Blonde Ale / Golden Ale

The British Golden Ale, also referred as Golden Bitter, Summer Ale, or British Blonde Ale, is a a hop-forward, average-strength to moderately-strong pale bitter. It's a well-hopped, quenching beer with an emphasis on showcasing hops. More similar to an American Pale Ale than anything else, although it is often lower in alcohol and usually features British ingredients. Has no caramel and fewer esters compared to British bitters and pale ales. Dry as bitters but with less malt character to support the hops, giving a different balance. The American Blonde Ale is an easy-drinking, approachable, malt-oriented beer, often with interesting fruit, hop, or character malt notes. Typically has more flavor than American Lagers and Cream Ales. Less bitterness than an American Pale Ale. This also includes the Australian Sparkling Ale, which is superficially similar to English Pale Ales, although much more highly carbonated, with less caramel, less late hops, and showcasing the signature yeast strain and hop variety.

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Top Beers of the Style
Crouch Vale Brewers Gold Extra (3.953767)
Tree House Eureka - Mosaic (3.873756)
Tree House Eureka - Citra (3.861141)
Tree House Eureka - Galaxy (3.828587)
Hill Farmstead Works of Love (Earl Grey Tea) (3.780757)