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Dec 2015 johnnnniee Received another package in our ongoing back and forth. Greg sent me some Goose Island stuff I thought I’d never get to try, and some Cigar city stuff. Great trader!
Dec 2015 johnnnniee Received another package in our ongoing back and forth. Greg sent me some Goose Island stuff I thought I’d never get to try, and some Cigar city stuff. Great trader!
Mar 2014 Clownoisseur Really nice trade with Greg in which I sent some Kuhnhenn mead for some Cigar City beers. Great box with a very generous extra! Would trade with Greg any day. Thank you so much and cheers!
Oct 2013 tleaver33 Second trade with Greg. Just as good as the first. Hooked me up with amazing beers once again. Let’s do this again!
Sep 2013 tleaver33 First trade with Greg. He totally hooked me up with some amazing beers. Everything was quick and easy. Thanks for the extras. Definitely would trade with him again.
Aug 2013 johnnnniee Greg knocks it out of the park again!
Jul 2013 johnnnniee My third trade with Greg just wrapped up and he humbled me with a great box of Barrel Aged goodies. Another great trade, thanks.
May 2013 johnnnniee Greg and I set up our second trade and it went as smoothly as the first. I sent him some mead and some northeast brews he sent me some 3 Floyds and some great southern brews. Great to work with again.
May 2013 daknole Greg does it again. Sends a couple of awesome brews.
May 2013 minorthreat Greg and I set up a small 1:1 trade. He came through like a champ! Fast shipping, well packed and sent along some great extras. Great trader
Apr 2013 lionsandbeer Quick and easy trade. I responded to an ISO, we agreed upon a mead and a glass for a sour. Good communication, good packaging. if he ever wanted any more meads would trade again.
Apr 2013 gunson We had a simple trade for some Hunah set up, shipped when agreed upon and sent an awesome CCB extra. Good communication and shipped great. Very straight forward trader. Thanks.
Mar 2013 tkrjukoff IP trade while staying at Greg’s over the Hunahpu’s Day. Hopslam among others. Generous as always.
Feb 2013 TheAlum Greg trades like a professional top tier barber if a barber could pack glass bottles into well secured boxes, acquire bottles with their come hither stares, and communicate expertly via a beer community’s message system... and cut hair. He’d need to be able to cut hair.
Feb 2013 Unclerudy Just got a delivery of CCB/ B Nektar beer, with some nice barleywines as extras! Awesome job! Hopefully I can send more mead out for more goodies.
Sep 2012 tkrjukoff Third trade with Greg. He sent me a fantastic box; mix of top notch CCB, Kuhnhenn, Imp Stouts, Barley Wines and a Zombie Killer.
Jul 2012 stxSS07 Great trade with Greg for a growler from Cigar City. Excellent communication and packaging with a great extra! Awesome trade that I would jump at the chance to do again.
Jul 2012 burg326 In person trade, a growler for some meads, I am stoked about the meads I got. Greg is a great guy to trade with, would do again in a heart beat. Let me know whenever you need anything else.
Jun 2012 johnnnniee I set up a trade with Greg who was looking for some local mead, he sent me some Cigar City. I received a ton of great beer that I hadn’t had before, great communication. Easy trade, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.
Jun 2012 tkrjukoff Second trade with Greg and this just keeps getting better. Tons of CCB; BAs, Huna, you name it plus Kuhnhenn raspberry eisbock. And of course nice extras, too. Can’t wait until next time. What a great guy!
May 2012 rogee64 Awesome trader, quick straight to the point trader, no haggling just a nice clean trade. Greg you out did me on the extra, so next trade ill make up for it!
Apr 2012 mikem409 had a massive mead trade with greg and got my box today! 2 huna el murcielago and a killer huna snifter!! also a nice duck-rabbit extra thanks again greg
Mar 2012 TheAlum Another trade with Greg. What can be said that hasn’t been already? Greg helped me out with another CCB release. Quick, easy, great communication.. never have to worry about anything. Generous and a top notch trader.
Mar 2012 Forgetfu Greg and I just completed an easy trade for a long-time Captain Lawrence sour want of mine! Not only that, but he threw in some sick extras (2010 BA 4D...as an extra!). Any time you want to do this again Greg, let me know.
Feb 2012 jbrana Had a really great experience trading with this guy. Would certainly trade again.
Feb 2012 tkrjukoff An awesome trade with Greg, wasn’t really expecting to get much rare bottles from one guy. Great communication all the way, great extras and all that topped with a bottle of Old Chimney’s Henry Reserv to share ... I’m speechless. Hope to trade again with him.
Feb 2012 mikem409 sent greg a cantiloon via a friend. then greg hits me with the ccb costas series, church on a hill and roosevelt!! such a generous trader.
Jan 2012 Doodler Greg and I just completed a fun rarity trade while he and his wife welcomed a new baby boy (congrats amigo!). Then he bonuses me a CCB Humidor Impy Stout (Marshal Zhukov) and a Bretted Autumn Maple in the return box. Stellar guy... Thanks again Sir G!
Jan 2012 mikem409 3rd trade with my main man greg. killer box of ccb and bruery stuff with a green flash bw for good measure.
Dec 2011 mikem409 greg you are what makes trading fun! hooked me up with some big ol beers for a cold michigan winter. 2 turtle dove/black butte xxI/santas helper and on and on cant wait to hook you up with solstice mead
Dec 2011 ShadesOfGray Just your average trade with MeadMe...you know, the kind with your everyday Cantillons involved: Brabantiae and Don Quijote! Haha...such a pleasure dealing with MeadMe. Other bottles were involved, but he really impressed with an extra: Humidor Marshal Zhukov! Awesome trader, would do so again in a second!
Nov 2011 mikem409 2nd trade with greg man did he hook me up sent him some goodies and another all hallows growler got some more ccb goodies and a darkness! powwwwww
Oct 2011 mikem409 what a stellar trade sent him growler of all hallows ale and a few kuhnhenn meads got a jai baby growler which i have never seen by the way! and a amazing stash of ccb stuff thanks again
May 2011 mikey711 Greg and I just complete a pretty a casual open ended trade and he went outrageous on me by sending multiple growlers of some awesome ccb brew! You can’t go wrong trading with him!
May 2011 BgThang Trade went off with out a hitch, fast, great communication. Thanks for the extra terrapin.
Mar 2011 TheAlum Another Greg box, and man, the Hunahpus Day spoils were represented well. A 6 slotter styro arrived with tons of goodies, in our on-going "Nothing Specific" trading. Blown away by the rarity, look forward to opening soon. Arrived safe, without his packing skills, this box would have been a goner though. Cheers!
Feb 2011 TheAlum Another small box arrived from Greg today. Packed very well, arrived super fast, 2 CCB brews. As always, Greg sends up beers without even really asking for it or me knowing what is on tap down there. An allstar. Till the next!
Jan 2011 TheAlum Greg as always with the slam. Without any real deal in place, Greg just sends up a CCB BA Batch 69 huge fliptop. Packed in a bottle styro, fast and safe, reliable and easy - Like a pro. Greg is an amazing trade partner. Greg is what RateBeer "Regular Traders" are.. the best. I hope everyone has relationships like these.
Sep 2010 changeup45 This has got to be one of the easiest trades I’ve ever done. 1 for 1, BA SC for Lambicus Dex and per the agreement no extras. Safe packing, good communication, and we had this done in a day. Thanks Greg!
Aug 2010 TheAlum Another great trade with Greg. Packed like a pro, arrived fast was a DBA Zhukov, 110K+OT Batch 3, and a huge swingtop of CCB Batch 69 (169) Double Cream Ale. Love trading with Greg, look forward to the next.
Aug 2010 illidurit Greg and I had an explicitly one-for-one trade but he threw in a rad extra anyway. Packed well, good communication. Appreciate it!
Jul 2010 daknole As always greg hooks the shit up! You are the man! CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 2010 TheAlum Greg helped me out a bunch. A Rurik arrived with a Cap Osc #3 for a DDG in return. Clean, fair, well packed trades. I can’t wait to share more with Greg soon. He’s a very generous one, be it Kuhnhenn meads at DLD or a Riserva as a bonus here, I owe him a lot. THANKS!
Jun 2010 nickd717 Greg is an awesome trader. He hooked me up with one of the whitest of whales, Brandy Hunahpu’s, and threw in a 110k+OT #3 as an extra on top of that. Thanks man!!!
May 2010 LilBeerDoctor Greg quickly hooked me up with a Hunahpus and bonused a Mikkeller Black! A very easy and quick trade. Thanks again!
May 2010 Madirish76 Thanks Greg!! Awesome Trade. He hooked me up with an additional 3 extras i was not expecting...also stuff that i have run out of!! Thanks for the great Easy Trade. I sent a Veritas and an El Camino Real, and a homebrew for a Cedar Marshall Zukhov and Hunapuh and Dark Lord!
Mar 2010 hellomynameis Hooked me up with a Cable Car and bonused soem very cool beers: Shorts Irish Stout, Victory Storm King, Brew Dog Paradox Isle of Arran, and Tröegs Java Head. Thanks a ton!
Jan 2010 Wellestone Thanks Greg! In addition to the 09 DL, Greg included 3 extras that I wasn’t expecting. Took me forever to get all that bubble wrap off. Communication and packing was awesome! Thank you!
Dec 2009 Blisscent Thanks Greg for all those Cigar City bottles. 1 - Cigar City Humidor Series Marshal Zhukov’s Imperial Stout, 1 - Cigar City Big Sound Scotch Ale, 1 - Cigar City Marshal Zhukov’s Imperial Stout, and 1 - Cigar City Barrel Aged 110K+OT Batch #2.
Jul 2009 ygtbsm94 Damm!! Greg sent some awesome growlers with a few friends. 1 each growlers of CCB Maduro Oatmeal Brown Ale- Espresso, Vanilla, and Humidor Series Guava Jai Alai IPA, 1- CCB BA Bolita, and bonus brews of 1-Hell or High Watermelon Wheat, 1-Mack in Black, 1- Cocoa Maduro. Thanks Greg for the outstanding brews and hope to do it again soon. “Beer is Good Food”
Jun 2009 MrBunn Yeeeeee frickin’ haaaaa! Once again Greg delivers some top wants and a beautiful assortment of extras. My favorite guy in Florida. Oh, and packaging was good... shipping and communication were top-notch.
Jun 2009 MatSciGuy Great first trade with Greg. Sends some awesome CCB stuff, a DL ’09, and bonused an Alpine BA Boris!!! The only complaint I have about the trade is that it took me about 1/2 hour to unpack the box because of the crazy amount of packaging. I would definitely recommend Greg. Very generous trader and great communication throughout.
May 2009 daknole Greg does it again with more Cigar City stuff. What a great guy. Super shipping! I cannot wait to meet him and buy him some beer!
May 2009 daknole Greg is a very kind trader. He sent me a nice styro with some Cigar City in it. Very awesome! Thanks so much!! Cheers!!
Apr 2009 MrBunn Righteous trader. Greg sent some Cigar City stuff and a couple of sweet extras from my want list - HotD Fred and Chicken Killer. Highly recommended.
Apr 2009 StFun Greg knocked it out of the park. In exchange for a 4 pack of KBS, he hookedme upwith not 1, but 2 Cigar City mini growlers, and a bomber of Odyssey. Also threw in 2 excellent extras! Kick ass. Great packaging and communication as well. Thanks so much for helping me get my hands on some CCB goodess! Can’t wait for round 2.