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Apr 2011 mixmasterob Ratebrackets 2011. Jason sent an incredibly well packed box. A Brooklyn Local 2, Fegley’s Insidious IS and a Long Trail Coffee Stout. Great box, thanks a ton.
Feb 2011 fredandboboflo In a quick and easy trade for a sixer of Hopslam, Jason added two sweet bonus beers, Bell’s 8000 and Brew Work’s Bagpiper’s Scotch Ale (750). Thanks again!
May 2010 danielcurtis81 Jason hooked me up with a sweet box for RateBracket’s including: Bethlehem Brew Works Insidious Imperial Stout, Bethlehem Brew Works HopSolutely, Smuttynose Imperial Stout, and Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout. Very thoughtful, my top 2 styles and a whole new brewer to try. Thanks a lot Jason!
May 2009 beernbourbon Jason hooked me up with a great box of NCAA bracket beer!. He sent me: Troegs Flying Mouflan, Troegs Nugget Nectar, Weyerbacher Echo, and Sly Fox Pikeland pils. Well packaged and shipped quickly, Thank you very much Jason!
Feb 2009 Bockyhorsey Box # 4 from Jason for Champs haul in Ratebeer Trading League 08. Recived a 12oz Founders Double Trouble Imperial IPA, 22oz. Sly Fox 113 IPA, and 6 cans of Sly Fox Pikeland Pils. Thanks Jason.
May 2008 Beerlando Jason sent me one of my March Madness ’08 boxes. I received Smuttynose Baltic Porter, Port Shark Attack, Struise/Mikkeller Elliot Brew, Butte Creek Organic Porter, & Wachusett Green Monsta. Well above the $15 limit. Very generous. Thanks Jason!
Mar 2008 mcbackus jason sent a 6 pack of nugget nectar to fullfill my wishes asn then sent a smuttynose robust porter and a hoppin frog gulden fraug that i have wanted for a long time. packing was great and i cant wait to do more trades with jason. i think this was a3 or 4 already. big thanks!!
Mar 2008 cbkschubert Jason has been picking up the Troegs Scratch series for me as they are released. He sent #7 this time along with some other killer beers. He also sent a ST Gemini & Choklat, Victory Baltic Thunder, and a Bells Two hearted. Last but not least, a handbottled Iron Hill Quad with Brett (nice!). Beers arrived safely in a styro shipper. Thanks a mil Jason. You know how to hook a brother up!
Mar 2008 fly Jason stepped up and made the offer to send me Nugget Nectar based on my praise in forums. He shipped despite my saying I wouldn’t be able to reciprocate for a bit. Sent 6pk (I presume, but haven’t opened all, so...) And Bells Expedition and DFH Palo Santo Marron as extras. Man, this is just fabullous and then some. THANK YOU!!! - now I just gotta find some good beers to send back ...
Feb 2008 MrBendo F2F meeting with Jason yesterday at Capone’s. He brought me some Hopslam and bonused me a St. Arnold Reserve 5 and an Anchor Christmas. He’s obviously trying to shame me with his generosity, mostly because I’m still one ahead of him in the Beer Delivery count.
Jan 2008 TheBeerSommelier Jason was the Want-List hookup here: Nørrebro North Bridge Extreme, Hoppin’ Frog Mean Manalishi, Port Old Viscosity & (!!)Nogne Dark Horizon 1.0(!!). The box that made my day...thanks again Jason!
Jan 2008 cbkschubert Jason sent a box when we currently had no trade planned. He sent two Bells Expeditions and a Winter White, a Troegs Scratch 6, a Saranac Pumpkin, a Founders Centennial IPA, an Appalachian Kipona Fest, and Yards Tavern. You can never have enough Expeditions! This is proof why Jason is one of my top trading partners. Keep an eye out for that Red Poppy my friend. Thanks man.
Jan 2008 kramer A nice box worth of brews from Jason for the Ball 4 Beer Fantasy Football League, I got me a Southern Tier Pumking and Heavy Weizen, Founders Harvest Ale, and a Pizza Port High Tide. Great beers, great packing, and a super fast delivery, what more could you want? Thanks Jason!
Jan 2008 sprinkle As part of the Near Perfect 10 swap, Jason sent me a perfectly packed box of goodies! Heavy Seas Hang Ten Port Brewing Hop 15 22oz Port Santa’s Little Helper 220z. Nogne O Dark Horizon 1.edition and a bottle of Newport Storm ’06 Thanks bro!
Nov 2007 cbkschubert Jason really set me up right this time around. He sent 8 Bells Expedition (8145), a Troegs Scratch 4 and 5, a 4 Seasons IPA, and a Southern Tier raspberry porter. Great packaging as always. Thanks Jason for another great shipment. If you need anything, let me know.
Oct 2007 cbkschubert Because he’s one of the best! Jason sent along 4 Bells Expeditions, a Stoudts Pils, and a Southern Tier Imperial Oatmeal Stout. As long as Bells beer are not available here in AZ (I don’t see that happening anytime soon), Jason will always have a regular West Coast trading partner. I always look forward to our trades. Thanks man.
Oct 2007 jsquire Quick trade with jasonmech. Southern Tier Pumpkin beer and a bonus Sly Fox Oktoberfest. Easy communication and great package. Great trader.
Oct 2007 radiomgb Jason sent me a bottle of Nøgne Ø Dark Horizon First Edition and threw in extras of Stone 07.07.07 Vertical Epic Ale and Lagunitas Kill Ugly Radio. Great trade and great trader. Many thanks Jason!!!
Oct 2007 sliffy Jason sent along the Dark Horizon that was agreed on, as well as bonuses of Ommegeddon, and a couple others that slip my mind. All in all a very nice trade, good communication, and I would do it again anytime.
Oct 2007 cbkschubert Jason sent a nice mix of PA beers with some other nice NE beers in a 12 bottle styro shipper (looks familiar, humm). He sent Troegs Scratch 2 & 3, Weyerbacher 12, Prophecy, & Muse Farmhouse, D-R Wee Heavy, Stoudts Smooth Hoperator & Triple, Heavy Seas Weizen Dopplebock, Snapperhead IPA, RockArt Vermonster, and a S & B Hopfen-Weisse. Always look forward to shipments from Jason. Thanks man.
Sep 2007 RollinHard In this trade, Jason sent me 1 each of the following: Weyerbacher Quad, Blasphemy, Old Heathen, Blithering Idiot, and Imperial Pumpkin, as well as a Southampton IPA and Bell’s Expedition. Out of all that, 3-4 beers could be considered extras. What can I say, Jason hooked me up!! Great packaging, communication and such. Certainly a great trade, no doubt about it.
Sep 2007 TURDFERGUSON Jason sent a super package--included were: A bomber of Southern Tier Uber Sun, Bells Expedition, Heavy Seas Hang Ten, can of Sly Fox Dunkel Lager, and the only one we really agreed upon, a 2005 Stille Nacht Reserva. Awesome packaging and great communication. Thanks Jason, look forward to another one!
Aug 2007 jmikolich my 2nd trade with Jason, and still a super fast 2 day trade, 1 Smooth Hoperator, 1 ST Hop Sun, 1 2 bros Hop Juice (favorite), and a SlyFox ### IPA ( the #’s escape me) , Jason boxed it so well i think a need a new razor blade on my box cutter after that.. .Thanks Jason
Aug 2007 Stine Jason sent me a Stone RIS, a Southern Tier Unearthly, and a Madrugada Obscura. Three extras of Weyerbacher Insanity, Heavy Seas Hang Ten, and LA Judgement Day. Yeah you read that right. Jason is such a bad ass. Thanks dude!
Aug 2007 shigadeyo My first trade with Jason was supposed to be for a bottle of Iron Hill Rauchbier. In addition to that, he threw in Sly Fox Dunkel Lager (can), Sly Fox Pikeland Pilsner (can), Stoudt’s Smooth Hoperator, and Yard’s Saison! Thank you so much. What a surprise too! I have been wanting to try some canned Sly Fox brew for awhile. Thanks again and hope the new place works out for you!
Jul 2007 mcbackus another great trade from jason. i ask for 2 bells expediton stouts and he came thru with 3 bells expedition, 1 bells porter, 1 bells cherry stout, and 1 stoudts smooth hoperator. great package great trader.
Jul 2007 Schroppfy Growler trade - I wanted something...different. Jason suggested some things available from Iron Hill and I jumped at the chance. Well-packaged, with 3 extra bottles. Highly recommended.
Jun 2007 sloth Jason rocks! Mikeller BGB! GL Lake Erie Monster IIPA and a bomber of Schooners Oatmeal Stout round out an excellent trade. Good communications, quick delivery, nice packaging and easy to deal with. Do a deal with him if ya get the chance! Thanks man!
Jun 2007 Stine Jason sent me a Maracaibo Especial with a series of PA IPA’s and a Siberian Night. Well-packed and well-chosen box. Thanks for finding stuff I’ll like, Jason. Thanks for another great trade! Cheers...
Jun 2007 ryan Jason sent me Supplication and Judgment Day as well as an assortment of very nice extras including a bottle of HOTD Fred. Excelent trader. Thanks Jason.
Jun 2007 cbkschubert Jason sent me some nice home state beers this go around. He sent 4 Yards beers (IPA, Saison, Phily PA, and a Tavern ale). He also sent a HW Old Salty BW (nice), a Flying Bison Buffalo Lager, and two 750 ml bottles of Jolly Pumpkins (Maracaibo Especial and Madrugada Obscura). Nice! Beers arrived safely in a box that could have been dropped from a 3 story building. Thanks again Jason for the sw
Jun 2007 jsquire Jason sent the agreed Lost Abbey Judgment Day, plus bonuses of Yards IPA, Pale Ale and Jefferson Tavern Ale and Legacy Hedonism and MIdnight Wit. Great trader with easy communication. Would trade again any time.
May 2007 Odeed jason hooks me up with TWO bottles of stille reserva.plus an expedition,smooth operator,and sly fox dunkel lager.i dont how it got here so fast but it did.many thanks man.
May 2007 JoeMcPhee In addition to the agreed upon Lost Abbey Judgement Day, bonuses included Kalamazoo Stout, JP Maracaibo Especial, Stoudt’s Smooth Hoperator, and a Founder’s Fat Bastard. Quick shipping, great communication. A solid and generous trader.
May 2007 Stine Jason’s reputation certainly precedes him. He sent me the Alesmith IPA and Breakfast Stout that I hoped for along with a SIX PACK of extras: Troegs NN, Legacy Hedonism, Stoudts Fat Dog, Brooklyn Black Chocolate, Weyerbacher Hops Infusion, and Stone PA. This completely made my day. I’d love to do another trade with this fine and generous individual anytime. Thanks dude!
May 2007 cbkschubert Another installment of our quarterly trades. Jason sent a RR Suplication (sweet!), a Weyerbacher Blasphemy, a Sly Fox Dunkel Lager, (2) Troegs Nugget Nectar, and a Flying Bison Barnstormer APA & Aviator Red (love the airplane labels). All beers arrived quickly and safely as always. I really enjoy trading with Jason. Thanks man.
May 2007 tjthresh Jason sent the agreed upon The Lost Abbey Judgment Day (1) plus The Duck-Rabbit Imperial Sout (1), Terrapin Rye Squared (1), and Lagacy Hedonism Ale (1). Well packed, super communication, thanks a million Jason.
Apr 2007 GG Jason is just an awesome trader. Gererosity defined. He sends over DFH Red and White, Bells Double Cream Stout, BA Fat Dog, 2 Nugget Nectars, Bells Cherry Stout and a few others that have been consumed. Jason is quickly becoming my East Coast connection. Awesome guy and a helluva trader. Thanks!
Apr 2007 punkrkr27 Jason sent me a Pannepot (been wanting to try this for a long time), 2 Nugget Nectars and bonused me with a Sam Adams Triple Bock and Legacy Hedonism. Packaging was excellent. I think you could have given this box to a professional soccer team and the bottles would have been ok.
Apr 2007 OldGrowth Got the 2 Speakeasy Godfather Barleywines we agreed upon, plus bonus beers 1-Saranac IIPA, 1-Heavyweight Baltus OVS, 1-Sly Fox Dunkel. Well Packed. Shipped first. Well recommended.
Mar 2007 jmikolich Absolutely Excellent Trader!. We agreed on a DFH 120min and one other instead he sends 5 more!!! Im ecstatic right now. Excellent Trade Thanks Jason!!!!!! DFH120min,Victory Old Horiz, and 4 more that escape me im soo happy.
Mar 2007 cbkschubert Another sweet box of beer from Jason. This time he sent a Smuttynose Robust Porter, Old Brown Dog, Portsmouth Lager, and a Shoals PA. Also a Weyerbacher Quad, Winter Ale, and Insanity (love that beer). Finally, a Troegs Nugget Nectar and a 750 ml DFH Red and White. Nice! All beers arrived quickly and safely. Always a pleasure to trade with Jason. I’ll start gathering beers for another
Mar 2007 mcbackus what a great trade i recieved my box and was more than satisfied. jason sent me 11 beers including 2 bells kalamazoo stouts, bells expedition, bells third coast old ale, bells java stout, victory prima pils, victory old horizontal, lagunitas brown sugga, smutty nose old brown dog, ayinger celebrator, and finally a four peaks kilt lifter. a fantastic trade and would love to trade with jason anytime
Feb 2007 DirtyMartini lately ive been making a lot of big trades...it was nice to get a little one....that said i still got 6 beers out of it...jolly pumpkin firefly, Harveys Imperial stout 2001, weyerbacher double simcoe and imperial pumpkin, with the added bonus of 2 smuttynose beers...lager and pale ale. thanks jason.
Feb 2007 llafoe I’m opening my box looking for the three bottles from our trade... what do I see, a SIX-PACK! The three items in our trade: The Duck-Rabbit Baltic Porter, Thirsty Dog Siberian Night Imperial Stout and Victory Storm King Imperial Stout as well as the three BONUS bottles: Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA and Victory Old Horizontal were all perfectly packed. WOW!
Feb 2007 rayg1 Ok so in our first trade due to the extreme cold a beautiful bottle of Bells Expedition Stout exploded in the box. Fear Not! Jason almost immediatley send me a "follow up" box replacing the Expedition Stout with two bonus beers of Smuttynose Porter and Brown Dog Ale. Stand up trade from a stand up guy!
Feb 2007 sliffy Jason hooked me up with a HOTD Doggie Claws and an Iron Hill Russian Imperial. He also threw in a few Smuttynose beers, a couple from Thomas Hooker, a Heavyweight Baltus, and a 2001 Harvey’s Imperial Russian Stout. A nice trade, great packaging, good communication.
Jan 2007 rayg1 Ok Jason wanted a trade of 2 Duck Rabbit Barleywines and 2 Duck Rabbit Baltic Porters. I told him to just surprise me with new rates. He really did take care of me I recieved 9 beers for 4! He sent me Wyerebacher Simcoe IPA, Imperial Pumpkin Ale, a Victory Old Horizontal, Stoudts Scarlett Lady Ale, Thomas Hooker Golden, Octoberfest, and Irish Red. The only bummer is that the Bells Expedition Stout
Jan 2007 shp555 Jason hooked me up with a fat package. He sent the 4 Old Horizontal like agreed. Then he threw in 1 Expedition Stout, 1 Kalamazoo Stout, 1 Double Simcoe IPA, and finally 1 Dreadnaught Imperial IPA. It was a nice thing to open up. Thanks Jason!
Jan 2007 GG Jason and I agree to do another trade, since our first one went perfectly. This time around, he sends me 2 DFH WWS, 2 Vicotry Old Horizontal, 1 Victory Storm King and 1 River Horse Hop Hazard Pale Ale. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Plus everything was boxed in incredible condition w/ lots of packing peanuts. I will be trading again with Jason for sure. Thanks!
Dec 2006 GG Damn, this guy really knows how to make someone happy! Got 1 Peche Mortel, 1 Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA, 1 Bells Kalamazoo Stout, 1 Bells Two Hearted, 1 Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout and 1 Avery Mephy Stout!! Thanks a ton!
Dec 2006 ford9719 Jason packed the stuff right. Would trade with again. He sent me a Bells Kalamazoo Stout, Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA, Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA, and the long waited retired Heavyweight Lunacy. Thanks Jason a Bunch
Nov 2006 cbkschubert Jason sents a monster box of 16 awesome beers. A Weyerbacher Imp. Pumpkin, Double Simcoe, & Heresy. Heavyweight Lunacy, Biere D’Art, & Saison de la Soeur. A Smuttynose IS, DFH Olde School, Middle Ages Whailing Wench, Brooklyn BCS, Bells Expedition, HotD Adam, & Flying Fish Dubbel. A Sly Fox 113 IPA, Pikeland Pils, & a Phoenix PA. Shipped quick and safely. Jason, our trades only get bet
Oct 2006 alohaC Jason hooked me up with my long sought after Peche Mortel as well as 2 Bell’s Expeditions, 2 Brooklyn Black Chocolates, 2 Weyerbacher Double Simcoes and a JP Calabaza Blanca. Excellent packaging and was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again, Jason!
Aug 2006 cbkschubert Jason sent some sweet beers from his neck of the woods. He sent me 3 Weyerbacher beers ( Decadence, Raspberry Imp. stout, and a 22 oz. of 11). He also sent a SA Choc. Bock, Heavyweight Baltus, and a Long Trail ale. Last but not least, a DFH WWW ’04. All packed well and arrived safely. We had great communication all the way through. Thanks Jason.
Jul 2006 goldtwins Jason is trully a great and nice guy. He was trying to get me a growler of Otto’s Double D IPA and they ran out. On top of that he was moving. But like the day before he had to move they put it back on tap and he ran down to get and ship me it. Just in time to take on my vacation. A sweet Bon Voyage. Thanks my man.
Jun 2006 cbkschubert Holy crap! What a monster box of beer. Jason sent a 3F’s Dreadnaught bomber, and a Troegs PA & Hopback. Also (2) Victory Hopdevils, a Golden Monkey, a Hop Wallop, and an Old Horizotal. Last but not least a Weyerbacher Merry Monks, (2) 12 oz Double Simcoe, and a Bomber of Hersesy. Great communication throughout and packed well. Jason really came through on his first trade. If you keep