Wheat Ale

The Wheat Ale, also seen as American Wheat Ale, is a refreshing wheat beer that can display more hop character and less yeast character than their German cousins. A clean fermentation character allows bready, doughy, or grainy wheat flavors to be complemented by hop flavor and bitterness rather than yeast qualities. It is usually pale yellow to gold but dark / toastier versions also exist. More hop character and less yeast character than German weissbier. Never with the banana and clove character of German weissbier. Generally can have the same range and balance as Blonde Ales, but with a wheat character as the primary malt flavor.

Serve In:

Top Beers of the Style
Civil Society Pulp (3.681414)
Suarez Family Crispy Little (3.678376)
Uiltje F*ck De Caravan Staat In De Fik! (3.657514)
Jan Olbracht Rzemieślniczy Kuźnia Piwowarów American Wheat (3.609655)
Raduga Abisu (3.576161)