Traditional Ale - Other

The Traditional Ale style is a catch-all style used to classify ancient or resurrected styles that are appearing more in brewing today but don't have enough examples (yet) to be listed as a separate style. Heather ale, Spruce beer, Sorghum beer, and beers like Adambier and Midas Touch are all included in this category. Traditional Kveik beers brewed using Kveik yeasts are also included in this category. These ales will vary tremendously in character from one another. They come in different strength or color and many are unhopped but all are a glimpse into brewing's past.

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Top Beers of the Style
Hair of the Dog Adam (4.10213)
Thornbridge Hall Bracia (4.046086)
Olimp Jopejskie (3.989589)
Nøgne Ø Nordic Noir (3.968877)
Hair of the Dog Adam from the Wood - Rye Whiskey (3.914636)