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Apr 2014 mikem409 quick and easy trade with chuck. fast reliable shipping and a great extra
Dec 2013 Lectvay Chuck helped me through my very first trade, and it was a terrific experience. Extremely generous with the dozen or so beers he sent me, including coveted limited releases I had only dreamed of some day tasting. If this is what beer trading is like, I’m hooked. Thanks, Chuck!
Oct 2013 northernbrews Another great trade with Chuck! Hooked me up with my most wanted beer from my favorite brewery. Always generous!
Aug 2013 daknole Bomb proof box full of awesome beers. Thanks Chuck.
Feb 2013 rayl101 Yet another trade with Chuck. Sent him some Black Note, and a few other goodies. He sends me some BA Alesmith’s, and other tasty brews. As always, trading with Chuck couldn’t be easier. Already looking forward to the next round!
Feb 2013 daknole Chuck is the guy or better yet, THE MAN! What a box! 12 Midwest beauties.
Feb 2013 daknole Chuck is the guy or better yet, THE MAN! What a box! 12 Midwest beauties.
Jan 2013 BDR Got a very nice box from Todd: BCS Cherry Rye, BCS Coffee Stout, Founder’s Bolt Cutter, & Mean Old Tom
Dec 2012 rayl101 Another trade with Chuck in the books. This time around we exchanged midwest barrel aged goodies. Again, great communication, packing, and Chuck sent killer xtras.
May 2012 bsuedekum Chuck just sent me an 07 BA Numbskull, what else do I need to say? Not only that he sent 5 or 6 awesome extras. Super nice guy, great packaging, easy negotiations, and incredible top notch beer. Don’t hesitate to trade with Chuck!
Apr 2012 northernbrews Another awesome trade with Chuck! He sent a Bramble (one of my favorite beers ever) and some insane extras...Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout, Bourbon Barrel BW and New Glarus Unplugged Imperial Weizen, Thumbprint Barleywine and Chocolate Abbey....killer box, packing and communication! Chuck’s one of the most generous traders out there. Cheers buddy!
Mar 2012 rayl101 Just received the box from my second trade with Chuck. Great selection of midwest beers that don’t make it out my way. Top-notch packing, and communication. Chuck’s a great guy. Don’t hesitate to trade with him.
Mar 2012 502Che Chuck is the man!! He was gracious enough to host a free beer contest that I was lucky enough to win. He presented me with an awesome selection of beers to choose from and sent 6 my way in a nice styro shipper. He was a breeze to work with, and even held of shipping until a time that was ideal for me (as I was leaving the country right after the contest was held). The shipmen
Feb 2012 ryanfolty First trade through the mail for me and things went very smoothly with Chuck. He hooked me up with Bramble and some nice extras. Would trade again anytime, thanks Chuck!
Feb 2012 DalzAle Chuck hooks me up with 3 monster beers I’ve been chasing after for a while now: FFF Baller Stout, De Molen/Struises Black Damnation, Midnight Sun T.R.E.A.T. Then knocks it out of the park with an overly generous selection of extras: Dark Horse BB Plead the 5th, Epic Smoked & Oaked, Port City Porter, CW Kosmyk Charlies Y2K!!! Thanks again for the trade, you’ve made a bunch of Minne
Feb 2012 rayl101 Great first trade with Chuck! He had some Goose Island I was after, I had some Bells he wanted. That fast! Great communication, and packing. I’ll trade with Chuck again anytime.
Feb 2012 ICEatALAMO Did a trade with Chuck back in December. He hooked me up big time with some solid hard to get stuff that I have always wanted to try. Communication was great from him. I had to correct a mistake I made, but not any fault of Chuck’s. I highly suggest him as a trading partner.
Jan 2012 reggiedunlop Nice easy trade with chuck after he answered my post about goose island sours. very smooth trade, well packed, great communication, and a good guy. cheers chuck!
Jan 2012 mikem409 easy pre trade with chuck will be sending him some black out and he shipped to me a king henry and some dieu goodies.
Jan 2012 BrewDad Recived one hell of a box the other day. Packed awesome. Goose Island - King Henry, New Glarus - Smoked Rye, Dark Horse Brewing - Tres, Too, One, Capital Brewing - Imperial Doppelbock, Eisphyre, Tyranea – Dirty Old Man, Central Water Brewing – Peruvian Morning 2011, The Duck Rabbit – Milk Stout, Bells Batch 10,000, 25th Anniversary Ale, Founders – Old Curmudgeon Ale, Dirty Bastard, Leinenkugels
Dec 2011 giarcsr Got a box from Chuck a little bit ago that was jammed packed with awesome beer. I’m kinda lazy and just have him ship stuff that he thinks is interesting and worth trying and he seems to always find something I’ve never heard of or something that I probably would have dismissed that turns out to be a great beer. He also added the current "it" beers of the Midwest just to sweeten the de
Dec 2011 tyler_mn Chuck ROCKS! Not only did he send me 3 FRESH 4pks of Daisy Cutter, he hooked up an extra Jackie O’s straight off my wants! Thanks man!
Aug 2011 northernbrews Chuck not only hooked me up with Great Taste of the Midwest tickets by driving up to Madison to make sure he got some(that I was able to share w/ hoppymeal due to getting 2 sets)but on top of that brought me a killer box of beers out to Madison of stuff we had discussed before. Tons of NG unplugged, Big John, Peruvian Morning, and others. Wish we could have hung out more during the weekend
Jun 2011 Drake Chuck was kind enough to track down some New Glarus beers for me, and also sent the included Red Poppy and GI beers, as well as three awesome Wisconsin beers as extras. Good communication, very quick shipping, great packaging and an all around great guy.
Jun 2011 boFNjackson Chuck is a great trader. Shipped a GI Madam Rose, a few Central Waters beers, and two KBSes my way. All in a styro shipper which was awesome. Highly recommended.
Jun 2011 bittermestupid Chuck is a fast shipper and a great trader. His packing was bomb proof. He hooked me up with Firestone Walker 13 and an Alsaka beer as well as a Sprecher. He is a generous trader and can’t wait for the next one! Cheers
Jun 2011 MikeN Chuck and me agreed on a trade and he was great with communication and shipped when he said he would,extremely smooth trade,would definitely trade with him again, BTW-Thanks for the great extras Chuck -much appreciated.
May 2011 thome50 Chuck came through for me on offering up one of my biggest wants with an Ichabod 2009. Then decided to expend the trade for a GI Lolita and one of my perennial loves, Belgian Red. Shipped super quick and everything arrived in perfect shape. Thanks again!
May 2011 giarcsr I kinda spaced we had a trade going since we were waiting on one of the agreed beers to be released. So when he sent me the tracking # randomly it was a pleasant surprise. It was an even more pleasant surprise when the box arrived and I saw all we had agreed on, which I’d forgotten about. Chucks generosity and the fact we’ve traded a few times before with no problems are probably the reasons I
May 2011 daknole Chuck is THE guy. Tons of Midwest beauties. Dark Lord, Lolita, Madame rose...and lots more. Great friend. Thanks Chuck. CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 2011 hopscotch Chuck shipped a terrific box of beer that included the two beers that we had agreed upon - GI Madame Rose and Big John - and he threw in three extras - two by New Glarus and another by Capital Brewing - none of which I have tried. Thanks so much, Chuck!
Apr 2011 Thorpe429 Had a smooth and easy in-person trade with Chuck at Dark Lord Day in 2010. Traded some great beers and chatted for a bit. Highly recommended.
Feb 2011 Beerman6686 Chuck sent me the agreed upon Juliet along with several awesome midwest extras. A great trader and glad I have met him in person before. I hope our trading continues.
Feb 2011 StefanSD A great trade with Chuck. He sent me a fantastic looking box of beers anchored by a GI Vanilla BCS. Also, inside was a gaggle of other great looking brews that I had no idea were available and should have been wants. Thanks.
Dec 2010 ygtbsm94 Spectacular trade put together with Chuck. He sent a couple bottles of BCS Rare along with some sweet bonus brews. Great Communication, prompt shipping, and one helluva generous Ratebeerian. Thanks Chuck for the outstanding brews and hope to do it again soon. "Beer is Good Food"
Dec 2010 dcschiller Chuck taught me a lesson in packing. Very meticulous!! Chuck sent BCS Vanilla and surprised me with some beers that should have been on my want list. He sent backwoods bastard, dirty bastard, Floosmoor Pullman brown, and more than I can list. Thanks!
Dec 2010 giarcsr Third trade with Chuck, and it was flawless, much like the last two times. Prompt, easy to communicate with, and able to send great beer! Looking forward to trade number 4 with him.
Dec 2010 Skyview Chuck gave me an awesome in person DLD ’10 Trade. Several Half Acre (especially Shewolf & Big Hugs) and, most of all, Wild Blossom Apple Cin Mead. All excellent.
Dec 2010 GAManiac Chuck hooked me up with a couple bottles of a big time want and threw in a couple killer extras. Great trader.
Dec 2010 Skyview OMG! Goose Island Bourbon County Vanilla! Thank you Chuck!
Dec 2010 daknole You should all be jealous that I have a friend like Chuck. A badass trader and a better friend. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 2010 daknole Flat out truth: CHUCK IS THE MAN. End of story. CHEERS!!!!!!!!
Apr 2010 Beerman6686 In person trade at DLD for the 2nd year in a row. Chuck gave me 3 Goose Island beers, several Central Waters beer, as well as New glarus stuff as well. All stuff I cant get here in PA. Excellent trade, he definately hooked me up and I look forward to trading with him again next year at DLD
Apr 2010 punkrkr27 Face to face trade at Dark Lord Day. Chuck was very cool and generous hooking me up with 2 Gordons, 2 Old Chubs, a Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Barleywine, and a Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout all for one lonely bottle of KRE. Thanks Chuck!
Apr 2010 roborb Chuck answered my call for Central Waters, 1 4 pack of BB Stout and 1 4 pack of BB Barleywine, at Dark Lord Day ’10. Thanks for the samples and thanks for an easy trade. Highly Recommended!
Feb 2010 daknole Chuck hooks it up big time! Lots of New Glarus, Founders and Tyranena! Hell yeah! CHEERS!!!!!!
Dec 2009 boFNjackson Quick and easy trade with Chuck again. I traded a straight up Fred from the Wood for a Dark Lord. Chuck threw in some bonus bottles of Dark Horse, Bells, and Tyranena. Thanks Chuck for the awesome exchange.
Nov 2009 boFNjackson Chuck allowed for a great experience being my first trade. I sent four HotD Freds and a couple of 750ml of Alesmiths for 12 solid midwestern beers including New Glarus, Bells, Dark Horse, Founders and Three Floyds. He even through in a few more beers to top it off. His communication was solid and I look forward to possibly more trades in the future -- if he doesn’t mind me bothering.
Jun 2009 giarcsr This is my second trade with Chuck and it was just as awesome as the first. The agreed upon part was for a 3F DL, Oatgoop, Hvedegoop, and Popskull, the rest of the agreed on trade was for a few beers he felt I should try. He picked out some great beers I’m looking forward to trying! NG unplugged Iced BWine, Berlinerwiesse, and Imperial Saison, Bells Special Dble cream st. Founders IS, Doub
Jun 2009 JJClark Chuck and I agreed to a small, in person trade. He provided me with the agreed upon Jolly Pumpkin La Roja and Three Floyds / Dogfish Head Popskull and then bonused me a Sam Adams Imp Stout , a Dark Horse Scotty Karate, Plead the Fifth, a One, a Metropolitan Dynamo and Flywheel. Very nice, easy trade with a generous ratebeerian. Highly recommended. Thanks again Chuck!
May 2009 daknole Well not only does Chuck go WAAAAY above and beyond by shipping me all the beers I got at DLD, but he throws in a ton of awesome beers from his own cellar. I cannot tell you how great of a guy Chuck is. I owe you man. CHEERS!!
Apr 2009 Beerman6686 With our in person trade, Chuck hooked me up with NG Iced Barley Wine and NG Berliner Weiss, Dark Horse One and Dark Horse Special Black Beer, Founder Porter and Founders Imperial Stout, Dark Horse Perculator, Ballast Point Marlin Porter, NG Stone Soup and few others as well. A great set of beers and would definately trade with again. Thanks alot!
Apr 2009 kkearn Chuck and I set up a small in-person trade for DLD 2009. He hooked me up with a NG Unplugged Iced B-wine that was high on my wantlist. Great communication, I definitely look forward to trading with Chuck again.
Apr 2009 Skyview Enjoyed doing a DLD trade with Chuck. Received a few Goose Islands (Naughty Goose, Red Felt Goose, and Juliet - woo hoo!) plus two extra beers from a brand new brewery in Illinois (Metropolitans) One very generous trader. Looking forward to trade again.
Apr 2009 daknole Chuck(and his son Matt) were gracious enough to drive us to and from Dark Lord day. And what does chuck do for me? He works out a trade so he can send me a Central Waters Peruvian Morning! Seriously? Hell yes. Cheers!!
Dec 2008 giarcsr This is probably my most rewarding trade this far. Chuck and I quickly agreed upon 12 local SD brews for 12 local midwest brews. Nothing special, or rare, just great beer. Communication and packing were great. Beers I got, 3F Broodoo, 3F Rabid Rabbit. 2x Bells Expedition St. 2x Brooklyn Black Choc. St. Founders Breakfast St. Hoppin Frog Boris the Crusher and Silky Porter, New Glarus Belgian Re
Oct 2008 daknole Folks I cannot begin to tell you how much chuck shined in his first trade. Packing was done as well as any seasoned vet. And get a load of these beers: Tyranena chief blackhaw porter,3 floyds alpha king,capital brewry wisc amber,new glarus fat squirrel,central waters satin solstice imp stout, domaine dupage,tyranena rockys revenge,3 floyds robert the bruce, dark horse perkulator,new glarus belg

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