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Jan 2017 misterbeer Todd sent me an awesome box of fresh brew including some wicked weed sours and other NC goodies for winning the ratebeer FFL. Good luck next year.
Jan 2016 charule Todd sent me a ton of NC brews for Ratebeer 3 Fantasy Football winnings. Loads of new rates, solid fast shipping. Thank man, till next year!
Apr 2015 clonies720 CubFan and I completed a trade for some glassware. It was well packed and arrived in a timely fashion. Great trader. Thanks for the extras!
Apr 2014 jdb288 Hooked me up with some great regional brews as a result of the March Madness tournament I won here in the forums. Very generous, thoughtful mix. Cannot thank you enough!
Mar 2012 StFun Todd sent me a beer I was searching for and got shut out on. Really cool move on his part, super fast shipping on his end, and just another example of the power of the SC crew! Thanks once again for the huge hook up!
Jan 2012 lukin013 Todd sent me an amazing box for the Ratebeer3 FF league this year. Five great local NC brew including Mother Earth Silent Night and Foothills People’s Porter. He also including two really nice surprises... an 04 HotD Doggie Claws and an Aecht Schlenkerla Edelbrand. Super generous trader!
Oct 2011 levifunk set up a trade for some cantillon....much appreciated as always. very easy, good communication, timely shipping, and nice extras. what more can you ask for?
Aug 2011 deftim13 Todd answered my ISO and sent out two 3 Fonteinen Doesjels. Bonuses a nice Shorts beer on top of that. Thanks again for the great trade.
Aug 2011 Veldrid Great trade with Todd. Agreed to a cellar cleaning box on his end for locals on my end. Shipped in great shape and fast. Will gladly trade with again.
Jan 2011 SpencerDB Todd sent a crazy awesome box for the Ratebeer3 fantasy football league. 3F Straffe Winter, ’04 Boon Framboise, De Koninck Gueuze, and Hoegaarden Speciale. Awesome dude!
Nov 2010 jedwards Quick and easy trade with Todd for some rare brews. Great communication, would happily trade with again.
Oct 2010 Pailhead For his payment for the final standings in the ratebeer fantasy baseball league, Todd hooked me up with a 3F Straffe Winter. That’s one hell of a prize. Thanks Todd!
Oct 2010 michael-pollack Quick, easy trade with Todd for a couple of my wants, returning a couple of his to him. Very good communication and easy to deal with. Would absolutely trade with him again.
Sep 2010 BelgianBeerGal I got to be Todd’s 50th trade! Our first trade and hopefully not the last. Sent me a highly desired Foothills bottle and included 2 quality extras from NC. Gladly trade with Todd again!
Aug 2010 ygtbsm94 Another great trade with Todd! He sent a few Lambics: 3 Fonteinen Vintage Gueuze 2002, 3F Vintage Gueuze 2005, and Cantillon Zwanze 2010. Thanks my man for sending these fantastic Lambics. "Beer is Good Food"
Jul 2010 Pailhead Todd hooked me up for his payout in the All-Star break Ratebeer fantasy baseball league standings. He sent a well packed box of Stillwater Stateside Saison, Duck Rabbit Doppelbock, Lone Rider Peacemaker Pale Ale, and Mother Earth Barrel Aged Tripel Over Head. Not technically a trade, but with good communication, packaging, and selections, I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to trade in the future.
Jul 2010 sideshowe My first trade with Todd. He sent me a couple Euro only lambics that I have been searching out for quite some time. He was also very fair considering the great expense of having these shipped from overseas. Oh yeah...he threw in two amazing extras including a 20-30 year old retired Berliner Weiss! Do not hesitate to trade with Todd.
Jul 2010 alexsdad06 Todd responded to my post and we set up a quick trade that netted me a Vin du Cereal, De Cam Oude Kriek, and HORAL Mega Blend. Shipping was quick, packaging first class, and communication consistent. This was our second trade and I would gladly do it again.
Jun 2010 GT Todd sent the DC crew a 2002 3F oude geuze vintage special edition just for the hell of it. This guy is the fucken man. Will need to make it up to you somehow.
Feb 2010 brewolf Todd very graciously offered to help me out with one of my wants. The manner in which he did so was refreshingly unselfish, and amazingly generous. Easy two for two, with no bonus at his request. Quick shipment and great packaging, of course. Top tier gentleman here. Thanks a lot, Todd, I wont forget it.
Feb 2010 tyler_mn Quick ’n easy... Todd hooked me up with two lambics not available in the US packed tight in a 2 bottle styro. Thanks man!
Jan 2010 ygtbsm94 Todd hooked me up in big way. He sent a couple fantastic Lambics; HORALs Oude Geuze Mega Blend and Cantillon Zwanze 2009 along with a very generous Highland 15th Anniversary Auld Asheville Vintage Ale. Second trade him was smooth as silk; prompt shipping, great communication, and one fantastic trader! Thanks again Todd for the wonderful brews. "Beer is Good Food"
Jan 2010 mkade8883 Todd sent Southern Tier Choklat and Creme Brulee, as well as Highland 15th Anniversary Auld Asheville Vintage Ale for fantasy football. Thanks for the great beers.
Jul 2009 joe1510 Todd hooked it up with a great package!! A stellar gueuze and some great extras. Great thought went into the trade, it was perfectly packed and the communication was flawless and easy going. Thanks, Todd!
Jun 2009 grandet Todd sent me a 30 year old berliner weise, a mikkeller black and a duck rabbit russian imperial stout. Very well packaged and quick. Thanks again man
Jun 2009 daknole Another super easy trade with Todd! He sent me a Berliner Weisse and a nice local bonus. He is a superb trader and helps me avoid the shakes! Cheers!!
May 2009 thebaldwizard Todd and I have traded twice now, and he is definitely a generous and easy to work with trader. Sent out a kriek Cuvee Renee, HORAL’s, and a bonus of Boss Big Operator. Sent quickly, packed well, and he didn’t hold anything for ransom. Trade with this man!
May 2009 Koelschtrinker Todd brought me at his short Cologne-visit some nice americans like Deschutes The Abyss, Lagunitas Hop Stupid or New Glarus Raspberry Tart. Beside that he also wanted me to tell him the special beers I wanted and did everything to bring them to me, so he brought a RR Beatification for example. Great trader, great person! Hope to see you again here some time in the future!
Mar 2009 bulldogp04 Awesome trader.....Shipped lightning fast with an OUTSTANDING extra !!! Would definitely recommend Todd to any potential trader !
Mar 2009 GAManiac Todd was kind enough to hook me up with a LA Sinners spot and on top of that a trade including 2 Angels Share, 2 Older Viscosity, Sexual Chocolate, Sinners 08 and Big Boss Aces and Ates. Great extras as well, packed perfectly. Thanks again Todd!
Feb 2009 fogdog Great Trader!!! Sent me a Foothills Pint Glass, Duck Rabbit, and Founders as EXTRAS!!! Packaged like it was going to be kicked for a field goal! And to top it all off, he’s a fan of Old Style! Can’t wait to trade again!
Feb 2009 daknole AMAZING! Fantastic...I could go on. Todd sends me a Foothills glass, Terrapin dos cocoas, an Old Stock Brandy Barrel and to top it off a friggin Sexual Chocolate. And the glass, terrapin and Old Stock were ALL bonuses. Perfect trade from beginning to end. I can’t wait to trade again. Cheers!!
Feb 2009 ygtbsm94 Face to face trade at the Sexual Chocolate release. 2-Lost Abbey Sinners 08, 1-Lost Abbey Isabelle Proximus and bonus brews of 1-Flying Dog Wild Dog Colorado Saison and 1-Terrapin Cocoas Chocolate Porter. I love doing these face to face trades; so much easier and much more fun to share the brews. Thanks again Todd for these superb brews and hope to do again next year. “Beer is Good Food”
Jan 2009 StFun Todd sent an amazing box for the Ratebeer3 football league. Included were permanent wl brews DR Rabid Duck and Barleywine, also sent an Dominion Oak Barrel Stout and a Pishgah Solstice. Oh yeah, and a freakin Westy 12! Awesome packaging job as well. Everything was top notch, thanks man!
Sep 2008 Ughsmash Todd hooked me up with some deeply-discounted Italian brews as well as Carolina Imperial Stout, Duck Rabbit Wee Heavy, and a couple others that are currently escaping me. Unfortunately the first attempt didn’t work and he had to ship a 2nd time.. but he was very cool through the whole process. I’d gladly do it again!
Jun 2008 DietPepsican I got a message from todd asking if I wanted a black albert...for nothing. What a guy! We ended up doing a small trade and he blew me away with extras. I received the black albert, a Blue Mountain Mandolin (!), mack in black(!), and a few others I’m forgetting. Shipped fast, packed well. Hopefully we get a third trade started soon, now I owe you!
Jun 2008 sloth Todd hooks me up again! Delivering the Struise Black Albert and bonusing me Big Boss Angry Angel, Dark Horse Double Crooked Tree IPA and Reserve Special Black Bier Ale plus a Holy Mackeral Mack In Black! Good packaging communications and a seriously quick delivery make me say Todd is one helluva trader! Thanks a ton bro, you rock indeed!
Jun 2008 CaptainCougar Thanks to Todd for sending me a Black Albert along with a Cuvee de Tomme and Coast Blackbeerd Imperial Stout and bonuses of Big Boss Angry Angel Kölsch, Eel River Triple Exultation, and Holy Mackerel Mack in Black! Great box, well packaged and promptly delivered. Thanks again!
Jun 2008 thebaldwizard Todd sent me a great box including Black Albert, a couple of Duck Rabbit Baltic Porters, and then a ton of extras including DR Barleywine, Terrapin Big Hoppy Monster, Wake n Bake, Meantime Coffee Porter, A triple Exultation, and a couple more that I can’t remember right now. Great box!
Jun 2008 TheBeerSommelier Todd was kind enough to send two Black Alberts my way, along with a Mack in Black, Big Boss Angry Angel Kolsch and a Highland Shining Rock Lager as bonuses. Rock on, my man. :-)
Jun 2008 sprinkle Answered the call for some Black Albert, then through in a Mack in black and a Angry Angel. Good communication, packaging and prompt. Thanks again for the trade! Cheers! Mike
May 2008 biggcb Todd delivered me up some excellent southern hospitality in our trade. Rec’d were the agreed upon Ten Fidy, Wake n Bake, French Broad Dunkel Witte, DR Baltic Porter and DR wee HEavy Scotch. Also included were bonuses of Cottonwood Pumpkin and a Ram’s Head IPA. Thanks much!
May 2008 SQNfan If being hooked up with a Pannepot Grand Reserve and Westy 12 wasn’t enough, the bonus were great too...Terrapin Hop Shortage, Highland Black Mocha Stout, Duck-Rabbit Scotch Ale and Dominion Oak Barrel Stout...all shipped in a bottle-fitted shipper.
May 2008 Dough77 Todd hooked me up with a GR Pannepot and threw in 2 bonus including a highland brew lager, and helles bell. Shipped super quick and got me a beer very high on my want list. Thanks again.
May 2008 sloth Todd delivers, Highland Gaelic, CBC PA, Azalea Coast IPA,Big boss Bad penny Brown, Highland Shining Rock Lager, CBC BW, DR Wee Heavy, Cottonwood PumpkinDR Milk Stout, CBC IPA and a can of Rams Head IPA. styroed up and delivered quick. Todds a helluva trader! Thanks again bro!
May 2008 sloth Todd delivers The BB Angels Share. It took awhile to get here but no fault of his. UPS damaged the package, broke one bottle, a bonus, and delivered it to the wrong address! Oh well! Otherwise Todd did a fine job and looks like we,ll be doing another trade real soon as he had already shipped a replacement box. Like i said the afore mentioned Angels Share and a can of Top of the Hill Rams Head IPA.
May 2008 DietPepsican Todd is proving to be a great new trader. He packed up 2 struise grand reservas and as a bonus threw in a dark force wheat impy stout. Nice! Fast shipping and great communication. Haggle free! Thanks again for this trade!
May 2008 CaptainCougar Todd sent me two bottles of Pannepot Grand Reserva Oak Aged and threw in a bonus French Broad Dunkle Witte. All nicely packed in a three-bottle styro shipper and promptly delivered. Thanks again!
May 2008 tjthresh but Todd knocked it out of the park! Sends Struise Pannepot Grand Reserva Oak Aged, DR Baltic Porter, and Cottonwood Pumpkin Spiced Ale. Packed up tight. Fantastic experience. Thanks Todd.
Apr 2008 Rusty Todd sent me the promised Westy 12 and extras of Duck Rabbit Wee Heavy and Highland Tasgall Ale in a Bulletproof 3 bottle Styro Shipper. He individually wrapped each beer with bubblewrap as well. Great Packaging!! Communication was top notch as well and I’d trade with him again in a heartbeat. Thanks Todd!
Apr 2008 dchmela Todd was great in getting me the agreed upon Angels Share and Night Tripper and also included a Dominion OBS and a Cottonwood Pumpkin as a bonus. Excellent packaging, awesome communication, and super quick shipping, thanks again Todd!
Apr 2008 hopdog I got Coast HopArt IPA (what a cool label) and an extra of Carolina Imperial Stout. Thanks!!!!
Apr 2008 Immy No shortage of hops here... Todd answered the bell for Terrapin Hop Shortage with two bombers and tossed in a bomber of Eel River Ravens Eye Imperial Stout to boot - all in a 3-bottle styro, delivered damn near next day. Excellent communication, too. Thanks!
Apr 2008 Drake Very small packaged contained some very nice beers. Westy 12 and 8, and bonuses of 2006 Old Foghorn (wantlist) and Duck-Rabbit Barleywine. Immaculately packaged and very quick shipping. Thanks!
Apr 2008 alexsdad06 I responded to Todd’s FT post for Terrapin Hop Shortage. Much of the trade was left open for each of us to figure out. He sent a top notch package of North Carolina and southeastern beers. They included: Big Boss Hell’s Bells and Bad Penny, Carolina Nut Brown, IPA, and Imperial Stout, Cottonwood Pumpkin, Dominion Oak Barrel Stout, and Terrapin Wake n’ Bake. Oh, and a little bot
Apr 2008 CaptainCougar Todd originally sent me a box with 3 Hopslams, 2 Carolina Imperial Stouts, 2 Bells Expeditions and a bonus Trader Joes Vintage 2007. There was another Expedition in the box that perished. Todd not only replaced the broken bottle (even though I said he didn’t have to), but threw in an additional bottle of Expedition, a Big Boss Hells Belle and a can of Old Style! Many thanks!
Mar 2008 RomanW70 This was my first trade, and Todd was great. As agreed upon, he sent me a Westy 12 and a DR Baltic Porter, plus a DR Barleywine and a Cottonwood Pumpkin. Packing was exceptional, turnaround was quick, and communication was clear. Would definitely trade with Todd again.
Mar 2008 bmartin08 Todd came though in my quest for a Westy! Then added a SW Happy Ending, a Carolina Impy Stout, a DR Rabiid Duck and a Milk Stout. Bottles were well packed, communication was great and shipping was very quick. A super easy trade! Thanks Todd... A+ Trader!!
Mar 2008 olibeer22 Everything went perfect in this trade. We put a great trade together quickly and Todd shipped right away. I got a nice sampling of Duck Rabbit including their Baltic Porter, Wee Heavy, Imperial Stout, and Barlywine. He also kindly threw in a nice Imperial Stout from Carolina Brewing Company! Great Trade! Thanks so much Todd!
Feb 2008 WeeHeavySD Great Easy 1st trade with Todd. He wanted to ship first and sent a 4 pack w/dvd of DFH Palo Santo. A CBC Imperial IPA, a CBC Imperial Stout, and 2 bonuses a Duck Rabbit Barleywine and a Cottonwood Pumpkin ale. All well packed in a tight little box. Many thanks Todd.
Feb 2008 TheBeerSommelier Todd sent me an Angel’s Share and two Mikkeler Black Holes, along with Carolina Brewery Imperial Stout and IIPA, Duck Rabbit Wee Heavy and Big Boss Hell’s Belle, as bonuses. Quick, easy and great communication. Thanks again, Todd. Let’s do it again some time.
Feb 2008 sprinkle Answered my call for a Red Poppy!!!! Also thew in a Tasgall Ale, Rabid Duck Imp. Stout and a Hell’s Belle as extras! Quick, great communication and packed good. Highly recommended.
Jan 2008 Blisscent Quick and Generous!!! 2 - duck rabbit baltic porters 1 - duck rabbit rabid duck IS 1 - duck rabbit wee heavy 1 - third coast old ale 1 - highland tasgall ale

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