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Oct 2015 douglas88 Toby sends me the Paterno beer and a bunch else. Thanks man!
Jun 2015 daknole Toby continues to be a top notch trader. He sends the coolest and most unique beers. Awesome guy.
Jun 2015 jtclockwork Nice three for three trade. Easy, painless and solid beers. Thanks!
Jan 2015 Sledutah Toby sent me a message looking for some 5th Element. I sent a few bottles off and then received a box from Toby that blew me away. Packed full of Woodland Empire, Sockeye, De Garde and Lost Abbey beers. Very generous trader. Thanks again.
Dec 2014 Pennsyltucky Toby sent me amazing beer! It was packaged well, and received promptly. He is great to deal with, and I will trade with him again without a second thought.
Nov 2014 bytemesis Quick trade with Toby who insisted on shipping first despite 10 trades in the books. Well packed, and full of PNW goodness that i can’t wait to dig into! Thanks for a great trade Toby!
Oct 2014 daknole Another killer box of PNW goodies. Toby is killer.
Oct 2014 brokensail Replied to Toby’s offer of some PNW sour beers and he was very prompt about all communications. Super quick with the shipping, and an incredibly thorough packing job. Threw in a few extra beers to put the icing on the cake. A pleasure.
Sep 2014 daknole Toby is the epitome of an amazing trader. And his packing is world class. Awesome. Just awesome.
Apr 2014 jcartamdg Toby, hooked me up with some great Berliners, threw in extras, great packing, great communication. I would trade with him again without a doubt
Oct 2013 burg326 Toby is the man, he sent me a nice box witj some harder to find berliners that were very tasty for my 30th birthday celebration. On top of the berli.ers he throw in some local bombers that were amazing. Sins of our Fathers, solid stouts. This guy packed it bomb proof but had freat communication. Would trade with again i. a heartbeat.
Aug 2013 jake65 Toby responded to my ISO for a Boise release and puts together a terrific box... knocked off about half a dozen want list items. Pro packing job and fast to ship. Thanks again Toby!
Dec 2012 douglas88 Toby does it again! 5 awesome beers, gherkins, marmalade, mustard all home made. You’re an amazing friend! Thanks man.
Dec 2011 douglas88 Toby crushes me with Adam FTW, and three awesome rarities. Thanks again man! You rule.
Aug 2011 douglas88 Toby doesn’t trade much on RB unfortunately because he is one of the best traders out there (BA people know this). He sent me 9 awesome beers, most are impossible to get, some handbottles and other gems. Thanks again as always man.
Dec 2010 douglas88 Toby sent me an unexpected box just because he’s awesome. He sent tons of beer, a Christmas card, some real Montana gems! Thanks again bro.