Radler / Shandy

The Radler, or Shandy, is a beer mix resulting from the addition of juice, lemonade or another soft drink to a beer, generally resulting in a refreshing, substantially carbonated and less-alcoholic beverage. The style includes regional examples like the Diesel, a beer and cola mix, the Cola-Weizen, a wheat beer mix with cola, and the Russ'n. Note that the beverage must be made from at least 50% beer or cider to be eligible.

Serve In:

Top Beers of the Style
Hill Farmstead / Jackie O's / Crooked Stave / Side Project Elaborative #4 (3.770631)
Kormoran Radler Gorzka Pomarańcza (3.556744)
Hoppin' Frog Turbo Shandy - Grapefruit (3.517288)
To Øl Sur Tangerine/Mosaic Lemonade (3.363628)
Short's Power Of Love (3.356261)