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Aug 2013 blomster Bottle swap with Ken while I stayed at his place for a weekend of beer. Awesome beers from Ken as usual. Thanks Ken and Ali for having me over, I’ll be back!
May 2012 MatSciGuy Another great trade with Ken. A little bit of an open ended trade and I’m seriously looking forward to everything that he sent. Thanks again friend!
May 2012 TheAlum My first trade with Ken and a good one. Developed slowly over a long period, communication was easy with Ken. Great prompt return messages, great packaging, and easy to deal with. Thanks a bunch, Ken. One of the true allstars of RB Trading. Cheers
Apr 2012 LtDan Quick and easy trade with Ken. Cheers!
Mar 2012 blomster In person trade with Ken during SF Beer Week. Thanks for the Russian River and other great beers! As always a pleasure dealing with Ken.
Jan 2012 daknole Ken sent a glass that I am SO glad to add to my collection. Thanks! CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 2011 MatSciGuy Forgot to leave this one from early November. Did an in-person trade with Ken in Santa Rosa. It was really fantastic to meet Ken and Ali. If you are ever lucky enough to be in the area, the Weavers are amazing hosts! Thanks again - it was awesome to be able to finally meet you guys!
Oct 2011 pantanap another small exchange with ken and as usual, he comes through in spades. thanks for the rr and highwater extra! cheers bud.
Aug 2011 pantanap seems like i’m the only one consistently requesting brews from ken which is alright by me...some russian river sent my way without a bat of an eye. thanks my friend!
Apr 2011 pantanap ken gladly obliged when i asked him about a local brew. always the best to deal with. thanks again buddy.
Apr 2011 MatSciGuy I think you get the picture by now. Ken’s an awesome and generous guy. I’m really fortunate to have such a great trade partner and always look forward to opening his boxes!
Feb 2011 3fourths ken holds a very special place in my heart for his generosity and awesomeness. thanks, buddy!
Feb 2011 phaleslu I figured out that Ken was my Secret Santa in late 2010. He sent: HOTD Michael (WL), FW 14 (WL), Bruery Barrel Fermented Autumn Maple (WL) and Provisions Series Premiere, Deschutes Jubel 2010, and the big surprise: RR Framboise for a Cure! This generosity absolutely blew me away and will not be forgotten. Huge thanks, Ken (and his wife, whose name was on the box
Jan 2011 ryan And again... Framboise! Temptation! Yum! Thanks again buddy!
Jan 2011 ryan Just realized I owed Ken some feedback... I’m a total slacker, sorry! Ongoing trade(s) with Ken... This one was Sanctification and friends.
Dec 2010 TURDFERGUSON Ken is one of my favorite people. He sent me a Russian River fitted cap so I can show off my favorite brewery in style. He also included a newly released Sanctification, a Supplication and two fresh plinys! A stand-up ratebeerian that I am glad to call my friend. Thanks Ken.
Nov 2010 MrPickles One hell of a 2 part trade all finished up. Can’t thank Ken enough for everything he sent in this one. Highlights include Black Tuesday and Parabola! I hope this is just one more of many more future trades.
Nov 2010 MatSciGuy Another great trade with Ken! He sends a variety of tasty looking beers all packaged perfectly and shipped promptly. Part of an on-going trade that I definitely hope to keep going! Thanks again, Ken!
Oct 2010 pantanap ken answered my call for a cali brew and he kindly obliged without any discussion on what i should send in return. kind and generous as always. thanks ken.
Sep 2010 MatSciGuy In the latest of our ongoing trade, Ken sends a whole crapload of hoppy and funky goodness from California. Easily one of the greatest boxes I’ve gotten in a looooong time. I can’t wait to send back some nice stuff in return. Always a pleasure to trade with Ken.
Jul 2010 LtDan Ken helped me out with a local I needed to try. Quick, fast, consise. Cheers!
Jun 2010 pantanap great box from ken...some dipsea and bruery goods along with some quality bonuses! thanks again bud.
Jun 2010 MatSciGuy Left it mostly up to Ken as to what he would send for box 4 of our ongoing trade and he blew me away with some awesome stuff. Two Valley Brew beers (which are very timely seeing as they’re losing their star brewer), an Angel’s Share, a Midnight Sun, and another Supplication. I sure hope to continue trading with Ken. Easy and relaxed communication.
May 2010 TURDFERGUSON Kenneth hooked me up with a growler of Russian River Gaffers Bitter, a valley brew ipa and a valley brew decadence 6. Ken was on a trade hiatus, but he still was able to help a brother out. Ken is one of the best things that have happened to RateBeer in the last 5 years. Be thankful. I am.
May 2010 MrPickles Smooth and easy trade with Ken. He sent me 2 Fifty Fifty (Elijah Craig & Heaven Hill Rye) Eclipse’s, Nectar Ales Black Xantus, and Deschutes Jubel 2010!!! Great box, great packaging, great communication. Thanks for the awesome trade!
Mar 2010 scubarex Ken hooked me up with some west coast goodness: FW13, Temptation, Pliny the Elder, Supplication, Autumn Maple, +, recommended trader, good communication/packaging!
Mar 2010 MatSciGuy Box number two from Ken is just as fantastic as the first. A whole bunch of great beers, and bonuses of a Supplication and an Oude Tart. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Thank you thank you thank you again.
Mar 2010 ryan Thanks for the PtY buddy!... and my "nootbook", lol.
Feb 2010 MatSciGuy Ken promptly shipped out a growler of Pliny the Younger, much to my appreciation. Everything arrived safe and sound in a double-boxed package. Super easy and quick communication with lots of updates over the extended length of the trade. I can’t wait for the next box!
Feb 2010 nimbleprop Ken was looking for six Nugget Nectars and six Hopslams and I was able to help him out. He gave me plenty of great options to pick from and, ultimately, I settled on a FW13, Uberhoppy Imperial IPA, Marin White Knuckle and Ken bonuses a Valley Brewing Old Inventory. Great communication, great shipping, easy to work with.
Feb 2010 scrizzz Awesome box! Received the agreed upon fresh Uberhoppy, and the dude throws in Marin White Knuckle and Valley Decadent Evil. Killer.
Jan 2010 riversideAK Ken sent two FIfty Fifty Eclipse’s and 4 awesome extras including Buckbean Orange Blossom and Imperial Schwarzbier, Napa Smith Pilsner and Sudwerk pilsner. Awesome! Thanks again man! Let me know if you need anything from the Pacific Northwest!
Dec 2009 3fourths thanks for the beer kenny benny!
Nov 2009 SuzyGreenberg I wanted some skunky Nicaraguan gems, but Ken insisted on sending FW13 & Black Xantus instead; then for good measure he tossed in a Nectar IPA & Dupont Avril (WL); I guess that will do ;) thanks Ken!!!
Nov 2009 spacecoyote Thanx to Ken I am now the proud owner of a bottle of Odonata Rorie’s Ale Batch 001, with a generous extra of Black Xantus ta-boot! All was well-packed and promptly shipped. Cheers, brother.
Aug 2008 wetherel It is a pure pleasure to trade with Ken. I think this is trade #3 or 4, I forget. He sent a huge 27lb box of rare and tasty beers, mostly from my wants list: Castleton, Ommegang Biere de Mars, Cuvée De Ranke, Old Ruffian, Stoudts Pils, Weyerbacher 13 & Blasphemy & Blithering Idiot, General Lafayette Chocolate Thunder, Troegs Scratch 12, Arcadia Hopmouth & Whitsun Ale. Thanks Ken!
Aug 2008 BBB63 Ken sent me an Ommegang Biere de Mars and Bullfrog Beekeeper has well as a bonus of General Lafayette Chocolate Thunder. Packed in a sytro shipper and easy communications. THANKS!
Aug 2008 cloudskipper Ken is awesome. He sent me a bottle each of Bullfrog Blue Cheer and Beekeeper. Box perfectly packed, no extras as he requested. Really hope to trade with him again, very generous person! Thanks again!
Aug 2008 beastiefan2k In person trade at BCTC, Ken searched high and low and found some Fond Tradition, 4 bottles worth. Also, an extra of General Lafayette Chocolate Thunder. Unfortunately, in the mayhem of BCTC I completely misplaced the extra. Well worth it though. Thanks Ken.
Jul 2008 DietPepsican This is trade number I dont know...at least three(?) with ken. I received the beatification as promised. Packed well and shipped out super fast. No extras were agree on for both ends, which worked out great. CheerS!
Jul 2008 thebaldwizard Ken led a trade between the DC and Columbus crews. We got three boxes from all over the US containing some great beers: Midnight Sun M, Olfabrikken Winter Stout, Fifty Fifty Imperial Stout, and a growler of Old Fugget. Awesome trade with one of my favorite traders.
Jul 2008 Schroppfy Ken wanted a growler of the JP Weizen Bam, and said he had a CL Xtra Gold Batch 1 for me. We arranged a one-for-one but he stuck in a Dupont Avril anyway. Unbelievable guy - thanks Ken. I think we turned this whole thing around in about 4 days.
Jul 2008 Sephiroth Ken sent the agreed upon Beatification, plus bonuses of Southern Tier Imperial Cherry Saison and St Arnold Divine Reserve No 6. Thanks Ken!
Jun 2008 lb4lb Ken and I set up a quick 2nd trade and he delivered the agreed upon Ithaca Ten, and was nice enough to bonus 2 awesome beers from my want list, which were a bomber of Smuttynose Big A IPA, and a bottle of Smuttynose Robust Porter! Quick trade, great communication, awesome extras and double boxed. A fantastic trader and even nicer guy in person. Thanks again!!
Jun 2008 hombrepalo This guy really hooked it up! Ken went 6 for 6. Knocked off 6 of my wants in one trade. Got the RR Beatification, The Abyss, Thisty Dog Siberian Night, a can of Oskar TenFidy, Weyerbacher Dbl Simcoe, and a SouthHampton Dbl White. Perfect packaging. Good communication. A great guy to trade with.
Jun 2008 Stine Ken sends me some Beatification batch 2 for the stash with a lovely little extra of Bell’s Bourbon Aged Cherry Stout. What an asshole. Thanks bud.
Jun 2008 mwsf Excellent group trade with Ken, Ryan, and Mike. I’d trade with these guys again in a second. Highly recommended.
Jun 2008 nflmvp Ken snagged a New Glarus gift set from me while we packing up to leave after DLD weekend. He spent some time trying to come up with something I’d like and it looks like he hit the nail on the head. A growler of Duclaw Snake Oil, in addition to a growler of DuClaw Hellrazer. And, lest I forget, he also included a bomber of Port 2nd Anniversary Ale and a bottle of Green Flash Hop Head. The
Jun 2008 Dunk Ken delivered a treasure chest with Fish Tale BA Poseidon - Batch 3, North Coast Old Stock Brandy Barrel, 3F Dark Lord - 2008, and an extra of Bells Kalamazoo Stout. These beers will make for a great session!
May 2008 yobdoog Ken hooked me up with all the fruit beers that were available at Shenandoah. 2x Strawberry Lambic, Boysenberry Lambic, Apricot Pils, Cherry Lambic, Peach Hefeweizen and bonused a Chocolate Donut. Great double box packaging and a pleasure to trade with. Thanks!
May 2008 hoppymeal Ken and I missed at dld so ended up shipping our agreed upon trade. He was putting together a box most of which would be a surprise to me. Holy sh*t was I surprised! Some extraordinary treats in a six bottle shipper, some very nice barrel aged goods, nice vintage stuff and very rare stuff that I’ve seen iso posts fade away on before. Awesome trade, hopefully I’ll have the chance for
May 2008 Glouglouburp I received a killer box from Ken. Dominion Millennium , Jolly Roger Imperial Stout, BFM Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien 2005, Founders Backwoods Bastard, Full Sail Top Sail Imperial Porter. Then out of the blue were killer beers: Green Flash Imperial IPA + West Coast IPA and Barley Island Black Majic Java Stout. What a killer trade. The box could have survived a nuclear assault. A killer box from a
Apr 2008 Gregis Ken was my first out-of-town trade, and three trades later, I finally got to meet him face-to-face, at Dark Lord Day. He hooked me up with 1-Struiselensis, 1-Dominion Millennium Oak Aged and 1-St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout. A super-generous and very personable guy; if he resumes trading before departing to fight the Sandinistas later this summer, don’t hesitate to trade with him. Thanks again, Ken!
Apr 2008 StFun Met Ken at DLD to give him some beer that I owed him for hooking me up with Chocolate Donut. Out of nowhere, he graciously hooked me up with a Otto’s Jolly Roger, just because he rules. Super trader and all around great guy. I still owe him!!
Apr 2008 DietPepsican I’ve had multiple trades with ken. Finally we met up at darklord day. I was able to get a midnight sun La Mâitresse du Moine. What a treat! Thanks again man, hope you had fun!
Apr 2008 StefanSD In a great trade, well packed in a shipper with stryo peanuts and bubble-wrap; were Founders Backwood bastard, Mikkeller beer geek breakfast, DFH 120 IPA, and St Ambroise Oatmeal stout. Fantastic trade--look forward to doing more business in the future.
Mar 2008 WeeHeavySD Super easy trade with Ken. Big huge growler of Sweetwater Yellow Devil Pilsner also a 750 of Left Hand Oak Aged Windershins and a Bomber of Legend Barleywine. Great packaging quick turn around. Great trader, great all around, thanks for making this so easy Ken.
Mar 2008 StFun kmweaver answered my ISO Chocolate Donut (for my GFs BDay) by asking how many I wanted. I told him I’d be thrilled to get *A* bottle...he responds by going to the brewery and picking up SIX of them! Topped it off with a can of Ten Fidy and a NG Unplugged Belgian Quad!!! Fantastic communication, fast shipping, and expert packaging! I am *SO* in his debt! THANKS!!
Mar 2008 hopdog Ken answered my call and sent me 10 beers from Shenandoah! I can’t wait to try them. Thanks a million!!!
Mar 2008 DietPepsican Another great trade with ken. 5x shenandoah donuts, 3x lambics, 2x old rag oak barreled, and some ten fidy and a Legacy Hoptimus Prime as extras. Shipped fast, easy to work with. Double boxed/well packed. You really help to make the trading forum awesome ken! Thanks again!
Mar 2008 hannont kmweaver hooked me up with beers I’ve been dying to try( 3 top 50)...1 New Glarus Belgian Red, 1 Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock, 1 North Coast Old Stock Cellar Reserve Brandy Barrel , 1 De Dolle Still Nacht Special Reserve 2005 (Bonus), 1 Captain Lawrence Golden Delicious and 1 2006 Goose Island BCS (bonus). All of these were perfectly packaged in styro shipper. I can’t thank you enough Ken!
Mar 2008 TheBeerGod Ken sent the motherload of Shenandoah beer down to southern VA. I received 2xBA Old Rag Mountains, BA Millennium, Chocolate Donut Stout, 2xBA Stony Man Stout, 1xStrawberry, Cherry, & Boysenberry lambics, Skyland Red Ale and 2 extras - Tyranena Dirty Old Man and NG Enigma. Awesome all the way around!
Mar 2008 axilla Ken sent me a Captain Lawrence SFTO Bourbon Barrel and a Tennacious Cassis. Super fast and satisfying trade. Huge Thanks!!
Mar 2008 BrianK Second trade as good as the first. Prompt shipping in a proper bottle shipper. Thanks again Ken
Mar 2008 after4ever Ken is just too cool and too kind--what a helluva lineup: Brewers Art Green Peppercorn Tripel, Founders Backwoods Bastard, Midnight Sun La Maitresse du Moine, Ottos Jolly Roger Imperial Stout, Real Ale Sisyphus, and an oaked Shenandoah Millennium. Can’t wait to do it again. This chops big hacks out of my wantlist.
Mar 2008 WeeHeavySD Ken delivers great beer in our first trade (i think), and we met a while back too. Sent Golden Delicious, Tenatious Cassis, 2 Bottles of Choklat, a Dirty Old Man, Bell’s Winter White, and a Shenandoah Chocolate Donut Beer (WL) some were bonuses. Amazing packing, awesome!!!
Mar 2008 olibeer22 An unbelievable trade! Ken went above and beyond! I got Southern Tier Oat and an Enigma as extras!! Everything went smoothly, and worked out wonderfully!
Mar 2008 Cletus Ken hooked me up with a growler of Sweetwater Yellow Devil Pilsner. Thanks for yet another awesome package!
Mar 2008 Stine Over the course of my semester in D.C. Ken shared with me an absurd amount of beers; I probably owe him about 100 or so, quite literally. Today I opened up a box full of Shenandoah beers and some other tasty extras; double boxed, sent quick, etc.... thanks again, Ken! Keep in mind that three out of four seasons in MN are quite beautiful.
Mar 2008 5000 First trade with Ken and certainly not the last. He offered up a brew that I thought would be very interesting for Hard Liver, Brewer’s Art Pepercorn Triple x4. Also sent were Penn St Nikolaus Bock, Weyerbacher 12, Williamsburg Aleworks Wolf’s Trap, and he then throws in Three Floyds Fantabulous Resplendence. SWEET-NESS!! I’ll get you back once Deviation is out. Thx Ken!!
Mar 2008 Ughsmash Ken’s just rockin’ it hard with these growler trades! This was the third one I got from him in less than 2 weeks, and it was none other than BA High Desert!! He also threw in a Williamsburg AW Rapadou Porter that I wanted to try! He’s a master of the growler packaging, too. Thanks for another great trade!
Feb 2008 hopdog Another one of those boxes that came a day before we decided to trade! I got; Sweetwater Tavern Barrel Aged High Desert Imperial Stout (Growler) & Niagara Falls Eisbock as an extra. Thanks!
Feb 2008 tyler_mn Ken shipped a perfectly packed 6 bottle styro shipper full of goodies I can’t get in Minnesota. Kuehenen Simcoe Silly was 2 of the treats. Excellent communication throughout the trade as FedEx was being a major pain in the ass. Thanks a ton Ken!
Feb 2008 after4ever Ken went all the way to CT and put together a *perfectly* shipped growler of Pushing the Envelope Extreme. Growler trades always take more work, and I really appreciate this one--I figured this beer could well be a permanent want list but never get to try beer. Much obliged, Ken!
Feb 2008 Ughsmash This was my 2nd box from Ken in less than a week! Contained a lovely growler of Willimantic Pushing the Envelope Extreme, which I am more than excited to bust open this evening! Friendly, generous, and on top of the communications.. trading with this guy is a no-brainer!
Feb 2008 thebaldwizard Ken hooks me up with a growler of Pushing the Envelope to the Extreme--which I have long been after. Sent quickly and packaged beyond reproof. One of the best traders out there. Thanks!
Feb 2008 kp Ken contacted me about having a growler of Pushing the Envelope Extreme that he wanted to trade to the Georgia Crew to take the the Pre-Sex Gathering. A few days later this beauty shows up and was enjoyed by many. Thanks Ken for thinking of us!
Feb 2008 Ughsmash Ken and I agreed to a Chocolate Donut beer and a High Desert growler.. and hey went out of his way to hack 4 other beers off my Want List! Excellent communications and he’s extremely generous! Just a great trading partner, and there’s more coming!!
Feb 2008 Odeed talk about a nice box of beers!i get a growler of sweetwater impy,kuhnhenn barleywine,chocolate donut,victory baltic porter,and an all american pilsner.thanks man!
Feb 2008 pantanap we probably worked out this trade months ago....he sent me a growler of high desert from sweetwater....can’t wait to pop this badboy open! we agreed to no extras since this guy is also difficult shop for. ken, i’m at your beckoning so let me know if you ever need anything again. thanks!
Feb 2008 Cletus In a great trade, Ken hooked me up with a growler of High Dessert, Baltic Thunder and Ten Fidy. Thanks for another great trade!
Feb 2008 Cavalier Thanks a lot to Mr Weaver. Nugget Nectar is a fine brew and I needed my Fix . got me a twelve very quick!
Feb 2008 glkaiser 2 Otto’s Impy Stouts 4 Chocolate Donuts 2 Siberian Nights 2 extras(Kuhnehenn Solar Eclipse! and Otto’s DD IPA!) Awesome shipment...thanks!
Jan 2008 Brigadier In addition to the agreed upon bottle of Chocolate Donut Stout and Midnight Sun La Maitresse du Moine I also found two extra bombers of Otter Creek 15th Anniversary and Ottos’ DD IPA. I will definitely hook Ken up in the future if he ever needs something from this neck of the woods.
Jan 2008 hoppymeal After no doubt being bombarded with trade requests, Ken continued to spread the wealth with 2 bottles of Shenandoah Chocolate Donut Stout, sweet! Also sent me some nice extras, Otto’s Lolly Roger and St George Porter. Great trade, thanks again!
Jan 2008 yjb Shenandoah chocolate donuts, Midnight Sun La Mâitresse du Moine & Brewers Art Green Peppercorn Tripel + gemini from southern tier. all packed great
Jan 2008 yobdoog Again, great packaging and great trade. Sent 2 Donuts, and ALPHA KONG and sweet extras including Pannepot and Clipper City Pale. Awesome trader.
Jan 2008 yobdoog Ken always packs everything so well. Great trader, great guy. Sent Brewers Art Peppercorn and extras including 2 Siberian Nights and a Founders Backwoods Bastard. Sweet! Thanks Ken
Jan 2008 kp Ken sends the AleSmith BA Wee heavy plus throws in a Souther Tier Choklat and Saranac Scotch Ale. Thanks Ken!
Jan 2008 thebaldwizard Ken sends me the Shenendoah Chocolate Donut beer plus 3 extras that I’ve never rated and I’m looking forward to trying. Sent quickly and packaged perfectly. Ken’s doing a great service to the ratebeer community by hooking everyone up with this hard to find brew. Thanks a ton!
Jan 2008 DietPepsican We agreed to do a trade for a 6er of the donut beer and a nogne imperial stout. Everything arrived today well packed and double boxed. Included as an extra was a Southern Tier Imperial Choklat Stout which I can now take off my wants list. Shipped fast, great extra....would trade again. Thanks!
Jan 2008 Gregis Once again, Ken has hooked me up with some amazing brews. Double boxed & shipped like a pro, he sent me a Dark Horizon First Edition and a Mikkeller Black Hole along with bonuses of Duck-Rabbit Baltic Porter (Wish List!) and Shenandoah Chocolate Donut Stout (my 1st Virginia brew). I just hope that I can keep finding local brews that interest Ken, because he is a first rate trader and RateBeerian.
Jan 2008 lb4lb In a fantastic trade, Ken set me up with 4 Shenandoah Chocolate Donut Stouts, along with an Ottos Jolly Roger, and a Nogne O Porter, and then threw in 3 fantastic extras all from my wantlist! Troegs hopback amber and Mad Elf Ale and a Smuttynose Robust Porter! Super generous guy who went out of his way to fulfill the trade. Perfect packing, and prompt too. I would gladly trade again any time!
Dec 2007 Cletus In another awesome trade with Ken, I was hooked up with 3 Shenandoah Millennium, 5 Shenandoah Millennium Barrel Aged, and bonuses of Daleside Morocco and Jolly Pumpkin Noel. Ken is an excellent guy to trade with and I look forward to doing many more trades with him.
Dec 2007 puzzl Ken delivered lots of Shenendoah brews: 3 chocolate donut stouts (one of them an extra), 2 millenium, 2 oak aged millenium! I can’t wait to try them! He also sent a Founders Backwoods Bastard as an extra, off my list. Thanks a lot!
Dec 2007 zathrus13 Ken sent me the agreed upon six Chocolate Donut Stout. But, he also included three extras. One each of Fisherman’s IPA, Fisherman’s Brew, and a Backwoods Bastard. Our second awesome trade. Hopefully not out last.
Dec 2007 badbeer I shipped to Ken in a big box with a cooler inside and he returned his portion in that same box. He sent me a BA Decadence, BA Blackout, and threw in a Southampton Tripel as an extra! Great communication and a great trade. I’m fairly certain his middle name is "Generous." Thanks again, Ken!
Dec 2007 hopscotch It’s not that I didn’t expect a surprise from Ken, but Damn! As expected, I received bottles of Founders Backwoods Bastard, Bridgeport Hop Harvest Ale and Midnight Sun Obliteration II. However, it’s the unexpected brew that blew me away. A bonus bottle of North Coast Old Stock Cellar Reserve Bourbon Barrel. Wow! As always, the packaging was bomb proof. Thanks a million, Ken!
Dec 2007 Gregis Christmas came early this year! Ken hooked me up with twelve (12!) brews off of my wants list. Nearly half of them are bonuses. One each of: Olfabrikken Porter, Double Bastard, Backwoods Bastard, Old Horizontal, Smuttynose IPA, Yulesmith Summer, Stone Pale Ale, CC Heavy Seas Winter Strom ’07, Firestone Pale Ale, Victory Moonglow, Dominion Winter Brew ’07 & Oak Barrel Stout. Ken you are the man!
Dec 2007 zathrus13 Ken was one of the few who answered my ISO for Old Stock Brandy Barrel. He sent that, and two extras. One Alvinne Gaspar and one Scotch Irish IPA. An easy guy to deal with, A well packed, quick and easy trade. Thanks Ken!!!
Dec 2007 TheBeerSommelier Ken not only sent me a DH.1, but tossed in these incredible bonuses: Malheur 12 (want list!), Founders Backwoods Bastard (want list!) and Victory St. Victorious! Damn. I can’t thank you enough, Ken.
Dec 2007 kramer Just like the title says, one bottle of Mikkeller To/From as agreed, but Ken tossed in two great bonus beers, Left Coast Hop Juice and a Praying Mantis Porter. Good beers from a great guy, thanks Ken!
Dec 2007 FlacoAlto An excellent trade. In a dedicated styro shipper I recieved the Victory st Victorious, Schneider Hopfen-Weiss and Brewers Art Green Peppercorn, plus I also got extras of another st. Victorious, Foundards Back woods bastard and a Southern Tier Oat. A great selection of beers I am quite excited to try.
Nov 2007 omhper A quick and perfect trade for only top grade beers: Cuvee de Castleton, Alesmith Decadence, St. Bernardus Abt 12 Special Edition, Southern Tier Oat, Ommegeddon, Ottos Jolly Roger Imperial Stout ...
Nov 2007 sprinkle 2nd trade and went as smooth as the first. Quick, good communication and packed nicely. Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast then extras of Green Flash I.I.P.A. and a Dominion Millennium Barley-Wine! Cheers! Recommended trader!
Nov 2007 Sephiroth This guy sent me CapnLawrence Smoke from the Oak(Bourbon barrel), Kuhnhenn 4th Dementia, Dark Horizon, and three extra 12oz bottles. I cannot remember what the three were, but they were all new to me and unavailable in my area. You want to trade with this guy.
Nov 2007 hopscotch On the spur of the moment, Ken had a growler filled with Franklins Anarchy Ale and shipped it promptly to Florida for the O-Town 100+ Beer Throwdown this coming Saturday. He threw in an extra bottle of Dark Horse Special Reserve Black Bier! Foolproof packing job. Generous and speedy as always. Ken’s the muthafukin’ Mack! Thanks, as always, Ken!
Nov 2007 ygtbsm94 Ken sent 1-AleSmith BA Old Numbskull, 1-Two Hearted Ale, 1-Southern Tier Un*Earthly, 1-Ottos Jolly Roger Imperial Stout, 1-PP Hop 15, and Bonus brews of Siberian Night Imperial Stout, Stone XI Anniversary. Outstanding collection of brews, prompt shipping & great communication. Can’t wait to try the BA Old Numbskull! Thanks a million Ken for the outstanding brews. “Beer is good food”.
Nov 2007 KingpinIPA kmweaver sent me a 10 yr anniversary BB Old Rasputin and as a extra he sent me the 10 yr anniversary Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence. He sent this out on Sunday. Fast shipper, excellent packing and communication. Thanks!
Nov 2007 pantanap quick and easy first trade with ken. 2 jolly rogers.....agreed to no extras since this guy has had everything that i could muster up. thanks a lot man.
Nov 2007 radiomgb Ken sent me Stone 11th Anniversary Ale, Allagash Musette, Taras Boulba, Allagash Fluxus, Allagash Interlude, Cape Ann Pumpkin Stout, Green Flash West Coast IPA, Ottos Jolly Roger Imperial Stout, Schneider & Brooklyner Hopfen-Weisse and extras of Dogfish Head Chateau Jiahu, New Glarus Unplugged Enigma and Ølfabrikken 100 gram IPA. Double boxed, perfect packaging. Many thanks Ken.
Nov 2007 Papsoe In a very solid trade Ken delivered: Captain Lawrence St. Vincents Dubbel and Xtra Gold, Arcardia Hopmouth, Bells Batch 8000, Bells Octoberfest, Southern Tier Imperial Oatmeal Stout and Pumking, Smuttynose Robust Porter, Stone 11th, Great Divide Samurai, Ottos Jolly Roger Imperial Stout, Port Brewing Hop 15. Ken kept me fully updated excellently as things were progressing. Thanks heaps.
Nov 2007 miketd Ken was so kind to hook me up with 3x Otto’s Jolly Roger after I contacted him. Fishermans Pumpkin Stout x2, Southampton Triple, Ale Werks Ironbound Imperial IPA and Ale Werks Washingtons Porter also included... the last six beers were bonuses!!! Thanks ken!! Great communication, expert packing and a super nice guy. Quick shipment as well!!
Nov 2007 acertain I haven’t actually unpacked the whole box yet; it’s so full of beer that it’s going to take a while; however, I know that there are bottles of Double Simcoe, Hopfen-Weiss and Beer Geek in there. The packaging on the box was a thing of beauty, with boxes nested in boxes surrounded by packing material. A great trade!
Oct 2007 Cletus In an excellent trade, Ken hooked me up with a growler of Sweetwater Ghost Town Pumpkin, Dark Horizon and bonused 3 seasonals and a bomber of Jolly Roger Impy Stout from Ottos! Thanks for another great trade!
Oct 2007 wetherel The generous Ken sent me three sweets from my wants list w/o any request (but I sent him something anyway): 1 Otto’s Jolly Rodger 1 Dogfish Head Raison de Extra 1 Dogfish Head Midas Touch
Oct 2007 hopscotch I really needed a bottle of Otto’s Jolly Roger Imperial Stout and Ken came through very quickly. I posted on Tuesday and the beer arrived today (Saturday) along with a bonus bottle of Harpoon Glacier Harvest Wet Hop Beer! Arrived in a two-bottle styro shipper. Great guy; great trader!
Oct 2007 tjthresh Ken sent Otto’s Jolly Roger, PP Old Viscosity, Souther Tier Harvest and Cape Ann Pumkin Stout. Ken is super easy to deal with. The box was packed super tight. Top notch.
Oct 2007 drewbeerme the second trade with Ken. he sent 3 Otto’s Jolly Roger and bonuses a want list Stone Pale Ale, and Cape Ann Pumpkin Stout. big thanks!
Oct 2007 sprinkle Quick and easy trade. Agreed on a bottle of Dark Horizon and he threw in an extra Souther Tier Imp. Oat! Double boxed, packed great and great communication. Highly recommended!
Oct 2007 BrianK Had a great experience trading here. Quick shipping and well wrapped packages. Extras from Heavy Seas were added. Thanks for the trade and for the punctuality. Cheers
Sep 2007 Gregis Packaged to withstand anything short of fire or the FedEx guy running over the box, Ken sent the agreed upon bomber of Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast along with 3 bonuses: Horn Dog, Siberian Night and Anchor Bock. I was like a kid on Christmas morning as I unwrapped each bottle and felt my smile widen. Thanks for working with a greenie, Ken!
Sep 2007 wetherel Ken is an incredible and generous trader. Great bonuses. Fast shipment. Everything excellent! Super cool mini styro with: Dominion Millennium BA Old Rasputin 2006 Killer Penguin Barleywine Ale (bonus) Bells 8000 (bonus) Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA (bonus) Bells Two Hearted (bonus)
Aug 2007 BBB63 Quick shipment by Ken of the Flying Dog BA Gonzo as well as bonus bottles of Smuttynose Farmhouse and Cottonwood Lift Your Kilt Scottish Ale. Very good communications and timely shipping, MUCH THANKS!
Aug 2007 Yonkers65 Ken hooked me up with a nice little trade including BA Old Rasputin, Bells 2 Hearted, BA Dominion Millennium & Brooklyn Choc. stout. Communication was solid as was the turn around and packaging. Thanks again Ken A+++++++
Aug 2007 miketd Ken made this trade easy with great communication and super fast shipping. BA Old Rasputin, Kentucky Breakfast, Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot and Old Dominion Millienium arrived today in a perfectly packed box...the last two beers were nice extras. Great trader!! Thanks Ken!!
Aug 2007 Skyview Holey Moley! Ken and I set up a trade for me receiving the four Williamsburg AleWerks bottled beers I was missing (Williamsburg AleWerks Colonial Wheat, Chesie Pale Ale, 400 Ale and the hard to find Ironbound IPA). Then he adds 14 more Maryland brews on top of the original trade. That’s 11 brews from Clipper City and three from Dominion. What did I do to deserve this overly generous trade?
Aug 2007 JJClark Another remarkable trade with Ken. As always, he surprises me with great beers I haven’t rated yet. This time Ken sent me the requested GI Bourbon Imperial Brown Goose, Jolly Pumpkin Luciernaga Grand Reserve and Drakes Bourbon Barrel Barleywine and then threw in a Below Decks Barleywine, a Alley Kat Olde Deuteronomy Barleywine and a Phat Abbot tripel ale. Thanks Ken!
Aug 2007 Cavalier Truly a treat. Got my Rasputin X along with a bonus. Totally unnecessary, but totally appreciated!! Great Trader!! Hope to trade again!!
Jul 2007 BrockLanders Ken really hooked me up.......an Ithaca Kaffinator Double Espresso Bock, Iron HIll Bourbon Russian Stout plus some cool extras......packing was impeccable. Yet another superior ratebeer trader!!! Thanks Ken!
Jul 2007 fonefan A great package from kmweaver. Everything was packed up very well. A great trade! Hope to maybe trade with him again. He sent me Bells Kalamazoo Stout, BFM Abbaye de St. Bon Chien, Founders Breakfast Stout, Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, Left Hand SmokeJumper, Russian River Supplication, Stone Imperial Russian Stout, Captain Lawrence Cuvee de Castleton, Dominion Oak Barrel Aged Millennium, Dr
Jul 2007 Ughsmash Ken slashed away at my Want List, hacking off Castleton, a couple Ciscos, Troubador Obscura, Dominion Millennium & BA Millennium. Also in there were a few extras that I’m very excited to try! Excellent packaging and very enjoyable communications! Very much looking forward to the next round!
Jun 2007 Matthew A great package from kmweaver. Everything was packed up very well. He sent me a KBS and a New Glarus belgian red as apart of our agreement and threw in a Jolly Pumpkin Madrigada Obscura which I’m very excited to try. A great trade! Hope to maybe trade with him again.
Jun 2007 Ughsmash As a favor for re-routing a package to Ken from Denmark (rather bizarre scenario), I got a lovely little package hitting 2 beers from my want list and one other that will be perfect for after mowing the lawn tomorrow when it’s 90! Safely packed and a great selection. Looking forward to a real trade in the future!
Jun 2007 Emil Ken shipped more good beer again, this time thise. Iron Hill Russian Imperial Stout, Dominion Oak Barrel Aged Millennium, Southampton Abbot 12, Deschutes the Abyss, Hoppin Frog BORIS The Crusher, Paddock Wood Xocolatl Porter Chocolate, Russian River Depuration, Captain Lawrence Nor’Easter and some extras, Thank´s again to Ken!!!
Jun 2007 JJClark Ken and I agreed on a small trade and as always, Ken delivers the goods quickly. Ken sent me the much sought after KBS even before I had access to the brews he wanted. Expertly packaged as usual. Thanks again Ken!
May 2007 johnadam2002 Sent me Stone 8th anniversary, Kentucky Breakfast, and Siberian Night. Threw in HOTD Adam as an extra. He shipped as soon as he could so they would get here before the weekend. Thanks Ken! Your brews will be on their way soon enough.
May 2007 hopscotch Ken was basically doing me a favor by shipping me a bottle of DFH Red & White (no blue?) and a bottle of Williamsburg AleWerks Washingtons Porter. Thanks friend. I hope you enjoy the beers I sent in return! Great trader, Ken!
May 2007 mgumby10 Ken sent me Bell’s Cherry Stout, Clay Pipe Pursuit of Happiness, Jefferson’s Bluegrass Bourbon Barrel Stout, Great Lakes Blackout Stout, Southern Tier Back Burner, and bonused me a Williamsburg Alewerks Washington’s Porter!! Shipment was fast and packed really well. Great trader. Thanks Ken!!
Apr 2007 hopdog Ken sent me; Paddock Wood Bock, Russian River Depuration, The Duck-Rabbit Rabid Duck Russian Imperial Stout, & Sweetwater Happy Ending Imperial Stout. Thanks!!!!
Mar 2007 northerntimber Ken and I discussed a trade for a bottle of Old Dominion, then agreed to increase to a set dollar level based on each others wants list. Ken sent the Old Dominion Millenium along with Clay Pipe Pursuit of Happiness, 2005 Full Sail Old Boardhead, 1 RR Depuration, 1 RR Temptation, 1 New Glarus Enigma and 1 SH Biere de Garde. Thanks for the trade!
Mar 2007 Dickinsonbeer Ken Hooked me up with a growler of Sweetwater Tavern High Desert Impy Stout, Drakes Impy stout, Drakes Brandy barrel, Claypipe pursuit of happiness, and duck rabbit barleywine, and as bonus I got hooked up with dark horse too, and capital eisphyre! Perfect packaging and took me about 15 min just to get the growler unpacked. Sick trade, from a sick trader. Thanks again Ken.
Mar 2007 JJClark Ken and I did another trade and as always, he comes through with flying colors. Great communication and exceptional packaging. Ken sent me a growler of Sweetwater Tavern High Desert Imperial Stout and 750mil bottle of Chouffe Houblon. He also threw in three bonus brews. A Ramstein winter wheat, a Troegs Nugget Nectar and a Duck Rabbit Rabid Duck Russian Imperial Stout! Thanks again Ken. Awesome!
Mar 2007 BigErn Ken hooked me up w/ a Russian River Temptation, Deschutes Abyss and a Struise Pannepot. He then goes above and beyond and throws in an Old Dominion Oak-aged Millennium and a Sweetwater Happy Ending. Excellent communication and quick shipping. 1st class all the way.
Mar 2007 markgugs Ken was an absolute pleasure to deal with, a quick & easy trade! Shipped within 1 day of finalizing, sent a nice bottle of HotD Adam as well as a new barleywine (to me) Dominion OA Millenium, and then 2 tasty freebies! Corsendonk Xmas Ale & Founders Red’s Rye. Great trader!
Mar 2007 SpringsLicker I can finally take Nugget Nectar off my wants list! Ken also sent from my wants list a DuClaw Repent 224/500 and Clay Pipe Pursuit of Happiness. Along with these well packed gems was a Legacy Hedonism and Midnight Wit and a Dark Horse Scotty Karate! Great trade! Thanks!
Mar 2007 BleacherBum Really looked forward to Ken’s delivery. Stone 8th Anniversary, Bells Expedition, Pursuit of Happiness, Hair of the Dog: Old World Ale, Founders Breakfast and Du Claws Black Jack Stout all showed up in a well packed box within a matter of days. Incredible trader. Deal with him and you shant be let down.
Mar 2007 presario Great trader doing a booming business right now. Packaging packed inside of packaging. Another successful cross-border shipment. A number of quality beer I can’t wait to try. Lagunitas Cappuccino stout, Arcadia Big Dick’s Olde Ale, The Abyss, Oak Aged Arrogant Bastard, Clay Pipe Pursuit of Happiness, Bell’s Porter & Hopslam and Old Dominion Millennium!!!!!!!!
Feb 2007 tever Super quick and easy trade for some beers I wanted to try for quite awhile. Iron Hill RIS, Dominion Oak BA Millennium, JP Luciernaga Firefly Grande Reserve, and 3 of my favs Brooklyn Black Choco Stouts. Ken Included some awesome xtras of Avery Collaboration and Victory Storm king. Double and triple boxed. Can’t beat that. Excellent trader. Thx again.
Feb 2007 GG Ken and I agreed to a small trade. On his end, he sent over a Troegs Nugget Nectar, Kalamazoo Stout and a Iron Hill Rauchbier. Everything was packaged perfectly in a 3 bottle styro-shipper. Perfect!
Feb 2007 Dickinsonbeer Ken stayed over at my apt a few weeks ago, and to thank me, he sent over a bunch of excellent beers. I beleive I had given him a few homebrews as well, and in turn he sent out a st george porter, Stone VE 06, Dominium millenium oak barrel, weihenstephaner kristall weisse (to finish all the styles) and a bomber of The Abyss!! Ken also left me a sick growler of Franklins Imperial Stout!
Jan 2007 drewbeerme got hooked up with Du Claw Devils Milk and Black Jack Impy stout, 2 Stone 8th, old dominion oak aged barleywine, and an extra of Stone 060606, possibly other extras? great trader!
Jan 2007 LeopoldStoch Ken inquired about some BORIS The Crusher, and agreed to send me a few beers in return. All in all he sent Allagash Interlude...the one barrel aged allagash I cant seem to find in my area. Russian River Temptation...love this beer! A dominion BA millennium, and a green flash west coast ipa. All expertly packed. Thanks Ken
Jan 2007 hopdog Ken sent me; DuClaw Blackjack Stout (cool 1 Liter Bottle), Clipper City Heavy Seas Winter Storm (2005 -- Imperial ESB) & Clay Pipe Pursuit of Happiness. Thanks!
Jan 2007 Crosling Ken hooked me up with 6 Oak Aged Millenium and 1 bottle of SPH Saison Deluxe, along with 3 extras. You’re the man, brother, thanks a lot!
Jan 2007 JJClark Ken and I agreed to a small trade and he out did himself. He sent the agreed upon DuClaw Devil’s Milk and Old Dominion MIllenium then thru in a HOTD Adam and a Stones 8th as bonus brews. Ken you are a generous guy. Thanks again! As always, it is a distinct pleasure to trade with you!
Jan 2007 TheBeerSommelier That Devil brewer over at Duclaw’s sure does. ;-) Ken was kind enough to send me out a Duclaw’s Devil’s Milk, along with a Dominion BA Millennium. But wait...there’s more! He actually included the only other Dominion BAM he had up for trade...as a bonus! Along with a bonus Reaper Sleighor, made this a very happy day to be me. Thanks again Ken!
Dec 2006 gears81 Great trade, good communication and quick delivery. Ken came through with a Mikkeller BGB, Southampton grand cru, Southampton saison, and a DFH old school. Not only that he aslo threw in a DFH WWS, Bells Kalamazoo, and a Brooklyn Chocolate Stout as extas! The packing was excellent and I would definitly trade with him again.
Dec 2006 Cletus In a great trade, Ken hooked me up with a liter of Duclaw BW, 1 Stone 10th and threw in Bells Kalamazoo Stout and a local winter warmer as bonuses. For good measure, he triple boxed and bubble wrapped. I’ve never seen a better packing job. Thanks for a great trade!!!
Dec 2006 Ty5592 Ken delivered to me a BIG ASS bottle of Devils Milk and he threw in a bottle of Dominion Oak Barrel Millennium. Great packing and communication. Delivery at the speed of sound, Thanks, Ken.
Nov 2006 JJClark Ken hooked me up with 4 DFH WWS as per our trade agreement then he through in a Double Bastard and a Troegs Mad Elf Ale as bonus beers. All were packeged like they were going to war and as always, Ken is great at communicating. This is our third trade and it is always a pleasure. Thanks again Ken!
Nov 2006 Naven Thats what Ken delivered.......a bullet proof box. Inside was a treasure chest of nice east coast beers, including Southhampton, Weyerbacher and Brooklyn. There was also a couple of Old Leghumpers, which I had been looking for. Lots of nice bonuses too. Good Job Ken, hopefully we’ll do it again sometime.
Nov 2006 kramer Ken shipped off a 2006 Allagash Interlude and a growler of DuClaw Bad Moon Porter to me and threw in a bonus Southampton Pumpkin to boot. The growler was taped to the hilt yet somehow managed to leak some but great packing (wrapped in trash bag and box inside box) kept the trade from being dampened by UPS. Excellent trader, I’d trade again anytime. Thanks Ken!
Oct 2006 footbalm A sweet and incredibly easy trade with Ken The communication = A+ the packing= A+ and the selecton was, you guessed it..A+ Thanks again for a super trade Ken.
Oct 2006 HogTownHarry I’m REELING here - incredible box, I feel humbled. We ping-ponged my styro shipper, it came back with: Southampton Grand Cru, Saison Deluxe, Dbl White, Pumpkin; DFH Zwaandale; JP Maracaibo Escpecial, Unibroue 15; New Glarus Copper Kettle Weiss & Totally Naked; TF Alpha Klaus 2005!!; and 2 Duck-Rabbit Baltic Porters. Wow. I must trade with him again to even out this deal - I’m over the moon. ++
Oct 2006 Emil Real good packing and comunication. New glarus Fat squirrel, Copper kettle weiss, Unplugged Enigma, Victory Festbier, Duck-rabbit Baltic porter, Sly fox Ichor, Stone 10th. ann. Unibroue 15, Southampton Saison deluxe and Pumpkin ale, Allagash Interlude 2006, Dogfish head, Chateau Jiahu. A great trade, Thanks Ken !!!
Oct 2006 RagallachMC Ken sent me a bottle of Allagash Interlude packed in a sweet single bottle styro shipper. An easier and faster trade I could not have asked for. Good communication and a pleasure to deal with.
Oct 2006 JJClark Ken comes through like a champ. All of the agreed upon beers plus a couple of extra’s all packaged extremely well. Great communication. Thanks again for the great beers! Ken sent me 1 Abbaye des Rocs Brune, 1 Stone Ruination IPA, 1 Duck-Rabbit Baltic Porter, 2 Brooklynn Black Chocolate Stout , 1 Stones 10th Anniversary, 1 DFH Immort Ale and 1 Southampton Pumpkin Ale. Highly recommended!
Sep 2006 TURDFERGUSON After some great communication, Ken delivered 1-Russian River Salvation (will be my first RR to try), 3 Thirsty Dog Siberian Imperial Stouts, and threw in as bonuses--1 Bell’s Third Coast Old Ale, 1 Heavy Seas Loose Cannon IPA, and 1 Dominion Oak Barrel Stout. Wow. Amazing packaging that would survive...well... a good beating. Im learning through every trade how much better my packaging coul
Sep 2006 Jokes Ken shipped the agreed upon Allagash 10th Anniversary with diligence and threw a couple of extras into the well-packed box. Heavy Seas Loose Cannon and Small Craft Warning. Thanks a bunch Ken!
Sep 2006 ABUSEDGOAT Did a small trade with kmweaver. I sent out 2 Alesmith beers and threw in a Stone Impy stout and got my Allagash 11, JP Bam Biere and NH Dragon’s Milk. Thanks.
Aug 2006 JJClark I was honored to be Kens first trade. As agreed upon with extra’s. Outstanding packing. Received the following: Founders Black Rye, Curmudgeon Old Ale ,Great Lakes Blackout Stout, Edmund Fitzgerald Porter, Heavyweight Perkunos Hammer Imperial Porter, Stone Vertical Epic 06.06.06, Three Floyds Alpha Klaus Christmas Porter and 2 great Victory brews! Thanks Ken!