Dark Lager - Dunkel / TmavĂ˝

Copper to dark brown lager common in Germany and the Czech Republic but made worldwide. Medium body. Nutty toasted chocolate-like malty sweetness in aroma and flavor. Medium bitterness. Low "noble-type" hop flavor and aroma. In both Germany and Czech dark lagers span a wide range of characters from sweet to dry forming more of a category than a specific style with considerable leeway for the brewer with regards to the character of the beer. This is the biggest reason why they are grouped together despite coming from different traditions and each being made with local ingredients.

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Top Beers of the Style
Seinsheimer Dunkles Kellerbier (3.938772)
Calumet Dark (3.766951)
Tired Hands Nothing (3.674933)
Godspeed Tmavy Lezak (Filtered) (3.639239)
Schilling Modernism (3.617374)