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Jun 2010 CanIHave4Beers For a mere local growler Keith very generously not only sent me the Anchor OSAs I was looking for (99-04) but he threw in a 1997 as well. But it didn’t end there. Bonuses of Weizen Bam, 1995 Old Crustacean, Green Flash Hop Head Red, & The first batch of Saison Athene. I hope I didn’t forget anything, but holy cow what a box! Thanks Keith!
Jun 2010 CanIHave4Beers So back in December I was looking for a few vintages of Anchor Christmas Ale. KP wrote me at the time and wanted a growler of High Gravity beer from an Iowa brewery. I sadly had to decline as in those dark days there was no such thing as a high gravity beer from Iowa. Flash forward a few months to when the Iowa laws changed and I sort of unexpectedly got a growler of a local barleywine so I sent i
Apr 2010 smith4498 Kp hooked me up with a couple of brews from Sweetwater - Donkey Punch and BSP Quad. He shipped it out very quickly. Good communication and a good trader.
Apr 2010 Rosebud butternuts Kp hooked me up just like he does everyone else. thanks for the smooth and flawless trade!! packaged great and everything else.
Jan 2010 daknole KP is the man. He always comes through. THanks for yet another great trade my friend. CHEERS!!
Dec 2009 alexsdad06 We set up a dollar for dollar trade with one extra each. Keith sent an Olde Rabbit’s Foot, Red Brick 15th Anniversary, LA Red Poppy 09, LA Cuvee de Tomme 09, Port Older Viscosity, and a Terrapin Hopsecutioner. Once we agreed on everything the trade finished up quickly. Thanks kp for another great trade!
Dec 2009 zathrus13 Keith sent me an Olde Rabbit’s Foot as we agreed, in this no extras trade. No problems, I hope we can trade again.
Sep 2009 daknole As always, trading with Keith is smooth and effortless. He sent an 08 sinners my way. Thanks for another quick and easy trade KP. Cheers!
Jul 2009 CheesedMan KP hooked me up with some Amazing Grace and Older Viscosity, along with some sweet bonuses from Tyrenena. Packed perfectly. Now come and drink with us again!!!
Jun 2009 MrBunn Yee ha! Keith and I helped each other out in the Imperial Stout category and I can’t wait to try the Sexual Chocolate! The Gamma Ray looks good too. Thanks!
Jun 2009 Ibrew2or3 Holy Schmoly! kp sent me a bomber of Sonoran Old Saguaro Barleywine, an ’07 bomber of Olde Hickory Bardstown Brand Ale Aged in Bourbon Barrels and a 750mL of Antares Barley Wine that I could enjoy from dawn ‘til dusk. Shipped very fast in bomb proof styro shipper. Thanks! Let’s do this again.
Jun 2009 daknole KP and I worked out a simple trade and he hooks me up bit time! Bardstown Bourbon Barleywine, Bells 700!! and a Pisgah Hellbender! Hell yes! Cheers!!
Apr 2009 daknole HELL YEAH! KP hooked me up in person with a wonderful one for one trade. I gave him DL and he gave me a Cuvee de Tomme!! YESSSSSSSS!
Mar 2009 imadeadguy Wow, this is one of the best trades i’ve done so far. I got the agreed upon: Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout Stille Nacht Reserva 05 Fred from the Wood Heavyweight: Baltus OVS Lunacy Old Salty 04 Perkunos Hammer Saison Spicy Bier d’art Sticken Jab Two Druids Siberian Night Uinta Barley Wine and extras of Happy Ending and a Wee-heavy bomber. Quick shipping and a really generous g
Mar 2009 scrizzz Stunned. Just got my return shipment: Stone VE06, French Broad Wee Heaviest, Alesmith Wee Heavy, Lost Abbey Amazing Grace, Terrapin Gamma Ray and a frickin’ Pannepot Reserva. You’ve got to be kidding me. Great shipper too! I’m reusing it this week!
Mar 2009 djrn Got a Red Poppy from Kp right on time and packed super tight. A second great trade. Looking forward to more.
Feb 2009 djrn Got my Cuvee De Tomme in 3 days. Packed like it was a nuclear bomb! Overall a great first trade and look forward to many more.
Dec 2008 DrHomolka KP graciously sent me 9 years of Bigfoot. He also included Terrapin Wake n Bake, Red hook double chocolate oatmeal porter, and Bells 7000! Excellent trader. I am going to have a fun night.
Oct 2008 goryshkewych Keith sent me some gems: Sexual Chocolate, RR Depuration, Dominion Oak-Aged Millennium, plus a nice extra. Working on another trade already...
Sep 2008 phhd Keith sent a Cantillon 50N4E,Happy Ending and Duck-Rabbit Rabid Duck RIS along side The Duck-Rabbit Baltic Porter, John By Imp Stout, Bells Java Stout as extras from my wants, awesome! Everything prefectly packed and on time. Thanks
Sep 2008 cbkschubert Keith sent me a 22 oz. Stone 2003 Old Guardian, 22 oz. Hawks DM’s Imperial stout, a 12 oz. SweetWater Motor Boat and Happy Ending, a 22 oz. Terrapin Roggen Rauch Bier, and a 12 oz. Dominion Millennium. The beers arrived quickly and safely. Thanks man. Let me know if you need anything else from my neck of the woods.
Sep 2008 wetherel I just received a box old beer from a master tool maker. Thanks Keith!!! Always a pleasure to open your box. This one contained RR Depuration, Who’s Your Daddy, Paradox #5, Founders Bad Habit Quad(bonus), Divine #6 (bonus), and ’06 Pike Old Bawdy (bonus)! Awesomeness!
Sep 2008 StFun Keith hooked me up with a FFF Fantabulous X, which I had been trying to get for a long time now, with no luck. He boxed up the brew the very night we discussed the trade, and I got it 2 days later, packed tightly and looking delicious. Thanks man!
Sep 2008 beerbill Keith and I quickly agreed upon a trade and two days later, his box is sitting on my doorstep when I get home. Inside is a ’97-’07 Bigfoot vertical along with a bottle of Duck Rabbit Wee Heavy, which is off my wants list! Everything was safely packed in a 12 bottle styro and communication was excellent throughout. I really appreciate the opportunity to pick up the vertical, and thanks
Sep 2008 Odeed kp sends me loads of vintage brews incluindg rouge old crusty and impy stout.old foghorn,and brookyln chocolate sout.just to name a few.i was blown away by the selection.many thanks man.
Sep 2008 Cletus In a quick trade, Keith hooked me up with a ’96 Old Foghorn and an ’04 for good measure. Thanks for the great package!
Sep 2008 daknole KP posted a FT "old" beeers. well they were from my wants list and I jumped at the chance to get them. He sent me 10 great brews. Brooklyn Black Choc Stout years ’01-’06. Terrapin wake n bake stout 06-08. and a victory storm king imp stout. Thanks so much. This was a very generous trade from KP...great trader. Awesome!!
Jul 2008 DietPepsican packed up well and shipped fast. KP sends off the agreed upon Pisgah Hellbender, Olde Hickory Bardstown BA Barleywine, and a Lagunitas Hop Stoopid. Included as extras I received terrapin rye squared, carolina dopplebock, and a sweetwater happy ending (07 vintage). Every time we trade I feel further in debt to this guy. No muss no fuss trading as well. I owe you one, expect something in the
Jul 2008 mar Keith sent the agreed upon Pisgah Hellbender and bonused a Duck Rabbit Rabid Duck stout. Quick and easy trade and the communication was great. I’d definitely trade with him again.
Jun 2008 Cletus In an easy trade, Keith hooked me up with a magnum of 1995 OSA. Thanks for the great trade!
Jun 2008 beachbum25 kp sent me 2 great beers from Lost Abbey-Judgement Day & Cuvee de Tomme, & a Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza 750ML as a Bonus Beer!! Great packaging in a 3 pack styro & excellent Communication. I’d love to trade again if I could find anything worthy of cracking that beer list!!
Jun 2008 riversideAK I received a perfectly packaged box from Keith. 6 beer styro shipper that included the agreed upon Struise Mikkeller Elliot Brew, Terapin Golden Ale, Pisgah Hellbender, HOTD Fred from the Wood. Included as extras were a Highland Stout, and a Mikkeller Black Hole! Thanks for the great trade man. Anytime you want new IPA, hit me up. I should be able to come through. Cheers!
May 2008 Ty5592 kp sent a box worthy of a king. I got 1-Baptisa, 1-Cosmos, 1-Sexual Chocolate, 3- Hellbenders . For kicks he threw in 1- Gnarlywine, 1L- 5 Season Afterglow, and 1- Olde Hickory BB Barleywine. How do you like that!? Fast delivery and tightly packed so the UPS/Fedex guys won’t go snoopin around. Thanks!
May 2008 Miver Keith sent me the agreed upon 2000-2004 bigfoots. (or is that bigfeet????) He bonused me a 1997 and a 1998 Bigfoot which helped me complete my vertical. Very nice styro packing. Extremely fast shipping. Would love to trade again anytime. Thanks!!!!
May 2008 goryshkewych kp sent the agreed Olde Hickory Bardstown Brand and Pisgah Hellbender, plus a bonus Wake and Bake. Would trade again anytime.
May 2008 DietPepsican Packed up nicely in a two bottle shipper I received the agreed upon foothills sexual chocolate from keith. On top of that, he throws me an 03 old guardian. Wow! Thats a damn sweet extra, I can’t thank you enough for that one. He shipped insanely fast and made my day a bit brighter. Thanks keith, lets do it again soon!
May 2008 Drake Again I have to go to the deep South to get brews from a bordering state. Damn you distribution laws! Keith was kind enough to send Rabid Duck and Baltic Porter from Duck-Rabbit, Pisgah Cosmos, Solstice and Baptista, French Broad Wee-Heavyest. And 3 rocking bonuses! Carolina Spring Bock, Dominion Oak Aged Millennium and, HotD Fred FROM THE WOOD! Everything arrived in tip-top shape.
Apr 2008 yobdoog kp hooked me up with a Vintage 1999 Lagunitas Old Gnarley Wine and made sure it was in time for a BW tasting I was going to. Also bonused a 2006 Rye². Pleasure to trade with. Thanks
Apr 2008 goryshkewych kp shipped me the agreed-upon French Broad Wee-heaviest, plus an extra Sweetwater Happy Ending. Gotta love getting a happy ending with a wee heavy French broad....
Apr 2008 Puddintane I contacted Keith about a trade for a couple of brews t and he was kind enough to ship my way three want list beers: BFM Jurassian Imperial Stout, Terrapin Side Project Hop Shortage Ale and an Alaskan Barley Wine Ale! Shipped in a styro shipper all safe and sound! Great Trader!
Mar 2008 riversideAK KP sent an amazingly well packed box to me in exchange for some high alcohol beer he has not rated. It included 1 Highland Imperial Kashmir, 1 Weyerbacher Heathen 02 and Raspberry Imperial Stout 02, and a bonus Big Eddy Imp Stout. Thanks man, I am always on the lookout for IPA!
Feb 2008 blankboy kp sent the following: Lost Abbey Amazing Grace, Schlafly BB Impy Stout, Midnight Sun Maitresse du Moine, Ten FIDY, Mad River Steelhead DIPA, Duck Rabbit Barleywine, Duck Rabbit Brown, Mad River Jamaica IPA, Mad River Scotch Porter, Highland Imperial Kashmir, Nils Oscar IPA and he threw in Bells Batch 6,000 & Trader Joes Vintage Ale 2007! Perfectly packaged and with a fast turnaround. Thanks man!!
Feb 2008 Immy Keith sends the agreed upon Saint Somewhere Lectio Divina and Saison Athene, then tosses in a Dogwood Youngbloods Imperial Porter as an extra! Shipped super quick and packed up tight in a styro. Thanks!
Feb 2008 BBB63 Keith sent me two beers just because I wanted to send him some. All he did was to include a 1997 XS nip bottle of Rogue Impy and a Terrapin All-American Imperial Pilsner which I never rated. SUPER QUICK and well packed. Thanks!
Feb 2008 hoppymeal Keith sent some nice vintage beers plus just as many great extras from Terrapin in a quick and easy trade. Thanks again!
Feb 2008 kmweaver I have no idea how many of these are extras, but I definitely feel like Keith and the Georgia crew went over and above in this trade: Tyranena Who’s Your Daddy, Duck Rabbit Wee Heavy, RR Supplication, PP Older Viscosity, plus Terrapin All-Amer. Imp. Pils, Sweetwater Festive Ale & Happy Ending. Awesome. Some much good beer, perfectly packaged, along with my empty growler. Thanks!!
Feb 2008 MrRomero KP sent 2 mini kegs of 2 Hearted Ale. A perfect ending to a shitty week. Thanks KP.
Feb 2008 riversideAK I sent Keith a $14 dollar growler and let him put together a package for return. He destroyed my want list! He sent 1 DR Imperial Stout, 1 DR Scotch, 1 DR Barley Wine, 1 Founders Breakfast Stout, 1 Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot, 1 Terrapin Rye Squared, and 1 Sweetwater Happy Ending! Thanks a bunch man! I will be on the lookout for more IPA for you!
Jan 2008 sprinkle As part of the NP 10 trade kp blows me away with a great box to me! In styro shipper he sends a ANGEL’S SHARE, KRE, STILLE RESERVA ’05 and NORTH COAST BRANDY OLD STOCK!!!!!! What a guy! Highly recommended!
Jan 2008 wetherel Keith sent me the best and most unexpected package of my life, including 4 ’04 beers I can’t drink (for my son’s 21st BDay): Beat 1&PH1, DL06(bonus), Retired Excellent Adventure, ’04 beers:Brooklyn Black Chocolate,Old Crustaean, Dominion Millenium and Winter Brew,Terrapin Coffee Oatmeal IS, Tyranena Stickin it to the Man and BA Imperial Porter, and Highland Black Mocha Stout!!!
Jan 2008 kmweaver Despite the awful beer delivery title, this was an excellent trade with Keith. Sent along a bottle of Beatification PH1 and bonused a Terrapin Rye Squared (nice!). Perfect packaging, speedy shipment, and a pleasure to trade with. Thanks again, Keith!
Jan 2008 lb4lb Contacted KP about a possible trade for a RR Beatification 001 and was lucky enough to actually work out a deal with him. The beer arrived perfectly packaged in about 2 days too!! An awesome bonus of a Terrapin Wake ’n Bake from my want list as well! Would definitely trade again anytime and recommend him highly. Thanks so much for the rarity, Keith!!
Dec 2007 valpoaj Contacted Keith about some recently bottled locals, and app it sounded interesting enough; he sent 2 Wake n Bakes, Weyerbacher Rasp IS, DR Rabid Duck, LA 10 Comm., a ’02 WWS, and an ’06 Dark Lord!! If that isn’t too over-the-top, he blew it wide open by bonusing another Rasp IS, and BELLS 7000 (a top ten want!). Keith, if you ever want something from NE again, I’m your man!
Oct 2007 miketd I contacted KP and asked if he would send me a bottle of handbottled ten fidy. We worked out a trade, he shipped...and I promptly forgot! Crap! I got the handbottle along with Nøgne Ø Imperial Stout, DR Baltic Porter and Dogwood imperial Porter! Keith, I am going to make it up to you starting Monday! Thanks for the awesome package!
Oct 2007 HimerMan 1 Rogue OC 1995! and 2 bonus beers that were absolutely unexpected - Old foghorn 1996 and Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 1997 (from my wants)! Unreal package - very well packaged - arrived fast and in perfect order. Definitely would be up for a trade with KP any day of the week.
Oct 2007 pantanap Keith went above and beyond the call of duty as part of the Perfect 10 part deux trade......beatification, youngbloods, 10 fidy, FFTW just to name a few....WOW
Sep 2007 boboski ...and a great friend. A single bottle styro shipper showed up with a bottle of - get this - the two rating, sold at the bar only for consumption on premises only, unbelievably desirable and much coveted 5 Seasons Woodford Reserve Barrel Aged Quinte55ence. AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! What a wonderful guy, he just shipped it because he knew I’d want it. KP, you rule!
Apr 2007 mreusch I’m so floored I don’t even know where to start! In return for my FS, Keith sends a box that still has me giggling like a 12 y/o schoolgirl! Not only the ALREADY generous trade of 06 DL, Founder’s BS, D-R BP and Brooklyn BCS, but also an 05 DL, 2 MORE BBCS, Dogwood Impy Porter and Sweetwater Happy Ending! I’m floored, amazed, spoiled and forever ruined to trading-a huge THANKS to Keith!
Sep 2006 kenb KP answered my wanted call for some Youngblood Dogwood Imp Stouts. i got the 4 we agreed upon and 2 incredible bonuses. A 22 oz bomber of Dogwood Excellant Adventure and a 22 oz of mSmuttynose Wheat Wine Ale. Packed most excellabntly in a Wine shipper. Gonna go find Bill and Ted now to share these most awesome brews!
Aug 2006 acertain I’m trying to get beers from 2001 and 2004 to save for my kids and drink on a special occasion (they were born in 01 and 04). KP delivered the promised 04 Stone IRS and kicked in a bonus 01 Samichlaus! All in a great styro wine shipper with lots of bubble wrap. Great trader and thanks a lot for the bonus!
Jul 2006 Cornboy KP did it again, ripped through his cellar to trade a ton of cellared beers. Notable was Lagunitas Gnarleywine ’99 Storm King 98, 01, 02 Pike XXXXX 10th anniv (silk screen bottle) middle ages druid fluid stone old guardian 02, alesmith old numbskull dogwood excellent adventure full sail old boardhead 98, 99, 01 old horizontal 98, 01 old dominion millennium 98, 02, 05 (BA) rogue crust
Mar 2006 OhioDad Keith sent me a beautiful package of Dogwood Youngblood’s Imperial Porter, Dogwood Excellent Adventure, Dominion Millennium, Full Sail Old Boardhead 01, and Thomas Hooker Imperial Porter. All packaged beautifully! He definitely went over and above on the return package! Keith is a credit to what is great about this site!
Feb 2006 TheBeerSommelier After knowing each other for 7 years, Keith finally gave me a couple of serious vertical makers: a ’94 and ’97 Hurlimann Samichlaus (I seriously thought that ’96 was the last year until I saw it for myself!) and a Millennium Edition Old Rasputin. One of the coolest bottles I’ve ever seen. Thanks KP.
Feb 2006 brentfeesh Keith drops 3 Big Hoppy Monsters in my lap! Thanks for your generosity, fast delivery, and prompt communication. Looking forward to trading again one day.
Feb 2006 KAggie97 kp sent some tasty Georgia brews west along the Mason-Dixon line: Sweetwater Sweet Georgia Brown/ Festive Ale/ IPA, Terrapin Rye Pale/ Big Hoppy Monster/ Coffee Oatmeal, Atlanta Peachtree. Thanks!
Feb 2006 Thaichile Another 6er swap: 1 ea: Sweetwater IPA, Festive Ale & Sweet Georgia Brown Ale. Terrapin Big Hoppy Monster, Oatmeal Coffee Imp. Stout & Rye Pale Ale. Atlanta Brewing Peachtree Pale Ale. Incredible packing, ea. ziplocked & quick del. Thank you very much for doing this.
Jan 2006 Lou18 I got Terr. Brewing Rye P A, Wake n bake!, IPA, Big Hop 05, Festivale 05,Sweet GA Brown, and A Peachtree IPA. Bubble wrap, In a zip lock, more bobles, then faom chips. Great, outastanding job from kp.
Jan 2006 eboats In our random 6 pack trade kp sent the following: Terrapin Wake N’ Bake, Terrapin Big Hoppy Monster, Terrapin Rye Pale Ale, Sweet Water Sweet Georgia Brown Ale, Sweet Water Festive Ale, Sweet Water IPA, and a Peachtree Pale Ale. That is 7 beers when he was only supposed to send six. Crazy packing, quick delivery, great trader.
Jan 2006 SuIIy Keith hooked up a nice assortment....sweetwater festive ale and pale ale, terrapin coffee stout, BHM, and rye pale, atlanta peach ale, Sweet georgia brown ale. All very nicely packed and arrived in speedy time.
Jan 2006 OhioDad Kevin sent out in the random 6 pack trade, Terrapin Big Hoppy Monster, Wake N Bake Stout, Rye Pale Ale, Sweetwater Sweet Georgia Brown, IPA and Festive Ale, and a bonus Peachtree Pale Ale. All packaged beautifully inside plastic bags and delivered quickly! I’m looking forward to trying these Georgia Peaches! Thanks again!
Jan 2006 Odeed this is my second trade with kp and once again he does not disapoint!he sent the 4 wake-n-bakes plus 5 bonus brews.2 sweetwater ipa’s.1 terrapin rye.i big hoppy monster,and last but surley not least.A ROUGE OLD CRUSTACEAN 6.4 oz bottle from 1995!!!!i would trade with this guy any day of the week
Dec 2005 Dough77 KP sent out a great 3 beer package which included 1- Stone 9th, 1-Stone 8th, and a terrapin Big hoppy monster. All packaged nice, great trader.
Nov 2005 hopdog I call this a box of tricks because I kept reaching in a pulling out beer after beer...He sent me SN Bigfoot (98,00,02,04&05), Sweetwater Festive Ale, Tommyknocker Jack Whacker & Ornery Amber, Dogwood Youngbloods & ’03 Winter Special Ed, Terrapin Big Hoppy Monster x2, and New River Pale Ale. All wrapped in bubble wrap inside zip locks inside more bubble wrap! Thanks a million!
Oct 2005 shadey KP offered to send me two bottles of one of my favorite beers. The retired Dogwood Youngbloods!! Not only that, he sent a Full Sail Imperial Porter and two beers from Terrapin (Cream and Rye). Now I have six bottles of my precious Youngblood to horde. Thanks!!
Oct 2005 sprinkle kp sent me a Dogwood Imp. Porter, and a Charlie 1981. Through in a Terrapin rye p.a. and a cream ale for x-tras. He got a Behemoth. Cheers kp,I’ll pack some x-tras next time. PROMPT trader!!!
Aug 2005 Pailhead Kp sent me a 2005 Dark Lord, Dogwood’s Youngblood Imperial Porter, Dogwood Winter 2003 and Winter 2003 - Special Edition, Deep Shaft Stout, and a Full Sail Imperial Porter. As extras Terrapin Cream Ale and Rye Pale Ale. Excellent communication. Great packaging and quick turnaround. Thanks for knocking a few off my want list.
Feb 2005 Walt So I get 2000-2002 Alaskan Smoked Porter, 98-2002 Bigfoot, Rogue Jubilee, Portland Benchmark, and Midnight Sun CoHoHo IIPA...as a BONUS a 97 Bigfoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rockstar, pure and simple...
Jan 2005 Odeed kp came more than correct on this trade!!!he sent me the dogwood youngblood,and victory storm king 2003.he also sent me to bonus brews.a brooklyn black chocolate stout,and a dogwood breakdown ipa.the communication was great,and the package arrived 3 days early.way to go man.