Pale Lager - North Am. / Light

A beer that straddles between the mainstream Pale Lager and Pilsner. Not all beers that call themselves Premium Lager are, but those that are will typically have a deep gold to light bronze colour, and distinct influence of malt and hops. They should be free of adjuncts and will have a softer carbonation than Pale Lager or Classic German Pilsner. Overall accent will be malty-to-balanced, alcohol in a slightly tighter range than either Pale Lager or Pilsner Ɣ.5-5.5%). Most often the product of a microbrewery or brewpub, but macrobreweries can make this style if they jack up the hops a bit and make it all-malt.

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Top Beers of the Style
Hops & Grain The One They Call Zoe (3.45149)
Joalda Joniškėlio Respublika 1919 Filtruotas Šviesusis Alus (3.446636)
Fieldwork Finer Things (3.439414)
Dry County Lechuza (3.435296)
Edge Cool Hops (3.430887)