 JoeTheYounger Josh es increíble. Me mandó algunas cervezas grandes nuevo: Sixer of Zombie Dust FFF Jinx Proof Lager FFF Calumet 2012 Surly Darkness Jackie O’s Rum Oil Finch’s Secret Stache Stout Sunking Deuce Brown Ale
Jan 2013 mibirder As usual another fantastic box of beer from Josh. Josh sent a run of Jackie O’s stuff just saying, send whatever. Josh is one of the most gracious traders I know. Thanks Josh, I’ll get you back soon.
Jan 2013 TheHOFF43 Wow. Ridiculous box from stfun for the local beer swap. Zombie dust, some Flat 12 beers, more 3 floyds, some cans that look awesome and the last bottle I pull out is a Behemoth Barleywine. Sick box
Jan 2013 miketd Josh sent me two bottles of Darkness, along with a couple cans of Sun King. This was all done just because Josh is a good guy and knows I like Surly. Thanks buddy, I will get you back.
Dec 2012 hopscotch Josh needed a bottle of CCB Moat Water and I was happy to oblige and didn’t ask him for anything in return. Well, anyone who knows Josh, know that’s not the way he works. Before I could even get the Moat Water in the mail, I got a box filled with two 64 oz growlers from Flat 12 along with some other really nice 16 oz cans and a 12 oz bottle. Josh rocks!
Dec 2012 emelius It’s a Festivus miracle!...IP trade that worked out beautifully...I really appreciate how much driving & effort he put in to getting me these bottles...I would definitely trade again...Cheers...
Dec 2012 mattyb83 First trade with josh and he absolutely killed it with sending some great beer and cool things to try. Let’s do this again at some point, and I want to try to top the amount of great stuff you sent.
Dec 2012 fiver29 Josh sent me a well thought out package. 6 Zombie Dust with 6 more great beers I can’t get in Ohio. Thanks for the awesome box!!
Nov 2012 OakAgedGravy Another great trade with Josh! Great extra. Looking forward to the next.
Nov 2012 DalzAle Josh and Jacqui send a kick-ass care package filled with home made mummy cupcakes and chocolatey Halloween treats! The snacks were awesome enough, but there was also bottles of Pipeworks Blood of the Unicorn, Bells BA Batch 9000, a Flat 12 growler and rounded it out with a nice greeting card! If you looked up generous & classy on wikipedia, you’ll see their names (heading to make so
Oct 2012 OakAgedGravy Traded with Josh back in the summer. All went well. Communication was great and extras were exchanged !
Oct 2012 KAggie97 Josh offered me a Three Floyds Zes Zes Zes but he went full evil and also included a Surly Furious, Three Floyds Jinx Proof, New Glarus Moon Man, and a Bruery Autumn Maple! AWESOME! Thanks again!
Sep 2012 mibirder Josh sent a great line up of Jackie O’s stuff I wanted. Sent in a styro shipper with with 2 awesome extras, thanks a million.
Sep 2012 KAggie97 Mr. Fun finally answered my cry for the Three Floyds Amon Amarth tribute Rangarook. But lo, the trumpet was not yet done sounding! He also managed to sneak in 2 Three Floyds Zombie Dust (!!!), Three Floyds Calumet Queen, Three Floyds Rye da Tiger (\,,/’), and an Oaken Barrel Apple Buzz. Great packaging, great beers, and a great guy.
Sep 2012 DalzAle FROG BOX!! I came home from work today to find a box on my doorstep filled with 3 want list HF brews I’ve been after: HF BA Outta Kilter, HF Sweet Evil BBW Belgian-style Barley Wine and HF Hopped-Up Goose Juice Rye IPA. No trade set up, just Josh randomly sending me some hard to get stuff from my want list! Thank again Josh!
Aug 2012 JoeTheYounger Josh is my hero. He sends me a surprise box with some Indiana love ( Sun King Wee Muckle, Great Crescent Coconut Porter, Sun King/OB Chakra Collab, FFF DL, FFF BlackHeart, FFF Molokoko, Flat 12 Amber Ale, Flat 12 Pogues Run Porter. Thanks JOSH!
Aug 2012 Sparky My man Josh never ceases to amaze me. Out of the blue Josh sends a box with 4 New Glarus beers straight off my wants list. No trade set up - just Josh being himself. Thanks a bunch J!
Aug 2012 michaelinwa Joshua came in with a really impressive trade, knocking off a couple of my big wants. He made the trade really simple and easy, and then followed up with professional packing and extras that were on my want list. What a great RB trader! Thanks!!
Aug 2012 northernbrews My man Josh comes through again!! Picked up my sour reserve and sends 2 NG gems just cause he’s a badass!! One of the best in the biz!! Owe you big time!
Aug 2012 ksurkin trade was 1 for 1 and Josh said he’d toss in a couple want list beers. then he goes and sends 3 WL beers including one of my all time biggest wants. super guy, super communication, super packing! i owe you my friend. cheers!
Aug 2012 DalzAle Another surprise box of goodies dropped on me by Josh while meeting up at New Glarus over the weekend. All stuff off my wants list(unrated hard to get beers from Hoppin Frog, Lost Abbey, Shorts, Flat 12 and a few other goodies!) Thanks again man, let me know the next time you’re looking for anything from the Twin Cities!
Jun 2012 justruy Josh is a great trader. Thanks for the Baller Stout! Great communication and super fast shipment. A+
Jun 2012 deflagro Wow. This guy almost emptied my wants list. We agree upon six bottles (including Cable Car and Isabelle), and he puts them into a 12 bottle styro shipper and fills it up with extras! Amazing. Highly recommended.
Jun 2012 northernbrews Another sick ass box from one of my best buddy’s on here! 2 bramble, 2 new day mead growlers!!, a belgian red, sun king lager, and sun king/oskar blues ollab chaka!! Great communiation, packing, and quick ass delivery....one of the best in the biz!!
May 2012 GMCC2181 Huge thanks to Josh, he knew I was looking for FatHeads Head Hunter so whats he do? Hooks me up with a growler! Josh is the man!!!
Apr 2012 mikem409 josh came calling for smoked beer so i sent him a growler of rauch from kuhnhenn he sent me back lots of great FFF beer and sun king goodies as always amazing guy
Apr 2012 LeopoldStoch Josh does it again! Great guy to share a few beers with, and a great guy to trade with. He makes it too easy. Wonderful selection, and cool looking extras as well! Thanks again! See ya at muckfest 2012!
Apr 2012 pantanap more new day mead to share with the locals and/or the wife. additional sun king cans thrown in for good measure. thanks josh!
Apr 2012 Swolf3 Stfun sent a sweet box for Brackets For Beer. He hooked me up with a bottle of 3floyds brian born, 3 bottles of alpha king, zombie dust, OSIRIS, coconut porter, and a bottle of dreadnaught. Oh yea can’t for get the beans in the bottom of the box haha...
Apr 2012 DarthDrinker I just wanted to jump on thank Josh for hooking me up with some Founders bottles. KBS & CBS when as usual I could not get any locally. Josh always has the hook up HOLLA!
Apr 2012 GMCC2181 Josh sends a killer hoppy line up. 3F Dread, Zombie, Alpha, New Albanian Hoptimus, SunKing ISIS and J O’s Cab Cherry! As usual, big thanks to Josh!
Apr 2012 timfoolery Amazing trade and communication with Josh. We did some Beat+ for some midwest heavy hitters. Funny enough, my buddy, DTM, traded Beat batch 3 way back in 2008 for some nice ones from Josh. Great trade partner with killer extras.
Apr 2012 bvc I reached out to Josh to see if he could get me some Zombie Dust. Not only did he send a fresh 6 pack, but he tossed in 3 extras to round out the box. Thanks again!
Apr 2012 DSG Josh sent me 6 bottles of awesome Sours. Very friendly communication, quick shipping and possibly the best packaging I’ve ever seen. A great trader. Thanks!
Apr 2012 CP Got the hook up on some rare beers that I could not get elsewhere. StFun da mang!
Apr 2012 JCB One more time for the world! My main man insisted that he owed me more beer - what is that about dude, after you kill me continually? Three growlers from Flat 12 show up on my doorstep this morning. See you in Chicago, buddy!
Apr 2012 Puddintane Forgot to add this one from last month. Josh hooked it up with some bottles, cause he’s that type of guy. Coffee BCS, BA Naked Evil and probably something else that I’m forgetting. Kick ass trader and person.
Apr 2012 fiver29 I forgot to add this about a month or so back. We met up in person and he gave me a Rogue Voodoo Doughnuts brew just because. I highly recommend meeting up with Josh any time. You rock!
Mar 2012 JCB And as if that wasn’t enough, Josh supplied an unexpected gratis box of beer on top of it. Fuckin hell, man. Here I got Sun King Osiris and Isis, Great Crescent Coconut Porter, New Albanian Naughty Girl, NG Cranbic & Smoked Rye, and a Surly Coffee Bender. Josh’s superpowers remain peerless. Always a blast, my friend! And as always, I bow to your generosity.
Mar 2012 JCB Another superlative meetup with Josh and Jacqui, this time yielding an absurd two boxes. What? I won my man’s free beer contest and for this first box Josh bestowed on me a New Glarus Belgian Red, Squatters Fifth Element, BA Blackout, and Jackie O’s BA Super Fly. To be continued!
Mar 2012 mikem409 WOW is all i can say i put out what i thought was a long shoot looking for a bourbon vanilla for my 5th anny cruise next week and 30 minutes later john tells me he would love to send me one and sure enough last night it showed up on my door. amazing guy and trader.
Mar 2012 pantanap another exchange with josh in as many months it seems. new day cider along with a growler bonus and additional cans. wow. thanks buddy.
Mar 2012 miketd Hung out a bit w/ Josh last Saturday and got some Flat 12 beers along with a few cans from Sun King. Always fun getting hammered and talking trash with This guy. If you haven’t done it, you’re missing out! Thanks!!
Mar 2012 StefanSD Josh sent me a great lil parcel of locals including a Flat12 Bierworks and a Great crescent. Cheers to a great trader.
Mar 2012 OldStyleCubFan Josh sent a box that he didn’t need to. You can’t send him a box without getting one-upped on the way back. He sent a bottle of Upland Gilgamesh and can Great Crescent Coconut Porter. Props...for sharing a great beer.
Mar 2012 AcctError17388 Well, I posted a long three paragraph bad ass rating but apparently I am limited by space. I will email you that copy.... For everyone else I will try to be as simple as I can. Josh is a badass who is very generous with his trades. My trade with him could not have been any more one sided in my favor but he hooked me up regardless. A great guy, a great friend and a great trader.
Feb 2012 JoeTheYounger Josh answered my beckon call for a Founders Blushing Monk and two NG Raspberry tarts. As always, its a pleasure. Great guy to know on ratebeer. PROST!
Feb 2012 deyholla Josh hooked me up with some BBC Lambics and a few nice extras. Smooth and happy to have traded again and hope we have started a trend!
Feb 2012 lukin013 Josh sent me a fantastic box of beer for Ratebeer3 this year! Three Floyds Zombie Dust, GI Night Stalker, Upland Teddy Bear Kisses, and a North Coast X!!! Super generous trader... I’d gladly trade with him again. Cheers!
Jan 2012 pantanap first trade with josh and long overdue at that....a mead to go alongside a couple of founders and new albanian bonuses. awesome!
Jan 2012 LeopoldStoch Another fantastic trade with Josh! So easy to work with, great beers, great communication, and great packaging. Thanks again Josh!
Jan 2012 changeup45 Josh hooked me up with a very nice box for Ball for Beer: AleSmith Grand Cru, 09 Nemesis, Bee Creek Coffee Stout, and Jackie O’s Bourbon Dark Apparition! Bomb proof packing; like he’s done this before. Thanks a lot!!!
Jan 2012 ryanfolty IP trade with Josh on January 17. Got a bunch of FFF goodies that I had on my want list and a Flat 12 torpedo shaped growler that looks awesome. Thanks Josh, let me know if you are up for trading again!
Jan 2012 mikem409 got a second "bonus" box from josh with a BORIS royal and a DORIS. out fing standing sir!
Dec 2011 juiceisloose Josh hooked me up once again with some more of the Upland Lambics to complete the set. He also picked up my Sour Reserve and sent that to me as well. Everything was packed up tight in a styro shipper. There isn’t much else that can be said for Josh, he is just simply one of the best. Looking forward to the next one.
Dec 2011 JoeTheYounger Josh is one rocking beer trader. He managed to compile a nice box for me with the following: ’’11 bourbon county, Night stalker, pumking, FFF Behemoth 2011, FFF Amon Amarth, 2011 Surly Darkness, Sun King Wee MAC, Wee Muckle (x2), Sunlight cream ale. Thanks again for hooking up the Socal dude!
Dec 2011 mcbackus Stfun sent a great box with the 2 bottles of Alpha Klaus I needed and the awesome extras: 3F Zombie Dust, 3F Munsterfest,and a Can of Cream ale. Excellent packing and great communication as always.
Dec 2011 mikem409 big ol box of whats up from josh tons of new glarus and FFF and a big want list of guava grove and raspberry tart.
Dec 2011 hopscotch Josh shot another unsolicited box my way. Growler of Flat 12 Walking Down Gumdrop Lane, growler of Sun King Wee Muckle and he threw in a bottle of Scotch Silly. Josh is always looking out for the good guys. Fantastic trader! ... but then you already knew that.
Dec 2011 DalzAle Random box shows up on my doorstep today filled with 2 growlers of Flat 12 beer(Glazed Ham Porter and Walking Down Gumdrop Lane Pale Ale) and 4 bottles of one of my favorite (and retired) beer-Bells 9000!!! No trade setup, just Josh sending another random package my way!
Dec 2011 HopMasterFlex 3rd or 4th box I’ve received and each one gets better than the last. Josh is hands down the best trader in this game. I get home from a business trip in Hawaii to find 12 bottle shipper from Josh loaded to the max with amazing beers. Almost every beer was a brewery only release along with a couple FFF Anniversary party gifts too. This was all sent as an open ended trade with almost nothing lined
Dec 2011 hannont Josh went WAY above and beyond. Our trade was arranged for two beers and he schooled me by sending TEN VERY nice extras!!! I can’t thank you enough dude!
Dec 2011 Hair6a11 Put a trade together - Some Sour Bitch for Darkness/Black Tuesday - Did I just trade with the most epic and seasoned trader on Ratebeer? Well - it went off without a hitch. Naturally.
Dec 2011 hopscotch Didn’t really ask Josh for anything, but he shipped a growler of Shorts new Vanilla Sarsaparilla and bottles of their Ginger in the Rye and Chocolate Wheat. The mayor of Awesome, IN also threw in a bottle of Oaken Barrel APPLE BUZZ! Thanks Josh!
Nov 2011 hellbilly there’s a town in the midwest called awesome.... josh is the mayor.
Nov 2011 GMCC2181 I request some broodoo and couple days later... wala... I have it. Thanks josh. Best trader on RB!
Nov 2011 crajun WOW! this guy has as many trades as I have rates; I responded to Josh’s giveaway and he hooked me up with 2 Vortex II’s; @ GI Nightstalkers a Kunhhenn; a Pumpking and a North Bridge Extreme. could be the greatest packing job ever!! thanks!!
Nov 2011 miketd Hooked up with Darkness x2 courtesy of Josh. Thanks man! Easy as always.
Nov 2011 DalzAle Ok it’s not really a beer trade, but I’m putting this in here anyways. I get home today to find a package from Josh on my doorstep, inside are some of the best smelling home made cookies I’ve enountered in quite some time(one of them was decorated as a Darkness Bottle!) A class act all the way, thanks Josh and Jacqueline!
Oct 2011 GMCC2181 Josh hooked me up with some fresh IPA’s and Pale Ales.... Zombie dust, Founders Harvest, Sun King and a crazy apple cider! Sh!t Yeah! Thanks josh. Good luck on "slowing down"
Oct 2011 Sparky So I get home after a particularly shitty day at work and discover a surprise box from Josh on my porch! 3X FFF Zombie Dust, Founders Hop Harvest, Sun King Grapefruit Jungle IPA and an Oaken Barrel Apple Buzz arrived out of the blue because Josh is a kickass generous person! Thanks so much J!
Oct 2011 SpencerDB Josh kicked me a random box out of the blue with Alpha King x3, Zombie Dust x3 and a cool BA Cherry beer I hadn’t heard of. As always, you are the man. Comin back atcha soon!
Oct 2011 jhimstedt Great trade with Josh for some 5gal whiskey barrels. 2010 BT, 08 KTG just to name a few...hit me up with some sweet hard to get goodies. Will definitely be trading with Josh again.
Oct 2011 DalzAle Josh shows up at Darkness Day and drops a box of goodness on me with no trade set up! Hoppin Frog Belgian IPA, Double Pumpkin, Hop Damn IPA, Bells 9K(x2), FFF Zombie Dust(x2), Sun King Osirus and Sunlight, Oaken Barrel Apple Buzz, Brew Kettle White Rajah. On top of it all, he forces me to take a bottle of his Darkness and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Thanks again man, let
Oct 2011 miketd I just got a box from Josh with four cans and a 32oz growler from Sun king. Not really sure why this box came, but it’s mostly because Josh is a great guy! Thanks dude
Oct 2011 miketd I only trade with a few people these days, and Josh is one of them. Definitely one of the best here and a great guy to share a few beers with too. This time he hooks me up with a bunch of stuff from Sun King. Can’t wait to give this stuff a try. Thanks much man!!
Oct 2011 LeopoldStoch I have had the privilege of meeting Josh on a few different occasions , and he has always been an incredible class act!!! Helped me out finding a beer I was looking for, and then when he saw I was ISO of another beer he simply messaged me that he could add that to the trade no questions asked. Fantastic member of our community!! Hope to share some beers with you soon
Oct 2011 CheesedMan Josh hooked it up no questions asked with GROWLERS OF MEAD, f’ing GROWLERS OF MEAD!!! Here’s hoping to the start of some steady meadage.
Sep 2011 hopscotch Josh shot me a really cool box with a much desired bottle of Hoppin’ Frog Naked Evil BBW, two New Albanian beers (a brewery that I’ve tried nothing from (always a good thing) and a bottle of New England Wet Willy Scotch Ale which I’ve tried and loved and look forward to drinking again. As always, this box was unsolicited. Josh is the man!
Sep 2011 DalzAle Josh hooks me up out of nowhere with some huge Hoppin Frog beers! Hoppin Frog Barrel Aged BORIS Royale, Naked Evil BBW, and Silk Porter. No trade set up, just Josh feeding my obsession with Hoppin Frog brews! Thanks again!
Sep 2011 fata2683 Josh destroys my WL as part of NPv5, way too many to list. One of the best boxes I have ever received. Thanks man!!
Aug 2011 TURDFERGUSON Josh sent me two 1 liter swingtops from New Day Meadery. One is Sap Sucker- a carbonated hard cider with honey added and the other is Tom Thumb-carbonated honey plum wine with honey added. Can�t wait to share these with the carolina crew. Thanks so much, Josh!
Aug 2011 deyholla Josh hooks me up with a Johan the Barleywine. Also sent a Naughty Girl and a Hocking Triple some other sweet looking beers. It is about time we did a trade!
Aug 2011 deftim13 Josh hit my wants list hard on the Perfect Ten. Boulevard Saison Brett 2011, Founders KBS, Goose Island BCBVS, Upland Teddy Bear Kisses, Upland Infinite Wisdom Tripel and to top off an already killer box he hits my number 1 want! Cigar City Hunahpu’s!!!!!!! Thanks again.
Aug 2011 Gription79 Josh is an exceptional trader! Super easy trade with excellent beers sent. The best packed beers I have received to date. Thanks Josh for a great trade!
Aug 2011 HopMasterFlex Josh is the freaking man! Box shows up today as a thank you and he said it was just a little box no big deal. Open her up and it’s apocalypse cow, dreadnaught, and a 2011 Dark Lord!! Let me tell you something about Josh, if you scratch his back he will unleash a mountain lion to scratch yours. Thanks man! Can’t wait for our next trade!
Aug 2011 peteinSD Josh destroyed me on this trade. Two WL beers to me as the trade itself and then four extras (Founders Black Rye, Dark Horse Fore, Moloko, and an ’09 Expedition)!! Very nice box from an extremely generous trader - thanks man!
Aug 2011 Sparky #300! What an honor! Josh is the man! A huge box just arrived that just destroyed my wants list. You won’t find a more generous and gracious trader than he and I’m proud to call him a friend! Thanks again J and a big congrats on your major milestone!!!
Jul 2011 JCB Awesome mini-trade and hang with my man Josh. As always, he humbles me with his thoughtfulness and generosity. All I knew was that I was getting a NG Belgian Red. Dude brings me that and a Ras Tart AND 3F Ragnarok (the Amon Amarth brew with the skull-fuckingly rad label). Best by far, though, was the conversation over many hours with Josh and Jacqui. Cheers to my buds!!!
Jul 2011 Cletus Another excellent one with Josh. Cheers!
Jul 2011 StoutFest Awesome trade with Josh. Quick and easy. Nicely packed. He even tossed in 2 extras. I hope to do a trade with him again.
Jul 2011 SpencerDB I met up with Josh at the BA Sexual Chocolate release and he just hands me a fresh 6er of Alpha King, CCB Oatmeal raisin cookie, and brought a Bells batch 7k to open with me to boot. Josh trade good.
Jul 2011 Cletus Josh hooked me up with an awesome growler of something I had been looking for packed like a pro. Great trade as always.
Jul 2011 hannont Josh hooked my ass up with very nice box of beer...Upland Persimmon, Jackie O Bourbon Dark Apparition, Teddy Bear Kisses, Perseguidor 5 and two Sun king brews. He is one of the best folks.
Jul 2011 hopscotch Josh knocks it out of the park with a can of Surly Abrasive and bottles of 2007 Goose Island Bourbon County Stout (yesss), Silver City Fat Scotch Style Ale (another yesss), Jackie-Os Kentucky Monk and Goose Island Bourbon County Vanilla Stout.Thanks a shit-ton, Josh!!
Jul 2011 SpencerDB Josh hooked me up with a Dark Lord and 2 fresh Apocalypse Cow just in time for the 4th of July weekend so I got to share them with family and friends. Probably my 7th? box received from Josh... I’ll get you back soon buddy
Jul 2011 juiceisloose Another great trade with Josh. I’ve lost track of how many we have done. He sent me a 12 styro shipper filled with lots of different goodies ranging from Jackie O’s, Hoppin Frog, Shorts, Sun King cans, and a few other locals. There isn’t much else that can be said about Josh other than he is one of the best traders on the site period. Can’t wait for the next go round.
Jun 2011 GMCC2181 Josh sent a growler of Jackie O’s Rye IPA and fresh 3F Apoc-cow just because he knows I like IPA’s. Josh is always thinking of others. Thanks josh for making my 4th of July weekend!
Jun 2011 JCB Ain’t no party like a glazed ham party ’cuz a glazed ham party don’t stop! Right? Yeah, so Josh sends me a swingtop of Flat 12 Glazed Ham Porter, a bad-ass Jackie O’s Cuvee 2, Sun King Wee Heavy, FFF Artic Panzer, FFF Lair of the Minotaur imperial pils (!), and 2 from Shorts: Uber G and the Wiz. Thanks!!!
May 2011 dimenhetfield Great trader. Sent great extras. Will trade with again for sure.
May 2011 JoeTheYounger Josh sent me a nicely packaged box with a new 2011 Dark Lord, Dank Tank, and a 64oz growler of Three Kings (3 Floyds/Sun King Collaboration). As always, a great super generous dude!
May 2011 DalzAle For what seems to be an ongoing never-ending trade stream of awesomeness with Josh, he surprises me today with the following beers: Kuhnhenn BA4D, Shorts Uber Goober and Wizard, Hoppin Frog Doris and Wild Wheat, Upland Blackberry and Cherry Lambic and rounds this monster of a box out with a growler of Short Anniversary Ale! Thanks again Josh, you’re an insanely generous man!
May 2011 Puddintane Josh is simply one of the elite traders on this site. Even better is the fact that he is one of the elite people. Even though I asked him not to do it, he came through with a DLD ticket for me for nothing! The only thing I had to do was show up. Seriously, how ridiculous is that? If you have a chance to trade with Josh, do it. If you have a chance to share a beer with Josh, bring something mi
May 2011 SpencerDB Josh picked up a few bottles for me from Upland and felt the need to throw in a growler of the FFF/Sun King IPA which was delicious. Humbled by his generosity and bombproof packing as usual. Cheers man
Apr 2011 raveskdr There is a reason for the monumental positive feedback. He is the man. To say that the box was well packed is a severe understatement. I hope to do more trades with him in the future! Thank you, kind sir :D
Apr 2011 Rustyham I just got his box, and many was it packed well! A box filled with newspaper shreds and another box inside, with each bottle individually wrapped up tight and the caps taped closed, not to mention the great added beers :]
Mar 2011 mkade8883 As always, Josh comes through in the clutch. Sent me the requested Dreadnaught along with Hopslam and Alpha King. Box in box, good communication. Great trader as usual.
Mar 2011 5000 I just realized that the last 3 feedbacks that I left (including this one) are for those with at least 250 trades. Josh is another one of those guys, its amazing this is our first trade. A++ Trader, came through for Hard Liver with Shoreline, Upland, and Captain Lawrence. Looking forward to future trades. Thanks Josh!!!
Mar 2011 hopscotch I shot Josh a couple of beers on a whim with no reciprocation in mind. However, Josh is Josh and he wasn’t having any of that. He does a boatload of homework and ships me a bunch of Scotch ales (my favorite style) that I’ve never tried... both barrel aged and traditional. Homework and thought are what makes Josh... well... Josh! You can’t go wrong trading with him. CAN-NOT-DO-IT
Mar 2011 SpencerDB Ridiculous 2nd box came in from our 4th(?) trade... who knows anymore... we just keep sending boxes. It came in with the 3 new JO brews, Darkness, BCVanilla, BA Blackout, Broodoo, Expo Hoppiness, Alpha King x3, and a Girardin Geuze black label. A true trading whore. Cheers Josh.
Feb 2011 SpencerDB Josh is the man. He hooked me up with a C&C La Folie, Blackout, batch 10k, and a growler of Brugge Pooka for the Ratebeer FF bracket. Good grief dude.
Feb 2011 wavers1 Josh comes through with another epic panty wetting box. He sends me jackie o’s bb rt33, bb black betty, vanilla rum dark app, a 4 pack of my favorite backwoods bastard, and then bonuses me two huge wants, pretty things KK and HFS fear and trembling utopias barrel! wow! top notch trader, always a treat to receive something from him. cheers!
Feb 2011 JoeTheYounger Josh is the man. Sent me a box with Mother of all Storms, Pumking, Osiris, Wee MAC, and a Sun King RIS growler. All for me picking up his Bruery Reserve Society stuff. Thanks again man!
Feb 2011 madvike Josh hooks it up quick and easy with the requested Jackie O’s Captain Barley Heart and is nice enough to thrown in an Autumn Maple. Awesome dude that’s as generous as they come. Thanks Josh!
Feb 2011 hellbilly mmm... unlabeled growler...
Feb 2011 ogglethorp Josh is silly, silly, I tell ya. One of the best without question!! Nothing more needs to be said.
Feb 2011 HopMasterFlex Josh hooked it up big time! I was an admitted first time trader and he sent me his end plus a bunch of extras before I sent anything just so I could see how the the pros pack the beers. Awesome guy and I hope I get to keep trading with him in the coming months/years! Thanks again man; you rock!!
Feb 2011 peteinSD Josh is one of the good guys. For no reason other than his supreme awesomeness Josh randomly sends me a full growler from Jackie O’s (!!). Super classy move and not to be forgotten on my end.
Feb 2011 GMCC2181 Josh hooked me up with some local IPAs... Josh is my valentine! Mancrush!
Feb 2011 miketd Even though I told Josh to give me nothing in return for the brews I brought him, he did anyway! Knowing Josh, I guess it shouldn’t have been a surprise. He got me an awesome growler from New Albanian - Bonfire of the Valkyries. Josh is a Great guy and it was great seeing him and Jackie again.
Feb 2011 BgThang This guy is CRAZY!!!!!! Do not trade with him unless you want great beer and plenty of it. Seriously this guy makes beer trading worth it. THis is the third trade I think and again hits me with beers I have been wanting to try for awhile.A+++++
Feb 2011 thebaldwizard Simply put, Josh is a great person. He reminds me we have an in person trade set up which snags a Fou Foune for me. He then tosses in a great bonus of Feb. 27th mild ale (which just happens to be my b-day!). Thanks Josh!!!
Jan 2011 FlandersNed Great trader with good communication and even better beers - got me some rarities I’ve been wanting to try and extras as well!
Jan 2011 GMCC2181 Boom! Mini Keg of Hopslam! Word! Thanks Josh!
Jan 2011 Sparky Just received an incredible box from Josh! All wants list beers including my birthday beer that I’ve been trying to get forever and plan to drink next month. You are the man J – thank you so much!
Jan 2011 yobdoog A great trade experience. Just all around good guy, great communication and packaging. Came through with a sweet mini keg of Hopslam. I’m drooling just typing this. Thanks!
Jan 2011 hellbilly mmm... unsolicited beer. and every one of them was on my want list! thanks indiana me!
Jan 2011 Pabobcat Right before New Years Josh hooks me up with a Darkness, Dark Lord and a Guardian I was looking for. And about 5 extras!! Incredible trader hope to be able to work something out again!! Cheers
Jan 2011 arminjewell Josh hooks me up with the 4 Upland sours from this year, easy communication, great packaging. Oh did I mention he hand wax dipped them so they wouldn’t burst? How’s that for outstanding! Fantastic trader.
Jan 2011 peteinSD 3rd trade with Josh and he sent me an excellent box of beer with a GI Vanilla and a ton of other want list beers. As always, great extra beers included. Thanks!
Jan 2011 Cletus Josh sent me yet another amazing box of beer. 2 rare 1/2 growlers and a nice Imperial Stout to boot. Thanks for another great trade!
Jan 2011 DalzAle Another random box shows up on my doorstep today filled with some of my favorite beers of all time (2-Batch 9K, Ballast Point Tongue Buckler, Old Numbskull) and some sweet new stuff I’ve been searching for: Doggie Claws 2010, NG Gueze, and bottle of Free State Owd Macs Imperial Stout! No trade setup, just Josh being his usual awesome self. Thanks again my friend!
Jan 2011 richiesd Josh sent me all 8 jackie o’s releases last month as well as a couple sweet extras!! this guy rocks.. thanks so much.
Jan 2011 jtclockwork Josh sent me some Jackie O’s and Uplands which he graciously picked up for me. Extremely appreciated! Thanks!
Jan 2011 juiceisloose Josh was nice enough to pick up some of the Upland lambics that I reserved and ship them down to me. He packed them up perfectly and threw in a couple really nice extras. Josh is the man, plain and simple. Thanks again man I really appreciate you picking up those bottles for me.
Dec 2010 GMCC2181 Woo Hoo!!! Bottle of Jackie O’s BA Matriarch, Surly Darkness, and a RR PtE. What can I say that hasnt been said about the best trader on RB...
Dec 2010 sprinkle Josh comes out of nowhere with 2 btls of Pelican Barleywine. Always a kind trader....I think he has a problem!:) Highly recommended.
Dec 2010 jrob21 A nice, easy, delicious trade with StFun. Hooked me up with a long outstanding want list entry, Hop Whore, among a number of other dark beer treats from the midwest. Very postivie feedback and will mos def do this again.
Dec 2010 mreusch Another quick and easy trade with Josh for some epic beers. Not sure what to say that hasn’t already been said almost 250 times before, you rock Josh, thanks again!
Dec 2010 Puddintane Josh is the man! Not only does he bring me down a Coffee Bender as a favor, he follows that up by paying my bar tab...ok so that was the bar’s mistake, but I’m still happy with the one free beer!
Dec 2010 JoeTheYounger Josh is the man. Sent me two Goose Island Night Stalkers and one Southern Tier Pumking in return for sending him his Black Tuesday that he paid for. Great packaging with coffee beans and all to mask the liquid noise.
Dec 2010 JoeTheYounger Josh is the man. Sent me two Goose Island Night Stalkers and one Southern Tier Pumking in return for sending him his Black Tuesday that he paid for. Great packaging with coffee beans and all to mask the liquid noise.
Dec 2010 CP This dude gave me a case of free beer! This has to be the best trade ever. Cool.
Nov 2010 madvike Out of nowhere Josh sends a double-boxed cache of goodness, complete with Shorts Strawberry Short’s Cake and Key Lime Pie, HotD Adam, Expy Stout, and an Upland Teddy Bear Kisses. What an awesome guy...you know who to ask when you need your New Glarus fix, Josh!
Nov 2010 DalzAle Random box outta nowhere shows up on my doorstep today, and I find a Growler of Shorts Uber Goober, Upland Teddy Bear Kisses, HF Silk Porter, HF Gulden Fraug and HF BA BORIS all inside. No trade set up, just Josh working his usual magic and annihilating my wants list. Thanks again my friend!
Nov 2010 GMCC2181 Hop Delight! 2x Surly wets! Surly Furious! 3x 3F BrooDoo! 3F Lager, 3F Blackheart, 3F Gorch and an Alesmith IPA. Thanks josh
Nov 2010 JCB Josh thought I was dragging ass a little bit, so he sent me some pick me up in the form of a brand spankin’ new Three Floyds coffee brew. J & J are true rockers for thinkin’ of this bean fiend!!!
Nov 2010 juiceisloose In another box in our on going trades Josh sent down a sick box full of sours and others that I have not had. He sent an Upland Dantalion, Ithaca Brute, FFF Behemoth, Founders nemesis, and a set of the latest New Glarus R&D brews. Perfectly wrapped up in about 50 FedEx bubble envelopes as well. This guy is an awesome dude and awesome trader. Looking forward to the next one.
Nov 2010 miketd Josh hooks me up with a request of Rum Barrel Oil of Aphrodite and then tosses in three awesome extras... Short’s Mystery Stout, Surly Wet and Upland Teddy Bear Kisses! Thanks a ton Josh!
Nov 2010 Puddintane The adopted bastardo comes through as only a bastardo can. Josh cures my hop fix with a 4 pack of Wet and a couple bottles of Broodoo. Can’t wait until next month’s get together!
Nov 2010 thebaldwizard Josh is like a son I have adopted into the columbus bastardo fold. I teach him important lessons in how to trade, discipline him when he does wrong, and we throw the football out in the back yard. Thanks for the beer, son. I love you.
Oct 2010 DalzAle I seriously can’t describe the want list hook ups Josh delivers on a regular basis. We did some in person trading/tasting while he was in town for Darkness Day this last weekend and he dropped the following beers on me and asked for nothing more that for me to enjoy them: Founders Blushing Monk, CC BA Bolita Brown, Kuhnhenn Olde Brune, 6 Pack of Bells Batch 9000, Jackie O’s Oil of Aphrodite and p
Oct 2010 fata2683 Josh sends me many WL items including Hoppin Frog Christmas and Pumpkin, Dark Horse Perkulator and Too, Shorts Goober and Key Lime Pie, 10’ Nemesis and an Upland WW!! Woo Hoo, lots of good stuff to drink, thank you!
Oct 2010 Hopper Josh hooked it up with 4 packs of one of my favorite beers plus a couple of NG 750’s. He also sent bonuses of Belgian red and a couple of beers I have been wanting try. The packaging was top notch and his communication is great. A true pro with 234 trades under his belt, what else can be said. After this trade it makes me ask "Are all Ratebeerians great traders or what"
Oct 2010 peteinSD Predictably awesome and huge box from Josh. Many, many quality beers and A+ bonus action dominating my want list including Duck Rabbit Baltic Porter, Shorts Key Lime, Dark Horse Double Crooked Tree, two Southern Tier bombers and probably something else I’m forgetting ’cuz there was so much freaking beer. Thank you Josh!
Oct 2010 dchmela Amazing box from Josh, FH BA Sexual Chocolate and Baltic Porter as well as Shorts Key Lime, Southern Tier Jahva, 3F MunsterFest and another cool bottle that I can’t remember. Great stuff from a great trader.
Oct 2010 GodOfThunder Awesome box. Awesome packing. Awesome trader. Thanks, StFun!
Sep 2010 mikey711 Just finished a very quick and pleansant trade with Josh. Great communication and great packaging. I would not hesitate to trade with Josh again in the future
Sep 2010 Marsiblursi Unbelievable, just unbelievable. I have stumbled across some fantastic trading partners, but this is too much. This trade was like trading away a 1991 Ford Fiesta for five new Bentley cars, one airplane and Brangelinas old house. Do not hesitate to trade with StFun, I can promise you it will be the beer trip of your life. Thank you so much, I owe you big time my friend!
Sep 2010 CanIHave4Beers Josh answered the call for some Dosjel, but delivered an awesome box full of extras. Some Brian Boru, Horse Piss Beer, Squall IPA, & of course Purple Drank! Thanks kindly!
Sep 2010 thirdeye11 Josh is an awesome Ratebeerian, plain as that. Answered the DFW crew call for NG Gueuze and Kriek, sent along Baudelaire IO which I’ve been after FOREVER, hit WL with Alesmith Grand Cru, and Oracle and Bourbon Barrel warmer as extras!? Super generous as always. A great trader and great friend.
Sep 2010 mtoast Just got a box of awesome from Josh, Oaken Barrel growler, NG Gueuze, St. Bon Chien Grand Cru, Sun King Osiris, Dreadnaught, HOTD Fred and Hitachino XH. Josh is the man and if you choose to not trade with him the terrorists have won.
Sep 2010 GMCC2181 Josh always goes way above and beyond... This time its a growler of Foothills DIPA. Fu$k yeah! I never thought I would be able to score this beer, THANKS Josh! I am lucky to have josh as a friend
Sep 2010 SpencerDB In person trade at BA SC release. Josh hooks me up with a 6er of Alpha King, NG raspberry tart and wisconsin belgian red, FFF Apocalypse Cow, and Shorts strawberry shorts cake. Still my favorite trader, but he doesn’t understand the extent of my sleep ninja powers
Aug 2010 gunhaver StFun just randomly sent me awesome beers. who does that? an awesome person, that’s who
Aug 2010 dchmela Josh said he was going to send me a few things, but this box was ridiculous! Founders Harvest, Black Rye and dry hopped pale ale, BBC Bourbon Barrel stout and Jeffersons Reserve, 3F Black Sun Stout, Flat Earth Cygnus X-1, Pisgah Solstice, New Glarus Golden Ale, Southampton Grand Cru and a Upland Raspberry Lambic. Damn, Josh always hooks it up.
Aug 2010 wavers1 another awesome box from josh full of highly wanted and to rare to even want items1 he sends me a very sought after bottle of imperila state pen, then comes correct with pelican perfect storm, shoreline ba sum nug and 3 sum, bluegrass RIP, a hand bottle of dark apparition(!), upland bb warmer(yum!), shotes strawberry cake and mystery, and a bottle of new day black rasp me
Aug 2010 Papsoe Excellent 6-bottle trade with the generous Josh who bonused with nothing less than a 3F Apocalyse Cow. Communication was always clear and friendly. Thanks a lot buddy.
Aug 2010 Cletus Josh hooked me up with another excellent box of beer. He is one of the best guys to trade with on the site. Thanks again!
Jul 2010 SpencerDB 3rd box from josh and they just keep getting bigger. 17 brews! Alpha King x7, FFF Apocalypse Cow, 07-09 BCS vert, GI Nightstalker, JP P5, Alesmith Decadence 06 and 09, and two sweet Jackie O’s nip bottles. Josh trade good.
Jul 2010 GMCC2181 40 pound box: seriously? Coffee bender, Founders IS, Dark Lord, 2 Dreads! Black Butte, Alesmith IPA, 3F Artic panzer wolf, Dragonfly DIPA, Cucapa pale ale (can lol) and a beer 30 (purple can) which I think I sent to him? Killer box....oh yeah...and a mini keg of two hearted! Enough beer to last till 2011. Thanks josh!!!
Jul 2010 50belair Josh and I traded for an 05 Darklord. The deal was for six bottles. I get this bomb proof package that had the original six plus seven extras. Yea I said seven extras. Hit hooked me up with three extra Double Crooked Tree IPAs, Invasion by 3Floyds and Half Acre, Apocalypse Cow, Southern Tier Choklat, and Blind Pig!!!! All of my want list. Josh is the number one trader on
Jun 2010 peteinSD Aside from Josh’s zen master packing, he really threw down some excellent bonus beers including FFF Alpha King, Dark Horse Plead the 5th, Founder’s Devil Dancer, and Tyranena Down and Dirty. All this on top of the agreed upon FFF Dreadnaught, Red, Tart, Oak Aged IS Yeti, and a KBS. Thank you, Josh!
Jun 2010 juiceisloose Josh sent me another awesome packed box within a box and the signature electrical tape on the bottles. He hooked me up with a Surly Four, Surly Smoke, ’10 Dark Lord, Alpha King, an Upland ipa, and a LA Amarosa. There was also an Osiris pale ale can from Sun King in there. Great selection of beers from a great trader. Look forward to the next one.
Jun 2010 JoeTheYounger Just got my new box from Josh. Packaging was really nice. A box inside a box with tons of bubble wrap and styro bottle shippers. He agreed to send me two 2010 Dark Lords. As if Dark Lord wasn’t enough he threw in a Goose Island Night Stalker, Southern Tier Pumking, Java, and Chocolate. A pleasure as always. I’ll be sending you new Black Tuesday when released.
Jun 2010 fiver29 Josh sent a BCBCS and added an Upland Bourbon Warmer as an extra! You rock!!
May 2010 JCB Just to tack a bit onto Spencer’s comments, included in his box was an unsolicited rare gift from my man Josh. He is a madman. Man in the Silver Mountain, baby!!!
May 2010 SpencerDB My theory is that Josh won the lottery and spreads the wealth by bonusing the crap out of people. He sent the agreed upon DL ’10 and then bonused the entire Dark Horse stout series 1-5, 3 Alpha King, and the surprise beer was a freakin Cuvee de Castleton which i’ve been trying to land. Awesome man... just awesome!
May 2010 ygtbsm94 Josh is freaking killing me with his kindness. He sent a boat load of brews without even finalizing a trade. Received Upland Persimmon, Kiwi, Raspberry,Dantalion, BB Winter Warmer and two vintage Dark Lord bottles, 2-GI BCS Coffee, Night Stalker, Jackie-O’s BB Thorogood, & Half Acre TF The Invasion. Thanks again my friend for your unparalleled generosity. "Beer is Good Food"
Apr 2010 DalzAle Leave it to Josh to hook me up yet again. We had only agreed to have him send me a Blabaer, and when I opened my box today I found all these extras: Bells Oracle, Sun King Sunlight, Upland Komodo Dragon, HF Outta Kilter and to top it of A FRIGGIN BLACK TUESDAY(number 1 want)! Without a doubt, the most generous trade I’ve had to date. Thanks again man!
Apr 2010 GMCC2181 Josh is terrificle
Apr 2010 DeadGirl Another box of happiness sent by Josh- this time, olfabrikken porter, and old chimney’s good king henry, plus FOUR wantlist extras (including hopslam, dark horse, 3F)! Are you kidding me, Josh? Are you kidding? Four extras for only two bottles? Holy crap, this slim diddley proves that there is hope for humanity.
Apr 2010 DeadGirl Josh sent me a dreadnaught, dark lord, founders breakfast, and beer geek brunch plus four awesome wantlist extras, including a surly furious! This was so freaking generous, Josh, I am just... wow. I mean, like... who IS this guy? I’m sooo stunned by the assortment of beers just sitting on my dining room table right now. This is a really good day :)
Apr 2010 mkade8883 Box-in-box, packed great with plenty of padding and even some dried pinto beans in the bottom of the outside box. In this one we have 6 packs of Gumballhead and Alpha King, as well as bombers of La Roja and Boulevard Saison Brett.
Apr 2010 mkade8883 As always, Josh is the absolute man. Sent a replacement fantasy box which was amazingly packed, box-in-box. Included a Indianapolis Colts mug (I’m a Pats fan), Horse Piss Beer (fantastic), along with some great, unrated and highly desired beers (Surly Coffee Bender and Furiuos, Dark Horse Double Crooked Tree IPA, Nugget Nectar, Upland Ard Ri). Thanks!
Apr 2010 puzzl Josh and I did an in person trade at DLD, at it was *freaking awesome*. Thanks man!
Apr 2010 KimJohansen Josh hooked me up with an enormous list of beers Bells Bourbon/Expedition Blend, Big Rock Chop House Reserve Farmhouse Ale, Bluegrass Nut Brown Lambic, Bluegrass Quad Lambic, Bluegrass Blackberry Lambic, Bluegrass Peche Lambic, Bruery Hottenroth Berliner Weiss, Bruery Oude Tart, Dark Lord Vanilla Bean among others. Professionally packed and good communication. Highly recommended.
Apr 2010 GAManiac Josh hooked me up with all the Upland lambics from the latest release and even threw in some locals as extras that I’ve never tried. Fast, efficient and great communication. The beat goes on...
Apr 2010 thebaldwizard Josh sent me my Upland bottles and threw in 2 awesome Kuhnhenn brews that I’m extremely excited to drink. Josh is a kind soul, and even though he has poor taste in music--a great guy to hang out with. I owe you one!
Apr 2010 DarthDrinker I got shut out of K.B.S. because a lot of locals & beer managers bought more than their share. Josh heard and took good care of me...Kentucky Breakfast, Bells 9000, and a few others I missed out on. Big ups to the man in the hat.
Apr 2010 JCB What can I say about Josh that I haven’t said many, many times before? Sure top notch trader, getting me a bunch of awesome stuff from Upland and Sun King, but just such a cool friend and right on guy. Always a pleasure, my man!!!
Apr 2010 pittsburghkid Joshua hooked me up with a no hassle generous trade of an imperial stout trooper. very easy trade with absolutely no problems. thanks man.
Mar 2010 drowland I can’t even describe how awesome Josh is. I offered him Hunahpu and he sent me a box of surprises that annihilated my wants list, including 2007 Kuhnhenn Rasp Eisbock, something I have wanted SO LONG. Even better, he GRACIOUSLY sent his box early so I could reuse the styro shipper to send the Hunahpu back! You’d be silly NOT to trade with him, I mean seriously!
Mar 2010 dmschefke Josh took a freaking sledge to my wantlist with his awesome shipment. BA Expy, 09 Darkness, Brute, NG Golden, Cherry Stout, Apple Pie, and a couple others. Always a pleasure to work with him, goes the extra mile. Thanks man!
Mar 2010 thirdeye11 Josh is a super cool guy I met while visiting family in Indiana so when he wanted to setup a trade I knew it would be worth my while. Definitely was. I sent him a growler and Josh sent me back a Night Stalker and 4 extras! Cheers and thanks Josh!
Mar 2010 Hophead22 Quick and easy growler swap with Josh. He sent and Oaken Barrel Superfly and two bottles from Mad Brewer, White and Black Storm, thanks again Josh, anytime for part deux.
Mar 2010 SpencerDB Holy shit Josh crushed it! We made our little trade after he couldn’t make it down for Sexy Chocolate release so I sent him a few bottles for a FFF care package. And he came through with a box of 17 bottles including the agreed upon goodies and 3 bonus WL items!!! Anytime you want anything from down here just let me know man. Cheers.
Mar 2010 northernbrews Josh is the f’in man! For picking him up some Short’s brews Josh said he’d send a few "thank you" beers which I told him was unnecessary. So what does Josh do, he sends one sick ass box...BA Boris batch 1, GI Nightstalker, CC Hopped up Johnie handbottle, Rasp Tart, Belgian Red, NG Cherry Stout, and Beastie Island BA Porter and Stout! Totally bad ass box from one of my best beer
Mar 2010 j12601 Josh does it again, in what may be the first sour peach (CL FF) for sour peach (Upland Peach) trade. Round trip 6 styro shipper. FFF Moloko (WL), Broodoo (WL) Admiral Nelson, Just Outstading IPA (WL), Perseguidor 4 (WL), and the Upland (WL). http://img710.imageshack.us/img710/9052/img1062q.jpg Can’t wait to drink a few in person at DLDay.
Mar 2010 JCB Sweet Christmas! Josh destroyed me yet again with the Jim Sorgi Memorial Box of Beer. Some Jackie O’s, Cigar City, Surly, and Bells 9000. Doooooood! Once again, I am humbled.
Feb 2010 madvike Josh came to my rescue and traded me a much coveted Perseguidor 5 when he didn’t have to. Then, he annihilated my wants list with a Pliny the Elder, Kuhnhenn Imp Creme Brulee Stout, 4th Dementia, Bodacious Black and Tan, Shorts Cuppa Joe, Upland Bad Elmer’s Porter. What a professional, generous trader. Thanks so much, Josh!
Feb 2010 Schroppfy Josh is just a great trader. Sent one much needed beer and also a HotD Adam extra. Thanks!
Feb 2010 GMCC2181 No one puts more time or thought into a box as much as josh does. NO ONE... Seriously, josh is a great trader. 07-09 GI BCBS, 2 Hopslam, 2 Upland Black IPA’s, 3F Munsterfest, Admiral Nelson, Founders porter, Smuttynose Wheatwine and a Jackie O’s DIPA. Thanks Josh! You are the man!
Feb 2010 wavers1 does this guy know how to widdle your want list down or what?! sends me a great selection, bells special, storm king, commodore perry and nosferatu, 3 guy off the scale, shorts mytery, kuhnhenn imperial creme brulee, jackie o’s cuvee 2, alpha klaus and an 09 darkness. great coverage from the great lakes!
Jan 2010 soulforpeanuts This dude is really awesome. Excellent packing job, great communication. People like him help show this noob how its suppposed to be. Will trade again.
Jan 2010 jimbowood Josh delivers again. I’ve traded multiple times with Josh and he always delivers hard to find mw locals plus awesome bonuses. The electrical tape around the cap is his signature.
Jan 2010 juiceisloose Josh sent me an awesome box with lots of want list beers that included BA Boris, Dark Horse One, Too, and Three, New Glarus Cranbic, and a KRE!! He also threw in a neat looking nip hand bottle. Great packaging with the most bubble wrap I have ever seen in a box. Awesome trade all around and looking forward to another one. Thanks again.
Jan 2010 Sparky Josh emails me out of the blue letting me know he just sent a mystery box. The box arrived today with a ton of want list stuff and a few things I never thought I’d see. Josh is truly one of the most kind individuals I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Thanks again J!
Jan 2010 ygtbsm94 Absolutely a spectacular trade with Josh. One day I got a beermail from him saying I found a bottle of brew that I think you were looking for and offered to send it for nothing in return. After twisting his arm he finally accepted something in return. Received a TF OA Dark Lord and bonus NC Anniversary X that I never expected. Thanks Josh for being so unselfish. "Beer is Good Food"
Jan 2010 dogfish120love What can I say...WOW. Not only did StFun answer my call for a New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red and Raspberry Tart, he also sent me a Dreadnaught (huge wants list) and bonused me a FFF Broodoo ( big wants list item). Phenomenal trader, if you have the opportunity to trade with him I suggest you do so.
Jan 2010 bvc In my 3rd trade with Josh, he sent me 3 Jackie O’s bottles that I asked him for along with a couple of cool hand bottles, Mad Brewer White Storm, R&D Golden, Upland Rad Red, Four O Ice, and a 40oz Four O...bad ass! Josh kicks ass and I look forward to our next trade.
Dec 2009 notalush Josh sent the promised New Glarus R&D Golden Ale, Cranbic, and handbottle of Surly Smoke, plus he threw in a few other New Glarus brews, and a FFF Gumballhead as extras - awesome - double boxed, with each bottle in its own bubble mailer - quick turnaround, despite the holidays - great trade.
Dec 2009 blklab2007 josh totally hooked it up in a somewhat open ended trade. 2 three floyd bombers, 4 pack brakfast stout, 3 new glarus, 3 dark horse, 2 double trouble, backwoods bastard, and hop whore. all want list stuff and well beyond $4$. thanks dude!
Dec 2009 JW77 Josh hooked it up once again with the agreed upon BA expedition/double cream blend. Thanks again for the easy trade.
Dec 2009 BMan1113VR In my second trade with Josh, he kindly hooked me up with 3 bottle of barrel aged Jackie-O beers as agreed upon. As extras he sent two highly wanted wants list items: Cran-bic and MB Black Storm. Would love to trade any time your near Jackie-O’s, Josh. Great communication, packaging and speed. Thanks!
Dec 2009 BlackForestCO This dude finds some way to send me a growler of Jackie-O’s Smoked and Portered, even though they apparently weren’t filling growlers. On top of that, he stuffs the box with a bunch of other things (3 vintages of BCS, Founders IS and DD, New Glarus Cranbic) that were totally unexpected. I am not sure how I am going to make it up to him.
Dec 2009 cbkschubert Wow! Josh sent me a monster box of beer. He sent five 3F’s bombers (Blackheart, Moloko Plus, Oatgoop, Gorch Fock, and Munsterfest) which are all Wantlist beers. Also, he sent a handbottled Canadian Breakfast, GI BCS, LH Fade to Black, Bells Oracle, and six Warbird beers. Beers arrived safely in a huge, double box. Thanks man!
Dec 2009 JoeMcPhee Josh hooked me up with some great stuff. Boulevard Double Wide, Hoppin Frog BA BORIS, Great Lakes Blackout Stout, and a bottle of Smokejumper. Great communication and great trader. No problems to speak of.
Dec 2009 smith4498 Josh sent me some Three Floyds Dreadnaught, Behemoth, Alpha Klaus, Alpha King and Gumballhead for some Cigar City. He threw in four singles and a bomber as extras. A real generous trader. Amazing packaging and excellent communication. I look foward to trading with him in the future.
Nov 2009 DalzAle Trade set up? Nope, but yet I come home from work today to find a box on my doorstep with 3 kick-ass beers. A Struise Cuvée Delphine (one from my want list that I was unsure if I’d ever see), a Bells Oracle (which I love!) and a bomber of Stone Submlimely Self-Righteous. Thanks again for being one of the nicest and most generous guys on this site.
Nov 2009 GMCC2181 Josh sent a MINI KEG of Two Hearted!!!!! :)F*cK yeah!!! and a LA Judgment Day.....Thanks Josh!!!! This is the second time in a month josh has knocked my socks off. Now I am in debt for-ev-er.
Nov 2009 fiver29 Sent the agreed upon Darkness with a slew of extras. WWS, BCS, Aphrodite?! New Glarus cranbic. I was blown away by his generosity for sure. Expertly boxed and boxed again. Wrapped and wrapped again. Great trader! What else is there to say? One of the best on the site. Thanks!
Nov 2009 wavers1 this guy is a real class act! his box included a slew of more than 1/2 dozen chronic stouts (Darkness!, vortex 2, valdez, founders breakfast, bells java, ng coffee, st choklat), st krampus, and the star of the show: a tall boy of Four-0 ice!!! no filler in this box! well josh, till next time!
Nov 2009 JCB Sometimes I get a box from Josh and I don’t even know why. I mean, the general answer has to do with his awesomeness. But we had nothing set up and dude says he’s going to send me a bottle of Lake Erie Monster straight off my wants. Throws in a bottle of Cran-bic and Bell’s Java, just because. What more is there to say that you mooks who read trade feedback don’t already know? Josh = metal.
Nov 2009 miketd Josh sent me two awesome bottles from one of his many beer trips. Josh is someone I love to deal with and hope to do so again. Thanks dude.
Nov 2009 Sparky And Josh calls ME generous. Holy cow! Josh suprised me with one of my all-time wants, then threw in another impossible beer to get and a Broo Doo fr good measure! Generous doesn’t do this one justice - unbelievable ratebeerian. You rock my friend!
Nov 2009 JoeTheYounger First trade with Josh. Wow I couldn’t believe all of the awesome stuff that was awaiting for me when I got home today. Josh gave me some cash to buy him some Black Tuesday and hooked me up in return with the following: Southern Tier Pumking, 2008 Jahva, Choklat, Alpha Klaus, O Fallons chocolate cherry, beer geek brunch wiesel, Ten Fidy, Dales Pale, Dark Lord 09, Barley Island Brass Knuckles, Strau
Nov 2009 TBRussell Josh.... you are the man. Thanks for the bottle of Darklord again, you always seem to have what i’m looking for. Josh is a great dude, and trade partner, bottle was perfect and even hooked me up with a nice waxjob on top! K, that sounded a little dirty, but as long as StFun is involved I’m cool with it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED trade partner, will trade again, thanks again Josh
Oct 2009 djrn (UPDATE) Got an extra Package this week with 2 bonus brews. Brian Boru and Brugge White sent in a 2 bottle styro box. Thanks for a great trade. I need to trade with this dude again!
Oct 2009 Odde Quick shipping and great correspondence. I received a 3f alpha king, dreadnaught and speedway stout for my CCB BA 110K+OT Batch #2. Thanks! I’d be happy to trade again.
Oct 2009 GMCC2181 An unsolicited box showed up today... Fully loaded hop bomb, included: Uberhoppy (yes!) 3F Broodoo, Bells Oracle & Hopslam, and Founders Devil Dancer. Thanks josh, you made my day!
Oct 2009 mreusch First trade with Josh, and it’s easy to see how well deserved his trade reputation is! I left it up to him on what to send and he nailed two awesome WL beers and three others for good measure. JP Luciernaga GR (WL!!!), FS Killer K (a WL all time fave), Brugge Black, and an Upland and Thomas Hooker to round things out. Thanks again Josh, much appreciated!
Oct 2009 Cletus Thanks to Joshua for hooking me up with a Kentucky growler + Munsterfest. He is by far one of the best guys on this site to trade with!
Oct 2009 bvc I noticed a new 3F beer I wanted to try so I shoot Josh a BM and he says no problem. That weekend he gets me a growler Arctic Panzer Wolf and then bonuses another growler of Sun King Saison de Taffey!. Second trade with Josh and looking forward to another soon. Thanks again man!
Oct 2009 riversideAK Josh sent a great selection of craft beer and malt liquor. Hell yeah! Included in the box was a great variety from Barley Island, Oaken Barrel Snake Pit Porter, and Four O and Four O Ice, Magnum, and Kick Axe. Did I mention the Four O Ice is a 40? I am on my way to the malt liquor top ten!
Oct 2009 boamr I was looking for Dreadnaughts and Josh helped me out with a few bottles for some Aphrodisiaque. He included two nice drop ins! Josh had great communication and shipped quickly. Great trader would trade with him again anytime.
Oct 2009 djrn A great trade. Got a 3 styro box filled with FFF. Oatgoop and Moloko with an Alpha Klaus extra. Good communication and turnaround. Looking forward to future trades!
Oct 2009 Beerlando Josh hooked it up big time with 3 TOP 50 handbottles! OA Dark Lord, Bells Expo/Dbl Cream, and Founders CBS! On top of that, he sent me NG Rasp Tart (for my wife), Barley Island Single White Friar, and a can of Surly Hell. All this while simply leaving my side of the trade pretty much open. What a great trader!
Oct 2009 wavers1 received a nice box as the first installment of this awesome trade1 he sent me st jah-va, pumking, creme brulee, mokah, a horn dog bw and some good ol horse piss! yes! great trader, don’t hesitate to trade with this cat!
Oct 2009 daknole WOW what a FFF Blackheart, Gorch, and Munsterfest. Surly hell, Pisgah Valdez and Upland amber. Damn right, Josh is the man! CHEERS!!
Oct 2009 Marsiblursi Wow, just wow. Ones in a lifetime trade. Joshua sent me 1 Expedition/Double Cream Blend, 1 CBS, 1 Upland Strawberry and a surprise bottle of Sanctification. Fantastic communication from a fantastic trader. Let’s trade again.
Sep 2009 hannont Josh is a first rate and SUPER generous trader. I sent him a a few beers and he unloads a thirty five pound box of killer beers on my ass...OA darklord (WL), hoppin’ frog double pumpkin, killer kapowski, 3 guys off the scale (WL), jinx proof, fou’ foune, brugge black, brugge white, lake erie monster, iron hill barleywine, surly hell and surly furious...all-star trader folks
Sep 2009 GMCC2181 Second box in one week from this beer hoarder! A growler of sun turn DIPA, sunturn brew (in a thermus), Green flash IPA, Founders Triple IPA, some malt liq!, Buckeye 76 IPA and a couple other nice pale ales... What else could I ask for.... Thanks a million JOSH!
Sep 2009 Sonicdescent My second trade with Josh, first over here, and this is a great guy. Sent me Brooklyn Black Ops, GI Bourbon County Stout, and Alpha King, and Bonuses me another BCS and Surly Hell, he must have had some kind of mind reading knowing I was looking to get that one. Excellent trader, great communication, quick turnaround time, all around great trader. Looking forward to our third trade. Cheers Jos
Sep 2009 GMCC2181 Josh sends a sick ass box! Bells oracle, expy, 3F Dreadnaught, Rabid rabbit, RR Elder, Blind Pig, Surly Furious, Beer 30 ? WTF?.... Alesmith IPA, Great Lakes IPA, New Glauras Lager and a couple other kick ass beers off my wants list. Josh is the man!
Sep 2009 tyler_mn Josh sent me the 2 requested Upland Lambics and bonuses of Brugge Black and another interesting looking Bluegrass "Lambic" ;) Thanks man!
Sep 2009 Sparky My man Josh brought some amazing beers for an in-person trade in Ohio - stuff I’d never see otherwise. You are the man Big J! Always a pleasure!
Sep 2009 scrizzz Great shipment of Surly Furious and Cynicale (both WL), Cave Creek Chili Beer x2 (hell yes), Brugge White and Black, Three Floyds Brian Boru, New Glarus (Totally Naked, Fat Squirrel, Black Wheat) and topped off with Kentucky’s Finest Horse Piss. Awesome!
Sep 2009 fiver29 Met Josh in person and he brought the Dradnaught and Raspberry Tart as agreed. He bonused a Coffee Bender and then opened some great brews including Bells Oracle and a couple others I believe were retired. Great guy and great trader. Thanks a ton!!!!
Sep 2009 coyotehunter Great first trade with Josh. In return for A six pack of oracle and some other beers he was looking for, He sent me my own white whale. Recieved a hand bottle of Barrel aged Expedition/double cream, along with a Brunch Weasel, Black Albert, and FFF bonuses! Great trade...cant wait for another!
Sep 2009 zathrus13 Josh sent me more Four-O as we agreed. But then, the extras just kept coming. Two cans of Four-O Ice, a Beer 30 Light, an NG Unplugged Apple Ale, and an NG Stone Soup!! All was packed great. Another easy trade. I’m sure we’ll be trading more.
Sep 2009 LtDan This man is a legend. 3-3Floyds as bonus and 6 22 oz. bombers of Hoppin Frog. Double boxed and bubble wrapped out the wing wang. Thanks again StFun!!
Sep 2009 mkade8883 Josh and I made a big trade where I sent him some fresh Alesmith stuff, DDG and a local growler. Josh hooked up me bigtime with 3F stuff including the DL09, Moloko, BrooDoo, Brian Boru, Alpha Klaus Christmas Porter, Black Sun Stout, Blackheart, Resplendence, and some great extras too. Look forward to more in the future.
Aug 2009 gunhaver Like many before us, Josh and I agreed to trade beers through the RateBeer website. He threw in both barrel-aged Dark Lords, Bells Bourbon Cream/Expedition, Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout, Old Chimney’s Good King Henry, Dieu de Ciel Aphrodisiaque, and a Cuvee de Castleton. But most importantly, two cans of Four-O and Four-O ICE!!!!!! Shipped beautifully.
Aug 2009 jimbowood Josh is quickly becoming one of my favorite trading partners. This time around he sent me 4 brews from my wants list plus a ton of quality bonuses inluding dreadnaught. Bomb proof packaging. Great trader.
Aug 2009 ditmier Josh delivers the goods! I get a Popskull and Chocolate Yeti, more secure than a styro shipper, triple wrapped and double boxed...Thanks Man!!
Aug 2009 cgarvieuk Secret Santa ... rocks ... A great box ... see the thread... but the Star for me was clearly the Midnigh Sun Oak aged Pumpkin Porter... ive wanted this one a long time.. so i am so so pleased... but that not to diss the other that would have been top beer in there own right... well all apart from the Bud light Clamato(WL)... SO oddly cheers even for this one
Aug 2009 bu11zeye Josh sends Bluegrass Quad, Peche, and Blackberry lambics. He then generously throws in Barley Island Sinister Minister, Single White Friar, and Oaken Barrel Snake Pit Porter!! Excellent packaging and good communication. Fun! Fun! Many thanks!
Aug 2009 lithy Likely needs no more help in the feedback area, but Josh is awesome. Sent an unsolicited message asking if I’d like to try some more Top 50 beers. I get a double-boxed, bomb-proof package that he classified as "small", filled with Founders Breakfast Stout, Founders KBS, Alesmith Speedway Stout, Three Floyds Dreadnaught, and Three Floyds Alpha King. Huge thanks!
Aug 2009 BMan1113VR Great trade with Josh. He sent the agreed upon Apocalypse Cow, Night Tripper, Chateau Jiahu, and Baltic Thunder, with bonuses of Ten Fiddy and Southern Tier Big Red. Great Communication, double boxed styro shipper...bomb proof. Excellent trader!
Aug 2009 thebaldwizard Josh is a great person. He came to a tasting at my place that I had to leave due to a family emergency. So what does he do? Sends me a box of beer and a load of awesome cookies! He wanted to make sure I got to sample some of the things I missed out on. A really thoughtful gesture that meant a great deal to me. Sending big beer karma your way, Josh!
Aug 2009 pimpp Josh sent me a one hell of a gem plus another gem in Isabelle Proximus, and bonused me Hop15, Short’s Huma, Furious, and Bender. Bad fucking Ass. Great comms, fast shipping, tankproof packing. Highly recommended.
Jul 2009 zathrus13 Josh hooked me up with my request for some Four O malt liquor. I got a bunch of those, as well as a bottle of Beer Geek Brunch Weasel and Snake Pit Porter. The box was bulletproof, no chance anything would break. Communication was great. I hope we’ll trade again soon.
Jul 2009 StFun I’m terrifical.
Jul 2009 dmschefke Josh needed a Kuhnhenn fix, in exchange, he tore into my want list sending NG Belg Red, Rasp Tart, CL Nor Easter, Upland SB, Killer Kapow, BA Boris, and 3 guys. Then tears into my wants some more with extras of Terrapin Coffee Oatmeal, Rye Squared, Big Hoppy Monster, NG Organic Revolution, and NG Dancing Man Wheat. Such an awesome trade and easy to work. Package got to me before I even sent his.
Jul 2009 ucusty In our second or third trade Josh answered my call for two cans of four o malt liquor and upped the trade with a BA Boris and FFF Apocalypse Cow. Double boxed and packed extremely well (as usual) Cant wait until next time. I’ll be in touch
Jul 2009 JCB As freaking always, my man Josh sends me a jaw-droppingly awesome box of brews. Want-list destruction including NG, FFF, Flossmoor, Bluegrass Imperial Porter, RR, Surly, and other assorted madness. Dude just kicks my ass every time we trade.
Jul 2009 wavers1 epic trader here guys! received-bells expedition(x6), bells special double cream(x6), dark horse one(x4), dark horse too(x4), dark horse tres(x4), and founders KBS(x4). an awesome huge arangement of stouts i had been looking for, well packaged, great communication, great guy and ratebeerian! hope to trade again! oh yeah, forgot to ment
Jul 2009 wavers1 wow, homie also sent an whole lil box of bonus brews! including 3F black sun(wl), sand creek oatmeal stout, bells hopslam, and others!
Jul 2009 Sparky What a great box from Big J! 2x 3f Gumballhead, HaandBryggeriet Haandbakk, Surly Furious, Founders Devil Dancer, 3f Jinx Proof, Apocalypse Cow and Popskull, Flossmoor Station IPA and a New Glarus Belgian Red!!! Holy cow what a great mix of excellent beers! Thanks Josh – you’re the best!!!
Jul 2009 GMCC2181 Josh hooked me up with a box which contained three great hoppy beers. 3F Apocolyspe cow, Flossmore station IPA (time out) and Huma Lupa’s IPA. Word! I owe ya! Thanks Josh!
Jul 2009 kramer Josh is quickly climbing my list of favorite traders! In both trades we’ve done I’ve given him little to no direction as to what to send me and the boxes have been aces both times. This is the kind of guy who puts a lot of thought into each box he sends. I will never turn down a trade request from him in the future!
Jul 2009 miketd Josh is one of the most generous out there for sure! He offered to send a HB of Founders CBS for nothing! From that we worked a little trade. He was to send the Canadian BS along with three bottles of Alpha King. What did I get? Canadian Breakfast, six bottles of alpha King, Apocolypse Cow, Gumball Head, Shorts Shorts Huma-Lupa-Licious IPA, and a Lagunitis Sirus! Thanks man!
Jul 2009 SoLan Josh hooked me up with a unsolicited bottle of HOTD Matt. Awesome. But he didn’t stop there, he threw in 11! other bottles- 6x DH Crooked Tree and a Double Crooked Tree, NG Stone Soup and Totally Naked, Founders Breakfast Stout, and to top it off a handbottle of Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout! Unbelievably generous. I owe you a nice return box, man.
Jul 2009 sprinkle Josh came through with the Imp Stout trooper along with some other tasties! Great guy! Recommended.
Jul 2009 tjthresh Josh has hooked me up with some great beer over the past year, including my first trip into the Darkness. His generosity is the stuff of legends. If you have to chance to trade with him, and choose not to, you are a fool.
Jul 2009 jimbowood What a great trade. Asked for 2 apocalypse cows and a bluegrass imp porter. Received all of the above plus a dreadnaught and a kbs. Talk about sweet bonuses. Perfect packaging.
Jun 2009 bvc Josh is a kick ass trader! I hit him up to see if I could get a couple of bottles of Apocalypse Cow. He got right back to me and then asked if there was anything else that he could send my way. Well, the trade then expanded and he sent me BA Old Toad, BA Ruffian, NC 10, Perseguidor 4, Jinx Proof, and bonused 3F Moloko, KBS, and a Jinx Proof. Oh and he went out of his way to grab me the Ji
Jun 2009 hopscotch Josh Rocks! His box included:: 1 1/2 gallon growler of Oaken Barrel Superfly I.P.A., 1 1/2 gallon growler of Barley Island 60 Shilling Scotch Ale, 1 handbottle of Barley Island Franken Imperial Stout, 1 handbottle of Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout and bottles Tyranena Paradise, Founders CBS, NG UP Iced Barleywine, BBC Quad and Peche lambics and Flossmoor Station Time-Out IPA. Thanks Josh.
Jun 2009 JCB I guess my man is lining up miracles for canonization, because this morning I received a package with a handbottle of Founders CBS!!! Oh yeah, and a couple faves from New Glarus. Good golly, Josh rocks ridiculously hard.
Jun 2009 DalzAle Out of nowhere and for no good reason, a box lands on my doorstep containing a PTE, Shorts Pandemonium Pale Ale and a Great Lakes Pale Ale. Damn dude, again too generous! By the way, I’ve started training to be a psychic, and I see Surly in your future!!!
Jun 2009 gkost Great trade! Sent fast. great communication and to top it off a bonus FFF! Thanks!
Jun 2009 DalzAle What was supposed to be a small trade for a growler, turned into a Growler of Oaken Barrel Superfly IPA and 4 Extra’s! (Upland Chocolate Stout, Duck Rabbit Milk Stout, Duck Rabbit Porter, and DFH Chicory!) Thanks again man! As always, easy communication, good packaging and lightning fast shipping (and too generous!).
Jun 2009 kramer A huge box of beer lands today with 2 growlers and about 7 other locals that look really tasty. Not sure where the trade ended and where the bonus beers began, but I’ve been outdone on this one! Looking forward to our next trade for sure. Thanks man!
Jun 2009 miketd Josh really out did me here. I told him not to get crazy with the extras and he sends 4-5. Included were a Shorts beer, BBC Peach Lambic and Dark Horse Three guys! Double boxed. Great communication and a nice guy. Thanks!
May 2009 BgThang WARNING! This dude will rape you with extras. HOLY SHIT! A very outstanding trader who traded the agreed upon brews and 4 nice bonuses! Alpha klaus, KBS, Founders impy stout, and small craft warning. Thank you josh and hope we can trade again.
May 2009 KAggie97 Josh sent me a ’09 Dark Lord, Rogue Dad’s Little Helper Malt Liquor, and a KISS Rocks Cleveland tshirt! Now THAT’S what I call a package. Thanks, man!!!
May 2009 GMCC2181 100th trade for josh! What a milestone! Probably my 12th trade with josh if not more. Over the past 16 months or so josh has hooked me up with crazy amount of beer... spent a stupid amount of money... and hasnt really asked for anything in return. Josh is one of the reasons why I love ratebeer. Overall a super generous guy, and I am glad i could be your 100th trade buddy. Heres to 100+
May 2009 TBRussell What can I say...dude rocks. Great with communication, couldn’t have asked for a more secure package, super cool beer lover, and doesn’t have a selfish bone in his body. Did a minor trade, but Saint Joshua delivered with majorly satisfying results. Seriously a free KBS,..... this will not go unrewarded. I love this guy in the most possible way,...without being gay. Looking forward to more trades,
May 2009 hellbilly simply amazing trader...
May 2009 WeeHeavySD Awesome trade with Josh, he sent a forty of 4-0, Killer Kapowski and a mess of other awesome beers. Triple Box!!! Great communication great overall! Awesome!
May 2009 emacgee Josh hit me up looking for some Pisgah brews since he knew I was heading up Asheville way. Managed to get him two bottles of Vortex II. He said he had six other boxes he had to get out before mine and now I see why! Shot me a package double boxed and packed like mad with a Flossmoor Baltic Porter, Nogne IPA, and Dark Horse Plead the 5th all off my wants list. He was also so kickass as to tos
Apr 2009 BrewDad Got this awesome box from the Midwest. Joshua was an awesome trader. Thirsty Dog Old Leghumper – Three Floyds Pride & Joy, Dark Horse Perkulator Coffee Doppelbock, New Glarus Spotted Cow, Founders Porter, Three Floyds Black Sun, Weyerbacher Heresy, Brooklyn Brewing Black Ops, and last but not least Surly Coffee Bender. Super packaging this was a rocking trade. Thanks Joshua.
Apr 2009 cgarvieuk Ok there were loads of very cool treats in this DLD trade but none come close to the Bells Bourbon Barrel Double Cream/Expedition Stout , I could not belive it when joss droped the bomb shell that he could supply this one. Then to top it off a few days later when i posted just how much i liked the Black ops, Josh was in touch in 5 mins offering this as well. No offence to other trades but that dou
Apr 2009 GMCC2181 One awesome box sent by josh! It contained. SA Rootbeer beer! Sexual Chocolate, Surly Coffee and furious, 3F Alpha Kong, Behometh, Oatgoop, Founders Double Trouble, Old Ale, 4th dementia, Divine #7 and some Scotty Karate Action!!! What a box.... How can I make it up to him??? Thanks Josh!
Apr 2009 afterglow My first trade and I couldn’t have asked for a better one. Josh sent me a BA AleSmith Wee Heavy, an 07 Behemoth, and a bonus Alpha Clause for all of the current Cigar City lineup and a bottle of 110K+OT Der Rauch Gott. Everything showed up extremely well packed in styro shipper and double boxed. I can’t wait to trade with Josh again.
Apr 2009 dchmela Josh beat me like a red headed step child in Fantasy Football (ratebeer 3) this year and I sent him a box of beer for killing me so bad. Even though I told him not to bother, he sent me a great return box. An insanely well packed box arrived today with Hoppin Frog Black and Tan, 3F Brian Boru, Barley Island Sinister Minister, 3F Gumballhead, and GL Nosferatu. Josh is a class guy and great
Apr 2009 Tweety Just got a great box from Josh, with the agreed-upon KRE and Cuvee de Tomme with extras of Black Albert, Beer Geek Brunch Weasel, Expedition - all wantlist - and a nice-looking local.
Apr 2009 Cletus Joshua hooked me up with a growler from Broad Ripple + 4 tasty looking locals. Yet another awesome trade with an awesomly generous guy!
Apr 2009 MeadMe Wonderful trade with Josh. Sent me a 4 pack of KBS packaged up as good as they come. A couple nice local extras were thrown in to round things out. Thanks for my first trade on this site. Look forward to more.
Apr 2009 BlackForestCO Josh made a special delivery for me so I could hook up another trader with a beer off his wants list. He sent me that harder to find beer along with a Goose Island Sahti that has been on my wants list a while. Josh basically rules, I just wish he would have sent me a broken bottle of Dreadnaught again.
Apr 2009 DalzAle Another quick and easy trade with StFun in the books! I get hooked up with an expected growler of Barley Island Java Stout and a bottle of Upland Blackberry Lambic. On top of that, he then bonused a FFF Alpha King, FFF Robert The Bruce and a botttle of Abyss!!???!!! Thanks man, you’ve again gone above and beyond on another trade.
Mar 2009 j12601 I come home after a bad day at work to find a box on my doorstep. Figure with the way this day’s been, I’ll find a severed head inside, se7en style. But no... this box has... another box! The inside box is packed to the brim with tasty treats. Bombers of FFF Dreadnaught, Alpha Klaus, Brian Boru, and Blackheart, as well as 3 more FFF bottles, and 4 locals. Awesome box, and a great trader.
Mar 2009 arrogantb Josh sent me a 3F Hommage as well as some great extras. he was also very patient in waiting for his package as FedEx mixed up some boxes and it took like a month longer than it should have. Thanks for being so cool about the mix-up Josh!
Mar 2009 hannont Joshua delivered some midwest goodness to this west coast dude. New Holland Night Tripper, Three Floyds BrooDoo and Three Floyds Moloko Milk Stout...impeccably packed! Great trader!
Mar 2009 WestsideThreat Another successful trade with Joshua. Sent me a Dreadnaught, Black Ops, Dark Horse Too, Dark Horse Imp Stout, Barley Island Sinister Minister and Buckeye Old Mammoth Stout. Good stuff
Mar 2009 JCB Once again, my man Josh blows my mind with his generosity. He wrote to tell me that the Indy Crew was sending a tasting treat for the Carolina Crew. This delight (a Bells BA Double Cream/Expedition, to which our collective response was "holy shit") arrived along with some other stuff Josh just thought I might like to drink: Mikkeller Beer Geek Weasel, Barley Island Brass Knuckles
Mar 2009 GMCC2181 Josh hooked me up with my two favorite beers to do a tasting! Alesmith IPA and Dreadnaught! No trade set up, josh just wanted to satisfy my thirst for some fresh hops! Once again I owe him big time!
Mar 2009 Soonah Asked someone to get me a fresh bottle of Dreadnaught and Josh hooked me up! Also threw in not one but THREE bottles of Alpha King, some Alpha Klaus and a nice assortment of local Indiana brews. Double boxed and packed like an absolute pro. Excellent communication. A great trader and a real asset to the site. Thanks Josh!
Feb 2009 northernbrews Another kick ass box from Josh! Answered my ISO Darkness thread w/ a 08 Darkness and extras of Perdition, FFF Mokolo, and Duck Rabbit Imperial Stout....can’t wait to try all three of these and can’t wait to try Darkness again. Josh is a awesome trader and can’t wait for round 3. Oh yeah, kick ass packaging too....box could have survived a bomb!
Feb 2009 blklab2007 A super box of bells, three floyd, founders, surly, and new glarus arrived today well packed. stfun was easy about the whole thing and sent a huge number of want list beers not available to me in this area. nice extras of four founders (two breakfast stouts that are favorites) and a snake pit porter. thanks for a super trade and hope we can do this again!
Feb 2009 LtDan Have you ever seen that Skittles commercial where it rained....Skittles? It was like that at my house, except instead it was Founder’s Brewing. Josh hooked it up big time with a large sampler of Founders, a Surly Furious, Hop Slam, and an OatGoop. The man packed this thing for the war, using layers of packing materials.
Feb 2009 hellbilly i got the hookup on a growler of oaken snake pit porter. josh tossed in a bunch of extras. one of which was a MALT LIKKA from my wants list. i can’t seem to figure out why he’s the only guy on this site to actually hook up the ML! thanks man.
Feb 2009 FrumptyDumpty My boy hooked me up with a nice old growler of Hopslam. Man I can’t wait to taste it. He also tossed in some bonuses one of which was a pride and joy a beer a miss drinking!
Feb 2009 JCB Josh is really generous beyond any reasonable definition. No trade involved here, just a gift. Not only does my man hook me up with a FFF Moloko Plus, he tops it off with a growler (!!!) of Barley Island Black Majic Java Stout. Too much, dude. Josh is the man, and I too cannot wait to hang again!
Jan 2009 DalzAle In another amazing trade, I received an Upland Raspberry Lambic and Upland Chocolate stout as expected. AND THEN 4 BONUSES??!!!!! -New Glarus Dancing Man -Barley Island Single White Friar -Upland Amber Ale and an Upland Dragon Fly IPA. I was trying to stop trading for a while, but with guys like StFun on here, I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to stick to my plan. Thanks
Jan 2009 ucusty Josh answered my call for a Perseguidor 4 ! Excellent packing and a stand up trader!! We got to get together next time im in INDY! Thanks Josh!
Jan 2009 Dubbercody Awesomely packed box with 3 Upland Lambics, and some bonus brews thrown in for good measure including 2 Hearted and Breakfast Stout. INCREDIBLE packing...all the throwers couldn’t have hurt this one if they tried. THANKS!!!
Jan 2009 hopscotch I messaged Josh to let him know I needed a 3F/Mikkeller Oatgoop for a tasting. Well, today I got it and then some... 1 bottle of each: Founders Double Trouble, fresh HopSlam, Upland Chocolate Stout, fresh Founders Backwoods Bastard, Brugge White, BrooDoo and WarHawk Pale Ale. The boxing bordered on obsessive... there are much worse ways to be when shipping beer. Thanks a ton, Josh!!
Jan 2009 Suttree Got an Upland Strawberry Lambic, as requested, and got a 3F BrooDoo as a bonus (off my Wishlist). Great communication, and packaging that bordered on obsessive. Great Trade!
Jan 2009 WestsideThreat After a delay due to flooding, Josh’s box made it in perfect condition. I was blessed with a growler of Upland brew as well as SIX Upland lambics, one of them a bonus. Super stoked to try these gems! Thanks again.
Jan 2009 alexsdad06 Josh contacted me about a wl for wl trade and everything flowed smoothly from there. He sent the agreed upon Upland lambics as well as four extras. FFF Gumballhead, Sand Creek Oscars Chocolate Oatmeal stout, Oaken Barrel Snake Pit Porter, and Barley Island Brass Knuckles Stout. Communication was solid throughout as was the packaging. I would certainly trade with Josh again.
Jan 2009 HailSquishface Josh pretty much blew me away with the box I received. I was sent the agreed upon Pizza beer and 3 Upland Lambics(even though I came home a bottle short due to bad weather and absent mindedness.) As extras he sent Gift of the Magi, Sinister Minister, and Terrapin Wake-n-Bake. I’m completely shocked by how awesome this box is.
Dec 2008 DalzAle Stfun sent me one of the beers at the top of my wants list**Speedway Stout** and bonused me a FFF BrooDoo**was also on my wants list** and a Beastie Barrel Stout in a very well packaged box. Thanks again for hooking me up, I hope to trade again with you soon.
Dec 2008 daknole Josh and I worked out a great trade. He sent me a FFF Brian Boru, Dreadnaught, Alpha Klaus Xmas Porter and 4 great looking locals. This trade was so smooth and Josh is really easy going. Great communication and a perfect trade. Cheers!
Dec 2008 Odeed my man sent the two upland lambic as asked.plus a bunch of awesome bonus brews.easy and fun trade for sure.
Dec 2008 seanpachefddfa posted a thread on ba looking for some 3floyds for my target for secret santa 08. Josh sent me a beer mail letting me know he could help. We worked out a trade and josh sent straight to my target. Would defently trade with josh again
Dec 2008 DarthDrinker sorry for the terrible title. josh has hooked me up several times with good brews we dont get here. i dont really trade so i have nothing rare and it is never an issue, he shares anything he has and asks for nothing in return. a good guy.
Dec 2008 lufootball Excellent sampler including Dark Lord, angels share, dreadnaught, brain boru, gumballhead and a gaelic ale to boot.
Dec 2008 GMCC2181 Josh murdered my wants list.... 3F Broodoo gumballhead Bells Christmas ale Furious Darkness Upland blueberry lambic Bourbon county stout new glarus belgian red founders harvest ale and more. Sweet ass package. I owe you. THANKS
Dec 2008 JCB Josh did me a major favor in picking up some Upland Lambics, and sending them with a NP 10 box containing the following awesomeness: FFF Blackheart and BrooDoo, Dark Horse One Too and Perkulator, GI Matilda and BCS, Oaken Barrel Epiphany and Snake Pit, and Barley Island Single White Friar, Beastie Barrel, and Sinister Minister. Fantastic stuff, right of my wants. Josh is the freaking man.
Nov 2008 giarcsr Yes, we all have those trades where it doesn’t go right. This is mine. I answered Josh’s ISO and we quickly agreed on a trade. Then all hell broke loose and the site went down. Josh was smart enough to get my address of the site before it went down and shipped on the agreed upon date. I wasn’t as smart, and didn’t ship since I didn’t know where I was shipping it , finally got the address and
Nov 2008 Sparky So, Josh sees that I’m looking for a Upland Peach and says he’s shipping one out. Well, the box arrived, and keeping that company were a fresh 3F Broo Doo, a Founder’s Harvest and BS, a Tyranena Bitter Woman, and something called DARKNESS. Josh not only sent me some incredible bonuses, but sent a freakin’ DARKNESS. Plain and simple, Josh is one of the most generous dudes on this site.
Oct 2008 Sparky So, Josh notices some Upland Lambics on my wants list and generously offers to send them. Awesome! Well I open up the bullet proof box just now and in addition to the Blackberry and Cherry Lambics I was looking for, Josh threw in a Town Hall Masala Mama growler from my wants list, which is one of my all-time favorite IPAs! Who bonuses a growler?!? Josh does! You rock Josh&
Oct 2008 BlackForestCO Yesterday a random box showed up on my doorstep from Josh containing a Surly Darkness and Tyranena Hop Whore. DOuble boxed and in a styro-shipper, so basically indestructible. He didn’t mention it or anything, just sent it out to me because he is a great guy. One of the best.
Oct 2008 northernbrews Josh hooked it up big time w/ 1 each of the Cherry, Blueberry, Blackberry, and Strawberry Upland Lambics and throws in some awesome local extras. Upland Bad Elmer Porter, Barley Island Oatmeal Stout, Oaken Barrel Snake Pit Porter, and Mad Anthony Old Fort Porter. Probably the best packaging job I’ve seen. Highly, highly recommended trader. Thanks Josh!!
Oct 2008 grimreeser Josh traded a couple of Upland Lambics for a couple bottles of Surly Darkness in person at Darkness Day. Thanks Josh!
Oct 2008 ucusty I gave Josh my upland order because I couldn’t make it to Bloomington. He repays me with a few upland lambics. One for a future exchange of 2009 SC. Thanks Again!
Oct 2008 wetherel Joshua hooked me up with a ton of sweet (and sour) Upland lambics!: Peachx2, Raspberry, Blackberry, and Cherry. and a ton of bonuses (SIX!): Gumballhead, Bells cherry, Burning River, Dark Horse One, Oaken Barrel Snake Pit and Robert the Bruce.
Oct 2008 mgumby10 Josh sent me an Upland Strawberry Lambic, 3F’s Alpha King, Mikkeller Its Alive!, Oaken Barrel Snake Pit Porter, Founders Breakfast Stout and Centennial IPA!!!! Double boxed and in a styro, absolutely bomb proof!! Thanks again man!
Oct 2008 ygtbsm94 Joshua sent a brew through a mutual arrangement with fellow Ratebeer brethren; wetherel. He sent 1-Upland Raspberry Lambic. What a surprise this brew was to get in the mail. I can’t say enough about how generous Joshua is; thanks again for the superb brew. “Beer is Good Food”
Oct 2008 CaptainCougar Joshua sent me three great lambics from Upland: the Cherry, Blueberry and Blackberry. All nicely packed in a double-boxed cardboard shipper and promptly shipped. Thanks again!
Oct 2008 jimmack Been wanting to try some Upland Lambics for a while now and Josh satisfied my cravings. Sent me an ’07 and ’08 Blueberry along with an ’08 Strawberry. Box was bombproof. Great communication and quick delivery. Thanks again Josh!
Oct 2008 BlackForestCO Josh was cool enough to hook me up with the ever-coveted Four-O Malt Liquor. Oh yeah, he also threw in some other crap like 2 Upland Lambics, an 08 DL, Moloko Plus, Rabbid Rabbit, BCS, Plead the 5th, Double Crooked Tree, Founders Breakfast, a RR Supplication (now I have to suck him off), and even more that escapes me right now. Packed tighter than my roommates butt. Thanks a ton Josh.
Oct 2008 BrianK Josh sent me a batch 1 upland blueberry along with some barley island, horse piss and a whole bunch of others. Sent along 4 bonuses. I’m most grateful for the horse piss though. Great trader, thanks again.
Oct 2008 GMCC2181 Josh sent a nice box of assorted brews. Alpha King, Moloko, Bells San Diego style, Brugge White, Dreadnaught, and Pizza Port 2nd anv! All good brews! This is about my 10th trade with josh, and once again I am not let down. Thanks Josh for all the awesome brew, double thanks for the San Diego and 2nd anv!
Oct 2008 Dorwart Josh sent me a lovely selection of brews from sunny old Florida. Included were a Brugge Beer Tripple de Ripple, Barley Island Sinister Minister, Oaken Barrel Snake Pit Porter and a Warbird Pale Ale and Thunderbol Wheat. Super fast transaction. Had mine before I knew what I was sending him!
Sep 2008 Sparky So I have this huge box on my porch from Dell, but wait, it’s not from Dell, it’s a bullet proof box full of unsolicited beers from StFun! Josh sent an Oaken Barrel Brewing Co Snake Pit Porter, a Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale and a Stone 9th Anniversary for free – no trade was set up! Josh, thanks so much for this unnecessary, but much appreciated box!
Sep 2008 Beerlando Josh sent me a random sampling of Midwest brews, including: Thirsty Dog Old Leghumper, Oaken Barrel Snake Pit Porter, Barley Island Sinister Minister, Barley Island BB Oatmeal Stout, Brugge Black, and Green Flash Hop Head Red. Packed very well in styrofoam. Good communication. Josh is a great trader.
Sep 2008 carl4beer It was a pleasure to trade with josh. everything as promised and then some big bonuses... Tons of 3F 2xdreeadnaught, blackheart, 4xalpha king, and a behemouth + the agreed mikkiller brown. got great bonus of founders breakfast and 3F brian b. pleasure to trade with and look forward to next time.
Sep 2008 kp In a quick small trade, StFun sends me a Three Floyds XI and throws in a Legacy Hoptimus Prime as a bonus! Well packed in a two bottle style shipper. Excellent trade!
Sep 2008 Sparky Josh sent a great box of Mid-West brews that included an Oaken Barrel Snake Pit Porter, a Barley Island Sinister Mister, FFF: Alpha Klaus, Blackheart IPA and Black Sun Stout, plus a Dark Horse Black Bier Ale and a DH Smoked Stout. What a generous box! Thanks Josh!
Aug 2008 LtDan 6pk of AlphaKing,22oz of ’07 Behemoth and a suprise goodie of Abyss 07. Knocked my effing socks off.
Aug 2008 JoeMcPhee A very nice SS box Upland Chocolate Stout Great Lakes Blackout Stout FFF Robert the Bruce FFF Dreadnaught (WL) FFF Alpha Klaus (WL) Dark Horse Smoked Stout (WL) Dark Horse Raspberry Upland Maibock Thanks again Santa!
Jul 2008 GMCC2181 Josh hooked me up with a DFH Liq De Malt! This wasnt even a trade, just josh being josh. Also threw in two other free beers a blueberry and an IPA. What can i say besides THANKS! Josh made my day!
Jul 2008 GAManiac Josh hooked me up with Dark Horse One, Too, and Tres as well as 3F Black Sun stout as agreed upon. He went above and beyond with two 3F brews and an Upland brew as extras. Well packed and super fast - can’t wait to trade again!
Jul 2008 DTM Received a box full of 3 Floyds and Bells. Bells Hopslam , Bells Expedition, FFF Dreadnaught, FFF Alpha King just to name a few. We can’t get it out here in California so I was very pleased when I opened this box. StFun also sent bonus bottles of local stuff. Package very well. Overall an excellent experience. I hope to trade with him again in the near future. Thanks!!!
Jul 2008 mcferc4 Yet another phenomenal trade from Josh! He hooked me up with an ’08 Dark Lord and some awesome extras -- Schlafly Oatmeal Stout, Barley Island Brass Knuckles, Lost Coast 8 Ball Stout, and Thirsty Dog Old Leghumper. Despite some terrible flooding in the Midwest, everything was packed perfectly and shipped on time! A great trade from a great guy.
Jul 2008 CaptainCougar Joshua sent me the agreed upon 3F Gorch Fock Helles and Oaken Barrel Snake-Pit Porter and threw in a bonus Barley Island Barfly IPA. All packed in a three bottle styro shipper. Thanks again!
Jun 2008 GMCC2181 If you combined all my Christmas and birthday gifts that I have recieved in the past 27 years, It would not be even close to the generosity that Josh showed me in the package he sent.... I cant list all the beers that he gave, because I would need a small book. But Dark Lord, was probably the worst beer in the package if that sums it up. All I can say is THANKS!!!
Jun 2008 mcbackus ST sent a great box containing dark horse 1, 4,and 5, plus bonuses fo founders drity bastard, reds rye and Dark horse scptty karate. great box packed well. thanks
Jun 2008 jimbowood Josh sent me dbl crooked tree and dreadnaught with a bonus stone IPA bomber. Fast trade with great packaging and communication.
May 2008 AgentSteve Joshua sent ST Gemini, F Devil Dancer and 3F Robert the Bruce, and bonused off my wants list a bomber of 3F Brian Boru. Great packaging, great trader.
May 2008 BBB63 A painless trade with a fellow Hoosier where I recieved the Oak Hill Oak Aged Quad and Nørrebro La Granja. Joshua also added a bonus of Thomas Hooker Hop Meadow IPA. Numerous and timely communications, thanks.
May 2008 GMCC2181 Josh tried to hook me up with a growler of Count Hopula from Barley Island only to be told that they dont sell that in a growler. Good thing Josh doesnt know the word "NO". He physically assualted the bartender and beat the hell out of the manager to get me this beer. He end up spending the night in jail, but he got the beer! Way to go above and beyond the call of duty my friend. Thanks JOSH!
May 2008 hellbilly i damn near threw my back out lifting up the package josh sent me! small but jammed (and heavy) with thirteen beers. everyone of them off my want list... fun trade and a great trader. props for hooking up the four-O malt likka!
May 2008 puzzl Josh sent me a Dark Lord, plus 3 good bonuses... all want list! Thanks man.
May 2008 KingpinIPA Josh hooked me up with a Struise Mikkeller(Elliot Brew), Barley Island Bourbon Barrel-Aged Oatmeal Stout and a Thirsty Dog Old Leghumper. He also tossed 3 extras in as well. What a great guy and I was happy to trade with you at DLD. Next year??????
May 2008 dchmela Josh was awesome in hooking me up with BI Sinister Minister, Oatmeal Stout, GI BCS, GI IIPA and threw in crazy extras of Great Lakes Blackout Stout, Thirsty Dog Siberian Night and GD Saint Bridgets Porter! Fast trade and an excellently packed box. Thanks again!
Apr 2008 kmweaver I was expecting maybe two or three bottles at DLD, but Joshua decided to bring me a box. With beer inside. Multiple bottles of Double Crooked Tree, O’Fallon beers, DH Black Bier, and plenty of other great stuff. Very cool meeting you and your girlfriend, Joshua! Hope you guys had a great time on Saturday.
Apr 2008 Ughsmash Josh was kind enough to hook a brotha up with a 40 of DFH Liquor de Malt.. I’ve only been looking for it for about 2 years. He also it Barley Island Black Majic from my Want List. Muchas gracias!
Apr 2008 Beerlando Josh hooked me up with one of my March Madness ’08 boxes. He was one of the first to ship, and he sent an excellent selection of beers I have not rated. The box was supposed to be $15, but he went well beyond that by sending Shenandoah Chocolate Donut Beer (wl), New Holland Night Tripper (wl), Hitachino Nest Lacto Stout, Barley Island Black Majic, Oaken Barrel Gnaw Bone. Thanks again Josh!
Apr 2008 hopscotch Josh won a contest I ran... fair & square! He owed me nothing, but sent a box of goodies I have never tasted! Among them was a Mean Manalishi bomber from Hoppin’ Frog, a 12 oz bottle of Backroads Aviator and a nice bottle of Great Lakes Holy Moses! Thanks a ton, Josh! Trade with this guy... he’s the real deal!
Mar 2008 Cletus In our second trade, Josh hooked me up with 16 locals from Mishawauka, Mad Anthony, Barley Island, and Upland. Not a single beer I’ve had before. Thanks for the second of what I hope to be many great trades!
Mar 2008 GMCC2181 I asked Josh for an easy, no extras trade. I was interested in 3F behometh barleywine. Three days later... the fat chick arrived at my door wearing nothing at all. That is the fastest a behometh women has ever moved. Thanks josh.
Mar 2008 GMCC2181 Once again josh hooked me up. 12 brews in all. Dark Horse 1 through 4. Hoppin Frog, 3 founders, Bells, Upland, Centennial and more. Packaging is excellent, and over all a great job! Thanks again josh, I owe you! I am tired of writing about JOSH, basically he is the SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! Trade with him! You wont be let down!!!!
Mar 2008 xmarcnolanx We agreed to a trade for his 2004 Double Bastard 3L. Normally I wouldn’t have much trouble procuring the stuff for a 75 dollar trade, but crazy girlfriends and family stuff went down. ST was super understanding, shipped promptly, packed well, everything was pretty damn awesome. Fantastic trader and a helluva nice guy.
Mar 2008 BlackForestCO Josh answered my call for the coveted PBR Day limited release wax-dipped PBR. Then he threw in some awesome stuff like a Cave Creek Chili Beer and a broken Dreadnaught bottle (purposely), as well as throwing in some crappy stuff like a fresh Dreadnaught, Dark Horse Black Bier, Kalamazoo Stout, and a Barley Island Black Majic. Packed great and shipped quickly. Best trade ever.
Mar 2008 Cletus Josh hooked me up with excellent beers from Upland, Mishawaka, Mad Anthony, Oaken Barrel and Barley Island. Josh is a great guy to trade with and we’re already setting up our second trade. Thanks again!
Mar 2008 GMCC2181 Once again Josh hooked me up in a major way. ST choklat, GI BCS, GI Nut Brown ale, GI DIPA, and two Dreadnaughts. All good brews, good communication and packaging job. JOSH IS THE MAN!!
Feb 2008 mcbackus i got a great fast ans easy trade form stfun. he sent the agreed apon 05 pink wax threee floyds behemoth a nd 3 great bonuses. a 3 floyds robert the bruce, double bastard and a thirsty dog old leg humper, cleverly disquised as aold viscosity. all those beers are beers that i got screwed on in a trade. well done by a greatr trader, hope it happens again.
Feb 2008 thooper41 Dreadnaught, Behemouth, Expedition, Bourbon County, Hopslam, Siberian Night, also tossed in some extras. Kalamazoo Stout, alpha king, gumballhead. shipped out quick and nothing broke. thanks for everything.
Feb 2008 CP Did an in person trade with StFun, Sam Adams Cream Stout for Hop Head. Bottle was in good condition and had no problems with the trade. I would trade with again.
Feb 2008 mcferc4 What a great first trade! I’ve been searching for Three Floyds’ beers for a long time now... Josh totally hooked me up with four of their brews (including a Dreadnaught bomber) and a GI Bourbon County Stout. For an extra, he threw in a Thirsty Dog Siberian Night! The package was extremely well put together and only took two days to get here! (IN to NC). An awesome trader.
Feb 2008 GMCC2181 I feel like a kid on X-mas when I recieve a package in the mail from this guy. He hooked me up with Bells, Goose Island, Dark Horse, Three Floyds and a couple others. These were all top rated brews and he didnt charge me a dime. Anyone else would of wanted some rare beers for what he gave me for free! I cant find any of these beers in my local area, so that makes it even sweeter. Needless to say,
Feb 2008 JW77 Found another great trader in Stfun. Great straight up bottle for bottle trade. Thanks again for the great brews man. Hopefully future trades will be in order.
Feb 2008 GMCC2181 StFun to the rescue! Hooked me up with a variety of 3F in exchange for DFH. Great communication and great packaging job. Thanks stfun!!!