Dry Stout

The "Irish-style" stout is typically a low-gravity stout with bitterness ranging between 30-45 IBUs. Roastiness is present, but restrained, and there should not be hops in either the flavour or aroma. A little bit of acidity can be present. Often, this type of stout is serving via nitrogen, with all the effects that has on a beer - low carbonation, extra-thick head, lifeless palate and muted flavour and aroma.

Serve In:

Top Beers of the Style
The Kernel Dry Stout Citra (3.7665)
Cigar City Patio Tools Dry Irish Stout (3.738516)
Kopyra & Widawa Kruk (3.69691)
Le Naufrageur Saint-Barnabé (3.68397)
Mont Salève Export Black Lager (3.683411)