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Feb 2020 SinH4 EuroSwap 01/2020. Got a tightly packed box with lots of Finnish goodies that look interesting, and nice additions of beer coasters and sweets/liquorice. Great trade as always!
Mar 2019 Taboada Another excellent trade with Jan. He sent me a bomb-proof package, full of new finnish breweries for me. He also managed to include a couples of Göses (special request). Wide and well chosen selection. Thank you very much and till the next trade :) Cheers!
Mar 2019 Benzai Taking part in the Euro Local Swap 2019-1 I was lucky enough to receive a box from Jan again. Awesome tasty beers, interesting beers and great candy. Solid packaging as always. Many thanks Jan!
Aug 2018 daknole Man what s great trade here in Phoenix. I sure enjoyed hanging out and sharing beers. Thank you sir!
Mar 2018 Taboada Jan was my sender during the European Local Swap 1/2018. I asked him to send me a couple of Black IPA, and he sent me a wonderful box with 6 top-rated Finnish Black IPAS, 1 Estonian Black IPA plus 4 more finnish beers (I.P.A.´s and Sahti). Well packed box. Easy and pleasant comunication as well. And a plus, he sent me some finnish chocolate and liquorice. I love chocolate and Black I.P.A´s
Feb 2017 derA excellent swap during ELS 1/17, rosenbergh sent a well-packed box of 8 bottles via expedited shipping. The 8 beers were a perfect mix of famous top50s that I haven’t had and locals with very few ratings including one bottle of Sahti! Would definitely trade or swap with again!
Feb 2017 Jashiu I sincerely recommend Jan as a trade partner! The package arrived in time and was very securely packed. The selection of beers was amazing. We did a swap and Jan got me some very nice beers. It’s for contacts like that, I love trading beers. Hope to meet in person sometime bud!
Jan 2017 Benzai Received an awesome and well packed box for the Euro Santa 2016 edition from Jan. Beers from my favorite styles and very nice chocolate bars accompanied by a christmas card. Thank you Santa Jan!
Nov 2016 heemer77 Jan contacted me before he started an epic road trip in the US. We agreed to trade locals for locals. Not only did Jan deliver with some interesting Finnish and Estonian beers, but he also brought me some US beers that were not available to me locally. A super generous and fun guy!
Sep 2016 Pailhead I met up with Jan while he was in Michigan and he hooked me up with some Finnish Imperial Stouts and a Sahti. Great guy and trader! Thanks Jan!
Aug 2016 gunnar Jan was my Secret Summer Santa-16 and he send me a very well packed box with both Finnish and Estonian beers. Wide selection style wise, as wanted. Thanks a lot, recommended trader
Jul 2016 Erzengel I traded with Jan again a parcel this month. Great selection and fast delivery! Thank you so much!!! Looking forward to the next one :)
May 2016 SinH4 I received a nice box full of Finnish goodies and a new country tick from Jan in the European Local Swap 2/16. Compact packaging as well. Absolutely recommended!
Mar 2016 mgajdaczewa Jan sent me a big box full of finnish and estonian crafts as a part of European Beer Swap 2016! Well-packed and easy shipping. Big thanks!
Feb 2016 Beerhunter111 Jan sent me a well packed box with 12 interesting bottles from Finland and Estonia. Very good communication, very pleasant Trader. Thank you very much! Anytime again. Cheers!
Dec 2015 Cuso Nice selection of 12 mainly Finnish beers hit my doorstep. As always everything went perfectly. Recommended trader.
Oct 2015 Erzengel Jan was my rading partner at the last local-swap. I got a box with 9 nice beers from Finland and Estonia plus a nice glass. Everything safe packed and as usual fast delivered! Thank you very much and till the next trade :)
May 2015 Cuso Nice box full of (12)n Finnish beers hit my doorstep today. Fast, expertly packed as usual. Many thanks Jan.
Apr 2015 GT Jan and I did a quick IP trade here in Carlsbad, brought some awesome beers from Finland, real Sahti, imperial porters, imperial stouts. Easy, great communication. Thank you for everything!
Mar 2015 CH-303 Box only took 3 days from Finland to Switzerland! Well packed box w/ two sahtis, one new US state, one new country and seven great-looking dark, Finnish beers. Great communication and selection. Highly recommended!
Feb 2015 gunnar European swap 1/2015. Jan was the one who send me a fantastic box with splendid and wanted Finnish beer, well packed, arrived fast, and he even gave me a nice glass on top of those wonderful beers. Thanks a lot, recommended trader +.
Dec 2014 Cuso Another lovely box full of mainly Finnish beers topped with Mountain state Seneca Indian Pale Ale (new state), arrived. As usual expertly packed, smooth communication. Many thanks Jan, any time again.
Nov 2014 jcnielsen In person trade in Charlotte. Jan hooked me up with some killer Finnish beers including a couple of Sahtis straight from Finland. He also threw in a West Virginia tick that he picked up during his travels! Nice!
Sep 2014 Christos I got a nice box from Jan for the Euro Local Swap 6. Interesting beers, a nice glass and some coasters, perfectly packed. Thanks a lot Jan!
Jun 2014 Mariusz paljon kiitoksia Jan! 18 bottle trade. Excellent communication, quick, efficient, flexible and a great choice of beers. Big thanks!
May 2014 Cunningham My partner at Europen local swap v5. Well packed box arrived in perfect condition. A bunch of micros from finland, and even an Sahti! Yeeahhh. Highly recomendable!
May 2014 Beerhunter111 Jan sent me a well packed crate with 12 bottles from Finland. Good communication, fast Delivery. Thank you very much!
May 2014 Cuso Again lovely box full of mainly Finnish beers topped with 2 homebrew imperial stouts(Wow), arrived. As usual expertly packed, quick delivery, smooth communication. Many thanks Jan, any time again.
Apr 2014 dnicolaescu Got a box full of Finnish (including two sahtis), Swedish, Estonian and Latvian beers. A late miss from Estonia has been replaced by a surprise american gem of a much higher value. Thank you Jan!
Mar 2014 Garlic_of_Doom Got a well packed, filled to the brim, box from Jan in the European Local Swap 4.0. Great communication and he really nailed my favourite styles (Porter and stout) and for that I thank him. Also got some coasters, always good to have. Cheers Jan!
Feb 2014 Lowenbrau After sending some spanish craft to Jan in the Euro Local Swap 3.0, few weeks later i got by surprise a couple of porters he was very kind to ship for me without any obligation. Really amazing! Thank you very much Jan. You´re the kind of people that makes this site a great one!
Feb 2014 Benzai Got a very nice box from Jan as part of the Euro Swap. Very solid packing, good communication, easy ride all the way.Many thanks Jan!
Jan 2014 tomer Recieved a nice box from Jan. expertly packed and filled with jems i would have probably never had the chance to try otherwise. Many thanks, would really love to trade again with you.
Jan 2014 Cuso Lovely box full of beers arrived. As usual expertly packed, quick delivery, smooth communication, excellent selection. Many thanks Jan, any time again.
Jan 2014 Mariusz Nice box arrived today from Jan. Expertly packed, great communication. Thanks very much. I am very happy. Highly recommendable trader!
Jan 2014 Erzengel Got a great box with lots of Finish beers! Even three Sahtis!! Thank you very much! Absolutely a great and reliable trader!! --> :-)!!
Jan 2014 andrepintado Jan sent me a lovely box. This is really a late-christmas present. 2 sahtis + 2 malt liquors + 1 finnish oak aged dunkel. Insanely fast shipment and very nice packaging. Couldn’t be better. Thanks Jan!
Dec 2013 Cuso Lovely package arrived just before Christmas from my regular trading partner. Excellent selection of Finish beers + Straight To Ale Monkeynaut IPA from Alabama, new state for me. As usual perfectly packed, smooth communication, perfect trade. Many thanks Jan.
Nov 2013 Cuso Again lovely box from Jan arrived full of Finish beers including Sinebrychoff / Brooklyn Two Tree Porter + Fuller’s Past Masters XX Strong Ale. Quick and easy trade. Any time again Jan, many thanks.
Sep 2013 Rosebud butternuts Nice in person trade with Jan. He hooked me up with some westy’s and some nice top rated Finland beers. Looking forward to the next time he is in town.
Jul 2013 Cuso Jan sent me bunch of beers and ciders including Sinebrychoff Porter IV. As usual quick and smooth trade. Thanks Jan!
Jun 2013 Cuso Another nice trade with Jan. I’ve got bunch of Finnish beers among them Rousals Pils. Smooth trade as usual. It’s always pleasure to trade with you, Sir.
Mar 2013 teddybeer Jan was visiting Madrid for two days and bring me a box of 10 Finnish beers that for me is really impossible to get from another way. Great selection of Finnish microbreweries. And of course many thanks for sharing a few hours drinking good beers. It was a pleasure. I just hope that Spanish soccer team win the Finnish...hehehe
Feb 2013 Cuso As always quick and smooth trade with Jan.Full box of Finnish, US and Estonian beers. And besides our regular trades I received Finnish Sahti for one homebrew competiiton few weeks ago. Thank you so much.
Dec 2012 Cuso Another lovely box from Jan with Finish and 1 Danish beers and top of the top his 2 home-brews. As usual beers were packed perfectly, communication was smooth and clear. Any time again Jan.
Oct 2012 Cuso Again I received box full of beers from Jan. Blue Point White IPA, Brutal Brewing Beervana Summer Edition, Olvi Tuplapukki, Saimaan Marsalkka Luomuvehnä, Stadin Helsch, Teerenpeli Red Ale (Ruisolut), Vakka-Suomen Tervanaama, Vakka-Suomen Puijo III and K1P Third stout, which is beer from nano brewery belonged to him and his friend. Wow. Quick, easy as usual, many thanks.
Jun 2012 Cuso In May, Jan sent me 10 Finnish beers from various breweries. Trade was quick and easy, at least from Jan’s side. Beers from me are still waiting. :(
Mar 2012 Cuso Jan sends me box containing 9 beers from Finland and 1 from Scotland. As usual beers were well packed and delivery was very quick. Anytime again, Jan.
Dec 2011 Cuso Got lovely box from Jan. Box included beers from Laitilan, Malmgård, Mallaskosken, Saimaan, Stadin, Stallhagen, Mallaskosken, Vakka-Suomen,Beer Hunters. It’s pleasure to trade with Jan.
Nov 2011 coldbrewky Jan sends me a baby box with six beers packed like sardines. I am still surprised that everything made it intact. .5L Malmgard blonde, finlandia Sahti, saku tume export, Vakka-Suomen Prykmestar LuomuPils, two stadin panimos: centennial pale ale and a luomu pisneri. Cant wait to try these over the holiday.
Nov 2011 Cuso Got a nice package from Jan.Finish beers:Finlandia Sahti,Laitilan Kievari Humalainen,Mallaskosken Talvinen3Viljan Kuohu,Malmgård Blond Ale,Nobelaner Kesäolut,Nokian Keisari EloWehnäIII,Saimaan Marsalkka Tumma,Stadin Single Hopped Chinook Pale Ale,Stallhagen Julbock(Åland!!!),Teerenpeli Hippaheikki and Estonian Saku Tume.Beers were well packed and trade was quick. Many thanks