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Nov 2009 ygtbsm94 Wow!! Sebastian sent a couple amazing brews across the pond. 2- Belle-Vue Gueuze Vintage 1988 and couple bonus brews 1- 3 Fonteinen Doesjel, 1- Wöllnitzer Weißbier Berliner Weisse! Met Sebastian several times while living in Belgium and he’s one Helluva beer drinking dude. Thanks again Seb for these outstanding brews. “Beer is Good Food”
Oct 2008 bierkoning In person delivery by Kölschtrinker of hard to get German beers from especially the former DDR. Der Doppelbock clouldn’t be there, but Kölschtrinker was kind enough to deliver the beers for him. Vielen Dank, Sebastian und Roman, für die ausgezeichnete Bieren.
May 2008 jbrus Nice quick trade. He got me interesting German beers like Scheider Hopfen Weisse. Nice guy as well.
Jan 2008 JoeinDahlem Another in-person swap with Sebastian, this time meeting up at the Kerstbierfestival... He brought a handful of interesting German beers plus a couple of Belgian surprises, including the house beer from Heeren van Liedekercke. Looking forward to the next one!
Dec 2007 JoeinDahlem Forgot about this trade because we did it in person... A couple of Boulevards for a selection of fine German beers I hadn’t rated. Sebastian does a lot of trades in person at various events... I reckon there are plenty of other happy trading partners who haven’t posted here. Looking forward to the next time, in Essen.
Sep 2007 miketd Met Sebastion in Aachen for a nice trade of US for German beers. I got so many beers, I was wondering how to get them back home. Anybody travelling to Germany shoud hook up with Sebastian for good beer and good company. Along with the beer, I got a nice tour of Aachen and Stolberg. Thanks man, Hope to do it again!
Sep 2007 jbrus Well, this wasn’t a shipping trade but we met. Still he deserves the credits so I added it. Lots of goodies from Germany like Schumacher Alt for example and a bottle of Bièropholie Impériale Stout on top of it as a surprise.
Jun 2007 bleeng Sebastian and I met in Belgium at the Toer de Gueze. He set me up with some excellent German beers, including Boltens Ur Alt and Landbier, Andeschser Bergbock Helles, Kapuziner Weisbier, among others. Also some great coasters added in. Thanks a bunch.
Jun 2007 Grovlam What a trade this was. We meet up at the Weekend of Spontaneous Fermentation 2007 in Belgium. Sebastian had lots of ekstra goodies. I really hope that we can trade again Sebastian, and it was very nice to meet up with you!
Mar 2007 mwsf It was amazing to watch Sebastian in action, trading with multiple people at the Pre-ZBF BBBabblefest and at ZBF. He’s an excellent and generous trader!
Feb 2007 jonas DerDoppelbock sent a wonderfull package containing: Gemünder Pilsener, urGemünder Obergärig, Gemünder Krönes Eifel-Böckchen, Zwickelbier nach Alt-Monschauer Art dunkel, Bürger Kölsch, Gilden Kölsch Sion Kölsch, Dortmunder Union Siegel Pils, Hövels Bitterbier, Kaiser Karl Pils, Kaiser Karl Weißbier, Brand Dubbelbock, Lahnsteiner Fürsten-Pils. Thanks a lot!
Jun 2006 oh6gdx Well packed, the box contained: Alt Pott’s Landbier, Dom Kölsch, Gatzweiler Altbier, Mühlen Kölsch, Peter’s Kölsch, Pott’s Pilsener, Zischke Kellerbier Original, Eifeler Landbier, König Ludwig Weissbier Dunkel, Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel and Sester Kölsch. All received in excellent condition! Will trade anytime again with Sebastian!