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The Specialty Grain beer is a catch-all style for beers enhanced by or featuring the character of additional grain or grains, other than the more traditional barley, wheat and rye grains. The color and specific character of the beer depends greatly on the character of the added grains. Examples of these alternative grains are Oats, Buckwheat, Spelt, Millet, Sorghum and Corn, all of which are added or used exclusively. Rice can also be included here as long as it is not intended to be used as an adjunct to reduce the beer brewing costs, but to rather showcase the Rice grain. Gluten-free beers are often made using one of these alternative grains. Note that if the specialty grain is a minor addition and does not provide a noticeable distinguishable character to the beer, it should go in the base style of the beer.

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Top Beers of the Style
Suarez Family Homespun (3.767447)
Lagunitas Sakitumi (3.691404)
Kormoran Kłos Wielozbożowy (3.633902)
Dogfish Head American Beauty Hazy Ripple IPA (3.60114)
Harpagan Surdut Splendoru Laphroaig Barrel Aged (3.595568)