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Aug 2017 douglas88 Another amazing box from Dan. Thanks man. As always, great box, great beer, easy communication.
May 2017 OldGrowth Dan hooks me up with a nice box of PA beer. 1 each of Roundabout Pacific Standard and Humbolt Range. BeerGentlemen Foshomo and Mise en Rose. North County BBA Zombie Red and Spoonwood Cold Drip City. well packed weekend is looking up, Thanks Dan
Dec 2016 douglas88 Dan hooks it up again, a bunch of great PA beers including two Iron City ticks. Brew Gentleman and Troegs. Lots. Thanks man.
Oct 2016 drfabulous
Jun 2016 StefanSD Dan Hooked me up with a box of three 750 swing-tops from TheBrewGentlemen beer Company. He sent Albatross DIPA, Foshomo DIPA, and General Braddocks IPA. These are the first of the new hazy style East coast style IPA’s that I get to try, so I’m very excited and pleased. Thanks a million.
Apr 2016 jackl Daniel hooked me up with an amazing box during free beer week! This guy is truly killing it. Cheers, Daniel!
Apr 2016 Ed5388 Won another Beerman free beer contest! Free beer week 2016. Sent another six bottle shipper full of growlers and unrated beers! Thank you again for your generosity! This guy is a top noch trader!!
Jan 2016 Ed5388 Winner of beermans free beer royal rumble contest! Got HOOKED UP BIG TIME! 6 bottle shipper filled with local growlers and want list beers. A+++ trader, super fast shipping, and just an overall generous nice guy! Can’t thank you enough! You went above and beyond
Nov 2015 Unclerudy He hooked me up with a ticket to FOBAB for this year. Awesome guy! Thanks!
Nov 2015 Unclerudy He hooked me up with a ticket to FOBAB for this year. Awesome guy! Thanks!
Nov 2015 Homer321 Daniel sent to me as part of Art’s big wants BIF. He included the bottle and a 750ml growler and another bomber as the locals. Quick shipping and packed in a 3 bottle styrofoam shipper. Thanks!
Oct 2015 mcberko Another awesome trade with Daniel including more Bullfrogs. Awesome communication and the package was sent speedily once again. Thanks again man!
Jul 2015 StFun Another awesome trade w Daniel. Shot me over a quick bottle that he knew I’d dig. Very quick and easy as always. Thanks as always, my friend!
Jun 2015 mcberko Easy trade with Daniel, including some Bullfrog lambics that were high on my wants list. Thanks a lot!
Jun 2015 jtclockwork Another great trade. Cellar cleaning style this time. Thanks!
Jun 2015 trapped Very good trade with Daniel, received great brews. Thanks for the opportunity.
Jun 2015 HankDaStank Dan is the man!!! Fair trader with fast shipping, great packing, and extras! Reached out to me to provide me with a long time want and we expanded for another want. Overall it was a perfect trading experience. Would be happy to send more beer his way in the future.
May 2015 StFun Awesome box sent for Brackets for Beer. Terrapin Moo-HooChiato (which I have been wanting to try forever!) as well as two additional bombers, Founders Smoked Porter (a fav style) and a big ass Hoppin Frog beer. All around awesome. Thanks!!
Mar 2015 alexsdad06 I won Dan’s contest during free beer week. I received the growler plus two extra bottles. Packaged great, shipped fast and fresh, I would gladly set up future trades with Dan.
Mar 2015 mikem409 quickly sent me a hill farm growler i was seeking!!!
Jan 2015 douglas88 Dan hooks it up again. 12 awesome new beers. World class trader.
Jan 2015 JCB Dan is so awesome. He was in like lightning after the Ball for Beer league was over, and promptly sent me a generous and super-thoughtful trio of beers for my victory spoils: Gigantic Pipewrench, Roundabout Intersection, and The Brew Gentlemen New World Saison. Thanks so much!!!
Dec 2014 Homer321 Dan sent to me as part of a beerswap setup my MacBoost. He sent a great sour with less than 5 rates and 2 great beers including a Nebraska state tick for me. Bonused 3 homebrews too when he wasn’t supposed to! Great packing. Thanks!
Nov 2014 MartinVanBeer Dan sent me some really great beers, with some incredible extras! He is a great trader. Quick communication, good shipping, and a great beer philosophy. I hope to trade with him again in the future.
Nov 2014 StefanSD I received a sweet box from Dan as part of Mikem’s mystery box trade. He sent a nice selection of brews anchored by a Foothills BA Sexual Chocolate. Awesome job, you went above and beyond what was called for.
Aug 2014 HonusWagner I am an idiot, ignore this second trade feedback :O But he’s a good trader :P
Aug 2014 Gription79 Dan was my summer secret Santa. He sent a fantastic box of beers, a great mix, and well packed. Thanks!
Aug 2014 mashmaster Quick easy trade with Dan. First rate in every aspect of the trade.
Jul 2014 noodleuser Communication and delivery were fast and efficient. Would definitely trade again.
Jul 2014 HonusWagner Excellent trader, quickly delivered on the goods of a Phoenix Kriek growler with wonderful extras from Tyranena and Oddside. Would happily trade again, very patient waiting for my end of the trade.
Jul 2014 douglas88 Dan is easily one of the best traders and people on RB. Send a great 12 pack shipper and throws in a DB Hunahphu. Just like that! Awesome.
Jun 2014 bulldogp04 Awesome box from Dan! Super quick shipping and even sent two extras which was awesome of him! World class trader and highly recommended!!
Apr 2014 jdb288 Dan shipped to me after I won the March Madness bracket challenge. This is the second box I’ve gotten from Dan and both have been awesome. Very cool that he included a home brew. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks again, Dan!
Mar 2014 StFun Nice & quick little swap. Super easy and a pleasure as always. Very happy. Thanks!
Mar 2014 tneumann Great trade with Daniel, trades some Oddside Ales for a mixed box got a Prairie Hop and a crooked stave along with several other beers. Everything went well and would trade with again.
Mar 2014 Onebigtymer11 Awesome trade with Daniel. Couldnt have been any easier or faster! Thanks again.
Feb 2014 mikeq215 Good packaging, some great beers included. Great trader!
Feb 2014 jtclockwork Another great trade with Dan for a Snozzberry and some other brews. Thanks!
Feb 2014 douglas88 Dan hooks it up again! Amazing box. 13 new beers, all from Western PA. IIPAs, Stouts, Malt Liquor:) Thanks man.
Feb 2014 soonerchamps Dan was my Secret Santa for Winter 2013. He sent a great selection of stuff I can’t get in Oklahoma including several aged bottles. Perfectly packed. Thanks again!!!
Jan 2014 deyholla Easy trade with Daniel with great communication and a well packed box. Would gladly do it again!
Jan 2014 GreatDane1632 Arranged a trade with Dan. Communication was top notch and the arrangement was stupid easy. Shipment arrived quickly. Top notch trader.
Jan 2014 changeup45 Dan sent me two great beers for winning the Ball for Beer league. Shipped right away and the box was expertly packed. Thanks, Dan!
Jan 2014 BrewtopiaofPJ Great trader, nice lot for a DDG and was delivered at perfect serving temp.
Jan 2014 fiver29 Got a great box from Dan with great packaging. Thanks again!
Dec 2013 douglas88 You don’t get better than Dan. Great guy. A super generous trader, he sends a ton of amazing beer to me. No need to negotiate or haggle, he just hooks me up. Amazing box. Thanks man!
Dec 2013 joeneugs Great trade with Dan. He answered my call and offered up some sick brews for my West Coast goodies. No hassles, impeccable packaging and great communication. Awesome trader!
Dec 2013 GT Dan reached out to me and we set out an easy going trade for some new Hoppin Frog beers and expanded to include some one-off GI stuff and a very much wanted Pils from Fat Heads. Easy to work with, chill. Thanks for the trade!
Dec 2013 Bvdubn Daniel is a great traders. We worked out a trade for a bunch of Hoppin Frog beers that I haven’t had and we went $4$. Daniel maintained communication throughout the trade, shipped fast, and packaged well. I would absolutely trade with Daniel again.
Dec 2013 jdb288 Awesome trade with Dan. Quick shipping, perfect packaging...what else needs to be said? Hope to trade with this guy soon.
Dec 2013 Art Quick IP trade with Dan. It was a pleasure catching up, as always.
Nov 2013 Perrin515 Got a great 12 shipper from Dan. Extremely smooth transaction with great communication. Great trader and can not wait to trade again.
Nov 2013 lionsandbeer Easy smooth trade with Dan. Hard core packaging, good communicator, filled the box above and beyond. Looking forward to opening all the beers he sent. Trade was done dark horse for some locals. I would trade with Dan again.
Nov 2013 ksurkin yet another trade with Dan and he hooks me up with a much wanted bottle of Barrel Aged DORIS and a sweet extra. cheers!
Oct 2013 daknole Dan went above and beyond like very few readers I’ve encountered. What a great box. Thanks!
Sep 2013 StFun Super quick and easy trade with Dan. Answered an ISO I posted. No hassles, no muss, no fuss. Just all around painless and awesome. Threw in some great extras, great shipping, good communication. Excellent all around. THANKS!
Aug 2013 fireslayer Awesome trade, Dan hooked me up with some great brews and some awesome homebrews as extras. Fast shipping and great communication. Thanks again!
Jul 2013 cjartanis Great communication, fast shipping, awesome trader! Nice entry for a first trade. Felt very comfortable! Would trade again any time!
May 2013 BgThang Great trader. Sent some yummy extras. hope to trade with again
May 2013 CarolinaKevin Quick easy trade with daniel, no extras, which worked perfect for me, great trader!
Apr 2013 Dudeski What a wonderful trade with Daniel. Hopefully we do it again down the road. Thanks man!
Apr 2013 Hubsluvsbeer Won some free beer from Dan. (ba black out stout, and voodoo black magic pappy). He also threw in a voodoo bm buffalo trace!! Extremely generous, nice, and would trade with him in the future :). Thanks again
Mar 2013 Art Dan hooked me up with some KRE by graciously being a mule to Warren, MI. Had a short chat with him at Mad Mex. I hope it is the first of many. Good dude.
Mar 2013 Keir Dan sent me an awesome box of chocolaty goodness for the Easter Bunny BIF. Great packing and sweet surprises abound. Thanks man!
Feb 2013 drunkenpolack Did a quick trade with Dan. Hooked me up with Kopi Speedway and threw in two extras. Great trader!
Feb 2013 RobertDale A very nice trade with Daniel. He sent the agreed trade plus some great extras! Packed as well as beer can be packed. As good as it gets!
Feb 2013 funkyaudio Awesome trader, great packaging would trade with again thanks
Dec 2012 douglas88 Another great trade with Dan. He sends 12 bombers and 750s, all good stuff. Thanks man!
Dec 2012 biggsbowler A nice easy trade with Dan. Good communication and packaging. He sent me some goodies from MI plus extras for some CCB and Bruery bottles. I hope we can do this again. Cheers
Dec 2012 mikem409 great first trade with dan sent him a BA9000 for very mad cow and he bonused 3 wants list beer! great trader all around
Nov 2012 Bacterial Awesome trader - great communication, cool extra - cant wait to trade again!
Nov 2012 Bacterial Awesome trader - great communication, cool extra - cant wait to trade again!
Oct 2012 5000 Got a huge box o beer from Dan, with several Pumpkins from my want list. He also threw in several great extras! Couldn’t be happier. Wouldn’t hesitate to trade again. Thanks Dan!!!
Sep 2012 burg326 Dan sent me a box part of the Local trade part Threeve, 8 12 ouncers, a 750ml bottle as well, 9 beers total, all packed bomb proof. Great beers, great guy to deal with, just let me know when you want to do a regular trade and I’ll send you some Florida beers.
Sep 2012 beernbourbon Great trade with Dan! He sent me the agreed upon Fat heads Head Hunter (actually he sent four of them!) and then bonused: Scratch 69 and 71, helltown Devious, and Draai Laag Aureus and Simon Girty Thanks again!
Sep 2012 riversideAK Dan sent a growler of Helltown Idle Hands IPA as well as a bottle of Hoppin Frog Naked Evil and Founders Frangellic Mountain. He also included some homebrewed tripels that look interesting as well. Thanks Dan!
Jul 2012 tricyclist Great trade with Dan. Awesome communication, fast shipping, and packed safe enough that even though UPS crushed the box, my beers were okay. Russian River Row 2/Hill 56 bonus!! Trade with him!!
Jul 2012 timfoolery Nice trade with Dan...sent him some fresh CA pales/ipas for some barrel-aged beers. Great communication and everything arrived safely. Thanks bud!
Jul 2012 SPDickerman He was my Secret Santa for Summer 2012. Excellent beer and a fantastic job packing the stuff. Thanks man!
May 2012 xpimptastikx A good trade of some bruery beers for some awesome PA distribution.
Apr 2012 emileer I share everyone else’s super positive experiences! Great communication, super fast shipping, awesome extras, and a really nice guy. Thanks so much!
Apr 2012 corkdork78 Great trade, beautiful dark lord, no problems lots of great stouts, great trade would love to do it again. Shea
Mar 2012 ksurkin i won Dan’s free beer contest and he hooks me up with a 32oz swingtop of East End Homewood Reserve and then BONUSES 2 WL beers - Dark Horse Special Black Beer and Smuttonator! kick-ass!
Mar 2012 LieutenantSour A seamless trade with Daniel for Founders IRS, with nice bonuses of Hopslam and Nugget Nectar. It would be great to trade again soon. Cheers!!
Feb 2012 burica2020 Not only a great trade(r) but unbelievable extras. Thank you sooo much - Cheers
Feb 2012 PaulUnwin Dan is a trader who means business, I sent him some beers and he trumped me with great beers in return that I cannot get here, Russian River, Hair Dog and Great Lakes, thank you sir, it was great to trade with you, and hopefully, we can do it again!!
Feb 2012 changeup45 Wow, Daniel hooked me up big time! For the Ball for Beer league he sends me a BA Plead the Fifth, BA Blackout Stout, and a flip top bottle of East End Coffee Porter. Extremely generous. Bomb proof packing. Thank you!
Feb 2012 ICEatALAMO Dan hooked me up big time. Traded with him for some BA Blackout Stout and sent some very solid extras that I can’t get here in MI. Especially this Small batch Homewood Reserve!!!!! Great box, great communication throughout the process, great trader!!!
Jan 2012 waltersrj Daniel sent the agreed upon box of Cherry Wood Ya Honey, Rum Barrel Dark Apparition, and a FFF Baller Stout. He also threw in a 12 oz bottle of CC Cubano Style Espresso and a 12 0z Backwoods Bastard which is great because it is one of my newer favortie beers :) Thanks for the trade Daniel, I’d definitely do it again.
Jan 2012 douglas88 Dan sent a great box of 13 beers, mostly PA locals which is what I wanted. Lots of Weyerbacher, Stoudts, etc. Perfect communication and packing. Thanks man!
Dec 2011 TheAlum Easy trade with Dan saw us swapping 6 slotters of his Wants for the new Jackie Os beers that I really wanted. Arrived quickly in a 6 slot styro, everything packed well. Great communication and shipping. If anything, I gaffed on my end of shipping. Great trader, hope to work with again!
Dec 2011 ksurkin dan hooks it up huge with a Jackie O’s barrel aged Middle of Nowhere to give me my maple/bourbon imperial stout fix. great packing and great communication!
Dec 2011 McGrupp612 Another great trade with Dan. He sent some killer Jackie O’s stuff to me. Great trader. Thanks!
Dec 2011 markwise Dan traded me a Baller Stout, too. Very generous extras, quick package turnaround and more styrofoam snow in the box than Disney World! Would definitely trade with Dan again!
Dec 2011 mizzouguy Great communication, and a sweet extra. Thanks for the sweet trade!!
Dec 2011 bobbypaulson Dan hooked me up with a Baller Stout!!!! He also threw in a can of daisy cutter and a killer hefewiess. Great comunication on his end and solid shipping all the way down to the 6 cents in pennies!!! Awesome would totally trade with this guy again. thanks a ton
Nov 2011 Ernesto987 Great trade for some baller stout! Russian river damnation and bells extras! Wow! One of the best, you rock!
Nov 2011 stawn Great trade with Beerman6686! Box was packaged great, great communication & two of my favorites as extras! I’d trade with him again anytime.
Sep 2011 Sledutah Return trade from NP10v5. A great box with great looking beers and packed to withstand the UPS truck running over it. Southern Tier iniquity, Dupont Avec les Bons Voeux, Weyerbacher Old Heathen, Troegs Perpetual IPA, Stoudts Fat Dog and Uerige Doppel Sticke.
Sep 2011 McGrupp612 Effortless trade with Dan. Sent me a bottle of Jackie O’s and a sweet extra. Working with him was effortless. Great communication and shipping. I highly reccomend trading with Dan!
Aug 2011 hopscotch Bang, Dan shoots me another box that arrived yesterday. To make up for UPS’s harsh treatment of the growler of the Fat Head’s Ipa, he sent a bottle of Cisco Cherry Woods (sahweet!) and a bottle of Victory Summer love. Class act all the way, Dan. Thanks so much!
Aug 2011 hopscotch Dan shot me a box about 1 1/2 weeks ago with four beers in it - Fat Heads Head Hunter IPA, Voodoo Trapped Under Eisbock, Philadelphia Kilty Pleasure and East End Monkey’s Uncle. Unfortunately the growler of Head Hunter didn’t make it intact. UPS’s fault, no doubt. Everything seemed to be packed up very nicely. Oh well.
Aug 2011 bvc In NP10v5, Dan sent me out a box of of some new beers to try that we don’t get out in WA. Great communication and packed well. Thanks again Dan!
Jul 2011 brokensail Dan sent a couple Dark Apparition variations my way and also threw in a few extras, including a Bell’s Third Coast Old Ale which is always appreciated.
Jul 2011 Tooch4321 Another great trade with Dan, he hooked me up with latest Jackie O’s releases and then surprised me by throwing in two of my favorites: HotD Fred and LA Deliverance! Plus, he also threw-in one of his homebrews, I can’t wait to try it. Thanks again...
Jul 2011 jtclockwork Another awesome trade with Dan! 4 new Jackie O’s brews plus four WL extras! You can’t beat that! Thanks again.
Jun 2011 UMNBeerhunter This feedback is very overdue. Dan is a great trader and very flexible on shipping. He hooked me up with the agreed upon Dark Lord 09’ and 10’ and also added in a Jackie O’s Brown recluse which was an awesome tick and a great tasting beer. Thanks bro!
Apr 2011 jtclockwork Dan is awesome! He sent me my much wanted Jackie O’s and also some kick ass extras from my WL! Will definitely do again! Cheers!
Apr 2011 CaptainCougar Dan sent me a box for the NCAA pool including Jackie-Os Cabernet Cherry Man and Jackie-Os Brown Recluse in a two-bottle styro-shipper. Two awesome rarities that I’m looking forward to trying. Thanks again!
Feb 2011 sarro Just finished a trade with Dan for some JO’s Quincidence. Great packing, shipping, & super easy to deal with. Hopefully we can do another.
Feb 2011 HopMasterFlex Dan is the man. Hooked me up with some awesome Jackie O’s and some great extras unavailable on the west coast. Would trade with him again anytime.
Feb 2011 Tooch4321 Dan was kind enough to set-up a pre-trade for the recent Jackie O’s releases as well as RR Supplication & Temptation. He was a great communicator and his packaging skills are among the elite. On top of the trade, he also threw in some great extras which are greatly appreciated, especially the HotD Adam. I’d gladly work out another trade in the future, thanks again...
Feb 2011 mowz Great trader! He waited an extra day or two to send because he wanted to throw in a amazing extra! Would definitely like to trade with him again.
Feb 2011 TheGuy This is my 3rd trade with Dan first one not @ Darklord Day but I can tell you this it was just as great Jackie O’s Dark Apperation rum vanilla,kopi luwak and some amazing extras 2010 DL so I can drink 1 Abbey des Rocs Grand Cru along with Jackie O’s Quince
Feb 2011 StFun In person meet up at JOs, Dan brought me my box for Fantasy Football. No less than a Gratitude (!!) and a Cherry Quad that sounds right up my alley. Super nice stuff. Only letdown was that we didn’t get a chance to hang out much. Maybe next time. But a really cool football prize. Thanks a ton, man!
Jan 2011 thetomG Dan hooked me up with a great box of goodies for the 2010 Secret Santa including the following gems: Duck Rabbit - Baltic Porter & Rabid Duck, Troegs - Mad Elf & Dead Reckoning, Thirsty Dog - Old Leg Humper, Terrapin - Capt’n Kruknles, Russian River - Damnation & Consecration, AND a Westy 12 - thank you sir!
Dec 2010 manny57 I received a great package in the mail today, compliments of Daniel. The trade included numerous different Troegs’ singles, FFF Dark Lord, Ballast Point Black Marlin Porter, Smuttynose Baltic Porter and Robust Porter. I also received bonus bottles of Old Leghumper, Troegs Mad Elf and Pikop Andropov’s Rushin’ Imperial Stout. All around, a great trade. Thanks!
Dec 2010 DalzAle Daniel hooks me up with a well packed swingtop growler of East End Eye Opener porter and goes on to toss in 2 cool extras (Troegs Mad Elf and a bottle of Old Leghumper Porter). Great communication and an all around easy trade. Thanks again!
Nov 2010 BelgianBeerGal Quick, easy trade that covered my Belgian favorites and got me some local beers from PA. Exactly what I wanted!
Oct 2010 pantanap just had a good trading experience with daniel...he sent me the CL brew that i was looking for along with a growler of east end and a pumking extra. no complaints there!
Sep 2010 tgncc Great trade with Daniel. I got the East End Black Strap Stout and the HotD Doggie Claws(!!!). He threw in some cool locals as extras. Great communication and packing. Would certainly trader again.
Aug 2010 JohnnyJ Great trade with Daniel. Sent me some nice brews, including a Dark Lord and BORIS, as well as bonus beer. Very well packaged. Thanks!
Jul 2010 peteinSD Received a well-packaged, nice Secret Santa box including Three Floyd’s Behemoth (’08!) and Artic Panzer a Southern Tier Java and a number of other quality want list beers.
Jun 2010 D13Logan Hooked me up with a Gratitude, New Glarus Cherry Stout, and Slab Cabin from Ottos. Trade was very easy, quick shipping, great communication. Certainly would trade with again.
Jun 2010 pittsburghkid Dan, thanks a bunch for the great beer. This guy hooked me up with some really nice stuff including gratitude and smokestack with big black voodoo as well. Great trade. Thanks so much. Hope to trade again.
May 2010 RCL Great box from Dan. Two Dark Lords, East End Smokestack Heritage Porter and a Big Black Voodoo Daddy along with several nice bonuses. Good stuff, thanks man!
Apr 2010 TheGuy Another in person trade At DLD with Dan and it was just as awesome as the first,21st admenment,more great Weyerbacher Duck Rabbits,Voodoo,Long Trail and so many more he went above and beyond once again
Apr 2010 riversideAK Dan sent an awesome well packed box that included a growler of East End Blabber and Smoke, Easy End Wooden Nickel, and a bonus of Hoppin Frog Hop Dam. Thanks for another great trade Dan!
Mar 2010 SoLan Dan hooked me up with a nice box of less common style brews to help me get my tick fix- Great Lakes Conways and Eliot Ness, Yards Brawler, Erie Drakes Crude, Sly Fox Pikeland Pils and Phoenix Pale, and a Ballast Point Victory at Sea. Bomb proof box. Thanks again!
Nov 2009 grownfool Wow! Dan sent me a huge box with some great bonuses. He stored my beers while waiting for to move and it had been so long that I forgot what he was sending. Hoppin Frog BA Boris, East End Smokestack, Weyerbacher Riserva x 2, Rodenbach Grand Cru, and bonused Great Lakes Glockenspiel, Holy Mackerel Special Golden Ale, and Victory Wild Devil
Nov 2009 riversideAK Dan sent the much look forwarded to East End Double Hop and bonused a Victory Helios. Thanks for the cool beer!
Oct 2009 gkost Dan sent me some awesome beers and bonused me a sweet Victory beer! Great trader. Excellent communication. Any day Dan. Cheers!
Sep 2009 coyotehunter Like an ass I havent left feedback yet...go figure. Got some great things from Dan, the agreed on Cuvee and a Doggie claws with a few others I cant think of but will at some point, and then have to amend this. Great trader and great communication through my stages of confusion and befuddlement. Thanks Dan!!
Aug 2009 craftycarl21 Dan helped me through my first trade extremely well, and sent me an 09 Dark lord, Bells Expedition and Hopslam, Alesmith IPA and Old Numbskull, and even added a bonus of a Great Lakes Blackout. Excellent packaging, great trader, hope to trade with him in the future!
Aug 2009 LtDan A great trade transaction!! Dan sent me a choice sampler of Great Lakes Brewing, and bonused some sweet Voodoo, Dieu du Ciel Péché Mortel, Voodoo Love Child, and Duck Rabbit RIS. The goods were well protected in a well traveled box. Hats off to Dan for being environmentally conscience and reusing a perfectly reusable box.
Aug 2009 User37895 Dan-o hooked me up with the agreed upon BA HF B.O.R.I.S., and still bonused me a Brewdog Stout on top of it all. (Ya know how that goes, agree on no-bonuses, but we still swapped them anyway, but at least kept it from getting crazy.) Shipping was quick and efficient, packaging all well-taken care of. Let Dan hook YOU up too! Thanks, Dan. Great hook up, prompt, efficient, simple, and e
Jul 2009 Skyview Dan got to be both Daily Devotee and my Secret Santa all in one day. He knocked off six beers from my want list: Brew Dog Paradox Smokehead, East End Smokestack Heritage Porter, Southampton Grand Cru, Southern Tier Hop Sun, Southern Tier Raspberry Wheat, Terrapin Side Project 6 90 Shelling. Awesome package and thanks again!
Jun 2009 tyler_mn Dan sent a sweet box with a Consecration and an 07 Gratitude. Threw in a 22oz homebrew as well. Thanks Dan!
May 2009 SP23 Beerman sent me the agreed upon 09 EE Homewood Reserve, Ultra Fresh Dreadnaught and 2 Pride and Joy. He then threw in 2 great homebrews. Thanks again and I hope to trade with him again.
May 2009 riversideAK Daniel sent a great box full of IPA’s and a hard to get BA Stout. Included were: Ringneck Red Eye PA, Buckeye Hippie and Zatec, Mad Brewer Hop Fusion, and a fresh Dreadnaught. Also a beer I was looking forward to, East End Homewood Reserve. He threw in a Founders Cerise as an extra and something that at first glance appeared to be Blind Pig, but upon further review is not... Thanks for the great b
Apr 2009 TheGuy A very rewarding darklord day trade dan hooked me up with a bunch of weyerbacher’s mikeller to and from ten fidy and old chub, hopping frog wee heavy, kulmbacher eisbock, thisty dog sieberian night, hitachino nest espresso stout, he kicked some ass on this trade thanks dan oh yea black albert and panaport
Apr 2009 Ibrew2or3 Wow, what a trade! We had some bad luck but Dan pulled off one terrific trade. He sent Church Cherry Quadzilla, Mad Brewer Devine Intervention, Buckeye 76 IIPA (been on my wants list for 3yrs!), Nugget Nectar, Appalachian Barley Wine, East End Smokestack Liter and O’Fallon 5 Day IPA. Amazing, thanks again Dan! All thumbs up!
Mar 2009 hopdog As part of the Growler Swap, I got Thirsty Dog Cerberus 10 Dog Ale! Thanks!!!
Feb 2009 giarcsr First time filling out a trade comment with the new system. Did a simple trade with Dan, he sent me a sixer of Hop Slam and some other midwest goodies you can’t get in SD and I sent him some CA goodies he couldn’t get. Due to the holidays and the both of us being busy, the trade took a little time to get sorted out, but Dan was great with communication and what not. Top notch trader, would trad
Feb 2009 riversideAK ANother great trade with Daniel. This time he sent East End Toaster and Smokestack and included awesome extras of Kuhnhenn 4th Dementia, Thirsty Dog Hoppus Maximus and Blue Point Hoptical Illusion. Thanks for the great trade man! Looking forward to another.
Jan 2009 GAManiac Dan sent me a massive box of East End goodies including Homewood Reserve, Toaster, Smokestack, Ugly American and Gratitude. He even included three great extras from my favorite style. Fast shipping, good packing, excellent trade!
Dec 2008 Hank1980 Dan sent a growler of EE aged black strap, EE Ugly American, EE Gratitude, Mad Elf, Dead Reckoning, and a few other great extras. Good communication, packing, and turnaround. Thanks!
Nov 2008 douglas88 Just an excellent package from Daniel. He sent; Weyerbacher Harvest, Pumpkin, Old Heathen, Victory Moonglow, Church Brew works Dunkel, Happy Trails IPA, Mad Elf, Edmund Fitzgerald, Heritage Alt, Penn Oktoberfest, New Hollland Dragon’s Milk, and a 750 of Gratitude. Amazing trade. Thanks a ton.
Sep 2008 grandet Great trader, would def trade with again. Thanks alot man
Aug 2008 Cletus In my second trade with Dan, I was hooked up with 2 east End Gratitudes and 2 bottles from Erie brewing. Thanks for another awesome trade!
Aug 2008 JW77 The beerman sent me a complete vertical 05,06,07 of gratitude (awesome), 2 lake erie brewing brews which i have never had. Also have to tip my hat to him for including his homebrew porter, always love trying some good homebrews. Thanks again for the awesome trade.
Aug 2008 hoppymeal Dan delivers an awesome vertical of Gratitude, 05 to 07 with multiples of the 07. Also extras of Voodoo White Magick and one Mystery bomber that I’m excited to find out the contents of. All packaged in a stryo shipper. Easy trade, thanks for sharing some great beers!
Jul 2008 Beerlando Daniel hooked it up with an agreed upon East End Gratitude, and threw in bonuses of Church Brew Pious Monk Dunkel and Pipe Organ Pale. Nice packaging and communication. Quick and easy trade. Thanks Daniel!
Jul 2008 Cletus In a great trade, Dan hooked me up with a growler of gose from East End, 2 Brothers Wheat Wine and 2 locals as bonuses. Thanks for the great trade. Trade #2 is already in the works.
May 2008 cpferris Great trade from Daniel. He provided me with one of the missing links for my stout tasting...a bottle of Barrel Aged Blackout Stout. I traded him some Bell’s Big Head and KBS in exchange. He also threw in bottles of Golden Fleece Maibock and Pious Monk Dunkel as extras. Great packaging and an overall great trade.
May 2008 pantanap never got around to meeting up on DLD but we worked out a trade anyways. dan sent me the agreed upon east end gratitude along with a ten fidy. he also included some nice troegs, weyerbacher, and other high quality extras. would trade again for sure. thanks!
May 2008 ucusty What a nice haul, double boxed and nicely packed! I owe you one! 2008 DL, Hvedgoop, Lake Erie Monster, and bonus’ of fallen bock, sunshine pils, and smooth hoperator ! Thanks! I gotta get drinkin’
Apr 2008 Glouglouburp In-person trade at DLD. A very friendly and generous beer-lover Dan hooked me up with East End Gratitude (yeah!), Great Lakes Eliot Ness, Hoppin Frog Hoppin to Heaven and more. I’ll trade in person with him again just as an excuse to share a beer wit a very cool dude. Thanks Dan.
Mar 2008 riversideAK Second trade with Daniel and he sends a well packed box. Three beer styro shipper and layers of beer! He sent Hoppin Frog Black and Tan, ST Hoppe, Troegs Troegenator and Mad Elf, Stoudts Smooth Hoperator and IIPA, Southampton IMperial Porter, East End Gratitude. Weyerbacher Insanity and Blithering Idiot, GL Elliot Ness. Many of these were extras. A great trader. Any time dude!
Feb 2008 riversideAK Daniel smashed my want list by sending a ton of great beer. Included were 1 Victory Baltic Porter, Hoppin Frog Hoppin 2 heaven, BORIS, Mean Manalishi, and Wheat. A Breckenridge 471, Voodoo IPA and 4 Seasons, Lancaster Hop Hop IPA and Strawberry Wheat, Southhampton IPA, Great Lakes Burning River and more that I can’t remember. Thanks a bunch man! Let’s do it again!
Feb 2008 Acknud Great job from a 2nd time shipper. Sent first and sent several off my want list including: Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier, Stoudts Pils, Great Lakes Eliot Ness, Ten Fidy, Tröegs Nugget Nectar Ale, Pilzilla, Weyebacher Raspberry Imperial, and a Rogue Shakespeare.
Jan 2008 DietPepsican In his first trade beerman delivered a box of 5 beers to me. He sent first since he was a new trader. He sent the 5 agreed on beers. DFG fort, hoppin frog IPA.IIPA. and black and tan, and east end gratitude. Packaged well and arrived safely. Thanks.