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Jun 2015 5000 Another big ole box of beer from Bob. Lots of mid-west goodies, namely some hard to get New Glarus and Surly, plus lots of locals. Thanks Bob!!!
Jun 2014 AirForceHops My third trade with Bob. He answered my call for a Stone 08-08-08 I was looking for to complete my sampling of that series, he also sent Boom Island beers from his neck of the woods. It’s a joy to get his box of beer on my door step. Top notch trader, like always.
Mar 2014 5000 I think both Bob and I sent the largest (or most amount of beers at once). Received 2 12 shippers with I think at least 25 or 26 beers. Too many to list, all great Midwest stuff that I would never get had it not been for Bob. Great communication and packaging. Its like Christmas every time. I love it! Thanks Bob!
Mar 2014 AirForceHops Bob sent me more styles that I really enjoy on trade 2. Plus he found one on my wish list. A few nice extras and another top notch overall trade. Can’t wait to dive into these!
Feb 2014 AirForceHops Bob sent me an email stating he wanted to try a few new brews from my state. In return he sent me beers from his neck of the woods in styles he knew I would enjoy. And he sent a few nice extras I wasn’t expecting. I would never hesitate to trade with this man. I look forward to another any time!
Dec 2013 5000 Another stand out box from Bob, lots of new Pumpkins (over half a dozen), along with several mid-west goodies, including a hard to get Goose Island brew. Always exciting to open boxes from Bob. SCHWING! Thanks Bob!
Sep 2013 5000 Bob hit it out of the park again, packed well enough to survive floods, fire, earthquakes, or the apocalypse! Many brews from Surly, New Glarus gems, and Black Husky, as well as some new WI brews from smaller breweries. No only is Bob one of the best admins, I can call him one of the best Midwestern traders! Thanks a ton Bob!
Jul 2013 5000 Another fantastic trade with Bob. Tons of Oso, Olvalde, Great Dane, New Glarus, Surly, Schell, and most importantly some from Toppling Goliath. Can’t say enough good things about Bob. I can say we are already working on our next trade. Thanks a million for the awesome box Bob!
Mar 2013 Papsoe Bob came through big time with an amazing box - once again. Some Surly goodness and then spiced up with big beers from small local breweries + a handful of rarely seen cans. A perfect mix - just the way I like it. Thanks my friend!
Dec 2012 5000 Another awesome mid-west box from Bob, containing several from New Glarus, Clown Shoes, Grand Teton, Point, Williamsburg, Horny Goat (the last three pumpkins I really wanted), several from Surlyl, Brua Brothers, and a Rhubarb brew (should be interesting) from Olvalde. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks Bob!
Jul 2012 5000 http://nwmicrobrews.com/temp/Tuesday34.jpg Nuff said! A++ Thanks a ton Bob!!!!
May 2012 after4ever Bob hooked me up with a beautiful impy and threw in an unbelievable bunch of extras--Rush River, Central Waters, and more. Beautifully packed, promptly shipped, always with great communication throughout. Highly recommended trader.
May 2012 5000 Another stand-up trade with Bob. This time around I got several from New Glarus, Flat Earth Mummy Train Pumpkin, Tyranena Scurvy, Liftbridge Commander Barleywine, and he even throws in Brau Brothers Rye Wyne as a freebie!!! Excellent and very generous trader. A++ Thanks Bob!
Apr 2012 bvc Bob is a good dude! After fixing a correction, he asked me if I could get him said beer. Not a problem and didn’t really care what he sent me in return, but Bob takes the time to look at my wants and then sends me other awesome beers to round out the box. White Winter Black Harbor, Heady Topper, Hop Whoppin, Rustic Red, Hopalicious, and a Saison from Hinterland. Thanks Bob!
Mar 2012 Papsoe Received this great box from Bob: Founders CBS (yes!), New Glarus Two Women 2010, Summit Great Northern Porter + Horizon Red + Scandia, Surly Abrasive Ale + Wet, Tall Grass IPA + Oasis ESB, Central Waters 1414, Rush River Never More Chocolate Oatmeal Stout + a couple of local bonuses. Simply wonderful!
Feb 2012 BDR Bob was kind enough to proxy a trade between Todd and myself. Thanks again!
Sep 2011 Papsoe You can always rest assured that Bob will send you a generous box of carefully selected quality beers, just take a look: New Glarus R&D Bourbon Kriek + R&D Gueuze, Surly Smoke Lager + Four + Five, Summit Silver Anniversary, Two Brothers Moaten, Millstream 25th Anniversary, Lake Front Bridge Burner, Hinterland Winterland, Long Trail Brewmaster Series Double IPA, R.J. Rockers Rockhopper IPA. Yum
Sep 2011 bvc In Growler Swap v5.0.1.2sp3.1 Bob sent me a super rare growler of Saison from Vintage brewing with a couple of cool bonus beers. Unfortunately, the saison didn’t like the heat and leaked all over the place. Too bad, because Bob packed this thing to withstand a 10 story drop. He then went above and beyond and sent a Surly 5 and Lakefront Rosie 2 days later to make up for the loss. Hope to trade
Aug 2011 shrubber85 Worked a quick trade with Bob - sent me 5 great Surley beers and two New Glarus Unplugged beers I never thought I’d get to try. A great trader.
Jun 2011 vw73182 Wow! I sent Bob a few Bee Creek brews for a couple Surly cans and he blew me away with bonuses!!! Extremely well packaged box to boot! Thank you so much!
May 2011 Sparky So I sent Bob a few samples of a local brew for an article he’s writing. Didn’t expect anything back. What does he do? He sends a South Shore American Pale and BA Coffee Mint Stout plus a Surly Abrasive! Very generous of you Bob – thanks again!
Jan 2011 jonno Excellent trader. Sent some great Surly (darkness! thank you x a million!), Founders and Bells stuff. Some of the best stuff was the extras he sent - and he sent quite a few! Really generous guy. Cheers mate!
Dec 2010 Chickencoop This was a great trade, thanks Bob! A couple of Pyramid 5000’s and Pliny and others on my and for a bunch of Surly, can’t beat that. Solid trader, quick, packed perfect...good stuff.
Dec 2010 TheGuy Bob again comes thourgh with 2 2007 Big Eddys and tossed in a Surly Wet and a Potosi Gandy Dancer Porter
Nov 2010 BrooHa Another great trade with Bob! Thanks for the Dark Lord! Welcome extras included Surly Wet and Abrasive Ale! And, uh...Evil Eye. I ASKED for it. Long needed for our upcoming Best-of-the-Worst tasting! Cheers!
Oct 2010 Hopper Bob responded to an ISO by me and promptly shipped the beers. He also knocked off a couple of my wants as extras. Would definitely trade with Bob again.
Oct 2010 jsquire Bob sent several cans of great Surly stuff and some extras for a quick trade that he initiated. Easy negotiations and quick turn around. Great trader.
Sep 2010 ksurkin Bob comes through with a sweet box full of Surly (Abrasive!, Surlyfest, Bitter Brewer, Hell), Central Waters (Bourbon Barrel Stout, Peruvian Morning!), New Glarus (Unplugged Iced BW, Impy Weizen), Big Eddy and tossed in some sweet bonuses. Great packing and quick shipping!
Jul 2010 Savvy1982 Bob was my Summer Santa in 2010. He sent me 7 Awesome Brews from Surly, plus 3 other Want List Items. He’s my Want-List-Crushinator, I don’t think I think of higher praise, or I would have bestowed it.
Jun 2010 Birdiebeagle Bob really hooked me up. I traded some locals for states needed. He sent me Surly Furious, Abrasive, and Bitter Brewer, included Snake River Zonker Stout, Moose Drool, and New Glarus Unplugged, and a 21st Amendment Watermellon Wheat. Awesome trader...Top Notch
Jun 2010 SuIIy Excellent communication and great packaging...Bob sent a Surly 4 and bonused NG Wisc Cran Bic and Enigma! Couldnt be happier. Awesome trader!
May 2010 chinabeergeek went the extra mile and sent me a 4pk of surly bender (with extra) via fedex 2-day, just in time before i left for abroad
May 2010 5000 HUGE trade with Bob. Two boxes, 21 beers, expertly packed, he must have stock in ziplock bags. :-) Selection includes New Glarus, Founders, Surly, Whole Hog, Central Waters, Oso, Grumpy Troll, Goose Island, Pelican, Bullfrog, Brau Bros, Millstream, & Cigar City. Amazing job, amazing beers, amazing man! Thanks Bob!!!!
May 2010 BrooHa Another great trade with Bob! Bulletproof packaging to boot! Received DarkLord 2010 as well as Abrasive Ale (WL) and a few interesting stouts including New Glarus Unplugged Cherry Stout, Grand Teton Black Cauldron, and Central Waters BR Bourbon Barrel! Yawp! Thanks for everything, Bob!
May 2010 TheGuy Bob sent me the agreed upon Surly Four To finish our DLD trade thanks bud
Apr 2010 HonkeyBra Oh. My. God. At DLD Bob hooked me up with an amazing Surly care package, with cynic, bitter brewer, hell, surlyfest, surly smoke, furious, bender, coffee bender, Abrasive. Absolutely great guy.
Apr 2010 TheGuy Once again at DLD Bob shines with a bunch of Surly brews Furious,Abrasives,Hell,Fest, along with Central Waters Peruvain and Ba Cherry stout Big Eddie RIS along with a bunch of great Extras
Apr 2010 thetomG In-person trade @ DLD - Awesome trader with excellent communication! Thanks so much! Let’s do it again sometime! :)
Apr 2010 msante79 In person DLD trade with Bob. Took forever to find each but it finally happened. Gave me a Surly Abrasive, NG Apple Ale, and Oso’s DIPA, and then threw in an extra can of Abrasive when we agreed on no extras. Awesome trade and would do it again anytime. Thanks buddy.
Jan 2010 BrooHa Great trade! Got my Darkness, cans and cans o’ Surly and some great extras! Lupulin Max is right up my alley and the 9.8% ABV Eisphyre is something my hapless liver is sadistically looking forward to! Thanks!
Jan 2010 daknole Great mystery box that I am sadly very tardy in entering. Thanks so much! Superb trader. Great guy!
Jan 2010 j12601 We’ll start with the picture: http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/8075/img0173ao.jpg NG Cranbic, Dupont Reserve, Dark Horse One, Oso Lupulin Maximus, Tyranena Scurvy, Bayfield Golden Pear Bob sent all of that for Mystery Swap v4.0. Included in there are four things from my want list, and the other two are in my favorite styles. Awesome box. Thanks Bob.
Jan 2010 hopscotch Bob quickly shipped a growler of Calumet’s Oktoberfest, the second highest rated Marzen on the site. I’ve been wanting to try this beer for a long time and I appreciate the opportunity Bob afforded me. He also threw in a few nice extras that are much appreciated. Great trader!
Jan 2010 LilBeerDoctor Bob sent me a great mystery swap 4.0 package, almost all want list beers including: Buckeye 76 IPA (WL), NG Apple Ale (WL), NG Stone Soup (WL), NG Cran-bic, Tyranena Hop Whore (WL), Oso Lupulin Maximus, Capital Eisphyre, and a 50 mL of La Face Cachée de la Pomme Neige (WL!!). Wow, thanks so much Bob!!
Dec 2009 jdubFL Bob hooked me up with a New Glarus gift pack. The pack included 2 glasses, and one broke in shipping and Bob replaced it with no questions asked! He even included an extra glass! That was awesome because it is going to be a Christmas gift for the wife! Thanks Bob!!
Dec 2009 scrizzz Mystery Swap! Capital Brewery Eisphyre, Surly Fest (WL), Central Waters Satin Solstice, Amager Bryghus Hr. Frederiksen (WL), Oso Lupulin Maximus, Central Waters Brewhouse Coffee Stout, New Glarus Cran-bic, New Glarus Road Slush, New Glarus Hop Hearty. Great packaging, amazing box!
Nov 2009 Drake Cool box for Mystery Swap 4.0. Fantome Printemps and Black Ghost, Central Waters Coffee Stout, Oso Black Scotch and a Miller 1855 for good measure. Well packed. Great box.
Nov 2009 shigadeyo First trade with Bob; received the following: Surly Coffee Bender, Surly Darkness 2009, Surly Bitter Brewer, Surly Hell, Surly Surlyfest, Oso Lupulin Maximus IPA Oso Black Scotch Ale, and Tyranena Paradise by the Dashboard Lights. Just about drank it all up already! Everything was packaged extremely well. Thanks again, Bob. I really appreciate it!
Oct 2009 Sparky Skyview sent a great box for Mystery Swap 4.0 that included: Surly Fest Lager, Central Waters Brewhouse Coffee Stout, O’so Brewing Black Scotch, Snake Hollow IPA, Flat Earth Black Helicopter Coffee Stout, and a Flat Earth Rode Haring Flanders Red Ale! Awesome box! Thanks again Bob!
Sep 2009 kenb For Mys Swap 4.0, Bob sent me Big Swede Viking, Surly Bitter Brewer, Furious, Helles Lager, A Struisse Black Albert, and 32oz Bierhaus Pils. Awesome package from an awesome trader!
Sep 2009 hopscotch Bob hooked me up bigtime with bottles of Big Sky Old Bluehair, Frederick Miller Classic Chocolate Lager, Lake Louie Louies Reserve Scotch Ale, Oso First Anniversary Dank Imperial Red Ale, Surly Surlyfest, Surly Hell, Whiter Winter Black Harbor Mead, Winter Winter 2004 Reserve, Oconto Lager, Great Northern Fred’s Black Lager and Oso Lupulin Maximus Imperial IPA. Thanks a million, Bob!
Aug 2009 riversideAK For Mystery Swap 4.0 Bob sent an awesome box with Two Brothers Moaten, Flat Earth Winter Warlock, Surly Hell and Furious, and Viking Big Swede. Awesome stuff from the want list! Did anyone ever tell you that your packaging is probably the best ever as well?
Aug 2009 gkost Bob sent me some nice Surly beers. SHipped fast! Great guys to trade with. Cheers!
Aug 2009 CheesedMan Sent a great box from Minnesota for Mystery Swap!!! I love me some Surly.
Jun 2009 dchmela Bob hooked me up with a 09 Dark Lord and a Fantome Strange Ghost with extras of Surly Bender and Leinekugals Big Eddy RIS. Awesome trade and super fast, thanks Bob!!!
Apr 2009 JPDIPSO Bob was very generous with five Fox River Brewing brews, along with delivering 4 brews from Potosi.
Apr 2009 tyler_mn Bob f*in rocks! I made an ISO post for an 09 Darklord and Bob says "no worries, I’ll bring one back for you." What’s he want in return... NOTHING!!! Amazing generosity! Thanks a ton Bob!
Apr 2009 TheGuy In person darklord day trade bob got me 2 big eddy’s 4surly brews 2 central waters puruvuian mournigs and 3 tyrannia plus a mephistopheles stout and a dark horse plead the 5th about 4 of those beers were toss ins not to mention all the samples I had from bob a real pro and very knowledgeble beer man
Apr 2009 MrBunn Bob scored me a sick mess of Surly... some nice extras in the bunch... Quick and easy, great communication. Thanks hombre!
Mar 2009 beastiefan2k Bob has the ill Banana beer hook up.
Mar 2009 5000 Bob’s box to me will go down as one of the bigger boxes I have ever received. Inside were growlers from Surly and Fitgers. My mouth is always watering. On top of that there were also some Oaked Unearthly, New Glarus Iced BW, Black Albert, and ... Oh, Darkness and Dark Lord. My brain is fried trying to remember all this great stuff. Your jugs will be coming back to you Bob. Many Many THanks&#
Mar 2009 lithy Bob sent a well packed box stuffed with the following New Glarus goodies. Apple Ale, Crackd Wheat, Hometown Blonde, Road Slush Stout, Staghorn Octoberfest Beer, Unplugged Iced Barley Wine. Thanks!
Feb 2009 TheBeerSommelier The Sky man hooked me up with an even 4-pack of NG Iced Barleywine and a Crak’d Wheat. Also tossed in a Tyranena Spank Me Baby BW - very cool. Thanks again, sir!
Jan 2009 KieferUGA What an awesome box and a cool packaging scheme. I was able to send Terrapin Rye Pale Ale, Sunray Wheat, Golden Ale and #4 Dos Cocoas Chocolate Porter in exchange for Tyranena Devil over a Barrel, Tyranena High Class Broad, New Glarus Apple Ale, Rail House Big Mac, and a bonus can of Surly Coffee Bender. Also included in the package were cans of Keweenaw Lift Bridge Brown Ale, Red Jacket Amber A
Jan 2009 riversideAK Bob shipped a fantastic box of beer via Priority Mail so it got to my house in 2 days! Beers included were Oso IIPA and Imperial Red Ale, Tyranena DOAB, Dopplebock and Festbier, Lake Louie Coon Rock Cream Ale, New Glarus Bohemian Lager and Apple Ale, and Surly Coffee Bender! Thanks for the awesome beer Bob! Cheers!
Jan 2009 Drake Bob sent a six pack of assorted Summit brews as part of the winter 08 local swap. All excellently packed. Thanks!
Oct 2008 5000 Another A+ trade with Bob, this time around he sent Lakefront Bridge Burner, Lakefront Wolskis 100th, Oso Lupulin Maximus, Grumpy Troll Maggie Imperial IPA, Grumpy Troll Curly Scotch, Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine, Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Cherry Stout, Sam Adams Irish Red, New Holland Mad Hatter, and a White Winter Black Harbor Mead. Dayum!!! Thanks Bob!
Jun 2008 Papsoe FINALLY! This was negotiated in no time and Bob shipped promptly. Then for no real reason Danish customs held this for 3 months! As always a unique selection from Bob: White Winter Sweet Mead, Ola Dubh 12 + 16 + 30, Flat Earth Winter Warlock, Big Eddy RIP, Tyranena Dirta Old Man, Central Waters Lac Du Bay IPA, 4 different from Lake Louie + a bunch of hidden gems from tiny micros. 17 beers + 1 mead
May 2008 5000 Another awesome trade with Bob, this time sending out a wide assortment of goodies. http://nwmicrobrews.com/temp/Tuesday32.jpg Looking forward to the next one Bob. Danke! :-)
Jan 2008 5000 First trade with Bob and I can tell you it will certainly not be the last. He seemed to have access to a HUGE number of breweries. Well packed box, bomb proof, with bottles wrapped in zip locked baggies. Communication was great, and delivered on time. Easier to show pics of the goodness than list all of them. http://nwmicrobrews.com/temp/Thursday46.jpg Bob, you rock!!!!
Dec 2007 Bockyhorsey We met Bob for supper at Sonora Brewhouse/Brewer’s Den. He brought me these Surly beers: Furious, Bender, Surlyfest and CynicAle along with a NG Unplugged Smoke on the Porter and Big Eddy Russian Imperial Stout. Finally I get to try some good beers from MN rather than the previous 11 swill beers that I’ve had from MN. Thanks, Bob!!
Nov 2007 Papsoe In an awesome trade Bob heard my call for Idaho beers, rare beers + beers from Sprecher, Central Waters and Capital. Bob is a very friendly and generous trader and communication was sweet and easy. 22 flabbergasting beers - thank you so much, I’m really thrilled about this.
Aug 2007 kmweaver Bob hooked me up with two awesome meads out of his cellar: White Winter Black Harbor and 2004 Reserve Sweet Mead (which seems like it only exists in his cellar), plus three sweet extras: CW Mud Puppy Porter, Tyranena FF Maibock, and Anchor Bock. Perfectly packaged, quick shipping, fast communication, and a great guy to deal with. Thanks, Bob!!
Aug 2007 kenb Bob & I did an easy trade. I got the agreed: Lake Louie Arena Premium Lake Louie Coon Rock Cream Ale Lake Louie Kiss the Lips IPA Lake Louie Milk Stout Lake Louie Mr Mephistos Imperial Stout Lake Louie Prairie Moon Farmhouse Ale Lake Louie Tommys Porter Lake Louie Warped Speed and bonuses of Surly Furious, Bender, and Cynical. Packed very well and shipped lightning fast. Bob is a great pe
Aug 2007 Enniskillen Bob hooked it up, packaged like a pro, and a quick delivery. 4 cans of one of my favorite brown ales, Surly Bender, 1 can of Surly CynicAle, 2 Summit brews, 1 Shantytown Doppelbock, and a bonus fighting finches maibock. Thanks Bob.
Jul 2007 FrumptyDumpty Got a nice little package from skyview of 7 beers. I got surly, cynic+furious+bender. Lake louie farmhouse, fish tale old woody 05, tyreana spank me baby, and a central waters ipa. Good trade and good communications look forward to more in the future.
Jun 2007 kyzr Bob is the Minnesota King of trades. Met him for a pint at Madison River Brewing and did a face to face trade. The list is long so be ready. 3 Surly, 2 New Glarus, 1 Nøgne Ø, 4 Capital Brewing, 2 Angry Minnow, 4 Lake Superior, 5 Summits, 4 Brau Brothers, 1 South Shore, 4 Shipwreck, 1 Sprecher, and finally 1 Goose Island. If you ever get a chance, not only do a trade, but meet up with him. Has
May 2007 jsquire Bob sent me a can of Surly Furious, a can of Surly Bender, Summit’s ESB, IPA, and Extra Pale Ale and Angry Minnow’s Honey Wheat. Very well packed (he even bubble wrapped the cans), but one of the Summit’s leaked anyway (damn twist tops). The trade started as something else and quickly became a fast and easy trade. No fear trading with Skyview.