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Aug 2014 paiste2002 Bill sent me an incredible and I might add very generous box! Included was the three ST Warlocks we agreed on and Bill also included an awesome selection of East Coast brews that I’ve yet to try. Absolutely incredible, thank you so much Bill! Awesome trader!
May 2014 bytemesis Bill sent to me in the latest locals swap (3.14). Nothing less than a 12-bottle styro filled with New York goodness - see the thread for details, but lets just say he made a ticker happy!
May 2013 BlowOffTube Beerbill sent me a great locals box in a BIF set up by Khoffman. Great sampler pack, good communication, and good packaging. Cheers.
May 2012 crajun Third trade completed with Bill - continued greatness - he went out of his way to get my fav - Smutty Baltic Porter; he filled my cellar for the summer with IPA’s - Blue Point, Long Island, 3 Heads, Ellicottville, and Browns - all new brewers to me; Thanks Bill!!!
May 2012 Keir Bill sent me two 32oz growlers (Spider Bite and Port Jeff) for the growler swap. Threw in a couple of extras as well. Great and easy trade and packed to survive a train wreck. Thanks!
Feb 2012 crajun just completed my 2nd trade with Bill; I predict many more!! Bill is over generous with his trades - he knocked off several wants (ST pumpking; Weyerbacher Imp Ppumpkin; Midnight Sun Kodiak; Victory Baltic) PLUS nice extras from Harpoon, Striker, Coney Island, Bells and Narragansett - Thanks as always Bill!!
Dec 2011 Atom Bill sends an amazing and very generous box! Helps me get my Rhode Island tick with a Newport Storm Quinn. Includes unrated New York Brewers Blue Point, Narragansett, and Cooperstown. Also some other East coast brews and blows me away with an Alesmith Speedway Stout! Awesome trader!
Nov 2011 mikem409 bill sent me a great mix from 9 diffrent states including midnight sun and lost abbey!
Nov 2011 Rasmus40 Bill allowed me to use him as a guinea pig for my first ever trade. Shipping, packing and communication were excellent and I got myself lots of new US states as well as some fantastic beers in this 12 for 12 trade. Thanks a lot, Bill!
Nov 2011 riversideAK Bill sent an awesome bomb proof box with a growler of Greenport Harbor Leaf Pile and an extra of Blind Bat Hellsmoke Porter from my want list. Awesome! Thanks Bill!
Oct 2011 crajun answered Bill’s posting for a 12x12 trade. He let me pick the 12!! 1/2 was Bells/Founders (love that stuff) and he had many other great beers (Mayflower, leghumper, etc.) Great communicator; quick shipper. would do again any time! Thanks Bill!
Oct 2010 yespr Bill provided me some hard to find ratings from Oklahoma and Wyoming, several for me hard to find yet much rated great beers (Dogfish Head, Bells etc) and topped it all with some high class brews like Founders Nemisis 2010 and Bells Cherry Stout. Thanks Bill!
Oct 2010 pittsburghkid Did a 6 4 6 with Bill recently and could not have gone better. Top notch trader who gave up some great beers and asked nothing except unrated beer in return. Thanks man, cant wait to do it again. Take care.
Sep 2010 AttitudeBrew Bill is a top notch trader. Did a 6 for 6 22oz & 750ml trade.Everything arrived safely.Prompt shipping. Hopefully will trade with in the future. Thanks, Bill
Sep 2010 joeneugs BIll is one of the most considerate traders on the site, no doubt! He sent the agreed upon beers plus three extras and was really cool when I told him I had to wait a week to send his. I really hope we can keep trading for many more to come!
Sep 2010 fata2683 Bill responded to my request for any Legacy brews. He sent me 2, then bombards me with a Southampton RIS!!, Scotch Ale, Smuttynose RIS, and an assortment of Northeast 12oz’s that I’ve never even heard of. Really well packed, great communication, and someone I would trade with again ANYTIME! Thanks Bill!
Jun 2010 joeneugs My second trade with Bill, and I’m already looking forward to the third! Incredibly quick turn around and excellent communication. He sent me a 12 bottle styro filled with great beers. I in turn sent some local Cali brews. Bill is a great guy and an awesome trader. Don’t hesitate to hook him up. You won’t be sorry.
Jun 2010 Cavie I signed up for his 12-for-12 trade offer and boy was it a great one! He let me select what I wanted, several of which were on my Wants List. I received things from Bell’s, Founders, HOTD (WL), Dieu du Ciel (WL), DFH (WL), Blue Point, Thirsty Dog, Harviestoun, and New Holland. Great trade!
Apr 2010 BMan1113VR Wow, can’t believe I forgot to leave feedback. Back in January. Bill offered to do a 12 for 12 trade and sent me a bunch of great beers, perfectly wrapped in a 12 bottle styro. Great communication and great trader.
Mar 2010 DA Excellent first trade with Bill. Sending out a request for a beer or an upcoming Quad tasting Bill was able to secure a Southampton Abt 12 for me and as a bonus added in a Ommegang 3 Philosophers. Thanks!
Mar 2010 BrooHa Great in-person trade with Bill! Rabid Duck and KBS were higlights as was a 2005 Monster! Thanks!
Feb 2010 jgd0608 Bill sent me another awesome box of east coast brews, some new ones i’m really excited to try, and some old favorites that i haven’t visited in way to long! Thanks bill!
Feb 2010 joeneugs Bill hooked me up with some of my most wanted items! Communication was great as was packing. He double boxed with a six bottle styro. Very nice. He sent all the agreed upon items including 2 great extras. I highly recommend trading with Bill. Lets do it again soon.
Jan 2010 Ughsmash Bill hooked me up with these in a 12x12: Virgin Islands Summer, Sam Adams Pale, Red Brick Peachtree, N.S. Cyclone Kim, N.S. Cyclone Luke, Custom B.C. Cream Porter, Harpoon Leviathan, Harpoon Munich Dark, Natty Greene’s Cannonball, Olde Towne Hefe, Olde Towne Pale, & Lion Imperial Lager. Lightning fast, safe shipping in a styro + excellent comms. I’d love to do it again!
Dec 2009 paiste2002 Bill sent me a growler of Blind Bat Hellsmoke Porter and some awesome extras. All packaged bullet proof. I had to wait for a beer to come on line to send Bill his package and he was very understanding. Thank you so much Bill for your generosity on second great trade. I look forward to number three very soon. Anything you would like from So. Cal. please ask away.
Dec 2009 jgd0608 Bill does it once again. Sent me an awesome box of beers for a local growler! I got Southhampton Imperial Stout, Captain Laurence CdC, New Belgium Dark Kriek, The Bruery Autumn Maple, and Souther Tier Mokah! Wow i’m just floored by the generosity. Anytime you want some Michigan goodies i got you!
Dec 2009 tjthresh NP10V4. Thanks for the cool beer!! Its was a PITA to un pack, but I suppose that’s good.
Nov 2009 fogdog Bill sent me a KILLER of a box for Near Perfect 10 BIF V4, nailing all wants or eager to try! I can’t wait for the reversal to return the favor! Thanks Bill and I guess this makes it Perfect Trade #62! Cheers!
Oct 2009 paiste2002 I contacted Bill when I saw he had access to some Cape Ann Pumpkin Stout and he was more then willing to help me out. We agreed on the trade and Bill had a wonderfully packaged box of six bottles out to me super fast. Bill also included a bottle of Founders Double Trouble and a very nice porter that escapes me right now. Thank you so much Bill, I really appreciate the trade. Looking forward to d
Sep 2009 blutt59 Bill sent me a great mix of local stuff I needed to stock up on and many I hadnt had before. Great packing and quick communication. Obviously a seasoned trader
Sep 2009 Boutip Bill sent me a 12 pack styro shipper of locals. Communication was great with speedy delivery and great packaging. Great trader and I would trade again with Bill anytime.
Sep 2009 brentfeesh Bill hooks me up on a sweet trade. A variety of beers including Natty Green DIPA, Hoptical Illusion, Isabel, Kim, Casco Bay Winter, and Cape Ann Pumpkin Stout. As a supper cool extra he included a Midnight Sun brew (Panty Peeler), which is great because I can’t get those beers anywhere. Everything packed well, communication great and fast trade. Will do it again any time!
Jun 2009 AtlAggie Bill graciously agreed to do my 1st trade w/me & set the bar pretty high for future trades! In a 12-for-12, 12 oz trade, he sent me 12 great looking beers, and went above & beyond and upgraded 4 to bombers--two off my Wants! He gave me a lesson in generosity & schooled me in packing techniques--box was totally bomb proof. Hope to trade again. Thanks Bill!
May 2009 mibirder Bill sent the agreed upon Alpine Boris, Heavyweight Cinderbock, South Hampton Abbey Single, Smuttynose Imp. Stout, and Middle Ages Dragonslayer. Expertly packaged, nothing was gonna break, in this bombproof package. Then he went overboard with 5 extras. Coney Island Lager 22oz., Magic hat #9, Blanche de Bruxelles, Big Sky Moose Drool, and Yulesmith 22oz. This display of generosity put me to shame.
May 2009 ditmier Bill and I did a mixed 12 pack swap and I got a terrific assortment, including Founders Red Rye, DR Milk Stout, Newport Storm Isabel, Ithaca Apricot Wheat, Magic Hat 9, DFH Olde School and a bunch of others...sweet bo in a styro shipper, just awesome!
May 2009 jake65 Bill answered my call on a prepackaged box by sending a Southampton RIS and Belgian Stout! He also tossed in bonus brews from Magic Hat and... well, I forgot the name now, but it is a stout from a small NY brewery. Anyway, Bill knows how to pack like a pro and is a great trader! Cheers!
May 2009 Sparky In a great 12-for-12 trade, Bill shipped out a fantastic box filled with beers I haven’t had from Yards x3, Wagner Valley, Stoudts x3, Saint Arnold, Newport Storm, Magic Hat, Lake Placid, Charleston and Founders! Wow what a box! Shipped extremely fast in a stryofoam shipper + great communication = great trade! Thanks Bill!
May 2009 SP23 Bill sent me Ale Smith 06 Crand Cru, South Hampton RIS 09, CL SFTO rum and wine and Hoppin Frog BORIS. He also sent some great extras, but I can’t remember just what they were, although they were all tasty. Thanks again Bill. Great packaging and fast delivery, hope to trade again with him
Apr 2009 GAManiac Bill hooked me up with some great NY beers including SH IRS, Scotch, Abbey Single and Belgian Stout as well as CL Rosso. He included some great bonus brews on top of that, all double boxed like a champ and shipped quickly. Another great trade with Bill!
Apr 2009 pnista Bill and I settled in a hurry--the beer appears days later, packed by a real champ! As agreed upon: SH Abbey Single, Belg. stout, Scotch ale, Alaskan Smoked Porter (’05), CL Smoke from the Oak (rum), Nor’ Easter (batch 2), Terrapin Roggenrauch. Extras: Gouyasse Tripel, Weyebacher Slamdunkle, Hook and Ladder Backdraft Brown Ale and Otter Creek Tripel. I’m o
Feb 2009 beastiefan2k if I were to ship my infant child through FedEx I would ask Bill to pack it for me. Thanks for safely shipping me some SH babies.
Feb 2009 BeerExchange A great trade, thanks for hooking me up! Got a Southampton RIS, Scotch and even a couple of great bonuses. Hope to trade again in the future!
Feb 2009 AmEricanbrew Bill delivers a box full of NY state gems including CL Noreaster, South Hampton Abby Single and X-mas French Country, Ithaca 10, and two mind blowing bonus brews off my wants Alpine Boris and ST Pumpking !! Excellent packaging and quick shipping. Thanks again Bill !!
Feb 2009 daknole HELL YEAH! beerbill is the man! I must say that Bill is a pleasure to trade messages with and it was super easy to work out a trade with him. In awesome packaging he sends a SH RIS and a SH Wee Heavy Scotch Ale and a Cape Ann’s Fisherman Pumpkin Stout and he sends some great bonuses as well. Prompt shipping, easy going, great bonuses, what more could anyone want. I enjoyed this trad
Feb 2009 brentfeesh For my upcoming beer tasting Bill is kind enough to send me 2 bottle of Ithica Ten, and for Noog 5 he gives me Cap. Lawrence Nor’Easter. But wait, there’s more. In a simple act of beer generosity he also sends me a bonus Midnight Sun Brown, Weyerbacher Slam Dunkel, and a Legacy Nor ’ Easter Oat Stout to boot! Very excited about these brews. Every thing packed in bomb proof packaging and d
Jan 2009 WeeHeavySD Bill sent Southampton Abbey Singel and throws in three 12oz bonuses, an Isabel from Newport Storm, as well as two others. Fantastic packing and super easy communication. Thanks again Bill!
Jan 2009 Cliff An Abbey Single that is. Bill sent the agreed upon Southampton Abbey Single and Imperial Porter and threw in as bonuses a Harpoon Winter Warmer and Unibroue Maudite. Packed amazing and shipped fast. Thanks for the trade!!
Jan 2009 thebaldwizard Great box sent out by Bill. He sent the agreed upon Alaskan Baltic Porters and bonuses me with a Unibroue Terrible and 2 Belgian beers that I can’t recall at the moment--but I’ve never had either of them. Packed as well as I’ve ever seen a box put together and sent very quickly.
Dec 2008 stopbarking 12 for 12 trade was my first trade on RB. Packaging was perfect. Shipped right after I sent him a tracking number for my box. Thanks for my first of hopefully many trades here on RB.
Dec 2008 Drake Bill sent 12 beers as part of a 12 for 12 swap. Goose Island Imperial IPA, Grand Teton Bitch Creek, Heavyweight Baltus, Blue Point Blueberry, Lucky Kat, Deschutes Jubelale and 6 Newport Brews. Perfectly packed. Thanks Bill!
Nov 2008 Photekut i answered a request for one beer and got a ton of good beer in return from Weyerbacher, Bridgeport, and Alpine. Thanks Bill for a second great trade.
Nov 2008 hopscotch Bill shipped a fully-loaded, well-packed box of brew in exchange for a bottle of mead. I received bottles of Magic Hat Lucky Kat, Elysian Pumpkin Ale, Maple River Honey Apple Wine (finally, North Dakota, woohoo), Cape Ann Fisherman’s Pumpkin Stout, Choc Waving Wheat, Newport Storm’s Gloria and Isabel, Sunday River Lager and Berkshire Raspberry Barleywine. Thanks, Bill!
Nov 2008 Guerde Bill sent a large amount of pumpkin beers just in time for Thanksgiving! Included in the package was an ’07 Ichabod, Elysian Night Owl, SH Pumpkin, Cape Ann Fisherman Stout, with extras of Weyerbacher Imp. Pumpkin, Stone Coast Knuckleball, and a ST Hop Sun!! Everything was perfectly packed and shipping was quick. Thanks again Bill for the excellent trade!!!
Nov 2008 cgarvieuk What started out as casual chat about a beer we were both trying to get, ended up as a delightful trade. He sent a Few Pumpkin beers and a good load of stouts Yum. Perfectly packed and quickly delivered. Which unfortunalty i cant say for myself as rate beer went down with his address. Sorry bill. Still you end was perfect so thanks. big :-)
Oct 2008 hopdog As part of the Growler Swap I got a Growler of SH Oyster Stout with an extra of Newport Storm Isabel from my wish list! Thanks!!!
Oct 2008 bitbucket I was just expecting a bottle of Alpine Chez Monieux in my trade with Bill, but he also included a boatload of bonuses: Southampton Biere De Mars, Captain Lawrence BA Nor’ Easter, Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot, Wychwood Bah Humbug and Shipyard Pumpkinhead, all in double-leakproofed packaging. An amazing trade from a generous trader. I’m blown away! Thanks!
Oct 2008 mashmaster In a quick easy trade Bill sent me a Southampton Biere De Mars with a bonus of a Newport Storm Isabel! What a great trader. Bill has fantastic communication and really knows how to pack a box of beer! I hope we can hook up again sometime.
Sep 2008 kp Beerbill sends me two boxes of growlers. From Sixpoint I got the Gorilla Warfare, Black Market Porter, and Bengali Tiger IPA. As a bonus he throws in a growler of Southhampton Oyster Stout plus a set of Newport Storm Gloria, Henry, Frank, and Oktoberfest. All well packed and delivered safely. A cellar party in a box! Thanks!
Sep 2008 jerk I posted an ISO for an alpine ichabod...bill responded in a day and we set up a trade. I sent him a raspberry eisbock and i received back the ichabod and a dieu du ciel! route des epices...great extra and thanks bill for sending me this gem. Packing was great and shipping was fast...cheers
Aug 2008 DirtyMartini I knew there was a reason why i keep trading with Bill, and once again he outdid himself. He sent the agreed CL cuvee de castleton, Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout, and Southampton Biere de Mars...but check out these extras. 2 Dieu Du Ciel Rosée d’Hibiscus, 2 ST hop sun, 2 Newport Storm Henry dark ale, a ST IPA bomber, and a founders KBS. awesome trader and im looking forward to hooking him up on
Aug 2008 yem25 Bill delivers with another great box! We agreed on a Cuvee de Castleton, a Southampton Cuvee de Fleurs, and an Alaskan Smoked Porter. The Porter turns out to be an ’05!!! Also sends mad bonus love with a St. Vincent’s Dubbel, and a Southern Tier Choklat and Uber-Sun! All packed in a space-age plastic shipper! What can I say Bill, you are the man! Top notch all the way!
Aug 2008 jgd0608 Me and Bill have been setting up this trade since i was in Iraq, i got home and we got to work. The trade was for Southhampton IRS, and Captain Laurence Smoke from the Oak (wine). Awesome bonuses of Blithering Idiot, Hops Infusion, Festina Peche, and Burton Baton! Thanks again Bill, anytime you want let me know!
Jun 2008 CaptainCougar Bill sent me a growler of Sixpoint Diesel Stout, bottles of Newport Storm Gloria and Henry and a bottle of Earle Estates Blueberry Bounty with bonuses of Newport Storm Regenschauer Oktoberfest and Stoudts Pils. All nicely packaged and promptly delivered. Thanks again!
Jun 2008 TheBeerSommelier With a two-day turnaround and in packaging that must have taken him at least an hour to put together, Bill hooked me up with a growler of Sixpoint Diesel Stout. Fulfilling a request he included an empty growler from Southampton and a completely unsolicited ST Choklat. Holy crap, do I love that beer. A+++++ trader, across the board. Looking forward to another one Bill!
Jun 2008 yem25 Bill is the man! Sent the agreed Cptn Lawrence SftO Wine, Golden Delicious, and Lost Abbey 10 Commandments. He also threw in some mad extras! He’Brew Coney Island, Wyerbacher Blithering Idiot, Stoudts APA, and a Sweetwater IPA!!!! Box was bomb-proof and Bill kept up great communication to boot! Thanks again Bill!
Jun 2008 AcctError53909 Agreed on: Ten Fidy, Rabid Duck Imperial Stout, Bell’s Cherry Stout, Kalamazoo Stout, and Expedition Stout, Kona Pipeline Porter. Bonuses: North Coast Old No. 38 Stout, Southern Tier Phin and Matt’s Extraordinary Ale, Southampton Double White Ale, Dogfish Head Punkin Ale, Wychwood Bah Humbug, Cooper’s Best Extra Stout. In a styro, so packed fine. Would trade again!
May 2008 GAManiac Bill sent an excellent box full of NY goodies. In addition to the agreed-upon Southern Tier brews (Oat Jahva, Unearthly) and Captain Lawrence SFTO Wine, Bill threw in a couple of great extras. Super fast turnaround!
May 2008 dchmela Bill sent me an awesome package of Southern Tier beers including Oat, Choklat, Uber Sun, Pumking, Unearthly and a gorgeous bonus on Alaskan Smoked Porter. Packaging was awesome and turnaround time was superfast. Thanks for a great trade!
Apr 2008 hellbilly bill answered my plead for a CL smoke from the oak wine barrel* and proceeded to through in a few more beers that i’ve wanted... perkunos* and choklat* along with extras and a can with a dancing cow. WTF?.... funniest label i’ve ever seen. well packed, great communication, great trader. thanks bill.
Apr 2008 SoLan Bill posted a list of brews for trade and I picked 12 of them which he quickly delivered in a styro shipper. One each: HOTD Adam and Fred, Heavyweight Baltus OVS and Cinderbock, Founders Reds Rye, GI BCS 07, Flying Fish Imperial Espresso Porter, Casco Bay Winter, Newport Storm Elle, Alhambra Negra, OB Ten Fidy, and Sly Fox Royal Weisse. Thanks!
Apr 2008 goldtwins After realizing I traded away my last Southampton IRS Bill hooked me up with one I could put away for a rainy day. Very nice guy.
Mar 2008 elmatador00 Bill shipped me a growler of the Six point diesel stout and bonuses me with a Stone Impy stout. Super fast trading, packaging was the best I’ve ever seen, Great trader. Thanks Bill.
Mar 2008 alohaC A top notch box from Bill with our agreed upon Southampton RIS!!! and extras that included Southampton IPA and Southern Tier’s IPA and Hop Sun. Great communication throughout and this trade couldn’t have gone easier or smoother. And Bill’s packaging exemplifies the word "bombproof"...it takes you an hour just to get to your beer - literally!
Feb 2008 TheBeerSommelier Bill not only hooked me up with A Southamption Russian Imperial Stout, but tossed in 3 Southern Tier Choklats as bonuses. I got a beer I’ve been wanting to try for years, and 3 of what’s become my new favorite beer...all in one box. Thanks Bill...you rock.
Feb 2008 TheEpeeist Bill answered my ISO for a SH Russian Imperial and we also worked something out for a Golden Delicious. Two of my top Wants! He tossed in a few to help with my States i.e. Uinta Anglers, Newport Storm Winter plus a Nutfield Old Man and a Lion Stout, Wants! Quick & easy, packed for the ages. Huge thanks for the gems.
Feb 2008 Ty5592 As part of the growler swap Bill sent me a Growler of Brooklyn Extra Brune and 2 fine xtras. Super fast delivery as I got the box the next day. The best pack job I’ve seen in a looong time. Thanks Bill!
Feb 2008 Photekut received agreed upon Southampton imperial russian stout ( yum ) for a sexual chocolate. I was very happy to see newport storm gloria, southern tier ipa, and ten fidy also waiting for me to drink them in the package. thank you a TON for this trade! Excellent experience for my first trade on Ratebeer. beerbill, you are the man!!!!! thanks
Feb 2008 Sephiroth Bill sent the tasty Golden Delicious, as agreed. As bonuses, I go a Newport Storm Frank, Newport Storm Oktoberfest, and a North Coast Old No. 38. Thanks Bill!
Feb 2008 jake65 Bill sends what may be the best packaged box of brew I have ever seen. Absolutely bombproof! Inside come Southern Tier Oat, Jah-va, Unearthly, Backburner & Uber Sun, Captain Lawrence Nor’easter, Newport Storm ’06 & ’07, and bonus brews Stoudts Scarlet Lady, Otter Creek Winter Ale, and Lion Stout. Fast shipment, extremely well packed, and a great trader.
Jan 2008 BBB63 Bill sent me twelve 12 ounce beers in return for 12 of my locals. Included were four Newport Storms, a can of Sly Fox Royal Weiss, and a few other fruit beers. Quick timely shipping and good communications. Simple and easy has you would want. THANKS!
Jan 2008 douglas88 beerbill is a great man! We had perfect communication and Bill was willing to trade with a new member. He sent the agreed Ommegeddon and Chocolate Indulgence Stout from Ommegang, and the Southern Tier Choklat Stout. Bonused with a Uber Sun and a Old no. 38 Stout. The packing would survive a fall from the Empire State Bulding. Awesome trade! Thanks Bill. My weekend is set.
Dec 2007 emerica56 thanks to bill i can now enjoy the stone verticle epic 06 as well as some nice retired brews from the heavy weight brewery. He was righ on his stuff as soon as he got my package he shipped mine right out and i recievedit in a timely manor. He also does a great job at packing his beer. So if you interested Trade with bill he throws in some extras which was nice and he is on time with his stuff.
Nov 2007 ogglethorp Bill hooked it up with the agreed upon 2 Alpine Ichabod, then proceeded to throw sa-weet bonuses of Midnight Sun Cohoho, Southampton Triple and a HW Perkuno’s Hammer. All packaged to survive a nuclear blast! Huge thanks to Bill for a great trade!
Oct 2007 DeuceDeuceOU Holy Cow, Bill hooked me up with EVERYTHING I could have ever wanted! 5 750ml bottles of my very favorite bumwine, Cisco! Bill filled a certainly rare request of mine, and even gifted me a few great bonuses including a Great Divide Wild Raspberry, Blue Point Hoptical Illusion, and an Ommegang! This trade was Top Drawer all around! Thank Bill! And Oh yeah.. the packaging was far beyond superb!
Oct 2007 MrRain beerbill sent me the following beers in a perfectly packed box with no broken bottles. He was polite, quick to respond and helpful to an amateur shipper like me. I would not hesitate to trade with beerbill again. He also sent to bonus beers, one of which was in my wish list! Post Road Pumpkin (made by Brooklyn brewery) Smuttynose Pumpkin Southampton Pumpkin Weyerbacher Pumpkin
Oct 2007 notalush Did a face to face trade with Bill this afternoon - I’m the first ratebeerian to meet him...wooo! - we did a swap for an Abyss, and he threw in a Newport Frank AND Elle - very nice indeed - now the the other locals and I have to get him to start coming to our gatherings, and his conversion to the dark side will be complete - mwahahaha!
Jun 2007 DirtyMartini long list of beers arrived on my birthday yesterday. SH saison, biere de garde, and 2 double white. 2 Blue Point blueberry and 2 hoptical illusions. 2 Newport Storm Elle, 2 Blueberry Ale, 1 derek, and 1hurricane amber. 1 Captain Lawrence Nor’Easter. and now for the extras....Blue point Toasted Lager and Summer ale....SH IPA...Brooklyn Local 1 (what a beautiful bottle) and amazingly a growler
Feb 2007 awaisanen Bill sent me a well packed box of much appreciated east coast surprises, including: 1x Southampton Grand Cru, 1x Southampton Biere de Garde, 1x Southampton Double White, 1x Southampton Old Herb, 1x Heavyweight Perkuno’s Hammer, and 1x Southampton IPA, 1x Weyerbacher Black Hole, and 1x Weyerbacher Hop Infusion as extras! Thanks for all the great brews!
Jan 2007 DirtyMartini excellent packing...so good it took me almost a half hour to unwrap it. along with the 3 southampton beers (grand cru, imperial porter, pumpkin ale) we agreed upon he also sent a bottle of weyerbacher black hole ale and samichlaus.