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Aug 2016 Cunningham A nice box with some unavailable gems popped up with the postmann. Thanxxx a lot my friend. Highly recommended trader
Oct 2015 Cunningham Nice f2f trade at swanze day 2015. 3 new states in my pocket :-) Nice recommendable trader
Sep 2014 fonefan One of may IP trades with Yngvar, when you come by for one of our tastings. Yngvar had scooped many new beers on the Norwegian market for me. Thanks a lot my friend allways nice to have you around. Cheers J&C
May 2014 Cunningham A fine f2f trade with superman at Haand-14. Any time again mate! Recomendable.
Dec 2013 Cunningham Another solid f2f trade with this gentleman. Some rare danish brew and a really tasty sour flew my way. Highly recomendable trader.
Aug 2013 brokensail Met up with yngwie, Meilby, and Geokkjer at the Bruery for some beers. These guys not only brought some awesome beers to share, but also sent me/the local group home with quite the selection of Nogne O beers to try! Super friendly and generous guys. Hope to get the chance to meet up with all of them again.
Nov 2012 Cunningham This nice geezer not only gave me warm shelter after a great evening at Nøgne Ø. He also brought me some rare ale from Nøgne Ø that I had not tasted. And some other rare brew. Like Mack Jule Porter. Looking forward to christmas brunch with Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Islay. Recomended gentleman!
Dec 2011 HenrikSoegaard Another small but nice trade with Yngvar. Got 4 norvegian christmas beers and a chang light which I really will enjoy(?)
Jul 2011 Maria When Yngwie visited me on his way to the Norwegian ferry, we mad a trade with som beers I had from the southern parts of Germany and I got a bunch of Norwegian beers I had not yet rated. Thanks for a nice trade, it’s always a pleasure to trad and/or taste beers in your company!
Apr 2011 Dedollewaitor Yngvar traded me some nice beers. Some quality Norweigan brews from Ægir & Nøgne Ø and a bunch of ticks. Thanks a lot!
Apr 2011 Papsoe Seems like this is getting an almost monthly event! :-) Meeting up at fonefans Yngvar and I had another exchange of beers. He’d found me a handful of new Norwegian releases combined with a couple of rare Spanish ciders. Thanks a lot to this trading gentleman.
Mar 2011 Papsoe Yet another in person trade with Yngvar at fonefans. As usual he had scooped pretty much all new beers on the Norwegian market for me. Thanks a lot my friend.
May 2010 fonefan In-person trade where Yngwie did deliver me some Norwegian beers I have not rateted. Thx alot .. ;O)
Sep 2009 Papsoe Another in-person-trade with the gentleman Yngvar who had collected another 10 or so new Norwegian releases. Thanks my good man.
Aug 2009 Koelschtrinker Yngvar sended me a mix of beers from Nøgne Ø and Haandbryggeriet, including Suturnbrew and Sahti where I was looking for. As a bonus he sended me not 8 but 10 bottles of this nice stuff. Thanks!
Jun 2009 Papsoe Our annual exchange at the Danish Beer Festival, and as usual Yngvar brought all the new Norwegian beers he could find including rarities from Nøgne Ø and Haandbryggeriet. Yngvar is the most helpful and generous guy you can imagine - always a pleasure meeting up buddy.
Mar 2009 Maria Yngwie found a handful of Norvegian Christmas beers/beers for me, and I was very pleased that two of them were stouts - thanks a lot, as always it’s a pleasure to trade with you!
Feb 2009 Pinball arranged a swap in cph at the beerfestival, but i showed up too late. Fortunately, yngwie had arranged to put his packet at a mutual friend in cph, so i could go get it as soon as i had time. I put my packet there, and yngwie picked it up next time he was around. Got some real nice beer, two seldom retired ones, one special handbottled, and the rest was from my wishlist.
Jan 2009 Papsoe Another small but exquisite delivery of X-mas beers and other Norwegian specialities from Yngvar: Grans Bare Jul + Juleøl, Aas Juleøl Premium, Berentsens Sorte Får Stout, Dalane Sterk Juletradisjon, Små Vesen Rakfiskøl + Julegøtt, Brunehaut Abbaye de Saint-Martin Cuvée de Noël. Thanks a lot my friend.
Jan 2009 JensenTaster helping Yngve out on getting some norweigan beers back to the motherland, i got the equal number + a special extra one. small and plesant trade, with a great guy.
Oct 2008 oh6gdx A good and easy trade at the hotel, where both yngwie and me stayed for EBF. Yngwie hooked me up with 12 Norwegian beers I haven’t had before (so now I can reach 100 Norwegian beers too!). Mostly swill, but that’s pretty much what he got too. Thanks a bunch .)
Sep 2008 faroeviking Trade at the Nørrebro Bryghus 5 year birthday party. Thanks for a lot of different Norwegian beers Yngvar!
Aug 2008 jbrus Great box full of Scandinavian goodies. Some I even never heard of. And only because he made a small mistake in his previous shipment. Great trader, great guy! Thanks a lot.
Jun 2008 Maria Face to face trade at the festival in Århus. Yngwie had raided the supermarkets for Norwegian macro summer beers, that I had not yet rated. Thank you for yet another nice trade!
May 2008 Papsoe Another magnificent set of Norwegian beers from my great beer buddy Yngvar. Of the 29 beers highlights were 5 beers from new brewer Dalane and 4 from equally new brewer Ægir. As always Yngvar is the friendliest and most pro trader you can imagine. He’s highly recommended to everyone.
Apr 2008 jbrus Great Norwegian, Canadian and US beers in another parcel from Yngvar. Great trader, great guy! Thanks a bunch!
Mar 2008 faroeviking Yngvar gor me some nice Norwegian goodies (Nøgne Ø & Haandbryggeriet), some other Norwegian and bit Belgian. Thanks a lot!
Mar 2008 HenrikSoegaard Second head to head with Yngwie and agian a very special dilivary:12 different special very expensive (in Norway) beers incl Nøgen Ø and other micros. Great to get the chance.
Mar 2008 Maria Yngwie brought me Haandbryggeriet Romjul, Vellagret Juleøl from Lervig, a lite Norwegian Tuborg beer and two handbottled (BW and Påske) from Vendia in Denmark. As always it’s a pleasure to trade with you, my dear friend!
Feb 2008 akevitt I got a big box filled with holiday joy from Yngwie! He sent me FOUR beers from Nøgne Ø, and FIVE Juleøl’s (from Aass, Haandbryggeriet, Ringnes, and Berentsens) and a Djævlebryg Nekron Stout. All the beers were extremely well packaged. Thanx for all of the Norwegian and Danish beer. Skål!!
Jan 2008 jbrus Yngwie delivers again. Among them USA (f.e. Oskar Blue Ten Fidy, Southampton Saison), Denmark (Elliot Brew, Olfabrikken Islay Cask Stout) and Norway (Nogne O IPA). Yummy!
Jan 2008 Maria Face to face trade. I got a lot of different "missing links" from Norway, and among others one of the first Dark Horizon First edition - wooow! Thank you so much dear friend, it’s always a pleasure to share a few with you, and my cellar always is open, you know!
Dec 2007 jbrus Norwegian Christmas beers, Avery beers, Haand, Nogne O and Jacobite Ale. Yummy!
Dec 2007 Papsoe Through our usual secret trade channel Yngvar supplied me with the latest top beers on the Norwegian market: Atna Riksøl, Små Vesen Yme, Berentsens Jule Avec 2007, Carlsberg Christmas Brew, Mack Fluid Fine Lager Beer, Mack Fluid Bayer Royal Beer, Mack Fatøl Premium and Meteor Bière de Noël. All potential Top 50 beers that have just been treated unfairly by the RateBeer crowd.
Nov 2007 TheEpeeist Last box from Yngvar in an epic trade that could not have been any better. I received Pannepøt, Haandbryg Nissefar, Ølfa ØL, 2X Hr. Freds!, Son of Nekron, WC Cockney and incredibly a Blåbær!! and a Kaggen!!!. Stupefying ... Definitely need to do this again. Yngvar’s generosity is unmatched. Thanks again!
Oct 2007 cgarvieuk An unexpected Parcel arrived from Yngwie , despite me telling him not to bother.I had sent him a bottle he had wanted from GBBF via Sigmund so cost/effort to me was miniumul. So i told him nothing was required given it would cost more to post to me than was worth it.. His Generousity was none the less highly appreciated. TOP BLOKE
Aug 2007 TheEpeeist Yngvar delivers a 3rd shipment in as many months. Box survived a gut punch but as always well-packed so no prob. Wiibroe Impy, Lindemans Faro, Limfjordsporter, Nogne #100, Bogedal #73 (label looks exactly like the picture. same bottle?), twin ** Dark Horizons** in cool canisters and a bonus Enebær Stout. Too cool. Has my summer been great or what! Thanks again big time!
Jul 2007 TheEpeeist i sit here among the rubble of Norwegian plastic bags & bubblewrap once again in awe of Yngvar’s trading prowess. He starts with a few requested doubles from the last box including an ØL! & Wiibroe. Adds a Nogne #100, IPA, Saison and something *quite* special. Wow! Bonus Westie 8 & Julebokk. Man’s a trading beast. Prosit!
Jun 2007 TheEpeeist Yngvar fired the first volley in a trade we’ve had brewing for months. Wiibroe Porter, Tsjeeses, Girardin Faro, Green Gold, Raasted Impy, Nils O Impy, Thisted Limfjords, Ølfabrikken ØL! Yikes! extras Royal Stout & Westie Blond! Stunning! and there’s more coming! Bagged & bubbled & bagged; excellent packing survived a nasty gash. BIG thanks!
Jun 2007 MiP Yngvar got me most of the Nøgne Ø beers that I needed along with some macro NA and pils.
Jun 2007 MiP When Yngvar was in Flensburg, he brought me some good Norwegian microbrewed christmas beers, some Nøgne Ø and some macro pilsners.
May 2007 Papsoe Everytime there’s a new beer out in Norway Yngvar makes sure that I get one - that includes all the very few obscure imports, like gluten free etc. Also rare Norwegian ciders - actually I’m just waiting for my first Norwegian sake... Thanks a lot buddy, your kindness and friendship is most appreciated.
Jul 2006 Storm Many well-packed, nice Norwegian beers - especially many "Nøgne Ø". Likewise, it was a pleasure to meet you in DK! Hope to see you next time you’re in town...
May 2006 Papsoe Yngvar kindly updates me with all new (well, most) Norwegian beers. I don’t believe I’ve ever had this many Low Alcohols in a trade :-) Thanks friend, much appreciated.
Jan 2006 Papsoe 34 Norwegian Christmas beers + 3 rare farmhouse brews. Sheer madness!! Thanks a billion Yngvar Valdres Brisk, Valdres Kvek, Valdres Staut, Aass Juleøl kl D, Aass Juleuten, Aass Lundetangen juleøl, Aass Ole Simon Julebrygg, Aass Julefest box, Haandbryggeriet Nissefar, Berentsen Rogaland Juleøl, Berentsen Julefnugg, Lervig Juleøl kl F, Lervig Gledelig juleøl, Mack juleøl kl D, CB Juleø