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May 2019 Nisse666 Wee box one country and a BFM bonus - many thx. Cheers // Ps. Box went stuck in the customs with a 10 Euro fee, my country’s issue - not the senders Next time - big box ?? to cover those issues;)
Mar 2019 Nisse666 Great wee box with 2 new countries- many thx mate!
Feb 2019 Erzengel Got from Asbjørn again two now country-samples. Bermuda & Sint Maarten. Thank you so much. As usual fast delivered and well packed! Thanks again!
Jan 2019 jtclockwork Another great country trade. Cheers!
Aug 2018 tderoeck did another country tick trade, with an extra bottle added, quite an excellent swiss ipa, if I may add! Return shipment with country ticks is coming soon! ;-)
May 2018 teddybeer Asbjorn sent me a well-packed box with bottles from new countries for me: Kosovo, Costa Rica, Mongolia and Trinidad & Tobago; plus 3 Swiss beers. All of them very difficult to get for my part, excellent package, super quick shipping, smooth communication. Highly recommended trader.
Apr 2018 BeardedAvenger Three bottle trade. Well packed. An Eisbock I was after and two interesting looking Swiss beers.
Apr 2018 anstei Small country-tick swap. Fast communication, fast shipping, everything according to the deal. Will trade again!
Apr 2018 Grzesiek79 This another small box from Asbjorn is Fantastic. Two bottle beer from Swiss including Saison Surette from my favorite brewery from Swiss. And one sample from Ghana (my new Coutry) including all three label from the bottle. Thanks Again and I hope we trade again.
Feb 2018 martjoobolut Did rare styles+locals (me) : country ticks+locals (him) trade. I got a nice package, everything was well packaged and as promised. Great trader, recommended :)
Jan 2018 jtclockwork Another solid country tick international trade. Happy to do again!
Dec 2017 Grzesiek79 Asbjorn sent to me mini box with a lot of new Country. Full bottle blond beer from Brasserie de Monaco and craft wheat beer from Swiss. Also two mini bottle (Bostwana and Gambia). Thanks again for sharing. And Finaly one high quality noir chocolate from Swiss! Thanks for all. We trade again.
Nov 2017 Erzengel As usual, the trade with Asbjørn was fantastic. New country tick, shipped fast and well-packed. Thank you so much!!
Nov 2017 nilsas Successfull and reliable trading completed. It has been a pleasure trading with this guy.
Oct 2017 Grumbo Received small parcel today from Asbjorn with a bottle and sample from the Gambia (my country #177) and a sample from Andorra too. Well packaged as always. Thanks very much!
Oct 2017 MarkoNm Another very successful miniature country trade with Asbjorn. As before - safely packed with quick delivery. Hoping for another one soon.
Sep 2017 Nisse666 Asbj?rns cellar was flooded so the trade floated away a bit. But man, what a couple a nice Swiss beauties along with a Zimbabwe ???? sample and an IceTWO bocks. Great communication, well packed parcel and environment friendly shipping (reused my box). Cheers and many thx!
Aug 2017 Bov One more new country from Asbjorn ! (Cura?ao, August 2017). Always a pleasure to trade with him.
Aug 2017 Bov Easy and fast: got a new country from Asbjorn - Vanuatu ! (June 2017)
Jul 2017 tricksta_p Did a nice 6-bottle trade with Asbjørn. I asked for a diverse selection of unfamiliar Swiss locals and Asbjørn was kind enough to provide just that, including a bonus beer! Very generous. Friendly communication leading up to the trade, wouldn’t hesitate to trade again.
Apr 2017 adamnowek Great for my first trade! I went for the country tick trade, receiving bottles from 5 countries that I have yet to rate plus 2 Swiss beers with very few ratings. Although I had some delays receiving my box, this was entirely due to import customs upon arrival in Belgium. The box was perfectly packed with no breaks or spills.
Mar 2017 Cuso Asbjorn sent me 12 beers, 4 country ticks: San Salvador, Uruguay, Nicaragua, , Costa Rica, Alaskan Amber and 7 Swiss beers, some of them very local with few ratings, huge thanks. Everything went smooth. Communication was quick and easy. Recommended trader.
Feb 2017 Grzesiek79 Asbjorn sent to me 21 beer. Four from the new Country (Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador) and all in the bottle (Not in Can) SUPER for me. Many craft and local beer from Swiss, two rare from the US. Everything was perfectly package. Good comunication. Asbjorn Thank you so very much for your selection, for a new country and specially for your patience. My Recommendation
Jan 2017 Grumbo Box safely received today for our second trade - with a country tick and 4 new US regions for me, plus a bonus Swiss Black IPA. Thanks very much Asbjørn!
Jan 2017 Erzengel Got another nice parcel from Asbjørn. A bottle from Monaco (!) and two other nice Swiss beers in the small and well-packed parcel! Thank you so much! Looking forward to the next trade!
Nov 2016 jtclockwork Great country tick trade. Thanks!
Oct 2016 andrepintado Third trade with Asbjorn. New country tick and a swiss imperial stout. Super easy communication, great trade again!
Oct 2016 Cunningham Another bomb proof box popped up at home from this gentleman. Country ticks ohoi. Anytime again. Highly recommendable trader
Aug 2016 Grumbo Asbjorn got in touch replying to my trade listed ’have’ of a beer from Gibraltar, and we quickly agreed a country tick for country tick swap with an Angolan stubbie coming my way along with surprise additions too. Great and swift comms throughout. Hope my parcel safely arrives once you get Swiss National Day out of the way! And looking forward to trading again, if not before, then when I get
Jun 2016 tderoeck Another nice trade, involving mainly country ticks, a state tick and other goodies! Good communication, patient trader, that’s how we like it. ;-)
Jun 2016 andrepintado This was my second trade with Asbjorn. Plenty of new breweries for me, three new countries, and one beer from Storm&Anchor, one of my favorites swiss breweries. It’s always a pleasure to trade with Asbjorn!
May 2016 Mariusz First trade with Asbjørn. Nice communication. Everything perfect. Always a pleasure to trade with you!
Apr 2016 RobertDale Excellent trade with Asbjorn. We are trading countries, U.S. states, and English counties. He did a great job sending me new beers from new places. Great selection of well thought out beers. Superb packing. I am still working on my box to him. Highly recommended!!
Mar 2016 MarkoNm Did another small 3 bottle trade with Asbjorn. 1 new country plus two interesting locals. Quick, safe and easy. Definitely will trade again.
Mar 2016 Erzengel Got from Asbjørn a great box full of nice Swiss beers again! And 2 new countries for me! Thank you very much!!! And as usual delivered in 3 days!
Dec 2015 Nisse666 Everything arrived in a good shape, only took 4 weeks / Swedish customs did a little investigation. 2 new country ticks and an extra bonus: a new US state. + Loads of nice beers from Schwitzerland. Easy communiction, well packed box and loads of suport when box went missing. Cheers mate, any time again! // Thomas
Oct 2015 ogivlado 12 beers, three new countries, packed well, easy communication...in general very good trade... Swiss postal service is accurate but a bit slow...however don’t worry about small things, Asbjorn is great trader... Cheers mate!!!
Jul 2015 jaghana Got a nice box from Asbjørn with 6 new countries !! and 6 nice local beers from Swiss plus two bonus. Good communication, pleasant trader, thanks.
Jun 2015 Benzai Fine trade with Asbjorn including more than 10 interesting Swiss beers and two country ticks. Very happy with the box, thanks man!
Apr 2015 Erzengel Got a nice box with 5 nice local swiss beers, two swiss ciders, two great US-brews )incl. a new state for me) and three new countries. Very fast delivery, thank you very much!!
Apr 2015 tderoeck Did a country tick trade, with a bit of practical problems on both sides which we managed to resolve, resulting in a very interesting trade! If only the shipping Gods will cut us some slack next time! :)
Mar 2015 rosenbergh Asbjørn sent me a well packed box of Swiss witbiers, Hefeweizens and IPAs. I also got a Honduran country tick. Thanks! The trade was prompt and handled in a professional manner. Highly recommended! Thanks a lot!
Mar 2015 goochflies Excellent trader. Well packaged, Excellent beers, and a bonus Chocolate! Would trade with any time! Thanks!
Feb 2015 Bamsen78 A great trader! A carefully packed, stuffed and wrapped parcel containing 12 bottles has just arrived at my local post office in Denmark. Asbjørn sent me some decent Swiss beer and three bottles from countries I was still missing and could not easily get hold of. Good, quick and friendly communication. I will definitely trade with him again. Big thumbs up!
Dec 2014 Cunningham Powertrader! Solid packing! Lovely box with some swiss gems and some new countries landed safely in Norway! Highly recomendable!
Dec 2014 MarkoNm Received a very safely packaged box from Asbjorn. Three new countries that he picked up for me and several very fine and promising Swiss beers, some even extras. Great trader, would definitely trade again if we find some new country ticks for eachother.
Nov 2014 andrepintado Got a nicely packed box full of Swiss goodies and new countries. Lovely trader. Thanks a lot Asbjørn!
Oct 2014 dnicolaescu Asbjorn sent me a custom cherry picked selection of Swiss micros, including BFM, some American gems and a big, literally big, surprise beer. Great and generous trader. Highly recommended!
Sep 2014 Erzengel I got a nice box with some international beers (from countries I haven’t had yet) and nice local swiss beers! Everything great! Thank you very much!!
Nov 2010 Embrouille I met azlondon in Fribourg some time ago. Trade in person. I received some beers I was really interested in (from Fribourg, Luxembourg, Indonesia) and some from Nogne. Great trader.