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Oct 2011 pantanap my long time trading partner comes through again. appreciate the port and bp extras as well. let me know if you ever need anything from the midwest!
May 2010 ksurkin justin hooks me up with a huge want, Angel’s Share Grand Cru, in an easy 1-for-1 trade. great packing and fast shipping. thanks!
Sep 2009 kappldav123 Got my box of beers today. The agreed DDG and Angels Share Bourbon Barrel. As an extra he threw in an Older Viscosity. Thank you very much!
Jun 2009 j12601 Justin hooked me up with the agreed upon 2008 bourbon angel’s share, 2009 cuvee de tomme, and even bonused an older viscosity! Box was packed well and arrived quickly. Great trade, thanks.
Jun 2009 KimJohansen Justin send me some ausome brews. Red Poppy, Angels Share and Consecration. All in good shape and timely manner. Nice one!
Jun 2009 Puddintane Justin hooked me up with a Consecration and bonused a PP Hot Rocks lager. Quick and easy trade.
Apr 2009 VikingHammer Justin beers were very well packed and arrived very quickly. Awesome trader. Thanks Justin
Mar 2009 Jabic Justin sent me some LA Red Poppy as well as a couple of bottles of the amazing Alesmith IPA. Quick, simple trade - good packing and communication. Thanks for the tasty brews!
Feb 2009 pantanap justin is an ok guy for a sigma chi....sent some fantastic californian goodies and i’m proud to have this guy as a trading partner. thank you my friend.
Feb 2009 hapjydeuce What the hell?! How can we give ourselves shipping ratings? Bogus.
Feb 2009 Bobby91w Justin sent me the agreed upon BA Old Numbskull and Bourbon AS and made up a price difference we had in PTE, Nogne/JP/Stone collaboration, and a Green Flash Grand Cru. Then low and behold a couple days later I get another box on my doorstep from Justin all extras including Doggie Claws, Blind Pig and a Beer Valley Leafer Madness IPA, holy crap he went above and beyond on this trade. Great Trader.
Dec 2008 hopdog Justin shoot over a 2 styro shipper with Beatification Batch 3 & Veritas 004. Thanks a million.
Nov 2008 cgarvieuk Ive set myself a goal of completing all top 50 beers with 250 rating and i have about 6-7 to go. Cuvee de Tomme being one of these. SO im delighted with this trade. Rounded this off with a DFH old school. Well pagaged and good comunication.
Oct 2008 beastiefan2k Got just what I wanted, Alpine sour and not that crap-tastic cherry, filtered and pasteurized shit but the good unblended stuff. Extra of Moylans Triple hop or something very West Coast like. Quick and easy, Justin is recommended.
May 2008 Yonkers65 Nice and easy trade with Hap. Included was Lost Abbey Cuvee, Angels Share and Pizza Ports 2nd Anni. Excellent packaging and communication. Big thanks!! B-
May 2008 pantanap worked out a trade with justin and he kindly obliged my request for a CdT and a Port 2nd Anniv. while throwing in an additional Moonlit Sessions and a Pannepeux. thanks my man!
Apr 2008 Glouglouburp Justin delivered Angels Share (Bourbon Barrel), Port Brewing Older Viscosity, Lost Abbey Serpents Stout, Ballast Point Sculpin IPA then added Anderson Valley 20th Anniversary and Hop-15. Wonderful package, quick delivery, easy communication. Justin’s the man.
Apr 2008 sirpsycho Justin sent me a Bourbon Barrel Angel’s Share !!! NICE !!! Great communication and great packaging. Thanks Justin, hope we can trade again sometime.
Apr 2008 drmatt hapjydeuce sent me a delicious bottle of ballast point sculpin ipa to make up for the broken one from an earlier trade. thanks a bunch!
Apr 2008 pantanap didn’t think i would be able to get a vertitas but my man comes through in our second trade....sniped two off my want lists as bonuses to boot! rock on.
Apr 2008 Cliff Got the Bourbon Barrel Angels Share, was packed wonderfully and arrived very quickly after the trade was agreed upon. A absolutely solid trader!
Mar 2008 drmatt trade was for temptation and some extras and he sent me a ballast point sculpin that did not make it. oddly enough, it was punctured through the cap.
Feb 2008 tever Quick and easy trade with Justin. He sent me a Lost Abbey red poppy and threw in 3 awesome extras, an 06 Duck Rabbit porter(nice!), Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, and a Pizza Port Hop 15. everything perfectly packed. Thanks man!
Jan 2008 puzzl Justin sent me a Red Poppy, along with extras of Coronado IPA and Bear Republic Racer 5. Awesome, thanks!
Nov 2007 User37895 Straight up agreed upon single bottle swap was efficiently executed, great communication and packaging. The coveted Cuvee de Tomme comes my way. Justin, though, "throws in" these "extras" for my enjoyment: Coronado Island IPA, Alpine Beer Co. Alpine Ale, and Port Fresh Hop IPA!!!! Ever get those trades that make you feel two feet tall? Justin rocks, trade on! Thanks, Justin!!!!
Sep 2007 xnoxhatex Recieved RR damnation, Lost Abbey devotion, Port Brewing hop15, stone 11, alesmith decadence, and alpine beer company captain stout. Man I’m going to be drinking good now.
Sep 2007 jarspag J delivers huge with a RR Supplication...face to face trade like usual.. Justin always delivers on time and with superb communication. A great trader and recommend him to anyone...D-Metal...trade on hapjydeuce!!!!
Jul 2007 pantanap excellent trade from this man which resulted in some nice california brew including some from stone and lost abbey. nicely packed and came through extremely fast. awesome trader. thanks!
Jun 2007 Sephiroth Justin sent Cuvee de Tomme and Lost Abbey Devotion Ale, plus Alesmith IPA, Marin Brewing Co. IPA, and Old Rasputin. Good communication, would gladly trade again.
May 2007 drewbeerme great communicator and trade. cuvee de tomme, 10 commandments, devotion, and wipeout, with extras of alesmith ipa and anderson valley double. thanks a lot!