Low / No Alcohol Beer - Pale

The Low Alcohol Beer, also seen as Non Alcohol (NA) or Dealcoholized, is beer in which the base criteria is that the beer should be between 0.05-3.5% ABV (which rules out Malta / Malzbier). This includes Low Alcohol IPAs, the classic Alkoholfrei Bier as well as the German Leichtbier, a pale, highly-attenuated, light-bodied German lager with lower alcohol and calories than normal strength beers.

Serve In:

Top Beers of the Style
Miłosław Bezalkoholowe IPA (3.663896)
Nepomucen FOR.REST (3.631193)
Browar Grodzisk Bezalkoholowe Mango Ale (3.605964)
Kormoran 1 na 100 (3.603974)
Brekeriet Picnic Sunrise (3.574657)