Bock - Eisbock

The Eisbock, pronounced "Ice-Bock", is a strong, full-bodied, rich, and malty dark German lager often with a viscous quality and strong flavors. Even though flavors are concentrated, the alcohol should be smooth and warming, not burning. Eisbocks are not simply stronger doppelbocks; the name refers to the process of freezing and concentrating the beer and is not a statement on alcohol; some doppelbocks are stronger than Eisbocks. Not as thick, rich, or sweet as a Wheatwine.

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Top Beers of the Style
Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock (4.168301)
Fortuna Komes Wymrażany Barley Wine Cognac BA (4.132411)
Spółdzielczy / Profesja Krasnolód Heaven Hill Bourbon Whisky BA (4.030064)
Kuhnhenn Blueberry Eisbock (3.998739)
Spółdzielczy / Profesja Krasnolód Jack Daniel's BA (3.943068)