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Feb 2010 petematte46 Another great trade with Jared!!!!!!!!! He sent me the agreed upon Supplication batch 4 and filled the rest the six beer styro with Alpine IPA’s as bonuses (Nelson+Sculpin). If you have not traded with this man you are missing out. Thanks again bro.
Jul 2009 dmschefke Jared sent me a very nice box of tasty rare treats to kill some of my want list. Second trade and counting! Thanks man!
Jul 2009 Ibrew2or3 Silky smooth trade with Jared. I sent some tasty CCB treats and he sent me TWO! Alesmith 08 Dec. and a Cucapa BW! Excellent trade. Love to do it again. All thumbs up.
Jun 2009 corby112 Awesome trade with Jared. In addition to the agreed upon Brandy Old Stock he threw in a Ballast Point Sea Monster, AleSmith Oldnumbskull, Wee Heavy and Speedway. Great communication, careful packaging and awesome extras. I look forward to trading with him again.
May 2009 tyler_mn Great trade! Got some Alesmith that my cellar has been lacking lately. Thanks Jared!
May 2009 petematte46 Very generous trader! We did a small trade, but I was surprised to find three bonus beers including Westy12 and Kentucky Breakfast Stout. I would definitely trade with Jared again. Cheers
Apr 2009 dmschefke Awesome trade with Jared. Large trade that we set up, but I left a little for Jared to surprise me with, and he did a great job. In addition to the agreed Abyss, 3 Adam, 2 Doggie Claws, 06 Pannepot, 2 AS Wee Heavy, 2 Old Visc, 1 Old Numbskull, and 2 Blind Pig, he threw in 2 Avery Maharajas, 1 Batch 8000, and the Flagship... Westy 12!!! My eyes lit up like a kid at Xmas!
Mar 2009 5000 I am feeling the Russian River and Lost Abbey love with Jared. Beatification 002 x3 and 2007 Bourbon Angels Share x3. LORDY... OH LORDY! I can see the smiles at Hard Liver now. I hope you enjoy the return box just as much Jared. Thanks!
Jan 2009 thebaldwizard Jared sent me the agreed upon Angels Share. I left the rest of the trade up to him, and he hit a homerun with 2x PTE, Blind Pig, Sleighor Ale, Port Shark Bite, and Alpine Captains Stout. All bottles packed in shipping envelopes, and set in a mountain of peanuts. Great first trade between us, I’ll be looking forward to more in the future.
Apr 2008 BigErn Jared hooked me up w/ a much sought after Angels Share along w/ some Port Santa’s Little Helper and Old Viscosity and 2 bonus Cali brews. Excellent packaging and communication. Highly recommended trader.
Mar 2008 miketd Jared hooked me up and then some. Cuvee de Tomme and Brandy barrel Old Stock! Then he goes ahead and bonuses me Coronado Red Devil and Lightning Old Tempest...awesome! Packing was great and communication was flawless. Thanks Jared!!!
Jan 2008 ketchepillar Jared helped me through my indecisiveness and offered up a ton of options for me. He even added a nice bonus, even though he was already giving a lot. Great first trade! He’s a great guy and generous trader!
Dec 2007 timmcd64 Probably one of the best trades to date. Great communication, a must for good trades, and a willingness to do what ever it takes for a successful trade. Jared went above and beyond by fronting me the cash to order some BA Old Stock from the brewery that was delivered to his house then he fowarded to me. That, along with a swap of powerhouses...his Lost Abbey for my Midnight Sun...made this an awes
Dec 2007 Ughsmash Once again, Jared came through like a champion with great west-coast stuff!.. Pizza Port Shark Bite, Alpine Pure Hoppiness, and a couplea BA Old Stocks!!! Excellent packaging and he’s one of the best guys on the site to chat with! I have the feeling that this will happen again. Thanks much!
Oct 2007 mreusch Jared delivered big time with a BA Wee Heavy!!! In addition to that he throws in two excellent bonuses - PP High Tide Fresh Hop IPA (wants list) and a Green Flash Barleywine. Excellent packaging, fast, and a great communicator! Would trade again anytime and recommend to anyone, thanks again Jared!
Sep 2007 hapjydeuce My bro Jared always hooks it up mad during our D-Metal tastings; after a great glass of RR Supplication I cracked, J busts out the big boy Deu du Ciel Peche Mortel...totally dankness! Always guaranteed a good time when we get together for some brews. I recommend one of my best buddies to all who are trading in the beer game! Trade on, jarspag!
Sep 2007 hoppymeal Jared hooks me up with the rare beast that is Cuvee de Tomme, a most generous guy as i know sales and production on this were extremely limited. Also agreed on in the trade were 4 of one of my favorite bw’s, hotd doggie claws 06. Then on top of that Jared threw in some major hoppy extras. AS Yulesmith, PP shark bite, Moylans Hopsickle, and GF west coast ipa. Awesome stuff and right up my
Sep 2007 RagallachMC Jared came through big with a Cuvee de Tomme, but also included Alesmith Decadence ’06, RR Damnation, PP Hop-15, and Ballast Point’s Big Eye and Dorado. Great communication and swift shipping. Hope we can trade again soon.
May 2007 Ughsmash Jared made me look like an amateur in this one... picked out beers faster than me, was more responsive than me, and got my beers here from CA before I was able to ship! Included in the well-packed box were Alesmith goodies I’ve been looking for, new Lost Abbey stuff from the Anniv. Party, and a couple other great CA brews! Top notch all around, and I hope we can go another round!
May 2007 bgburdman9 Jared sent me an exponential hoppiness and pure hoppiness along with an alesmith IPA and don de dieu as extras. Thanks a bunch for shipping some hard to find beer to ohio. Great trader!
May 2007 NYbeer Great trade with Jared. Quick shipping! Received an Alesmith BA Decadence and Alesmith IPA. Jared was kind enough to throw in some great extras such as Alpine Pure Hoppiness and Port Brewing Wipeout IPA.
Apr 2007 kramer Jared sent a boxful of great SoCal goodies after he agreed to just send a single bottle on his end. Easily the most generous shipment of bonus beers I’ve ever gotten. Beers from AleSmith, Lost Abbey, Bear Republic, and North Coast among others. Shipped first, shipped on time, and packed very carefully. Great first trade! Trade on jarspag!