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May 2016 hopscotch Mike sent a killer box recently. An assortment of 12 fantastic beers, including several BA Livery brews.
Aug 2015 hopscotch Mike shot me an incredible box of obscure brews. Beers from Pipeworks, Bare Hands and 18th Street. I’m always thankful for whatever Mike sends my way!!
Dec 2014 hopscotch Just received a big heavy box of beer from Mike. It’s bursting-at-the-seams with brews from 18th Street, Revolution, Tapistry, The Sour Note, 51st Ward, The Livery and Pipeworks. Mike’s the gift that keeps on giving. Awesome trader. Meticulous packager. Great communication. Go Mike, Go!
Oct 2014 hopscotch Mike knocked it out of the park again. He sent 11 bombers and 750s of Pipeworks, Figure Eight, Tapistry, 18th Street, Bare Hands and Hailstorm. Just a huge box of beer from some favorite breweries and some new ones as well. Thanks Mike!
May 2014 hopscotch ... and yet another box arrives. Full of eight 22oz bombers and one 12oz bottle of beers from Pipeworks, Spiteful, Revolution and Begyle. Damn, it’s hard unwrapping beers sent by Mike. No way anything is ever going to break. Thanks again, my friend.
Apr 2014 hopscotch Another neat, well-packed box from Mike. The guy that just keeps on giving. Eight bottles of at least 22oz and one howler. Pipeworks, DryHop and 18th Street. Great stuff. Thanks Mike!
Jan 2014 hopscotch A small, but great, box from Mike. Pipeworks Closer Encounter, Chai Dog, Elijah’s Revival and Toasty Nut Abduction. Thanks a lot, Mike.
Dec 2013 hopscotch ... and then another box hits with more local Chicagoland goodness. My favorite beer name ever (OK, second favorite... nothing beats Robinson’s Trooper) is now Spiteful God Damn Cascara Pigeon Porter. Also, two 12 ozers each of Pipeworks’ first releases of Bourbon Barrel Aged beers (Jones Dog, Murderous and Last Kiss). Thanks again, Mike.
Dec 2013 hopscotch Mike shot a second box of beer my way only one day after the last. More Pipeworks goodies and some local Indiana and Illinois flavor to go along with them. Thanks so much, Mike!
Dec 2013 hopscotch Mike shipped a huge, smartly-packed 12 bottle styro-shipper loaded with Pipeworks beers. Every one of them looks to be interesting. Can’t wait to drink them. Thanks a shit-ton, Mike!
Aug 2013 hopscotch Mike shot me a 12 bottle shipper full of Chicago and Indiana goodness along with a cool stemmed glass from Bare Hands Brewing. NewsFlash: Mike sends a really well thought-out, well-packed box of beer to someone. Wow! Big Surprise! BBB63 is a trading legend due to his generosity. He just keeps pouring it on.
Apr 2013 hopscotch Another embarrassment of riches sent from Mike to me. Lots of good stuff: Great Lakes Alchemy Hour Double IPA, Revolution’s Mean Gene, Bean Gene and other nice Pipeworks and Half Acre beers. Lots of Three Floyds I’ve not tried (it seems the Floyd’s have been busy) and some nice glassware. I always appreciate the trouble Mike goes to to get well-packed boxes like this down to south Florida.
Mar 2013 hopscotch Mike hit me again and hit me hard! Two 6-bottle shippers full of Pipeworks beers and schwag. He also threw in a couple very nice unsolicited rarities: Evil-Czech Stalin’s Dark Side and Bare Hands Poblano Mail Order Bride Russian Imperial Stout. Like this... BAM!

It’s just how Mike rolls!
Dec 2012 hopscotch Mike shipped me a ridiculously well-packed box of an assortment of Pipeworks, Greenbush, Bare Hands, Back Road and home-brewed goodies. It’s always a pleasure to trade with Mike. I should do it more often.
Jun 2012 mibirder An in person trade with Mike for some ever, elusive Greenbush stuff. A much appreciated hook up, thanks Mike.
Jan 2012 SrSilliGose Mike hooks it up with a great selection of some greenbrush and backroad tasty beers. thanks a ton mike!
Aug 2011 daknole I sent Mike a message looking for a beer Ive always wanted to try and BOOM he delivers that and a ton more. Amazing packing too! CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 2010 dcschiller Great packing by Mike! Mike sent some rare beers, including a Goose Island that I’ve been wanting along with an ’08 Behemoth. He bonsed some Back Road brews that I’m looking forward to trying. Thanks again!
Dec 2010 fiver29 Awesome trader! Sent me a great rare beer and bonuses Back Road Autumn, Christmas, and no. 9 Barleywine. Now I know what bomb proof packaging is. Holy bomb proof packing!! Thanks again for the great trade!
Nov 2010 ksurkin awesome first trade with mike! hooks me up with Shoreline Big Bourbon Lost Sailor and Discombobulation and bonuses the crap out of me with Back Road Autumn Ale 2010 and No. 9 Barleywine (waxed topped bombers!), Oatgoop (WL), and a sweet looking homebrew porter. great packing and super communication! thanks, mike!
Sep 2010 50belair WOW, just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone comes along like Mike. The most professional packaging job ever, amazing extras, good communication. All I can say is thank you and I am now in your debt.......
Jan 2010 WeeHeavySD Another Epic trade with Mike, we might be in double digit trades now, I’m not sure, but Mike never half asses anything, he sent a killer box with 3 of Shorelilne’s Big Bourbon Series, JP Lambicus Dexterius, and a mess of other awesome beers. Mike is a king among men.
Jan 2010 madbeer101 Second time Mike is my Secret Santa, and what a Santa. Wow. Back Road Christmas Ale 2009, Brugge Brasserie White, Founders Impy Stout, Hoppin Frog Belgian Style 2 IPA, Left Hand Fade to Black 2009, Lost Abbey Serpents stout, Shoreline Big Bourbon Series Discombobulation and Lost Sailor Impy, Southern Tier Oat, Three Floyds BrooDoo, Tyranena Devil over a Barrel and Paradise by The Dashboard Lights.
Nov 2009 zathrus13 Mike sent me a Shoreline Big Bourbon Lost Sailor Impy Stout as we agreed. Then he throws in a couple other gems too. A Flossmoor Station Hop Huffer IPA, and a Kuhnhenn Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine!!! Super communication, great packing, what more can I say, a great trader!
Oct 2009 ditmier 1st trade with Mike was perhaps the most lopsided trade I’ve been a part of....sends me a Livery Verchuosity (WL), as well as 3 retired rarities that I never thought I’d see, and a couple other ridiculous bottles as well...absurd generosity, and I even have packaging envy...Thanks man, wow...
May 2009 hannont This was my first trade with Mike...hopefully it won’t be my last. He generously sent me an ’06 Darklord to help me complete a nice vertical and threw in two sweet extras...a 2008 Back Road Brewery Christmas Ale and an America’s brewery Bourbon barrel aged imperial stout. Awesome trader!
May 2009 WeeHeavySD Fantastic Boxes yes plural from my favorite dude, favorite trader in the state of IN. Goose Island Smoked Maibock (growler), Livery Barrel Aged Maillot Jaune (growler), Barley Island Single White Friar, New Glarus Crackd Wheat Ale, Three Floyds/Dogfish Head Popskull, Three Floyds Dark Lord (2009), Flossmoor Station Shimkos Simcoes IPA, Goose Island Sofie, Livery 2009 Carva
Apr 2009 cgarvieuk In what wasnt actually a trade, Mike just gave me a beer at DLD as he saw i hadnt had the Dark Horse stouts. Most appreciated. Very generous of you.
Mar 2009 Beerlando Mike hooked me up with some Livery rarities, Verchuosity, Hoppelbock, and Impeche. He added bonuses of Back Road Christmas & Autumn 2008, as well as Two Brothers Red Eye Coffee Porter. Packed excellently in a styro. Fast and easy. Thanks again Mike. Great trader.
Mar 2009 mibirder A first time, first rate, quick and easy trade with Mike. I got The Livery’s Verchuosity, and Impeche along with the welcomed extra of America’s BB Stout. The packaging was phenomenal. Thanks Mike, let’s do it again.
Mar 2009 CaptainCougar Mike sent me bottles of Livery Impeche and Livery Verchuosity with a bonus Back Road Christmas Ale 2008, all nicely packed in a three bottle shipper. Thanks again!
Mar 2009 WeeHeavySD Another awesome trade with Mike, growler of Fifth Dimension from the Livery, Founders Double Trouble, Livery Impeche, Livery Verchuosity and two bonuses Livery Hoppelbock, and Two Brothers Bon Fire Dunkelweisse. Mike is an awesome trade and a hell of a guy, and he’s started to pack like me, so I guess something is rubbing off.
Dec 2008 WeeHeavySD 6th trade with mike, but this was less a trade a more of us each sending each other boxes without working anything out. He sent a bomber of back road christmas 08 and a big ol growler of BA Maibock from the Livery. Damn awesome, Mike rocks it out once again.
Nov 2008 WeeHeavySD Amazing trade with Mike, maybe my 5th with Mike. Sent Upland Peach, Upland Cherry, Flossmor Big Black Pumpking, Pullman Brown, and the Curse IPA. Three Floyds Moloko Plus. Back road La Porte Saison, Autumn Ale 2008 , and Kalamazoo Hopsolution Ale. Damn great trade with damn great packing. Mike is the man.
Aug 2008 WeeHeavySD Mike Rocks in trade 4? box arrives the day I arrive back in town, with a Livery Pint Glass, 4 Livery Handbottles, Impeche, Verchuasity, Livery Anniversary Ale (Belgian IPA), Livery Rye Whiskey Aged Cousin Jax IIPA, plus Capital Balitic Porter, and America’s Paddler’s Porter, crazy intense packaging from a man who is already a pro. Thanks again, Mike these keep getting crazier and crazi
Aug 2008 tjthresh Mike sent the 4 pack of NG Unplugged Berliner Weiss that I asked him to pick me up plus, Livery Impeche and Verchuosity hand bottles, Stone Brandy Barrel Double Bastard hand bottle and a couple of baltic porters. Unreal. Thanks Mike.
Jul 2008 kmweaver I love it when growlers arrive perfectly packaged. Mike kindly hooked me up with a growler of the Livery BA Maillot Jaune, with my end of the trade TBD (I’ve promised great things!). Quick shipment, flawless packaging, and another great, easy trade with Mike. Thanks again, man!!
Jul 2008 WeeHeavySD Part 2 from Mike, a Growler of 07 Livery Bourbon Aged Tripplebock and a bonus FFF Blackheart IPA. Great packing, great beer, Mike as we all well know rocks indeed.
Jul 2008 WeeHeavySD Mike rocks in part 1 of our 3rd trade. Mike sent Livery BA Maillot Juane (Growler) and Livery BA Carvana Birthday Ale. Great packing, can’t wait for part 2.
May 2008 StFun Short and sweet (and I do mean sweet!). Asked Mike about a couple of his older Dark Lords, offered to hit a couple things off his want list. Well, syro shipper arrived today with 2 DLs!! Very fast and easy trade, I couldn’t be happier, thanks a TON Mike!
May 2008 WeeHeavySD Mike rocks in our 2nd trade. 08 Darklord, 3F/Mikkeler Huedegoob, Flosmor X-IPA, and Flosmor de wilde Zunetrain as well as a Devil over a barrel and some other wonderful goodies. Thanks again Mike for making it so easy.
May 2008 tyler_mn Quick, easy, no hassels. Had this one wrapped in about 2 BM’s. Nuclear bomb proof packaging. Mike sent a couple of agreed upon Flossmor bottles and bonuses of Stone 9 (wl!), 060606 (wl!) and a bottle of Back Road Oaked IIPA! Sweet! Hit me up anytime Mike!
Apr 2008 WeeHeavySD Mike is one hell of a guy, in person and via the mail. Mike sent a growler of Livery BA Agent 99. New Holland Night Tripper, Round Barn Cocoa Stout and Winter Wheat as well as Back Road Oak Aged Hop Monster. Sent 3 Day Select which totally rocks. Thanks again for the killer brew Mike.
Apr 2008 TheRealBastard Mike is hands down one of the best traders out there. Our original agreement of beer didn’t work out so he sends me an 04 darklord instead. OMFG! Then adds a growler of Livery Double Paw, Dark Horse Crooked Tree, Oak Aged Hop Monster, and a Round Barn Cocoa Stout!!!! Holy shit! The Darklord was Triple boxed ready to survive a nuclear blast. This is the best box of beer I’ve ever recieved! T
Feb 2008 kp BBB63 sends me a bottle of Back Road Millennium Lager to rerate. In addition he throws in a Back Road No. 9, and had bottles of Shoreline Smokestack Porter, Livery BA Belgian Amber, and Livery Carvana Birthday Ale. I think I owe you more beer. Thanks!
Feb 2008 mcox90 The crown jewel in this trade was (2) bottles of Bell’s 7000. Also, receceived (1) each of Founders Breakfast Stout, Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, Dark Horse Fore Smoked Stout, plus (2) handbottles. Back Road Oak Aged Black IPA & Shoreline Smokestack Porter. Then came 5 bonus brews including a Duck Rabbit Baltic Porter. What a generous guy. Thanks Mike.
Feb 2008 tjthresh Mike is the bomb. He was lurking in the KC fourm and saw we are planning a tasting. Next think I know, I’m getting an address requiest and I have Back Road Oak Aged Black IPA (12 oz handbottle), Shoreline Smokestack Porter (12 oz handbottle), Livery Barrel Aged Batch 99 (22 oz handbottle), and Livery Carvana Birthday Ale (22 oz handbottle) on my doorstep. Unreal. Thanks Mike.
Feb 2008 Ughsmash The Big Bear hooked me up with a couple very exciting Livery brews (BA Agent 99 and Carvana Birthday Ale) as well as a great assortment of Indiana stuff (Back Road Oak Aged Black IPA, Millennium Lager, and No. 9!!, as well as Shoreline Smokestack Porter). As always, very friendly communications and an awesome assortment of beer!
Feb 2008 TheRealBastard First of all, excellent packaging, good communicator, and easy to trade with. Got an 05 and 06 Darklord!!!! Maynard then threw in 4 freakin extras like the darklords weren’t enough!!!! Holy Sheit!! An 06 Mephistopheles, Dark Horse Fore, Black Road Oak Aged Black IPA(which I am really stoked to try), and a Back Road Christmas ale. Mike Maynard you rock!!
Feb 2008 hellomynameis Wow! Mike is probably the most generous guy I’ve traded with to date! I wanted some BA Wheat Tripple Bock and some NG Unplugged. He filled in with 7 more bonus beers! He threw in several Black Road beers, some Iron Hill Pig Iron Porter and another Livery hand bottle. All superbly packaged!
Jan 2008 adrian910ss Easy trade with Mike produced a box of 12: Bells Eccentric (1996), Bells Batch 6000, DH Fore Smoked Stout, Livery BA Wheat Tripplebock 22oz, Cousin Jax Double IPA 22 oz, Hopplebock 18.7 oz, Black Road Oak Aged Black IPA 22 oz with BONUSES: Livery BB Aged Liverator Dopplebock, Back Road Christmas 07, No.9, Pecker Head Red Ale abd Small Beer. UNBELIEVABLE HAUL !!! One of the BEST traders out there
Jan 2008 beerbill Mike answered my request for a 12-for-12 trade with a great selection including: Back Road Pecker Head, No.9, Midwest IPA, Small Beer, American Pale, Christmas Ale 2007, Oak Aged Black IPA; Shoreline Cluster Phuck; Barley Island Blind Tiger and Dirty Helen; Upland Bad Elmers Porter; Bells Best Brown Ale. Great choices including a couple of hand bottled beers. Thanks for an excellent trade Mike!
Jan 2008 tjthresh Mike sends Back Road Small Beer and Oak Aged Back IPA as wll as Flying Fish Imperial Esspresso Porter. Top notch service. Thanks a bunch, Mike.
Jan 2008 Dough77 Mike shipped out his side of the deal quick and super efficient. This guy doesnt mess around, set up the trade ship em out and call it a day. I like it Livery BA Wheat Tripplebock, Livery Cousin Jax Double IPA, Livery Laughing Dragon American Red Ale, Livery McGilligans IPA, Livery Telewhacker Winter Ale, New Glarus Unplugged Enigma, Tyranena Hop Whore Imperial India Pale Ale, Tyranena Stickin
Jan 2008 IrishBoy Mike sent the bomber of Livery BA Wheat Triplebock, Barley Island Sinister Minister, TF BrooDoo, Lieny’s Big Eddy IS, and bonused a Back road Christmas Ale 2007 and a Founders Impy Stout! Thanks a ton Mike!
Jan 2008 porterhouse Mike once again sends a great box - FFFDarkLord’07 and Behemoth along with BackRoad Christmas’07 and BellsEccentric’02. He also included great bonuses of Bells8000 and handbottled BackRoadBlackIPA. Wow what gems each and every one!! Excellent packaging and great communication. Thanks again Mike!!
Jan 2008 kramer Mike send a bomber of Livery Bourbon Cask Aged Wheat Triplebock as agreed, and bonused me two great beers, Kuhnhenn Road Rash and Back Road Christmas 2007. A few quick beermails back and forth and the deal was done, simple and easy. Another awesome RB trader!
Jan 2008 Beerlando Mike sent down a hand bottled Livery Bourbon Cask Aged Wheat Tripplebock!!!, a hand bottled Back Road Black IPA, and bottles of Back Road Christmas Ale, Back Road Aviator, Sand Creek Imperial Porter, and Buffalo Bill’s Blueberry Oatmeal Stout. Awesome stuff. Perfect packaging in a styro. Good communication. Any time Mike!
Jan 2008 thebaldwizard Mike is kind enough to send a handbottle of Livery wheat trippelbock to me along with 4 extras! Packed perfectly, including a list on the inside of what he sent--very handy. Thanks Mike!
Dec 2007 Ughsmash In-person trade at the YeHA! Mike hooked me up with The Livery Wheat Tripplebock, PP Older Viscosity, SADR #5, and Goose Island Sahti (not part of the trade, but I owe him for it!!)... might’ve been something else in there. Always a pleasure dealing with this guy!
Dec 2007 pantanap met up with mike at goose island to make the exchange where he fulfilled my request for a growler of Livery’s BA Triple Weizenbock. Also part of the trade was an ’06 Dark Lord.....as a bonus he included a local Indiana brew that I cannot get here in Chicago. look forward to sharing some more brews with you at the Solstice Party this upcoming week. cheers mike.
Nov 2007 MrBendo Mike agreed to trade one of the very limited Upland Blueberry Lambics with me. I really can’t wait to taste it. Plus he sent me FFF Dreadnaught and Alpha Kong, and bonused a FFF BrooDoo Harvest. Packed in a four-slot bottle shipper. Mike’s a real asset to the trading community. This was our second trade, and I’ll trade with him again anytime.
Sep 2007 shadey First I have to say that 10 simply isn’t a high enough number to describe the packaging that Mike conducted on these 6 beers. It look me forever to claw my way through layer upon layer of meticulous padding. I was impressed before I even saw a bottle. Then I discovered the awesome beers hiding in all that protective material. The trade was for Two Brother Opus 10, Bells Batch 8000, Hoppin
Sep 2007 bu11zeye Mike sent 5 Livery hand bottles and a threw in a Two Brothers Opus 10 as a bonus! Wow! Awesome trade, easy communication, professional packaging! I certainly hope to trade with Mike again.
Sep 2007 mreusch Mike hooked me up so big, it’s unreal! First there’s Livery BCA Wheat Trippelbock that I’m thrilled to try, but everything that came with it was unexpected and amazing. Livery Agent 99, Founders Blushing Monk, BH Boss Cox, Bells 8000, two Back Road’s, and a pint glass! Packed in the most secure and professional way I have ever seen! A real honor to trade with, thanks again Mike!
Sep 2007 puzzl The law of extras states that a trader may wish to include 1-2 "bonus beers" that are small and local if they’d like to add a little to the trade. That makes Mike a dangerous criminal, and I’ve reported him to the feds. Mike included not one, not two, but SEVEN bonus beers in my box, and they weren’t small locals either. Among the bonuses were Two Brothers Cain and Abel and Project
Sep 2007 JohnC Mike provided a great taste of the midwest: Livery, Bell’s Back Road. A very generous guy and a great trader
Aug 2007 kmweaver Mike sent me probably my most-wanted beer: a 22oz bottle of Livery BA Trippelbock, perfectly packaged and on my doorstep quickly. He included five (5!) extras: Two Brothers Opus 10 (woohoo!), and four beers from Back Road Brewery: Saison, Pecker Head Red, Scottish Ale, and Doppel Bock. Perfect trade, great communication, and a nice guy to deal with! And BA Trippelbock. Thanks, Mike!!
Aug 2007 zathrus13 Mike sent me some great brews in a well packed box. I got two from the Livery, one Bourbon Cask Aged Wheat Tripplebock, and one Cask Aged Hoppelback. He also threw in one FFF Fantabulous Resplendence. A nice, easy trade. I hope we can trade again.
Aug 2007 sunevdj Pretty sure Mike is my Santa. Livery Bourbon Cask Aged Wheat Trippelbock, Ommegang, Ommegang Ommegeddon, Three Floyds X, Left Hand SmokeJumper, Hoppin Frog BORIS The Crusher, Dogfish Head Red and White, DfH 120 Minute, Dark Horse Tres Blueberry Stout, Tyranena The Devil..., Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere, Back Road LaPorte Saison in a cool styrofoam box.
Jun 2007 JohnC Mike delivered a great taste of the midwest. Thanks!
Jun 2007 Ernest A growler of Back Road Saison (packed in my own growler shipper box, heh heh). Can’t wait to try this mofo. Thanks Mike!
May 2007 JohnC A great taste of the midwest from Mike. Thanks!!!
May 2007 pantanap Yet another trade that should have been added .......Mike set me up with some awesome olf goodies from Bells.....met up in person on DL day for the friendly exchange. Thanks again!
May 2007 MrBendo Mike sent me the Dark Lord, Bell’s Eccentric and Founder’s Breakfast and then threw in a few other Indiana brews to fill out his Styrofoam shipper! Very generous trade, even before the bonuses. I really appreciate it, Mike.
Apr 2007 Ty5592 You see, Mike was kind enough to answer my drunken plea for DL and Bells 6000. Out of the goodness of his heart he added FFF Black Sun Dark Horse Oatmeal stout,Blueberry Stout and Sapient Trip Ale. 1- Infidel IPA 1-BackRoad Hop Monster and 1-Mishawaka HopHead Ale. Great communication and an excellent pack job to boot. Mike is a very generous man, and like I said Y’all Better Recognize that! Thanx
Mar 2007 CaptainCougar Mike sent me a growler of Flossmoor Station Killer Kowalski Baltic Porter . Very well packed and promptly shipped. Looking forward to trying this. Thanks again!
Feb 2007 Odeed mike hooked my up with a load of mid-west brews!including an 02 expy stout!this man is really generous and i would trade with again any time.
Jan 2007 ross Mike sent me 1x 2002 eccentric ales, 2x 2004 eccentric ales, 1x 2003 ex stout, and 4 local indian beers as bonus. I dont have them in front of me so i dont remember what they were! Packed to withstand a nuclear bomb. Thanks Mike!!
Jan 2007 sprinkle BBB63 and I set up a future trade last year at DL day. He wanted my bottle of BA Monks Mistress and promised me something in the future. Well when I came up with what I wanted, he came through, a ’04 Darklord and it came snug in a Rogue Santas reserve box with a Back Roads Christmas Ale. Thank you sir for making my vertical complete. Cheers! Mike
Oct 2006 egajdzis Mike sent me a few of his best local beers. Thanks again Mike!
Sep 2006 hopscotch "Excellent" doesn’t even begin to describe the packing job Mike did with this delivery. Box in a box with tons of bubble wrap in each. I only asked for a hand bottling of the Livery BBA Wheat Triple Bock, but I also received bottles of Back Road Midwest IPA, Mishawaka Loopy Lupilin IIPA and Founders Bad Habit Quad. Thanks a ton, Mike!
Aug 2006 tjthresh Mike came through with the agreed upon Livery Cask Aged Kilt Tilter growler plus GI Rye Pale Ale growler, Capital Eisphyer, Weyerbacher Double Simcoe and Hops Infusion and a hand bottled Livery Bourbon Aged Wheat Tripplebock!!!! Are you kidding me!!! On a sad note, the Kilt Tilter leaked. The only concern is keeping it carbonated util I get help drinking it. Needless to say (and most already k
Aug 2006 ClarkVV Mike graciously offered to send me a Dark Lord and a Behemoth, not all too common of beers, and asked for nothing rare in return. With the also requested Founders Bourbon Breakfast and regular Breakfast. He threw in the usual large amount of bonuses (3 bonuses on 4 regulars!) and had the shipment to my door in about 3 days. I only hope my not very timely, but well-stocked shipment reaches him i
Jun 2006 Ernest The big bad bear delivered a couple of Rabbid Rabbits plus FOUR (dammit!!) bonuses (including Goose Island Imperial IPA, which should be quite a hit with the FrontRangers). Thanks so much, Mike!
Jun 2006 porterhouse This one takes all the superlatives-amazing packing and even more amazing selection of brews.In exchange for a few Maine beers,Mike sent me BellsBatch7000, BellsRye, BellsK’mazoo, Bells2XCreamand20thAnn, BackRoadChristmas05, AviatorandB’berry, FFFAlphaKlaus bomber, SprecherDoppel, NewGlarus SmokedRye, Founders BlackRye,DarkHorse Reserve Black and a BackRoad pintglass!!True generosity.ThanksMike!!
Jun 2006 Firemoose15 It’s amazing how fast you build up a trade profile accidentally. Mike was gracious enough to help add to my ever building supply of beer. He sent me a Founder’s Kentucky Bfast, GI BCS, and the Bells rang thrice, Rye stout,Dbl Cream and Batch 7000. Oh yeah, a 050505,which rocks since I’m late in the game on those. Super fast and shipped bullet proof. Thanks again Mike.
May 2006 Walt A great shipment from Mike! He totally hooked me up! JP Luciernaga Grand Reserve, JP La Roja Grande Reserve, JP Madrugada Obscura, JP Maracaibo Especial, Bells 6000, 05 Bells Eccentric and BONUS: Founders Kentucky Breakfast, Back Road Autumn, Christmas, Aviator, No.9 Barleywine AND AND AND: 2006 DARK LORD as an EXTRA!!!!!!
Mar 2006 cquiroga Mike is one of the best traders around. Incredible double-boxed packaging that could survive being dropped from the plane for delivery, and the beers included are all top-notch. A growler of The Livery Wheat Trippelbock, JPs Madrugada Obscura, Bam Biere, and the Roja and Luciernaga Reserves, a few extras of Back Road Autumn and Christmas Ale. Excellent, excellent. Thanks Mike!
Mar 2006 ClarkVV Mike took it upon himself to hand bottle and offer a Livery Trippelbock to me and then sent it 2 day air along with 3 bonus bottles!! Mike is a very generous soul, but if you’ve ever traded with him, you already knew that. Thanks Mike!
Mar 2006 richlikebeer I have been forgetting to put this up, sorry mike. Mike delivers an always expertly delivered load of goodies..Bombers of 3F behemoth, Mishawaka Aniv. Porter, Resolution BW, and Beer Garden IPA, and 12s of Indianpolis Snake Pit Porter, Barley Island Dirty Helen, Man Anthony Old Fort Porter, Back Road Old 69 BW, Autumn Ale 2005, Blueberry Ale, and an amazing smoked beer, Back Road Christmas 2005,
Feb 2006 MartinT Mike is a professional trader. You cannot pack better than him. You cannot be faster than him. Many courrier companies would learn from his efficiency. My special Jolly Pumpkins, Bell’s, and Back Roads could not have been better taken care of. MegaCheers for Mike!!!
Feb 2006 kramer Mike kicked my butt on this trade. The trade was for a Back Road 2005 Autumn and 2005 Christmas. He sent 4 bonus beers on top of those, including a New Holland Devils Milk, Mad Anthony Porter, Central Waters Dry Irish Stout, and get this--- a 2004 Bell’s Eccentric Ale!! One off my wantlist that I can’t wait to enjoy. Perfect packaging, communication, and shipping. Thanks.
Jan 2006 Oakes OK - I don’t know how many brews were in the boxes because I haven’t even opened the second box yet. But a solid delivery from the Big Bad Bear on a locals for locals trade. He was very patient with my slacking and sporadic communication, too. Another great trade.
Dec 2005 11026 The Bear completely outperformed my side of the trade in every way imaginable. Impeccable packaging, prompt delivery, superb beers! Included were: Back Road Christmas ale x2 Back Road Autumn Upland Winter Warmer Bells Wheat 6 and 8 Back Road Blueberry Upland Amber Mishawaka Ella Rose Porter FFF Black Sun Thank you Mike!
Nov 2005 madbeer101 5 different Jolly Pumpkin, Stone 050505, 9.th, Dark Horse imp. Stout, Dogfish head Burton baton, Founders black rye, Rübæus and Breakfast stout was the trade, but Mike included a 3 floyds Behemouth, Bells 7000 and 20th anniversary, Back Road Autumn 2005 and Central Waters Irish Dry as extras. Makes me spechless. Packing was eminent. All in all Mike is the man for trading. I dont think they come an
Sep 2005 FoolishMortal Mike sent me a Dark Lord, 2X Bell Two Hearted, and a Bells Eccentric Ale. Once again, a great trade with a great trader.
Aug 2005 SDalkoholic The orignial plan was for a Stone 7th anniversary ale, but 5 additional twelve ouncers were sent also. (1) Founders Breakfast stout, (2)Kalamazoo bells expedition stout, (3)Middle ages tripel crown ale, (4) Back Road millennium lager and (5) Dark Horse sapient triple ale. Thanks again Mike.
Jul 2005 hopdog Mike sent me an incredible selection of beer (most of them being extras!); Hand bottled sample of FFF Moloko Ale, Mishawaka Summer Soltice & Irish Stout, Back Road Witbier, Millennium Lager & No. 9, Great Lakes Holy Moses & Nosferatu, Bells Winter White and Lakefront Snake Chases. Once again, I am floored my Mike’s generosity! Thanks a million!
Jun 2005 5000 Founders Rubaeus, Jolly Pumpkin Maracaibo & Biere de Mars, Kuhnheen 4th Dementia, Magic Hat Ravell, 3 Floyds Brian Boru, 2 Bros Dog Days, Victory St. Boisterous. And as freebies Back Road #9, Blueberry, Millenium, Mishawaka Hop Head, Summer Solstice, Founders Stout, Warbird T-6, & Dark Horse Sapient Trip Ale. Great packaging and thorough communication! Highly recommended. Thanks Mike!!!
Jun 2005 MAP Mike send me a Mishawaka Hop Head, Batch 999, Eccentric Ale, Dragons MIlk, Back Road Brewery No 9 Barley WIne and a can of Warbird t-6. One hell of a beer shipment I wasnt expecting.
May 2005 MullMan I asked for one new glarus belgian red, and BBB63 sent me seven extras!!! a founders rubaeus, a back road blueberry ale, a unibroue ephemere apple, a new glarus apple ale, a new belgium transatlantic kreik, a sam adams cranberry lambic, and a warbird t-6 red ale. all packed perfectly, thanks BBB63!
May 2005 MullMan I asked for one new glarus belgian red, and BBB63 sent me seven extras!!! a founders rubaeus, a back road blueberry ale, a unibroue ephemere apple, a new glarus apple ale, a new belgium transatlantic kreik, a sam adams cranberry lambic, and a warbird t-6 red ale. all packed perfectly, thanks BBB63!
May 2005 hopdog After opening up the box from Mike, all I can say is WOW! He sent me Goose Island IIPA, Dark Horse Tripel, Arcadia Batch 999 and as extras, Fullsail Slipknot, Mishawaka Hop Head, Decadent IIPA, and Two Brothers Hop Juice. I hop I have the privilege to trade with him again!
May 2005 Terminus got 2 05 dark lords from Mike-well packed and shipped fast! Thanks dude!
May 2005 TheBeerGod Mike shipped me some Dark Lord. Packed in a wine shipper and received in only a couple of days. Excellent trader hope you enjoy the stuff I sent you! recommended to all!
May 2005 richlikebeer mike is truly awesome, he scored me 3 ’05 dark lords, and dropped in as extras a 3f alpha kong, a back road millenium lager, and a Viking JS bock, all delivered in another of his seemingly endless supply of awesome stryo shippers. 2nd time around for me with mike, and imo, he is clearly a god amongst mortals, thanks man.
Apr 2005 FoolishMortal I recieved 1 Stone 03.03.03, 1 Youngbloods Impy, 1 Dogfish Head 120 min, 1 3F Dreadnaught, 1 Bells Expedition, 1 Avery the Beast, and as bonus 1 Founders Red’s Rye, and 1 Dogfish Head Burton Baton. Mike was a pleasure to trade with.
Apr 2005 Kevin bells batch 6000, arcadia impy, new glarus impy, dark horse impy, back road christmas 04, 3f’s dreadnaught, bells: 3rd coast 03, eccentric 03, sparkling, cherry stout, special double cream stout, java stout, upland winter waqrmer, new glarus black wheat. what a haul, mike went above and beyond. i have never been on the recieveiving end of such a lopsided trade. i am in his debt.
Apr 2005 richlikebeer ......12’s of back road christmas ale,bells 2 hearted ale + cherry stout, central waters irish dry stout, dark horse imp. stout. founders black rye, reds rye, + imp. stout, great lakes nosferatu, new glarus solstice weiss, sprecher generation porter, and thirsty dog siberian night. mike was a great, patient trader who held a dark lord for me for about 2 months til i got a peche mortel for hi
Apr 2005 richlikebeer WOW, trading with mike makes me wish the ratings here could go up to 15 or 20. 6 bombers in stryo’s and a dozen 12oz in a styro, all in one big box...unbelievable...shipment was unreal as well..bombers of alesmith speedway, new glarus belgian red, three floyds dreadnaught, brian boru, gumball head and the dark lord.........
Feb 2005 DocLock BBB63 sent 13 awesome brews, including 4 Jolly Pumpkins, New Holland Ichabod pumpkin and Dragon’s Milk, Dark Horse Impy Stout, Arcadia Scotch Ale, Elysian Perseus Porter, Founder’s Red’s Rye, Black Rye, and Devil Dancer, and a bonus FFF Dreadnaught. Mike sent me my Dark Lord, now he comes through with a Dreadnaught. Great packaging and comm. I can’t wait to try these!
Feb 2005 Kinz Great trade with Mike, Founder’s Breakfast Stout, Red’s Rye, Black Rye, New Holland Dragon’s Milk, Upland Winter Warmer, Back Road Christmas Ale, and NB Abbey! Perfect packaging, and a very cool dude!
Jan 2005 csbosox Mike was easy to deal with and he earned an 11 on packing. Beers were shipped in a 12 pack styro + all were bubble wrapped. Included Bells Batch #6000, 3rd Coast Old Ale,Eccentric Ale, and Special Double Cream, Java, and Trumpter’s Stouts and a Goose Island IIPA. Bonus beers were Arcadia London Porter & Imperial Stout, Tyranena Chief Blackhawk Porter, Upland Winter Warmer, and Back Road Xmas ’04.
Dec 2004 madbeer101 My Secret Santa. Awesome packaging. Double box. Peanuts. All beers in loads of bubble wraht. Send by air. Dark Lord, Maitresse du Moine, Founders Breakfast, New Holland Phi, Bells Two Hearted and 8 other great beers from the US. Mike is in the top 3 on my "I wish to trade with..." list.
Dec 2004 loweredsixth Another monstrous shipment from Mike. 12 beers in all (stouts, porters, a wheat, and a lambic)...all of them top notch brews. Everything was packaged perfectly and shipped quickly. Thanks Mike. I’ll get your box out shortly.
Dec 2004 DocLock Mike completed our second trade with an awesome box of brews. Included were Back Road x-mas 2004, Founders Breakfast Stout, New Holland Phi, New Glarus Apple and Solstice, New Belgium Kriek, Abbey, and 1554 Black, Central Waters IPA, Upland Winter Warmer, Bell’s Winter White, Great Lakes Nosferatu, Full Sail Impy Porter, and Great Divide Denver Pale. Great packing as usual and prompt delivery.
Nov 2004 goldtwins Great trader. Hope to trade again with Mike. 1 each Bell’s Expedition 2004, Eccentric Ale, Java Stout, Trumpeters Stout, Central Waters Satin Solstice, 3F Alpha Klaus, Arcadia Imperial Stout, New Holland Phi, Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, Goose Island Imperial IPA, and for bonus Upland Winter Warmer and Back Road Milllenium Lager.
Oct 2004 Mangino Where to begin? The shipping was "professional" and each individual beer had its own "Cardboard, bubblewrap" compartment! The best shipping I’ve seen! And Now onto the goodies! He send me 2 Dreadnaughts, 3 Bottles of rare Bells. He then proceeded to load me up with A LOT of Extras! Including 2 Back Road brews, Mishawaka Sunrise, St. George Porter, Bridgeport Porter, Bison Choclate, and Arca
Aug 2004 DocLock BBB63 delivered 12 great Midwest and hard-to-find beers, including FFF Dark Lord, Alpha Klaus, Bell’s Eccentric and Trumpeter, Buckeye Hippie IPA and Mammoth Stout, Goose Island Impy IPA and Demolition, Dark Horse blueberry stout, Back Road Aviator and x-mas ale 2004, and a twelfth which evades me at the moment. Great packaging, quick trade, great communication, and some bonus coasters also.
Aug 2004 loweredsixth Mike sent me waaaaay more than I expected. He got me Fantome Black Ghost, Lion Stout, Upland Choclate Stout, and Dominion Oak Barrel Stout, plus eight (you heard me right!) bonus beers including another stout I haven’t had. Mike, you so craaaazy!
Jun 2004 jeffc666 Mike comes through with an awesome trade! Goose Island Pere Jacques and Bourbon County Stout FFF Dark Lord Dick’s Cream Stout Bells Kalamazoo Stout Avery Out of Bounds Stout New World Porter Great Lakes Blackout Stout and Edmund Fitzgerlald Porter Arcadia London Porter About half of these were bonus brews! Everything was packed well. Mike is an awesome trader and a great guy!
Apr 2004 rodolito Top notch trader. Not only did he send the Dark Lord, but he also threw in a couple Back Road Brewery beers and Lakefront Octoberfest. Thanks a million!
Mar 2004 Slick Mike started the trade off with just a pair of DL's and turned it into a bonus bonanza,2-darkLords,Bonus brews = Back Road Christmas Ale,Back Road #9,Back Road Millenium Lager,Back Road Belle Guinness,and a 2 Bro's Northwind.Very nice selection and i would have to say the best trade for me so far bar none.Well worth looking him up for a few brews,fast turnaround and way more then you asked for.
Mar 2004 Terminus BBB63 sent 3 22oz DarkLord bombers, 1 coopers vintage 2000, 1 upland winter warmer 2003, back road christmas ale 2003, Back road millennium lager, roffey lake effect stout, shipyard blue fin stout-all packed well and made my week! cheers Mike!
Mar 2004 igneous1 1 bomber of DL, 1 bomber of Alpha Klaus, 12ozers of-Backroad Xmas 2003, Backroad Millenium Lager, Upland Winter Warmer and Upland Whear Ale. Amazing job of packaging. I think I could have run over this package with my car, and the only thing noticed would be some tire marks. Thanks Mike! This is really appreciated!
Mar 2004 tidiaguy Mike shipped 1 of each FFF Dark Lord, Stone Ruination, Goose Island I2PA, And from Kalamazoo Bells - Batch # 6000, Expadition, Java stout, Special Double Cream Stout, Porter. Killer trade. Best packaging ever.
Mar 2004 matta Hell yeah Mike hooked me up with some Extreme Beer! Da-Man sent me: Dark Lord, Bells 600, Bells Eccentric Ale, Upland Wheat & Winter Warmer, & Pilgrims Dole…. Mikes a Bad Trader, a real bad trader… on opposite day!
Mar 2004 BückDich Amazing! The trade was for a dark lord and a surprise. When I received the box I had TWELVE bottles: dark lord, la bavasienne, DFH olde school, schlafly oktoberfest, great lakes blackout stout, new glarus unplugged imperial stout, capital autumnal fire and maibock, goose island bourbon county stout, new holland pilgrim's dole barleywine, upland bad elmer's porter and winter warmer barleywine! Perfect packing AND express shipping.
Mar 2004 loweredsixth BBB sent me two bottles of the infamous Dark Lord as well as two other new stouts, a porter, a winter warmer, and a bock (all new to me.) He is an expert trader...flawless packing and shipping, very quick turnaround time. Thanks Mike.
Jan 2004 Silphium I sent BBB63 two new beers and I got six in return! My graduate stipend breathed a welcome sigh of relief. I received one bottle each of the following six beers (which were expertly packaged): Bell's Eccentric Ale, New Glarus Unplugged Imperial Stout, South Shore Rhoade's Scholar Stout, Back Road Christmas Ale 2003, Back Road Millennium Lager, and Back Road No. 9 Barleywine. Thanks Mike!
Dec 2003 JCW Mike made my day, he sent me 6 choose beers for his area, packaged well, shipped quickly, and from this end well received. Thanks Mike!
Dec 2003 ClarkVV BBB63 sent me a package, carefully packed and quickly sent just to be generous!!! Unbelievable!!! 2 Transatlantique Krieks and a back road christmas and back road barleywine. It is very encouraging to have someone like this on the site. Now I have to try to outdo him with the beer selection I send him . . . . . .
Dec 2003 cquiroga BigBadBear delivered the goods. And I’m embarrassed to receive ’em: 2 Alpha Klaus, 2 New Glar. Imp. Stouts, 1 NG Triple, 1 Bells 6000, and GET THIS: 5 bonus beers! Almost as many "bonus" as "expected" beers! Ed Fitz Porter, New Holl. Poet, and Bells Doub. Cream, 2-Hearted, and Cherry Stout.
Dec 2003 matta Damn, I don’t think one could go wrong trading with BBB63, Seriously a great guy! This time the Bear sent me 1 -Back Road Christmas 2003, 2 -New Glarus, 1 –Capital Winter Skal, 1 -Bells Sparkling Ale, and oh yes, oh mama, 1 –Alpha Klaus, ---Bizzach!! The Bear was Far more than Generous ounce again!
Dec 2003 loweredsixth Bigbadbear63 sent me an awesome collection of beers...including 6 new stouts for me (two of them a total surprise)! He was very fast and easy to work with. He is the only trader I’ve dealt with that included a packing list in the box. He also included a Three Floyds coaster and a Goose Island
Dec 2003 raindog BBB quickly deliverd me a Alpha Klaus,2 each of Back Road No.9,Christmas Imperial,and New Glarus Imperial. Also threw in a South Shore Stout! Also in the box are 4 beers for TAR,sure he will be pleased as well. Cheers Mike.
Dec 2003 CaptainCougar Mike shipped me a half dozen local Indiana brews, two of which were extras. Very well packed in the standard styrofoam box. Can't wait to try them all. Excellent trader!
Nov 2003 rodolito Beers were packed in a styrofoam bottle box and sent express. A great trade!
Nov 2003 JCW I just got a selection of some choice brews from Mike, beers I haven't ever seen before, and after they are gone I doubt that I'll see them again. Many Thanks Mike.
Oct 2003 matta The BigBadBear63 sent me the freaking largest box he could find packed full of 14 tasty suds! We had not even planed a trade and strictly out of kindness this Beer Stud sent me a shipment of brews. Some Bells Kalamazoo, a Goose Island, Back Road and 2 Mishawaka Beers, tell me this guys not a Stud!
Oct 2003 matta Again another hell of a good guy! What started out as a little baby trade developed into a massive beer exchange with some of the worlds top beers at hand? A damn good guy and an animal of a beer trader! Highly recommended!