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Feb 2012 jh1982 Dave replied to my kuhnhenn iso and helped me track down some tougher to find brews for a vertical. Everything was well packed and communication was smooth. Thanks Dave!
Sep 2011 hopscotch Dave sent a terrific box of beers to my door. Highlights include 4 Frog Island brews, Baudelaire Beer iO Saison, Arbor Sodibo Sour Series BA Blonde, NH Rye Hatter, NH Farmhouse Hatter, Atwater Uber Ursa, and three kick ass Kuhnhenn Meads. Thanks a ton, Dave!
May 2011 fbm115 I contacted Dave to see if he wanted to set up a trade. He had some stuff I was seeking and luckily I had some stuff he wanted. After a couple messages back and forth we had something set. Dave is a great trader. Let me know if you ever need something I can get. Would do it again. Cheers!
Dec 2010 hopscotch Dave shipped a big box full of Michigan beers my way: New Holland el Mole Ocho, Rochester Mills Cornerstone IPA, Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee Stout, New Holland Cellar Series Envious, Kuhnhenn Michitucky Mead, Kuhnhenn Manhattan Project Mead and Royal Oak Impy Irish Amber Anniversary Ale. Thanks so much, Dave. It’s been great trading with you over the past year or so. Let’s keep it going.
May 2010 pantanap dave sent me a sample of some kuhnhnenn meads that i was looking for. easy to deal with and patient with me for my laziness. thanks again sir!
Apr 2010 StFun I am a little late in leaving feedback, but last week I got a great box from Dave, including lots of Kuhnhenn love and a couple from Big Rock Chop House that I’ve been wanting to try for awhile. Packaged great as always. Can’t wait for the next round. Thanks!
Apr 2010 Tweety Two 6ers of Batch 9000 very well-packed with a couple nice extras. Great trade.
Apr 2010 hopscotch Dave sent a motherload of Kuhnhenn, Bells, Founders, Atwater goodness that, due to trade feedback character limitations, cannot be listed here in its entirety. Suffice it to say I would give him two thumbs-up, instead of only one, if I could. Thanks a million, Dave.
Feb 2010 Snojerk321 Dave sent a box filled with midwest goodies plus some great imports....Dark Horse Double Crooked Tree IPA De Molen Hel & Verdoemenis (Hell & Damnation) Jolly Pumpkin Bière de Mars Nøgne Ø Sunturnbrew Big Rock Sour Cherry Trip Unibroue 10 plus some great extras, thanks Dave!!
Jan 2010 scrizzz NP10v4 from my new best friend! Keweenaw Widow Maker, Kuhnhenn 10yr Anniversary Grand Cru and Simcoe Silly, Bells Hopslam, Oracle, Expedition and Susie’s Sweet Stout, Russian River Beatification batch 2 (WL)!! I’m stunned.
Nov 2009 bvc In NP10V4, Dave sent me a couple of things off of my wants (Leelanau Golden and Pale) then rounded out the box with with some other interesting stuff...Kuhnhenn Simcoe Silly Ale, Shorts Brown, Founders DT and Bells Oracle. Thanks man!
Nov 2009 grownfool Dave was completely willing to trade with a new trader. His was the only response I got to my first post in the trade forum. He made some helpful recommendations and even stored my beers for months while waiting for me to move. Founders KBS, Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch, Big Rock Chop Saison St. Clair and Maple Road, and bonused Bell’s Oracle
Nov 2009 madmitch76 Some long overdue praise for Dave. A box of those so hard to get in the UK Kuhnhenn beers. The Solar Eclipse monster and a few others including a couple of hand bottled beers. Plus some great Dragonmeads and Big Rock Chophouse.Topped up with some generous extras. Lets do this again Dave!
Sep 2009 hopdog Too many grest MI beers to list. 12 Styro shipper with Kuhnhenns, Shorts and a bunch of others! I owe ya on the next one!
Sep 2009 hopscotch Another box from Dave... Two 32 oz growlers (Dragonmead Juggernaut & Kuhnhenn Confused IIPA), bottles of Kuhnhenn Grand Cru and BA Fifth Dementia and New Holland Barrel Aged Blue Sunday 12. Sweet! A truly generous guy... and a great packer... it took me 1/2 hour to get the two growlers and three bottles unwrapped. Take that FedEx, UPS and USPS roughnecks !
Aug 2009 Cletus In another excellent trade, Dave came through with a growler from the Livery and some new rated from MI. Thanks for another great trade!
Jul 2009 hellomynameis Hooked me up with a much needed Bells Oatmeal Stout and I was able to pick up the Hel & Verdoemenis, a Barrel Aged 5th Dementia and a Dragonmead Final Absolution. Awesome guy to deal with.
Jul 2009 jarspag Dave’s maniac trading history continues! Just like the first, this trade was amazing. Quick and easy ... instant communication. All safe ’n sound ... I’m ready for round 3. Eaaaaaaaaastpointe!!!
Jul 2009 StFun David hooked it up in one of the funner trades I’ve done. Kuhnhenn growler, 4th dementia, cinnamonster, solar eclipse, 4th dementia, De Molen Tar and Feathered, and a couple of secret brews. Packed up tight and ready to go. Anytime man!
Jul 2009 daknole In a follow-up trade I get 2 more beauties including a really cool and unexpected bonus. Cheers! And BEAT OSU!
Jul 2009 Cletus Dave Hooked me up with a growler of saison from Front Street and threw in 2 extras. Thanks for a great trade!
Jul 2009 Rosebud butternuts i was looking to score some big rock beers and dave hooked me up. inside a perfectly packed styro shipper was the big rock saison, farmhouse ale, imperial stout, and michigan sour cherry tripel. if that wasnt enough he bonused me a DR milk stout and founders dirty bastard. awesome trader! thanks again dave.
Jun 2009 scrizzz Not to be outdone, Dave sent me a thank you box as a reply to my make up box. What a guy! Founders Porter, Surly Bender, Atwater Block Voodoo Vator, and Big Rock Maple Road Farmhouse. Sweet!
Jun 2009 drfabulous Dave sent me a great box of Dragonmead Armageddon Grand Cru, Kuhnhenn Tenacious Cassis and 4th Dimension, Shorts Huma-Lupa-Licious, and Dark Horse Plead the Fifth. Plus he threw in extras of Troegs Nugget Nectar, Mount Pleasant Steam Engine Stout, and Dragonmead Crown Jewels IPA. Excellent packing. Great trade! A bit of Michigan brought down to Missouri!
Jun 2009 tyler_mn Dave rocks! Sent me the agreed upon Big Rock Sour Michigan Tripel and Saison. Extras of Acadia Hop Rocket and Kuehenen 4th Dementia. Thanks Dave!
Jun 2009 Cletus In another great trade with Dave, I was hooked up with an IS and Saison from Big Rock and a bomber from Arcadia. Thanks for another great trade. Looking forward to many more.
Jun 2009 hopscotch Another box from Dave arrived at my house yesterday. Inside were bottles of Shorts Huma Lupa Licious (2), Mt. Pleasant Steam Engine Stout, Wolverine Beer, Detroit Brewing’s Detroit Dwarf and a bottle of Shorts Pandemonium Pale Ale. Thanks a million, Dave. I look forward to many more trades with you.
Jun 2009 MrBunn In person trade with Dave... hooked me up with some older bottles of Bells and a couple of nice extras. Thanks!!!
Jun 2009 hopscotch Ok, here goes. Dave sent bottles of Naked Island Sahti and Sunturn Brew, Shorts Pandemonium Pale Ale, Voodoo Big Black Voodoo Daddy, 4 Seasons IPA, Gran Met, White Magick of the Sun, Love Child and Wynonas Big Brown Ale, Dragonmead Armageddon and Isekadoya Pale Ale & Triple Hop Pale Ale. Wow! Well-packed in a styro-shipper and got here FAST! He rocks!
Jun 2009 jake65 Dave finished my search for Bells 6000 and we built the trade from there. He sends a KRE, 4th Dementia, two brews from Shorts, Voodoo Big Daddy, Harpoon Leviathan, DR Milk Stout. All packed to perfection. A fun guy to trade with and top notch RB’er. Thanks Dave!!!
Jun 2009 Cletus Dave Hooked me up with Dragonmead Grand Cru, a good Farmhouse Ale and several interesting locals. Thanks for an all around awesome trade!
Jun 2009 daknole Dave and I started off with a small trade and before we knew it we had a bunch of stuff to swap. And packed like a pro I got all kinds of fun stuff! (4) Kuhn 4th dementia, bells 6000(!!), Flying dog smoked double lager, wolverine beer, dark horse tripel, arcadia cereal killer and maple road dark farmhouse! Awesome stuff!! Cheers!!!
Jun 2009 Glouglouburp Dave sends to Montreal 2 x Bells 6000 (!!!), Big Rock Reserve Farmhouse, Big Rock RIS, Dragonmead Armageddon, Arbor Saison Farmhouse, Big Rock Saison St. Clair. He then bonuses me 5 (!!!) brews including Oak Aged Un*Earthly, Farmhouse Hop Stoopid and New Holland Golden Cap. What an awesome box. A+ communication. I hope we’ll share a brew some day.
May 2009 barncatmatt dave sent me a whack of michigan brews: founders double trouble, imperial stout, and dirty bastard, dark horse pleade the 5th, Kuhnhenn Fourth Dementia Old Ale, new holland gold cap, and mad hatter, 3F alpha king, Wolverine Beer, and a Big Rock Chop House Reserve Farmhouse Ale. cheers to a great trade/trader!
May 2009 sloth First trade with Dave and it,s a nice one. The agreed upon Founders Double Troublex2, Shorts Huma Lupalicious, Laughing Dog Alpha Dog and a Big Rock Chop House Farmhouse Reserve. Bonuses include Hop Stoopid, Founders Cerise and Seargents American Ale. Nice, easy trade with Dave. Highly reccomended trader. Thanks man! Lookin forward to all these brews.
May 2009 MrBunn Dave rules. Straight forward, good communication, packaging, quality, etc. Got a Batch 6000 (that was amazing, and if Dave tells you it has been stored well, believe it) and a couple of other exciting beers with an Arcadia Shipwreck as an extra!
May 2009 sigma23 dave sent the agreed upon package and threw in some killer extras! packaged to stand a 20 foot drop i swear. great communication and just a great trader. hope we can do business in the future!
May 2009 DMRz Dave sent me the agreed upon Kuhnhenn Tenacious Cassis and 3 great extras: Short’s IPA, Nugget Nectar, and a Founders Cerise. The brews arrived securely packaged and communication was a breeze. Thanks for a great trade!
May 2009 goryshkewych Sent the agreed Dragonmead Armageddon, plus an extra Big Rock Maple Road Farmhouse Ale. Thanks again.
May 2009 Hophead22 Dave’s a killer! He generously offered me a growler of Detroit Beer Hop Grenade and asked to be surprised in return, sweet. He then adds 4 extra’s, Dragonmead Crown Jewels, Sergeants American Ale, and two Founders, Cerise and Centennial IPA, big thanks Dave.
May 2009 lb4lb Got a box from Dave including a couple KBS, FS Black Gold, some Shorts beers, ST Mokah, and various others along with some extras as well. Super easy to work with and was very understanding when one of the beers I was to send him was no longer available in my area. Also went out of his way to find one for me. Would recommend him as a trader, and thanks for the trade and extras!
May 2009 tyler_mn Got a great box from Dave. Sent the requested Big Rock Farmhouse as offered. Extras of Shorts Huma Luma, Dragonmead Triple and Lagunitas Lucky 13. Sweet! Excellent communication and packaging. Recommended trader all the way!
May 2009 bulldogp04 This guy is just plain awesome. Very enthusiastic and helpful trader. Willing to keep me updated on availability of great brews from my favorite Michigan brewery - Kuhnhenn. This is the 2nd trade I have done with Dave. This is also the 2nd time that he has provided excellent packaging, communication, quick turnaround, and extras ! Dave sent Big Rock Chop House brews and Tenacious Cassis !
May 2009 riversideAK Dave sent an awesome box of beers. Included in the incredibly well packed box were the agreed upon Big Rock beers: Maple Road Farmhouse Ale and Flying Buffalo Imperial Stout, and three awesome bonuses Bells Double Cream Stout and Shorts Huma Lupalicious and Pandemonium Pale Ale. Hell yeah. I am looking forward to drinking these and sharing with my the local crew!
May 2009 beerman7777777 First trade through here but have done several on Beeradvocate. Sent me four bottles of Double Crooked Tree IPA, 2 Plead the 5th, 1 New Holland Night Tripper, 2 Avery 13, 1 Avery 10, 1 Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald, and 1 Dragonmead Final Absolution. Also gave me Bells Oberon, Lagunitas 13, New Holland Mad Hatter IPA, and Duck Rabbit Milk Stout as extras. Thanks a lot for the great beers!
Apr 2009 thebaldwizard Dave is obviously on fire with his trading! He agreed to send me a "mystery" box of beers without fully knowing what he would be getting in return. He sent me a crazy box of beer! Lou Pepe ’02, 3F Schaerbeekse Kriek, Matt, De Molen Hel, Tenacious Cassis, Huma Lupa, Beer Geek Brunch Weasel and a couple of others that I can’t recall right now. Incredible box!!!
Apr 2009 cloudskipper Dave shipped a great box of MI brews - Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock (2), Tenacious Cassis (2), Fourth Dementia 08 (2), Founders KBS 09 (1), Shorts Pandemonium Pale (2), Huma Lupa Licious IPA (2), and Thomas Hardy’s 98 (1) and bonused a New Holland Golden Cap Saison, Bell’s Special Double Cream Stout and Dark Horse Reserve Special Black Bier. Pa
Apr 2009 jimbowood 1st trade here. Growler of Road Rash, 1 KBS, and a TON of bonuses. Excellent trade from top to bottom. Very quick and to the point communication.
Apr 2009 Hophead22 Quick, easy growler swap with Dave, hooked me up with a growler of Kuhnhenn Road Rash, and throws in a bottle of ’07 Tenacious Cassis and Shorts Huma Lupa Licious as extras, very generous, will have to do another trade soon, thans Dave.
Apr 2009 ditmier Sweet box from Dave!!! I get 2 x Tenacious Cassis, 2 x 2007 KRE, an Arbor Velvet Hammer, 4th Dementia....and bonuses of New Holland Mad Hatter, Dragonmead Final Absolution, DH Black Bier Reserve and a Bells Double Cream...sweetness!!!
Apr 2009 bulldogp04 Dave is a great new trader !! He shipped promptly and everything arrived safely. Threw in some cool extras, too ! Would definitely recommend Dave to any potential trader.
Apr 2009 CheesedMan Dave may be new at trading, but he hooks it up right. Sent were the agreed upon 2004 Bon Chien and Big Black Voodoo Daddy, then he bonuses me 2 4th Demensias!!! Packaging and communication was top notch. Hoping we can arrange another trade in the not so distant future.
Mar 2009 mashmaster In of Dave’s first trade he hooked me up with 4 KBS stouts, 4 huma lupa licious, and a raspberry eisbock. He also sent me a bonus of Dragonmead Trippel and a Dragonmead under the kilt! He had great communication! Welcome to trading HELL Dave!
Mar 2009 jarspag Dave did not act like this was one of his first trades!!! I didn’t ask him to ship first, but he got his box in the mail FAST. Stellar communication and just an all-around generous guy. We worked through the trade with little haggle and I would recommend him to anyone searching out the usual suspects in Michigan. Cheers buddy, it was a pleasure!
Mar 2009 5000 Looks like I am popping Daves cherry here! :-) Dave approached me for Hard Liver and had just the right stuff to make it happen, deliverying 2 Arbor Velvet Hammers and 3 Double Crooked Tree IPAs. That Velvet Hammer should have a lot of people scratching their heads as it seems tasty yet a little unknown. Thanks again Dave!