Stout - Dry / Irish

The Dry Stout, also known as the Irish Stout, is a black beer with a pronounced roasted flavor, often similar to coffee. The balance can range from fairly even to quite bitter, with the more balanced versions having a little malty sweetness and the bitter versions being quite dry. Draught versions typically are creamy from a nitro pour, but bottled versions will not have this dispense-derived character. The roasted flavor can be dry and coffee-like to somewhat chocolaty. It has a lower strength than an Stout, but with similar flavors. Darker in color than an English porter.

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Top Beers of the Style
The Kernel Dry Stout Citra (3.7665)
The Kernel Dry Stout Simcoe (3.763579)
Bar Harbor Cadillac Mountain Stout (3.749749)
Cigar City Patio Tools Dry Irish Stout (3.740214)
The Kernel Dry Stout Centennial Columbus (3.731731)