Mild Ale

The Mild Ale is a dark, low-gravity, copper to dark brown colored, malt-focused British session ale. Refreshing, yet flavorful, with a wide range of dark malt or dark sugar expression and with typically little or no hop flavour or aroma. Pale versions of the style exist, but these are quite rare. Some versions may seem like lower gravity modern English porters.

Serve In:

Top Beers of the Style
North Brewing Co / De Molen XXXK Mild (3.668042)
Hogshead Barge's Mild (3.625308)
Brewfist / De Molen / Toccalmatto / Ducato M.I.L.D. (3.561308)
Dark Star Victorian Ruby Mild (3.560477)
Machine House Dark Mild (3.549011)