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Aug 2016 riversideAK Chris sent an awesome box of East Coast hops and a BA Hill Farmstead Dorothy. Thanks for the great beer man!
Feb 2016 zathrus13 Another great in person trade with Chris. It has been several years since our last trade, but Chris is a nice and generous as ever. Highly recommended trader.
Jan 2016 alexsdad06 Chris contacted me with a trade offer that I couldn’t refuse. Great selection, packaging and communication. I was happy to get the chance to trade with another top 50 trader on the site. Would gladly do another.
Dec 2015 arminjewell Easy trade for some wanted Tired Hands bottles, shipped in a bomb-proof box, great communication, quick shipping, excellent extras. Would definitely do again!
Dec 2015 vtafro Easy in person swap for a wanted tired hands bottle, thanks for the extra.
Jul 2015 LeopoldStoch Super easy to work with, nice guy, great beer selection, and awesome packaging. Couldn’t ask for more from a trade. Would certainly recommend trading with Chris! Looking forward to trading with him again!
May 2015 BMart Completed a quick and easy trade. Great communication, packaging and prompt shipping. I’d be happy to trade with him again in the future.
May 2015 pjdipes Chris absolutely killed a recent trade with amazing extras and some Jacks Abby & Maine Beer Co. beer that I can’t get out here in Seattle. His packaging was top notch and communication was definitely on point. Quick, easy, and painless.....now on with the drinking! I’ll be sure to keep this pipeline open! Thanks again Chris!
Feb 2015 vtafro Completed a quick IP trade at tired hands today. Thanks Chris, let’s do it again.
Dec 2014 GrandaddyKC Great trade with Chris.. got some older batches of russian river sours and lost abbey. Much appreciated! Cheers
Oct 2014 Stine Another nice trade with Chris many years after our first. Thanks for the generosity bud.
Sep 2014 mdg164 Just completed my first trade with Chris, it was a few weeks in the making as I waited for what he wanted to become available. The trade was very smooth, communication and packaging were great. Thanks!
Aug 2014 umich03jm I answered Chris’s Forum post for some beers he had FT and we worked out a quick and easy trade. Very excited to try the beers I got. Would easily trade with again.
Aug 2014 Rosebud butternuts Chris hooks me up with some Hill Farmstead brews out of the blue!! Seriously, who does that? Thanks a bunch to a great trader!!
Aug 2014 bytemesis Great trade with Chris nets me a 12-bottle styro full of goodness, including a bunch from my wants list. Great guy to deal with, easy negotiations. I hope that we trade many more times!
Jul 2014 GT Chris answered my call for some hard to get Tired Hands. Expanded to throw in some of my all time favorite imperial stouts. Great bonuses, great styro packing, great communication. A joy to trade with- thank you sir!
Jul 2014 jake65 Chris and I traded a few years back and now I was able to answer his ISO for a North Dakota tick. Packs like a pro and sent me three great beers off my wants list... what can I say? Awesome trader and many thanks!
Jun 2014 IrishBoy Another great trade with Chris. He had waited on Southern Tier for over to years to get me some of their weizenbock and he found me several more new ones. He sent two Southern Tier Goat Boys (which replaced STs planned and never made Matador), a Blue Mountain Weizenbock, Victory Mad Kings Weiss, Terrapin Side Project Moonray, and a can of DC Brau On the Wings of Armageddon. Quite a haul fo
Mar 2014 hannont I’ve traded with Chris countless times and his boxes NEVER disappoint. He sent me so many nice beers including a critical beer needed to complete a vertical. I couldn’t be happier.
Mar 2014 MikeLuke23 Great Trader! very good communication, looking forward to trading again
Nov 2013 jrob21 Crap. I just realized I never left feedback for the easy and sweet trade I did with TheEpeeist a month ago. Sent a Tired Hands growler and well thought out extras. Shoot, the guy got 4 beers into a 3 bottle shipper. He’s a magician and you all should trade with him.
Nov 2013 seth_lfod I am beyond grateful for Chris willing to deal with me and help me acquire a specific beer I was seeking out. Packaged extremely well, and good communication throughout. Chris is a beer hero and I would not hesitate to send him more delicious beers in exchange for delicious beers. Thanks again man!
Sep 2013 jcvanderbilt Great trade with Chris. Super professional, great packaging, and included some cool extras. Would trade again in the future for sure.
Aug 2013 brokensail one of the items in our previous trade broke and chris not only replaces it with another growler, but also sends a second growler as and extra AND another bottle. i owe this guy!
Aug 2013 brokensail chris hooked it up with a box of tired hands growlers and throws in a jackie-bro’s cellar cuvee as a bonus (pic). awesome trader.
May 2013 Rosebud butternuts Chris hooks me up with some more dock street and tired hands. Great trader. Looking forward to the great beers that he always sends my way.
Apr 2013 awlcordell Awesome trade, I needed some bottles for a BCBS tasting and he shipped straight away and everything went off without a hitch. Great extras too.
Mar 2013 IrishBoy Chris sent the Les Trois Mousquetaires Weizenbock, Vols Weizenbock, 32 oz growler of Tired Hands Mrs. Pigman, and TH HandFarm Guillemot, and a Sixpoint 3 Beans. Thanks so my for all the great beers Chris!!!
Mar 2013 mista Excellent communication and super easy to work with. Would love to trade again. He still sent extras even though we agreed to no extras.
Mar 2013 Art Chris sent me some awesome Dock Street brews and a Maui extra for Free Beer Week. His generosity will not go unmatched next year. Thanks again, Chris!
Mar 2013 AcctError236499 Great trade with Chris. As you can tell by his 100+ trades on here - the man is a pro. Great Tired Hands haul and I can’t wait to dig into this. Thanks again!
Jan 2013 hannont I’ve done countless trades with Chris over the last five years and he is clearly one of Ratebeers’s best. This box was as good as ever!
Nov 2012 Rosebud butternuts Chris continues to impress with what seems to be our ongoing trade system. Much appreciate the tired hands and other goodies sent along. Cheers buddy!!
Oct 2012 bu11zeye Chris surprised me (via shipment w/ ericandersnavy) with two beers from my wants list without wanting anything in return. Thanks Chris! Greatly appreciated!!!
Sep 2012 46er3498 This was my second trade with Chris and he sent a great box with 4 agreed upon beers and added 2 bottles from my want list. Looking forward to another trade.
Aug 2012 barak316 Made a trade with Chris for a Rumpkin and he came through and then some. He decided to add a Southampton RIS as an extra! Awesome trade & awesome guy! Hope we can work on another trade in the future, Cheers!
Jun 2012 IrishBoy Chris gets a triple thumbs up. Nine bock style NY beers and even a DC IPA tick. And double and triple boxed no less! And he throws in an Adventinuis glass and some East Coast beer mags. Thanks again Chris!
Jun 2012 claaark13 Great trade. Delayed a bit on my end, but Chris was patient with me! He sent some older De Dolle bottles that I was after, one of which I’ve never even seen before. I’ll happily trade with him again.
May 2012 Rosebud butternuts I always love trading with chris and letting it develop. I literally got the entire Dock Street lineup in this trade from him. He rocks!!
Mar 2012 hannont Another quick and easy trade with Chris. He sent me some very nice beers that I can’t wait to try. Great trader!
Feb 2012 deyholla Did a bit of a glorified locals for locals with Chris. He threw in some real nice extras and was extremely prompt throughout. Hope to have the chance to do another one in the future!
Dec 2011 hannont Chris, my long time trading partner, as usual delivered some very nice beers. Thanks!
Oct 2011 OCBeerSociety Everything came on time and 100% intact! Great trade!
Aug 2011 thirdeye11 Chris sent me my #1 favorite beer of all time, Iron Hill Oak Aged Quad. I owe the guy some serious karma for that one. He also included a great porter as an extra. It’s been a few months since I received and I’m really late at leaving this, but Chris took good care of me.
Jul 2011 Dedollewaitor Another great trade with Chris. Lots of rare sours packed perfectly. Great communication. Couldn’t be any better. Thanks a lot! Cheers
Jun 2011 bittermestupid Chris knocked this one out of the park. He hooked me up with Black Ops, Weyerbacher 13, and SN Fritz and Ken Stout. His extras he sent were awesome as well, Weyerbacher 11 and Saint Arnold Divine #8. This was my 1st trade Chris and it was great. Looking forward to the next one Cheers!
May 2011 ogglethorp Pretty close to trade #20 now. Awesome as always!
May 2011 Beerlando Trade number 1,000,000 or so with Chris and this time he drops a Double Black bomb on me, plus CL 5 Years Later and CL Captains Reserve, as well as some cool bonuses from Troegs and Yazoo. Awesome as always.
May 2011 hannont Chris just sent me our tenth trade. As always, this box was filled with heavy hitters. Southampton, Bullfrog, East End, Lost Abbey, Ithaca, Flying Fish and Pretty Things were all represented. Fantastic trader!
Apr 2011 hannont As usual Chis sent a big box of exceptional beers. Duclaw Nemesis, Black Jack, CL Nor’ Easter, Cuvee des Fluers, LeBleu, Cafe Royale, Coast Blackbeerd and BA Myshkin. Great, great trader!
Mar 2011 TheAlum Another trade with Chris, another great box. Before I’m even half way to matching his box, he sends off and on my doorstep, safe as can be, arrives a box of goodies. We are in the double digits by now, Captain Lawrence, Flying Fish, Pretty Things, and more. Great trader.. can’t wait till the next!
Mar 2011 Beerlando I’ve lost count of ho many trades Chris and I have done, but it is well into the double digits. He’s just a pro all around. He’s always sending me awesome beers and packing them beautifully. There’s nothing else I can say about Chris that I haven’t already said....he’s just a top notch trader.
Feb 2011 ogglethorp Were well into double digits on trades now. As usual, Chris’s generosity is second to none! Huge thanks!!
Jan 2011 Rosebud butternuts Chris is a very generous trader. he agreed to send me a prince myshkin, cafe royale, RY(e)an ale, Framboise de amorose, and a stille nacht reserva 2005. he then proceeded to bonus me a williamsburg bourbon barrel porter, heavy seas 15th, williamsburg coffeehouse stout, and a yazoo sue. chris is an awesome and patient trader. cheers chris and here is to the next one.
Nov 2010 madmitch76 Another great trade with Chris, and thanks to his lovely sister Elin being in London - didn’t even have to fork out for transatlantic postage! More great Iron Hills - Sasquatch, Fe10 and Afternoon Delight and a rare Melange A Trois from Nebraska! Cheers Chris and Elin!
Nov 2010 TheAlum Another trade with Chris.. probably 6-7ish now. Been awhile in the making. Arrived were several beers (12ish) packed like a pro with some cool extras. Jaspers, Cafe Royale, and some Yazoo extras just to name a few. Fast shipping, safe, a great trader. Always love trading with Chris!
Sep 2010 brewolf Chris sent along some fantastic beers from my ’wants’. Fluid communication, solid packaging, and a thoughtful extra or two. Very nice guy, and a pleasure to have traded with. Right back at you in a flash! Cheers, my friend!
Sep 2010 GT Awesome, easy trade with Chris. Super fast shipping got a 2007 Big Nugget for a vertical, Mikkeller Beer Geek Bacon (mmmm), and bonuses of St. Ambroise Oatmeal :O and Troegs Scratch 27!! Whoa- sick box!! Thank you sir!
Aug 2010 potbeerjob Another great trade! Timely with awesome brews. GOt a sherry mikkeller black as hell and a still nacht reserva, DORIS Destroyer, weyerbacher thirteen, capricho oscuro batch 2, and nor’easter, for a little batch of quinquepartite, woodcut 4, and deconstruction. As always, extra goodies were great! I can’t imagine a trade going much smoother, more generous, or in anyway better!
Aug 2010 daknole WOW! Perfection! Namaste x5 and a superb bonus. Rock on my friend!!!!!!!!!! CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 2010 wedgie9 Just completed a great trade with Chris. He sent me some crazy stuff including Frambozen, Southampton RIS, and Pannepot Grand Reserva.
Jun 2010 TheAlum Another leg of a trade with Chris, and not dissappointed. Arriving is the next Flying Fish Exit Series, SH RIS, Smutty BA Scotch, 2x Depeuce, 1x 21st Watermelon, Stillwater Saison, Afternoon Delight, some Pretty Things. Arrived safe and sound, packaged well (thankfully). Another great trade with Chris!
Jun 2010 madmitch76 Another cracking transatlantic trade with Chris. Lost Abbey Grand Cru! Panil Barriquee Riserva! Avery Depuceleuse and Black Tot. Iron Hill Wee Heavy and many other cracking beers not least of which is Allagash Fluxus 2009. All packed like a pro and delivered to this rainy shores in just a few days! Thanks Chris - looking forward to the next one!
Jun 2010 Beerlando Chris once again hooks it up with a monster haul. This time it was stuff from Bullfrog, DuClaw, Iron Hill, Clipper City, and Pretty Things. He sure does keep me stocked with great northeast brews. Thanks again man.
May 2010 TheAlum Another trade with Chris.. probably the most frequently traded with person on my side. In recovering from a "Shipping Exception" Chris moved quickly to make up for it. Arriving in a 6 slot styro shipper are 4 Ithaca Excelsiors!, 1 Pretty Things, and Flying Fish. Beautiful.. and one of my favorite traders.
May 2010 ogglethorp I think this is the lucky 13th trade with chris! Defintely nothing unlucky about a huge styro packed with wantlist stuff and rareties, unbelievable! Many thanks!!
May 2010 potbeerjob This guys the man... He threw in an extra Saints Devotion and he really was a great guy to deal with.... Can’t wait to trade more! thanks A million
Mar 2010 Rosebud butternuts first trade with chris and i foresee more in the future. easy to work with, patient, packs great, blah...blah....blah. sent a huge box of beers that included CL flaming fury, pannepot rsv, smoke from the oak, redemption, and so much more. thanks buddy.
Mar 2010 hannont As always Chris sent a damn impressive box of beers. Iron Hill Afternoon Delight, SH Saison Brun, SH Trappist IPA, Flaming Fury, Nor’ Easter, Nemesis, Batch 9000, Duclaw Devil’s Milk, Angel’s Share Grand Cru and Dock Street Barleywine...what a trader!
Mar 2010 nbutler11 First trade with Chris and he violated my wants list. He sent the agreed upon IH RIS, IH Rauchbier, Williamsburg BA Porter, and Oerbier Reserva ’05 as well as bonused a Girardin White, Exit 1 Oyster Stout, and CC Winter Warmer! Very generous trader and FAST. Thanks!
Mar 2010 Beerlando In round # who knows....Chris sent me a sick Southampton trio along with Babayaga, Devil’s Milk, BA Dock Street BW, and a half dozen other cool beers. Always perfect. Chris is one of the best traders on RB.
Jan 2010 Snojerk321 Another awesome trade with Chris, send the agreed upon Nøgne Ø Dark Horizon First Edition BA Dock Street Barleywine Old Habit Flaming Fury + a slew of great extras including 2 off my want list Big Hoppy monster and New Glarus Black Wheat! Thanks again man, can’t wait till the next one!!
Jan 2010 ogglethorp As usual, Chris goes above and beyond!! This time 35lbs of want list or should have been want list stuff. Incredible! Huge thanks!
Nov 2009 miketd Chris blew me away with this trade - CL Flaming Fury, Exit 1 Oyster Stout, Bourbon Barrel Bolita, Kuhnhenn Mayhem, Lake Placid IPA, Victory Yakima Twilight, AleWerks Pumpkin Ale and a hand bottle of Myshkins RIS! Most were bonuses! Thanks a bunch Chris!
Nov 2009 hannont Another STELLAR box of beer from Chris. Duck duck Gooze, Black Damnation, SFTO Apple brandy BA porter, Stoudt’s Belgian Style Quad, exit 1 and a swing top of Brooklyn Manhattan Project. Very..very nice!
Nov 2009 daknole Chris sends a simply amazing box! Weyerbacher 11, Victory Yakima, Stoudts BA scotch ale, Alewerks pumpkin Exit 1 Oyster stout and a cool mystery flip top. Perfect trade in all aspects. Cheers!!!!
Nov 2009 TheAlum One of my favorite traders, me and Chris had an ongoing trade that already saw me send a box. What arrived at my door was epic. 40 lbs of beer, packaged expertly, arrived safely. Including CL goodies (CdC, FF, CapRes), a Riserva, Exit 1, 4, 11, Ithaca AlfAlpha, Sinners 09, among others. Truly, a trade master.
Nov 2009 madmitch76 A really nice and easy international trade with Chris. Finally I have Southampton Cuvee Des Fleurs and DuClaw Colossus! Loads of great beer from Iron Hill and Williamsburg and a lovely extra of Iron Hill Barleywine. Looking forward to trading again with Chris.
Sep 2009 JW77 Chris sent me the agreed upon beer in combination with a red poppy and a SFTO wine and some great extras. Thanks for a quick and easy trade.
Sep 2009 jdubFL Chris sent the beers quick and they were packed great! He sent me two great extras, a Troegs Scratch and a Captain Lawerence Imperial IPA. Thanks for a great trade!! Looking forward to another trade in the future!!
Sep 2009 ogglethorp I’ve totally lost count on our trades now, at least 10! As usual Chris hooked me up with some incredible brew! Need I say more?? Thanks again!
Aug 2009 hannont My trades with Chris are always great and this one was no exception. He sent...Castleton x2, La Face Cachee Neige, Gratitude 08, Stoudts Black Eye, Exit 11, Bullfrog Edgar, Clos Saint-Denis Pomme de Glace and a wants list extra of three guys off the scale. Damn!!! how’s that for a nice box of beer? Thanks Man!!!!
Aug 2009 jhenry04 Chris sent me a Batch 1 Levud’s and generously bonused a Little Linda’s! Great packaging, fast, great communication, amazing extra....really above and beyond.
Jul 2009 hannont As always Chris sent a box of stellar beers...Wowza!!! Alba Forbidden, Duclaw Colossus, Weyerbacher Dbl Sim Spec Rsv, Bullfrog Honey Do Wit, ItIhaca Brute and extras of DH Squall IPA and a handbottled Prince Myshkin RIS. This dude sets some high trading standards. Thanks Chris!
Jul 2009 zathrus13 Chris sent me the agreed upon Nogne O First Edition. We had to ship this time, as we weren’t able to meet in person. Box was well packed and communication was great. I’m sure we’ll trade again.
Jul 2009 kryptic In our first trade Chris sent me a Bullfrog Old Treehugger and bonused me a Dominion Baltic Porter AND an ’05 Oerbier Reserva! Awesome!!! Packed well & shipped fast, I couldn’t ask for more. Great trader. Thanks again, Chris! :-)
Jul 2009 Beerlando Chris shipped me down Weyerbacher Unfiltered Double Simcoe, DFH Squall, Allagash Confluence, and a handbottle of Dock Street Prince Myshkins RIS! Wow! Another great box with a great surprise in it. As always, packaging and communication were perfect. Chris is one of the best traders on the site!
Jun 2009 AgentSteve Chris sent me an Iron Hill Oak Aged Quad as the trade, and great bonuses off of my wants list of NG Unplugged Apple Pie and Rigor Mortis from DDC. Awesome trader and great guy. Thanks again Chris.
Jun 2009 TheBeerSommelier Chris was kind enough to send me a growler of Dock Street Prince Myshkins Russian Imperial Stout - can’t WAT to try it! And as a most awesome bonus, he threw in an ’08 Goose Island BCS. It’ll be perfect in 2010. ;-) Thanks again Chris!
Jun 2009 TheAlum Chris is a great trader. Our 2nd trade was no exception. Chris sent an Older Visc, Red Poppy, Cuvee de Castleton, Smoke from the Oak 2, Crotch Sniffing Bastard, 1 KBS, 1 Double Simcoe all packaged well, shipped promptly. Chris included some quality extras, including a Baby Tree and a few others. Allstar trader that I can’t wait to work with again. Cheers!
Apr 2009 Snojerk321 Amazing trade, one of the best I’ve done to date. Sent the agreed upon Brooklyn Black Ops - Bullfrog Black Cherry Bomb Bullfrog Oak Aged Old Toad Barleywine Captain Lawrence Nor’ Easter Winter Warmer De Proefbrouwerij Les Deux Brasseurs - Flossmoor Station Killer Kowalski Baltic Porter - Flying Fish Exit 4 - Fullers Vintage Ale 2004 - Hoppin Frog BORIS The Crusher - Laughing Dog C
Mar 2009 hannont Chris never disappoints and it is an honor to be on the receiving end of his 100th trade. He sent me fantastic box with some super nice beer. Bullfrog BA Old Toad, Bullfrog BA Wolfsblood, East End Gratitude yelllow wax, CL Noreaster Batch 3, 2X Founders Double Trouble, Flossmoor Wooden Hell, Boulevard BBQ, Smuttynose Gravitation, Black Ops, Bran Reserva and Jadwiga Damn!
Mar 2009 pantanap chris sent me a bunch of awesome bull frog brews and a lot others from my want list. super want list bonuses to boot. thanks man!
Mar 2009 bierkoning Package arrived on a sauturday evening. I was amazed! Vicory Storm King 2 vintages, Port Older Viscosity, Iron Hill Kriek and framboise, 3 Floyds Behomoth, HotD Fred ftWood, Troegs Nugget Nectar and many others, most from my wish list. Speedy delivery, great communication, amazing generosity!
Mar 2009 Beerlando Chris hooks it up again with 8 different Bullfrog brews! He also sent ST OA UnEarthly IPA x2, Clay Pipe Pursuit of Happiness, and Troegs Scratch 15. All great extras! 12-slot styro...fantastic communication...fast shipping. What more can I say? Chris is the man!
Feb 2009 TheAlum What started out as my first set of trades with someone besides Beerlando or locals, turned into a wonderful experience. Chris sent me the agreed upon trade, including some wonderful gems of Cuvee de Castleton, Angels Share Bourbon, Pelican Tsunami, NG Imperial Weizen, Founders Backwoods & Kentucky, and Bells Barrel Cherry... but then bonused some very much appreciated brews including a Boulevard
Feb 2009 PilsnerPeter Chris sent me a Kriek de Hill for a Rosso, plus he bonused me a Pursuit of Happiness Winter Warmer, a St. George Winter Stout, and a Dominion Baltic Porter! Quick and easy trade with cool bonuses. Recommended trader!
Feb 2009 ogglethorp Where to start? This is now 8 or 9 times, and I am never ceased to be amazed at what Chris comes up with. This time he sent me Panil Reserva, Harpoon Baltic Porter and IIPA, Brewers Art Green Peppercorn Triple (which ahs been on my WL forever), Troeggs Scratch 16, Appalachian BW, IH Cassis De Hill, 2 mystery swingtops (can only imagine whats inside).....oh, and this sillly beer
Jan 2009 mreusch Second trade with Chris, and its another great one. I hit Chris up for a bottle of Dark Horizon Second Edition, and he was happy to help out. Not only the DH 2nd, but he included 3 great bonus beers to widen my horizons even further (heh). It couldn’t be an easier trade, quick and great communication. Chris is one awesome trader, thanks again man!
Dec 2008 hannont Another amazing box from Chris just in time for christmas...Voodoo Black Magic, 2005 Pannepot Grand Reserva, Iron Hill Lambic, Iron Hill Triple Bock, Iron Hill Kreik, Iron Hill Framboise, Dark Horizon 2, Iron Hill Cassis and the following excellent extras...Hooker Liberator Doppelbock (WL), Tsjeeses (WL), Scratch 15 and Dominion Baltic Porter...a serious, serious haul...thanks Chri
Dec 2008 beastiefan2k 3 bottle styro shipper. Stoudts BA Scotch + xtras of Dominion Baltic Porter and a cider I never heard of before with a cool name and label. Easy as cake
Dec 2008 Beerlando In our second trade this month, Chris bowled me over again. This time with Iron Hill Kriek de Hill x2, Framboise de Hill x2, Lambic de Hill x2, and Triple Bock. He also added a bonus Dominion Baltic Porter. Awesome! Now I have to figure out a way to pay him back.....a daunting task for sure. Thanks again Chris!
Dec 2008 Beerlando Chris knocked my socks off with a sick trade. Bullfrog Unique Singel & Old Treehugger, Iron Hill Cassis Lambic, Voodoo Black Magic and several others, not to mention a Iron Hill BA Old Tom as a bonus. Say what? Wow, Chris is a most generous trader. He really went overboard.
Dec 2008 pantanap i dont recall the specifics but this guy way overdid himself. i believe he bonuses me a ba old tom among some other rarities. run, do not walk, when approached with the opportunity to trade with this gentleman. thank you.
Oct 2008 durhambeer Great communication and wonderful package from the Epeeist... The Dissident plus 3 Font Doesjel and Jolly Roger Impy Stout as extras. Hope to trade again sometime.
Oct 2008 hannont 2nd trade...Chris Hooked me up with agreed upon Isabelle Proximus,RR temptation (b1), 2006 gratitude,BF black cherry bomb BF old treehugger, Iron Hill RIS, and CL Castleton. He also sent 5 killer bonuses Weyerbacher 13 , Grand Ilumination (BR) , Raspberry Eisbock Johnny Mash and GL Chocolate Thunder Porter. Thanks a ton awesome haul!
Oct 2008 Hophead22 Damn! What a huge trade with Chris. He sent some mega brews from my wants. Bullfrog Black Cherry Bomb and Old Treehugger, Cuvee de Castleton, Nogne Dark Horizon 1st, LA Sinners ’08, Amager BA Impy Stout, Dark Lord ’08!, and then some wicked bonuses, So. Tier Tripel, Laughing Dog Devil Dog, Arcadia Hop Rocket, Weyerbacher Eleven, and CW Satin Solstice. Amazing trader, thanks a
Sep 2008 masonjer Well, Chris is the sinner, I just reap the benefits. Chris sent me 1 LA sinners 08’ and a Bullfrog Barrel Aged Treehugger. Two really interesting looking brews. On top of that he bonused a furnace brook johnny mash cider. One that I have been wanting to try. Sent the bottles packed in a bombproof shipper. Cheers to a great trader.
Sep 2008 radiomgb ...and its okay with me. Chris sent me from Lost Abbey Isabelle Proximus, Red Poppy Ale and Sinners 08. I also got Cuvee de Castleton and awesome extras of Ommegang Grand Cru Rouge and Furnace Brook Winery Johnny Mash Original American Cider. Awesome trade. Many thanks.
Sep 2008 Dedollewaitor Fast shipment. Lots of extras. Superior packaging. Just lovely. Thanks Chris!
Aug 2008 goryshkewych The Epeeist delivered a bottle each of Bullfrog Old Treehugger and Black Cherry Bomb, plus 3 interesting extras. Well-packaged, and fast shipment. Hope to trade again.
Aug 2008 Cliff Chris double boxed and sent a pair of Cuvee de Castletons and a Cuvee de Ranke. He tossed in a couple of AWESOME bonuses, a Heavyweight Lunacy (something I never thought I’d be able to try) and a Westy Blond (WL!). Awesome trade from an absolutely awesome guy. Thanks again, Chris!
Jul 2008 WeeHeavySD Chris never ever dissapoints. I think this is our 3rd trade, but they’ve all been good. Chris sent the agreed upon Weyerbacher Riserva and Cuvee de Ranke plus 4 killer bonuses, Troeg’s Scratch 12, Central Water Y2K, Rock Art Vermonster, and Southern Tier Cherry Saison. Thanks so much Chris!
Jul 2008 olibeer22 Chris is a fantastic trader! He went out of his way to get me Short’s Peaches and Creme, and waited patiently for an Isabelle. He ended up getting an Isabelle as a sinner, but still went on with the trade. I also got a Weyerbacher Riserva that looks great, and two very nice extras, which included Troegs Scratch and Rude Elf’s Reserve! Thanks so much Chris.
Jun 2008 hannont Chris sent me some awesome beers LA Gift of the Magi x1, CL Nor Easter batch1 x1, Iron Hill Quad x1, Dominion BA Millennium x1 and Bells Batch 7000 x1. He sent the following as xtras BA Green Peppercorn Tripel x1 (WL), Mack in Black x1, The devil made me do it x1 (WL) and stoudts fat dog x1 Chris you rock!
May 2008 ogglethorp In this our 8th, er so, trade, Chris sent another phenominal package of stuff he had been gathering. We didn’t really have set line-up for the trade for the most part, but once again I was blown away by the beers he sent. Handbottled SG Pheonix the Kriek, LA Serpents Stout, Alpine Chez Moineiux, CL SMFTO Wine, Hookers Old Marley, and another that eludes me at the moment. As usual expert
May 2008 HailSquishface Chris sent an amazing package. The agreed upon Cuvee de Tomme, Brandy Angels Share, Red Poppy, Smoke from the Oak(Wine), and Scratch 4. Two Bros Hop Juice and Scratch 11 were included as extras. Amazing trader.
May 2008 thebaldwizard Chris is a badass trader, and I never hesitate to answer when he is ISO of something. He hooked me up with Bourbon Angels Share, Cuvee Des Fleurs, and then bonused me with some sweetness: Malheur Dark Reserve, Struiselensis, and a couple of local IPA’s. Thanks again!
Apr 2008 Stine Chris kindly sent along a growler of The Phoenix Kriek and generously bonused a St. George Winter Stout (want list) and a Dogfish Head Zwaanend’ale (what?!?!). Fast, impeccably packed, thoughtful and generous, all around stellar. Thanks so much, Chris!
Apr 2008 mreusch Wow, Chris can hook it up! He was kind enough to trade me a CL SftO Wine Barrel, and then generously offers to also trade a Mikkeller Black. So the box comes today with those great beers, and what’s in there as a bonus? A Girardin Gueuze Black Label, also from my Wants!!! Excellent trade - fast, great communication, and all in a styro shipper. Chris you’re the man, thanks again!
Apr 2008 jake65 My first trade with Chris, he delivers an expertly packed box containing Smuttynose Baltic Porter, St. George Winter Stout, Bar Harbor Cadillac Mtn Stout, Weyerbacher Rasp Impy, PP Shark Attack, and Troegs Scratch 5. Three bonus brew - twol off my wants list; a Smuttynose Big A, Southern Tier IPA, and Shipyard Royal IPA. Thanks Chris lets trade again in the fall!
Mar 2008 ogglethorp Everytime I get a box from Chris its like Xmas all over again. I get all excited, slowly remove the wrapping, patiently pull out one bottle at a time, trying to make the moment last as long as possible! This time I get all want list items Pelican IPA, NC Old Stock Brandy, PP Older Visc, Captain Lawrence Noreaster, Smutty Baltic Porter, AND IH OAK AGED QUAD WITH BRETT (7500ml none the less)!
Mar 2008 adrian910ss An in person trade with Chris produced the rare Iron Hill BA Quad w Brett and a Dogfish Head Zwaanendale. Ive swapped beers with Chris in the past and he is always reliable and simply a great trader.
Mar 2008 MrBendo Chris got me a beer which I was sure I had missed, Iron Hill Quadfather with Brett. I can’t thank him enough for that. Trade also included a Sisyphus and bonus bottles of Legacy Hoptimus Prime and Anderson Valley IPA. Big thanks all around, but especially for the Quadfather!
Mar 2008 zathrus13 Another nice in person trade with Chris. He brought me a BA Fat Dog and the new hot beer, Iron Hill Oaked Quadfather with Brett!!! Three nice extras were Hoptimus Prime, Saint Arnold Divine #5, and an Anderson Valley IPA. Thanks a bunch, Chris.
Mar 2008 46er3498 Chris sent me Troegs Scratch 4, 5, & 7 and a New Glarus Bourbon Barrel Bock, and for extras he sent an Otto’s Jolly Roger Imperial Stout and a Legacy Hoptimus Prime DIPA, both bombers. A great trade. I really owe Chris and hope he can find something he would like from my area so I can try to make it up to him.
Feb 2008 lb4lb Chris set me up with an amazing box including Scratch 4, Tyranena DMMDI, Goose Island BCS, Southern Tier Gemini, NG Belgian Red, Dark Horse Too, Ten Fidy and got unbelievable BONUSES of Weyerbacher Eleven, Brooklyn Monster and Norrebro North Bridge Extreme! What a ridiculously awesome bonus! Double boxed and all. A hell of a nice guy and highly recommended trader. Thanks so much!!!
Feb 2008 beerbill Chris sent me the agreed upon Dark Lord and Iron Hill RIS, then proceeds to blow me away with sweet bonuses of Port Hop-15, Dominion Millennium, Founders Reds Rye, and a 2005 De Dolle Oerbier. Awesome! Packed in a styro shipper with bubble wrap as well. Super prompt shipment. Thank you very much for a great trade Chris!
Feb 2008 wetherel 2nd Trade w/ Chris. Always a huge pleasure. Lots of bonuses. Incredible packaging: Smuttynose RIS, Sixpoint Bolshoi!, Upland Blueberry Lambic, Iron Hill RIS, BA Old Salty, Alpha Klaus, Ramstein Winter Wheat, Clay Pipe Pursuit of Happiness, Weyerbacher 12, Nugget Nectar, Scratch #4&7, DFH Immort Ale
Feb 2008 MrBendo In my second F2F trade with Chris, he gave me some Ballast Point Sea Monster Stout and Ølfabrikken ØL. Then He threw in a St. Arnolds Reserve #5 and New Glarus Bourbon Barrel Bock. A super generous trade and a nice guy to sit and have a beer with.
Feb 2008 bu11zeye Chris hooked me up with Bar Harbor Cadillac Mountain Stout, Troegs Scratch 5& 7, Hoppin Frog Wild Frog Wheat, and Serafijn Christmas Angel (all WL items). He then generously threw in bonuses on Ellezelloise Saison 2000 (WL), Troegs Nugget Nectar, Rock Art Gnumus ete Tomahockus, and Clay Pipe Pursuit of Happiness. Chris you rock! Can not wait to trade with you again!
Feb 2008 CaptainCougar Chris helped trim my wants list with four agreed upon beers, Amager Hr. Frederiksen, Wiibroe Porter Imperial Stout, Voodoo Love Child, and Iron Hill Bourbon Russian Stout and threw in two more bonuses from my wants list, Troegs Scratch 7 and Smuttynose Baltic Porter! An awesome haul all packed in a fitted cardboard shipper. Thanks again!
Jan 2008 Optigon Oscar Blues Gordon 3 - Weyerbacher beers of various types. A bonus shipment for lambics I traded him previously. Great packaging job, and thanks for the bonus beers! :)
Jan 2008 Optigon 1 - La Face Cachée de la Pomme Neige Ice Cider 1 - Avery Mephistopheles Stout 1 - De Dolle Stille Nacht Reserve 2005 The_Epeeist generously sent a wine shipper first, for me to return with his packaging the Lambics. He took a risk with a new trader and I appreciate it. :) Great communication. All around great trade!
Jan 2008 ogglethorp Once again Chris sent me a huge package of amazing beers totally unsolicted!! This is about the seventh time! CL SFTO BB and Xtra gold, Clay Pipe Pursuit of Happiness, Long Trail Double bag, Ramstein Winter Wheat, to name just a few off the top of my head. Sorry I can’t remember them all right now, I got them mixed in my cellar. Unbelievable generosity!! Thanks Chris!! My turn to r
Dec 2007 SamuraiArtist Chris hooks it up with a Southampton Abt 12, Westy 8 and a Captain Lawrence Nor’Easter Winter Warmer. Plus 3 awesome bonus beers including a hand-bottled Magic Hat Thumbsucker and a Weyerbacher Insanity. Great packaging and shipping. Thanks again. Highly reccomended trader.
Nov 2007 Cletus In an incredibly fast trade, Chris hooked me up with Doug’s Colonial and bonused Voodoo Love Child and Morocco Ale! Packed like a pro. Thanks again for the great trade!
Nov 2007 radiomgb Amazing is all that I can say. Chris sent me Mikkeller Big Worse Barley Wine, Mikkeller Black Hole, New Glarus Unplugged Enigma, Nøgne Ø India Pale Ale, Ølfabrikken 100 gram IPA and extras of Weyerbacher Eleven, Heavyweight Old Salty, Humboldt IPA Nectar, Bells Batch 8000 Ale, Fort Collins Dopplebock and Clay Pipe Hop-Ocalypse IPA. An excellent assortment of great beers. Thanks again for the ea
Oct 2007 BrianK Met Chris at Foodery2 for an in person trade. Finally I got myself a bottle of Angels Share (Original Release) which i’m definately holding for a year or two to see how it matures. Hooked me up with 2 extras including one on my want list. I look forward to trading with Chris again in the future. Thanks again
Oct 2007 ogglethorp This mystery box arrived at my door outta the blue. Chris decided to send me a bunch of beers just to be a nice guy! And whatta nice guy indeed! PP Hop-15, MH Thumbsucker, Rahr and sons IPA, Mad River Steelhead IIPA, Alpine Pur Hoppiness, Bar Harbor Cadillac Mtn Stout!!!! Huge thangs!!
Oct 2007 goldtwins Chris hooker me up with New Holland Existential & Podge Imp Stout and then tossed in a Rock Art Vermonster that I had wanted. Great trader.
Sep 2007 Ughsmash This was entirely unnecessary.. Chris and I traded recently and he wasn’t able to get one of the beers that he was looking for (but replaced it with like 5 off my Want List!!.. which was great in my eyes).. today I got an unsolicited box with the Thumbsucker (’04!) AND EXTRAS (S.T. Pumking and IPA from my Want List.. plus a cool Magic Hat mini-growler). Thanks a million!
Sep 2007 boboski Chris sends 3!!! Dark Horizon 1st Edtn, 2 Southern Tier Imperial Oatmeal Stouts, 2 Southern Tier Pumkings, bonus bottles of SADR #4 and Flying Fish Oktoberfish. I love this guy!!! I don’t know how much more he will hook me up without my head exploding from this insane generosity. What’s more, he offered all this, it wasn’t a solicited trade!
Sep 2007 WeeHeavySD Chris delivers in what I think is our second trade. So many great beers, first off Nogne Dark Horizon First Edition in a cool box. Mestreeches’ 5% Sour. Lindemans Faro and 4 bonuses. Perkuno’s hammer! Southern Tier Harvest, Rock Art Extreme esb and Alewerks Porter. Many thanks for all this great beer. Eep Eep!!
Sep 2007 Ughsmash Unfortunately a carrier annihilated the beer we centered this trade around before Chris even got it, so he apparently decided to take his aggression out on my Want List!.. I believe he knocked 4 off there, and I am stoked to dig in!! Excellent packaging and communications.. a class act!
Aug 2007 bu11zeye Chris is one of the most generous traders. He sent the agreed upon Wiibroe Porter Imperial Stout, Thisted Limfjords Porter/Double Brown Stout, Flying Fish Imperial Espresso Porter, Ommegeddon, Smutty Pumpkin & Old Brown Dog, Podge & Gaspar, Hang 10, Legend Impy, Maximator, and Victor. If this was not enough… he threw in a 750ml of Sly Fox Incubus and 6 more extras!!! Unreal!
Aug 2007 ogglethorp Chris, once again, blows up the place with a huge box of goodies!! The list of beers reads like a highlight reel! Alesmith Dead by Dawn, FF BB Dubbel, Cisco Moor Porter, Cisco Summer of Lager, Nogne Pale, Mikkeller Beer Geek!! Geez, what else could you possible ask for?? Huge thanks again!
Aug 2007 zathrus13 Yet another in person trade with Chris, our third or fourth. And he really hooked me up BIG time. A bottle of Dark Horizon, 1st Edition, bottle # 5943. Wow, I thought I’d never get to try this. And he even added two bonus beers. One NG Enigma and one Williamsburg Ale Werks Washington’s Porter. Thanks a buch, Chris, it’s always a pleasure talking and trading with you.
Jul 2007 boboski ...that I know Chris and that we’re friends. That leads to the recent reciept of four awesome beers on my wantlist. Nogne O Saison, Thisted Limfjords Double Brown Porter, Nils Oscar Imperial Stout, Daleside Morocco Ale. All packed in a styro, shipped as soon as he got them, along with notice ahead of time that they were coming. Just because Chris is truly generous. Thanks !!!!!!!
Jul 2007 yngwie The second box from Chris contained ba old abominable,speedway stout,southampton cuvee des fleurs+saison deluxe,ommegang+hennepin+three philosophers,weyerbacher dbl simcoe ipa,port wipeout ipa,Stone RIS. + DarkLord and Dreadnaught! There were lots of top100 bonuses in the two trades!! A killer trader! (i’m lost for words!) And he really knows how to do the packing.
Jul 2007 yngwie Brooklyn Black Choc,Weyer Quad,IS,Insanity,Blasphemy, Victory Storm King+Old Horiz.,Thirsty Dog Sib.Night, GI Bourb County Stout, Bells Exp.Stout+2 Hearted Ale, HotD Doggie Claws+Adam, DH 90Min, Stone Ruination IPA, Duck Rabbit BP+BW, Tröegs Nugget Nectar,Founders Breakf. + Terrapin W’n’B CO IS in the first trade we did. How can I possibly match this? Insane! Absolutely insane!!!
Jul 2007 wetherel Spectacular communication, delivery, beers, 6 bonus beers and everything from Chris. Can’t put enough good adjectives for these beers: 2 Beer Geeks, 1 Oaked Aged Yeti, 1 Fred from Wood, 1 2005 Bon Chien, 1 Cuvee de Castleton, 1 Oerbier Reserva, 1 BORIS, 1 Siberian Night and bonuses of Clipper City Hang Ten, Bells Hopslam (!), Founders Devil Dancer, Great Lakes Eliiot Ness, Weyerbacher 11 and
Jul 2007 ogglethorp Chris felt inclined to send out some bonus beer for no particular reason. A beautiful styro pack shows up at my door containing 3 from my wants list: BR Pete Brown Tribute (which I had given up hope of ever getting), Clay Pipe Hop-Ocalypse, and 1809 Berliner Weisse. Whatta guy!!! Unbelievable generosity!!
Jun 2007 JJClark Chris and I agreed for a trade of New Glarus beers for Captian Lawrence beers. His shipment arrived quickly and was expertly packaged. I received a Captain Lawrence Cuvee de Castleton and a Captain Lawrence Nor’ Easter Winter Warmer as agreed upon. Chris bonused me Third Coast Old Ale, a Dominion Millennium, and a 2003 JW Lees Harvest Ale. Awesome trade with a great person! Thanks again Chris!!!
Jun 2007 thebaldwizard Chris is a great trader. He sends me a Southampton Cuvee des Fleurs, and Abbot 12. He also sends Heavyweight Ste-ve! Solids bonuses, great packaging and sent quickly. Thanks a bunch for some of my favorite brews!
May 2007 ogglethorp Well, what can I say? Chris blew it up again with another phenominal package. This is part of an ongoing trade, that hopefully I can even come close to matching. He sent me as part of the trade SH Abott 12, Lost Abbey Lost and Found, Bristol XXX Warlock, and Sixpoint Bolshoi!! Then to make things really off the hook, he proceeds to toss in bonuses of Smutty Maibock, DeDolle Spec Res Stille
Apr 2007 zathrus13 Chris and I did our second in person trade. He brought the 2005 Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien as we agree. He also brought six extras. Eisenbahn Wheat Doublebock, Eisenbahn Smoked Lager, Malheur Ale, Goose Island Imperial IPA, Red Brick Winter Brew, and a Loterbol Bruin. A nice trade from a nice guy. I’m sure it’s not our last.
Apr 2007 puzzl Woooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the kind of box I dream about. Westy 8, Westy Blonde, Cantillon Cuvee de Champions, Dogwood Excellent Adventure 2004, with extras of Fort Collins Kidd Lager and Pomegranite Wheat, from my wants list. Outstanding!
Apr 2007 TheBeerSommelier Southampton 12 paces. Ok, that was stupid, but I had nuttin’ and he is The Epeeist. Chris hit me up with a SH 12, and threw in a Green Flash Barleywine and Eisenbahn Vigorosa Wheat Doppelbock. Nice. Thanks Chris...we’ll have to do it again some time!
Apr 2007 WeeHeavySD Chris is amazing. Shipped Cantillon Cuvee des Champions, 2002 DFH WWS, Domminion Millenium and Pannepot 2006. Two great bonuses a 12 oz Arcadia Scotch Aole, and a DFH 750 of Zwaanend’ale on my want list! Great packing a styro, many many thanks! Also kept an eye on the shipment, nice work.
Apr 2007 Crosling Chris hooked me up with three Jahva’s...and then generously decided to throw in two Sly Fox 750’s and and a Nugget Nectar as extras. I was speechless. What a generous dude.
Mar 2007 kenb Chris and i agreed to do a small trade. He sent the agreed upon 750 ml Iron Hill Imp Stout. And for bonuses he sent Arcadia Imp Stout, Weyerbacher Blasphemy, and Penn Bock. All beers on my want list or that I have wanted to try. Chris is an awesome trader!
Mar 2007 thebaldwizard Another great trade with Chris as he sends me a Southampton Abbot 12. Some jerks at FedEx ripped off his first box in a set of wierd events, and he still came through with a great box including lots of good bonuses the most unexpected of which was a bomber of Green Flash Imperial IPA!!!! Chris is very generous and communicates perfectly. Looking forward to many trades in the future.
Mar 2007 DirtyMartini the much anticipated DFH red and white for starters...add on a southampton abt 12 ive been pining for...throw in a pannepot plus 3 bells stouts (expedition, kalamazoo, and java) and you have the makings of a great trade. thanks chris
Mar 2007 ogglethorp Part 2. Chris once again pulled out all the stops. Hooked me up with Nogne Jul and Imp Stout, Allagash Odyssey, Smutt Smuttonator and Wheatwine, Troeggs Nugget Nectar x2, FF Espresso Porter as part of the trade then proceeded to get nutty and throw in Victory Sunshine Weisse, Nectar Ales IPA, Weyer. Heresy, BluePoint Hoptical Illusion, and Stoudts Pils! Gotta run got some drinking to do.....
Mar 2007 markgugs And here I thought Chris & I had worked out a fair trade for his Abbot 12 and my Cadlliac Mtn + Olfabrikken...nooooo, he had to go f*ck it all up by tossing in not 1, but TWO off my wants list: Troegs Oatie Stout & Hopsickle DIPA. Damn you Chris!
Feb 2007 MrBendo I was looking for a Heavyweight Wee Whale for another trader. Preferably with someone close by. Chris was only too happy to help me out. He gave me the Wee Whale, with bonuses of Nøgne Ø Pale Ale, Duck-rabbit Wee Heavy, and Dominion Spring Brew. An outstanding trade with a nice guy. I owe you one, Chris.
Feb 2007 GG Chris is an amazing trader. Not only can his boxes withstand an immense pounding, what he sends is out of this world. He send 1 Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, 1 Iron Hill Rauchbier, 1 Struise Pannepot, 1 Southampton Old Herb, 1 Southampton Grand Cru, 1 Troegs Nugget Nectar, 1 Flying Fish Imperial Espresso Porter, 1 Dominion Millenium Oak Barrel Barleywine, 1 Weyerbacher Eleven, 1 Cantillon C
Jan 2007 ogglethorp Chris sent a buncha love. Southampton BGD, Alaskan Smoke Porter, Pannepot, Terrapin, Big Hoppy Monster, HOD Fred, Weyerbacher Old Heathen. THANKS Chris!! Will do another trade soon!!
Jan 2007 realale420 What a great trade, Chris sent me an array of beers off my want list including: Bell’s porter, wheat love and brown, Weyer eleven and insanity, GD Yeti, Hop Hog, Druid Fluid, Wailing Wench, Phoenix Pale, MH HIPA, FF Hopfish, Hopback Amber, Smutty Lager,Brooklyn IPA and a Frostbite Pale. Thanks again Chris.
Jan 2007 boboski trade that is, since you keep sending me so much great stuff. Unsolicited box with a surprise arrival!!!!! Included Green Flash IIPA and barleywine(WL), Meestreechs Aacht (WL), Interlude(WL), Hooker Impy Porter(WL) and Zwaanend’ale(WL). You’re incredible Chris.
Jan 2007 thebaldwizard I hate coming up with quirky titles, but I love giving props to great traders and Chris is one of them. He sends me two bottles of 02 WWS, and 2 Pannepots and it arrives in only 2 days! Fast and easy trade--just how I like ’em. Everything packed well, and he included a couple of good bonus beers that I’ve never tried as well. Looking forward to more trades with Chris down the road.
Jan 2007 quagmite The_Epeeist not only hooked me up with the hopslam and my first taste of the FFF Dread, he also through in a 25th Year Beer bomber as a bonus! Thanks for the trade Chris.
Jan 2007 boboski Chris is the MAN!!!!!!!!! He sent me A FREAKING GROWLER of Mckenzie Dark Saison, 6pack of Oak Aged Millennium, And bonuses of Smuttynose Wheat Wine, Luciernaga, Wee Whale!, 2 left Hands, Ramstein Winter Wheat, N.G. Enigma, HOTD Doggie Claws 04, 2 bells, all but one from my want list. You ROCK!!
Nov 2006 zathrus13 Did an in person trade with Chris. What a nice guy. He brought me an Iron Hill Impy Stout, Duck Rabbit Baltic Porter and a St. Bernardus Abt. 12 Special Edition. he even brought bonus’ of Oaked Arrogant Bastard and Southern Tier Jah-va. A great trade. I hope we can trade again.
Oct 2006 Brigadier Deserves an 11 for packing because this thing was packed so well that even after taking out the beer, the padding and boxes would not go back together. (2) Duck Rabbit Baltic Porters, Heavyweight Biere d’Art, Southern Tier Unearthly, Jah-va Stout, Stone RIS, Weyerbacher Old Heathen, Blithering Idiot, Terrapin Rye Squared. Bonuses were an Southampton Old Herb and Saison Deluxe
Oct 2006 hopdog Lost Abbey that is. I posted an ISO post and had an Avant Garde in hand in a matter of days with a Lake Placid Hitch hiker.... Thanks!!!
Oct 2006 1FastSTi Iron Hill Russian Imperial Stout and Rauchbier, Sly Fox Ichor, Southern Tier Harvest Ale, Saison Dupont, McChouffee Brown Ale. Nice beers and great freebies! Thanks much!
Sep 2006 IrishBoy Chris sent me one each: HW Dougs Colonial, TF Gumballhead, GL Elliot Ness, Burning River, Dortmunder Gold, and bonuses Smuttynose IPA, Lake Placid Frostbite, and Lancaster Milk Stout, all doubled boxed and bubble wrapped! Thanks Chris!
Sep 2006 1FastSTi Made a great trade with him. Well packed. Heavyweight Old Salty’s, some La Bavienses, and a bunch of other things. Would definitely trade again.
Aug 2006 glkaiser Got some great beers, all arriving safely. Included New Glarus Belgian Red and Rasberry Tart. Weyerbacher 11, Sly Fox Incubus, 3 Floyds Dreadnaught, Founders Impy Stout, Girardin Black, Smuttynose Impy, Southampton Double White and a couple others I can’t remember right now....great trader!
Aug 2006 SoLan Chris visited Orlando and brought me a nice stock of northeast goods. SouthHampton- Saison, Grand Cru, Cuvee de Fleurs; Weyerbacher- Insanity, Heresy, Eleven; and a couple midwesters- Founders Red’s Rye and New Glarus Hop Hearty. Many thanks, Chris. Sure we’ll trade some brew again in the future.
Jun 2006 Terminus Chris sent me 24 brews consisting of various heavyweight, Weyerbacher, smuttynose and southern tier beers. All were packed awesome and very fast shipping. This guy is a very good trader!
Jun 2006 bindpmc Impeccably packed. Patient since I took time to respond, and I lost messages with imortant info. But Chris turned around and sent me a beautiful package with 3 bonuses. Received: 1 22oz 3F Dreadnaught, 2 22oz Southern Tier Unearthly IPAs, 1 12oz DFH 90-min, 1 12oz Bells 2-hearted, 2 12oz 3F AK ales,12ozs of HOTD Rose and Adam, and bouses of StGeorge IPA, WB 2x Simcoe, and Smuttynose IPA. Thanks!
Jun 2006 black95tt Double Simcoe abound! Chris sent me a 6er of DS, HOD Adam, and Doggie Claws. Bonus of 90min and Smuttynose IPA! Thanks dude! I sent Chris an Alesmith Wee Heavy, 3F’s Klaus, 3 GL Burning river, 3 GL Dortmunder, and a bonus New Holland Blue Goat. Nice smooth and quick trade!
Jun 2006 beeryum Chris did a quick and easy trade. Two SH Grand Crus, a Double Simcoe, a SF Incubus and Ichor, a St George Porter, and an Alpha King. Quick and easy trade - it is a no brainer to trade with him again. Thanks!
Jun 2006 TheBeerSommelier No, that didn’t make sense at all. But Chris was kind enough to send me 2 each of the Ichor and Incubus. His two unbelievable bonuses were a Mephistopheles and a Weyerbacher Double Simcoe. Who could ask for more...? Great trader...thanks again Chris!
Jun 2006 brewblackhole Chris set me up with the best hop brews on the East coast, Double Simcoex2 Infusionx2 a Southern Tier Unearthly, and awesome extras of oak aged Heresy and Old Heathen Imperial Stout. Trade was quick,easy, Chris is a great East coast connection
Jun 2006 beerhandy Slyfox Incubus and Ichor,Southampton Grand Cru,HW Wee Whale,Southern Tier Jahva plus a FFF Alpha King and Weyerbacher Double Simcoe Bonus!! Great trader excellent communication!
May 2006 Immy 2nd trade, and winners abound again! As Chris said in his post, we met at Iron Hill for some brew and swappage. 1-ST Unearthly, 1 - ST Jah-Vah, 1 - Stone RIS, 2 - Weyerbacher Simcoes, 1- SF Ichor, 1 - SF Incubus. Good trader and a pleasure to meet! Thanks!
Apr 2006 Immy Chris sent this via a mysterious courier, who handed me a plain brown paper bag at a designated spot and time... 1 - Brass. De Rocs Grand Cru 750, 1 - JP Firefly, 1 - Mephistopheles and 2 - DeDolle Oerbier S. Reservas. Excellent comms, and a helluva guy! Thanks Chris!