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Feb 2016 gregwilsonstl Markus was one of my easiest trades yet. 7 total emails. I asked for a couple of my wants, and he flipped them to me quick! His throw in’s were all highly rated, and the styles I like. One of them was one of my highest wants since Ive been on ratebeer (Imperial Stout Trooper), and I didnt even have it on my wants anymore so he had no idea.
Aug 2014 BeerArchivist Markus is a great guy and fantastic trader. I was in desperate need of a retired beer and he came through with not only the beer I asked for, but several other beers I was interested in. Communication was excellent, packaging was perfect, and shipping only took a couple of days. Looking forward to future trades, and thanks again for this trade. Cheers!
Jul 2014 MacBoost Great 2nd trade with Markus. He really went above and beyond what was asked - all with excellent packaging and great communication. Awesome! A+
Jun 2014 bhensonb Got a box that looks like the beer equivalent of a raid on Ft. Knox. 2 New Glarus unplugged; 4 very rare BA brews; 3 rare sour Belgians would break your heart to see; Southampton 10th ann; Freetail La Muerta; Augusta Saison Batch 1. As always, I seem to get the better end of the deal!
Dec 2013 jeremypilon Me and markus just had an amazing trade here ! He is really generous for extras and packed beer like I’ve never seen ! He is an awsome trader and i hope i will have the opportunity to trade with him again ! Thanks a lot Markus !
Nov 2013 bhensonb Crazy generous with beers that can hardly be imagined. Ungstrup’s Reserve; HR. Papso; De Cam Oude Faro; Roskilde Barley Wine 2008; Brewers’ Cut Black Quad; Nebraska New Oak-aged Rye IPA; Struise Cuvée Delphine; Crooked Stave Origins Grand Cru; Qroontje; Odell Celastrina; Ranger Creek Small Batch Series No. 3; Timmermans Tradition Kriek Retro Lambic. Quite the haul!
Nov 2013 time4lunch Markus and I traded for a couple of my long time major wants and he went above and beyond my expectations. We have discussed a round two I would advice you to set up round one. Amazing trader and all around good guy. Cheers
Nov 2013 MacBoost First trade with Markus nets me a very nice bottle of Oude geuze vintage 2007. Awesome! Great packing, great communication and ultra fast shipping. I couldn’t ask for anything better. A+
Nov 2013 nicks6217 Awesome trade with Markus, we swapped Adairus for Fantome and he killed it with extras. Great and easy communication and prompt shipping. A seasoned trade for sure. Cheers!
Oct 2013 bottleforager Markus was very willing to work with me on a big trade including some major wants of mine ! Not only was he easy to work with and a prompt shipper but he loaded my box with some of the most generous extras Ive ever received ! Solid trader that I hope to trade with again sooner than later, Cheers.
Sep 2013 cfrances33 Markus is an outstanding trader. We quickly worked out a deal, and he had prompt and clear communication at all times. Our trade was simply for one bottle on his end - he sent six! Truly humbled by your generosity, Markus. Until the next time we trade again... Cheers!
Aug 2013 bushmat1 Another great trade with Markus. Absolutely killed it with the extras, and sent two highly wanted lambics. Looking forward to the next trade!
Aug 2013 blklab2007 Trade a little while ago but one I remember well. Easy to trade with and hooked it up with lots of sours and plenty of extra friends. Thanks again, would gladly do another any time!
Aug 2013 50belair This was my first trade with Markus, but hopefully not the last. Came through with a rarity off my wants and then bonuses a top 50 retired beer. Incredible. Cheers Markus......
Aug 2013 boFNjackson Markus messaged me with his interest in some Block 15 beers. We easily agreed on a 2:2 trade for Lost Abbey beers in return. Communication was clear and easy, and he shipped very quickly. Bonus beers were incredibly nice too. I look forward to our next one, Markus... Cheers!!!
Aug 2013 PhillyCraft Marcus sent an awesome box with some great extras. Looking forward to more trades in the future. Cheers.
Aug 2013 bhensonb Well packed box (very) with some beers I couldn’t have imagined before the trade negotiations. Heeren van Liedekercke 20 Anniversary Blend; Moriau Geuze; Funkmetal; Boulevard Smokestack Series - Imperial Stout; Norfolk Nip; Arbor Phat Abbot. The negotiations went smoothly and quickly. Markus is a very efficient and generous trader. Has one heck of cellar too. Stickers too!
Aug 2013 kbutler1 Great trade with Markus! nice extras and some stickers! I mean, who doesn’t like stickers?! ;o) Trade again anytime.
Jul 2013 mikey711 First time trading with Markus and I could not be happier! Lots of tasty beers changing hands, great communication and super packing job! Looking forward to doing it again soon!
Jul 2013 arminjewell Not as though everyone didn’t know this, but Markus is a great trader. Quick communication, easy to work with, fast shipping and packed perfectly. Will look forward to the next one!
Jul 2013 AirForceHops Markus contacted me about sending a few growlers to him. He was nice enough to send me three 750 ml bottle for 2. Thanks for the extra! Also, he included a stack of brewery stickers as extra swag. A real pleasure to trade with. Look forward to another bud, anytime you want!
Jul 2013 mrhoppy Finally made my first trade. Luckily I found Markus. He loves sours. If ranking traders Markus without question would be #1. I sent Markus a couple Drakes one barrel sours and a couple local extras. He sent me a Westy 12 and an unplugged Quad. Plus six awesome extras highly rated and 1 retired! Epic generosity. An education in trading for sure. Get barrel sours and make and trade with Markus.
Jul 2013 deekyn Fantastic trade with Markus. Great communication and great packaging. We worked out a fantastic trade for a few beers I had for some crooked stave. Awesome. The next trade is already in progress.
Jul 2013 bhensonb Extras are really nice - I asked for 6/got 12! Got Avery Sui Generis; Stille Nacht SR 2005; Anchor 2004 OSA; Watsch Apricot; Prearis Blond; Wadesda #2;Little Korkny; La Vermontoise;Schlafly Flanders Red; O’Fallon Chocolate by the Barrel. Those are some damn nice extras! A thousand thanks for this box. What a trade!
Jul 2013 panicaholic Awesome trade with Markus. He contacted me cuz he was interested in a few things from my cellar. Everything was packed perfectly and amazing extras!!!
Jun 2013 bytemesis Super easy trade with Marcus - he contacted me and we quickly came to terms. He threw in some awesome extras, all packed solid in a 6-bottle shipper. I would be happy to reprise this trade! Marcus is a good one for sure!
Jun 2013 minorthreat What a pleasure it was to trade with Markus. A pleasure to arrange the details with, great communication, fast/high quality shipping/packing and great extras. I can’t wait to trade with him in the future; first class kind of guy.
Jun 2013 chibuck 2nd trade with Markus, always quick shipping and provides extras.
Jun 2013 Keir Markus and I put together a local sours trade that was quick and easy. Great guy. Highly recommended trading with him and look forward to future trades. Cheers!
May 2013 douglas88 Another awesome trade with Markus, some older stuff I’ve wanted for years and some great new stuff. Perfect packing and as always a pleasure to trade with. Thanks!
Apr 2013 Papsoe Yet another great box from Markus. A fine mix of new and exotic Texan brewers and quite a lot of Crooked Stave. Lots of sours too - naturally!
Jul 2012 Papsoe 2x12 beers arrived in styros. Everything in good condition. Loads of great stuff and loads of Texas rarities eg. Adelberts. Thanks a lot Markus!
Jun 2012 OCBeerSociety Really took care of me and got me some clown shoes Ive wanted to try!
Dec 2011 Brigadier Markus comes through with a great box containing a number of Texas beers including one from Middleton, Clown Shoes, Freetail, and others. Once again a great trader and I look forward to our next swap.
Nov 2011 Papsoe Markus came through big time - as always - with a huge box of beers from the likes of: Alaskan, Almanac, Alpine, Bruery, Clown Shoes, Grand Teton, Jester King, Jolly Pumpkin, Terrapin and Santa Fe. Always a pleasure dealing with this gentleman :-)
Oct 2011 thewolf Amazing trade for some of my own beers. Great communication, great trade overall. Would recommend any time!
Jul 2011 bushmat1 Great trade! Sent all of the agreed upon beer, and threw in some awesome locals as a bonus. Packaging was perfection, and had my box with 72 hours of making the deal. Hope to trade with Markus again.
Jul 2011 Forgetfu A great trade with Markus. Got a Alpine Chez Monieux that we’d agreed upon plus a crazy number of extras including guezes, St. Arnold beers and a variety of other things. Not only that, but he threw in some stickers & coasters (including a very funny one given discussions we’d been having).
Jul 2011 sarro Third trade with Markus and I couldn’t be happier. Sent him some Arbor & JP sours with a few bottles of mead and he hit me back with some great Belgian lambic, Cisco sours, and an Alvinne oak aged beer. I’m always pleasantly surprised by what he sends. Thanks man!
Jun 2011 BMan1113VR Markus comes through with yet another epic trade. 12 bottles this time. Expertly packaged. A good mix of TX beers I missed, non US available sours, and a mix of other goodies. Always a pleasure!
Jun 2011 chibuck Great trade with Markus. I got a bunch of Divine reserves and 5 extras! Quick shipping and excellent packing. Thanks, Markus.
Apr 2011 BMan1113VR In another trade with Markus, he sends me 15 new rates, including 11 lambics not available in the US. Packed in a box built to withstand a nuclear holocaust. Excellent trade as always!
Apr 2011 Boutip Another great trade with Markus which lend me a bunch of St-Divine, Cascades and a bunch of other. As usual great communications with fast shipping and no issue. Thanks Markus.
Mar 2011 CaseyK Markus did my first trade over here on Ratebeer with me, and he was a great trading partner. Good communication and a nice box full of sours, Belgians and Texas goodies. Awesome extras as well!
Mar 2011 sarro Did a sours for sours trade with Markus and couldn’t be happier. Sent Dark Horse Lambeaks & got Beatification with awesome extras like Sui Generis & Jongleur in return. Excellent comm., shipping, & generosity. Great trade.
Mar 2011 Brigadier Another great trade with Markus. In exchange for a pair of Bambics I got a Cisco sour, a bottle of Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #9, and more. Everything was well packaged. Looking forward to sharing them with friends at tastings in the future.
Feb 2011 Papsoe What is this Markus, our 3rd or 4th trade? As usual a great one, highlights being: Santa Fe Wild Ale #6 (Bordeaux Series), New Belgium Twisted Spoke 15th Anniversary Ale, 4 Cisco sours + a couple of new Oklahoma beers. Markus s’got the beer...
Dec 2010 BMan1113VR Markus sends me another great styroshipper with locals that I have missed, and quite a few European beers that aren’t available in the US. Great trade as always!
Oct 2010 Boutip Markus is the man! I can’t recall what trade number this was but as usual I got some great beer. Can’t recommend enough trading with this guy!!!
Oct 2010 BMan1113VR Markus sent another perfectly packed box. 13 bottles, packed to withstand the nuclear holocaust. A great trade as always!
Aug 2010 BMan1113VR Markus sent another awesome styroshipper including a handbottle of Covey Texas Peaches & Wheat, Mikkeller Chipotle Porter, and Liftbridge Farmgirl Saison. Excellent packaging and perfect communication as always. A+!
Jul 2010 BMan1113VR Uhh, WOW! Two 12 bottle styro’s arrived for me from Markus. Packed to perfection. Half were handbottles I had missed since leaving Texas, and the rest were huge want list items that will take me a long time to repay. I have known Markus for a while, and he is just as good of a trader as he is a person to drink beers with. Cheers!
May 2010 deyholla Unlike me, Markus got his box out on time and sent the two agreed upon beers as well as a Moa (Ya New Zeeland!) and a Saint Arnold 9! Great to deal with and very prompt. I’ll get my box out Tuesday!
May 2010 NYbeer Great trade with Markus. Markus sent me a bottle of Lost Abbey Isabelle Proximus and included Three Floyds Blackheart and 21st Amendment Monk’s Blood as extras. Thanks again!
May 2010 koopa I have to thank Markus for many many reasons.... First off, he approached me about a trade when I had zero trade references on Ratebeer. Second, he offered me 3 amazing beers (Bullfrog Black Cherry Bomb, Veritas 005, and Still Nacht Special Reserva 05’) 2 of which I’d been seeking for several years and had almost given up on! Third off, he included three generous extras! A+
May 2010 Papsoe Another incredibly solid trade with Markus with highlights including five beers from new Texan brewer Darkside Fermentation + 7 more big bottles. Always a pleasure Markus!
Apr 2010 douglas88 Markus blows me away again: Cascade Kriek and Sang Rogue, Harpoon Glacier Harvest, Darkside Fermentation, Shorts Mystery Stout, Twisted Pine Raspberry Wheat, BD Paradox 003, Mayflower Porter, Livinus Blonde, St Arny 5, Paulaner Thomas N/A, Hockler Dark. Damn, all in the biggest styro ever. Thanks again.
Jan 2010 Sammy I have never met a less than great Texas trader, and Markus is the prince among tall me. He hooked me up with my 3 wants very quickly, and included 3 bonuses from brand new beers, by researching what I liked, and without any expectation on my part. And 2 wre bombers! Great efficient packing..and right through to Canada. My recommendations.
Jan 2010 miketd Markus hooked it up with 2002 and 2003 Yona Yona BW, DR #8/#9, Left Hand Oak Aged IS and Hr. Frederiksen! Great packaging and communication. Thanks for a great trade!
Oct 2009 Boutip Can’t remember how many time I have traded with Markus but as always he delivered quite a package including Cuvee de Tomme, Angel Share, Boulevard IS and BBQ, Divine Reserve #8, 3F Broodoo and many other great ones. I can’t wait to trade again with the man!!!
Sep 2009 Papsoe Another magnificent 2x12 bottle trade with Markus. Loads of goodies from Saint Arnold, Bullfrog, Three Floyds, Avery, Great Divide, Nebraska, Odell, New Holland, Fort Collins, Pretty Things, Goose Island, Twisted Pine and Les Trois Mousquetaires. Everything is easy and rock solid with this great Texan!
Sep 2009 douglas88 Well, I know everybody says this trade rocked or whatever, but this trade was freaking amazing. Markus sent so much; Last Laugh, Divine 7,8, Lhasa beer, Wagner Valley IPA, Yo Ho 2002 and 2003 BW, St Bernie Special 12, Stone 13, Garde Dog, Chicken Killer and Frederiken! The best packed, the easiest communication, the best!
Aug 2009 StFun Markus killed me in this trade. Wow! Sent the 2 agreed on beers and then sent me about 100 bonus brews: Lost Abbey, Amager and more. Everything was packaged top notch and the communication was great. This was a really fun trade and I totally owe him a few more extras on round 2. Thanks for everything man!
Jun 2009 esjaygee Markus and I worked out a trade over a few months and he came through with a couple beers on my want list - Ale Smith Wee Heavy, Trader Joes Vintage 2007 and some other local goodies. The extras he threw in were very generous - a bomber of Coronado saison, Wasatch Soppel and two others I hadn’t heard of before. The box came packaged excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to trade with Markus again�
Jun 2009 hopdog Thank you for another great box of beers! Cascade The Vine, Cascade Sang Royle, SKA Modus Hoperandi IPA, Mayflower IPA, Alvinne The Oak Balthazar, and, Lagunitas A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale!
May 2009 axilla Marcu sent the aggreed upon Cascade "The Vine" and Alesmith Decadence 07. He also threw in a bonus 750 ml of Abbaye dAulne Triple Blonde. Awesome packaging and very fast delivery. Thanks again!!
Apr 2009 beerbuzzmontreal This is the third trade I do with Markus, and I ’ve always been very satisfied with his shipments. This time, I received the agreed upon bottles of Lost Abbey Saints Devotion (with brett), Cascade Cuvée du Jongleur, Schlafly Triple, Fantôme La Dalmatienne and New Belgium La Folie (yay!). He then threw in an extra bottle of Lost Abbey Witch’s Wit. Great trade, thanks!
Apr 2009 Brigadier From Texas I recieved a Cascade Cuvée du Jongleur and a Long Tail Coffee Stout as well extras including a Lagunitas Ruben and the Jets, a Holy Mackeral Mac in Black, a Nogne #100, and a Middle Ages Wailing Wench. Everything was packed to perfection and arrived quickly once we’d settled the trade details.
Apr 2009 Papsoe Another mighty fine box of beers from this great Texan: Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad + Imperial Stout + Saison Brett, Cascade Apricot Ale + Blackberry Ale + Kriek Ale, Schlafly Bière de Garde + Grand Cru + Tripel, The Bruery Trade Winds Tripel Church Brew Millennium Trippel, Firestone Walker 12. Negotiated and executed to perfection. Thanx a lot Markus!
Apr 2009 Papsoe Another magnificent box from the trading gentleman which is Markus: Charleville Tripel Wit, Captain Lawrence Smoke from the Oak (Bourbon), Big Boss Aces & Ates, Pisgax Vortex II (bonus) + Valdez + Solstice, Green Flash Grand Cru, Lost Abbey Saints Devotion 08, Long Trail Coffee Stout (bonus), Pelican Grand Cru, French Broad Wee-Heavy-est, Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #3.
Mar 2009 Blisscent Thanks Markus. 1 - Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #7 and 2 - 750 ml Struiselensis. Look forward to seeing you back in Boston in June.
Mar 2009 hopscotch Markus sent a bottles of 2007 Fullers Vintage Ale, Sonoran Old Saguaro Barley Wine and ’t IJ Turbock Winterbier. Well-packed and quickly shipped. Thanks, Markus, for being my 100th trade.
Feb 2009 tyler_mn Markus sent me 5 Lost Abey brews and a Founders Double Trouble. Thanks for the awesome box!
Feb 2009 MaltOMeal Markus sent the agreed upon Brunch Weasel and Consecration, along with a nice extra of Abbaye d’ Aulne Triple Blonde. Packed in a styro shipped and sent promptly. Good trade. Thanks.
Feb 2009 hopdog The second box was well worth it; Schlafly Grand Cru, Schlafly Belgian Tripel, Boulevard Imperial Stout, Three Floyds Mikkeller Oatgoop, Cazeau Tournay Noire, and Plank Heller Weizenbock. Thanks!
Feb 2009 AmEricanbrew Markus delivers an incredible haul of brews, Vin de Cereale, Depuration, Saints Devotion ’08, BLVD IRS, MS Conspiracy, with bonus brews Duck Rabbit Porter ( ! ), Schneider Hopfen, and DR 7 !! Bomb proof packaging and quick shipping. Lets do this again, thanks !!!
Jan 2009 hopdog Check out this box; Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad, Cascade Cuvée du Jongleur, Great Divide Barrel Aged Old Ruffian, Invercargill WASP Golden Ale, and Kerstbie!
Jan 2009 GAManiac Markus came through big delivering a couple of my big Midnight Sun want, Oblit II and Conspiracy, along with the agreed upon Rasputin, Dogfather, Boulevard BBQ, DR5, and Upstream 1000. He adds on DR7, Ten Fidy and Hop 15 as extras. I’ve been hooked up!
Jan 2009 Kevin so, i sent a few beers in addition to the stuff that was bought before when he was here in town. i asked him for a numbskull, this motherfucker sends a numbskull, and a goddamn decadence. this shit was neither owed to me or expected.yeah, i’m a bit drunk right now, but i’m fucking happy.
Dec 2008 daknole Another picture perfect trade! I got a sixer of St Arnold Divine Reserve #5, a Boaks Monster Mash Imp Stout and a Oud Zottegems. Packed like a champ, great communication. Great trader. Cheers!!!
Oct 2008 hopdog Check out this great box of beers; Duivels Bier Donker, Struise Black Albert, Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #5, and Cascade Kriek. Thanks!!!
Sep 2008 Boutip I can’t recall how many times I traded with Markus but the guy is really generous. This time I got LA Inferno, Serpent Stout, Divine Reserve #6, PP 2nd Anniversary and Boulevard Saison.
Aug 2008 Brigadier In a quick series of discussions the box arrived less than two weeks after the first BM. Inside the bomb proof packaging were the three agreed upon beers (Mikeller Black, Chapeau Faro and Saison dEpeautre. Going above and beyond I also got a Saint Arnold Divine Reserve 5 and 6 and North Coast Old Plowshare.
Aug 2008 tyler_mn Markus sent me a bunch of Belgian style brews from the states: Alpine Ichabod (2007), Bruery Batch 1 and JP Noel (blend 4) with a sweet little bonus of St. Arnold DR #6! Markus is a fantastic trader. Thanks man!
Aug 2008 kramer Well, actually 2 boxes in this shipment. Over and above with the generosity and selections, highlights were De Cam Kriek, Vin de Céréale, Alpine Icabod, The Bruery Batch No.1, Blind Pig, Midnight Sun Obliteration II, Boulevard Double Wide IPA, Some SA Divine Reserves, and a mix of Tejas locals. Great box from a great trader, I’ll do this again anytime.
Aug 2008 Papsoe ...in my giant trade with Markus. Port Brewing Moon Lit Sessions + 2nd Anniv., Russian River Redemption (Batch 002+) , Lost Abbey Inferno, Bruery Saison Rue, Pelican IPA, Coronado Idiot, Steamworks Conductor, Southern Tier Back Burner, Boulevard Long Strange Tripel + Saison and Alpine Ichabod. Pefectly executed again from this gentleman. Let’s do this again!
Jul 2008 Papsoe First in a gigantic two box trade from Markus - everything smooth and solid: Snoqualmie Wildcat + Spring Fever + Steam Train, Tröegs Scratch 5 + 7, Schlafly Oak Aged Barleywine, Midnight Sun Obliteration II, Alpine Captain Stout, Lazy Boy IPA, The Bruery Batch No.1 - Levuds, Steamworks Lizard Head
Jul 2008 Ughsmash Markus hooked me up with a couple vintages of Yo-Ho Yona Barley Wine, SADR #6, and a couple very thoughful extras! Shipping was prompt (unlike my trade posting!) and the packaging and communications were top notch! Excellent all around.
Jun 2008 CaptainCougar Markus sent me three bottles of Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #6, a Boaks Monster Mash Imperial Stout and a can of Southern Star Pine Belt Pale. All well packed and promptly shipped. Thanks again!
Jun 2008 oakbluff Markus delivers a stealth bomb from the great state of texas- what a package: Saint Arnold Divine Reserve 6 &5!, Eel River RIS, Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard, and Lost Abbey Gift of the Magi and Serpent Stout! Can’t wait to try them all. Thanks again Markus.
Jun 2008 cgarvieuk Bomb proof and i mean Bomb proof Packaging, but that just the start of a beer blitz. The stars being both Angel shares, but a much sought after 2nd S.Tier Choklat as well as the yet to try Oat, and Older viscosity and some suprise ales that look divine. St Arnold Divine (5&6) though it took me 45 mins to notice that:-) Biggest thumbs up ever. 12 Star ales in all.
Jun 2008 tyler_mn Quick ’n easy! Markus sent the agreed upon Smoke Oak Bourbon, Decadence 07 and Fantome BBBrr (!). Unfortunately, we lost the Smoke Oak, but ’twas no fault of Markus. I’d trade with him any time! Thanks, man!
Jun 2008 cloudskipper Markus sent me a huge box with the agreed upon Westy 8, Saint Arnold DR 2 and 5, BORIS The Crusher and Serpent’s Stout and bonused Great Lakes Nosferatu, Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA and Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. Very well-packed, great communication. Thanks very much!
Jun 2008 hopdog Markus sent me a nice of beers that included; Oud Zottegems Bier, Sezoens Quattro, De Ryck Arend Dubbel, Southern Star Pine Belt Pale, Pizza Port 2nd Anniversary, and Green Flash Double Stout. Thanks!!!
Jun 2008 daknole Markus agreed to send me 2 beers, but what I got was 4 beauties!!! Hell yes! Olfabrikken Porter, Brooklyn black choc stout, great lakes nosferatu, and st arnold reserve #5...best packaging ever! Nuclear bomb proof...seriously!!! I would love to trade with this great RB trader again soon!!!!
May 2008 BelgianBeerGal Expertly packed and shipped amazingly quick: 1 Each of: JP Oro de Calabaza, Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast, St Arnold Divine #5 and Olfabrikken Porter. Some of those were EXTRA’s! Very fair trader that even helped me build my beer education. Can’t recommend Markus enough. Hope to trade again.
May 2008 Ughsmash Markus sent a very thoughtful package (as well as $$) for a favor.. he knocked 3 beers off my Want List (Pizza Port Shark Attack & Moonlit + Old Plowshire Stout). Excellent packaging, and remarkably kind all around. I look forward to a trade in the future!
Apr 2008 yobdoog Markus sent the agreed Pelican Grand Cru and Cuvée Alex le Rouge and bonused two Saint Arnold Divine #5 and a Retired #2. Great communication, great packaging, styro shipper and all. Thanks.
Apr 2008 11026 Markus sent a fantabulous box of beer my way. Offhand, included Divine #’s 4 and 5. Hop-15, some Hoppin Frog, Doak’s?? IS. and many others. Great packing, great communication. Seriously generous trader.
Apr 2008 abcfan Agreed to trade one bottle of Meuller’s Barrel Reserve for a 3F Fantabulous X Resplendence. Markus hooked me up with a Saint Arnold Divine Reserve No.5 and an Alesmith Yulesmith winter seasonal. Thanks for the extras!
Apr 2008 TomDecapolis Thanks for the great trade...landed the Lost Abbey Angel’s Share (Bourbon) in addition to the extras which included Gnarleywine, Dark Horse Black Bier and Rahr and Son Summertime Wheat.
Apr 2008 Boutip Markus sent me a bunch of great beers that I had been looking for a while including Older Viscosity, Amazing Grace, Midnight Sun Obliteration II, Struise Witte, Lagunitas Shutdown, Smuttynose Wheat Wine and Southampton Triple. Quick and easy communication. Great trader.
Mar 2008 jsquire Marcus sent the St. Arnold Bock, Amber, and Brown, and the Fireman’s 4 Blonde, filling my request for 12 oz local stuff. Quick easy trade with great communication. Solid trader.
Mar 2008 beastiefan2k 2nd trade with Markus and another treat. Got De Prael Mary and a cool extra of Oud Zottegems Bier (super awesome of him) and a Drakes IPA. Great package, great comunication, now just to find some more beer that he hasnt tried so I could do a future trade.
Mar 2008 hopdog Markus sent me; Ballast Point Sea Monster Stout & Saint Arnold Spring Bock (both on my want list!). Thanks!
Mar 2008 5000 Markus stepped up to the plate by offering me some gems for Hard Liver. Very polite, good communication, and a one hell of a bullet proof packing job! Sent were Bam Noire x3, Divine Reserve #5 x5, Ballast Point Sea Monster, and then he goes and throws in Alpine Captains Stout, Boaks Monster Mash, and a Sly Fox Pale Ale. Very much appreciated Markus. Recommended Trader! Thx!!!
Feb 2008 JB175 Markus rocks. Why? How about a Lost Abbey Amazing Grace, a Valley Brew Effinguud Port Barrel Weizenbock, 2 Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #5s, and a Saint Arnold Elissa IPA. Superbly packaged and got here very quick. Thanks!!
Feb 2008 beastiefan2k got a cool 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze Vintage 02 and extras of PP Hop 15, GL Nosferatu (never had, awesome). 3 bottle styro shipper, with peanuts, bubblewrap and garbage bags on each bottle. Great communication and I hope we trade again soon.
Feb 2008 TheEpeeist 4X St. Arnold’s Divine Reserve #5, Amazing Grace, Pelican IPA and a Pike XXXXX Stout ! ! ! ! ! Nice enough then bonuses of St. A’s Brown, Jasperilla Old, Full Moon Pale and a Burly Brown. Awesome pack job as always. Super trader. Much thanks Markus.
Feb 2008 Boutip Markus sent me a bunch of goodies including: 2 St-Arnold Divine #5, Ichabold, Pure Hoppiness, LA Devotion, Alesmith Decadence 2006, Real Ale Pale Rye Ale, Schneider & Brooklyner Hopfen-Weissea and Struise Pannepøt. Thanks again Markus.
Jan 2008 kyzr Markus hooked me up with a Steamworks Conductor Double IPA and Saint Arnold Elissa IPA. Then threw in a bonus Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale & Real Ale Rio Blanco Pale Ale. Easy to work with and fast and safe shipping!
Jan 2008 beerbuzzmontreal In my second trade with Markus he sent me the agreed upon Nøgne Ø Dark Horizon First Edition, Port Brewing Santas Little Helper and Hop 15 and Lost Abbey Avant Garde. He then generously threw in 2 Saint-Arnold Divine Reserve #5 and a Real Ale Brewing Company Full Moon Pale Rye Ale. Markus is a great trader, thanks!
Jan 2008 3fourths Markus hooked me up with a couple of Angel’s Share after my ISO, and he also worked in a couple of amazing Europe-only beers that I’ve been dying to try, along with extras of Coronado IPA (WL) and Alpine Captain Stout. Packaging should get an 11, one of the more secure packing jobs I’ve ever seen.
Oct 2007 Ty5592 I contacted Markus some time ago about getting my hands on St. Arnold’s #5, he said no problem. Got 3 of those plus 1-Founders Im Stout 1-FFF X 1-06 Decadence ans 1- Real Ale. Great communication and super fast double boxed shipping. Thanks!!
Oct 2007 hopdog Markus sent me 14 beers packed in a bomb proof box! Too many to list but include beers from Real Ale, Independence, Saint Somewhere and lots more! Thanks for the great box of beers!
Oct 2007 ygtbsm94 Impressive package:1-Abyss, 1-TF Dreadnaught, 2-Nogne O Imperial Stouts, 3-Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #5s, and three bonus brews,1-Stone XI Anniversary, 1-Alpine Captain Stout, 1- Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #5. What a great communicator, generous dude, and prompt shipper. Thanks Markus for the wonderful brews. “Beer is good food”.
Oct 2007 bstill Fantome BBBrrr, 10 Commandments, SH Saison Deluxe, and as a bonus 2x Saint Arnolds Reserve #5! Bomb proof packing job and prompt delivery. Thanks man! Sorry for the brief delay on my end but my house is ripped apart due to rennovations, will be on it’s way in a day or two. See ya’ in Boston!
Sep 2007 unclejedi Markus sent the agreed upon bottles ((2) Alesmith Decadence 2006, Lost Abbey 10 Commandments, Lost Abbey Judgment Day, Midnight Sun Conspiracy, Port Brewing Old Viscosity) in a 12 cnt styro shipper. He filled most of the empty holes with extras including a 22 oz HotD Blue Dot IPA, a Victory Hop Devil, a Rahr & Sons Summertime Wheat, and an Eisenbahn Vigorosa. very generous with extras, thanks!
Sep 2007 hopdog Markus sent me a big old box of beers from Texas; Saint Arnold Texas Wheat, Oktoberfest, Fancy Lawnmower Ale, Amber Ale, Divine Reserve #4, & Divine Reserve #5, Rahr & Sons Rahrs Red, Ugly Pug & Stormcloud IPA, Founders Curmudgeon Old Ale, Lost Abbey Devotion and Upstream Gueuze Lambic!
Sep 2007 presario Bu11zeye sent way more than expected. Not 1 but 3 St Arnold 5s. Not just Stone 10th but 11th as well. Along with New England Sea Hag IPA, Yulesmith Summer, Alpine Pure Hoppiness, Hoppin’ Frog B.O.R.I.S. The Crusher, Rahr & Sons Ugly Pug & Summertime Wheat, Real Ale Firemans #4
Sep 2007 BBB63 Markus set me me up with Saint Arnold Divine Reserves 2, 4, and 5 For some reason he put 4 bottles of the number 5 in there, WOW! Also included were Eel River Ravens Eye, Alpine Captain Stout. More bonuses include Blonde d’Achouffe, Coronado Idiot IPA, and Rahr Summertime Wheat. The package was very well packed and the communication on point. A great trade. MUCHO THANKS!
Aug 2007 sliffy Markus hooked me up in a small quick trade with some Saint Arnold Elissa IPA, Rahr and Sons Summertime Wheat, and a Alpine Captain Stout. Packed to survive an explosion, communication was good, and things went quickly.
Aug 2007 TheEpeeist Best packing i’ve seen so far. But of course it’s what’s inside and Markus really came through. St. Arnie’s Oktober & Elissa plus 2 Divine #4’s. GC Easter, JP Luci GR !, Founder’s Baby Stout, Triple Exultation ! ! !, Rahr Red & Wheat, Blvd Zôn, Fireman’s 4, DC Oude Kriek o-five (yes!) and ending with Pure Hoppiness. Ain’t that the truth. Much thanks.
Aug 2007 cbkschubert Markus did me right by sending me a couple beers I really wanted. He sent a 3F’s Fantabulous X, and a Berliner Weisse 1809. He also threw in some extras - SlyFox Royal Weisse, Firemans 4 Blonde, and a Creemore Springs Premium lager. All arived safely in a large, well packed box. Great communication. Looking forward to cracking these open. Thanks man.
Aug 2007 axilla A bottomless box of beer was waiting on my doorstep today after work. The contents were Duck Rabbit Wee Havy, St Arnolds Devine Reserves #2, #3, #4, Fish Tale Anniversary Ale, Alpine Pure Hoppiness, Hair of The Dog Blue Dot, Zoetzuur, and De Cam Oude Kreik. All these were extras: Founders Curmudgeon, Winter Yulesmith, and Sprecher Winter Lager. Many Thanks for a great trade!!
Aug 2007 Boutip Another great trade with Markus. He sent me two Uerige, Cantillon Lou Pepe Framboise, Founders Old Ale, New Holland Trippel and Binchoise Noel. Great trader!!!
Aug 2007 hoppymeal I’m very excited for my first taste of Saint Arnold’s courtesy of Markus. On top of this I also got lots of other treats, Pannepot, Old boardhead, Old Numbskull and Doggie claws. And if that’s not enough fine drinking there, Markus also threw in free of charge a Marin Hopsickle and PP Wipeout to quench my thirst for the hops! Cheers to a great trader!
Aug 2007 anders37 Got a big box of beauties from Markus. 12 bottles, Dreadnaught, Alaskan Smoked Porter,JW Lees Harvest (Calvados), Founders Breakfast Stout, Stone 070707 Vertical Epic, Hoppin Frog B.O.R.I.S The Crusher Oatmeal Imp Stout, Port Brewing Old Viscosity, Lost Abbey Judgment Day, Green Flash IIPA, Midnight Sun Épluche-culotte, Conspiracy and Full Sail Old Boardhead Barleywine. Nice and fast communication
Jul 2007 MullMan Markus sent me a Deschutes The Abyss, a Lost Abbey Judgement Day, a Moylands Moylander IIPA, a Saint Arnold Divine Reserve, and a Big Sky IPA!! he put up with a lot of fuss from me since I wsa postponing the trade for months becuase of my crazy hours. thanks for a great trade, and you know what we’ll be drinking at my next tasting!!
Jul 2007 jimbowood Markus is a quality trader. Quickly becoming one of my favorite traders because he always sends excellent brews quickly and efficiently and sends awesome bonuses as well. This time an Abyss and a Beer Geek Breakfast along w/ a Blag Flag Stout bomber as a bonus. Thanks, bro..
Jun 2007 jimbowood Wow! This was my first trade w/ Markus, but definitely hope it’s not my last. I owe him big on our nest trade as he hooked me up w/ bonuses including St Arnold’s Divine Reserve 4, Pike Old Bawdy, and a Montana IPA in addition to the 2 agreed upon Midnight Sun bombers. Quality from top to bottom. Thanks Markus.
Jun 2007 GG Markus sent an absolutely awesome package of J.W. Lees Harvest Ales 1998, 1999 and 2000, J.W. Lees Harvest (Calvados, Lagavulin, Port and Sherry) Ales, St. Arnold Reserve #4, Fantome Chocolat and New England Sea Hag IPA!! Perfect communication, perfect packaging....if you get a chance to trade with Markus....DO IT!!
Jun 2007 Boutip Markus is an excellent trader. Quick and easy to trade with and was able to kill 10 beers of my want list. How cool is that? I will have to trade again with this man.
Jun 2007 JahNoth Markus really hooked me up! Super fast and a styro shipper. Me gots St Arnold - IPA, brown and amber, Pizza port fresh hop, Midnightsunarctic rhino, Deschutes Hop Henge, Hoppin frog Black & Tan and a Jack Russell farmhouse ale. Very tasty! Thanks!
Jun 2007 buckybeer Received - Alesmith Speedway Stout, Stone 10th, Struise Pannepot, . Konings Hoeven Quad. Bonuses of Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #4 X2, Saint Arnold Reserve Brown Ale & Elissa IPA, Port Brewing Wipe Out IPA, New England Sea Hag IPA. Packaging was top notch. Thanks again Markus for your extreme generosity.
May 2007 puzzl Bu11zeye sent me a Fantome BBBrr, PP High Tide IPA, 2x Saint Arnold DR 4, along with a couple extras, all in a styro shipper. Thanks!
May 2007 Cletus In a superb trade, Markus kooked me up with Perseguider, De Cam Oud Kreik and a bunch of other goodies. Shipped in a beefy shipper. Thanks for the great trade!!!
May 2007 NYbeer Excellent trade!!! Markus sent me RR Depuration, 3 Floyds Behemoth and Full Sail Barleywine along with 2 nice extras. Extremely fast shipping and great communication.
May 2007 Ty5592 But you live in Texas! Markus dropped some good beers on me. I got St. Arnolds divine 2,3, and 4X2. also got Midnight Sun E’plouche Culotte(wonder what that means?). He added 3 great xtras that I have not had before.Great communication and professionaly packed in a styrofoam shipper. Thanks, Markus. GO HUSKERS!!
Mar 2007 CaptainCougar Marcus sent me the agreed upon Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #3 & two bottles of the #4, Rahr & Sons Winter Warmer, De Cam Oude Kriek, Eel River Triple Exultation and threw in bonus bottles of Pike Tandem Double Ale, De Koninck Winterkoninck, and Bison Reunion - A Beer For Hope. All nicely packed in a styrofoam shipper. Many thanks!
Mar 2007 IMtheOptimator Markus was good enough to offer me a trade, get put on the back burner, offer a second time, and send me a box of 12 goodies: S.A. Divine Reserve 2,3,4 (x2), Brown Ale and Elissa, Zoetzuur, Pannepot, Alesmith Yulesmith Winter, Capital Autumnal Fire, Rahr’s Winter Warmer, and Floreffe Prima Melior. Impeccably packaged with good communication. Good trade.
Mar 2007 beerbuzzmontreal bu11zeye sent me : 1 HOTD blue dot, 1 Lagunitas Hairy eyeball, 1 Avery collaboration not litigation, 1 Stone 10th anniversary, 1 La Bavaisienne Blonde, 1 JP Calabaza Blanca, 1 Mammoth IPA, 1 Terraoub Rye Squared, 1 Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, 1 Great Lakes Nosferatu, 1 Rahr Winter Warmer, 1 Alesmith Horny Devil, 1 St. Arnold’s Elissa IPA, Divine reserve 2 and 3. Thanks !
Feb 2007 SoLan Markus delivered the agreed Drakes JR BA Scotch Ale, Lost Abbey Red Barn and Avant Garde, Pizza Port Old Viscosity, St. Arnold Divine Res. #2, De Proef Zoetzuur, 3 Floyds Rabbid Rabbit, and Southampton Saison Deluxe. Extras of PP Wipeout, Mammoth IPA, and Rahr and Son’s Winter Warmer. Very well packed, great communication, easy trade. Thanks again Markus!
Feb 2007 46er3498 Markus sent me the agreed upon St Arnold Divine Reserve #2, St A Divine Reserve #3, a Rahr Winter Warmer, and a Green Flash Triple. He added bonus beers St A Elissa, and a Mammoth IPA. Excellent packaging and some great beers, Thanks Markus.
Jan 2007 eclectic Lost abbey red barn, avant garde, lost and found, pp old viscosity, moab, rr perdition, st arnolds #2, bcs 03-04,..fast trade, shipped in a styro shipper, will trade with again
Jan 2007 RagallachMC Markus sent me the agreed upon HotD Blue Dot, Panil Barriquee Sour, Lost Abbey Lost and Found, GI IIPA and Bourbon County, and Port Brewing Old Viscosity. He then bonused me Mammoth Brewing’s IPA and St. Arnold’s Elissa IPA. A great guy and a pleasure to deal with. Also, the best packed box I’ve received yet. I’d rate him an 11 if I could.
Jan 2007 Pailhead Markus sent me 2 each of SA Divine #2 & #3, as well as SA Winter Stout, PP High Tide Wet Hop, LA Red Barn, Pierre Celis Memoirs, Sea Hag IPA, Rahr’s Winter Warmer, Old Boardhead ’05, and Mammoth IPA. Great communication throughout as this was a trade months in the making. Looking forward to the next trade.
Dec 2006 Enniskillen Markus sent me my sought after Russian River Perdition, a bottle of LaBaisienne Biere De Garde, and a the Blonde too as a bonus!
Nov 2006 OldGrowth Got the agreed upon St Arnolds Divine reserve #2 & #3 and Pizza Port old viscosity plus a bonus St Arnolds brown ale. Solid packing and great communication. Thanks bu11zeye
Oct 2006 puzzl A great trade with this texan. Shipped to me in a styro shipper, with enough tape and bubblewrap to hide a body: Pizza Port MOAB, SPF 45, Old Visc., Lost Abbey Avant Garde, Lost and Found, St Arnold Divine Reserve 2 x2, Oktoberfest, East End IPA, Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere, Terrapin Rye 2. Three of em extras. Thanks for the awesome trade!
Aug 2006 MikeMac A great trade from bu11zeye. A well packed box recived a Pizza port Synergy. Mother of all beers and a cuvee de tomme witha an added bonus Thank You !!!!
Dec 2005 Silphium Markus (bu11zeye) sent an excellent package- I should have put it under the Christmas tree! I received 750 mL of Pizza Port Santa’s Little Helper, Hop 15, Double Overhead Abbey Ale, Fantome BBBrr, 22 oz Hawks DMs Imperial Stout, and 12 oz bottles of Pizza Port Frank Double IPA, Palmetto Porter, and Weyerbacher Hops Infusion. Thanks for the great trade!
Jul 2005 Pailhead bu11zeye sent me several St. Arnolds: 2 IPA’s, Amber, Summer Pils, Lawnmower, and Weizen. Also sent 1 each of Melbourn Bros. Strawberry and Cherry and as extras included a New Glarus Coffee Stout and Waimea Bay Pale Ale all shipped in the styrofoam shippers. Long time in the making, but great communication, packaging, and trade!
Nov 2004 Dogbrick 1 - St. Arnold’s Elissa
1 - St. Arnold’s Amber
1 - St. Arnold’s Oktoberfest
1 - St. Arnold’s Weizen
1 - St. Sebastiaan Dark

(Sent 2 Siberian Night, 1 CBC Nut Brown, 1 Barley’s Pint O’ Joe, 1 Buckeye ’76 in return).