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Sep 2010 vtafro Amelia hooked me up with some fresh ALpine Duets, a RR Supplication and some Karl Strauss extras. Thanks a bunch, looking forward to another trade.
Jul 2010 thejon375 Got an excellent box of goodies from Amelia. Cant wait to drink some excellent beer.
Jul 2010 changeup45 Received a very generous box from Amelia for Secret Santa Summer 2010. Knocked off a bunch of my wants! Good times! Thanks!
May 2010 mixmasterob Amelia made my first trade a breeze. Swapped her 3 different Yeti’s and a Sweetwater IPA for two Pliny’s, a Speedway Stout and an Alesmith IPA. The package was packed like a tank too. DeadGirl is awesome!
May 2010 Ughsmash Box 2 of our trade had a growler of Lil Devil and a bonus Port pint glass. Expert packaging got it here safely. I’m very much looking forward to another round if I’m lucky enough!
May 2010 Ughsmash Amelia sent me a perfectly-packed box of excellent brews, with Port 3rd, Fegley’s Imperial Stout, St. George Imperial Stout, Green Flash Grand Cru, Weyerbacher Hotel, and an eclectic array of extras (none that I’ve rated). I’d love to do it again sometime!
May 2010 ditmier Amelia answers my ISO in grand style, sending me TWO Lost Abbey treats, and bonuses me another than I’ve never tried before...awesomely generous and accomodating, thanks so much!!
May 2010 bulldogp04 WOW ! Amelia is an awesome trader ! Perfect communication, great packaging, and excellent beers. She answered my call for a LA Framboise de Amorosa and bonuses me some fresh Pliny.... Can’t beat that.... Definitely recommended !!!
May 2010 StFun Trade 2 with Amelia went as smooth as the first. Sent some new Lost Abbey goodness and two awesome extras, Blind Pig and Red Poppy (what?!). Sent via wine shipper, so everything arrived safe. Great communication as well. I’m ready for round three when you are! Thanks!
May 2010 boamr Amelia hooked me up with a Amarosa and Veritas 007 and threw in a Speedway as a bonus. Quick shipping and great communication. Just a great all around trader. Thanks Amelia
May 2010 fata2683 Amelia sent me the agreed upon growler of Lil Devil and bonused a Horny Devil and Green Flash Double Stout. Top notch trader!
Apr 2010 goryshkewych Amelia sent me a Veritas 007 plus 2 extras in a quick and easy trade. Hopefully first of many...
Apr 2010 pantanap got in touch with amelia for some lost abbey goodies and the trade expanded from there. perfectly packed with a nice extra to boot. can’t wait for our next one!
Apr 2010 arminjewell Amelia hooked me up big time! BA Speedway growler and Regular Speedway with an extra, wrapped amazingly well and sent right away. Great shipper, hope to do business again in the future! Highly recommended.
Apr 2010 boamr Amelia hooked me up with a Jubel Ale, Consecration, and Nelson and threw in some sweet west coast brews. Great communication and packing. Can’t wait to do another trade.
Apr 2010 StFun Amelia delivered big time. Growler of BA Speedway, and two awesome bonuses...a Gubna and another growler. Wow! Hopefully she keeps on trading, I’d love another WC trading partner. Thanks so much!
Apr 2010 fata2683 Amelia sent me the agreed upon growler of My Bloody Valentine and bonuses an Alpine Nelson. Sweet box, expertly wrapped, and fast as hell. All I can say is thank you!
Apr 2010 Doodler Amelia also sent me a growler of BA Speedway for a trade for some of her most wanted. Talk about bombproof. Nice wrapping job, plus bonused me a few fun extras. She is the real deal - trade with her if you get the chance. Great communications and speedy to boot...
Apr 2010 Drake Amelia was kind enough to send a growler of Barrel Aged Speedway all the way across the country, wrapped in miles of bubble wrap. This thing was nearly inpenetrable. A really cool wantlist extra of Goose Island Matilda and a bunch of AleSmith coasters. Amelia is REALLY easy to work with. Excellent trade all around.
Apr 2010 thejon375 Great trader...everything was shipped promptly and arrived in one piece. If you want anything great from Cali, let this trader know and she will work out a great deal.
Apr 2010 smith4498 Amelia sent me a LA Red Poppy and Port Brewing Older Viscosity. She sent a super fresh bottle of Pliny as a bonus. Easy trade, great communication and a heck of a packing job. Amelia is a great new trader.
Mar 2010 daknole Amelia packs like someone who has done this for YEARS! 3 Alesmith growlers, coasters and a cool bonus. What a great new trader!! Cheers!!!
Mar 2010 AskDrTodd Trade was a breeze, Amelia packed everything really well, it showed up from San Diego to Tampa as if I had just picked it off the store shelf. A+!
Mar 2010 zathrus13 Glad to be Amelia’s first trade here. She sent me an Alesmith Decadence Weizenbock, Moylan’s Ryan Sullivan, and an Alpine Duet. The box was well packed and communication was a breeze. I hope we’ll trade again.