Three related lager styles most common in Franconia. Essentially, these are hoppier versions of a helles, served with natural carbonation and unfiltered - they are the lager world's answer to real ale. Kellerbier will on average be hoppier than zwickelbier. There is also Landbier, which is more malt-accented, may be filtered, but is similarly lacking in carbonation. Gravity is standard, low to moderate hop rates, the colour from pale to reddish-amber and the palate should be balanced with a hop accent. Zoiglbier, common to Oberpfalz, is also included in this category.

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Top Beers of the Style
Seinsheimer Sasemer Danzbier Hell (3.941729)
Witzgall Landbier (3.786966)
Blackberry Farm / Burial Secrets and Lovers (3.728583)
Lieberth Kellerbier (3.720241)
Fair State Kazbek Kellerbier (3.696352)