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Jul 2012 GT MJ send me an expertly packed styro with and old school bourbon Angel’s Share, old school Older Viscosity, old batch of HOTD Adam, two bomber of Heater Allen Pils, and a bomber of Pelican IPA. Thanks dude! Oh and I sent him nothing in return, JK, I will eventually send him something. EDIT: Okay I gave him and RBSG a growler of super fresh Victory Braumeister.
Jun 2012 tkrjukoff Mike handled an International trade for me as a courier. Thanks a lot, hope to trade with you some day.
Jun 2012 cpferris Super easy 1:1 trade. Great communication and packaging. Thanks again!
Oct 2011 FlacoAlto Got a couple of beers from CO that I have been dying to try as part of the WWF tournament. Thanks ¾’s!
Jan 2011 kmweaver Mike sent along a huge box from Colorado: Boulevard Tank 7 and Dark Truth, Fort Collins Double Chocolate + +, Fred From the Wood 2009, Oak Aged Yeti, etc. etc. 30+ lbs. of tasty beer. Thanks, Mike!
Jan 2011 kramer Sent Mike a bunch of Bullfrog beers over a period of a few months, got nothing in return but a few empty promises and a 9 month old tracking number that was useless. Two years later I’m still waiting for a box while he doesn’t respond to beermails. Disappointing in many ways. Update 7/27/11: received beers in the end after all. Thanks for making good Mike.
Oct 2010 mikey711 just finished a great trade with mj including some major rarities and some sweet Ska brews as extras. Mj was great to deal with and I would not hesitate to trade with him again in the future
Feb 2010 SrSilliGose Sick box from mj. In addition to agreed upon beer, he threw in a boatload of awesome want list/ highly desired but not on want list/ never heard of but looks awesome beers. Lopsided trade. i owe mike beer.
Dec 2009 kmweaver Mike sent along a special little Oregon something-something and bonused a bottle of Avery’s Sui Generis (as well as bottles he’d been holding for me from Lost Abbey). Thanks!
Oct 2009 Papsoe Two boxes of sheer beery goodness from Colorado and PNW - all great stuff. Hope we’ll be able to share a few again one day Mike. Thanks for the trade.
Sep 2009 DaSilky1 MJ Is a class A Trader, let me tell you. He hooked me up with some HOTD Cherry Adams, HOTD Matt, a 3 Fonteinen Hommage, and threw in a couple extras like HOTD Fred from the Wood and Otto’s Jolly Roger, not to mention the naked picture of himself I found at the very bottom of the box...that’s going to get the most usage out of everything he sent me. Definitely recommended!
Jun 2009 thebaldwizard Mike sent me some beer, and it was good.
Jun 2009 MrBunn mj delivered some sweet stuff I’d been wanting for a long time. Alaskan stuff and some limited Allagash! Woo hoo! Shipping was smooth and packaging was very well done. Thanks, Mike!
Jun 2009 lampeno420 After a little confusion (we’re both in and out of town) i got my badass box of Californian goodness. 2 fresh blind pigs and a pliney the elder, a Red Barn and a few great looking bonuses. The box that this came in was awesome, sleeves for every bottle and wrapped tight. Trade with mj, even if you just need the packing supplies ;) Great trade.
Jun 2009 MrChopin Mike sent the agreed on HORAL and then threw in a Mirror Mirror and a HotD Adam. All packed securely using a stryo. Easy trade with very fast communication. Thanks again Mike!
May 2009 jhenry04 Great communication, awesome beers changing hands. Thumbs up.
May 2009 fredandboboflo After arranging a trade a couple weeks in advance, without delay Mike sent me two coveted HotD Matts and bonused an Adam! Seamless on all fronts. Thanks!
May 2009 MrBendo Mike send me 2 HOTD Cherry Adams, a New Belgium Lips of Faith Kriek and La Folie, a BridgePort Raven Mad Imperial Porter and an Abyss. I guess when you don’t work out all the details on a trade, he just goes a little crazy.
May 2009 WeeHeavySD Guessed 4, and was rewarded with a super quick box with 2 bombers, Otto’s Jolly Rodger and Otto’s double D DIPA. Thanks Mike for the quick free brew!
May 2009 Cliff Got the Matt from Mike and he threw in an Avery Brabant as an extra, even though we decided on a no extra trade. Thanks for the bonus!
Apr 2009 beastiefan2k Consecration from magnificent-guy-ation
Feb 2009 iowaherkeye Mike sent me some Cherry Adam, and bonused me a Winter Warlock and the new batch of Abyss. Packed great with no problems. Thanks!
Jan 2009 hopdog ...for the Roots Epic!!!
Jan 2009 ygtbsm94 Mike sent a bottle of BA Ruffian in a flash. Met Mike last year in Belgium at the Weekend of Spontaneous Fermentation; what a generous dude bringing many brews to share. If you need some brew to trade for Mike is the man you can trust. Thanks again for the awesome brew. “Beer is Good Food”
Dec 2008 TURDFERGUSON Upon my request several months back, Mike sends me a bottle of HOTD Cherry Adam FTW and also throws in a bomber of Dogzilla Black IPA. What a guy! Mike is a class act and one of the coolest guys I’ve met on the site. Thanks Mike!
Dec 2008 NachlamSie I received a well packed box in an easy and efficient trade. Included were the agreed upon 3- Fort Collins Dopplebock, 1 - Bristol Winter oatmeal Stout, and as a bonus, 1 can of Ten Fidy (I always love to get this stuff) and 1 - Deschutes Inversion IPA. I feel bad I could not fit more beers into my box.
Dec 2008 hannont Met Mike and the HOTD dock sale and agreed to send him a MS Berserker and Alaskan Baltic Porter and he sends me the following beers from Colorado...BA Old Ruffian, Ten Fidy x2, Fort Collins Doppelbock, Bristols Winter Warlock and Old No. 23...very, very generous. Thanks a ton Mike!
Dec 2008 theisti Met up with Mike at the Avery tasting room, and he shows up with a Cherry Adam from the Wood and a Fred from the Wood. Wow, what else can you say?
Dec 2008 jercraigs 2 Pliny, Blind Pig, and a St Arnold. This was all about getting the Pliny the Elder and I appreciate him hooking me up with a beer that has been high on my want list for a long time. Excellent trader, good communication even when RB was down for a bit. Cheers!
Dec 2008 daknole So Mike agrees to trade me a coveted HOTD Cherry Adam from the Wood. And then he bonuses me a Dissident and a Port Santas Little Helper. Amazing packing, amazing communication. Perfect trade all the way around!!
Dec 2008 hopdog Thanks for the HotD!
Nov 2008 hopdog Thanks for the GD Beer!
Nov 2008 mar Bombproof packaging. Michael sent me 1 Ska Decadent IPA, 1 Odell IPA and 1 Odell Extra Special Red and a Uinta Anniversary Barley Wine. Looking forward to the next trade with this guy.
Oct 2008 sprinkle Michael sent me the BA’ed versions of Yeti and Old Ruffian also included a Dissedent. Easy trade, good communication, great packaging and quick shipping. Recommended.
Oct 2008 SuzyGreenberg Take the highway, through the great divide!!! Mike answered my plea for the BA’s from Great Divide and tossed in a Left Hand/Terrapin Terra-Rye’zd. Super easy and quick trade. Thanks so much Mike!!
Oct 2008 machfive55 Good package from acrdz, Avery IPA and Out of Bounds Stout, Odell IPA and Steamworks Colorodo Kolsch. Thanks and *FINALLY* got my avery beers :)
Oct 2008 doubleo Mike answered for a BA Old Ruffian. Easy one for one trade for a 06 BASS. Thanks again.
Oct 2008 OldMrCrow Our second great trade. After one of those minor shipping delays that comes up every now and then, Mike somehow thought it necessary to go over the top with a bunch of extras to "make up for it". Nothing to make up for, Mike, but I sure will enjoy those extra CO barleywines etc that you sent me. Oh...and I’m still tasting that RR blind pig sampled this evening. Awesome trade.
Oct 2008 hopdog Mike sent me ; Odell Woodcut Oak Aged Ale No. 01, Odell Extra Special Red Ale, and Deschutes The Dissident. 2 of the 3 extras to boot!
Sep 2008 machfive55 Well, I forget what the original trade terms were, I think I requested a few Avery beers. Regardless, acrdz sent the wrong box and apologized, but it was something better than the original trade...RR Blind Pig, 23 Barleywine and XXX Warlock. OK, I’ll take it. Unfortunately, someone is getting the short end of this one. Hey man, Troeg’s Scratch #14 comes out Sept 30!
Sep 2008 mwsf Mike hooked it up again with a great trade and killer bonuses. I’d trade with him any day.
Aug 2008 Sephiroth Mike sent one of my favorites, Cuvee de Castleton Batch 2, and a bonus gueuze of some type. It says Fond Traditional on the front. I will investigate further. Awesome trade.
Aug 2008 Schroppfy In a little 1 for 1 trade, Mike sent the new version of Cuvee de Castleton. I drank it in a hotel in Nashville and it was fucking excellent! Thanks, Mike!
Aug 2008 Yonkers65 I received an excellently-packed small styo shipper with a Cuvee De Castleton and a Ottos IPA. Great communication.
Aug 2008 unclemike Acrdz sent me 2 beers I have been looking for a Cascazilla Red Ale and a Troegs Scratch Beer great packing and great communication.
Jul 2008 Schroppfy A one-for-one; Mike sent a nip of Otto’s Old Fugget, all rolled up thickly and safely, in a super-padded envelope. Nice little trade.
Jun 2008 Stine A handbottled rarity from Mike for no reason. A very kind gesture from one of my favorite people on the site. Thanks Mike!
Jun 2008 mreusch First trade with Mike, and it was a nice one! I hit him up early about a nip handbottle of Ottos Old Fugget barleywine, and he graciously agreed to trade me one. Not only that, but ended up including a De Molen Rasputin, which has been on my Wants list forever! Great communication throughout and an all around excellent trader, thanks again Mike!
Jun 2008 Ughsmash You’re not going to find a better trader or lover of beer than Mike. He hooked me up with a nip of Otto’s Old Fugget as well as Troegs Scratch 8 and Victory Baltic Thunder. Excellent packaging and a pleasure all around as always!
Jun 2008 mwsf Excellent group trade with Ken, Ryan, and Mike. I’d trade with these guys again in a second. Highly recommended.
May 2008 thebaldwizard Quick and easy first trade with acrdz. Everything packed in nice styro shipper. I got Oat, Phoenix Kriek, and Double D IPA. 3 awesome beers. Thanks again for a smooth trade Mike.
Apr 2008 OldMrCrow Mike offered a handbottle of the Selin’s Grove Phoenix Kriek -- long on my wants list -- and we made it a larger trade from there. ST Impy Choklat Stout, Old Salty ’03, Brewer’s Art Green Peppercorn Tripel, plus Troeg’s Scratch bonuses (#5 and #8). Great packing, communication, the whole deal; another awesome trade! Thank you.
Apr 2008 Beerlando Mike hooked me up with one of my March Madness ’08 boxes. He sent Geuze Fond Tradition, Alaskan IPA, Smuttynose Maibock, and Smuttynose Wheat Wine. All awesome choices that I have not rated. Top notch packaging to boot. Awesome. Thanks Mike!
Apr 2008 BOLTZ7555 Mike’s turn around time and generosity was incredible!!! Along with 2-Dark Horizon’s, he sent two bottles of Troegs’ Scratch Series (never tried the brewery but always wanted to) and a Nieuw Ligt Grand Cru 2005. Mike, enjoy the Sonoran 100, Fantome Dalmatienne and Big Sky Smoove Cherry Ale!!! Hope to trade again soon!!!
Mar 2008 riversideAK After an interesting ordeal with the beer being 20 miles from my house sent back 3000 miles, and then back again, a box arrives with 1 Williamsburg Ironbound, 1 ARcadia Hopmouth, 1 Arcadia Hop Rocket, 1 Southern Tier Gemini and a Troegs Scratch 5, 7, and 8 I think. Thanks Mike.
Mar 2008 11026 Mike sent out a full 12 pack container of some pretty kick ass beers. Easy communication, excellent packing. Thanks again Mike!!
Mar 2008 miketd Hooked me up pretty good. Sexual Chocolate, Scratch 4 and 7, Legend Barley wine and Hopfest with Smuttynos Baltic Porter tagging along. Three or four of those were extras! Individually bagged and swimming in penuts. Thanks Mike!!!
Feb 2008 Ughsmash Mike ran an excellent promotion and I got KRE and Dark Horizon for it! Excellent packaging. Thanks again!
Feb 2008 emacgee Michael and I set up a quick and easy trade. Sexual Chocolate for Batch 2 Supplication, Troegs Scratch 4, and Millennium Oak Aged. Mike bonused a Scratch 7. Thanks again MIke!
Feb 2008 seaoflament Just finished a smooth and easy trade with Mike. He sent me a Kuhnhenn Road Rash, Otto’s Jolly Roger and threw in two nice extras (Troegs Scratch 5 and Southern Tier- Oat Imperial Oatmeal Stout). Great trade. Thanks.
Jan 2008 CheesedMan As my return box, MJ hooks me up!!! Tröegs Scratch 5 and Scratch 7, Green Flash Imperial IPA, West Coast IPA and Tripple, Arcadia Hop Rocket, New Glarus Uff Da Bock, Victory Baltic Thunder, Brewers Art Green Peppercorn Tripel, Southampton 10th Anniversary Old Ale, St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout and Penn St. Nikolaus Bock Bier Brewers Reserve!!! Bravo!!!!
Jan 2008 bu11zeye Mike sent me an amazing package of beers: NCOS Brandy Barrel, Leinenkugels Big Eddy Impy, Selins Grove The Phoenix Kriek, Brewers Art Green Peppercorn Tripel, and Bullfrog Phree. If that was not already enough he through in bonuses of NCOS Bourbon Barrel and Cape Ann Fishermans Pumpkin Stout! Very generous! Great communication and packaging. I hope to have the pleasure to trade with Mike again
Jan 2008 miketd Mike sent me four great brews from DC. North Coast Old Stock Brandy, Marzoni’s Imperial Stout and great bonus beer... Arcadia Hop Rocket and Otto’s DD IPA! Great packaging and communication. Thanks MJ.
Jan 2008 sloth Mike sent the agreed upon NC Old Stock Res. Brandy Barrel(WOW!) and kicks me in the crotch with bonus brews,,, Ottos Jolly Roger Impy. Stout and Double D IPA plus a Leinys Big Eddy!! Just amazing! A great trade with a greater Ratebeerian! Thanks so much Mike! I have been put to shame once again. Amazing generosity,,,, :D
Dec 2007 Kevin mike caused my jaw to hit the floor with his side of the perfect ten trade. big eddy RIS, rodenbach redbach, troegs scratch #5, ottos ipa, rodenbach grand cru, gueuze fon tradition, expedition, clipper city peg leg, and an ottos jolly roger. if he wasn’t married, and if i was gay, i’d totally do him.
Nov 2007 BeerandBlues2 Michael sent the agreed upon Marzonis Imperial Stout (22-oz) along with a nice bonus of Ottos Jolly Roger (22-oz.), wrapped and packed in a two-bottle shipper. Thanks!
Nov 2007 theisti Unreal trade with mj - sent agreed upon Dominion Oak Barrel Stout, Ottos Double D IPA (x2), and Imp Stout (x2), plus WL beers Fantôme de Noël, DFH Rais D Etre, 60 Min and Ind Brown. Also sent regional IPA’s - extras of Clipper City Heavy Seas Loose Cannon Hop3(WL), Atwater Salvation IPA, Williamsburg AleWerks Drake Tail Ale IPA and Wild Goose IPA. Great trade, thank man! Oh yeah, bulletproof pa
Nov 2007 IrishBoy Mike sent the two Ottos Jolly Rogers and a Double D IPA, along with a ST Louis Guezue Fond Trad, Ølfabrikken 100 gram IPA, Troegs Scratch # 4 and #5 and a handbottle of Ottos Five Year Ale! All extremely well packed! Thanks Mike!
Nov 2007 boboski Mike sent Ottos Quadrupel, Jolly Rodger X 2, Pale Ale and Double D IPA, Williamsburg Alewerks 400 Ale, Taras Boulba, Troegs Scratch 4 and 5, Allgauer Cambonator Dopplebock, Allagash Fluxus and Cape Ann Pumpkin Stout. An incredibly generous package, solidly packed, quickly shipped. Mike went out of his way to get a few of these for me. Most of these were extras! Thanks MJ!!!!
Oct 2007 SoLan Mike hooked me up with 2 bombers each of Otto’s Jolly Roger and DD IPA and a bottle of Troeg’s Scratch 4 Barleywine. Thanks, Mike!
Oct 2007 Puddintane MJ was kind enough to send me the entire Otto’s line up along with Tröegs Scratch 4 Barley Wine and a hand bottled Bullfrog Phree. As if that wasn’t plenty he bonuses a Cape Ann Pumpkin Stout and a Russian River Pliny the Elder. Excellent communication and unheard of patience!!!
Oct 2007 drewbeerme mj sent the whole new line up of otto’s first bottling, 1 of each: Jolly Roger, Double D iipa, Mt. Nittany Pale Ale, and Red Mo Ale, along with Troegs Scratch Beer and a hand bottled Bullfrog Phree (a saison w/ brett!) big thanks mj!
Oct 2007 Ughsmash Mike hooked me up big time with a couple from Otto’s (Jolly Rodger and Double D), Troegs Scratch 4, and a whole bunch of others that I cannot remember b/c they’re not in front of me. Excellent packaging and communications, and it got here supa-fast! I’d do this again any day.
Oct 2007 CaptainCougar Mike sent me two Otto’s Jolly Rogers, a hand-bottled Bullfrog Phree, a Southern Tier Imperial Oat, Troegs Scratch 4 and a Harpoon Glacier Harvest Wet Hop Beer as a bonus. All nicely packed and promptly shipped. Thanks again!
May 2007 Headbanger Mike delivered w/Brooklyn Local 1(Not Rated),Ølfabrikken Porter(WL-Want List), Dominion Oak Barrel Stout(NR) and delivered extras of Williamsberg Werks Washington’s Porter(NR) and the best surprise of RR Salvation(NR). His generosity went way beyond anything I expected. It also came packaged to fall from a plane. Great communication. Thx again Mike I look forward to trading with you again.
May 2007 FlacoAlto A well packaged box arrived with the agreed upon Allagash Hugh Malone & Weyerbacher Blasphemy. Also included were extras of 2x Williamsburg AleWerks Washingtons Porter and Williamsburg AleWerks Drake Tail Ale IPA. Another Great trade!
May 2007 Styles Mike sent me a handbottled 22 Selins Grove Kriek, (fine job on the bottlng btw), along with the agreed upon Floreffe Melior, Aleworks washington Porter and threw 2 IPA’s, 1 Greenflash and 1 Aleworks. First tarde with Mike, well packaged, quick an deasy, fast turnaround, everything you want in a trade. Thanks again Mike!! Much appreciated!!
Apr 2007 JMFG mj sent me Allgash Interlude 07, RR Salvation, AleWerks Washington Porter, and Green Flash West Coast IPA, Imperial IPA, and Barleywine. The transaction was quick and expertly packed. Easy trade, thanks Mike.
Jan 2006 JahNoth I love the brews from BridgePort and Mike loaded me up - 9 IPAs, 6 Stouts and 3 ESBs. Plus a bonus Mongoose IPA. Some of the best packing I have ever seen. Many thanks.
Sep 2005 MrDick mjames sent out a 2002 Leviathon 750ml - one of my favorite, Three Floyds Rober the Bruce and 2 of Boulevard Bob’s 47s. Great communication and shippping. Unfortunately UPS broke my shipment to him...
May 2005 SpringsLicker My trade to mjames left here Monday afternoon and on Saturday Fedex returns with the same box back from Oklahoma packed with a Boulevard Zôn, Stout and Irish Ale as well as a Bridgeport Stout, and a Pete’s Place Choc Beer! Very good small fast trade!
May 2005 Rastacouere Great styrofoam wine box from Mike. Stuff I was looking for since a while (Hawks D.M., saison elysee, bottleworks imagination, Port Townsend BW) and kindly threw bonuses from my wish list (bridgeport ipa, rogue integrity ipa). Great trader. Thank you!
May 2005 11026 Mike sent La Folie, BottleworksVI, Silverton IPA and Scotch ale. For a bonus Bridgeport IPA, LaConner IPA and Choc from Oklahoma. Excellent guy, Packing and communication were top notch.
Jan 2005 footbalm Nothing warms the soul like a great trade.Mike sent me a Beatrix,Rogue Integrity IPA and Awry IPA,Pelican Tsunami Stout,3F’s Dark Lord and as extras:2002 Bigfoot,Full Sail Wreck the Halls,Hueberts Old Tyme and Fish Tale Poseidons Imp. Stout 2002 Btl. Mike was very cool and watched the weather so the brews wouldn’t freeze on the way here.Thanks again Mike.
Jun 2004 sloth Mike delivers me a DE. brew, DFH Raison De Extra ! 02 version. Also sent me a couple bonus brews. 1 12ozer of St. Arnold Winter Stout and a 12ozer of Hueberts Old Tyme Lager an OK. brew that will get me another state under my belt, Thanks bro! Trade went as smooth as silk. Well packaged and timely, great trade! Thanks Mike!
Apr 2004 batkins Thanks to mjames!! (6)3 Floyds Alpha King, (1)3 Floyds Dark Lord, and (1) ’96 Rogue Imp. Stout............ + 2 bonus beers!! Everything packed well and arrived perfectly!! Thanks again!
Apr 2004 matta Holly Hell! Mike is the freaking definition of a generous trader! This man just sent me 11 freaking bottles of brew! 4 different bottles of Boulevard, 1- Huebert lagar, 1- Upland porter, 1- Full Sail APA, 1- St. Arnold Stout, 1- HAND BOTTLED – Coaches Sooner Stout, 1- Homebrew, and 1 beautiful bomber of New Belgian Grand Cru….. AMAZING TRAD!
Apr 2004 Suttree I got a Huebert’s Olde Tyme Lager - my first beer from Oklahoma - from Mjames. Couldn’t have gone easier, and the entire transaction took less than a week.
Apr 2004 Terminus Mike sent me the following: 1 7oz Rogue Imperial Stout 1996, 2 12oz Boulevard Dry stout, 1 12oz DFH Aprihop, 1 12 oz great lakes blackout stout, and 1 16 oz Alaskan Smoked porter 2004-one of my fav trades to date :)
Feb 2004 5000 Mike sent 3 Left Hands (Sawtooth, Black Jack Porter, Milk Stout) + Bells Trumpeter + Great Lakes Christmas + New Glarus Unplugged + Back Road Gunness Stout + Back Road Midwest IPA + Pocono Caramal Porter AND a freebie of Pocono Black & Tan. Super guy to deal with, prompt, GREAT packaging job. Thanks Mike. I'd definately trade with you again!
Nov 2003 Kinz The USPS took their best shot, but the bottles of Boulevard Nutcracker, Full Sail Pale and Amber, and New Belgium Kriek, Abbey, Wheat, etc., came through!
Oct 2003 Terminus thanks for the boulevards man!!! they are tasty! cheers