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Jul 2016 Clownoisseur Responded to Pepsi-Cola’s post in regards to purchasing TG through Johns Grocery Store. Communication and shipping was very quick and packaging was exceptional. Would purchase again!
Jul 2016 phaleslu Another quick and easy transaction with Andy for some fresh Iowa hops and a CIB gremlin because I love to punish myself. Cheers, Andy!
Jun 2015 Clownoisseur pepsican was sending to me for the Local Growler Swap. He killed it with 2 specialty howlers! A DSM Collab between 9 IA breweries called "All Hands on Deck" and a Confluence "Weather Beacon Red" howler. So excited to try both! He even tossed in some TG extras. Much appreciated..and thanks for running this swap! Cheers!
Jun 2015 MacBoost FFS, Pepe truly kills it when trading. All i sent was 4 bottles of low boost hippie juice and he sends 2 huge boxes of high boost God nectar. Like, literally a case of beer. Sheesh. There’s no one who is more generous than this kind soul from the good old days, and I mean it.
May 2015 GreatDane1632 Received a box of goodies from Pepsican yesterday as a part of a locals trade. I got all bombers and it was above the "suggested" $ amount. All quality beers and a few extra goodies. I look forward to diving into these.
May 2015 nimbleprop Andy shipped to me as part of the April Locals Swap. Went above and beyond with Toppling Goliath. Packed super tight. Another great one.
Apr 2015 BlowOffTube Awesome double boxed shipment full of Iowa locals from free beer week. Thanks again man!
Mar 2015 phaleslu &e plops another box of Iowa cred in Ohio. Tick tick tick tick BOOOST!
Mar 2015 CharmCityCrab Received very promptly as part of free beer week even though it was shipped from halfway across the country while all the delivery companies had weather delay notifications. He must have sent this almost immediately. Was very impressed at the care put into the packaging. Also impressed that he took the time to remember a particular style I enjoy and found 6 things I hadn’t rated. A+++
Mar 2015 dtjager I won his FBW contest and got hooked up with a huge surly variety pack as well as a few others. Not sure what the CIB story is but I think I’m in for an adventure on that one! Thanks again for the super quick shipping and great contest!!
Oct 2014 GreatDane1632 Received a box full of Prairie Goodies today. Got a 12 pack shipper as a bonus! But seriously, easy guy to communicate with.
Sep 2014 phaleslu Andy sent the CIB and other much-desired whales in a timely manner with his characteristically quick, effective communication. Much recommended for Iowa cred ticks. Cheers!
May 2014 michcam8 Good communication. Delivered in a timely manner. Packaged well. Would recommend to others.
Apr 2014 foppa78 Another great trade with pepsi. He sent me some Backpocket brewing, Toppling Goliath and a Tilquin Quetsche. Awesome box. He also threw in some prosciutto. Very excited to try these. Great trade!
Apr 2014 joet Rando topologololo on pepsican. Wonderful surprise and expertfully shipped
Apr 2014 joet Andy sent me some wonderful topologololo. All was super nice.
Apr 2014 JCB Another seamlessly easy transaction with Andy, for some much coveted goodness from Upright, Jolly Pumpkin, and Prairie. Thanks so much for another perfect box!
Apr 2014 SrSilliGose Thank you very much to pepsican for the xo box of cred. upright rews, iowa rakes, like 16+ chill rews for rakes sake
Mar 2014 TheAlum Dude sent me beer. Iowa beer. High cred. Much hops. Waow.
Jan 2014 SrSilliGose chinchitl bro hooked me up with some awesome iowa wÆl cred boost (toppling goliath, big cock). wÆvs offered as well. pics are pics: http://i.imgur.com/YPR535nt.jpg
Jan 2014 UDBeernut xmas krampus box from pepsi, random garbage plus some crappy iowa ticks. its purrfect. thanks.
Dec 2013 cubs I paid Andy $$$ and he offered me a Big Cock. I accepted the whole Big Cock to my mouth and then enjoyed 6 of the 24 bottles of BCBCBCBCBUS he bronused before maxxing out @ boost level 13.99 and vomiting on LeninCat. StalinCat then licked the pussy.
Dec 2013 MacBoost Mail order from Johns Grocery via pepsican. I must have ordered 5 times by now, just never got around to leaving feedback. Wasn’t aware that you can leave feedback for mail ordered beer, so here goes. Andy is always professional to deal with. His packaging is top notch and the prices are fair. Never any problems. Get in touch with him if you need beer delivered to your house and don’t want to trad
Dec 2013 TheHOFF43 This joker dropped a hot box of rot on my doorstep. Packed to perfection, full of BCS and its variants. In exchange I hooked him up with something he had never seen before!
Nov 2013 BlowOffTube Awesome box of locals, a few growlers and some toppling Goliath. Thanks man!
Oct 2013 SrSilliGose Rare. Iowa. Whales. http://i.imgur.com/T7g61gRt.jpg http://i.imgur.com/mNXnmt9t.jpg http://i.imgur.com/CEtdR5Dt.jpg http://i.imgur.com/97qA7EIt.jpg
Oct 2013 phaleslu Ordered another box of random garbage from John’s Grocery and Andy delivers quickly, safely, and with great communication. Couldn’t ask for a better transaction. Thanks, and cheers!
Oct 2013 cubs Got my hands on a limited one-off CIB from Andy along with an Iowa City rewfest Teku. Bro randy threw in a fancy feast for LeninC@e, 4x John’s Grocery pamplets, 4x Jagermeister shirts, John’s Grocery bottle opener, some random glassware catalog, a PBR shirt for Ms. LeninC@e, and more! #winning
Sep 2013 JCB Sweet box from Andy containing some JP and Prairie goodies. Thanks!
Sep 2013 LEMONHEAD Andy comes through once again! Sweet box from Iowa. Crazy fast and really nice guy to deal with. He goes above and beyond and is a real pillar of this community. Perfect!
Aug 2013 Godofthecellar Scavenger hunt at my expense lol... well i got a great box from pepsi! Nice beers, packed well in a styro shipper snd even included s return label. Highly recommend trading with this guy
Aug 2013 DaTimBennett Pepsican is one of the fastest person to ship I have ever traded with. This was for Local Vendor Swap 5. Pepsican sent me 8 local beers to try from Iowa with one being the infamous CIB Orange Scorpion. Thanks, hopefully we can set up a trade in the future..
Jul 2013 reggiedunlop Aksed for an iowa beer so i could tick the state and bro sends me a face melting whale dong! Orange scorpion...cant wait to try this with my tasting group. Cheers!
Jul 2013 phaleslu Got a box of random garbage, mostly CIB walez. Fast shipping, very easy to deal with in terms of communication. This box lifts! Thanks, bro!
Jul 2013 jtclockwork Got a nice box from Iowa, 1/3 full of CIB whales and assorted goodies. Thanks!
Jun 2013 MacBoost Randy just dropped some CIB god-nectar on me. He fucken rules, for real. Most generous trader on RB, a guy to be trusted and a true advocate of malt liquor. Should you ever have the opportunity to trade with him, you should hook him up because he has tons of karma points.
May 2013 Denverdiv Received a mixed box from RG for free beer week. Looking forward to trying these new varieties!
May 2013 drowland Small order from John’s and he adds in some malt likkas and random garbage for a trade we did as well! JESUS CHRIST BOI
May 2013 brokensail Andy hooked it up with some Iowa garbage and threw in some malt liquor as a bonus. Fucken a!
May 2013 MacBoost Man, oh man! the garbageman delivers again on some sweet Iowa nectar! Awesome! Best trader on ratebeer.
May 2013 Mcc1654 Great communication, fast shipping, great packaging and some really nice extras. Got some Toppling Goliath and some other nice Iowa beers. I highly recommend trading with Andy.
May 2013 TheHOFF43 BROsus sent me me TG SOSUS and a CIB whale. thanks. http://i.imgur.com/5rQrkFh.jpg
Apr 2013 RamyG4 Thought I was doing a small simple trade for a Darkness, Andy sent me the Darkness along with a ton of Iowa goodness, including but not limited to 2 32oz growlers. Awesome.
Apr 2013 FlacoAlto Shipped way too fast, super packaging, with lots of tasty fresh growlers for the April Growler swap. Awesome.
Apr 2013 BrewtopiaofPJ From Beer Swap - Received some amazing beers and 2 sours that I had only heard about but never seen. Thank you very much! Trade with this guy!
Apr 2013 Ed5388 Won a mystery box from randomgarbage containing 4 German pilsner glasses (2x Ayinger & 2x Weihenstephan). Thank you for your generosity and for the random garbage!!
Mar 2013 MacBoost Out of the goodness of his heart, Andy sends me a BA Kopi Speedway for basically nothing. A true man, a generous trader and captain of OT-LOL.
Mar 2013 SrSilliGose whoa some sweet brews from randomgarbage for free beer week. cans of brews. johns grocery churchkey. all kinds of neat stuff. thanks a ton!
Mar 2013 douglas88 Andy wanted some Malt Liquor, and in return he sent some awesome brews. Triple boxed! Thanks man!
Mar 2013 BlowOffTube Won a free beer contest, all I had to do is post a video of a dog driving in the park. Thanks for the 6 Iowa ticks! 2 box packaging and fast shipping. Cheers. Cory
Feb 2013 Unclerudy Just got some sweet Iowa beer from Randomgarbage in the growler swap. The only disappointment was that it wasn’t from CIB. Awesome trader!
Feb 2013 cubs Got some CIB goodness + advanced chemistry notes for some .rar malt likkas. Fucken a bro
Feb 2013 Unclerudy Just got a box of CIB for some Malt Likka! That’s awesome!
Feb 2013 ksurkin andy sent a Bolt Cutter my way and bonused a couple of kick-ass beers from his neck of the woods. perfect packing and great communication as usual. cheers!
Jan 2013 mathieuc The pepsiedman went above and beyond to fulfill our trade and I got a great box in return for some local stuff that I sent him. Thanks a lot sir!
Jan 2013 StFun Every box I get from pepsi is awesome. This time he sent me a big ol’ box of goodies for the most recent local trade. Very cool mix of breweries and styles. Also was kind enough to toss in 2 bottles of a want list beer on the side. Very much appreciated. Thanks!
Dec 2012 McGrupp612 I was sent a massive box as Andy’s secret Santa recipient. Killer mix of favorites and tasty locals. Went way over the $55 limit as well. Great trader!!!!!!!!
Dec 2012 cquiroga Got a full case of GI Bourbon County, packed well and shipped promptly. Good communication. Very generous. Not much more you can ask for. Highly recommended.
Dec 2012 Drake Andy sent a growler of Bent River American Pale ale, filled and shipped halfway across the country in less than 4 days. Also included was a bonus of Brau Bros. BA Quad. Nice! I’m not 100% sure that package would survive being run over by a tank, but it would probably take just that much. Well done.
Dec 2012 b3shine Just received a growler of Bent River Uncommon Stout from my brother as part of his most recent growler swap. And I present you this cold, hard fact: I’m looking forward to drinking it with the wife while we’re chinchillin on the couch this evening. Thanks Andy!
Nov 2012 brokensail Andy sent me a box of random Iowan garbage. Looking forward to getting buzzed quick. Thanks, bro!
Nov 2012 MrPickles All I can say is WOW! Picked up and shipped some brews and got a full box of extras! Anytime you need something let me know!
Nov 2012 cbfobes In exhange for me to simply mule Andy some New Glarus Apple Ale, he sends a handful of different Evil Twin brews and at least a sixer of local Iowa beers, even included two glasses as well, above and beyond!
Nov 2012 j12601 Andy sent me two sweet Duvel glasses and even a bonus because of how awesome he is. Thanks again sir.
Nov 2012 Unclerudy Just got 2 Duvel glasses, and was bonused a bottle opener and a stack of Reissdorf Kolsch coasters. The one glass was dirty and looked like it was used, but that just gave it character. Thanks for hooking me up with some sweet glasses!
Oct 2012 daknole Andy went above and beyond big time. What a great trader.
Oct 2012 MacBoost Awesome! Once again, the Pepsied Can has hit me up with .rar Cantiloons, sours and barrel aged stuff. Totally awesome and wholly appreciated. I can’t really say much more than has already been said before, so I’ll just leave it at that. Best. Trader. Ever. ...oh yeah, he also sent me a Millstream hop2.
Oct 2012 oRos Wow. Just received my trade from pepsiedcan. I’m blown away we had a trade for about 4 beers each and I receive a huge box packed with 14 beers. Made my day. Would trade again and again.
Oct 2012 bytemesis Just got home to find an AWESOME box waiting at my door. Packed with extras, I was blown away. Great communication, bombproof packaging - including styro shippers. I cannot wait for our next trade.
Oct 2012 AdamChandler THIS GUY! The fastest back and forth communications via BeerMail. VERY open, honest and ships faster than anyone I know. Love getting beer from the P-Can.
Oct 2012 madvike I answered Andy’s call for some New Glarus beers and received a killer box in return that contained that put the beers I sent back to shame. Fastest trade ever, too--from initial communication on Friday to (hopefully) final shipment on Tuesday. Thanks Andy!
Oct 2012 JStax Just received a box from Mr. Can as part of the most recent local for local deal. Got a bunch of Iowa beers I’ve never heard of, but am really looking forward to drinking. The box was packed about as well as I could imagine. I bet a blast from a shotgun wouldn’t make it into the beer. Thanks for the hookup!
Oct 2012 5000 Andy offered to send me beer with nothing in return! Well, I can’t do that so I am sending him a box as well. He was able to get me a new pumpkin that I have never heard of from Millstream, as well as Stevens Point and a couple of Peach Tree Beers. Very generous to offer me free beer with nothing in return. Can’t thank him enough for that!
Sep 2012 SrSilliGose 4 @13.99 is like .4 @.1399 2 me? fine sum1 else
Sep 2012 patmycan Awesome turnaround on some Breakfast Stout. Included a bottle opener taboot. Always a great transaction.
Sep 2012 Unclerudy Just got a large delivery of beers from Iowa from Ed. Great job man! But i think i will have to add a few cigarette butts for real bar atmosphere. Looking forward to trading again!
Aug 2012 daknole Andy sent me a message out of the blue and offered to send me a bottle that I have been wanting to try forever. And throws in a sweet extra. Great guy, thanks!!
Aug 2012 TheAlum Won a contest through Andy. Packages were expertly packed, arrived promptly, and included.. well.. entirely too much free beer. Andy is an amazing trader (When he is trading) and an asset to the RateBeer community #RandomGarbage #FancyD
Aug 2012 Drake Just got a massive box full of Iowa locals from Andy. Expertly packed. But no Pepsi! That makes me sad. Seriously though, nice shipment.
Jul 2012 unclemike a monster 11 beer box arrived at my house in a local for locals trade box was filled with all Iowa beers cant await to try them. Great packagaing and really quick shipping. way over the 72oz limit
Jul 2012 MacBoost I sent Pepsi some random garbage beers and in return he hits me back with no less that 11 bombers of quality beer! AWESOME! Andy goes above and beyond above and beyond. Very generous. Probably the best trader out there.
Jul 2012 robotpimp Bought (2) JP SobreHumanos, transaction was perfect, shipped immediately and very fair priced for the JP and shipping. Would definitely buy/trade again. Packing was secure bottles were in perfect shape out of the box. Good communication.. tracking# provided. Awesome, A+ for sure.
Jul 2012 Gription79 I received a box as part of unclerudy’s local trade. Amazing packaging! Double boxed, tons of packing material, and tons of great local beers. Thanks for the beers!
Jun 2012 Bevbro Great service. FedEx messed up and he still made sure I got my package he sent out another package and received it within 3 days. Would love to get beers from you again. Cheers!
Jun 2012 mikem409 andy sent me a imperial biscotti and threw in a nogeno scotch whisky barrel. what a great person
Jun 2012 beerbill Andy sent me 6 great bottles including Tallgrass Velvet Rooster, Sutliff Hard Cider, Evil Twin Auld Yin, Brau Bros 2011 Rye Wyne, Big Sky 2011 Olde Bluehair and 3 Fonteinen Schaerbeekse Kriek. Everything came securely packed in styros. Thank you very much!
Jun 2012 GT Andy sent me an expertly packed 12 bottle styro shipper with unrated goodies and a perennial favorite, JP BdM. Thanks a lot dude! UNGEEEE
Jun 2012 LEMONHEAD The fastest deal I’ve ever made.Maybe the fastest anything has ever arrived at my door,beer or otherwise.Too damn generous,just a pro trader.Forget Coca-Cola.Pepsi is "the real thing"!
May 2012 Carps Andy is one hell of a trader. Great communication, fast shipping, quick and easy trade. He sent me some great sours for HF product and blew my socks off with a very generous extra. Looking forward to the next trade.
May 2012 AdamChandler This guy is pro. uber responsive, fast and really nice to work with.
Apr 2012 MacBoost All I can say is WOW. Pepsiedcan is very generous with trade extras. Quick shipping and good communication. This guy is the best to trade with. Also, we ate a bacon.
Apr 2012 tyler_mn Pepsi sent me an awesome(?) box of beer to help team Unge in RBSH2. Chock full of banana’d goodness as well as some cider, mead and some Midwest yums. Thanks Andy. UNGEFTW!!!
Mar 2012 mikem409 Andy surprised me with a box today that contained a rye on rye. And a hopopotomus. Thanks ever so Thanks you are a truly fantastic trader
Jan 2012 mikem409 sent andy a box of the finest malt liquour around and some hop slam and he sends me a massive box of iowa beers with some very special beers thrown in thanks again
Dec 2011 jtclockwork Amazing trader - hooked me up with some of the best mead on Earth - and during the holidays. Delivery was so quick it was scary. Thanks again!
Dec 2011 dimenhetfield Has to be the fastest traded I’ve ever conducted. Super fast shipping and great packing. Will trad with again for sure.
Dec 2011 cbfobes In exchange for picking up a case of NG Apple Ale he sends me a FFF Baller Stout! He even took care of the packaging for the Apple Ale I sent out to him, huge thanks!
Dec 2011 LtDan Good heavens!!! Great haul!
Dec 2011 IrishBoy I send A KR Citra and one bonus and Andy sends the beer I was trading for and 13 bonus locals! What an awesome trader!
Dec 2011 StFun Pepsi’dcan = The Man. What a great guy. Thanks, man!
Nov 2011 bulldogp04 Andy hooked it up big with a ticket to 3 Floyds XV party! Can’t thank him enough for overnighting it at last minute! Highly recommended!
Oct 2011 DA Killer box sent my way featuring tons of new beers from Iowa, 14 in total. So excited to try a spread of new beers! Very generous Ratebeer member.
Sep 2011 ksurkin andy hooks me up with a mind-blowing box of 18 kick-ass beers for NP10V5. tons of new rates, favorites, and breweries i’ve never heard of! shipped super fast and packed tight as a drum. thanks, andy!
Aug 2011 48FanInCali Andy hooked me big with my number 1 mead want, Apis Póltorak Jadwiga, some older vintage JW Lees, and an Outblack. Totally blown away by his generosity. Thanks s ton.
Aug 2011 ucusty How have I not traded with the Pesican yet? NP10V5 Hannenns Scarenbecca Kriek , Experimental Cassis, Experimental Raspberry 3F 2006 Doesjel 3f 2010 Schaerbeekse Kriek and Sutliff hard Cider Thanks A Lot Insanely Generous and well above the 30 dollar cap.
Aug 2011 yobdoog With a quickness pepsi got me 9 random Iowa ticks for me to bring to a camping weekend. Trade was done the same day as posting, thats quick! Thanks.
Jul 2011 Ughsmash Andy sent me a perfectly-packaged 12 pack of mostly older Stone brews!
Jun 2011 hopscotch In a tiny trade, Andy shoots me a Boulevard Dark Truth Stout quick and neat. He even threw in an extra bottle from Peace Tree Brewing. Much appreciated!
May 2011 wavers1 Andy comes at me with a completely surprise box with some insane brews. Cantillon, 3F, thomas creek, madhouse, jolly pumpkin and brewers reserve from cricket hill! wow! What a blindside!
May 2011 wavers1 Andy comes through with a case pf fresh twohearted ale plus a couple bounuses from peace tree like hop wrngler and the imperial stout! awesome box, very fast shipping, excellent trader! cheers!
May 2011 breaks808 Andy hooked it up fat with a case of two hearted for a few west coast ipas. Well packaged (of course) and shipped super fast. Thanks.
Mar 2011 daveborn Andy made my first trade on Ratebeer a most excellent one! He communicated regularly and often; he’s a very personable guy; he shipped extremely quickly; the packaging was... fun(!); and what he sent was above and beyond. Thank you for making my first Ratebeer trade an exemplar one!
Mar 2011 gn0sis Andy hooked it up in a big way.. Many thanks from New England!
Mar 2011 murphym45 Posted a free beer contest (before there was the giant rush of contests), said he would send a few locals out. Ended up getting a package with 15 different local beers, none of which I had even heard of before. I’ll be sure to pass on the good karma soon.
Feb 2011 patmycan Got a couple bottles of Boulevard’s hard to find Chocolate Ale. It was packaged perfectly and was shipped super fast!
Sep 2010 DrHomolka Andy sent me an entire case of good beer from Iowa in exchange for... a dozen donuts. Yep, a ton of rare locals and new beers in exchange for donuts. Perfect packaging and communication. Thanks for the Iowa rate!
Aug 2010 riversideAK Andy sent a bunch of stuff from Peace Tree in cool stubby bottles. He also bonused a Brau Brothers Rubus Black and a Millstream 25th. Thanks man!
Jul 2010 skinnyguy I sent Andy a can of Abrasive with a couple extra Surly cans, he sends me a box load of new IA brews. I am really looking forward to trying them, thanks!
May 2010 stowehop Andy is the easiest trader I’ve dealt with. Answered my posting and had the beers out the door within an hour. Professionally packaged also. Never blinked when I shipped the next week. And need I mention a fou foune as an extra. Holy cow
May 2010 iowaherkeye Andy also sent me in a different shipment a couple Boulevard Dark Truths in a two bottle styro shipper. He shipped the very next day. Thanks man.
May 2010 iowaherkeye Andy sent me some Iowa goodness in the form of Hop Wrangler and Rye Porter from the new Peace Tree brewing. Thanks!
May 2010 khumbard A generous in person trade at DLD. Received a vintage DL and a RR Beatification. Very nice guy, and would gladly make another trade in the future. Thanks for taking the time to find me in the crazy chaos of DLD.
Apr 2010 Overml01 Thanks so much Andy! Andy hooked me up with a couple of delcious looking meads to introduce me to the style. All he asked in return is to send some good hoppy beer whenever I get around to sending some. Great communication, great packing... an amazing trader! I’d be happy to trade with Andy again any time!
Feb 2010 CanIHave4Beers Andy took the opportunity to show me once again why he is one of the most kindest souls on the website when I stopped into John’s Friday evening. The box awaiting me behind the front counter contained 4 beers (of course) including Alpine Great, Heavyweight Perkunos Hammer & Baltus along with a 2008 Older Viscosity, rendering it ever more impossible to repay his generosity. Thanks a lot And
Jan 2010 northernbrews Andy hooks it up big time with a case of 08 Bourbon County Stout...and threw in 3 cool ass bottle openers. All he asked for in return was some cool hoppy local growlers..It’s going to be tough to top this box. Awesome packaging and communication.
Jan 2010 phaleslu Andy sent a Bush de Nuits for 12 Hopslams and bonused me a 2009 Saison Brett (batch 2) and 2009 Bourbon Barrel Quad from Boulevard, as well as some nifty little extras, like bottle openers, keychains, and Boulevard coasters. He also shipped before I could even get mine out- wow, awesome trade! Thanks a ton, Andy!
Jan 2010 fata2683 Andy sent me my return box for the NPT v4. Inside was 6 nice 750’s of Boulevard, Goose Island, and a nice Iowa hard cider to get the state tick. He even threw in some bottle openers. Thanks for the box!
Dec 2009 skinnyguy Andy got screwed by UPS, so it took a couple weeks to get set up with Fedex. Then my awesome box of beer arrived. Agreed upon Upland and Dissident, along with Cantillon Lou Pepe and Fou Foune, De Molen Hel and Verdoemenis (!!), and Sutliff Cider. Shipped in a nice stryo shipper, good communication. I look forward to our next trade (and to drinking the amazing beer)
Nov 2009 mcbackus Pepsi is awesome that is all I can say. He sent not 8 BCS, but 12 to me. Huge thanks again.
Nov 2009 GT Dude Andy is the man. I overnight a Two-Hearted mini-keg and in return I get Lost Abbey Angel’s Share Bourbon Barrel!! And that’s not all, he even sends an Apis Póltorak Jadwiga as a bonus!!!! And a random from my want list: Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor in the baby bottle! Awesome trader! Even threw in a sick bottle opener.
Nov 2009 scrizzz ’95 Sam Adams Triple Bock (x5),New Glarus Smoke on the Porter and Imperial Weizen (both WL), Dark Horse 3 Guy Off the Scale Old Ale and Perkulator Coffee Dopplebock, Bells Expedition, Harviestoun Ola Dubh 40 year, Shorts Soft Parade, Upland Blueberry Lambic, Sutliff Hard Cider, Apis Póltorak Jadwiga, Pisgah Hellbender, Boulevard Seeyoulater Dopplebock I DON’T BELIEVE IT
Sep 2009 mcbackus Wow what speed Pepsi sent me 2 seeyoulater dobblebocks with the speed of superman. got here all safe with some great beer swag. another excellent trade with Pepsi.
Sep 2009 tlay10 All I have to say is probably the most incredible trader ever. Period. He was a little late sending the box out (like 5 days) which is no big deal at all, that kinda thing happens. So to make up for this "delay" he sends me a box LOADED with tons of extra beers, 8 to be exact, and tons of other goodies, bottle openers, glasses, etc. I was speechless when I opened the box, it was li
Sep 2009 JoeTheYounger Thanks Andy for the nice trade. All I wanted was ONE 5L keg of Bell’s Oberon ale. When I opened the box I found TWO 5L kegs of Oberon and six local bonus bottles. What an awesome dude. Thanks again buddy.
Sep 2009 Naven One of the coolest boxes I have ever received. Not only did Andy send a bunch of extras, I also got 2 glasses, bottle openers, and other great things. The beers he sent were top caliber. Pepsican is going straight to my "trade again" list. Thanks man.
Aug 2009 thebaldwizard Easy trade with Andy. He sent me a bottle of mead I was wanting to try and adds another as a bonus! He also sent some coasters, and several very cool bottle openers. Love getting those kind of extras! Thanks bro!
Jul 2009 bu11zeye Andy is one hell of a guy! I sell him an extra ticket to the Great Taste and he then throws in a box of beer: Millstream Iowa Pale Ale, HefeRWeissen, Shipyard XXXX IPA, Wintercoat Double Hop, Seson, and Birra Troll Geisha!!! You rock! Hope to meet you at the fest.
Jun 2009 CheesedMan Andy hooked me up big time with 4 Jaros meads and a kick ass DuPont reserve Cider!!!! Awesome trader!!!
Apr 2009 Odeed wow i asked my man for 4 bottles of double trouble.he sends those as well as 8 other awesome bonus brews.HOLY SHIT!BIG UPS MAN.
Apr 2009 Cletus Andy hooked me up with a growler of Grumpy Troll Sasson, NG Iced Barleywine, Apple Ale in an excellently packed box jand asked for nothing in return!! Andy is an awsomely generous dude. Thanks a million!!!!
Apr 2009 BMan1113VR In our second trade, I sent Andy a growler of Bruery Berliner Weisse, and asked him to send me equivalent value of his choice...he certainly chose well. New Glarus Iced Barely Wine and Apple Ale, Central Waters Peruvian Morning, Bourbon Barrel Stout and Satin Solstice, and Capital Brewery Autumn Fire...Oh Yeah, and a Growler...A growler of Grumpy Troll Saison. Huge box, tons of peanuts...Let me kn
Apr 2009 j12601 Andy sent me a growler of a nice looking brew from a brand new brewpub, that isn’t even on the site yet. As I love getting stuff with a low number of ratings, this is pretty cool. Thanks Andy :)
Jan 2009 alraicercsu Traded a local growler for local growler. Great trader included some preaty cool extra shwag. Only delay was the site getting hacked. Great Trader looking forward to doing more trades.
Jan 2009 daknole 4 awesome beers. NG Rasp Tart, KRE 07, and two vey nice Cantillons. Thanks Andy! Cheers!!
Dec 2008 zathrus13 Andy sent me a 2008 Dark Lord, four Belgian Reds, a Raspberry Tart, and a Bells BB Cherry Stout. What a box!!! Amazing. Our third or fourth trade, and another nice one. I hope the issue with the box I sent gets worked out the way we hope. Thanks, Andy.
Dec 2008 TheBeerSommelier I love big bottles - the bigger the better. Andy hooked me up big time, with not one, but TWO big bottles of beer. Poor dude even shelled out for a third one, when the gorillas at UPS busted one of them. What can brown do for you? Break your expensive shit, thats what. Anyway, I hope my return box measures up - thanks again, sir...you just made two parties, 10-20 years from now, much more fun.
Dec 2008 Cletus In a great trade, Andy hooked me up with 9 locals from Hub City and Mill Stream. Thanks for another awesome trade.
Nov 2008 iowaherkeye Andy magically worked out a three way trade, unsolicited by me, with KingpinIPA as the middle man for a Darkness. Hot damn! Thank you Andy, but you won’t beat me to 100 trades. Jerk.
Nov 2008 tyler_mn Andy sent me a Castleton and a sweet bonus of Amager H. Fred Whatever impy as an awesome bonus. Thanks man!
Oct 2008 Sparky Andy sent an absolute bomb proof box that contained a great looking growler of Old Capitol Big Country Cock IPA as part of the growler swapper v2.492. I can’t wait to try it. Fast shipping and great communication on top of excellent packing. Thanks Andy!
Oct 2008 mashmaster In a quick one for one trade Andy sent an Isabelle Proximus home to CA. He also sent a dark horse black bier and and a central waters satin solstice. All of this came in a stryo shipper! What a great trader!
Oct 2008 brentfeesh In what turned out to be a confusing trade situation, Mr. Pepsican came through for me in the Prefect Trade III. A nice selection of the following: Millstream Iowa Pale Ale Johns Grocery Generations White Struiselensis Chocolate Indulgence Old Dubh 30 year Montagioco Bran Reserva Thanks!
Oct 2008 tyler_mn Andy sent me a Cantillon Lou Pep Framboise (!!) and an Italian Wheat beer... Talco or something. Thanks a ton man!
Oct 2008 CheesedMan Pepsican hooks TheCheeseMan up again. Great box of goodness filled with Talco, Deus, Hanssens Oudbeitje, 2000 vintage,Boulevard Sixth Glass Quadrupel and a Sutliffe Cider. Great box again!!!
Oct 2008 inkubus27 This is my second trade with Andy, and just like the first time he hooked me up. He sent the agreed on Dark Lord and KRE, plus 4 extras that look so good they could have made an entirely separate trade. Andy has to be one of the best traders on ratebeer.
Oct 2008 Cletus In a great trade, Andy hooked me up with a giant bottle of beer. Thanks for the great trade!
Oct 2008 jsquire Quick easy trade for an ’08 Dark Lord and a bonus Tyrneana Scurvy. As always, a good communicator and a reliable trader.
Oct 2008 riversideAK Received a styro shipper from Andy with 6 beers. We set up a trade for a Boulevard Double Wide IPA, and he sent that as well as Boulevard Saison, 6th Glass, and Long Strange Tripel! Also included were O Fallon Pumpkin Ale and Hug City Porter. Thanks for the great beer man! A great trader!
Oct 2008 daknole Andy answered my call for a southern tier oat and what does he do??? Sends me TWO of them! Oh hell yeah! and also a Millstream pale ale. And a cool bottle opener too! Great packagin, quick shipping...thanks very much to one of RB’s greatest assets.
Aug 2008 Odeed my man hooks me up with the ba decadence as asked.plus 3 boulevard 750’s,a k.b.s.,and one other bonus that escapes my mind at the moment.this is our second trade and it was even better than the first.thanks homie!
Aug 2008 alohaC Andy sent me a growler of Masala Mama from Town Hall and then threw in several great extras to round out our trade including pretty much everything Surly has canned and a Dark Horse Three Guys off the scale! Even sent me some goodies from his store. Thanks, Andy - as everyone knows, you’re one of the best.
Aug 2008 LilBeerDoctor I was one of the respondents to Andy’s generous offer of free beer/packing materials. Andy sent me 5 Hub Citys (Golden Ale, Wheat, Porter, Oatmeal Stout, and Brown Ale) and a Millstream Iowa Pale Ale. He also added a bunch of coasters and a bottle opener. Thanks Andy!
Aug 2008 valpoaj Pepsican came through with two beautifully packaged tickets to the Great Taste of the Midwest...no bonus beers since they wouldn’t fit in the #10 envelope apparently. Thanks a bunch...I’ll be sure to get you some good brews soon!!!
Aug 2008 TheRealBastard Andy one-up’d me....feel bad. Will trade with him again and up him. A 2006 Barrel-Aged Numbskull and a 2001 Cantillon Lou Pepe as an extra??? WOW! He also tossed in a custom bottle opener too as an extra. Huge hook up! Thanks a bunch homie! What comes around goes around; let me know when you want another trade! I won’t let you down. Very highly recommended!
Aug 2008 Papsoe In a giant trade Andy delivered no less than 26 beers. He’s a friendly, generous and very professional trader. Alpine Monieux, Upstream Grand Cru + Batch 1000, Ommegang Chocolate Chocolate Indulgence, Dogfish Head Liquor de Malt, Tyranena Devil Over A Barrel + Scurvy. Founders Backwoods and 18 more much desired beers! Excellent.
Jul 2008 JW77 This is my second go around with Andy and it was just as stellar as the first, he is one hell of a generous trader to say the least. He sent me the agreed upon Hvedegoop and a box full of midwestern goodness and how could I forget those 2 bottles of 07 BCS. Thanks again Andy for an awesome trade.
Jul 2008 BMan1113VR Andy is probably one of the most generous traders on the site. He sent me an outstanding little box, packed to the brim with packing peanuts, protecting such gems as 2007 3Floyds Behemoth!, Apis Póltorak Jadwiga!!, and a bottle of 2007 Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock!!! He even put a can of Surly Furious in as an extra! Extremely generous, I would trade with Andy (without hesitation) anytime I could po
Jul 2008 kp Pepsican sends out growlers of
town hall life
town hall pursuit of happiness
plus bonus bottles of
New Glarus Unplugged Berliner Weiss
Tyranena Scurvy IPA
Jul 2008 inkubus27 Wow, Andy hooked me up and doubled what I thought I was getting. I ended up with an extra can of Furious and Bender, which was super generous on his part. That and he threw in 5 locals that look pretty darn good. Thanks a ton ...Andy!
Jul 2008 bdigital As usual Andy hooked me up proper...sent the agreed upon Surly Furious x4 and Surly Bender x2 along with bonuses of DH Tres Stout, some assorted Millstream brews, a Hub City Oatmeal Stout and a bottle of Bran Reserva. Packed up tight as hell in a styro and shipped superfast. Thanks again Andy!
Jul 2008 kmweaver Andy had a growler left over from his beerventure up north, which I was more than happy to take off his hands for our weekend camping trip. Perfect growler of Masala Mama; no extras, as I requested. Awesome packaging, shipped the next day, and just an easy painless trade all around. Thanks again, Andy!
Jul 2008 lb4lb Pepsican sends a growler of Masala Mama, & a bottle of New Glarus Berliner Weiss and if that wasn’t enough, threw in 4 fantastic bonuses of Surly Bitter Brewer, Tyranena Scurvy IPA (want list!) a Surly Furious, and also an awesome Bells Tulip glass!! Well packed in a sea of peanuts and more importantly the growler was taped and arrived with no leaks! Very generous and prompt. Awesome trade
Jul 2008 masonjer I was reading through the recent beer shipments and realized that I had totally forgot to give Pepsican props for the free beer and sending packing material. He sent 5 Hub city beers and Millstream pale ale! He also sent some great packing material and boxes. Have done a couple trades with this guy now and he is awesome. Thanks so much man.
Jul 2008 durhambeer I’m slack because I forgot to thank pepsican for his mad generous shipment of six free beers to me. This guy is a real prince. He shipped 5 Hub City beers (Golden, Wheat, Brown, Porter, and Stout) and a Millstream Iowa Pale Ale, even in the midst of the flooding in his town. He’s a ratebeer rockstar. You better believe it. I’m naming my firstborn "Pepsican" in his honor.
Jul 2008 alexsdad06 In a trade we tried to do at DLD, Andy sent 2 DH 3 Guys Off the Scale, 1 Devil Over a Barrel, 1 Otto’s Jolly Roger, 1 Hub City, and 1 PP Santa’s Little Helper. Great packaging and communication throughout. He even did all of this while under water. I don’y need to mention what a great trader he is, because this happens over and over. Thanks for the great trade.
Jul 2008 daknole Free beer and packing material? Are you kidding? Nope, not kidding at all. Not only was I sent a crapload of packing materials, but I got a Hub City sampler, a Millstream Pale Ale and BOOM SHACKALACKA he includes a goose island bourbon county stout...OH HELL YES! Thanks so much.
Jun 2008 dchmela Andy sent me a box of packing materials as per his ad and threw in a HubCity sampler and an Iowa City Pale Ale. Thanks for the materials and now I can knock Iowa off my states list. Stay dry!
Jun 2008 northernbrews I read Andy’s post about sending some free packing materials and a local sixer. Sounded like a sweet hookup to me. Got the package today that included some nice packing material. The best part was the free sixer. Andy sent a Millstream Pale Ale and a Porter, Oatmeal Stout, Wheat, Brown, and Blonde from Hub City. Frickin sweet! I’ve wanted to try all these. I’m working on a trade rig
Jun 2008 abcfan Awesome trade by pepsican! Was a basic Troeg’s for Bell’s sampler. Andy fought his way through a flood to get trade out. I believe he was spotted wearing hip waders and carrying beer above head. He hooked me up with a 6 pack of Oberon, 1 Porter, 1 Kalamazoo, 1 Lager, 1 Pale Ale, 1 Amber Ale, and 1 Third Coast, all from Bell’s. Thanks again bud, hope you are safe!
Jun 2008 OldStyleCubFan Andy hooked me up with a Cantillon Bruocsella 1900 Grand Cru and BONUSED 2 great lambics a Boon Oude Kriek and Boon Oude Geuze Mariage Parfait. Very fast trade…he beat me to the post office and half of Iowa is knee deep in water
Jun 2008 hopscotch Andy braved the high water to float some really nice beers my way. 1 bottle of Alesmith BA Decadence (finally!!!), 1 Raasted Triple IPA, 1 Raasted Imperial Stout, 1 Raasted, Imperial IPA and 1 bottle of Central Waters Glacier Trail IPA. He went above and beyond... all I really wanted was the BA Decadence. Been trying to get my hands on a bottle of it since, oh about, 2006! Thanks Andy!
Jun 2008 SuzyGreenberg Andy said he went overboard & that was an understatement as a double-boxed styro arrived from the flood waters of IA; the agreed variety of Dark Horse brews, including two 3 Guys (!!); plus tossed in treats such as a BCS, Meantime Coffee (WL), Ola Dubh 30-year (are you kidding!?) & others; damn andy!! that’s a serious haul; above & beyond in generosity; hope you dry out soon
Jun 2008 JB175 Andy hooked me up big, big time with an amazingly generous assortment of bottles. I got a Raasted Imperial Stout, Raasted Imperial IPA, Raasted Strong Ale, a Sutliff Hard Cider, Leinenkugels Big Eddy IS, Tyranena, Devil over a barrel, Millstream Iowa Pale ale, Hub City porter, Hub City Oatmeal Stout, a Birrifico Bran Reserva, and a Harvesteioun Ola Dubh 30 year. Wow - amazing generosity, great
May 2008 StefanSD In a great trade--Andy sent me an 1809 Berline Weiss, Bells special Double Cream Stout, Millstream Johns White Ale, Millestream Schokoklade Bock, Millstream Iowa Pale Ale, Hub City Oatmeal Stout and Hub City Brown Ale. Packed perfectly with plenty of styro peanuts and bubblewrap. Thanks a million. And, I got a bunch of bonus stuff: a Bells tasting glass, a bottle opener and coasters!
May 2008 masonjer In my second trade with Pepsican, he hooks me up. Sent the agreed upon Decadence 06’, which I can’t seem to get enough of, as well as a port brewing older viscocity! then bonuses me a Cantillon Lou Pepe Framboise 2002 (wants)! I can not wait to try that one! All packaged in a bombproof box and sent super fast. Thanks Andy for the great trade, hopefully this isn’t our last.
May 2008 Cletus In a great trade, Andy hooked me up with Temptation, Mathilda, Taras Boulba and 3 from Hub. Great packaging and very generous package. Thanks a ton!
May 2008 bdigital Andy answered my call for a bottle of Cantillon Lou Pepe Geuze, which he sent an ’04 bottle of...and bonused me an ’01 bottle of Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek. All I can say is wow! Andy is incredibly generous and I feel one of the best traders on the site.
May 2008 JW77 Andy killed me with a box of midwest goodness, and of course a bottle of deviation, 2 BCS, a satin solstice, blackout stout, big eddy ris, matilda, and a few other great suprises. Thanks again for the awesome trade, cant wait to trade again with you in the future.
May 2008 Styles Andy is just flat out crazy! Generous beyond belief. I messed up a trade, and for it I receive an extra box containing Hevdegoop (whatever it’s called), Port Older Viscosity and a 2000 Hanssens Oudbeitje. If you didn’t know, Andy is up there with the best. Thanks again Andy!!
May 2008 kp pepsican sends the Struise Pannepot Grand Reserva Oak Aged plus a bunch of bonus beers:
Millstream Iowa Pale Ale (new IPA!)
Johns Grocery Generations White Ale
Hub City Brown Ale
Hub City Golden Ale
Hub City Oatmeal Stout
All well wrapped and packed for a safe journey. Thanks!
May 2008 hellbilly seriously? for the mystery swap he sent dark horse black bier*, blackout stout*, john’s grocery wit and a fraggin 08 DL*. i’m speechless at his display of generosity...
May 2008 Alldaydrinker Pepsican delivered some great beers in the mysterswap 3.0. He carefully chose all of them off my Want list!! Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock! Dark Horse Tres Blueberry Stout! Dark Horse Plead the 5th Imperial Stout and New Glarus Raspberry Tart! Packed very well. Shipped fast with great communication. Thanks again for this Awesome Haul!
May 2008 wetherel Andy sent a box, yes a whole box, of bonus beers (expensive ones at that!): 750mL Dansk Mjød Klapøjster Mjød (yummy!), 750mL Etienne Dupont Cidre Cuvee Colette, Devil Over a Barrel, and Dirty Old Man. Move over Elvis; Andy is the King of Rock!
May 2008 OldStyleCubFan What can I say. It was an amazing box. As discussed, Andy sent a 08 Dark Lord, NG Belgian Red, and a Lou Pepe Framboise. He included a BONUS of a Lou Lepe Gueuze and a Stuiselenssis. Any amazing surprise. Thanks millions.
May 2008 zathrus13 Andy sent me a bunch of beers, nearly causing a hernia when picking up the box!!! Included in there was some 2088 Dark Lord, Devil over a Barrel, FFF Alpha Kong, Kuhnhenn Nine Syrah, and Firestone 11. And on top of those killer brews, two extras were Bell’s Big Head and Raasted Impy Stout!! Another great trade with Andy. Let’s trade again soon.
May 2008 riversideAK Another great trade from Andy. He sent three Central Waters Bourbon Barrel brews, a Y2K catastrophe, a NG Imperial Weizen, a Tyranena Dirty Old Man, and a Dark Horse Black Bier. A cool dude to deal with and a very generous trader. Thanks dude! Looking forward to the next one!
Apr 2008 kmweaver Quick and easy in-person trade at DLD with Andy: he hooked me up with a sweet four-pack of Tyranena Devil over a Barrel. Nice! Great meeting you, Andy, if only for a short bit of time. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the weekend. Thanks again!
Apr 2008 franksnbeans What can I say this guy is a friggin Saint. I got shafted a DLD and posted to get a bottle. Pespsican aswered the bell with one, BONUSED a 2ND!!! AAAND threw in a hand bottle of masala and a tyranena and a central waters! I owe this guy big and please hook him up at 1st chance. Thanks again!
Apr 2008 masonjer Worked out a 1 for 1 trade with Pepsican for DLD. Super easy, and he found me despite the mess of people. Thanks for hunting me down! He brought me a devil over the barrel. Can’t wait to try it. and although we agreed to no bonuses, he brought two beers from hub city brewery. Thanks man. Great to meet you!
Apr 2008 fiver29 Andy hooked me up at DLD this year with 4 - Tyranena Devil over a barrel bottles! Met him in person for the trade and would trade again any time.
Apr 2008 lb4lb Andy hooked me up with a couple of very highly wanted bottles of Tyranena Devil Over a Barrel during DLD and despite mentioning not doing extras, still bonused me with 2 great beers in Hub City Oatmeal Stout and Wheat as well. Easy trade to plan out and a nice guy as well. I definitely recommend trading with him. Thanks again man!
Apr 2008 MrBendo It seems like Andy got the package to me before I had time to blink. Sent me Central Waters ’08 Bourbon BarleyWine, Kosmyk Charlies Y2K Catastrophe and 3 BB Cherry Stouts, a Arcadia Hop Rocket and Dark Horse Perkulator Coffee DoppleBock. Plus bonuses of Dark Horse Scotty Karate and Hub City Brown Ale. He’s a freak.. and an excellent trader.
Apr 2008 iowaherkeye Andy hand delivered my Mystery Swap 3.0 box with Rodenbach Vin de Cereal, Old Rag Mountain Ale Oak Conditioned, Ten Fidy, Raasted Imperial Stout and Imperial IPA from Scandinavia! Packing must’ve been great because it didn’t break the 10 block ride to my house. Glad to have another quality RBian from Iowa. I owe you Andy!
Apr 2008 IrishBoy Andy sent these even thought I told him he didn’t need to. I had sent him a handbottle of RR Younger and HL Pils when he ISOed and now he sends a Etienne Dupont Cidre De Givre Eis Cider and a Cuvee Colette; must be trying to outdo Footbalm at this trading thing! Thanks Andy!
Apr 2008 wj94 2nd trade with pepsi. Received in a bomb-proof package: New Glarus Belgian Red, Raspberry Tart, and Imperial Weizen, Dark Horse Scotty Karate, Cantillon Fou Foune, Cantillon Lou Pepe Pure Kriek 2001, Cantillon Lou Pepe Framboise 2002, Shenandoah Chocolate Donut Stout, Goose Island BCS, and a Dark Horse Tres as an added bonus. Pepsican rules, trade with him.
Apr 2008 pantanap damn andy...you outdid yourself right here. i appreciate the 3 Central Waters brews like we set out to do and then sends me a FouFoune as a bonus!!!!!! Incredible!!
Apr 2008 alohaC Proud to be Andy’s 40th and the winner of his generous free beer bonanza! 5 Dark Horse beers including: One, Too, Tres, Special Reserve Black and Scotty Karate. Plus, a Central Water’s Satin Solstice and NG Imp. Weizen. Then Andy starts attacking my wants list and includes a Central Water’s Lac Du Bay IPA and Duck Rabbit Rabid Duck to top it off. Much good beer karma to you!
Apr 2008 Ughsmash For picking the right #, Andy sent me a bottle of Cantillon Lou Pepe Framboise!! That’s about as good as it gets right there! Excellent packaging and he sent it out right away. Hope we can do a proper trade some day!
Apr 2008 bmartin08 Andy hooked me up with a mixed 6 pack of Central Waters beers including 2 Bourbon Barrel Barley’s, 2 BB Cherry Stouts and 2 Catastrophe Ales. He also bonused me a CW Imperial Sout, a CW Lac du bay and a Tyrenena Dirty Old Man. Great communication, awesome packaging and great bonuses. What more can you ask for? Thanks Andy!!
Mar 2008 tyler_mn Quick, easy, excellent communication and packaging. Andy sends me a boatload of Central Waters beers to knock a bunch off my list. I’d trade with him any time. Thanks Andy!
Mar 2008 Fyrecrakker05 Andy did an excellent job packing and sending this stuff, He sent me a New Glarus Rasberry Tart and Belguim red with Extras include Tyrena Hop whore and St Louis Stout. Thanks again and Cheers!! Let me know if you’d like to do it again..
Mar 2008 Bockyhorsey Entered a contest in the trade forum wher the prize was a bottle of Sutliff Hard Cider . New style for myself as have not rated a cider yet. Also in the box was a 12oz. Bell’s Consecrator Doppelbock thanks Andy. Glad you had 28 cents in your pocket brecause at the time of my guess I had no change and now couple of new beers.
Mar 2008 DirtyMartini part of the mystery swap...SI BCS, olfabrikken 100 gram IPA, two bros cane and abel, and hanssens oudbeitje...yet another awesome box. thanks.
Mar 2008 kmweaver Andy came through big-time with my forum request for Boulevard Irish Ale: he sent along a six-pack, a bottle of Raspberry Tart (!), and included three extras: Scotty Karate, Lake Louie Mr. Mephisto, and Furthermore Make-Weight. Nice! Great packaging, speedy shipment, and just a pleasure to trade with. Thanks again, Andy!
Mar 2008 phhd Andy sent a wonderful box of stuff off my wants list: NG Belgian Red, Smoke on the Porter, Fat Squirrel, 3F Behemoth, Fantome Brise Bon-bons, Abyss, Magi, St. Bernardus Christmas, Kalamazoo and a bottle of Chouffe Coffee which hasn’t been in my neck of the woods in 7 years! A Shenandoah Chocolate Donut Beer missed the boat, but was not missed much after a bevy of beatiful extras was discove
Mar 2008 CheesedMan Sent for the Mystery Swap 3.0 was some cider goodness...Dupont Cuvee Colette and Pommelle as well as New Glarus Hop Hearty!!! I love cider.
Mar 2008 CheesedMan Pepsican hooked it up for me. Packaging was excellent!!! Communication was excellent!! Sent were the agreed upon Etienne Dupont Cidre Cuvee Colette, New Glarus Belgian Red and Raspberry Tart, plus a bonus Brown Squirrel from New Glarus. I would trade again with him in a heartbeat. Possibly the fastest trade I have completed to date.
Mar 2008 riversideAK I received a New Holland Hopwine from Andy along with 2 bonus beers. Lake Louie Mr. Mephisto, and New Glarus Snowshoe. Great packaging, solid extras, rapid delivery. A great trader. Would gladly trade again with Andy. Thanks dude!
Mar 2008 jake65 My first trade with Pepsican and it’s a biggun. A big box packet with 10 brews from Wisconsin. New Glarus x4, Central Waters x3, Tyranena Dirty Old Man, Arcadia Hop Rocket, and Lake Louie Mephistos Stout. As bonuses he knocked off two NG’s from my want list and threw in a Smuttynose IPA that should have been on there too! Thanks!
Mar 2008 Ty5592 Andy hooked me up with two Dirty Old Men and a Dark Horse Perkulator Coffee Dopplebock. He also was kind enough to throw in a Arcadia HopRocket as an xtra. Thanks
Mar 2008 Styles Andy sent 3 tough to get Central Waters, Bourbon Barrel BW, Bourbon Barrel Cherry Stout and Kasmyk Charlies Catastrophe Ale, a New Glarus Imperial Weizen. And as a throw in, not much really, just a Lou Pepe Gueuze? That’s correct, who extra’s a $25 bottle? WOW....I’m still blown away. Trade was quick and easy, packaged well. Another great new trader for ratebeer. Thanks again Andy!!
Mar 2008 5000 The best part of my Tuesday was waiting on the doorstep when I got home, thanks to Andy! He answered my call for Hard Liver providing 4 Goose Island Imperial IPAs and 4 New Glarus Smoke on the Porter. Many thanks! As soon as Deviation is out, you got one coming your way. SCHWING!
Mar 2008 mcbackus pepsi sent a great box for the swap he sent 2001 Lou Pepe Kriek , 2000 Hanssens Oudbeitje, Johns Grocery 50th anniversary this box was fantasticlly packed and was full of great beers i cant wait to try.
Mar 2008 Dickinsonbeer Andy hooked me up with a great box for the Mystery Swap 3.0. Packed in a nicely packed 2-styro shipper were Avery Twelve, and a Three Floydes Behemoth with the Yellow wax! Definitely some quality beers there, packed very well and a quick shipment. Andy is showing why he is a great new trader! Thanks again.
Mar 2008 kenb Andy sent a nice package that included one of my favs, an Old Viscosity. Also a Goose Island Bourbon Stout, Big Eddy Imp Stout, and an Iowa pale Ale. Shipped fast and packed real nice. THanks!
Feb 2008 Yonkers65 Pep hooked me up w/ a kegger of 2 Hearted. Aside from some weather issues all was grand. Cheers & Thanks
Feb 2008 bdigital Andy hooked me up with The Abyss, Alesmith Grand Cru, Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza, Big Eddy RIS, New Glarus Hop Hearty and John’s Witbier. Everything was packed very well and communication was good. The damn Fedex guy basically threw the package about 8-10 feet to my front porch and one bottle broke, NG Snowshoe, but not a big deal at all. Thanks Andy, I’ll trade with you anytime.
Jan 2008 Beerman6686 Pepsican totally hooked me up with not only what we agreed upon, but a few extra goodies. Delivered were FFF Gumballhead, FFF Behemoth Barleywine, Leinekugel Big Eddy Imperial Stout, Goose Island Demolition, Goose Island Boubon Country Stout, Goose Island IPA, Moylan’s Old Blarney Barleywine, Lost Coast 8 Ball Stout, Tommyknocker IMperial Nutbrown Ale, Millstream Iowa Pale Ale, Johns Grocery
Jan 2008 Puddintane of the Magi arrived at my door along with bonuses of NG Smoke on the Porter , Fat Squirrel and a Nøgne Ø Brown Ale. Quick and Easy, damn good trader!!!!
Jan 2008 kramer As part of Mystery Swap 3.0, I got a box with a Lost Abbey Gift of the Magi and Arcadia Cocoa Loco Triple Chocolate Stout. Both from my wantlist, shipped safely, and shipped quickly! I’d be happy to trade again anytime!
Jan 2008 wj94 1 New Glarus Belgian Red, 1 Raspberry Tart, 1 Batch 8000 Bells, 1 Arcadia Imperial IPA, 1 Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA. Excellent packaging, traded him a few Oskar Blues and other random beers for the two New Glarus, rest of the beers he sent were throw-ins. I sent first. Great trader, would work with again!
Jan 2008 hopscotch In exchange for a Kuhnhenn Nine (Syrah), Andy shipped a well-packed box of beer. Within were four 12 ozers, a bomber and a 750ml. 1 Fort Collins The Kidd Schwarzbier, 1 Arcadia Hop Rocket, 1 Dark Horse Perkulator, 1 Dark Horse ONE, 1 Beer Valley Highway to Ale and 1 Flying Dog Wild Dog Collaborator Doppelbock! Thanks a million, Andy!
Jan 2008 deftim13 Andy answered the call for the much wanted Dr. Dremo’s Chocolate Donut Beer. Hooked me up with two bottles plus two Big Eddies Imperial Stout. Loads of extras and top notch packaging. What more can you ask for!
Jan 2008 Cletus Andy hooked me up with a growler of Furious and bottles from Dark Horse, John’s Grocery and Tyranena. Great packaging and communication. Thanks for the trade!
Jan 2008 kmweaver I’m pretty sure I misspelled "Iowan"... but Andy hooked me up with a great box from the center of the country: Lost Abbey Gift of the Magi (nice!), John’s Grocery 50th Anniversary Witbier (bonus!), and Goose Island 2007 BCS (bonus!). Perfect packaging, speedy shipment, and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again, Andy!
Dec 2007 riversideAK Andy sent FFF Brian Boru, NG Raspberry Tart and Belgian Red in a 3 bottle styro shipper. 2 Big Eddy Imp Stout, 1 Goose Island IIPA and Bourbon County, 1 Dark Horse Oatmeal Stout and Crooked Tree IPA, NG IPA and Bock. Thanks a bunch Andy! Great Trade! I got that Chelada man!
Dec 2007 bmartin08 Andy hooked me up with a luscious box of Big Eddy, GL BCS and GL Imperial IPA. Then he bonused me some great locals. Can’t wait to try the Eddy. Thanks a ton for hooking me up Andy and for the professional packaging!
Dec 2007 Puddintane Andy was kind enough to hook me up with John’s Grocery 50th Anniversary, Beer Valley Highway to Ale, Mendocino Imperial IPA, Tyranena Hop Whore, GI Bourbon County, 06 and 07 GI Imperial IPA, and 2 Big Eddy’s!!!! All packed excellently and delivered promptly! What a great addition to the trading community!!!!
Dec 2007 hopscotch Andy sent a quick shipment. Lots of tape, packing paper and peanuts. Received the two beers we agreed upon (2 New Glarus Smoke on the Porter), plus three bonuses (1 GI Bourbon County Stout, 1 Millstream Schokolade Bock and 1 Mendocino Double IPA). Thanks a million for a quick, easy trade, Andy!
Dec 2007 zathrus13 Andy sent me a bunch of big Eddy’s, and also tossed in some other nices brews. Millstream 50th Witbier, GIBCS (2007), New Glarus Organic Revolution, and a Bell’s 8000. A quick and easy trade. I hope we’ll trade again.
Dec 2007 jsquire Quick trade with Andy. Got the 2 Big Eddys and Bells 8000 that we agreed on, plus New Glarus Fat Squirrel, Totally Naked and Organic Revoltution, Dark Horse Perkulator, and GI Bourbon County Stout. Packed well, shipped quickly, and easy communication. Great trade.
Dec 2007 adrian910ss Trade with pepsican produced an Angel’s Share and a Beer Valley Highway to Ale bomber as a bonus. Nice packjob, quick delivery and good communication. Great trader.
Dec 2007 BlackForestCO Pepsi sent me a beermail and we quickly set up a nice little trade. He sent me a Goose Island BCS, 2 GI Imperial IPA’s (06 & 07), a Three Floyds Robert the Bruce, a Bells Double Cream Stout, and then threw in a bunch of extra’s including a Leinenkugel’s Big Eddy, Struise Pannepot, Millstream Witbier, and a Boulevard Nutcracker. Awesome beers, great communication, and fast shipping
Nov 2007 Bockyhorsey I was finally able to trade for beer from Iowa, get some other great beers and some from my want list. It’s one of the states I hadn’t had beer from yet - Millstream John’s Generation White Ale (2), Millstream Schokolade Bock, Millstream Colony Oatmeal Stout, Millstream Schild Bau Amber, Two Brothers Cane and Ebel, Mardesous 10, Three Floyd’s Brian Boru, Koningshoeven Quad, TG
Nov 2007 beachbum25 Andy sent me some great stuff, Maredous 10, Cane & Eble, Laguntis Undercover, Ft. Collins Retro Red, 3 Millstreams & 3 bonuses-Scotch Silly, Hommel Ale, & Maredous 8. Great Packaging & communication, offered to ship first as it was his first trade. Great Trader!!