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Dec 2014 mikedR Great trade, incredibly easy to work worth! Through in extras for which I’m deeply indebted.
Nov 2014 weihenweizen This time I received some bottles from her trip to Utah. Received unrated wheats and some state ticks. Nicely packed, another nice trade.
Sep 2014 weihenweizen Another great trade with Rebekah. Easy to trade with, well packed box, prompt shipping, and landed some nice brews.
Mar 2014 mashmaster Another amazing trade with Rebekah. Wonderful and generous lady from Indiana! She even reminded me that it was time for her to send me some hopslam! Thanks again Rebekah!
Dec 2013 BMMillsy Rebekah crushed my porch with a box of FFF today. Super friendly and easy to deal with. A fun locals trade that hit some of my big time wants. Great extras. Would gladly trade again.
Oct 2013 AirForceHops Great RateBeerian! I always look forward to our trades. She provided another nice box in our fall seasonal / pumpkin / Oktoberfest box. She even found me a few beers I requested. I can only say wonderful things… cheers until the next time!
Aug 2013 ericdevin Just did my first trade, and couldn’t have asked for a better partner! Lots of extras, everything arrived in good shape, no complaints.
Jul 2013 AirForceHops Professionally packed box (as always) hunted down yet other want list brews. I have nothing but great things to say about Rebekah. Trading with her over the past 6 months has been absolutely amazing. I am so happy I can be her New England contact!I can’t wait for future trades.
Jun 2013 ygtbsm94 Wow, what a first trade with Rebekah! All we agreed to was Crow Peak brews but she blew me away with her generosity. I received the two Crow Peaks and numerous extras: NG Dancing Man Wheat, NG Two Women Lager, Bells This One Goes to 11 Ale, KBS, Alpha King, Gumballhead, and Dreadnaught. Thanks Rebekah for the superb brews; I owe you in our next trade!! “Beer is Good Food”
May 2013 madbeerbaron Rebekah hooked me up with some zombie dust on super short notice... Thanks a bunch.
Apr 2013 StefanSD Rebekah sent me a great box filled with local smoked beers, excellent packing and great communication throughout. I look forward to trading again. You rock.
Apr 2013 AirForceHops Rebekah out does herself again! A very nicely assorted box of wheat brews with a nice KBS extra. I’m going to try real hard to match this box. A solid trading partner that I am really thankful to have. I’m gathering your beer as I type this.
Apr 2013 TooManyBeers First trade with Rebekah and it was a winner! She had fresh KBS for me which I’m a sucker for. Excellent communication and packing. Got some really nice extras I’m going to enjoy. I look forward to trading again this year. Thanks!
Mar 2013 weihenweizen Good communication, very well packed, and two beers from my cellar want list.
Mar 2013 AirForceHops Another fantastic box from Rebekah. She filled a want list of mine yet again! I am very happy we have established a long term trading partnership. I will go out of my way to find her stuff she is looking for and she has returned the favor each time. I look forward to a many more trades in warmer months!
Feb 2013 changeup45 Rebekah sent me a sweet box in exchange for some stuff I had in the cellar. In addition to the agreed upon brews, she included extras from Three Floyds and Upland. Quickly shipped and one of the best packing jobs I’ve seen. Super generous person and a pure pleasure to deal with. I’d definitely trade with her again!
Feb 2013 mashmaster Another perfect box from Rebekah! Hopslam to CA. She is one of the best!!
Feb 2013 thebaldwizard Rebekah sent me a bottle of scotch for some brews I had. She was very easy to work with and very generous. We came to terms in a flash and she sent the box very quickly. Obviously a great trader! Thanks Rebekah!
Jan 2013 AirForceHops Rebekah put together a nice assortment of 12 oz. bottles for me. Filling a few wish list brews and helping me cross off 2 states I hadn’t recorded. Communication and packing was flawless yet again. I can’t wait for warmer weather so we can trade some fresh wheat beers! Until then Cheers!
Jan 2013 schmidtguy All I can say is WOW...she took the risk of doing my first trade, and I thought it went great, very easy to work with fast shipping...bottles where in great shape could tell she put alot of time into packing...and she spoiled me with a few extras...that hopefully in a future trade I can return the favor...
Jan 2013 AirForceHops Greater trader here! Friendly communication throughout. Professionally packed box of 3Floyds times 2, two different New Albanian bombers and a nice 22 oz. extra. An absolute pleasure trading with. Can’t wait for the spring time so we can do another! Cheers!
Dec 2012 mashmaster Rebekah is awesome! Sent me some love right before Christmas. I asked her if she could get a beer and she goes out of her way to have one shipped to her so she could ship it to me. Looking forward to a long trading history with Rebekah!
Dec 2012 Atom Asked Rebekah if she could snag me an Evil Czech glass on her next visit. Sends the glass plus Three Floyds Alpha Klaus. Love it thanks Rebekah!
Dec 2012 Drake Just arrived home to find a huge box of Indiana brews sent by Rebekah. Flat 12, Upland, New Albanian and more with some killer extras. Well packed, and all the beers arrived safe and sound, even though UPS felt the need to deliver the box on it’s side. Great trade, and I’d do it again anytime.
Nov 2012 Suttree Super quick, great communication, and a great trade. What more could you want? I got a 12 bottle styro shipper filled with a great assortment from Three Floyds, Upland, New Albanian, and Mad Anthony. Great Trader!
Oct 2012 Atom Another smooth trade with Rebekah. Got a few goodies from New Albanian, Three Floyd’s Rye da Tiger, and some nice extras. Thanks again!
Oct 2012 brentfeesh Rebekah put together a very nice package of beers for me. SN 30th Anniversary, NA Bonfire, NA Hoptimus, NE Elector, Upland Winter Warmer, Upland Dragonfly, 3Fs Zombie Dust, 3Fs Munsterfest, and about 3 extras. Very quick turn around (shipped about a week before me) in a nice 12 styro-shipper. Very good communication. Got your hands on some of those Upland Sours and let’s do this again&
Oct 2012 mashmaster You have to love it when you find someone that sees beer you might like and then just sends them to you! You have to love it even more when she sends you lambics!! Rebekah is an amazing person and trader!!!
Sep 2012 FlandersNed Smooth trade with Rebekah - will be back for more! Very easy to deal with...
Jul 2012 mashmaster You have to love it when a box of beer from Rebekah shows up on your door step. An Upland Gilgamesh just because she is a nice gal! Thanks again Rebekah!
Jun 2012 weihenweizen Great trade. Scored Alpha King and Zombie Killer. She also hooked me up with some wheat beers I have not rated, which is getting pretty hard. She packed the box like a pro. Great communication. Extras one of which I was looking for (may be she can read minds). I highly recommend trading with queenholly.
May 2012 mashmaster Trade number two with Rebekah! She helped me complete my DL vertical. Great trade, prompt shipping, perfect communication and very well packaged. Hopefully this is the second of many trades with my new favorite lady from Indiana!
May 2012 mcox90 Queen Holly contacted me about some NH & Maine brews and I’m glad I responded. Received a well packed box w/3Floyds Blackheart, Founders Nemesis 2010, New Albanian Jaxson and several extras including Bells Hopslam & Zombie Dust. Nice.
Mar 2012 mashmaster This was about my 150th trade but ironically enough my first with a lady! Rebekah’s communication was fantastic, her packaging was perfect and the beers are awesome! Looking forward to trading with her again!
Feb 2012 Atom Nice quick trade with Rebekah. Dark Lord 11 for Darkness 11. Sends a nice 3 Floyds care package of unrated. Rabbid Rabbit and Brian Boru bombers, oh yeah! Fast shipping great packaging. Will trade again!
Oct 2011 unclemike Great trade in a 1 for 1 trade Queen sent me a 3 floyds artic panzer wolf in a box that would have survived a bomb blast great communication would trade again
Sep 2011 michael-pollack Great first trade with Rebekah! She made a proposal, then quickly shipped first, as this was her first RB trade. The package was excellently packed, in fact, going above and beyond what was even necessary. It included 2 of my wants, and a nice bonus I am sure to enjoy. I will happily trade with Rebekah again any time, and hope to do so soon.