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Mar 2015 Travlr Easy in person trade during a bottle share followed by dinner and beers at my local. Good comms, nice beers, terrific company. Cheers!
Dec 2014 SlovakSniper My trade with Jeremy was smooth and easy. Bellwoods and Amsterdam in a small box. Ďakujem!
Sep 2014 DuffMan Jeremy and I have done several trades at this point, and I’ve been lax in my feedback! Consistently excellent trader, great communication, highly highly recommended! Thanks Jeremy!
May 2014 DuffMan Small trade with Jeremy, but fantastic nonetheless! Some excellent gems from Bellwoods-- Warp & Weft, Weft & Warp, Lambda Quad. Great communicator, highly recommended. Thanks Jeremy!
Oct 2013 MacBoost Awesome across the border trade with Jeremy. Swapped some sours and everything went great. Good communication, fast shipping. A+
Jun 2013 Dpaquet Jeremy and I did a trade for some locals and some heavy metal brews. Everything went awesome and Jeremy sent me some Bellwoods. Awesome trader and good packing. Trade with him. He’s a good guy.
May 2013 pushkinwow Great first trade so that we could each try each others locals breweries. Great communication, packaging and delivery. Will gladly make a trade again.
Oct 2012 cfrancis Another great trade with Jeremy. So easy and such great stuff in return. He knows how to fill a box. Oh yea, he knows!
Dec 2011 josefiak Solid trade involving some sweet Ontario brews including a delicious looking Bar Towel 10th anniversary. Will trade with anytime.
Nov 2011 SlovakSniper Jeremy sent me a Black Damnation III along with a nice selection of Ontario beers including some extras. Very good trade! Thanks again and a nezabudnite, že som vždy pripravený obchod.
Nov 2011 cfrancis Jeremy sent me both Bartowel 10th Anniversary brews and threw in a Great Lakes Project X. Great guy and great trader.
Sep 2011 sprinkle Another great trade! Awesome line up of brews I have never tasted and a few iced ciders! Perfectly packed, quick and easy trade! Thanks!
Sep 2011 Suttree We had set up the trade a few months beforehand, and truthfully, I had kinda forgotten about it. No worries, though, Jeremy came through in a big way, including the rare Prince Edward Island tick (yeah, I tick states / provinces. Sue me...) + a really nice selection of Ontario beers. Good, easy trade, good communication. Thanks again!
Sep 2011 Savvy1982 Jer shipped me an awesome box with a few Ithaca Excelsior series, and 07 BFM, and some other Eastern madness. Awesome trader, great packing,hassle-free second trade. Killer.
May 2011 cfrancis Met up with Jer in my hometown to get a loot of Project X bottles from Great Lakes. Nice guy, hope to take him out for beers next time he’s in town.
Mar 2011 fata2683 jerc sent me a nice return box with a highly wanted Black Damnation 2 and then sends another 2 WL brews in Dennisons Weisse and Witches Brew. I would not hesitate to trade with again!
Dec 2010 VertBaconStrips Great ultra laid back trade with Jeremy. Sent down a box just in time for xmas! Gots me a whole bunch of Muskoka’s, Dark Star Espresso, Black Damnation, Rossignol Ice Cider, Southern Tier Choc and some Denisons Weissbier. Great dude to deal with in all aspects. Happy Festivus, J
Jun 2010 Fred82 Traded with Jeremy in March or something. Sorry I’m late. Easy communication, great packing. Big thanks also to Rudolf for picking these bottles in Buffalo so Jeremy could send them my way. Trade included Brooklyn Schneider Hopfen, Flying Dog Raging Bitch, Ithaca 12, Fantome Dalmatienne, Weyerbacher Heresey, Goose Island Night Stalker plus bonuses. WOW. Thanks !
Feb 2010 Savvy1982 Jer hooked me up with one of my top wants in a Southampton RIS, and a Stone RIS plus a half dozen Ontario specialties. Well packed and quickly shipped, let’s do this again!
Apr 2009 jercraigs Assortment of Garrison and Propellor special releases from out east. Great trade, as per usual.
Apr 2009 OKBeer Another trade of most local stuff, Jer sent a nicely packed styro shipper with 7 Grand River Beers I’ve been looking forward to trying and a Thomas Hooker IPA. Always a good trade with Jeremy.
Feb 2009 daknole As part of the 6 for 6 locals trades, Jeremy sent 6 great beers that I have not rated before. And the box was packed to survive a fall from an airplane and a bomb! super trader...thanks so much! Cheers!
Jul 2008 mgermani Jeremy sent 2 Southern Tier IPAs, a Black Oak Cherry Stout, and three Westvleteren beers - the 8, the blonde, and the 12! Everything packaged in a maddeningly good packing-tape job which took me nearly 15 minutes to pry apart. Great trader, very kind of him to part with 3 Westies!!!
Apr 2008 User29624 The Westy Trio (12, 8, Blond) 1- Hockley Stout, Black Oak Pale Ale, and Devil’s Pale Ale. Thanks for the extra beer you threw in there and for making my first trade on here great. Hope we can trade again soon.
Mar 2008 CheesedMan Sent was the agreed upon Scotch Irish John By RIS and my number one most sought after cider, Ravens Ridge Fuji Ice Cider, plus a bonus of Black Oak Pal Ale x2. Great packaging and communication, hopefully we can arrange another trade in the not so distant future.
Mar 2008 SDbruboy Jerc delivered some hard to find (at least in US) Canadian brews + Southern Tier yummies. Included were 12 oz’ers of Garrison Imperial Pale Ale, Scotch Irish John By Impy Stout, Wellington Impy Stout and So. Tier Porter. Also bombers of Propeller Porter, So. Tier Choklat, Gemini and Pumking. Packed well and good communication. Good trade!
Nov 2007 Boutip Jeremy sent me a great package that included ’Southern Tier Oat, Southern Tier Porter, Raven Ridge Fuji, Scotch Irish Plain Porter, Stone 11th, Harveys Porter, Southern Tier Harvest. Thanks!!!
Nov 2007 OKBeer 10 beers, 10 for packing, 10 overall. 2 341 ml Scotch Irish Black Irish Porters, and 1 each of Southern Tier Harvest Ale and Dark Porter, Harvey’s Porter, Burton Porter, Clancy’s Red, Belhaven Twisted Thistle, and Harviestoun Bitter and Twisted, plus a Mikkeler Beer Geek Breakfast as an awesome bonus. Not to mention DVD-Rs of the entire series of Ed, probably my favourite TV show of all time.
Aug 2006 5000 Finished up a trade with Jeremy in which he included Propeller IPA, Propeller Porter, Scotch Irish Tsarina Katarina Imperial Stout, Southern Tier Imperial IPA, Black Oak Nut Brown, and three from Unibroue; Ephemere Framboise, Cerezo, and Seigneuriale. I wouldn’t hesitate to trade with him again. Thanks Jeremy!!!
Feb 2006 Lou18 I got 2 bombers of Canadian Propeller, Bitter and Porter. Great Job Pal. ! Finished opur first Trade, not our last.
Feb 2006 BeerMountie Jeremy delivered 2 Rochefort 10’s and a Westmalle Tripel. All are greatly appreciated in a Province that has never heard of good beer.
Feb 2006 1FastSTi One bottle seemed to spring a minor leak but it is fully capped now. I shook it to see if I could hear/see anything. Nothing bad or at all now. I got #1 and #3 of the "best" beers from Nova Scotia (Propeller London Porter and IPA), Alex. Keiths IPA, and Stutz HAC. Thanks. Much better packing this time.
Jan 2006 Lou18 I got a 6er, more then planned,2x 12oz Wellington Imperial Stout 2x 12oz Sgt. Majors IPA,2x 12oz Black Oak Nutcracker Porter as the first part of a 2 part trade. Best packaging job I have ever scene. I am so happy, Hope my end lives up.
Jan 2006 1FastSTi Well, it was bound to happen. I got a box with a beer in a million pieces. Thankfully, it was wrapped in a bag and it didn’t leak outside the inner box. Next time, use some bubble wrap around each bottle and leave lots of space between the box and the bottles. Anyway, I recieved 2 Tsarina Katarina I.S.’s, 2 Sgt. Majors IPAs, and 2 Wellington IRS’s (1 broken). Beers are what I w
Dec 2005 BeerandBlues2 Took Jeremy a little while to retrieve the Garrison Nut Brown, but he delivered on the Canadian brews: Propeller ESB, Propeller London Porter, Propeller Pale Ale (bonus), Olands Export Ale, Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale, Garrison Nut Brown Ale and an unlabelled Propeller (bonus). Thanks again for the trade, the beers arrived in perfect condition and well chilled. Get the Canadian brews w
Dec 2005 Probiere Jeremy sent a great selection of random local stuff--Propeller, some canned lagers, and some Rodenbach Grand Crus. He’s nifty!
Aug 2005 JPDIPSO Jeremy graced my doorstep with a box of great brews. A homebrew and a cider; MacKroken Flower (had one two days ago & really thought I would like another, read my mind ahead of time); Schofferhofer Hefe; Edelweiss Hefe; Black Oak Cherry Stout, Nut Brown & Pale; Wellington Iron Duke, Country and two Imperial (one perished during the journey, but with the good packing no box leak) Thanks!
Nov 2004 OKBeer Another fine trade with Jeremy completed in person. 2 each of Black Oak’s Saison and Nutcracker Porter, plus 2 homebrews - "Abaddon" Imperial Porter and "Firestarter Accidental Strong Ale" complete with Jeremy’s own label designs. Packed up nicely so it was very easy to take home on the plane. Airport security didn’t even check the bottles individually like they did on the first leg
Oct 2004 JoeMcPhee Jeremy dropped off a nice selection of bottles from Black Oak to my sisters house in TO while I was visiting over the weekend. Got the following: 3 Black Oak Pale Ale 3 Black Oak Nut Brown 3 Black Oak Saison 1 Tiverton Honey Brown 1 Bieropholie Imperial Stout 1 Bottle of homebrewed Imperial Porter Can’t beat the hand delivery or the generosity. Thanks.
Sep 2004 howie Knock another one off the wish list - two St Ambroise Stouts. Thanks, JerCraigs!
Jul 2004 mustang3 Traded in person then shared some beers. Thanks for the Weyerbacher Raspberry Imperial Stout and the bonus homebrewed Imperial Porter.
Jun 2004 OKBeer Another trade completed in person, but Jeremy had everything packed up nicely. This was a return trade for sharing my tape of the series finale of the TV show "Ed" along with a few beer. 2 Black Oak Pale Ales, 2 Black Oak Nut Brown Ales, 1 Trois Pistoles, 1 Mill Street Coffee Porter, and 1 Neustadt Springs Brewery 10 W 30. Second trade with Jeremy that’s gone great.
Mar 2004 CapFlu Worth the wait! Jercraigs sends a beer from the West Coast (Bowen Island Special Bitter), the East Coast (Garrison Irish Red)... and tossed in an addition from our Southern shore (Black Oak Winter Ale). Many thanks! Jercraig comes highly recommended!