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May 2012 AmEricanbrew Mar passes me a hard to find Texas treat in another super easy in person trade in Austin the day after RBWG. Mar is also a very cool guy to hang with and have a beer or ten! Thanks again hombre!!
Mar 2012 MaxxDaddy Mar sent me a box of Texas love, including a couple of Rahr beers I hadn’t heard about. Thanks for the brews!
Mar 2012 daknole And Mar does it again. Stellar box as usual. Thanks bud.
Jan 2012 fiveacestx Thanks for the trade!
Jan 2012 RC0032 Meet for an IP trade while I was in TX. Traded some great Texas brew for some locals I smuggled down!
Sep 2011 hannont Mar offered up an unsolicited rare beer and sent a couple of very nice extras to boot. Thanks so much!
Aug 2011 pantanap a new jersey ice cider by means of texas? yep, mar comes through with the goods plus some nice bonuses to boot. thanks man!
Dec 2010 AmEricanbrew Mar delivers a big Texas Tripel from my wants list. Easy in person trade, thanks again!
Jul 2010 daknole Mar does it again. Wow, thanks! Cheers!!!!!!!
Apr 2010 daknole What is this, trade #7?? Mar hooks me up with St Arnold DR 9 and tons of other awesome brews. Marlon is a great trader, but better than that a great friend. Thanks! CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 2010 pantanap requested a freetail beer and marlon obliged in basically not time at all. a few want list items thrown in as bonuses. fantastic trader!
Jul 2009 daknole I think this is my 6th trade with my friend Marlon. He hooks it up big time again! The stars of this shipment were the Malheur Brut Reserve, Two Jokers and some superb bonuses. He even sent along a St Arnold Root beer. The wife is gonna love it! Cheers!!!
Apr 2009 daknole Is there any question that Mar is an amazing trader? Hell no, the guy rocks! He sends me 2 friggin boxes of Tx beauties, ice cider and some other awesome beers. Marlon is just flat out generous. I am glad to call him a friend. Lets trade again soon!!
Dec 2008 Drake Mar was kind enough to send me the last beer I need to complete all of my beer styles. Awesome! Sent were Chapeau Faro, St. Arnold Divine Reserve #6, Independence JasparillaReal Ale Sisyphus as well as a Brown Shugga and Ted Fidy. Very well packed. Thanks man!
Dec 2008 miketd In our semi- mystery deal mar sends Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #5 x2, DR # 7 x2, Redhook Double Black and two other solid brews! Easy and good trade. Thanks man!
Dec 2008 hannont Mar contacted me about getting some raven mad and we decided to keep the trade nice and simple. He sent me the agreed upon blvd saison and bonused me st arnold divine reserve seven and southern star pine belt pale. Thanks Mar. Lets do it again sometime.
Dec 2008 daknole marlon hooks me up again! This time 2 boxes full of goodies, including red hook stout, stones 11 anniv, a sixer of st arnold divine reserve 7, 2 bottles of reserve 6, a sisyphus barleywine, and more! One of the best traders around! cheers!
Nov 2008 TheBeerSommelier Marlon, being my major hookup fpr Divine Reserve these days, he sent me two sixers of #7. And I seriously can’t wait to try those Stampede Lights! Thanks again Mar.
Nov 2008 mashmaster I sent Mar two bottles of Alesmith IPA just for fun. He in returns sends me a dendermonde, Celis Grand Cru and a Chapeau Faro! What a great guy! Thanks for another easy trade.
Nov 2008 WeeHeavySD Great Box from mar, with Saint Arnold Divine Reserve 5, 6, 7. He sent this because he felt bad a trade of ours fell through sometime back. He sent this out of the kindness of his beer belly, not out of obligation. Thanks for the brews
Nov 2008 daknole Marlon comes through with 12 amazing brews. Some of the highlights are bear republic imp stout, 2 boulevard 6th glass beers, and NINE more absolute beautiies. Marlon continues to be one amazing trader. Anytime my friend, anytime!
Sep 2008 mashmaster I sent Marion his most coveted beer (Alesmith IPA) for what ever he wanted to send me. He hooked me up with a Divine Reserve #6, Konings Dubbel and a Sterkens Dubbel. Everything was packaged wonderfully. It was fun getting beers in the mail not knowing what they were going to be! Marion is a great trader!
Sep 2008 kosko20 Mar made good use of packing materials and sent me some great brews. Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye, Great Divide Hercules DIPA, and Sisyphus. Also with extras of Southern Star Pine Belt Ale and Saint Arnold Elissa IPA. Great variety of stuff and easy negotiation.
Aug 2008 mmmbeer Mar wanted to a trade so I was happy to help by having the wife do it in person since she was in the neighborhood! Got back 1 Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale, 1 Deschutes Black Butte Porter, 1 Dogfish Head Midas Touch Golden Elixir, 1 Gulden Draak, 1 St. Augustijn. Anytime, anytime!
Jul 2008 TheBeerSommelier Marlon not only hooked me up with a sixer of St. Arnold’s Divine Reserve 6, but tossed in a bonus - in quantity! How’s FOUR Sisyphus’ sound? Are you sure we haven’t traded before? It’s like he knew me personally! Thanks Mar - let’s do it again some time.
Jul 2008 daknole Yeah I am pretty sure this guy is Santa. He responded to a thread I has started asking about what IPA’s were good and then decided to send me 3 to try for FREE! WOW! Stone IPA, St Arnold IPA and Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye...this guy is the bomb and his packing is BOMB proof!
Jul 2008 iowaherkeye Marlon sent out the agree upon Divine Reserve #6 x 5, and threw in some home brew, Kreb’s Choc beer (with a couple coasters), and a Ten FIDY as bonuses! Great communication and packing. Thanks Mar!
Jul 2008 aplusbreaks In this wonderful box mar sent me 1- Saint arnold divine reserve #6, 1-Real Ale Sisyphus 2007, 1-Real Ale Brewhouse Brown Ale, 1-Real Ale Full Moon Pale Rye, 1-Real Ale Blano Pale Ale, 1 Rahr and Sons Buffalo Butt, 1-Rahr and Sons Summertime Wheat, 1-Rahr and Sons Stormcloud IPA, 1=Rahr and Sons Blonde Lager, 1-Boulevard Smokestack Series sixth glass Quadruppel, and 1-1 year old Sour Ale homebrew.
Jul 2008 miketd Marlon sent me the six pack of SA Divine Reserve #6 as agreed and a bonus of 10-50. Double boxed with plenty of packing penuts surrounding the beers. Great communication. Thanks!
Jul 2008 TURDFERGUSON In a quick and easy trade, Mar sent two Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #6 and bonuses a Saint Arnold Summer pils. Excellent packaging and communication. Thanks Mar!
Jul 2008 kp Quick and easy shipment of four of the St. Arnold Divine Reserva #6 well packed and safely delivered. Thanks!
Jul 2008 daknole So I had sent mar a few beers just because I felt like it and what does he do? He sends me beer in return without me even asking! A ten fidy and a St Arnold DR#6....what a great trader he is. Thanks so much.
Apr 2008 Cletus In a great trade, Mar hooked me up with tree from Rahr, Shiner Helles, Sisyphus and Ten Fidy. Thanks for the quick trade!
Apr 2008 biz82 One Abyss and a Meantime IPA extra. Thanks Mar for the fast and well packed parcel.