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Apr 2022 Cuso Per was my sender in Euro Local swap #1 / 2022. I got huge box full of mainly Swedish beers. Unknown breweries for me, filling of midssing regions and Narke. many thanks Per. Anytime again.
Jan 2022 rauchbierlover Per was my Secret Santa 2021. Again, an amazing box full of Rauchbier, traditional and - to me - unknown Swedish traditional styles, light beers (bitter ales, saisons, pils) as per my request. On top of it, a bottle of Närke Kaggen Stormaktsporter. I wish it could be Xmas every day. Highly recommended trader!
Oct 2021 Nisse666 Medium packaged with 3 new Swe breweries. Bomb proof packaging, fast and flawless shipping. Easy communication.
Sep 2021 MonsterMagnet I received an amazing box of beers in the Euro Local Swap 2/2021, a really generous selection of different styles, thoughtful of my preferences, and also including a Gotlandsdricka and a country tick. Excellent! Many thanks Per!
Mar 2021 martjoobolut Did a small trade that involved some harder to get countries. Good selection of beers and good communication. Good trader (y)
Aug 2020 Nisse666 Amazing box with loads of new local hard to get Swedish breweries + one Mexican bonus. Many thanks my friend // Thomas
Aug 2020 anstei I can only agree with what all the others already wrote: Per puts together amazing boxes with rare beer styles, old and new breweries, and all of top quality. Highly recommended trader!
Dec 2019 rauchbierlover I really have no words to describe how awesome Per is. I got a big box for Euro Santa 2019 with top50 beers from Sweden (O/O, Närke, Stigbergets), nice smoked beers, saison, traditional ales. Could not ask for anything Better.
Aug 2019 Nisse666 Face to face one with a public quick share. Great day with many nice brews and interesting conversations - many thx.
Jul 2019 Nisse666 Nice box with new Swedish breweries and a rare very country, well wrapped and no issues as usually. Many, many thx man!
Oct 2018 Nisse666 Wow full box with plenty of new Swedish Brewers - many thx, mate!
Dec 2017 Nisse666 King Per, delivered again 3 new SWE breweries and a bonus Transdniestra. Many thx for your efforts mate / cheers // Thomas
Sep 2017 Nisse666 Amazing ????10 ish new SWE Brewers and what not from the Swedish King. Many thx Per. Skål ??// Thomas
Aug 2017 Travlr Easy small trade, 2 US states for one country that I probably would not have gotten any other way. Stellar mule performance by AndySnow who delivered the beer in person. Cheers Per!
Jul 2017 Grumbo My second small but highly valued and much appreciated trade with Per. Glad to have got to know the King of country ticking.
Jul 2017 Nisse666 Wow one new country from his latest expedition and 5 new Swedish breweries Cheers // Thomas
Jan 2017 Grumbo Country tick trade with Per. Well packaged box has safely arrived today. Super comms throughout. I’m delighted to have been able to give Per his country tick #208.
Dec 2016 Beerhunter111 Per sent me a absolutely great box with 21 goodies from Sweden and Norway with one of my high wanted beers: a Närke Kaggen Stormaktsporter. Absolutely high recommended trader. Thanks a lot!
Nov 2016 Cuso IP trade in Bratislava. Got 9 very nice, for me hardly obtainable beers. Excellent choice. Many thanks Per.
Oct 2016 Nisse666 Wow a lovely box with 3 new Swe breweries and one hard to get country tick. Many thx Per!
Sep 2016 MarkoNm Got a very nice number and selection of Sweedish hoppy brews in return for a new country tick. Definitely a great trade. But what else would you expect from Per. Cheers
Sep 2016 Nisse666 Nice box with 5 new swedish hard to get breweries. Many thanks for your efforts, Cheers Per!
Mar 2016 Saeglopur Per sent me a lovely box during Europan Local Swap 1/2016. He tried hard to cover all my wishes and sent me much more than required, so that it wasn’t a big deal, that two bottles were broken - which wasn’t his fault btw, as the box was packed very well! Very friendly communication, overall just a highly recommended trader! Many thanks. :-)
Jan 2016 rlgk IP-trade with Per in Göteborg, followed by a pubcrawl. We switched locals for locals and I got a few new breweries. Always a pleasure trading with Per!
Jan 2016 Nisse666 Face to face trade with Per at Rover. 2 new Swedish breweries many thx man. Safe packaging = Per’s socks;). Easy communiction, top trader!
Oct 2015 fombe89 Per traded me a great box of 20 Sweden beers. Quick and clear communication. Thanks a lot, it is a pleasure to trade with you!
Sep 2015 rlgk IP-trade in Stockholm, got some swedish and german beers. Perfect as always.
Jul 2015 minutemat Traded with Per in the Euro Secret Santa and was simply astonished at the incredible beers he selected for me. Some, such as 3 Monk’s Cafe blends, I hadn’t anticipated getting hold of until my next visit to Sweden. A varied range with even a Swedish Mead, some Gotland beers and some cloudberry jam as the icing on the cake. A+.
Jun 2015 Nisse666 Another amazing country tick + hard to get local beer, well packed, 1 day shiping - Per rules! Thx man;)
May 2015 DSG IP trade at Per’s house. As usual, a pleasure to trade with Per. Got some interesting local Swedish micros to take home, and Per opened some amazing bottles to share.
May 2015 Reminyze Per send me with the Euro Local Swap 2/2015 an absolutely awesome selection of Swedish crafts - topped with a new country, an ice cider and a mead. Incredible. Packaging / shipping was absolutely perfect, contact super friendly and fast. Absolutely recommended trader!
Apr 2015 andrepintado My third trade with Per. What a box! Kaggen Stormarktsporter in there! I almost cried when I saw it. A pleasure to trade with this fella. Always!
Feb 2015 mmahut Amazing box from the european trade! Thank you so much!
Jan 2015 Nisse666 First trade in 2015. Wee box - with 300% extra ;). Many thx - especilly the Tibet one and the Gotlandsdricke. Fast one as usually, 2 work days. Per is a great trader!
Dec 2014 Cuso Per was my this year’s Secret Santa. I obtained nice box full of Swedish micros + one mystical beer, which should be open during Christmas. Recommended trader.
Dec 2014 Nisse666 Yet another wee trade. One Danish and one Faroe Islands. Well packed, 1 day shipment, 15 min conversation = top notch trader!
Nov 2014 Nisse666 WOW Per hooked me up with some North Koreans - many thx!
Sep 2014 Geiserich Per sent me a well packed box of great swedish beers during European Swap 6.0. Recommended trader.
Jun 2014 DSG Per sent me a box with lots of interesting Swedish beers + a new country tick for me. Always a pleasure to trade with him. Recommended trader.
Mar 2014 Nisse666 Face to face trade with Per during the great Göteborg beer crawl. Took a couple of months but boy - worth waiting for - 4 country ticks, a Kroatian + German micro + an extra Swedish 3,5 hard to get micro. Many thx for your great generosity. Very nice to chat and share a "few" beers with you aswell. / Thomas
Dec 2013 andrepintado Second trade with Per. Perfect as usual! Large box filled with swedish micros and eastern europe beers. Always a pleasure!
Sep 2013 Christos I was Per’s recipient on the European Local Swap II, I got a nice selection of sweedish beers, totally unknown to me. The post office employees probably were playing football with the package, they managed to break two items but Per offered to replace them of course. Fast and clear communication too.
Mar 2013 andrepintado Per sent me lovely swedish micros and other freebies. All of them are hard to find outside of Sweden. Everything was perfectly packaged! Thanks a lot!
Feb 2013 KnutAlbert Thanks for a great trade - lots of hard to find Swedish beers. Nice to have a few beers in Stockholm, too.
Nov 2012 gnoff Per sent 4 meads from Mjödhamnen since he knew I was having a mead tasting coming up, also threw in a beer as an extra to fill up the package, all without asking for anything back. Very generous and always helpful.
Jun 2012 DSG Per sent me a nice package with lots of interesting Swedish micros. Hope for more trades in the future. Thanks!
Mar 2012 oh6gdx received a nice box with a bunch of Järdaås beers as well as some other Swedish micros. Top top it all off, there were two beers made by Spendrups as well! Always a pleasure to trade with Per, either in person, or lately also by mail.
Mar 2012 blafa In person trade with Ompher at Linköping Beer Expo for some Locals and a bottle of Panil, a beer I’ve been wanting to try. Good meeting you and thanks for the beer!
Feb 2012 teddybeer My first international trade, and it has been with Per. He sent me a great box of Swedish beers, all of them micros, but also one Narge Kaggen and two beers from Namibia. I don’t have words to describe this fantastic swap. Thanks a lot and looking forward for our next swap. Cheers!!
Feb 2012 fonefan Per sent me a box of random swedish beers that for me is very hard to get. Well packed and quick delevery .. Great trader looking forward to our next trade Per .. Big Thanks
Nov 2011 Papsoe Per and I got the trade talk going, and Per collected a mighty fine box of most pretty rare and obscure Swedish micros. Thanks a lot!
Oct 2011 oh6gdx Per sent me a box of some Eskiltstuna beer along with some other stuff already in the summer, but I forgot to add the trade feedback. We’ve been doing personal trades for more or less 5 years already, but this was the first time mailing beers over to each other!
Sep 2011 Bierkrug Yet again Per sent me a great box of beer. He knows beer very well and seems to read people very well as well. Bravo and this will continue between us.
Sep 2011 pantanap wife and i met up with per at akkurat for an in person trade a few months back. he even gave me one of his narke glasses to boot. we shared some bottles there and had a great time conversing. swell dude. thanks again and sorry for the late feedback!
Sep 2011 jolo I am really satisfied with the trade I did with Per in Stockholm. Some really good Swedish beers! Thanks a lot Per!
Apr 2011 Nightfall I either forgot to leave feedback or it somehow got erased. Per is a great trader. We did a trade last year and his package was more than awesome. Truly great swedish micros ! Thanks Per.
Apr 2011 GT Per and I did an in person trade in Stockholm. Got my coveted Narke beers and about 4 awesome bonuses you cant get outside of Sverge! Thanks Per!
Mar 2011 Bierkrug Per was great he sent me some great top beers from Sweeden. A great trader.
Feb 2011 Pallieter85 Met up in Stockholm and traded some beers, good deal and an awesome bar hopping experience :)
Jul 2010 xmarcnolanx Apparently I never left feedback for an awesome trade that we did in 2009. Fantastic communication and excellent packaging. Per hooked me up with Narke Kaggen and the non-BA version of the Porter.
Dec 2009 Cletus Another awesome trade with Per. This go around, he sent along a box of new rates from Belarus and Sweden. Thanks again!
Dec 2009 tyler_mn Awesome, awesome, awesome! Per hooked it up BIGTIME with a bottle of Närke Stormaktsporter! Huge thanks!
Aug 2009 tjthresh Per set me up with Närke Stormaktsporter. Thanks Per!
Jul 2009 daknole My first trade with Per and guess what it was? Yep, check another amazing beer off my wants list...he sends a Närke Stormaktsporter!! HECK YEAH! CHeers!!
Jul 2009 mreusch First trade with Per and it couldn’t be easier. He was gracious enough to fulfill one of my most sought after beers ever, the elusive Närke Stormaktsporter! He couldn’t have made it easier, and can’t believe how quick he got it to me. Awesome all the way around, and hope we get the chance for a larger trade sometime in the future. Thanks again Per!
Jun 2009 Cletus In another great trade with Per, I received 7 beers including a new country (Jordan) and Narke Stormaktsporter. Thanks for another great trade!
Sep 2008 PilsnerPeter In my search for new countries Per came through! He sent me four new countries! It was shipped extremely quickly and very well packed! Great trade.
Jan 2008 Cletus In our second trade, Per hooked me up with 5 rarities from Europe and as if that weren’t enough, threw in a bottle of Kaggen! Thanks for the great trade!
Oct 2007 kmweaver Per hooked me up big time: a perfectly packed Kaggen (his last one) surrounding by all his (or her?) bigger bottled friends: Narke Orebro Bitter, Nynashamns Smorpundet Porter 2004, Jamtlands Hell, Heaven, and Fallen Angel Bitter. Great packaging, a pleasure to deal with, and really helpful as far as getting this box out in time. Thanks a ton, Per! Hope you’re having an awesome trip! cheers
Sep 2007 thewolf Shipped 4 different Närke, 2 x Ahlafors, 2 x Nynäshamn, Slottskällan Kloster (-2003), 2 x Öland, 1 Sigtuna Booster and 1 Tiotaggare.
Feb 2007 Cletus In a great trade that started out as an inquiry about Gotlandsdricke, I received these rarities from Per: Nils Oscar Julöl, Nils Oscar Farm Ale, Sigtuna Holiday Booster, Ölands Midvinteröl, Jämtlands Julöl, Oppigårds Golden Ale, Slottskällans God Jul Kloster, Nynäshamns Mysingen Midvinterbrygd, Hantverksbryggeriet Vinternarren, Grebbestad Lunator, and a bottle of Gotlandsdricke, Ahlafors Kåtisbock
Nov 2006 Immy Per stepped up in a big way to my request for a mild ale and an unblended lambic to complete all my styles. One each of these: 750ml 1996 Lindemans Oude Lambik, 500ml Nynäshamns Mysingen Midvinterbrygd, 500ml Jämtlands Tiotaggare, 500ml Jämtlands Oatmeal Porter and a 500ml Nynäshamns Pumpvikens Påsköl! I’m speechless - THANK YOU PER!
Apr 2006 Rastacouere A+ delivery from Per included several micros from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Quick delivery and went beyond duty to seek rare stuff. Thank you for the generosity!
Apr 2005 beerhandy Black Boss,Nils Oscar Imperial Stout and kalaspasol,Wisby winter weis Jamtlands Oatmeal Porter and lager,Slottskallans Imperial stout,KatISbock,Foroya easter beer,Arraan sunset and a nogne o porter Thanks Per!!
Apr 2005 IslandHaole Nynäshamns Sotholmen Extra Stout & Dragonhead Stout didn’t survive the trip :-( But the others were fine and consist of 1 each:, Nils Oscar Imperial Stout Slottskällans Imperial Stout Zywiec Porter Nils Oscar Barley Wine Nynäshamns Mysingen Midvinterbrygd Oppigårds Winter Ale Jämtlands Oatmeal Porter Jämtlands Julöl Nynäshamns Bedarö Bitter Nynäshamns Indianviken Pale Ale
May 2004 SpringsLicker If Per ever contacts you wanting to trade, I advise you to work one out. The shipping is not inexpensive, but he will send some fine beers your way that you will never find here in the United States. I got some Nils Oskars, some Jamtlands and a bunch I can’t even spell out on my English keyboard!! I’ll keep Per’s want list with me when I travel!!! Thanks again!!
Oct 2003 JCW I’ve gotten many gr8 beers from Per. We’ve traded three times, average of 11 each trade, last time one broke. I can’t blame Per, he wraps each bottle in enough bubble wrap to survive a plane crash, last time they used Columbia. If you R Looking for Jamtlands&Nis Oscar he’s IT.